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My Sonic Controversy Meme by Tinyhammer
My Sonic Controversy Meme
Hey, it had been a long while since I done a meme. So since I had already done a MARIO Controversy Meme, I might as well do one of his biggest rivals, Sonic. :D Here is the blank version by :icondonamorteboo:…

Favourite Character: Vector the Crocodile I tend to lean my liking towards the big guys and Vector is no exception. Besides, at first glance, he acts like your typical bumbling detective and he does most of the time. However, he is smarter than he initially first. After all, he was the one figured out that his team's client is Dr. Eggman. That and he has a heart of gold.

Despised Character: Black Doom ...What's there to say about him. I mean with most other villains, there is at least something I like in terms of personality and/or design but I can't find myself liking Black Doom at all. He is just your typical generic villain.

Favourite Show: The Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog Classic zany antics in this series AND the infamous Sonic Sez segments. Not much to say here but it is a smile to watch.

Despised Show: Sonic The Hedgehog OVA I tried to watch this anime but I felt that the pacing was way-off for me to get invested in it. Also, Sara was really bratty and annoying. And this is coming from a guy who tolerates/likes nearly all of the characters that the fandom hates with a burning passion.

Overrated Character: Sally Acorn Okay, I don't have anything against her but even today, people are still wishing that her and the other Archie characters are going to appear in the later games. Um, I'm sorry but Sally and the other characters are appearing in a Sonic game so might as well just stick to the comics.

Underrated Character: Big The Cat Yes, that's right. I think Big the Cat is underrated. I mean the guy is one of the most nicest characters in the Sonic series. Plus, he had proven to be a great friend of Froggy, Amy and Cream. The dude doesn't want go on an adventure because he wants to. He does so to protect his friend, Froggy. Of course, I WILL agree that we could all do with his fishing mini-game.

Favourite Game: Sonic Heroes An odd choice for some but I liked it. I loved the team mechanic and I thought it worked well. I had fun playing as the various teams and going through the levels. Plus, I loved the vocal themes. But it is Sonic, what do you expect from their music?

Despised Game: Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric I don't think I need to do an explanation on why this game is here. I WILL say this. At least with Sonic 06, it at least has excellent music. But Rise of Lyric doesn't even have that. And even the bad Sonic games had great music.

Favourite Couple: Bark The Polarbear X Honey The Cat I know that is the human version from Fighting Vipers. It's the only one I could find. -__-)</b> Random couple but honestly I never really liked many of the Sonic pairings THAT much. I don't know. Maybe it is fear out of the fandom. :fear: But anyway, I thought pairing Honey up with one of the original characters from Sonic the Fighters. Nack/Fang doesn't strike me seeking a relationship with Honey and Bean... Is way too zany to get into a relationship. Which leaves Bark by default. But you know what? I actually thinks it looks cute.

Despised Couple: Sonic The Hedgehog X Miles "Tails" Prower Look, I know that yaoi fans like to pair up people who are best friends just because they are that. Best friends. But I am okay with that. But having a pairing where a fifteen-year-old is in a relationship with an EIGHT-YEAR-OLD? No... Just no.

Favourite Villain: The Deadly Six Sure, they are not the most diverse Sonic characters out but let's be honest. There are only a handful of Sonic characters with diverse personalities. Besides, I believe these guys have a lot of potential to be a fun villain team. We just need more interactions from them. I mean can you imagine Zor interacting with Zazz or Zomom? That would be comedy gold!

Despised Villain: Black Doom Nothing much to say really but repeat myself on I like the personalities/designs of other villains MUCH better.

Meme belongs to :icondonamorteboo:
Tetsuo groaned as he fluttered his eyes open. He tried to hold his throbbing head in an attempt to ease the pain. However, he found himself unable to move his body as if it was pinned down.

“Ahoy there, sunshine!”

Tetsuo’s eyes widened when he saw that the Wraith and the rest of the Sea Foxes were standing over him with smirks on their faces.

His eyes immediately darkened in hatred. “You.

“Yes, me.” The Wraith said. “Oh, and I’ll save your energy if I was you. That is another one of my magic circles.”

Tetsuo growled as he still continued to struggle, anyway. The Wraith merely shook his head.

“He be not a quitter, I’ll give him that.” Foxy chuckled.

“I suppose his stubbornness could be seen that way.” The Wraith said, rolling his eyes.

While still struggling, Tetsuo looked around for the others. He then saw his teammates sitting on the side all bound up by rope.

“Guys!” Tetsuo yelled.

“Tetsuo…” Samurai Bob said, softly.

The muscular man again growled before glaring back up at the Wraith.

“Well, isn’t this the part where you demand to know why I had betrayed you?” The Wraith asked.

“No… A part of me want to but to be honest, it was only until recently that I knew that you would do something like this.” Tetsuo spat.

“Oh?” The Wraith asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah… When you pretty much told us all that you were always in it to test out your skills, that was when I had decided that you are unfit to be part of the A.S.H.!” Tetsuo said. “Ugh, if only if we didn’t get that distress call…”

“Well, you were too little, too late.” The Wraith shrugged.

Foxy then decided to speak up. “I understand that you be mad, but if I was you, I would be worried about your own hide.”

Tetsuo turned his murderous glare at Foxy. “What are you going to do with us?”

“Do with you? Well, I will tell you!” Foxy smirked. “We will be doin’ absolutely nothin’ t’ you!”

This took Tetsuo completely off-guard. “W-Wait, what?”

“Just like I said. We will be doin’ nothing’ t’ you.” Foxy said.

Tetsuo paused before narrowing his eyes. “What’s the catch?”

“No catch. After all…” Foxy said before he lowered his head. “...We need you in tip-top condition for t’ good Admiral, after all!”

Tetsuo’s eyes bugged out in horror when you heard this.

“I’ll still say you are wasting your time! Admiral Cortez would never take demands from a bunch of pirates!” Samurai Bob piped up.

Foxy looked towards Samurai Bob with a mock look of horror on his face. “What? You mean Admiral Cortez, t’ founder o’ t’ All-Star Heroes won’t come t’ one o’ his teams’ rescue when they be in danger? What kind o’ leader would do such a selfish act?”

“What do you plan to do with Admiral Cortez?” Tetsuo demanded.

Foxy looked back down at Tetsuo. “Easy. I be going t’ hold you landlubbers as ransom. Unless your admiral be really THAT much o’ a douche, he would come t’ your rescue.”

“Money is one thing but asking for his TECH as well?” Samurai Bob yelled.

Tetsuo’s pupils shrank. “What!?”

“But o’ course. I may be a pirate captain, but I be also part o’ t’ Fazbear Gang.” Foxy explained before his smirk had gotten wider. “I mean from what I had heard, he be able t’ send holographic messages t all over t’ universe. All from one space station.”

He then put his hands behind his back.

“Now we be pirates. We don’t need much t’ be satisfied. Just gives us t’ booty and we’ll be good!” He said. “But Freddy… Oh, would he and t’ others be more than happy t’ get some o’ that tech. With that tech, we would turn t’ universe upside-down.”

Tetsuo looked in horror and dismay when he heard this. Cortez had already told them about how deadly the Fazbear Gang were, even by themselves. But if they got their hands on Admiral Cortez’s tech, they would be practically unstoppable.

“But when I came here today as t’ captain of t’ Sea Foxes and even though t’ heist be over, I promise me crew that I see this to t’ end.” Foxy explained. “First, we be goin’ t’ bury the treaaye and THEN we will try t’ contact old chrome-dome. Kludge, get t’ ship’s anchor! Goombooty, set us on course for our treaaye trove.”

The two respective pirates nodded their heads. “Aye-aye, captain!”

Foxy looked down at Kip and Kass. “You two, keep an eye on our guests and make sure that they don’t try t’ escape.”

“Aye-aye!” The two children said with a salute.

Foxy then looked at Kalypso. “And Kalypso, Wraith, follow me t’ me quarters. It be clear that we have a lot t’ talk about.”

The purple-haired Kremling paused before looking at the Wraith. “Indeed, we do.”

The Wraith merely shrugged. “Fine by me.”

With that, Foxy, Kalypso and the Wraith had made it towards the door. As they did so, they passed the bound A.S.H. which glared the Wraith.

“How could you do this after all of that time we spent together?” Pascal scolded.

“There is a reason why Admiral Cortez chose you to be part of the A.S.H.! How could you throw it back in his face!” Samurai Bob yelled.

“Loom! Loom! Breloom!” Panmusu said, angrily.

The Wraith merely smirked at them. “Like you would understand!”

Foxy chuckled before opening the door, allowing him, Kalypso and the Wraith to walk through. After letting the latter two in, he closed the door behind him. The three were then quiet.

“...Okay, I’ll get the elephant out of the room right now.” Kalypso spoke up. “How did you manage to convince a member of the All-Star Heroes to not only quit their job but also join US?”

Foxy merely dusted his fist against his chest. “Easy. I convinced him that he was on t’ wrong side.”

“Indeed, he is.” The Wraith said. “You see. I had been handpicked by Cortez to be part of the league. But honestly, I just wanted to practice my skill on living targets. I couldn’t care less about “protecting the world”.”

Kalypso blinked twice when she heard this. “...Why did he even chose you in the first place if you are willing to be open about this to your ENEMIES?”

The Wraith merely shrugged. “I think I only been picked for my skills. Not that he didn’t have an eye for power, but he clearly did not think this through.”

“Which be why I had decided t’ recruit him. I be able t’ empathise with him.” Foxy explained.

The Wraith raised an eyebrow at Foxy. “Really?”

“Aye, I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still loved bein’ in t’ Fazbear Gang but... I prefer t’ sea. I liked everythin’ about sailin’ it. T’ salty smell. T’ wind in your face. T’ sounds o’ t’ waves and seagulls.” Foxy explained.

He then let out a deep sigh.

“However, because o’ me reputation in t’ Fazbear Crew, I be targeted by both t’ law AND rival mercenaries so sail t’ seas.” Foxy explained.

The Wraith raised an eyebrow. “So after seeing that you are going to get in trouble with the law and mercenaries, anyway, you said “Screw it” and became a pirate.”

“Exactly!” Foxy grinned. “If I be goin’ t’ get chased down for doin’ somethin’ that I loved, might as well make t’ best o’ it!”

The Wraith chuckled a bit. “You actually remind me of the Scorpion.”

Foxy raised an eyebrow. “The Scorpion?”

“Yeah, he is a wrestler. A powerful man that whose past is shrouded in mystery. I didn’t know much about him except that he wants to face strong opponents.” The Wraith explained. “He is the leader of the BWA which is a heel wrestler association and rival of another wrestler association called the CWA.”

“Heh.” Kalypso said. “Even with your build, I didn’t think you would be into wrestling.”

“I admit, I initially snarled at the thought of wrestling, but the Scorpion had convinced me to join his association.” The Wraith explained, making Foxy and Kalypso looked shocked.

“Wait, you are a demon and you are allowed to be into a wrestling association?” Kalypso asked in disbelief. “Alright, I know that I have no right to talk, but isn’t that against the rules?”

“Actually, no.” The Wraith said, shaking his head. “By the time, I had joined the BWA had taken over the CWA. In an attempt to find strong opponents, he was more lenient with the rules. And by that, I mean he only added on. Be the last one standing. Anything is free-game. Biting, foreign weapons, energy attacks and of course, black magic in my case, you name it.”

“Dang, so basically the only opponents to lost to you are the ones who have holy weapons, huh?” Kalypso smirked, crossing her arms.

The Wraith paused. “Actually, no. While I am immortal to everything except holy power, I can be defeated by mortals.”

Kalypso jumped at this. “Really?”

“Actually, it makes sense. Besides those snakes in his hood, I had not seen ONE projectile from you despite being a black mage.” Foxy noted.

“Yes… There was once a time where I had a lot of power. But now...” The Wraith explained.

He then looked to the side and gritted his teeth in anger. Foxy and Kalypso looked at each other for a moment in confusion.

“In any case…” The Wraith said, looking back at the pirates. “The good captain here convinced me to switch sides because being a pirate means I don’t have to be limited to the same rules as the A.S.H.”

Kalypso put her hands on her hips. “I totally know what you mean. I would have never left the Kremling Krew if it wasn’t for the egotistical tyrant, K. Rool. You have no idea how grateful me and the other Kremlings are to the captain.”

“And Goombooty?” The Wraith asked.

Foxy just shrugs. “He be just an architect for ships. This ship be actually his design which we stole while he was still on it. T’ only reason he stuck around be because he didn’t want t’ see this ship gets destroyed in our heists and t’ only reason WE keep him around is because he be good at his job.”

“Not unless said job had him on the battlefield.” Kalypso spat, still remembering what happened earlier with the barrel.

“Anyway, t’ reason I brought Kalypso with me be because she be t’ vice-captain o’ t’ crew whenever I be with t’ Fazbear gang.” Foxy explained before looking at Kalypso. “Well, what do you think?”

“Hmm, yeah, I could see why you want to recruit him. He would be more than useful to this crew.” Kalypso noted. She then smirked. “Well, I doubt that I would have much of a choice, anyway, but I am more than okay with you being on this crew.”

The Wraith smirked as well. “Glad to hear it. I promise that I won’t disappoint my duty.”

“Good.” Foxy grinned. “Now Kalypso, could you show t’ Wraith t’ ropes? I like t’ do it meself but I have t’ tell Freddy about this. Won’t he be thrilled?”

“Okay.” Kalypso nodded before looking at the Wraith. “Come on, big guy, let me give you the grand tour.”

The Wraith nodded his head as he and Kalypso had left the captain’s quarters. Foxy watched them leave with a grin on his face. He then made his way over to a table and picked up some kind of device and pushed a button on it. He waited a few moments. Suddenly, someone answered it.

“Hello, Foxy.” Someone said.

The fox then smirked. “Ahoy thar, Captain. Boy, do I have news for you.”


It only took the Sea Foxes two hours to sail to their destination. It was a small jungle island that was standing in the middle of the ocean by itself. But the A.S.H. didn’t care about that as they were far too concerned about how they were about to be used as a ransom so the pirates could get their hands on Admiral Cortez’s tech.

When the ship had finally landed, Kludge put down the gangplank. The muscular Kremling then took the crates full of Marksburg’s money and walked down the ramp.

“Alright, mateys.” Foxy said, looking down at Kip, Kass and Goombooty with a shovel over his shoulder. “You three hold down t’ fort while we go bury the treaaye.”

“Aye, aye, captain!” The three small pirates said, though Goombooty was less than enthusiastic.

“Good!” Foxy smirked as he and Kalypso made his way down the gangplank. “Come on, crew! We be burnin’ daylight! We will have a lot t’ do today!”

The Wraith nodded his head before looking down at Kip, Kass and Goombooty. “Oh, and kiddies?”

Goombooty jumped at this. “Um, yes?”

“Don’t worry about that muscle-head.” The Wraith said, referring to Tetsuo. “The magic circle still has at least one more hour to go before I have to reapply it. You should focus more on the other bound people.”

Kass nodded her head. “Alright, gotcha.”

As the Wraith returned the nod, he walked down the gangplank after the others as the A.S.H. glared at him in hatred. Kip, Kass and Goombooty watched him leave.

“Sooo...  Wanna go explore the hover-jet?” Kip piped up.

Kass smirked. “I thought you never asked.”

Goombooty jumped at this. “W-W-W-Wait. Don’t leave me alone to guard these guys!”

Kass just rolled her eyes. “Relax. All you have to do is stop them from freeing themselves from those ropes.”

“Yeah, totally. Not even YOU could mess that up, Goombooty.” Kip laughed.

The Goomba immediately got offended. “What is THAT supposed to mean?”

However, Kip and Kass ignored him as they ran towards the hover-jet and ran up the airstair. Goombooty growled before storming off while grumbling underneath his breath.

“No respect… I get no respect at all…” He muttered.

Meanwhile, the A.S.H. looked in disdain as the Kremling children ran into THEIR vehicle.

“Hey! That is not a toy!” Samurai Bob yelled.

“Forget it, Samurai Bob… Our words are going to fall on deaf ears.” Marina said.

Samurai Bob shook his head in disgust. “I can’t believe this is happening! This is probably the lowest a member of the A.S.H. could go!”

“Why would the Wraith backstab us? We worked so well together!” Pascal frowned.

“Because he was just using his position as the A.S.H hunt down living training dummies to use his skills on…” Samurai Bob sighed. “He literally just told us that before you came to tell us about the next mission.”

“What?” Pascal gasped.

“I am afraid so… That talk Tetsuo and I have back on the hover-jet was about if we should had fired the Wraith after this mission.” Samurai Bob said before letting out a deep sigh. “Too little, too late.”

“Damn straight!” Goombooty smirked as he walked over. “You shouldn’t has trusted that guy and now you are paying the price! If anything, I think Admiral Cortez had picked the worst possible people to be on the A.S.H.!”

Samurai Bob immediately got offended. “Excuse me!?”

“You heard me! Look, how easily manipulated you goody-goodies are!” Goombooty smirked. “I mean have you SEEN the guy?”

Marina narrowed her uncovered eye. “And yet, YOU trust him.”

Goombooty let out a mirthless laugh. “That is because I am a pirate! I am not bound by the law! Just like him! YOU on the other hand are supposed to uphold it and you actually thought HE would do so!”

“You won’t get away with this.” Samurai Bob spat.

“Oh yeah?” Goombooty asked. “Would I be harassing if I didn’t thought that we would get away with this?”

Everyone paused while blinking their eyes.

“...In other words, if you weren’t so confident, you would most likely begging for forgiveness.” Marina said, flatly.

“YYYYYeah, you kinda made yourself look like a loser.” Pascal added.

Goombooty’s smirk vanished. “Shut up!”

All Tetsuo did was stare at the A.S.H. and Goombooty as they exchanged insults with each other. He sighed before looking his head in defeat. Being trapped by the Wraith’s magic circle made him remembered the first time he fought Barbatos Goetia. He could never forget how effortlessly Barbatos had taken down him and the others. It made him feel helpless. And now Tetsuo literally can’t lift a finger to do anything.

He then growled. If he ever escapes, he will personally make sure to show the Wraith exactly what he thought about his deception. Just the thought of the wrestler getting away with him made his blood boil. He clenched his teeth in anger and curled his hands into fists.

Suddenly, his eyes widened in realization. His arms. He felt something unusual about his arms.

Meanwhile, Goombooty and the A.S.H. was still taking blows at each other.

“And your name is Goombooty?” Pascal asked in disbelief. “Do you really how silly that makes you look?”

“Hey, it’s Goombuckler! That is what I want my pirate name to be!” The Goomba snapped. “And I like to remind you who is in charge in here!”

“The only reason that you are “in charge” is because we are tied-up!” Samurai Bob corrected.

Goombooty let out a mirthless laugh. “Well, you are just hating because the so-called All-Star Heroes had been taken down today and there is nothing you could do about it!”

Then, the A.S.H. looked absolutely shocked.

“Uh-huh! That’s right! The reputation of A.S.H. had been tainted forever and it is all your fault!” Goombooty taunted.

Suddenly, he felt wrapped itself his head, immediately making him shut up. His face paled as beads of sweat appeared.

He was then hoisted up and found himself glaring straight into the eyes of Tetsuo. Goombooty blinked twice.

He then gave a sheepish grin. “Hey, buddy! About the whole “you don’t deserve to be in A.S.H.”, I was just kidding!”

All Tetsuo did was roll his eyes. Walking over to a barrel, he used his free hand to lift the lid before dropping Goombooty inside it.

“I’ll be back for you.” Tetsuo said, darkly.

Goombooty shuddered as Tetsuo put the lid back on, trapping him. He then rushed over to his teammates who still looked stunned.

“T-Tetsuo? How did you manage to escape the Wraith’s spell?” Samurai Bob asked.

“Yeah, I knew you were strong but not THAT strong!” Pascal added.

“Your guess is as good as mine.” Tetsuo sighed as he crouched down and easily ripped the ropes that was binding his teammates one-by-one. “All I know is that I could move my body and I reacted immediately.”

“Well, anyway, we’re free!” Pascal cheered, jumping up in the air.

“Indeed.” Samurai Bob said, rubbing his wrists. “Now we have to find our weapons.”

“Right, you go get them!” Tetsuo urged before rushing over to their hover-jet. “I will go get those brats.”

“Loom!” Panmusu yelled with narrowed eyes as he hopped after Tetsuo.

Samurai Bob, Pascal and Marina watched as Tetsuo and Panmusu rushed up the stairway to apprehend Kip and Kass.

“Come on! Let’s go!” Pascal said before she was about to run off.

“Wait a minute, Pascal.” Samurai Bob said, holding out a hand. “Am I the only one who thinks the whole situation feels odd?”

The white-and-red-haired woman looked at Samurai Bob with a confused look. “Huh? Odd? How?”

“Well, Tetsuo broke free from the Wraith’s magic circle. Now I don’t want to sound like I am downplaying his strength, but…” Samurai Bob explained.

“...You can’t break through magic with brute force.” Marina piped up.

“Exactly! How is Tetsuo able to break through his spell?” Samurai Bob asked. “The Wraith clearly stated that said spell lasted one more hour. It doesn’t seem like him to make such a mistake.”

The three paused in thought over what had happened. How did Tetsuo managed to get free from the Wraith’s spell?

Marina shook her head. “I understand that it is a conundrum, but this is far from the last time to think about it.”

“Right! We have to find the Sea Foxes and The Wraith and get the money back!” Samurai Bob agreed.

The women nodded as the three ran off to go search for their weapon. Meanwhile, Tetsuo casually walked down the stairway while carrying Kip and Kass in each of his arm. Both of them crossed their arms with grumpy looks on their faces.

“Goombooty had one job…” Kip muttered.

“ONE job…” Kass added.


Foxy, Kalypso, Kludge and the Wraith had soon made their way through the jungle until they made it to a cave. It was impossible to see up ahead because of how dark it was.

“So this is where you find your treasure?” The Wraith asked.

“Aye.” Foxy explained. “Kalypso, if you will?”

“Yes, captain.” The female Kremling said, fishing in her pocket and pulling out a flashlight. She then pushed a button, shining light inside of it.

“Good. Now let’s go.” Foxy said, before getting out a map and holding it with his hook.

The others nodded as they made their way into the cave. As they made their way into the cave, they ran into a few monsters. If there was one thing Elympios and Rieze Maxia had in common was that there were monsters everywhere in the wildlife.

Fortunately, the monsters weren’t that hard to go around, thanks to having vehicles and even still, the monsters weren’t that difficult to defeat. That and they had Kludge with them who pretty much smashed all of them in one go.

After a few minutes of navigating through the maze-like caves, the Wraith looked around for a moment.

“So how far we are into the cave?” The Wraith asked.

“Pretty far ahead.” Foxy noted. “Which be kinda t’ point. I mean our treaaye should be safe on this island, but it be better t’ be safe than sorry.”

“I see.” The Wraith said. “Makes sense. Though that strategy could easily get you in trouble.”

Foxy, Kalypso and Kludge turned towards the Wraith in confusion.

“Trouble? How?” Foxy asked.

The Wraith then suddenly smirked.

“Because now there is no escape.”

Before anyone could respond to it, a snake shot out from the Wraith’s hood and towards Kalypso, startling her. Before she had a chance to even yell in surprise, the snake grabbed her flashlight and retreated back to the Wraith and gave him it. After the snake retreated back into the hood, the Wraith quickly smashed the flashlight against the ground, destroying it and making the whole cave dark.

“Hey!” Foxy cried.

“What is going on!?” Kludge yelled.

“What’s the big idea, Wraith!?” Kalypso demanded.

Foxy gritted his teeth when he readied his hook.

“Mateys, brace yourself! We had been set up!” He yelled.

“That’s right. And even though you know these caves better than I do, you are in MY element now.” The Wraith smirked.

“Oh, you are, are you?” Kalypso muttered before getting out her pistol, intending to fire her weapon the next time the Wraith spoke. She was about to make him pay for making her and the rest of the Sea Foxes look like fools.

Then, she heard a shout from her captain.


Suddenly, she felt a firm, cold grip wrap around the wrist of her gun hand and the same feeling wrap across her mouth, stopping her from screaming in fright.

“Hey, you blue overgrown purse, I’m over here!” The Wraith yelled.

Kludge growled at this as he dropped the crates full of money and ran straight towards the Wraith. Kalypso’s eyes widened when she saw was about to happen. She struggled to break free and shout at Kludge to stop, but it was too late.

The Wraith shoved Kalypso forward before diving out of the way as Kludge drove his shoulder right in Kalypso. The purple-haired pirate fell backwards until she had hit the side of a wall, blacking out instantly and she fell on her side, out cold.

Kludge smirked in success. “Heh. I got him!”

“HER, Kludge. Use female pronouns.” The Wraith piped up.

Kludge looked to the side in surprise. “W-What? How are you still standing? I definitely felt hitting something!”

Foxy groaned as he slammed his forehead. “I don’t know how t’ tell you this, Kludge but that was KALYPSO you rammed into.”

“WHAT!?” Kludge yelled with his eyes bugging out. He then growled before looking around for the Wraith. “How dare you made me hurt my own crewmate!? I won’t forgive you!”

With that, he charged towards the direction of where he heard the Wraith talked last. However, he crashed into the wrestler had already stepped out of the way, allowing Kludge to crash into a wall like a wild bull. However, he was unfazed as he rushed towards another direction in hopes and trying to find him, only to crash into another wall.

At first, the Wraith was grinning from ear to ear at Kludge’s expense. However, it quickly faltered when he noticed that he kept doing the same thing, crashing into walls. This caused rocks to fall down the ceiling. The Wraith and Foxy held their arms over their heads to avoid getting hit. Kludge on the other hand, continued to ram around, shrugging off crashing into AND having rocks fall onto his head.

“Call off that buffoon of yours before we ALL became buried treasure!” The Wraith yelled.

“I can’t!” Foxy yelled back. “When Kludge be extremely furious, not even I could stop him!”

The Wraith’s eyes bugged out at this. “What!?”

Meanwhile, the A.S.H. were navigating their way through the cave with Pascal leading the way with a flashlight in one hand and some kind of device in the other.

“Pascal, are you sure that we are going the right way?” Samurai Bob asked.

“That is what the communicator I made is telling me!” Pascal explained. “And it says that the Wraith’s communicator is over here!”


Suddenly, they immediately skidded to their feet when they heard the loud noise. They also felt the ground shake for a moment.

“What the hell was that?” Tetsuo asked.

Then, they heard another loud noise, followed by another tremor.

“What in the world are they doing in here?” Samurai Bob asked. “Using dynamite?”

“I-I don’t know…” Pascal said, shaking her head. “But what it is…”


Everyone jumped at another loud noise. However, it was much louder in comparison and the following tremor was bigger and lasted longer.

“W-What now?” Samurai Bob asked.

“Whatever it is, it can’t be any good!” Tetsuo said, narrowing his eyes. “Come on!”

Everyone nodded their heads as they ran into the direction of the noise. Hopefully it wasn’t nearly as bad as it sounded. However, once they had reached their destination, their eyes widened in shock.

The path that they were running down were being blocked by a bunch of rubble. Most likely because of the loud noise.

However, what had caught their attention was that Kludge was being pinned down by said rubble. He looked like he was unconscious.

“Hey! It’s the Sea Foxes’ muscle!” Pascal gasped.

“Oh my goodness!” Samurai Bob said before looking at Tetsuo. “Tetsuo, get him out from here!”

“Right!” The construction worker before rushing over to Kludge and crouched down to dig him out. “Hang in there, big guy! Not even you deserve to die out here!”

Kludge groaned as he struggled to speak. Tetsuo noticed this.

“Hey, don’t speak!” Tetsuo shouted while he continued digging.

“The Wraith…” Kludge spoke.

Everyone’s eyes widened when they heard this.

“What? What about the Wraith?” Samurai Bob asked, stepping forward.

“He…” Kludge said before forming a weak growl. “He betrayed us.”

This had completely taken the A.S.H. off-guard when they heard this.


The Wraith frowned at how badly things had worked out for him. A few minutes ago, he was playing around with half of the Sea Foxes like his playthings. But now he had found himself staring at the pathway being blocked by rubble that Kludge crashed. Now he was trapped.

He then growled before glaring at Foxy who was still looking around, wondering what had just happened.

“Kludge! Kludge! Matey, if you could hear me, answer me!” Foxy pleaded.

The Wraith narrowed his eyes before readying his claws and slowly making his way over. He was going to take out his aggressions on Foxy. Slowly, he had crept behind the pirate captain and was about to grab him from behind, just like he did with Kalypso.

That was until Foxy had swung his hook behind him, managing to chest the Wraith in the chest. The wrestler cried out in pain before stepping back, holding his wound.

“What the actual hell?” The Wraith asked in disbelief.

“One benefit o bein’ part o’ t’ Fazbear Gang...” Foxy said, coolly. “Be that with our usual tactics make it that we be in our element when we are in the dark too.”

The Wraith growled as Foxy turned around.

“So could you explained why did you stabbed me in t’ back? Did you wanted t’ treaaye all t’ yourself?” Foxy challenged.

“What?” The Wraith asked before scoffing. “Tch! I already told you! I am not in it solely for the money! I am in it to test out my skills!”

Foxy looked in disbelief. “Why don’t you stay with us, you idiot!? I don’t think you noticed but pirates tend t’ have a lot o’ enemies, therefore have a lot o’ targets t’ use your skills on!”

The Wraith paused for a moment. He then let out a deep sigh.

“...Because my position on the A.S.H. grants me immunity.”

Foxy raised an eyebrow. “Huh? Immunity?”

“Well, you see, practicing my black magic… To do so on living beings is considered frowned upon because of how cruel my methods are.” The Wraith explained. “Because of that, whenever I tried using it, I had always been hounded by people who are afraid of me. I mean, don’t misunderstand. I like using my magic to either defend myself or confuse my pursuers. But after a while, the chases get… tiring. I had to sneak on my spaceship to Elympios to give myself some breathing room.”

“I would have given you security!” Foxy yelled, pointing his finger.

“Yeah, because a feared pirate crew wanted galaxy-wide is the perfect place to stay!” The Wraith said, rolling his eyes. “Look, Captain, I am going to be perfectly honest here. I am actually jealous of you. Even when you were being hounded by enemies who are after your head and ruining your sailing experiences, you tried to make the best of it. I actually wish I could do it. I wish I could be as bold as you, but I can’t. The whole thing just made me tired.”

Foxy looked in surprise, not expecting such words from the Wraith. However, his anger took over as he narrowed his good eye.

“Anyway, remembered that I said about my magic circle, keeping Tetsuo in place for another hour?” The Wraith reminded.

Foxy’s eye bugged out in realization. “What!? Oh no! Kip! Kass! Goombooty!”

“Yes, they should be apprehended by now and the A.S.H. should be on their way here.” The Wraith explained. “Pascal, the girl with the white and red hair, had created communicators for all of us and they all come with their own tracking device.”

Foxy gritted his teeth at this.

“Sorry, buddy. You lose.” The Wraith said with his smirk returning to his face.

“Oh? And what makes you think that they would believe that you be just posin’ as a mole for them?” Foxy challenged.

“Well, if they, and by they, I mean Tetsuo and Panmusu, tried to attack, I will convince them about how easily the former escaped from my circle.” The Wraith explained. “Granted, they WILL be pissed regardless, but at least they would know.”

That was more than Foxy could take. Letting out a roar of rage, he had dashed forward the Wraith and slashed him in the chest. The demon cried out in pain before slashing his claw out, but Foxy had parried the attack with his hook hand before jumping up into the air and giving the Wraith a hard kick in the head.

As the Wraith staggered backwards, Foxy then rushed over and did a series of slashes and kicks at blinding speeds, not giving his enemy a chance to evade or block. Foxy then finished his combo with a backflip, kicking the Wraith in the chin which sent him staggering back dazed. The Wraith held his head in an attempt to bring back his bearings.

Then, Foxy did a charging headbutt into his stomach, knocking the wind out of him. Despite in pain, the Wraith lashed out one of his snakes at Foxy. However, the vulpine had gotten used to the dark and swerved his head to the side to avoid the snake. But the Wraith made up for his mistake by kicking Foxy in the stomach, causing him to stagger back. The Wraith smirked before pouncing forward with his claws out.

However, Foxy snapped out of his daze and slid underneath the attack, allowing the Wraith to go past. He then whirled around and ran forward to slash the Wraith from behind.

All of a sudden, without turning his body at all, the Wraith was able to turn his head around and breathed out a flaming skull at Foxy. The pirate yelped before swinging his hook at the skull negating it. The Wraith kicked his leg back, hoping to catch him in the stomach. However, Foxy saw the attack coming and jumped to the side, avoiding the kick.

The Wraith quickly got up and turned his head around (and readjusting his body). However, Foxy then rushed over and did a jumping kick, striking in the head.

Foxy smirked as he landed on his feet and watched the Wraith stagger back. “Admit it, lad! Speed beats power! You are too slow t’ try t’ beat me.”

The wrestler recovered and stared ahead with a growl. As much as he hated to admit it, Foxy was right. Speed was one of his biggest weakness so with that and his large frame, he was a walking target for the pirate captain. Even with his limited demon endurance, he won’t last long in a fair fight.

Fortunately for him, the word “fair” wasn’t in his dictionary.

Quickly crouching down on the ground, he scooped up a handful of dirt with each of his hands and threw it forward, making a large cloud of dust. Despite startled, all Foxy did was jumped back to avoid the attack.

“Laddie, may I remind you I am a pirate? I know every dirty trick in…” Foxy started.

However, his smirk immediately vanished when he saw the Wraith leapt out from said dust cloud.

Before Foxy could have a chance to react, the Wraith lunged his teeth at his enemy and bit him in the shoulder. Foxy cried out in pain, but the Wraith was far from done as he leapt up into the air while still carrying the vulpine. The Wraith then turned around in mid-air and flew towards the ground. Slamming Foxy against the ground, knocking him in mid-air.

The Wraith let go of Foxy’s shoulder and smirked at his work. He then sat down on top of his foe.

“1… 2… 3…” The Wraith said, slapping his hand against the ground on each count. “Pin Fall.”

Suddenly, he heard a loud noise. Looking in the direction of the voice, he saw the rubble that was keeping him, Foxy and Kalypso trapped was broken free, revealing the A.S.H. rushing through.

The Wraith merely smirked as he waved his hand. “Hey, guys, what took you so long?”

Tetsuo narrowed his eyes in hatred. “Really, Wraith? Is that all you have to say after you backstabbed both parties?”

“Actually, I never backstabbed you.” The wrestler insisted.

Tetsuo’s eyes widened at this. “Are you serious!? Did you not forget how you bit me, making me an easy target for that crocodile AND used your magic to trap me!?”

“Said magic that I claimed to last another hour when leaving the ship.” The Wraith added.

Tetsuo was about to say something, but then froze in his spot when he realized that the Wraith was right. The latter didn’t seem like one to make such a careless mistake.

Tetsuo narrowed his eyes again. “What are you trying to pull?”

“Look, I understand that I have a lot of explaining to do, but I think it is better to do so after we apprehended Foxy and Kalypso.” The Wraith explained.

The team gave each other suspicious glares before looking right back at the Wraith.

“Okay, you are right. We can’t afford to let Foxy or any of the Sea Foxes escape.” Samurai Bob said, stepping forward. “We can talk afterwards.”


“And that is how we are able to subdue the Sea Foxes.” The Wraith explained with his hands behind his back.

Cortez crossed his arms, not looking pleased. However, he merely sighed as he shook his head. “I know that I can’t argue with the results, but I still don’t approve of what you done.”

“Boss, please try to understand, but you were the told us about how dangerous Foxy was.” The Wraith explained. “I HAD to “backstab” my team. So we could try to take down Foxy while their guard is down.

Cortez glared at the Wraith for a moment. He then let out another sigh. “...Alright, you had made your point. Even if you are skilled and well-prepared, taking Foxy and the Sea Foxes in a straight fight would be suicide.”

He then cast the Wraith a dark glare with his red eyes.

“However, I would appreciate if you ever do something like that again, you would only do it as a last-ditch effort.” Cortez said, sternly.

“Well, considering that lightning would not strike in the same place twice, I would keep that promise.” The Wraith reassured.

However, the rest of the A.S.H. looked at him with less than happy looks on their faces.

“I can tell that the rest of you are still mad and for good reason, A.S.H.” Cortez said, before smiling. “But you had managed to do a great thing today. You had not only got back the money, but you had taken in the Sea Foxes AND Foxy. Not only would the seas would be safer, but you should have weakened the Fazbear Gang.”

Pascal then smirked. “Yeah, they must be fuming over how their member had been caught instead of bringing them your tech, eh?”

“Indeed.” Cortez said. However, his face quickly grimaced. “But beware, the Fazbear Gang is not going to take this lying down. They are most likely going to do everything in their power to try to break Foxy out of prison.”

Samurai Bob gulped at this. “But surely said prison is aware of that and will increase the security.”

“Of course. Any Fazbear Gang member apart from their group is essential so we will make sure that they won’t get any.” Cortez said, narrowing his eyes.

“Oh, thank goodness.” Samurai Bob said, sighing in relief.

Cortez then smiled again. “In any case, excellent work on taking down the Sea Foxes, team. You are really proving that I had made the right choice in selecting you as Elympios and Rieze Maxia’s protectors. You more than deserve a good rest. Cortez out.”

With that, the holographic figure disappeared. The Wraith put his hands behind his back and walked off. Despite the mission was a success, the tension between the team was still thick.

“Everyone, may I say something?” The Wraith asked.

“What is it?” Tetsuo asked in a tone where it would seem that he would regret saying that.

The Wraith took in a deep breath. “I know that you guys disapprove of my methods and motives and that is why you see me as untrustworthy. However, there is another reason why I accepted this job.”

“And that is?” Marina asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Immunity. I could have easily gone with the Sea Foxes to test my skills have more fun with them than I ever will here.” The Wraith explained. “But doing so would paint a large target on his back. What with being a pirate AND a traitor of the A.S.H. Here, while I obviously have more limitations, I am still free to do my magic on foes.”

Tetsuo narrowed his eyes. “So you are only with us so that you won’t get hounded by the police.”

The Wraith let out a hearty laugh. “That’s right!”

Tetsuo’s eyebrow twitched violently while everyone else stared in disgust.


Everyone looked at the Wraith, who had a serious look on his face.

“Say what you want about me, my attitude and the way I do things. But I never want to go back to my previous life of being chased down like a fox.” He said, crossing his arms. “I can’t afford to lose this job. Even if my goals benefit only me, I would never backstab you guys. Even with I would never get along with you. I have too much to lose.”

The five looked stunned at the Wraith’s confession.

“Well, that is all I wanted to say. I am off to my room.” The Wraith said.

With that, he turned around and walked out of the briefing room with everyone else still staring at him in surprise.

Tetsuo scratched his head. “I just don’t get that guy.”

“Same here.” Samurai Bob sighed while shaking his head.

“Y-Yeah…” Pascal said. She then brightened. “But hey! At least we more or less solved the issue of whether he would backstab us or not.”

“Indeed. He is a horrible person, but an excellent soldier.” Marina nodded.

“Loom…” Panmusu said, still feeling conflicted over the Wraith.

Meanwhile, the Wraith walked down the hall to his room with his hands behind his back while singing a song to himself.

“Ho! Ho! And up she rises. Ho! Ho! And up she rises. Ho! Ho! And up she rises. Early in the morning.”
Meanwhile, with the Sea Foxes, they were all on their ship while pumping their arms in the air in victory at their success. In front of them were a bunch of large metallic crates, obviously with a lot of money inside of it.

“Now THAT be what I call a clean heist!” Foxy grinned, pumping his hook hand in the air.

“Those poor saps never knew what hit them!” Kalypso laughed.

“Yeah, did you see the look on that guard’s face when I bit him in the leg!” Kip grinned.

“Oh! Oh! And who could forget how that other guard actually wet his pants because of the captain!” Kass reminded.

“Yeah, this is another great victory for the Sea Foxes!” Goombooty grinned.

This immediately made the others stopped cheering as they glared down at the Goomba, making him uneasy.

“Excuse me? You are trying to get in on OUR glory when not only you had done NOTHING to help us, but you also CHOSE to do nothing?” Kip challenged.

Goombooty winced at this as he stepped back. “Um, well, I…”

He then shifted his eyes from left to right. They then lit up as he dashed towards the side of the ship. He then grabbed the mop he was using earlier.

“I purposely got myself got myself got clean-up duty just so I could clean up the deck for you guys’ victory!” Goombooty insisted.

The others just groaned and rolled their eyes. Except for Kludge who merely crossed his arms, not looking impressed.

“Well, thanks. But that is nothing to what WE did!” Kludge scolded.

“Yeah.” Kalypso said. She then smirked before walking over to Foxy and putting a hand on his shoulder. “Of course, our efforts pale in comparison to our good captain here.”

“Aw, thanks, but even t’ best pirate captain be nothin’ without a more than capable crew.” Foxy said. He then smirked. “On t’ other hand, I DID handpicked you guys, didn’t I?”

“Heh. Tell not to be TOO humble, captain.” Kalypso chuckled. “Still, I actually like your brand of cockiness. Especially when compared to that egomaniac K. Rool.”

She then smirked.

“Plus, you are definitely more easier on the eyes.” She said.

Kass saw this and narrowed her eyes. She then rushed over to Foxy and wrapped her arms around Foxy’s own.

“Captain!” She said in a melodious tone.

“Hoo boy.” Kalypso said, rolling her eyes. “Here we go again.”

Foxy raised an eyebrow. “Hm? What is it, Kass?”

“Before you leave us for a while, could you help me create new weapons?” The pink-haired child asked.

“Um, no, he can’t.” Kip said, quickly.

Kass glared at Kip. “Oh? And why, pray tell, Kip, would the captain can’t do that?”

“Because he is going fishing with ME!” The Kremling child said, stepping forward.

“Um, no, he isn’t! He is going to go with me!” Kass scolded.

“Heh! Fat chance!” Kip yelled before rushing over Foxy’s free arm and grabbed it before pulling it. “Come on, captain! Tell Kass that you are going to be spending time with ME!”

Kass growled before pulling on the other arm. “Captain, kindly inform Kip that you shall spend your remaining time with ME!”

All Foxy did was roll his good eye and groaned. “Um, how be I goin’ t’ spend time with you two with me arms dislocated?”

Goombooty pouted. “How come Kip and Kass never grab MY arms in a tug-of-war?”

Kludge raised an eyebrow. “You don’t HAVE any arms.”

“That’s not the point!” Goombooty snapped.

Kludge shook his head before he was about to say something. Suddenly, he noticed something up in the air.

“Huh, what a weird bird.” He said.

Almost instantly, everyone stopped what they were doing to look at Kludge staring at the sky. They all turned their attention in the direction he was looking at. Their eyes widened when they saw a black hover-jet flying towards them.

“Um, what’s that?” Goombooty asked, even though he knew he wasn’t going to like the answer.

Foxy narrowed his good eye. “Damn it! I thought we had gotten enough distance from Marksburg!”

“Oh, great! NOW what?” Goombooty said in despair.

“O Ye o’ little faith.” Foxy said. He then turned towards Kludge. “Kludge, would you like to do the honors?”

The blue Kremling smirked as he punched his fist into his palm. “Captain, it will be a pleasure.”

Meanwhile, the A.S.H. looked down at the pirate ship with eager expressions.

“Found them!” Pascal grinned.

“And they are out in the open! They have no way to escape!” Tetsuo nodded.

“Marina, do you think that you are able to incapacitate them from this distance?” Samurai Bob asked.

“Of course.” The sniper reassured.

“Good. Pascal, open the hatch for Marina to fire. Hopefully, we would be able to take them down before it is too late.” Samurai Bob said.

Marina narrowed her eyes. “I will try, but I strongly think that it won’t be that easy.”

“Actually, I think it may be.” Pascal piped up.

“Hm?” Samurai Bob asked, raising an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

“Look, they are trying to escape.” Pascal pointed out.

Everyone looked out the window and down at the ship. They then saw that Kludge was carrying a giant anchor with a chain.

Samurai Bob jumped at this. “Whoa, that man is carrying that anchor as if it was nothing!”

“Yeah, but that feat of strength is nothing when they are trying to pull up the anchor and try to escape with their tails between their legs!” Tetsuo smirked.

Marina was about to say something. Suddenly, she noticed something that made her good eye widened.

“Um, my knowledge with pirates is very limited, but aren’t the chains of anchors supposed to be connected to something?” She asked.

Everyone’s eyes widened before they looked back down at Kludge.

Only to see him spinning the anchor around like a flail.

“Say when, captain!” Kludge yelled.

Foxy just smirked.


Kludge then launched the anchor up into the air. In a frightening feat of strength, he sent the anchor soaring up at the hover-jet as if it was a comet. Everyone jumped before bracing themselves for impact.


The anchor hit the bottom of the hover-jet hard, causing it to wobble violently and making its passengers shake in their seats.

“We’ve been hit! We’ve been hit!” Pascal yelled.

“No kidding!” The Wraith shouted.

“Can you stabilise this thing!?” Tetsuo yelled.

“I am trying! I am trying!” Pascal insisted.

The Sea Foxes looked up at the hover-jet as it struggles to stabilise itself with smirks on their faces.

“She is going down! Duck and cover! Duck and cover!” Kip yelled.

Everyone ran out of the way as the hover-jet made their way towards the ship. However, at the last minute, Pascal had stabilised the vehicle and stopped it from a nasty crash.

Suddenly, Kludge ran up the stairs of the ship before using the height to leap onto the hover-jet with his anchor, startling the others. Raising his improbable weapon in the air, he proceeded to smash it as the surface of the hover-jet several times.

“He is trying to break through!” Samurai Bob said, during the shaking.

“Don’t worry! No matter how strong that guy, all he could do is at least dent this metal!” Pascal reassured. She then frowned. “Butttttt… We are unable to get back into the air with him here!”

“...So much for having the advantage of the air.” The Wraith muttered.

Samurai Bob shook his head. “Well, it looks like we have to do this the old-fashioned way. Everyone get ready!”

Meanwhile, the Sea Foxes got their respective weapons as they readied themselves for a fight.

“Well, crew. How about we show our friends exactly what we think about unwanted guests?” Foxy asked, holding up his hook hand as it shined a bit.

“Aye-aye, captain!” The others cheered.

Back inside of the hover-jet, the A.S.H. save for obviously Pascal readying themselves in front of the door, getting ready to bust out the door.

“Pascal, on my mark!” Samurai Bob yelled, pulling out his hand.

“Right!” The technician nodded.

“Samurai Bob, wait!”

Everyone’s eyes widened before they looked at the Wraith.

“What is it, Wraith?” Samurai Bob asked.

“Please, allow ME to go out first.” The Wraith offered, startling everyone.

“What? Why?” Samurai Bob asked.

“Remember that the Sea Foxes are a dangerous bunch with an even more dangerous leader.” The Wraith reminded. “We need the element of surprise on our side.”

Tetsuo blinked twice. “Element of surprise? They already know we’re here!”

“Don’t worry. I know how to get it back.” The Wraith reassured. “Trust me.”

Samurai Bob winced at the two words. “Trust me”. How could he do that after Tetsuo telling him on how easy it was to backstab him? But at the same time, he can’t afford to make him suspicious by denying his request. And what if the Wraith genuinely has a way to find them?

However, before he could think of an answer, he saw the Wraith making his way over to Marina.

“Hey, Marina.” The Wraith said.

“What?” Marina spat. Despite her dry delivery, it was clear that she was still upset with the Wraith for earlier.

The wrestler then leaned over to Marina’s ear. He then whispered something to her. Marina’s uncovered eye widened when he heard this, making the others concerned.

“What?” Marina asked.

“Don’t worry. It’ll be fine.” The Wraith reassured.

Marina stayed silent for a moment. Suddenly, she let out a deep sigh. “Very well, I will accept.”

She then turned towards Samurai Bob.

“If you let me, I would like to support the Wraith’s plan.” She said.

Everyone looked shocked by this.

“W-What? Really?” Samurai Bob asked.

“Yes.” Marina nodded.

Samurai Bob paused before letting out a sigh of defeat. “Alright, Wraith, you can go first.”

“Glad you see it my way.” The Wraith smirked.

All Tetsuo and Panmusu did was stare while slack-jawed. It was unbelievable enough that Samurai Bob caved into the Wraith’s demands but MARINA?

“Alright, Pascal, on my word!” Samurai Bob nodded.

Pascal nodded her head as the Wraith got ready to dash out the door with a big grin on his face.

“Ready… “ Samurai Bob said.

The team shot the Wraith unsure looks, wondering what he was up to.


Pascal pushed the door button which opened the side of the hover-jet and sent it descending down. When it had finally hit the ground, the Wraith wasted no time rushing out the door.


The A.S.H. gaped in horror when they saw a bullet was shot inside of the Wraith’s forehead.

“WRAITH!” Samurai Bob yelled.

Kalypso darkly smirked as she yelled a flintlock pistol.

“Wow… I knew you guys were stupid by when you tried to come after us, but I never knew you were THAT stupid!” She taunted.

“Gwa ha ha…”

Everyone then froze in their places when they heard the laugh. They all looked to see the Wraith recoiling his head back forward while grinning, even though he had just gotten shot.

“I admit that WAS a little bullheaded of me.” The Wraith said before standing up straight. “But it seems that we BOTH made a stupid mistake.”

“H-H-How is that even possible?” Kalypso said before aiming her pistol again.

However, Marina poked her head out of the hover-jet’s door and aimed her sniper rifle at Kalypso’s shoulder to disarm.



Marina fired the shot at Kalypso. However, a red blur had zoomed in front of the latter and somehow deflected the bullet away, startling the Kremling. The blur revealed itself to be Foxy and he did not look pleased.

“So… Playin’ for keeps, huh?” Foxy said, darkly.

With that, he ran forward an alarming speed. In just two seconds, he was already at the airstair. He then bounced right at Marina and swung his hook hand. Despite taken off-guard, Marina had managed to block the slash with her sniper rifle in mid-air.

However, Foxy made up for his mistake by kicking Marina in the stomach while still in mid-air. As the sniper fell off the airstair and onto her back, Foxy gracefully landed on his feet.

The Wraith then launched one of his snakes out of his hood and towards the fox. However, the pirate captain saw the attack coming and ducked underneath the attack before dashing towards the Wraith and slashing him in the torso.

As the monster wrestler winced in pain, the others ran down the airstair. Kalypso saw this and narrowed her eyes.

“Oh no! You don’t!” Kalypso yelled before aiming her flintlock. However, Samurai Bob saw him.

“Everybody, get down!” Samurai Bob called out. The others obliged as they jumped between the airstair where Marina was, narrowly avoiding being shot.

Meanwhile, Kludge stared at them from on top of his hover-jet. Forming a dark smirk on his face, he jumped off of the vehicle while raising his anchor in the air, intending to smash the A.S.H. into the deck.

Fortunately for them, Tetsuo noticed this at the last moment and acted quickly, catching the anchor with his hands, saving his teammates. As Kludge landed on the ground, the two had a power struggle with each other.

“I’ll take Red-Eye!” Tetsuo offered. “You focus on the others!”

“Right!” Samurai Bob nodded. “Come on!”

“I’ll take the disco crocodile!” Pascal yelled as she rushed from behind the airstair. Kalypso saw her emerge and aimed her gun at her.

“Flux Form!” Pascal yelled, using her shotstaff as a witch’s broom and boosting towards Kalypso, startling her. This gave Pascal the opportunity to swing her weapon at Kalypso, striking her and knocking her pistol and behind a crate. Pascal smirked before moving to swing her shotstaff again.

Only to find herself find herself falling forward on her face. Pascal groaned as she weakly propped herself on her hands and feet before looking back, wondering what just happened.

There, she saw that her leg was tied to a rope. Attached to it was a smirking Kass with her free hand on her hip.

“Had a nice trip?” Kass taunted.

Kalypso, who had snapped out of her daze by now, growled at Pascal before pulling out a cutlass out of the sheath on her belt. She then pulled it over her. Pascal yelped before she was about to use her shotstaff to knock Kalypso off of her feet, but then Kass merely pulled on the rope again and with a surprising amount of strength sent Pascal onto her face again, too stunned to block.

Thankfully for her, Samurai Bob came to the rescue and clashed his sword against Kalypso’s own, saving her. Despite startled, Kalypso narrowed her eyes and tried to shove forward, but did Samurai Bob did the same thing and the two were in a power struggle with each other.

As Samurai Bob managed to get the both of them away from Pascal, Kass just scoffed at the dual attack between her and Kalypso being interrupted.

“Hey, Kip, do you mind taking Kalypso’s place?” Kass asked.

The young boy smirked as he rubbed his hands together. “It will be my honor!”

With that, he pulled out a grenade and a lighter. Pascal’s eyes widened as she saw Kip lit the grenade before throwing it at her.

“EMISSION LINE!” Pascal yelled, aiming her shotstaff at the grenade and firing a red shot of energy. This resulted in an explosion that had sent Pascal, Kip and Kass flying backwards until they were sprawling on the ground.

Kip groaned as he sat up. He growled as he was about to rush over and get revenge on Pascal for that trick. That was until he had noticed something that made him go wide-eyed.

The Wraith gritted his teeth before slashing forward. However, his target, Foxy had not only zoomed out of the way, but behind him where he slashed him in the back with his hook hand. Marina got out her pistol and fired it at Foxy while he was distracting, but the fox had zoomed out of the way and behind Marina to strike her from behind as well.

However, Panmusu was right next to Foxy when this happened as he acted quickly, kicking his foot out and catching Foxy in the back of his legs, knocking him off of his feet. Despite being taken back, Foxy handed on his hands gracefully and flipped backwards before gracefully landed on his feet.

The Wraith growled in annoyance as he looked around. “How could we fight this guy if we can’t even catch him?”

Suddenly, Foxy appeared in front of the Wraith with a smirk. “You don’t!”

With that, he slashed the Wraith’s neck. Normally, this would kill someone on the spot, but all the Wraith did was recoil in pain while holding his throat. Panmusu gritted his teeth, getting fed up with Foxy. He was about to go forward.


The Wraith, Panmusu, Marina and Foxy’s eyes widened when they heard this. Suddenly, Foxy had dashed away. Just in time for a strange-looking grenade to fly towards them. Before they could even react, it released a cloud of gas that encased all of them. The smell of gas was absolutely atrocities as they found themselves gagging on it.

“H-Hurry…” Marina shouted. “We have to escape!”

With that, the three exited the gas cloud while still coughing. Foxy watched the whole thing with a smirk. He then turned to Kip, who was smirking as well.

“Nice one, lad!” Foxy said, giving a thumbs-up with his free hand.

Kip returned the gesture. “Just trying to even the odds. Now go...”

That was when all he got out before a large blue blur collided with Foxy, knocking him down to the ground hard. Kip gasped as he saw a dazed Kludge lying on top of an equally-dazed Foxy. He immediately ran over and struggled in vain to push Kludge off.

“Hey, get off, you big lug!” Kip yelled. “You are squishing the captain!”

Meanwhile, Tetsuo rushed over the Wraith, Marina and Panmusu.

“Guys! Are you alright?” Tetsuo asked, concerned.

“Y-Yes… I think the effect of that cloud is only temporary…” Marina reassured.

Meanwhile, Foxy and Kludge got up to their feet while holding their respective heads.

“Ugh…” Foxy said before glaring up at Kludge. “What t’ hell, Kludge?”

The large Kremling winced before looking down. “Sorry, captain… That bearded man suddenly just picked me up and threw me. I didn’t even knew I CAN be thrown.”

Once both parties had fully recovered, they both glared at each other for a moment. Marina then made the first move by getting out her pistol and shooting a bullet at Foxy who quickly deflected the bullet with his hook.

However, Panmusu then zoomed towards Foxy and did an uppercut to his stomach, knocking the wind out of him before doing a jumping uppercut, knocking Foxy into the air.

“Hey, you can’t do that to our captain!” Kludge yelled before raising his anchor over his head and swinging it downwards. But Panmusu jumped backwards to avoid the battle before literally hopping on top of the anchor and launching himself towards Kludge, kicking him with both feet.

Marina then quickly Kludge in the shoulder. The large Kremling cried out in pain before glaring at the guilty party.

“That hurt!” Kludge yelled before rushing over. “I am going to get you!”

The Wraith gave Marina a strange look. “Do you really think that would slow him down?”

“No, I just didn’t feel like hearing one of Samurai Bob’s lectures today.” The dark-haired woman said.

“Ah…” The Wraith noted.

Meanwhile, Samurai Bob and Kalypso had clashed their respective swords against each other for what seemed like the twentieth time. Samurai Bob then tried again and slashed at Kalypso’s legs. However, the purple-haired Kremling jumped over the attack and kicked Samurai Bob in the face. As the samurai staggered back, Kalypso swung her sword at him.

Then, Pascal rushed in and blocked the attack with her shotstaff. As the two women struggled with each other, Samurai Bob snapped out of his daze to a lasso being shot towards Pascal. Acting quickly, he slashed it just as it was about to hit him.

“Your weapon of choice while effective, strongly makes you at a disadvantage against someone with a bladed weapon.” Samurai Bob said, coolly.

“Oh please! You are far from the first blade-user I faced with this rope!” Kass scoffed. “I’ll take you down just like the rest.”

Samurai Bob grunted in disgust before glaring at Kalypso, who shoved Pascal away. “Being pirates is bad enough, but to expose CHILDREN to your criminal lifestyle?”

Kalypso rolled her eyes. “Oh, save it for someone who cares.”

Samurai Bob growled before readying his katana with Pascal ready to support him. However,  Pascal got ready herself. Suddenly, they froze when they heard heavy footsteps approaching them from behind. They turned around expecting it to be Kludge, coming after them with his anchor. However, it wasn’t Kludge at all.

It was some kind of giant robot. Or at least it looked like it. It was actually a bunch of barrels linked together to form one. The head of said barrel robot was half-open, revealing a grinning Goombooty.

“Heh heh heh! I bet you are wetting your panties at my greatness!” Goombooty laughed.

Pascal paused for a moment. She then looked at Samurai Bob. “Cover me! And watch your back at all times!”

“What? Pascal!” The green-clad man said. But it was too late as Pascal ran towards. Samurai Bob looked back at his opponents, just in time to avoid a stab from Kalypso.

Meanwhile, Goombooty smirked before reaching it to grab Pascal. However, the latter quickly did a slide which not only ducked underneath the barrel’s robot hands and through his legs. All Goombooty did was somehow shrugged before motioning his robot to turn around.

Only to see Pascal casting a spell.


With that, she summoned a red, glowing circle around her with steam emitting from it, striking one of the barrel robot’s feet. The circle was very hot as it fried its wood. This caused the robot to lose his balance. Goombooty screamed as the robot fell towards the ground.

Despite this, Pascal smirked.

“DEATH SENTENCE!” She yelled, poking her head shotstaff in the ground and firing, causing a pillar of energy out of the ground, striking the robot and breaking it apart. This sent a series of barrels flying everywhere and Goombooty ungracefully landing on his face.

“Guys, get ready for a barrel of fun!” Pascal shouted, cupping her free hand to her face.

By this time, Samurai Bob was still fending off against Kalypso and Kass. However, the latter two had their backs turned to an upcoming barrel. He gasped.

Samurai Bob’s eyes widened at this. “Look out behind you!”

Kalypso blinked twice before laughing. “Hey! Please! I am a pirate! I know every dirty trick in the…”


That was the sound of the barrel, colliding with Kalypso and sending her flipping into the air, startling Samurai Bob and Kass. She then landed on top of Kass hard. Samurai Bob winced as Kass struggled to get herself from underneath the dazed Kalypso.

“...Well, at least nobody said that you are gullible.” Samurai Bob said.

Meanwhile, the rest of the barrels had rolled towards the others. Their eyes bugged out in shock.

“Everyone, look out!” Tetsuo yelled. Everyone didn’t need to be told twice as they dodged out of the way. Of course, Tetsuo and Kludge held their ground and knocked the barrels away from them.

The Wraith got up to his feet after narrowly avoiding a barrel. He had decided to make it his personal mission to get whoever sent those barrels out whether they were enemy or ally.

Suddenly, something sharp had stuck its way into the side of his neck. The Wraith cried out in pain as he collapsed on one knee while holding his wound.

Foxy smirked as he held up his bloodied hook. “Heh. I actually like facin’ enemies who don’t die or at least get incapacitated easily. More fun t’ play with.”

The Wraith growled as he got up and turned around, glaring at the fox. “Really? I feel the same way. But it seems I got the short end of the stick here, seeing that you are mortal.”

“Aw, don’t worry!” Foxy reassured. “It be not like you could catch up with me, anyway.”

The Wraith gritted his teeth before a lot of snakes had popped out of his hood and straight towards Foxy. Despite taken back, the latter acted quickly before flipping himself on his back and dashing towards the Wraith and slashing him in the torso before kicking him in said wound.

Foxy smirked as the Wraith staggered back. “I have t’ admit, I didn’t thought anythin’ could top our heist on Marksburg but you had managed t’ prove otherwise. Still, your goody-goody acts be going t’ be your downfall here.”

The red-eyed man stopped himself and glared up. “I am NOT a goody-goody!”

Foxy’s smirked vanished. “Huh?”

“There is only one reason I agreed to be part of the A.S.H.” The Wraith said before getting into a stance. “...To use punks like you as training dummies.”

Foxy blinked his good eye twice. “So, you are saying that you are only here just to do what you want and not care what anyone else thinks of you?”

“Exactly.” The Wraith said before advancing forward.

However, Foxy then said something that made the Wraith freeze in his spot with wide eyes.

“Then, why are we fighting?”

Meanwhile, Kip yelped as he jumped to the side to avoid a green energy ball. He then growled at Panmusu, the guilty party before getting out a bomb and was about to fire it. Suddenly, a bullet had shot and struck the lighter out of his hand.

Kludge saw this and growled in anger. “So you like firing bullets at kids, eh?”

With that, he was about to charge straight at Marina to smash her into the ground with his anchor. Suddenly, he felt something tug on his tail and stopping him in his path. He looked back to see Tetsuo.

“Hey! We are still fighting him!” Tetsuo yelled before swinging Kludge over his shoulder and slamming him on the ground.

“Alright! Keep it up! We are winning!” Tetsuo encouraged.

Marina and Panmusu nodded their heads. Panmusu decided to focus his attention on Kip again while Marina turned around to assist the Wraith with Foxy.

Only to see Foxy leapt towards her.

With no time to react, she received a hard kick to the face from Foxy’s boot. Tetsuo and Panmusu gaped in horror as Marina fell to her side, unconscious before she hit the ground.

“Marina!” Tetsuo gasped. He then turned to Foxy with a growl and ran towards him while pulling his fist back.

That was when a blur had zoomed straight at him and struck his hand.

“Ack! What the?” Tetsuo asked. Suddenly, he felt a familiar sensation. His entire body was growing stiff with each passing second. Soon, he couldn’t move at all. Tetsuo’s eyes widened in realization.

“This… This is…” Tetsuo said.

Panmusu looked in horror before turning to the direction of where the blur came from. There, he saw the Wraith, walking up beside Foxy with a smirk on his face.

“Tetsuo, Tetsuo, Tetsuo. A part of me actually thought against paralyzing you out of pity for you falling for the same trick twice.” The Wraith said, shaking his head.

Tetsuo narrowed his eyes. “Wraith… You…”

Suddenly, a dark chuckle. Strolling his eyes to the side, they widened when he saw Kludge pulling his fist back with an evil smirk on his face.


Tetsuo took the punch at full-swing as he flew backwards straight into a wall. He slid off the wall, out cold.

Panmusu gaped at what he had seen. Just like that, two of his teammates had been knocked out cold. All because of his OTHER teammate. Just thinking about it made his blood boil. In a blind rage, he hopped straight over to the Wraith.

Only for Foxy to do a sliding kick into him, sending Panmusu flying screaming his name. Foxy then quickly got up and doing a flying kick towards the Breloom, striking him in the back of the head and knocking him out before he could hit the ground.

“And THAT be for that uppercut earlier!” Foxy smirked, gracefully landing on the ground. “Alright, two left!”

“Just separate them from their weapons.” The Wraith said, waving it off.

Kludge blinked twice. “Um, hey, buddy, I think you are mixed up.”

“Was, tons-of-fun. I WAS mixed up.” The Wraith corrected.

Kip and Kludge both stared in confusion.

“Look, I’ll explain later.” Foxy reassured.

With that, he dashed off towards the battle between Samurai Bob & Pascal against Kalypso and Kass. When he had gotten close enough to them, he zoomed past them while grabbing their respective weapons. Samurai Bob and Pascal jumped before releasing their weapons were gone.

“H-Hey!” Samurai Bob said. He then saw Foxy holding his katana with his free hand and Pascal’s shotstaff with his hook.

“THIS be t’ disadvantage o’ not havin’ a weapon as your hand.” Foxy smirked.

“Why you dirty…” Samurai Bob started while gritting his teeth.

However, that was all he got out before Kalypso pointed her cutlass as Samurai Bob and Pascal, forcing them to put their hands in the air. The two looked to the side and much to their horror, Tetsuo, Marina and Panmusu were all unconscious.

What truly took their attention was that the Wraith was casually standing to the side while putting his hands behind his back. Samurai Bob and Pascal looked absolutely thunderstruck by the events that was happening.

“W-Wraith, what are you doing?” Pascal asked.

The Wraith merely shrugged. “Nothing. That is what I am doing.”

“That’s not what she meant and you know it!” Samurai Bob snapped.

Goombooty walked forward while blinking his eyes. “What the hell is going on?”

“I-I don’t know.” Kass said, shaking her head.

Foxy smirked as he pointed Samurai Bob’s katana at the Wraith.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly ask you give a warm welcome to t’ newest member o’ t; Sea Foxes!” He said. “T’ Wraith!”

Everyone else who was still conscious, stared with wide eyes and slack jaws. The Wraith merely made a gesture with his hands.

“Please, please, no applause.”
Despite being in a town of eternal darkness, Night Town was actually full of friendly faces for the most part. Other than the occasional pranks from the mischievous vampires, most of the residents were a fun bunch to be around.

However, there was one particular local that didn’t wanted to do anyone in the town and yes. Besides, Nathan. Said person was dressed in a cloak as he walked around the area. As he did so, he passed a group of vampires talking to each other and having a good time. For some reason, this made the cloaked figure scoffed in disgust.

“Pricks…” He said before adjusting his cloak and walking off.

However, in doing so, he dropped a piece of paper by accident. He continued walking on, not catching on that to the lost item. Fortunately for him, a person saw this and quickly ran after them to pick up the piece of paper.

“Hey, wait! Mr. Cloak!”

The cloaked figure raised an eyebrow before turning around. He then saw a person walking over while carrying the piece of paper. His eyes widened when he saw this. He also recognised the kind stranger as Sachelle.

“You dropped this.” Sachelle offered before walking over to the cloaked figure.

However, as she did so, she stumbled forward and fell down. The cloaked figure’s eyes widened before rushing over and grabbing Sachelle before she could hit the ground.

But in doing so, the cloaked figure had dropped a bunch of papers, sending them scattering everywhere. The cloaked figure and Sachelle looked in horror as a few people stopped what they were doing to watch what had happened.

“Oh my goodness! I am SO sorry!” Sachelle pleaded.

The cloaked figure growled before glaring at her. “I say you are!”

Sachelle winced at this. She then crouched down and picked up the pieces of paper. “H-Here, let me help you.”

The cloaked figure let out a deep sigh before crouching down and picking up the pieces of paper himself. They continued to pick up the pieces of paper. While they were doing this, Sachelle’s face turned bright red in embarrassment at what had happened. Once again, her lack of grace on the ground worked against her.

She let out a deep sigh before she continued to pick up the papers. However, she froze when she saw a particular page that caught her eye. Particularly the title of it.

Requiem Of A Blue Rose.

Sachelle blinked twice before looking into the cloaked figure’s face. Said figure noticed this and raised an eyebrow.

“What?” The cloaked figure spat.

Sachelle shrank back a bit but still managed to ask what was on her mind.


The cloaked figure’s eyes bugged out when he heard this. Acting quickly, he grabbed the pages that were in Sachelle’s hands, startling before he grabbed the rest of the pages off of the ground. He then grabbed Sachelle with his free hand.

“Come with me!” He yelled.

With that, he hoisted Sachelle to his feet before rushing off and dragging her off with her. Sachelle struggled to keep up. The people watching them, just stared with blinking eyes. Ben had rushed into an alleyway. After making sure that he was followed, he let out a sigh of relief before looking at Sachelle.

“Of course I had to run into one of the people from THAT day.” Ben muttered.

Sachelle frowned, knowing exactly what he meant. What started as a fun activity on Valentine’s Day turned out unpleasant when somebody’s feelings was hurt.

“Um, Ben, about what happened at the group date…” Sachelle started.

“Relax. I am not mad anymore.” Ben reassured.

“Really?” Sachelle asked in surprise. “Then why are you in a cloak as if you are hiding.”

“Because I may have forgiven, I have not forgotten.” Ben said, narrowing his eyes. “About all of the negative feedback my so-called friends gave my poem.”

Sachelle winced. “Ben, please, I am sure that if they knew that it was YOUR poem, they wouldn’t had been so cruel.”

“Yeah, well, I strongly doubt that would had stopped TED.” Ben said, gritting his teeth. “I know I said that while I haven’t forgotten, I forgave them. Well, I NEVER forgave Ted. And judging that he actually FAILS to see why I got so pissed, I probably never will.”

Sachelle frowned, feeling sorry for Ben.

“Look, the point is that none of my own friends would never accept my poetry.” Ben scoffed. “So why should I hang out with a bunch of friends who doesn’t accept my hobbies?”

Sachelle paused for a moment.

“Anyway, thank you for picking up my poems for me.” Ben said. “I feel these are all I have right now. Well, later.”

With that, he turned around and walked off. Sachelle stood in the alley, looking at Ben with a sad stare on her face. Poor Ben had been hurt by his own friends about doing what he loves and now he felt that he was the only one who truly appreciated them.

“Ben!” Sachelle spoke up.

The vampire stopped before turning around. “Yes?”

Sachelle paused before holding her arm. “Um, if it is not too much trouble. Could you read me one of your poems?”

Ben raised an eyebrow. “Look, I appreciate your offer, but don’t force yourself to do something you do to wish to do just because you feel sorry.”

“But Ben, you don’t understand.” Sachelle said. “I actually liked your blue rose poem.”

This completely took Ben by surprise. “Excuse me?”

“Yes, it’s true. I liked it. I thought it was very beautiful.” Sachelle said.

Ben blinked twice. “You… You really mean it.”

“Of course! I completely understand what you are trying to get across. You have something that is very beautiful and special in your eyes but most people wouldn’t seen it that.” Sachelle explained, putting her hand on her chest.

Ben’s pupils shrank when he heard this.

“I wouldn’t know myself, but apparently, blue roses are rare, right?” Sachelle asked.

“Um, right… How did you know that?” Ben asked.

Sachelle paused before looking to the side. “I… Kinda know what it’s like.”

This caught Ben by surprise. “You! Correct me if I’m wrong, but I heard one person from the hotel you stay at call you the top student.”

“Oh!” Sachelle said, realizing what Ben meant. “Well, yes… But healing is probably the only things I CAN do right. As you could see, I am quite clumsy.”

“So? Doctors don’t need to athletic, they just need to heal people.” Ben said.

Sachelle paused, not saying anything else. Ben didn’t know that she was more than a mere healer and that she was a bodyguard for an angel prince. However, she felt inferior to the other bodyguards which was why she felt that she would relate to Ben.

“In any case…”

Sachelle looked ahead to see Ben.

“You saw what I was trying to portray.” The vampire said. “That deserves the benefit of the doubt.”

Sachelle’s eyes widened when she heard this. “Wait, does that mean?”

Ben nodded his head. “That’s right. If you have the time, could I read you more of my poems?”

Sachelle’s eyes lit up at this. “Oh! I love to! If there was anything like your Blue Rose poem, then I sure that it would be fantastic.”

Ben gave a small smile when he heard this. This was the first time he had actually smiled ever since that Valentine’s Day incident. Then again, this was the first time he had someone tell him that they not only liked his poems but also want to hear more.

All he truly needed was someone to reach out to him.
EA-LEC: Appreciation For A Blue Rose
Here is my Weekly Prompt for :iconea-lec: This week's theme: Holding out. FINALLY, a plot-related theme. This means I could write for something story-related. In this case, Sachelle and Ben forming a friendship with each other over poetry. And yes, I know how rushed this is. I wanted to get it in before the week is over. >__<

XP goes to Sachelle.

Sachelle and Ben belongs to me.

Exercitus Artifex aka the League of Extraordinary Characters belongs to :iconea-lec:
Remember when it was stated that despite there was one world, it was actually stated to be a mixture of two worlds called Elympios and Rieze Maxia? Well, like logic would suggest, it had some kind of middle ground.

Marksburg. It is considered the official pathway between the two worlds. By using a technology-advanced train station, a person could ride it from one place to the other. Because of this, Marksburg is considered one of the most important places in the world as the train station was used to transport goods from Elympios to Rieze Maxia and vice versa.

Little did the people of Marksburg know that they were about to be under attack. Floating on the sea was a large wooden ship. However, on top of the mast was a black flag with a skull and crossbones sign on it, showing that it was a pirate ship. On the deck were six people. Five of them were sitting down while looking at the last one.

The first one was a tall yet slender anthro crocodile with green skin. She had a large light purple Afro and wore a black midriff that had a skull on it with a purple vest with matching jeans and a bandana around her neck.

The second one was a large, blue crocodile with red and a X-shaped scar on his stomach. Despite his muscular build, he also had quite a gut on him. All he wore was yellow pants with the ends torn, a black belt with a skull on it and chains around his wrists.

The third one was a small, green-scaled crocodile child. He wore a red bandana on top of his head, a black and white-striped tank top and red spiked bracelets.

The fourth one was another green-scaled crocodile child. She had pink hair that was into a ribbon, leaving her hair upwards in a strange position. She wore an indigo-and-violet-striped short-sleeved dress with a skull on the front.

The fifth one was a...Goomba wearing a straw hat.

KALYPSO/Donkey Kong Barrel Blast/Nintendo/Defected Kremling/First Mate Of The Crew/Skilled At Sports And Dancing

KLUDGE/Donkey Kong Barrel Blast/Nintendo/Defected Kremling/Muscle Of The Crew/Mentally Unstoppable While Angered

KIP/Donkey Kong Barrel Blast/Nintendo/Defected Kremling/Mischievous Trickster/Hotheaded And Headstrong

KASS/Donkey Kong Barrel Blast/Nintendo/Defected Kremling/Clever Yet Vicious/Wishes To Grow Up

All of the Kremlings looked sad for some reason. However, the Goomba merely looked bored.

Finally, Kalypso broke the silence. “...So do you really have to leave us, Captain?”

The captain let out a long sigh. “Aye. I’m afraid so, Kalypso.”

“Aw, do you really have to?” Kip whined.

“We need you, Captain! It isn’t the same without you!” Kludge begged.

“Yeah! What is the point of having a pirate crew without a pirate CAPTAIN!” Kass agreed.

All the Goomba did was roll his eyes.

“Crew! Crew! Please! Don’t make this harder than it already is!” The captain pleaded, sadly. “Besides, you know that while I be t’ captain here, I actually follow a different captain somewhere else!”

The Kremlings all sadly nodded their heads.

“Look, t’ captain knows how much I love bein’ with you guys so he only calls in when he really needs me skills and judgin’ from what I just heard, he really needs me help.” The captain explained.

The Kremlings again nodded their heads.

Suddenly, the captain gave a small smile. “But Ahoy there! I be not due t’ meet up with him for a while so I be goin’ t’ make it up t’ you guys.”

“Oh yeah… How?” Kip asked, still feeling down about the captain leaving.

The captain then smirked. “I’m so glad you asked, Kip, me lad! Let me tell you somethin’! Do you know when exactly I got t’ call?”

Everyone looked at each other confused before looking back at the captain.

“Um, no, we don’t.” Kalypso said.

“It was three hours ago.” The captain explained, making the crew’s eyes widened.

“Three hours ago!?” The Goomba asked in disbelief. “That was before you gave the order to come all of the way to Marksburg! Why would you have us sail us here just to tell us that you will be leaving us again?”

“Easy. Now tell me. What be Marksburg famous for?” The captain asked.

Kludge paused before putting his fingers on his head. “Okay, I know this one. It is famous for linking the two worlds of Elypmios and Rieze Maxia together, right?.”

“Aye!” The captain grinned. “Which means thar should be a lot o’ booty being transported from side t’ side everyday.”

“So?” The Goomba asked, getting impatient.

“So about all o’ that booty they be transportin’, they are also transporting CURRENCY.” The captain explained.

The crew’s eyes widened at this.

“Good. It be nice t’ know that you all be on board.” The captain grinned.

“Um, captain, no, we are not.” Kass piped up.

The captain raised an eyebrow. He was about to ask what did Kass meant until he noticed that Kludge was counting with his fingers.

“Now let’s see. Currency… Currency… What is that again?” Kludge asked.

Everyone groaned at the large Kremling’s stupidity.

“Kludge, currency is basically a fancy word for money.” Kass said in exasperation.

“Oh, money…” Kludge said. Then, his red eyes lit up. “Oh! Money! So that means…”

The captain then grinned. “Aye! We be goin’ t’ be gettin’ some major treaaye today!”

“Are you crazy!?” The Goomba yelled in disbelief. “Do you actually think the guards of Marksburg would actually just be taking a coffee break while we loot them all blind!?”

The Kremlings gasped before glaring at the Goomba.

“Hey, have you forgotten who are you talking to, Goombooty?” Kalypso scolded.

“For the last time, I want you guys to call me Goombuckler!” The Goomba roared.

“Yeah, but that name sounds cool so… nah, I don’t wanna.” Kip said, shaking his head, making Goombooty growl.

“Well, that still doesn’t change what I said about this heist is right. This is basically a suicide mission!” Goombooty scolded before looking back at the captain. “This is WAY too dangerous!”

The captain paused for a moment before putting his hands behind his back. He then walked over to the side of the ship.

“T’ most fun thin’s in life are, Goombooty.” The captain explained. “Gettin’ treaaye. Fightin’ off against many foes. And basically sittin’ a middle fin’er t’ t’ law.”

He then looked back at the others with a determined glare.

“THAT be t’ way o’ t’ pirate. What be t’ point o’ bein’ a pirate if you be so afraid t’ throw t’ die?” The captain asked.

The Kremlings all clapped their hands at their captain’s words.

“That’s our captain!” Kalypso grinned.

“You are SO cool!” Kass said with a lovestruck look on her face.

“I want to be like you when I grow up!” Kip agreed.

The captain chuckled as he scratched the back of his head. “Aw, come on! Pirate captains aren’t supposed to blush!”

All Goombooty did was roll his eyes.


Goombooty then looked up. Only for the captain to shove a mop in his face. The Goomba’s face immediately fell.

“...I try t’ be fair with me crew and if you do not want t’ be involved in t’ heist, I won’t blame you.” The captain said before smirking. “But a crew member who…”

“...Who doesn’t pull his own weight should just move over to the plank and jump off it to save everyone the trouble.” Goombooty muttered. “Yeah, I got ya…”

With that, he took the mop and sulked off with everyone watching him with smirks.

“This is the third time this week I am forced to scrub the decks…” Goombooty whined. “And it is only Tuesday.”

The captain nodded his head before looking to the others. “Aye, be you all with me?”

The Kremlings pumped their fists into the air.


The captain smirked as the rest of his crew’s cooperation. Even if the odds were against them, he had a strong feeling that they could take on another opponent who tried to mess with their heist.


Back at the A.S.H. Headquarters of the Elympios Branch, Marina was making her way down the halls. She was on her way towards the training room which also had its own shooting gallery to practice her shots.

However, she had felt a dark presence. Acting quickly, she got out her gun and in a direction. Just in time for a bunch of snakes to be launched at her. Acting quickly, she rolled out of the way to avoid it. After her successful dodge, she landed on one knee and glared at the guilty party.

The snakes retreated back into the Wraith’s hood. Said muscular man snapped his fingers in annoyance.

“Aw, I thought I had you this time.” He said, sounding disappointed.

“Well, you didn’t. Now leave me be. I have other plans to work with.” Marina shot back before walking past the Wraith.

That was until the green-skinned man stepped in her path, blocking her way.

“Do you really think it is going to be that easy?” The Wraith said with a smirk.

Marina narrowed her eye. “Yes, I did. But only because I thought that you would finally give up.”

“Oh, come on. Everyone has their weakness. Even me.” The Wraith explained. “And yet you haven’t shown any sign of one since this team had been formed.”

“You should already know. I am a soldier. As such, I must keep a cool head at all times, even off of the battlefield.” Marina scolded.

“Don’t give me that. I met a couple of soldiers from my run as a wrestler and I had seen both of them lose their heads around me.” The Wraith snapped. “Even authority figures show weakness, Marina.”

The dark-haired woman crossed her arms. “Okay, let’s say for the sake of argument that I DO have a weakness. Why in the world would I show someone like YOU?”

The Wraith gasped as he put his hand on his heart. “What? Marina, is your opinion of me THAT low?”

He then gave a dark smirk as he took a step forward.

“I would never dream of just asking and expecting you to answer.” He said.

Suddenly, a small blur had zoomed towards the two and tackled the Wraith’s legs, knocking the large man off of his feet. With a yell of surprise, he fell onto his rear while Marina looked with wide eyes. The Wraith groaned for a moment. He then glared at the guilty party.

Panmusu was also narrowing his eyes at him while getting into a stance. The Wraith growled at this.

“Hey, Panmusu, you DO realize that some people eat kangaroo meat, right?” The Wraith threatened while readying a claw. “The fact that you are also part-mushroom just means you are a living main course AND a side!”

The Pokemon growled at this as the Wraith got up to his feet. They both looked like they were about to attack each other at any moment.

“That’s enough!”

The three’s eyes widened before looking in the direction of the voice. There, they saw Samurai Bob and Tetsuo not looking happy.

“Honestly, have you forgotten that we are all on the same team here!” Samurai Bob scolded.

Panmusu immediately pointed his arm at the Wraith as if telling him that he was the guilty party.

The Wraith saw this and growled. “Seriously, shortstuff? You are blaming ME when you were the one who gave the first attack?”

“I admit that Panmusu shouldn’t have done so.” Marina said before putting her hand on Panmusu’s head. “But he did so because he thought that you was most likely attack me first.”

The Wraith crossed his arms. “Then he is headstrong because I was not going to attack you.”

Tetsuo mimicking the Wraith’s gesture. “You know, Wraith, nobody could blame Panmusu for thinking otherwise.”

“Well, of course, YOU would say that. You are even MORE hotheaded than him.” The wrestler said, rolling his eyes making Tetsuo growl.

“No, Tetsuo is right. We are supposed to be on the same team and you are not being a team player!” Samurai Bob said, stepping forward.

The Wraith merely scoffed and shrugged his shoulders. This did not sit well with Samurai Bob.

“What is with that reaction?” Samurai Bob asked.

“Yo, samurai boy, being part of the A.S.H. means that I have to protect the world from threats. NOT make nice with it.” The Wraith scolded. “And even then, that is not far from my main mission. I want to test out my skills on the foes we face. And if I have to take up the role of a “hero”, then so be it!”

This resulted in a group of negative reactions from everyone. Marina crossed her arms while looking unimpressed. Panmusu merely rolled his eyes in exasperation. Samurai Bob shook his head in disgust and disbelief. Finally, Tetsuo’s eyebrow twitched.

“You insufferable, selfish…”

“Hey, guys!”

Everyone turned their heads to see Pascal running over with a grinning face.

“Oh, lucky! You are all here! That saves me some time!” Pascal said, brightly.

Samurai Bob raised an eyebrow. “Wait. Does that mean?”

“That’s right! We have a mission!” Pascal announced. “So come on, teammates! Let’s go! Let’s go, teammates! Let’s go! Let’s go!”

Nobody reacted to Pascal’s cheer. They just turned to the Wraith and gave him cold glares. They then ran past a confused Pascal without saying a single word.

“Um, did I miss anything?” Pascal asked.

The Wraith rolled his eyes before rushing past Pascal himself. “Just a bunch of goody-goodies being goody-goodies. Nothing new!”

Pascal stood in confusion for a moment. However, she chose to ignore this and quickly followed the others into the briefing room where the holographic figure of Cortez was waiting for them.

“Here we are here, sir.” Tetsuo said, trying his best to forget about the Wraith’s comment. “What is the problem?”

“Well, team, I don’t think I need to tell you, but are you all familiar with Marksburg?” Pascal asked.

“Um, duh? It is like the gateway from Elympios to Rieze Maxia.” Pascal said, raising an eyebrow.

“Indeed. Because of this, a lot of important goods are being transported nearly every day.” Cortez explained. “Unfortunately, a group of pirates called The Sea Foxes had realized this as well.”

Marina’s good eye widened. “Wait. Are you saying that Marksburg’s defense had been penetrated?”

“Sadly, yes, Marina. Not only did the pirates managed to take the guard by surprise, but they made off with a lot of currency of both worlds.” Cortez explained. “This is a huge blow to the planet’s economy as a whole.”

Samurai Bob narrowed his eyes. “So it is safe to assume that our mission is to find these Sea Foxes and get the stolen money AND the pirates.”

“That’s right. But warned though, as you can expect from how they are able to penetrate Marksburg’s defenses, the Sea Foxes are NOT to be trifled with.” Cortez explained. “ESPECIALLY their captain.”

After saying that, the hologram figure of Cortez had switched to the captain. He was a red-furred anthro fox with a hook for a hand, an eyepatch and a large slash scar from his chest. He wore a bright red half-buttoned up pirate jacket with a matching hat along with brown pants, a black belt and brown boots.

FOXY/Five Nights At Freddy’s/Scott Cawthon/Captain Of The Sea Foxes/Moves Like A Ninja/Unbelievable Charm

“This is Foxy.” Cortez explained.

“Wow… His parents must be geniuses.” The Wraith said, sarcastically.

“Unimaginative names aside, you mustn’t underestimate Foxy.” Cortez said, grimly. “When he is not with the Sea Foxes, he is part of the Fazbear Gang: One of the most, if not THE deadliest forces you could ever face.”

Samurai Bob was taken back by this. “Seriously?”

“Indeed. Each member of the Fazbear gang is dangerous in their own way.” Cortez said, narrowing his eyes. “Which makes them all the more dangerous when they are all together.”

Most of the team winced at this. Marina on the other hand, raised an eyebrow.

“Which makes it all the more important to arrest Foxy.” Marina explained.

“Right. Even if it won’t diminishes the Fazbear Gang’s strength that much, it is still an improvement.” Cortez explained.

“Alright, so what are we waiting for?” Tetsuo said, punching his fist in his palm. “Where are the Sea Foxes?”

“Unfortunately, I can’t give you a specific location. They were seen going west, but by the time you get to Marksburg, they could be anywhere on the sea.” Cortez frowned.

Pascal then smirked. “Don’t worry, Admiral! We will cross that bridge when we get to it!”

“Indeed! We will get the money back AND take the Sea Foxes into custody!” Samurai Bob reassured.

“Glad to hear it, Pascal. Now I wish you the best of luck. And please be careful.” Cortez said. “Cortez, signing out.”

With that, the hologram had disappeared. Pascal grinned.

“You all know what this means, right?” She asked.

The others nodded their heads. Pascal smirked as she pumped her fist in the air.


Everyone then wasted no time, rushing over from the briefing room to the garage. After exiting it, they made their way towards their vehicle. A hoverjet that Pascal had been working on ever since the day where they all moved into the A.S.H. HQ.

“Oh my goodness! You have NO idea how happy I am to take this baby out on the field!” Pascal grinned.

She then fished into her pocket and pulled out a remote and pushed the button. Then, a hatch opened up, revealing its airstair. Pascal started to run in place before like a little girl. She then ran up the airstair with everyone joining her.

The inside of the hoverjet was nothing that was different from any other inside of a jet. But it DID have six seats. The team immediately got into said seats and strapped themselves in. Pascal then started the engine of the hoverjet by pushing a few buttons.

“Alright! Is everyone ready!” Pascal grinned.

Everyone nodded their heads. Pascal smirked before looking ahead.

“Okay! Garage door, open!” She yelled.

Then, the wall where the jet was pointing towards had slowly opened up to reveal the outside.

“Okay, everyone brace yourselves because all systems are go!” Pascal yelled.

With that, she activated the booster of the hoverjet. It then blasted out of the garage and outside. As the wall slowly closed back, the vehicle hovered into the air. Nearby passer-bys stopped what they were doing and stared in awe.

When the hoverjet had ascended enough so it didn’t hit any building by mistake, it blasted off towards into the sky and out of Trigleph thus starting the team’s first mission out of the main city.


The A.S.H. rode their new hoverjet towards the world of Elympios. The team looked down it as they passed several places. One of the most noticeable things they saw was that Elympios didn’t have that much nature. There were still wildlife in terms of flowers and trees, but not as much compared to their respective birthworlds.

Still, they couldn’t find themselves but to be in awe at the view. For a few, this was the first time they had left Trigleph after settling in so they appreciated actually seeing more of Trigleph.

Despite this, they know that this was not a vacation, they were on a mission and a dangerous one at that. All they could hope was that they weren’t going on some high-goose chase.

Pascal looked down and smirked. “Anddddd we are heading into Marksburg!”

Everyone looked out the window and saw that they were flying over a port town.

“So should we fly down and ask the guards for help?” Samurai Bob asked.

Marina shook her head. “I strongly doubt they could give us much information other than the direction where the Sea Foxes had gone.”

“Besides, those crooks always had a head start! Every second we waste is a second towards their escape!” Tetsuo agreed.

Samurai Bob paused. “Alright. I see your point, but are we supposed to just wander around the sky, hoping to find a pirate ship.”

“Hey, if you have any better ideas, O Great Leader, we are welcome to hear them.” The Wraith said, crossing his arms.

Samurai Bob glared at the Wraith for a moment. He then sighed in relief.

“Alright, alright. Pascal, you are the pilot here. You take the lead.” Samurai Bob said.

Pascal saluted. “Aye-aye, captain!”

“Hoo boy. We are nowhere near the Sea Foxes and already she is ALREADY talking like a pirate.” The Wraith said before rolling his eyes.

Tetsuo paused for a moment. He then looked over at Samurai Bob.

“Hey, Samurai Bob.” Tetsuo piped out.

The green-clad man looked at his teammate. “What is it, Tetsuo?”

“Can I talk to you? In private?” The bearded man asked.

Samurai Bob tilted his head in confusion. “Um, sure. But only if it’s really important.”

“It is. I promise.” Tetsuo reassured.

“Well, if it is safe to do so.” Samurai Bob said.

“Don’t worry, it is. It is only when taking off the ground should you be worried.” Pascal reassured. “I will call out to you in case we run into the Sea Foxes.”

Samurai Bob and Tetsuo nodded their heads and their unbuckled their seatbelts and got up from their seats. They then made their way to the back of the hoverjet. Once they were out of hearing range, they looked at each other.

“Okay, so what is the problem?” Samurai Bob asked.

Tetsuo let out a deep sigh as if preparing to ask for a hard demand.

“I think we should kick the Wraith off the team.” Tetsuo said.

Samurai Bob jumped at this. “What!?”

“Shh!” Tetsuo scolded, putting his finger to his mouth. He then looked back to see Marina, Panmusu and the Wraith looking. They all raised their eyebrows, but shrugged before turning their heads.

Tetsuo sighed in relief before glaring at Samurai Bob. “Come on, man, I shouldn’t have to explain why we should do so.”

“But Tetsuo, Admiral Cortez had personally hand-picked each and every one of us to be part of the A.S.H.” Samurai Bob reminded. “It is not our decision to do so.”

“Samurai Bob, the main reason that the Admiral had picked the Wraith because of his skills.” The ex-construction worker explained. “And while he IS very useful, I find that his horrible attitude outshines that.”

The samurai didn’t say anything. He just took everything Tetsuo in.

“I mean you heard him pretty much said that he doesn’t care about being a team player or a world protector. He is just using his position just for fighting and that’s it.” Tetsuo said. “I think we already had this conversation a while back, but how could we trust someone to have our backs when he clearly just cares about himself?”

“I won’t deny that I see your point, but for the most part, the Wraith had been obedient. He followed orders, despite begrudgingly.” Samurai Bob explained.

Tetsuo narrowed his eyes. “Yeah, but for how long?”

“Hm?” Samurai Bob asked.

“The way I see it, the guy’s a ticking timebomb. I mean when you stop to think about it, he never done that much “fun” ever since the Heartless invasion.” Tetsuo explained. “What is to stop him from getting bored and not only quitting the team, but also joining a criminal group?”

Samurai Bob’s jaw dropped in realization upon hearing this.

“The way I see it, no matter whether it is sooner or later, he WILL betray us.” Tetsuo explained. “Personally, I would like him do so when he DOESN’T have access to the utilities at HQ.”

Samurai Bob lowered his head in thought. Was he, along with everyone else was being naive in trusting the Wraith? Were they giving him faith that he did not deserve? What was stopping him from defecting? Not because of his duty or the team.

Tetsuo let out a deep sigh. “Look, let’s continue this conversation with the others when we are done with this mission. As uncomfortable the Wraith makes me feel, the Sea Foxes should take our top priority.”

Samurai Bob slowly nodded his head. “Right… Let’s get the money back first.”

The two men nodded their heads as they made their way backs to their seats. However, even though they tried to keep their focus on the Sea Foxes, the Wraith kept entering their minds.

Despite still focusing her attention on flying, Pascal spoke up. “So how was the talk?”

“Huh? Oh, it was definitely an eye-opener.” Samurai Bob said, trying his best not to make eye-contact with the Wraith.

Pascal’s eyes widened before she looked back. “Wait, your eyes could do that?”

Everyone just groaned at Pascal’s comment.


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