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After Marina and Pascal had finally managed to put out the fire, they immediately saw what had happened on the ground level. Acting quickly, they transported the men inside and used some of the shops’ healing items to cure their injuries.

Despite this being mostly fully healed, all six members felt horrible about what had happened. They were easily dispatched by one man. Sure, he was insanely powerful but he was still one man.

“Poor Mel…” Pascal frowned. “She must be terrified right now…”

“Yeah, being stuck with a ruthless psycho like him.” Samurai Bob frowned.

“I was too lenient with him.” Marina said, looking at her hand. “I should had gone for a headshot.”

Samurai Bob raised his head in shock. “Y-You don’t have to go THAT far!”

“Well, anyway, come on, we are all healed up for the most part right?” Pascal asked. “We have to go save Mel! I mean we ARE the All-Star Heroes.”

“I wonder about that.” The Wraith said.

Everyone looked at the Wraith when he said this.

“Huh? What does THAT mean?” Samurai Bob asked.

“Well, at least I actually thought that it was just me.” The Wraith said, crossing his arms. “But I was confused that we had all been chosen to the protectors of an entire WORLD after ONE act.”

“Yes, I admit that was rather strange too…” Samurai Bob noted.

“Well, here is what I was thinking. We may not actually the officially Elympios branch of the A.S.H.” The Wraith said.

Everyone looked shocked when they heard this.

“Wha… What are you saying?” Tetsuo asked.

“Yes, who else would be the official Elympios branch?” Samurai Bob added.

“I don’t know…” The Wraith said. “But that is what Cortez is trying to find out in the limited time he has with us “in charge”.”

Samurai Bob stepped back at this. “W-Wait, you are not saying that…”

The Wraith looked at Samurai Bob. “That’s right. We are put in charge of protecting this world just to calm everyone down until he could find a bunch of professionals to protect this world.”

Tetsuo’s pupils shrank when he heard this.

“That’s a lie!” Samurai Bob scolded, swinging his arm. “Admiral Cortez would never do something so underhanded!”

The Wraith merely cast his leader a strange look. “Never do something so underhanded? You only met him twice! And that was a holograph!”

“So he is the founder of the All-Star Heroes, thus the reason the universe is safe!” Samurai Bob retorted. “And I won’t stand to hear you slander such a great man!”

“Oh, if he is so great, why did he put US in charge because of ONE daring act!” The Wraith challenged.

“I…” Samurai Bob said.

“We are the decoy team, Samurai Bob.” The Wraith said, crossing his arms. “We are only here to give the world hope so that when Cortez finally DOES form a proper team, they would replace us in a flash.”

Everyone stared in Wraith after he had said his words. Tetsuo was the most thunderstruck when the theory. Was it all true? Was they really nothing but then a decoy to make sure that the people of Elympios could sleep at time.

He then looked down at his hands. He could still remember that horrible feeling that he had felt when fighting Barbatos. Despite all of his strength, he was absolutely helpless as he was easily dispatched by his enemy and could do nothing but let the person who they were supposed to be protecting get kidnapped. Was he really that weak? Was he nothing but then some kind of twisted warm-up act?

“Alright… I don’t want to admit it but I would be lying if I said that there isn’t logic in your words.” Samurai Bob said, looking down. “Being a part of the A.S.H. seems far too good to be true.”

The Wraith nodded his head.

“Though is it alright if I ask one question?”

The Wraith raised an eyebrow. “Depends but shoot.”

“Who cares?”

Everyone looked at Samurai Bob in surprise, only to see him with his eyes narrowed.

“C-Come again?” The Wraith asked in disbelief.

“It is just as I said. Who cares?”

The Wraith blinked twice in confusion. “Um, the last time I checked but most people don’t like being played as if they were going to be some grand hero but instead just going to be a decoy.”

“Even still, if Cortez DID do this to us, he did it to install hope into everyone.” Samurai Bob said, clenching his fist.

“...You have GOT to be kidding me.” The Wraith said in disbelief. “You are actually okay with becoming somebody’s opening act just to make a few people content?”

Samurai Bob paused for a moment. “One of the survivors of my home is a teenaged girl who had witnessed her friends die left and right. But I could make the atmosphere one where she could smile just like she did in Simsville, I could do so. She along with a few other people are counting on me to protect them and that is what I am going to do.”

Everyone looked in Samurai Bob with mixed reactions. Most of them were of course awe.

“Again, I don’t believe that Admiral Cortez would do something like that but if that is the case, I will accept my role of a decoy.” Samurai Bob said before looking to the side. “I… I guess want my friends to be able to live in peace…”

“Samurai Bob…” Tetsuo said, softly.

“Are you… Going to be this world’s Captain Superpop?”

“Tetsuo, you don’t know much how we are counting on you and the rest of the A.S.H.”

Tetsuo then narrowed his eyes.

“Yeah, that’s right! They are worried people everywhere!” Tetsuo piped up. “If we just quit, it would cause a lot of unneeded panic in the world!”

He then looked at the others.

“And besides, when I went to City Hall to help out with the fight, did I do it to be a part of the A.S.H.?” He asked. “NO! I did it to protect Trigleph! Did the rest of you fought just to be in the A.S.H.?”

“No, I did it to help!” Pascal said, clenching her fists.

“Breloom loom!” Panmusu agreed with narrowed eyes.

Marina crossed her arms. “I must admit, I didn’t wanted to live in a city that was run by someone who had power over the dark beings.”

The Wraith paused before sighing. “...And even I admit that I probably didn’t care less as long as I have some fun.”

Tetsuo actually ignored the Wraith’s comment. “Exactly! And instead of wasting our time here, we should be going after that creep and Mel!”

“Right. Mel saved my life and it is only fair that I should return the favor.” Samurai Bob said, narrowing his eyes.

“Wait though.” Marina said, holding up a hand. “I wouldn’t mind trying again but do we even KNOW where our enemy is headed.”

Samurai Bob paused in realization before putting his hand on his chin. “He said that he is going to kill Mel but Mel said herself that the armor that she is wearing could only taken off willingly by her.”

“So in other words, Barbatos is trying to find a way to do so.” Marina agreed.

Everyone then paused in thought for a moment, trying to find an answer to their riddle. Assuming Barbatos had average intelligence, how could he kill Mel knowing perfectly well that not even he could get passed her armor.

Suddenly, Pascal raised his head with a look of shock on her face.

“Uh-oh…” Pascal said in horror.

Everyone looked in her in confusion.

“What’s wrong? Do you think you found a weakness in Mel’s armor?” Pascal asked.

“Yeah and we may not have that much time!” The technician said before rushing off. “Come on! Hurry!”

Despite confused, everyone else nodded before following Pascal outside of the shop. Whenever Pascal was leading them, they could only hope that they were leading them to Barbatos and Mel. This time, they WILL save her.


It didn’t took long for the All-Star Heroes to find Barbatos. Or rather, it didn’t took them long to find his trail. There was a trail of destroyed cars and smashed walls making a filthy path. The others looked around as they continued to follow the strange set of bedcrumbs.

As they ran, Tetsuo looked around at all of the damage with his anger boiling up with each passing second. This man had shown no restraint and literally destroys anything that was in his way. He didn’t care how much he outmuscle him, he wasn’t going to let him get away with this.

Soon, the gang had made it to see a large crowd surrounding a particular building. Upon further inspection, they noticed that the entrance to said building was torn down as someone crashed into it. It was safe to say who was the culprit but they needed to be sure.

“Pardon us but could you let us through?” Samurai Bob asked.

The crowd quickly saw that it was the All-Star Heroes. Almost immediately, their eyes brightened up when they saw this.

“Oh, the A.S.H.! Thank goodness you are here!” One man said in relief. “Some blue-haired brute carried a Medieval knight on his shoulder and crashed into the gym!”

“That seems like the beginning of a joke…” The Wraith said, flatly.

“Don’t worry, we are here now!” Samurai Bob reassured.

“Yeah, just stay out of harm’s way!” Tetsuo nodded.

The crowd nodded before it made a path for the A.S.H. The team then wasted no time rushing up the stairs and making their way into the gym. There, they saw that the hallway was just as messed up making too easy to guess which way did he went.

“Is NOTHING sacred to that brute?” Tetsuo growled.

“Come on!” Samurai Bob urged.

The A.S.H. then made their way, following the trail of destruction. All Tetsuo could hope were that they were not too late to save Mel. Especially since she ended up saving THEIR lives and got taken because of it.

Suddenly, Pascal’s eyes lit up before pointing to a broken down door. “THERE! They’re in that room!”

“You sure?” Samurai Bob asked.

Pascal nodded her head. “Positive, boss! Come on!”

The others nodded before making their way through the doorway Pascal pointed at. They immediately got into their stances when they indeed saw Barbatos and Mel.

The axe-wielder in question had Mel by her neck with her struggling in vain to escape his grasp. However, what they noticed was that they was inside of an indoor swimming pool. Barbatos turned his head in surprise.

“Guys!” Mel said with hope brimming through her muffled voice.

Everyone quickly realized what Pascal was talking about. Barbatos had taken Mel to the pool to drop her in the deep end. Even if Mel was mostly invulnerable, she still needs to breathe so she could drown.

Marina immediately aimed her pistol at Barbatos. “It seems that you are smarter than you look…”

“And unfortunately, since you had actually decided to go against me again, I can’t say that  feel the same way.” Barbatos said, darkly.

“Who are you? And why are you doing this!?” Tetsuo said, narrowing his eyes.

“I am Barbatos Goetia.” Barbatos scoffed. “And I am doing this because this woman annoyed me, she attacked me while cowering inside of this armor instead of using her own power and for that, I have to kill her.”

“Cowering inside of the armor instead of using her own power?” Samurai Bob asked. “Is THAT why you are destroying item and weapon stores?”

“Exactly! True fighters doesn’t uses stuff like healing items instead of their natural combat ability!” Barbatos said, narrowing his eyes. “These things are a menace to warriors to me so I take it upon myself to destroy them!”

Tetsuo narrowed his eyes. “And who the hell gives you the right to act like item shops shouldn’t exist!? You say that items are cheap but a lot of people who put in a lot of hard work keeping shop and you had crushed all of said hard work in just a few minutes?”

Barbatos scoffed. “Spare me. Save it for someone who cares. Going out of your way to protect something that nobody should care about. I am going to destroy every single item shop I see! The only reason I haven’t destroyed the last one is because I wanted to teach this woman a lesson!”

He then smirked.

“Now that you are here, I want to show you on how useless EVERYONE’S attempts are.”

With that, he threw down the armored Mel into the pool like a rag doll. Everyone looked shocked as the poor woman fell into the water like a stone.

“MEL!” Tetsuo yelled before rushing over to the pool.

Barbatos smirked as he got ready to slash Tetsuo in half while he was distracted.

However, Marina had other plans as she shot a bullet into Barbatos’ shoulder causing him to cry out in pain, giving Tetsuo enough time to dive straight into the pool to save Mel.

With Barbatos’ prisoner in the care of Tetsuo, everyone felt like that they had no reason to hold back. Especially after that disgrace of a defeat they had earlier. Marina was the first to take advantage of this while locking her pistol and firing.

One bullet to Barbatos’ other shoulder, followed by one to his leg and his other leg followed by a bullet to his arm and his other arm. Samurai Bob, Pascal and Panmusu all stared with wide eyes as Barbatos collapsed on his knees in pain.

“Goodness, Marina…” Samurai Bob said in pure horror.

“What?” The sniper said, casually. “I didn’t went for a headshot just like you instructed.

The Wraith on the other hand smirked. “Ooh, I am loving this woman!”

Despite having several bullets inside of his body, Barbatos merely growled before slamming his axe down on the ground, creating a tremor that took the A.S.H. by surprise and knocked them to the ground.

However, Marina quickly recovered and while still on the ground, she fired a bullet at Barbatos. However, the dark-skinned man quickly blocked it with his axe. Getting up to his feet as if he wasn’t shot at all, he rushed towards the group.

Pascal yelped before poking her shotstaff into the ground and yelling at the top of her lungs.

“Death Sentence!”

Suddenly, a large geyser had appeared in front of the charging Barbatos and struck him causing him to stagger back.

“Attack! Don’t give him a chance to even breathe!” Samurai Bob instructed.

With his command, he, Pascal, the Wraith and Panmusu had all rushed over to the stunned Barbatos. Samurai Bob tackled Barbatos by the legs, knocking the axe-wielder to the ground. The Wraith placed himself onto Barbatos’ chest to pin him to the ground. Pascal took it brought herself to try to stop Barbatos’ weapon’s hand. Finally, Panmusu pounced onto Barbatos and started to pummel his face in.

Marina looked on while aiming her pistol, just in case of the worst. However, things DO turned out for the worst as Barbatos had aggressively got up while throwing everyone else in random directions with the Wraith crashing into Marina, knocking her down.

Samurai Bob weakly got up after being flung into a wall. “Is there anyone who could beat this man?”

Meanwhile, Tetsuo had emerged from the water while carrying Mel in one hand. Acting quickly, he climbed himself and Mel out of the pool.

“Mel, are you okay?” Tetsuo asked, concerned while panting.

The young woman slowly sat up before removing her helmet to reveal a pale and terrified face.

“O-Oh, thank you…” She said in relief. “When I found out that brute was taking me to the pool, I saw my life flash before my eyes!”

“It is alright…” Tetsuo reassured. “All that matters is that you are safe.”


Tetsuo and Mel’s eyes widened before turning their heads. Barbatos had kicked the Wraith in the stomach, knocking him away. The rest of the A.S.H. were all down, struggling to stay conscious.

“Ha! Not like I expected anything else but this is exactly what happened the last time I had faced you!” Barbatos taunted, readying his axe.. “All you are doing is wasting your lives and more importantly, your lives!”

Tetsuo’s pupils shrank as Mel gasped putting her hands to her mouth. Tetsuo frantically looked around knowing that he may not reach his allies in time.

Then, his eyes had caught sight on a poolside chair. He stared at it for a moment before narrowing his eyes. Wasting no time, he rushed over to the chair and grabbed it, easily lifting it over his head. He then threw it across the pool where it crashed into Barbatos’ back. While all it did was make Barbatos stagger forward, it gave Tetsuo the opening he needed.

“Mel, stay out of harm’s way!” Tetsuo said, rushing around the pool to face Barbatos.

“R-Right.” Mel said before putting up her helmet in case she needed it. “Please! Be careful!”

Tetsuo nodded as Barbatos turned around to glare at the guilty party.

“You!” Barbatos growled before rushing towards Tetsuo in a blind rage while swinging his axe in a horizontal fashion. Tetsuo jumped over the attack and kicked Barbatos hard in the face. As Barbatos staggered back, Tetsuo landed on his feet and did an uppercut into his enemy stomach.

Despite having the wind knocked out of him, Barbatos still managed to raised his axe to block Tetsuo’s next punch. Tetsuo tried to make up for his mistake with a kick. However, Barbatos grabbed the leg before it could reach him and swung him right into a wall hard. Tetsuo groaned as he sat against the wall, holding his head.

His eyes then widened when he saw Barbatos charging at him before swinging his axe downwards. Acting quickly, he rolled to the side to avoid the attack and wrapped his arms around him from behind and did a hard reverse bearhug on him. Barbatos winced as Tetsuo tightened his grip, desperate not to let the axe-wielder escape.

Then, Barbatos pushed backwards off of the ground with his feet. Tetsuo wasn’t expecting the sudden shift in momentum and found himself falling on his back with the weight of Barbatos knocking the wind out of him.

Barbatos then sat up and turned around before pulling his axe back to swing it down on Tetsuo. However, the bearded man snapped out of his daze in time to see the weapon. His eyes bugged out before he launched his palms into Barbatos’ chest as quickly as he could, sending his enemy flying backwards and skidding on his back.

The two strongmen got back up to their feet while glaring into each other’s eyes. Then, Barbatos had let out a loud yell before charging at Tetsuo shoulder-first. The brown-haired man merely narrowed his eyes before raising his arms to catch the attack.

While his action was a success, he still found himself skidding on his feet with Barbatos barely losing any speed. Despite this, Tetsuo gritted his teeth and stood his ground. Soon, Barbatos actually slowed down. Finally, Tetsuo picked Barbatos and held his over his head before slamming his down on the ground. Tetsuo then let himself fall to the ground while slamming his elbow into Barbatos’ back hard.

As the two fought, everyone else looked on from the sidelines. Panmusu couldn’t stand watching Tetsuo fight alone so he tried to get up while holding his arm. However, he quickly fell back down.

“Panmusu, no! You are too injured to fight!” Samurai Bob scolded.

“But we can’t just leave Tetsuo all by himself!” Pascal said before frantically looking around. “Marina, can’t you do something?”

The sniper shook her head. “I am too hurt to aim properly. If it is just Barbatos, this wouldn’t be THAT much of a handicap… But one wrong move…”

Pascal’s eyes widened before looking at Tetsuo in concern.

Tetsuo cried out in pain after being thrown in the wall hard. He groaned before looking up. He then gaped when he saw Barbatos rushing towards him. Acting quickly, he ducked underneath his axe. However, Barbatos made up for his mistake by grabbing Tetsuo by the neck.

He then started to engulf Tetsuo in dark energy. Tetsuo cried out in pain as he struggle in vain to escape Barbatos’ grasp. Soon, Barbatos stopped the attack before slamming Tetsuo into the ground before doing a couple of electrified stomps on his back before kicking him to the side, knocking him away.

Barbatos watched with a bored look as Tetsuo struggled to get back up to his feet.

“You are all nothing more than flies to be crushed by my axe!” Barbatos taunted.

“N-No… We would never fall to you… We are the All-Star Heroes and we don’t back down to ANYONE.” Tetsuo said, trying to get into a fighting stance.

Barbatos merely scoffed. “Well, that is your biggest and last mistake. And after you kill you people, then I WOULD be this world’s A.S.H.!”

Suddenly, the entire pool had went straight up by Barbatos’ loud claim. The only sign of noise of that the sounds of drips coming from Tetsuo and Mel after being in the pool.

Finally, Tetsuo slowly broke the silence. “W-What?”

“You heard me! When I killed you, this world will recognise me as its hero!” Barbatos grinned.

“I-I-I…” Samurai Bob said before narrowing his eyes. “I can’t believe you just said something so ridiculous!”

Barbatos raised an eyebrow. “Ridiculous?”

“Yes! Just because you had killed us, doesn’t mean this world would call YOU an All-Star Hero!” Samurai Bob scolded.

“Excuse me? Aren’t the All-Star Heroes supposed to protect THE ENTIRE WORLD?” Barbatos challenged.

Pascal blinked twice. “Y-Yeah… But…”

“Exactly! If I killed you guys, that would prove that I am a great hero!” Barbatos grinned before pumping his axe in the air. “Heroes do grand things and what is more grander than killing this world’s protectors would get inputted into history!”

Tetsuo’s pupils shrank when he heard this. So far, he had destroyed several buildings, vandalized stuff and was currently attempting to kill them. And yet, he thinks if he gets his way, he would be seen as a HERO?

While standing in shock, a voice echoed inside of his side which sent chills down his spine.

”I am a great man! Hahahahahaha!”

Then, Tetsuo slowly narrowed his eyes as he started to breathe in and out heavily. He could only feel like his entire vision was turning red but he didn’t cared.

“How deluded are you!?” Tetsuo roared, getting Barbatos’ attention. “Heroes don’t destroyed property and hurt people! Heroes help those in need and protect the things they hold precious!”

Barbatos then let out a mirthless laugh. “Please! Power is everything! And even if your ridicuously ideal logic is true, I am STILL a better hero than you because at least I have the strength to protect anyone period!”

That was the last straw for Tetsuo. Letting out a loud roar, he ran towards Barbatos in a blind rage as the rest of the A.S.H. and Mel looked in horror. Barbatos merely smirked before raising his axe.

“Tetsuo, NO!” Samurai Bob yelled.

But it was too late. By the time Barbatos swung his axe down, it was too late for Tetsuo to get out of the way.


The A.S.H. and Mel all stared in shock as Tetsuo cried out in agony from Barbatos’ attacks. Red drops of blood quickly fell to the ground as Tetsuo gritted his teeth, trying his best to fight tears of pain.

Even Barbatos stood absolutely stunned by what he was seeing before.

Tetsuo had actually caught Barbatos’ axe with his HAND. He had actually managed to stop the bladed attack without his hand being cut off.

“H-How is that even possible!?” Barbatos asked, not believing that his attack were stopped in such a way.

Tetsuo pulled his fist back. “You are NO hero.”

With that, he launched his fist into Barbatos’ chin as hard as he could, sending the blue-haired man flying up into the air before landing hard on the ground where he skidded a few feet before coming to a stop. Everyone looked on, still looking in awe. After a few moments had passed, they noticed that Barbatos was not moving. He was out cold.

Tetsuo glared down at the unconscious man in pure hatred. He then held his hand in an attempt to stop the bleeding.

Finally, the Wraith broke out of his daze before slowly getting up. “Tetsuo…”

The strongman looked at his fellow giant. “Yes?”

“Stay right there.” The Wraith instructed.

While confused, Tetsuo didn’t say anything as the Wraith made his way over to the unconscious Barbatos. He then fished into his pocket and pulled out a few items.

“Um, what are you going to do?” Tetsuo asked.

“I am going to use a spell so that Sleeping Beauty here would be trapped him until we find a way to take him to prison.” The Wraith explained as he used chalk to draw a circle around Barbatos’ large frame. “For some reason, I strongly doubt that handcuffs would work.”

Tetsuo paused. “So what do you need ME for? I don’t know the first thing about magic.”

“Don’t worry, you will find out soon enough.” The Wraith reassured with a smirk. “All I ask is that you don’t let all of the blood from your hand pour out.”

Everyone watched as the Wraith continued to draw a circle around Barbatos. Then, Tetsuo heard metallic footsteps from behind him. Turning his head, he saw Mel walking over with her helmet off.

“T-Tetsuo…” Mel said.

“Mel, I am sorry that we couldn’t do anything about the roof and the window.” Tetsuo apologized. “I am also sorry that you had to get captured.”

“N-No… It’s fine.” Mel reassured. “J-Just thank you.”

Despite his injury, Tetsuo smiled. “It’s fine, Mel.”


Cortez gaped in shock as he watched the All-Star Heroes, save for Tetsuo, completely covered with bruises with their hair messed up and their clothes torn. While this wasn’t a surprise to see one of his teams injured when he was talking to through holographic channels, that still didn’t made him any less concerned.

“Oh my goodness! What happened to you guys?” Cortez gasped.

“Well, remember when you said that we will face foes even more dangerous than Morcubus?” Samurai Bob asked, sheepishly. “It is safe to say that you weren’t exaggerating.”

Cortez paused. He then noticed that they were one short. “Um, where’s Tetsuo?”

“In the hospital.” Samurai Bob explained.

Cortez’s red eyes widened. “You mean the vandal was more stronger than we thought!?”

“Definitely. Not only did he possessed great physical strength but he had special powers and little remorse for whatever or whoever gets in his way.” Marina explained.

Cortez’s face fell. “Ah, I see… So what happened to him?”

Samurai Bob then smiled. “Don’t worry, the vandal, Barbatos Goetia is currently being transported to prison.”

Cortez’s eyes bugged out at this. “Barbatos Goetia!? You not only came up against Barbatos Goetia but apprehended him!?”

The A.S.H. looked surprised by this.

“Y-Yes… You heard of him before?” Samurai Bob asked.

“Yes, he is the self-proclaimed Killer of Heroes.” Cortez explained. “He had killed countless people, a lot of them being vigilantes. He had been a threat to whatever planet he was visiting at the time!”

“Oh my…” Samurai Bob said before narrowing his eyes. “Well, don’t worry. His days of killing heroes.

Cortez gave a relieved smile. “Well, that is pleased to hear. Though I have to ask. How were you able to hold them?”

“Wraith!” Pascal said, brightly as the zombie-like man in question rubbed his knuckle against his chest.

“Oh, really?” Cortez asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes. While we were stationed at the Power Stone Shop, I purchased from items from Mel.” The Wraith explained, proudly. “They were ingredients for a black magic spell that holds whoever’s traps in it in place no matter how strong they are.”

“Yeah, you should had seen Barbatos’ reaction when he saw what was binding him down!” Pascal grinned. “It was priceless!”

“However, it has its drawbacks. Said spells needs blood for them to work…” Samurai Bob said. “And if you want the spell to work efficiently, you need a lot of blood.”

The Wraith then grinned. “Don’t worry. Thanks to Tetsuo, getting a lot of blood was that hard.”

The others glared at the Wraith.

“Even if that is true, you didn’t had to say it while grinning.” Samurai Bob scolded.

“Speaking of Tetsuo, was his injuries that bad?” Cortez asked.

“Well, actually, it is just AN injury but it still warrants medical attention right away.” Samurai Bob said.

The Wraith raised an eyebrow. “Did it? Tetsuo was in pain for sure but he seemed fine otherwise.”

Samurai Bob narrowed his eyes. “I am NOT going to sit back and let somebody bleed, especially after they stopped Barbatos for us!”

“Well, anyway, I would like to apologize.” Cortez frowned. “Evil never sleeps but I would had never imagine that you would come across a dangerous threat so soon.”

Samurai Bob shook his head before giving a salute. “It is fine, sir. I knew what I was getting myself into when I joined this team. We all did. And even then, I want to stick to this team as long as there is evil.”

The others nodded their heads, though the Wraith rolled his eyes at Samurai Bob’s speech. Cortez gave a small smile.

“I am so glad to hear it.” Cortez said. “You know, I knew that you six have potential but I would had never realized that you would impress me this early.”

Samurai Bob scratched the back of his head while blushing, Pascal, Panmusu and the Wraith all grinned while Marina nodded her head.

“Anyway, send Tetsuo my regards.” Cortez smiled. “Rest up and keep up the good work, team. Cortez out.”

With that, the hologram had faded, leaving the team to talk with each other.

“I can’t believe it! We completed our first mission and it was taking down a powerful threat!” Pascal grinned.

“...Did we?” Marina asked.

Pascal’s grin vanished as she looked at Marina. “Huh? What do you mean?”

“When you really think about it, it was really Tetsuo who had defeated Barbatos. Not us as a team.” The dark-haired woman pointed out. “And even then, it was mainly because he was so stunned by Tetsuo catching his axe with his bare hand to defeat us.”

“Agreed. In the end, it was mere luck that the reason why we are here today.” The Wraith said.

Panmusu winced before looking down at the ground in sadness.

“T-That’s…” Pascal frowned.

“...Exactly why we have to improve ourselves!”

Everyone looked at Samurai Bob, who had a stern look on his face.

“Look, one may argue that our win was a fluke and maybe it was but we survived, didn’t we?” Samurai Bob asked. “I mean we are a bunch of ragtag people brought together with little to no time to interact and know each other! That gotta count for something.”

Marina paused before putting her hand on her chin in thought. “That’s not something to be proud of but I can’t argue with that logic. Especially since Barbatos had killed various vigilantes in the past.”

“Exactly! If we were able to defeat Morcubus AND Barbatos when we had little chemistry with each other, just think what we would do after a good amount of training in!” Samurai Bob grinned.

Panmusu’s eyes lit up and he hastily nodded his head.

Samurai Bob then looked at the Wraith. “...And fluke or not, we DID played a major part in taking down Barbatos. Seeing us as a mere decoy team would be disrespect of the highest level.”

The Wraith scratched the back of his head with an exasperated glare on his face. “Ugh, fine, I’ll admit it. Even if I still think we are just an opening act, we may be on our way to becoming the main event after today.”

“Exactly!” Samurai Bob nodded.

Pascal grinned before rushing over to Samurai Bob and wrapping her arms around him, startling him.

“Oh, Samurai Bob! I knew that you would be an awesome leader!” She smiled.

The green-clad man chuckled nervously. “Pascal, please. You give me FAR too much credit.”

”Besides, if it wasn’t for HIS words, I would be sulking along with the rest of you.”


“Come on, try it!”


“But you are hurt!”

“Hurt, not ill.”

“But you lost a lot of blood. You could be affected!”

“Are you for real?”

Tetsuo (now with a bandaged hand) looked in exasperation as he sat in a hospital, talking to a nurse. She was a young woman who actually looked like he was in her late teens with short blonde hair and a black eyepatch had had a winking eye on it.

YAKKO-CHAN/Pop’n Music/Konami/Nurse/Expert On Medicine/Super-Happy

“Aw, come on!” Yakko-chan whined. “Don’t be so stubborn.”

“You are the one being stubborn here…” Tetsuo said, flatly.

“Tetsuo, you had caught an axe with your HAND.” Yakko-chan reminded. “You mean to tell me that you don’t need medical attention?”

“No, it is not that.” The muscular man said. “It’s just…”

He then eyed the items that were inside of Yakko-chan’s hands. They were a giant pill and tablet.

“...I don’t see how pills will help me.” Tetsuo said, flatly.

“Of course, they will! They would give you energy!” Yakko-chan scolded.

“I don’t NEED any energy right now…” Tetsuo said, calmly while trying not to seem annoyed.

“But… But…” Yakko-chan sputtered.

“Yakko-chan, I appreciate the concern but I don’t need the… Additional help.” Tetsuo reassured.

“But Tetsuo…”

“Honestly, Yakko-chan, are you pestering our patients AGAIN?”

Yakko-chan’s uncovered eye yelped as she and Tetsuo turned to the direction of the voice. They then saw another nurse. However, she was much older and her skin seemed a bit pale. She had long brown hair in a ponytail with her bangs covered her left eye.

SAN PAOLO YOKO/Pop’n Music/Konami/Nurse/Like To Go To Clubs In Her Way Time/Sexy And She Knows It

“Yoko!” Yakko-chan gasped before narrowing her eyes. “What a mean thing to say? Tetsuo isn’t just any other patient, he is our friend.”

“Even still, he doesn’t need TWO nurses looking after him.” Yoko said with half-open eyes. “Especially since they are other patients that need more medical attention than him.”

“Y-Yeah… But…” Yakko-chan frowned.

“Darling, do you want the head doctor to find out that you are not doing your regular rounds AGAIN?” Yoko asked.

Yakko-chan’s uncovered eye widened at this. “W-What? No! He scares me! I am going! I promise!”

With that, she rushed past Yoko and out of the room. Yoko smirked triumphantly before looking at Tetsuo.

“Sorry about her, darling. You know what she is like.” She said.

Tetsuo gave a small chuckle. “Y-Yeah, I know from too well.”

She then let out a deep sigh. “You know, Tetsuo. While she is overreacting, her concern is more than warranted.”

Tetsuo’s face fell before looking down.

Yoko continued on while narrowing her eyes. “Honestly, Tetsuo, what were you thinking when you caught that axe with your BARE HAND? I know that you are strong but from what I heard, so what that Barbatos creep?”

“Oh, he was…” Tetsuo muttered while gritting his teeth in anger at the memory of Barbatos.

“Then why did you do it?” Yoko asked. “It is amazing that you haven’t lost a hand!”

Tetsuo looked down at his bandaged hand. “I… I’m sorry. I lost my cool with that Barbatos and before I know it, I had to catch his axe so that I wouldn’t get killed.”

Yoko shook her head. “Tetsuo, darling, we had lost so many friends. Do you really think the people here would want to know that feeling all over again?”

Tetsuo slowly looked up. “Listen, I know that I was reckless but I can’t help it. That man. Barbatos. He reminded me of HIM.”

Yoko’s eyes widened when she heard this as Tetsuo continued.

“I just can’t do it. I just can’t let someone who tries to justifies their actions of hurting people get away like that.” Tetsuo said. “Especially since there are a lot of people counting on me. Rita even asked if the Elympios branch were going to be this world’s Captain Superpop.”

Yoko’s face fell as she weakly nodded her head. “Tetsuo…”

The tan-skinned man looked up. “That is why I have to risk my life. To protect this world. You can’t protect the things you love then having power of any kind is worthless.”

Yoko paused for a moment. She then sighed. “Fine, Tetsuo. Just promise me one thing.”

Tetsuo raised an eyebrow. “And that is.”

Yoko looked up with a stern glare.

“Don’t get yourself killed. No matter how exactly you killed, you would make a lot of people upset.” She said.

Tetsuo looked down in thought. He then raised his head and nodded his head. “Don’t worry. I promise not to get myself killed. I have far too much to do anyway.”

Yoko nodded her head before stepping over. “Anyway, could I check over your hand? I know your injury is not as severe as I initially thought but it is better to be safe than sorry.”

She then gave a smile.

“After all, it would be impossible to protect everyone with one hand, right?”

Tetsuo gave a small smile. “Sure, go ahead..."
Because they were newly-formed, the team didn’t had their own vehicles so they had no choice but to run over to their destination. Thankfully for them, said destination wasn’t that far away.

Soon, they had made it over to their destination: Power Stone Shop. The team panted heavily while looking up at the building. For an item shop, it was quite large. Then again, Marina did said that it had a large array of weapons inside.

“Well, we are here.” Samurai Bob said.

“And it is in one place so that means we had beaten the culprit here.” The Wraith added.

“Well, what are we waiting for?” Tetsuo asked. “Let’s go in and warn the owner!”

Everyone nodded their heads before made their way inside of the building. There, they took a chance to look around. At first, the large spread of weapons seemed reasonable as they were old-fashioned weapons like swords, spears and bows and modern weapons like guns and bombs.

However, they noticed quite a few oddball items like skateboards, tennis rackets, loudspeakers and even a few instruments. Most of the team was no stranger to seeing fighting with strange weapons but still, all of them can’t help but look in awe.

“Oh! The A.S.H. is here! Quite the honor!”

The team turned their heads to see a young woman with freckles and red hair tied in a ponytail. Her attire was simply with a white dress shirt underneath a bright green dress that has dollar signs on it along with a pink apron that has different coins all over it.

“My name is Mel and welcome to the Power Stone Shop!” She said, bowing her head with her hands together.

MEL/Power Stone 2/Capcom/Owner Of Item Shop/Skilled With Creating Weapons

“Ah, yes, thank you for that.” Samurai Bob said with a smile.

“So what could I do for you today?” Mel asked, brightly.

Samurai Bob scratched the back of his head. “Um, well, the thing is… The reason we are here is...”

“A burly guy with an axe is going to come over and attempt to destroy your shop and everything you worked for.” The Wraith said, flatly.

Mel’s smile vanished. “WHAT!?”

“Wraith!” Samurai Bob scolded.

“What? You was trying to say so anyway.” The hooded man said with a shrug.

Mel stepped back a few steps while shaking her head with her face paling. Most of the team looked in concern.

“M-Miss Mel?” Samurai Bob asked.

“I-It’s HIM, isn’t it?” The redhead said.

Tetsuo’s eyes widened at this. “Wait? You KNOW who is attacking item shops everyone?”

“No.” Mel said before rushing past the team and making his way to the window while looking out frantically as if the attacker was right outside.

“But I know enough that he is becoming the bane of item and weapon shops!” She frowned while turning around. “Because of the attacks, most of my staff had quit on me out of fear!”

“So basically you have to run this place by yourself? Ouch.” Pascal winced.

“Oh, don’t worry, I could handle it.” Mel reassured before sighing. “I mean it is not like I got that much customers these days anyway.”

“They are scared…” Samurai Bob frowned.

“As they should be.” Mel said. “I mean one man absolutely destroying an entire shop with nothing but an axe? I am half-tempted to close down my shop for a while.”

Tetsuo narrowed his eyes. “Well, you don’t have to worry because we are here to protect you AND your shop.”

“Yes, that is our job.” Samurai Bob said, crossing his arms.

Mel gave a weak smile. “Oh, thank you, A.S.H. I feel much better that I got the world’s protectors looking after our shop.”

Everyone nodded their heads.

“So leader, we are here. What is our first course of action?” Pascal asked.

“Huh? Oh, um…” Samurai Bob said before pausing. “Well, Miss Mel, you have access to the roof?”

“Um, yes, I do.” The shopkeeper nodded.

“Good. Then, Pascal and Marina, camp out there and keep your eye out for any suspicious figures coming over.” Samurai Bob instructed.

“Yes, sir.” The two women said in unison, despite clearly having different tones in their responses.

“As for the rest of us, we will stay on the ground floor to confront said suspicious figures.” Samurai Bob nodded.

“I don’t have a qualm with that idea.” The Wraith said before eyeing the weapons. “Besides, there is a few things I wanted to check out.”

Panmusu rolled his eyes before looking at Samurai Bob and nodding his head. The samurai gave a small smile.

“Alright, we all have our tasks. Let’s go.” Samurai Bob instructed as everyone nodded.

“Mel, if you please.” Marina said.

“Oh, of course.” The redhead instructed. “This way, ladies.”

With that, she beckoned Marina and Pascal to follow her. The three women then went up the stairs with the men watching them leave.

“Well, so far, so good. No suspicious figures is going to get the jump on this place.” Samurai Bob said, putting his hands on his hips.

Panmusu happily nodded his head. He, Samurai Bob and the Wraith had all made their way around the shop. Tetsuo paused for a moment before walking over deciding to make the best of his situation.


A long time had passed ever since the team had stationed itself at the Power Stone Shop. The A.S.H. had stayed alert while keeping their eyes out for another suspicious. A few people had actually gone inside but they seemed clean and after getting the items or information they got, they exited without a fuss.

A few hours had passed and the team was started to get reckless. Was the attacker coming at all? Were they even stationed at the right shop? Despite this, they knew that they can’t leave. Especially after seeing how worried Mel was. They had to be ready for the attacker, whoever he was.

Samurai Bob and Tetsuo both stared at the window while watching several people make their way pass. Still, no sign of anyone suspicious.

“I feel like a rat waiting for a cat to come along.” Samurai Bob frowned before taking a sip from a thermos.

“Yeah, let’s show that we can bite back.” Tetsuo said, narrowing his eyes.

Samurai Bob sighed before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a thermos and unscrewing the cap to pour himself a drink. Tetsuo raised an eyebrow when he noticed said drink was clear.

“Say, what’s that you have there?” Tetsuo asked.

“Tonic. My own special recipe, in fact.” Samurai Bob explained. “I drink it whenever things gets hairy and I need to calm down.”

“What? So it is some kind of stress relief?” Tetsuo asked.

“Yes, right now, I am more than a little nervous.” Samurai Bob admitted. “I mean we may be facing off a destructive axe-wielder with superhuman strength. I wonder if we would be able to subdue him.”

Tetsuo’s eyes bugged out before putting his finger to his mouth. “Shh!”

Samurai Bob jumped before Tetsuo pointed to the side. Samurai Bob looked behind him to see Mel talking with the Wraith about something with Panmusu looking on.

“Do you want Mel to hear that?” Tetsuo scolded. “You saw how quickly the colour from her face drained upon hearing that her shop may be next!”

Samurai Bob winced before looking down. “S-Sorry…”

“We are the All-Star Heroes now aka the world’s protectors!” Tetsuo continued. “As such, we must be confident. If people see that the All-Star Heroes are just as scared as they are, they would have no hope!”

Samurai Bob’s face fell when he remembered how depressed Renee was after the Simsville Massacre. If she heard him talking while this, she may lose all hope she had gained after seeing Samurai Bob being given the job.

“Come on, man, a leader shouldn’t act like this! He should be mentally hoisting his teammates on his shoulder to show how much he could depend on him!” Tetsuo scolded. “No, a true leader must never let his team show hesitation!”

Samurai Bob paused before looking out the window sadly. “Wow, it seems that I have more to learn about being a leader than I thought...”

“Yes, you do…” Tetsuo said, narrowing his eyes.

Samurai Bob merely sighed as he continued to look out the window. Tetsuo’s face fell when he realized that he may had been a bit rough on his new leader, even if he WAS right. He let out a deep sigh.

“Listen, pal, I…” Tetsuo started.

“Hey, wait a minute!” Samurai Bob shouted, suddenly.

“Huh? What’s wrong?” Tetsuo asked.

“Look outside.” Samurai Bob said, pointing a figure.

Tetsuo quickly obliged and looked out the window. There, he noticed someone was making their way towards the shop. However, he was burly-looking with a brown cloak over him, thus covering his entire body.

Tetsuo narrowed his eyes. “Well… THAT’S not suspicious.”

Samurai Bob nodded his head. “Yes, but let’s not jump the gun just yet. Let’s just confront him.”

“Gotcha.” Tetsuo said before looking back at the others. “Yo, guys! We are going to check something real quick! Hopefully this should only take a few minutes!”

“If you say so.” The Wraith said as Panmusu nodded his head.

Samurai Bob and Tetsuo had both nodded their heads and made their way outside of the shop before making their way over to the man.

“Pardon us, sir but could you take off your hood for us, please?” Samurai Bob asked.

The cloaked figure paused. “And why should I?”

“We just want to see your face.” Tetsuo said, sternly. “Now quit making it harder for everyone here.”

“Oh and who exactly to command me what to do.” The cloaked figured challenged.

Tetsuo narrowed his eyes. “Buddy, I don’t know who you think you are but WE are the All-Star Heroes.”

The cloaked figure paused at this. “Oh, so you must be the ones who been selected to be Elympios’ new protectors. I guess I must had missed that news report.”

Suddenly, the man gave a toothy grin.

“Well, that makes things even better for me.”



Inside of the store, Mel gasped in horror while the Wraith and Panmusu looked shocked at what they were looking out the window. Several passerbys screamed in horror before running off in fear.

The cloaked figure stepped in pain as he shook his hand to ease the agony. However, while doing so, he revealed a large sharp-looking axe. Samurai Bob and Tetsuo looked shocked before narrowing their eyes.

“Nice shot, Marina!” Pascal cheered from the roof.

“No problem.” The sniper reassured while still aiming her sniper rifle.

Samurai Bob reached into his sheath and pulled out his katana and pointed it at the cloaked figure.

“Sir, you are under arrest for suspicion of destruction of various shops.” He said, sternly. “Drop your weapon now and get on the ground.”

The cloaked figure merely scoffed. “You think that just because your coward of a sniper got a cheap shot on me, I should surrender?”

With that, he used his free hand to take off his cloak to reveal his full appearance. He had dark skin with contrasting long light blue hair that went past his shoulders. He wore a dark purple long-sleeved shirt with matching gloves over with a white vest, blue pants and black boots.

BARBATOS GOETIA/Tales of Destiny 2/Namco/Killer Of Heroes/Insanely Powerful/HATES Items

While startled, Samurai Bob didn’t broke from his stance. “Sir, don’t be foolish. You are outnumbered six to one AND you have a bullet in your weapon hand. All you doing is making this harder for yourself.”

Barbatos merely smirked. “You really don’t know who I am, do ya?”

With that, he raised his axe with a mighty, earth-shattering yell.


With that, he swung his axe at Samurai Bob and Tetsuo. The two of them quickly jumped back to avoid the attack. However, they weren’t able to avoid falling on their rears because of a large tremor.

Marina acted quickly and aimed her sniper rifle at Barbatos’ shoulder and fired. However, the blue-haired man somehow saw this coming and quickly blocked with his axe, deflecting the bullet.

However, Tetsuo had decided to take advantage of Barbatos being distraction and rammed his shoulder right into Barbatos’ shoulder, tackling him to the ground and pinning his arms down with his hands.

“Alright, buddy! You just earned an one-way ticket to prison!” Tetsuo announced.

“Like hell I am going there!” Barbatos yelled. He then slammed his head into Tetsuo’s forehead. The attack not only stunned Tetsuo but sending him flying backwards and skidded back on the ground. Barbatos then got back to his feet.

Only for Marina to fire another shot straight into Barbatos’ shoulder. The axe-wielder cried out in pain before glaring up at the roof of the shop.

“You like projectiles so much? How much you like it now!?” Barbatos roared before pumping his axe in the air. “HELL HEAT!”

Suddenly, his axe had started to glow red as he floated up into the air. Then, he released a series of purple fireballs at the roof. Marina and Pascal’s eyes widened in shock before jumping back. They managed to avoid the attack but the fireballs hit the roof hard, resulting in a large fire.

“No!” Pascal yelled before rushing towards the fire and concentrating.“In the name of Smokey the bear, only I could prevent forest fires! MAELSTORM!”

With her strange incantation, she surrounded herself with a large whirlpool which spun away at the fire. While it did stop the flames from spreading, it didn’t little to stop it.

“Oh no! My magic may not be enough!” Pascal said before casting another spell. “Marina, find a fire extinguisher or something and help me kill those flames!”

“But how about the attacker?” Marina asked.

“Even if we stop him, this place will be destroyed anyway if we don’t get rid of this fire!” Pascal called out.

Marina gritted her teeth in frustration. “V-Very well.”

With that, she turned around and ran off back inside of the shop to find the nearest fire extinguisher. Even though Pascal was right about killing the flames, she was still concerned about Barbatos. His strength was beyond comprehension and to add insult to injury, he seemed quite blood-thirsty. All he could hope was that the rest of her team would be able to stop him.

Meanwhile, Barbatos swung his axe in a horizontal fashion. Samurai Bob yelped before quickly ducking underneath the attack. Acting quickly, he swung his katana at Barbatos. However, Barbatos quickly blocked the attack and quickly shoved the samurai away.

By this time, Panmusu had hopped out of the shop, followed by the Wraith. The former then charged up an energy ball in his hands and released it forward. Barbatos however, saw this coming and easily swatted it away with his free hand.

Panmusu just narrowed his eyes before zooming towards Barbatos at an alarming speed and doing a jumping uppercut to the blue-haired man’s stomach. He then swung around, sweeping Barbatos off of his feet with his tail. Panmusu smirked before jumping onto Barbatos’ chest and doing a series of punches to Barbatos’ face, not giving him a chance to react.

“Nice one, little guy!” Tetsuo grinned, clenching his fist.

Unfortunately, all this was doing was angering Barbatos. “Get off me, you little pest!”

With that, he swung his fist into Panmusu’s face. Everyone looked in shock as the Breloom was sent flying high into the air before falling to the ground like a rock.

“Panmusu!” Samurai Bob cried out.

“Don’t worry, little buddy! I gotcha!” Tetsuo yelled. With that, he leapt up into the air and grabbed Panmusu before he could hit the ground. While the Pokemon was saved from a nasty fall, he was knocked out instantly by Barbatos’ punch.

Suddenly, Barbatos rushed over shoulder-first into Tetsuo, sending him and Panmusu flying backwards until Tetsuo crashed back-first into a window making Mel cry out in horror.

“Tetsuo! Panmusu!” Samurai Bob gasped.

The Wraith narrowed his eyes. “Impressive strength. However, in the end, you are just a glorified meathead.”

With that, he rushed over to Barbatos. The axe-wielder quickly swung his weapon at the Wraith but the latter swerved his head back to avoid the blow. Then, a snake had shot out of his hood and bit Barbatos on the shoulder.

“Ack! Why you!” Barbatos growled before he felt his body going numb. “H-Huh? My body feels strange...”

“Heh. Whether they are for the law or against it, muscleheads are all the same.” The Wraith said, smugly while putting one fist on his hip.

However, his grin vanished when he found a large foot into his torso.

After being kicked by Barbatos, the Wraith flew straight into Samurai Bob, knocking the two to the ground. The two men groaned before slowly getting up, holding their heads.

“I-Impossible…” The Wraith said, weakly. “He was supposed to be stunned for at least a minute.”

“W-What IS that man?” Samurai Bob groaned.

“All those muscles and you hide behind your pitiful tricks!” Barbatos growled before got into a defensive stance with energy flowing around him making his hair and clothes waiver. “EVIL SPHERE!”

After letting out the loud shout, he engulfed Samurai Bob and the Wraith in a dim black sphere. Suddenly, purple balls of energy appeared in the sphere and struck the two men multiple times. They both screamed in pain before falling back on the ground. Samurai Bob was still conscious but the Wraith had passed out.

“You call yourself the All-Star Heroes? You are nothing more than a bunch of amateurs!” Barbatos taunted before stomping over. “I should kill you guys where you stand!”

“Get away from them!”

Barbatos’ eyes widened before looking up. He then saw Tetsuo stampeding towards him. Despite startled, the blue-haired man swung his axe at Tetsuo. However, the brown-haired man jumped to the side to avoid the blow and did a hard chop on Barbatos’ hand. Barbatos winced as he dropped his axe.

“Heh! Not so tough now without your axe!” Tetsuo taunted. With that, he pulled his fist back and sent it into Barbatos’ face as hard as he could.

Which would had happened if Barbatos didn’t easily got the fist and starting to squeeze it tightly making Tetsuo wince.

“Do you think I am helpless without my axe?” Barbatos retorted. “Worm! All it does is prolong the inevitable!?”

Barbatos then punched his free hand out but Tetsuo had caught the fist before it could hit him. The two then went into a power struggle with each other.

However, Tetsuo seemed to be losing as he found himself going onto one knee. He winced with wide eyes in pure horror at the outcome on the battle.

Then, while still keeping his grip on Tetsuo’s hands, Barbatos lifted the ex-construction worker up before slamming him on the ground hard.

“Die! Die!” Barbatos then stomped onto Tetsuo’s back as multiple times. A lightning bolt seemed to accompany each stomp. Tetsuo cried out in pain.

Mel looked on in horror at what was happening. The A.S.H. were being beaten by a bunch of sick dogs so easily by one man. It seemed like she was hoping for too much for her shop to be safe.

She sadly looked down at Panmusu who was still unconscious. How he was able to take a punch from that beast and survive was anyone’s guess. Even when they were clearly outmatched, they were still fighting to protect her.

Mel then looked over at the side. Suddenly, her eyes widened in realization. She was inside of a weapon store.

Meanwhile, Samurai Bob used his katana to get up onto his feet. Despite still feeling the pain from the spell, he rushed over to Barbatos who was still stomping on top of Barbatos.

“Get away from him!” Samurai Bob yelled before swinging his sword at Barbatos. However, the samurai’s shout had alerted Barbatos to the attack, giving him enough time to jump back and avoid the blade. Samurai Bob tried again with a vertical attack and managed to catch him in the chest.

Barbatos winced in pain before his hurt expression quickly turned into a furious one. He then grabbed Samurai Bob by the throat and lifted him off of his feet. Samurai Bob winced in pain before slashing the arm that had him. But while Barbatos winced, he just slapped the weapon out of Samurai Bob’s hand.

“Samurai Bob!” Tetsuo called out as he tried to get up to save Barbatos. However, he quickly cried out in pain falling onto his face.

As he laid on the ground, his eyes slowly widened. He was in pain. Not that he was immune to it but he wasn’t hurt enough that he would literally too hurt to move. What could this happened? He could literally block falling steel girders with his fist so how was this man easily outmuscle here, let alone by a long shot? Barbatos scoffed before kicking Tetsuo in the side, sending him sprawling him away.

“Tetsuo!” Samurai Bob said, weakly. However, Barbatos tightened his grip around his neck.

“Forget about this pathetic waste of space? It should be YOU should be concerned for!” Barbatos scolded.

Tetsuo watched on the ground as Barbatos knelt down and picked his axe. His eyes then widened in horror when he realized that Barbatos was going to kill his friend. Even though he only knew Samurai Bob for a short time, he seemed like a friendly and kind man.

Also, there was a part of him that Tetsuo could relate to after hearing that about his experience in the Simsville Massacre. And now, he was about to see a good man killed right in front of him. He struggled to get up to his feet but while it was a bit easier to get up, his pain was still catching up to him.

“Elympios was foolish to select your weaklings as its protectors.” Barbatos said, darkly before pulling his axe back. Samurai Bob winced, preparing for the worst.


All of a sudden, an explosion had collided with Barbatos causing him to fly backwards and drop Samurai Bob, leaving him rubbing his sore throat. Tetsuo looked in horror before turning his head towards the direction of where the explosion came from.

His eyes widened when he saw someone wearing completely clad in knight armour while wielding a bazooka.

Barbatos got back to his feet with a furious look on his face, looking around for the guilty party that had attacked him. It didn’t took him that long to find said person.


Suddenly, he dashed towards the person in the suit of armor at an alarming speed. While startled, the person merely aimed their bazooka at the person and fired a missile at Barbatos, hitting him dead on.

However, much to everyone’s horror, it didn’t little to stop him. Before anyone could react, he grabbed the armored person by its throat, making them dropping their bazooka.


He then slammed the person on the ground, creating a large tremor.


He then stomped on the person a couple of times.


With that, he swung his axe upwards with fire surrounding his weapon, striking the armoured person in the air. Samurai Bob and Tetsuo looked in horror as the person landed on top of the bazooka breaking it in half. There was nobody could survive an attack like that.

A smirk crept across Barbatos’ face as he looked as his look. He then started to laugh evilly at his success.

“That is what you using items in a fight!” Barbatos taunted as he continued laughing.

However, his laughter slowly stopped when he heard a noise. The sound of groans. His eyes bugged out before looking down to see the armored person slowly sitting up.

“How… How is that possible?” Barbatos asked, taken emotionally off-guard for once.

“It’s… My armor.” The armored person said, slowly.

“What? Your armor?” Barbatos questioned.

“Yes, it is specifically built to withstand any attack. Including YOURS.” The armored person explained. “And the only person who could forcibly remove it is the user!”

Barbatos’ pupils shrank before he gritted his teeth in anger. “Come out of the hunk of junk and take your death like a man!”

“I don’t think so! I refuse to just sit back and let you destroy everything that I worked for!” The armored person scolded.

Samurai Bob and Tetsuo both looked surprised by this.


All Barbatos did was narrow his eyes. “Ah, I see. Only someone who sells such cowardly tactics would use them.”

Suddenly, he grabbed Mel and hoisted her over his shoulder before stomping off.

“H-Hey! Where are you taking me!?” Mel demanded.

“To find a way around your armor so I could kill you.” Barbatos explained. “Be grateful that you pissed me off enough to actually ignore your shop and these pathetic beings for All-Star Heroes.”

“Mel!” Tetsuo yelled before getting up his feet. However, he found himself collapsing on his knee, still feeling the pain.

“Guys! I have healing potions inside my shop! Take as much as you need to heal!” The shopkeeper called out. “Just please! Save me!”

Samurai Bob and Tetsuo looked in horror as they watched Barbatos stomp away while carrying the armored Mel away. They had gave their word to protect Mel and yet they had to be saved by her and let her get captured.

Tetsuo gritted his teeth while punching the ground angrily. His first mission as an All-Star Hero and he had failed miserably.
A.S.H. Elympios Branch: Episode 2 Part 2
Last Part:…
Next Part:…

Along with some character interaction and adding in another character, we see the main villain in this episode and he promptly teaches the team the hard way about having a fledging hero team do a mission on their first day.
The news about Elympios and Rieze Maxia getting their own All-Star Heroes spread like wildfire throughout the world. Some were overjoyed that their home had their own protection. However, there were also some that were skeptical of the exact people who were chosen were a bunch of amateurs who had just gotten beginner’s luck.

Despite the large amount of mixed reactions the A.S.H. was getting, most of it were fortunately, positive. People were just happy that Admiral Cortez had formed a team to protect their respective planets.

Inside of a shop of a city that was a bit away from Trigleph at night time, three Goombas were looking up at a television watching a news report about the forming of the All-Star Heroes.

“And the brave efforts of these six strangers, they had been rewarded for their courage by being chosen to be the protectors of our two worlds!” The reporter cheered. “So now just like every other planet, ours will be protected by the All-Star Heroes!”

“Well, it is about time we got our own A.S.H. branch.” A Goomba said while cleaning with a cloth.

“Yeah, after seeing about all of the criminals those guys face on different planets, I was really getting scared for a while...” A second Goomba nodded.

A third Goomba frowned. “I don’t know, man… There is something that doesn’t stick right with me.”

“What do you mean?” The second Goomba asked.

“I mean it is the team that we had gotten. Let’s look at some of them.” The third Goomba pointed out. “From what I heard, the Heartless attack had actually been the samurai’s first battle, the girl with the strange red and white hair doesn’t seem that reliable and the less that is said about the zombie guy, the better.”

The second Goomba frowned. “Well… Since you put it THAT way, it makes me think if Admiral Cortez only put those six in charge just to pacify our worries.”

“Hey, now. Don’t be like that!” The first Goomba scolded. “I mean sure, I could get behind why you are skeptical but anyone who protect Chancellor Marcia is a hero in my books.”

“Yeah, I guess you are right.” The third Goomba sighed.

Before any of the Goombas could say anything else, they heard a door opening and a bell ring. They all looked in the direction of the noise to see a large, muscular man standing in the doorway.

The third Goomba blinked twice before glaring at the second Goomba. “I thought you had locked the shop!”

The second Goomba winced before returning the glare. “Hey, I forget, alright!?”

“Yeah! For the FIFTEENTH time!” The third Goomba scolded.

“Aw, come on! What could possibly go wrong with not closing the door on time?” The second Goomba insisted.

The first Goomba shook his head before walking forward. “Sorry, big guy but it is like they said. We are closing down.”

The man raised an eyebrow. “Really? In that case, that makes it easier for ALL of us.”

The three Goombas all looked at each other in confusion at the man’s strange comment. They then looked back to ask what did the man meant.

Only to freeze when they saw the man holding a large and very sharp-looking weapon in his hand. He had a creepy grin plastered on his face.

“Allow me to close this place down… Permanently.” He said.

With that, he raised his weapon over his head before getting ready to swing it down on the ground. The Goomba’s pupils shrank in pure horror.




The next day in Trigleph, the newly-formed All-Star Heroes were packing up their things so that they would move into their new HQ as their new home. After all, seeing that was where Cortez would brief them, they needed to be there at all times. So they all said goodbye to the people they were respectively saying with. Or for others, their job.

Tetsuo stood in front of a large crowd of people at a construction site. He had a briefcase at each of his side while he held his construction hat in his hands. Instead of his work uniform, he wore an open short-sleeved blue jacket with red pants and black shoes. The group stared a solemn silence.

Then, one of the workers had stepped forward. “So this is it?”

“I am afraid so…” Tetsuo frowned. “As much as I want to, I can’t work with you guys AND protect this planet at the same time.”

“N-No… We completely understand.” Another worker reassured. “After all, being a part of the All-Star Heroes is MUCH more important than being a construction worker.”

“Hey, hey, HEY! Don’t talk like that!” Tetsuo scolded. “Just because my new job is more important, don’t think this one is NOT! This world needs you guys just as much as it needs us!”

“Oh, you are just saying that.” The first worker said, waving it off.

“No, I am not! Building are everything to a city! Police stations, fire departments, hospitals, even the A.S.H. Headquarters! Do you know why those buildings exist?” Tetsuo questioned.

The construction crew looked at each other for a moment. Then, a worker sheepishly raises his hand.

“Um, because of us?” He asked.

“Exactly! WE are the reason these buildings are built!” Tetsuo exclaimed. “If it wasn’t for us, there would be no place for the police to lock out criminals, doctors to treat their patients and last but not least, All-Star Heroes like me to receive transmissions from Admiral Cortez on threats attacking the planet!”

The construction crew looked at each other again. Only this time with looks of agreement and even confidence on their faces.

“And your job will never end! You will be creating a lot of buildings for this city!” Tetsuo announced. “Even if it is for something minor, whatever building you makes would matter to somebody!”

The construction crew all nodded their heads, now sporting smirks.

“That is one of the reasons why I have to leave you guys! To make sure that all of your hard work doesn’t go to waste!” Tetsuo said, clenching his fist. “Now are you going to continue your line of work without me?”

“Sir, yes, sir!” The group yelled in unison.

“I can’t hear you!” Tetsuo shouted before cupping one hand to his ear.

“Sir, yes, sir!” The group shouted with more volume and feelings.

“That is what I like to hear!” Tetsuo grinned before walking over to a worker and offering his hat. “So anyway, may I trust you to take over my job as foreman while I am gone?”

“Of course, boss!” The worker said before offering his hat. “I may not do a good job as you but I am sure as hell going to put all of my blood, sweat and tears into this job!”

“Glad to hear it.” Tetsuo said. “Oh, and one more thing.”

“Yes?” The worker said, standing up straight.

“Don’t call me boss.” Tetsuo said, flatly. “I am the protector of this world and by default, the protector of you but that’s it.”

The worker sheepishly scratched the back of his head. “Ha ha… Sorry, bo… I mean Tetsuo.”

The muscular man nodded his head. “Well, I’ll be off! Best of you to you guys!”

“Same to you, Tetsuo!” The new foreman nodded as he and the rest of the construction workers had saluted.

Tetsuo smiled before returning the salute. He then grabbed his briefcase and turned around before walking off. All of the construction workers all looked on with longing looks on their faces. They continued to stare until Tetsuo had walked out of their sight without looking back.

“There he goes…” The new foreman said, solemnly.

“I wish I could be as strong as him…” A worker added.

Unknown to everyone, when Tetsuo had made sure that he was out of everyone’s line of sight, he looked back with a sad look on his face. Even though he felt like he was making the right choice, he still regretted leaving his job and his co-workers.

However, this had to be this. Letting out a long sigh, he picked up his suitcases and made his way on the path to A.S.H. HQ to settle in with his new teammates. There was no use moping about it.

“Oh, Tetsuo, Ciao!”

The bearded man’s eyes before turning his head towards the direction of the voice. He was looking towards an Italian pizza restaurant. There, he saw a tall man with a long blonde moustache and a small child with beady eyes.

They were both wearing white chef’s outfits, complete with the hat along with a black apron with matching pants and shoes. The only difference in clothing was that the man was wearing a green scarf while the boy was wearing a red one.

Tetsuo’s eyes lit up as he walked off. “Ah! Marge! Rita!”

MARGE & RITA/Pop’n Music/Konami/Father & Son/Pizza Chefs

“Tetsuo, I almost didn’t recognise you with the casual wear.” He smiled with an Italian accent.

The ex-construction worker gave a weak chuckle. “Y-Yeah. Well, I can’t very well dress up like a construction worker while I am not one anyone.”

Marge’s smile vanished. “Oh, yes… I am sorry to hear that you had to quit.”

“Sorry? For what?” Tetsuo asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, it is just that I know how much you loved being a construction worker.” Marge said.

“Hey, hey, hey! Don’t be like that!” Tetsuo reassured. “I mean sure, I loved building but this job allows me to actually protect said buildings!”

Rita’s eyes lit up at this. “Wow, Tetsuo, you are so cool!”

The bearded man chuckled. “Thanks, kid. I appreciate it. So how are you and your new pizza restaurant doing?”

“We are doing just great, isn’t that right, Papa?” Rita said, brightly.

Marge grinned before patting his son’s head. “That’s right, my dear old son of mine! At first, we had started out small but soon we are in charge of our own business and we are getting a lot of customers everyday!”

“I am glad to hear it!” Tetsuo grinned.

Rita happily nodded. “Hey, Tetsuo, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, kid. Fire away.” The muscular man grinned.

Rita then looked down and shyly poked his fingers together before looking up and asking his question.

“Are you… Going to be this world’s Captain Superpop?”

Tetsuo and Marge’s eyes bugged out when they had heard this. The three then shared a silence with each other.

Suddenly, Tetsuo gave a grin before crouching down and gently rubbing Rita’s head.

“Don’t worry, kid. I will.” He said. “In fact, all six of us will.”

Rita’s eyes lit up as if he was trapped inside of a candy store. “Really? You hear that, Papa! Tetsuo is going to be a superhero just like Captain Superpop and save us all!”

Marge chuckled at this. “That’s right, my boy. I am sure that he is going to protect us all!”

“Yayyy!” Rita said before jumping at Tetsuo and wrapping his arms around. “Oh, thank you so much!”

Despite startled, Tetsuo merely smiled and gently patted Rita’s back. “It is alright, kid. Just looking after my home.”

Marge smiled before putting his hands on his knees. “Okay, Rita, we should really get back inside. You go on ahead. I’ll catch up.”

“Okay, Papa!” The child nodded before looking at Tetsuo. “Bye, Tetsuo!”

“Bye, kid!” The ex-construction worker grinned.

He and Marge watched as Rita made his way inside with both of them smiling the entire time.

“He’s recovering nicely, I must say.” Tetsuo noted.

“Indeed… After moving to Elympios, I was worried that he would never be the same but he is doing a lot better than I thought he would.” Marge agreed.

He then let out a deep sigh before looking at Tetsuo with a pleading look.

“Tetsuo, you have no idea how much we are counting on you and the rest of the A.S.H.” Marge explained.

The tan-skinned man narrowed his eyes and nodded his head. “I know… I love this world. It may be nothing like our world but I still living in it. I don’t want the same tragedy to happen twice.”

Marge nodded his head before gently patting Tetsuo’s arm. “Godspeed, Tetsuo.”

The strongman nodded his head. After the two had said their goodbyes to each other, they had both gone to their respective jobs. Tetsuo continued on while still narrowing his eyes in determination. While he was still upset with leaving his crew, he knew that he had a good reason for doing so.


It didn’t took Tetsuo long to take his briefcases and made his way to the A.S.H. HQ. It was a large chrome that was standing on top of a small hill with artificial grass that was protected by a wide, tall gate as if it was on a private residence. Tetsuo smiled at his work.

Putting down one briefcase, he moved his free hand over some kind of sensor. Then, a dim red beam shined over it. Then, said light turned green. The gate doors then slid over. Tetsuo smiled before picking up his briefcase and making his way through the gate and walked through. The gate doors then slid close behind him.

He then made his way over to the entrance of the HQ and did the exact same thing with the gate. After the scanner had recognised Tetsuo, it opened the doors and let him in. He then made his way inside.

Tetsuo looked around the area. Sure, he helped built this but seeing this as his new home makes the experience all the more different for him. Living in a large building with five people he had barely met before.

Seeing that he had helped with the construction, he always knows where the bedrooms were so he made his way over to put away his things in whatever room that haven’t been taken yet.

It didn’t took him long to make it over to the bedrooms. There, he had noticed that the rest of his new teammates, along with N was standing in the middle of the hallway while talking to each other.

Samurai Bob looked up and smiled while inadvertently signaling him to the others. “Oh, hey, Tetsuo! Good to see you!”

The bearded man gave a small smile. “Good to see you and everyone else here too.”

“Slowpoke! You are such a rotten egg!” Pascal taunted.

Tetsuo gave a weak chuckle as he walked over. “Sorry, I was just saying goodbye to my old construction crew.”

“Well, you are just in time because we had just finished putting away our stuff.” Samurai Bob explained.

“Yeah, well, let me put away my things.” Tetsuo said before he was about to walk over to his new room.

Suddenly, he then froze when he noticed that there was something around the Breloom’s neck. A black necklace with a purple orb on it.

“Hey, that is one nifty trinket you have on you, little guy.” Tetsuo complimented.

Breloom smiled as N chuckled while patting his head.

“Well, seeing that he is going to be a part of the A.S.H., I might as well giving him an item to help him in battle.” N explained.

Tetsuo raised an eyebrow. “Wait, that necklace is a battle accessory?”

“Well, the orb is. The necklace is just that. An accessory.” N explained.

Pascal grinned before rushing over to Tetsuo’s face. “Oh, Tetsuo, it is SO awesome! That orb is a Toxic Orb!”

“A toxic orb?” Tetsuo asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah, whenever a Pokemon holds it, they would get poisoned!” Pascal grinned.

Tetsuo’s eyes bugged out. “What!? How is a poisoned teammate be any good to us!?”

N chuckled. “Don’t worry, Brelooms have the Ability, Poison Heal. When it is poisoned, it doesn’t lose health but instead GAINS it.”

“Really? Whoa… That ability is definitely going to be handy.” Tetsuo noted.

“Yes…” N nodded. “Now that you are all here, I have a little speech for you guys.”

“Oh? What is it?” Samurai Bob asked.

N let out a deep sigh. “I don’t know if you heard but there had been a lot of controversy inside of the group I work at. Some of them were not happy letting a Pokemon to battle, let alone in a position where they would be facing terrorists on a daily basis.”

“Hey, Admiral Cortez wouldn’t had let him on our team if he wasn’t capable!” Tetsuo insisted.

“I know. And I could tell that he is more than overjoyed to chosen to be a part of the A.S.H.” N explained. “But still, I really appreciate it that you protect this little guy with your life.”

The Breloom glared up at N.

“He doesn’t seem like that comment.” Marina noted.

“Yes, he had always had an attitude problem.” N said. “But even then, I worry for him just like I worry for every other Pokemon so…”

“Hey, don’t worry about it.” Tetsuo said with a wink. “We will look after him.”

“Agreed. We are a team so we should look after each other anyway.” Samurai Bob nodded.

“Yeah, leave it to us to look out for Panmusu!” Pascal said with a grin.

“...I still don’t know how we let you talk you into giving him that name.” Samurai Bob said, flatly.

“What?” Pascal asked, defensively. “At least it is better than Panmuus. Panmusu just rolled off of the tongue.”

Samurai Bob shook his head as N chuckled. He then crouched down to Panmusu’s level.

“Now I know that you are a fully-fledged member of the A.S.H. But to do that, you have to follow orders.” N explained. “You can’t just go off and do your own thing, understand?”

“Breloom!” Panmusu nodded with a smile.

N smiled before getting up. “Glad to see that. Now I believe I had told you everything there is to know about Brelooms. I will be checking on him to see how he is doing but I am sure that you guys will keep your word on keeping him safe.”

The others nodded their heads, except for the Wraith.

“Alright, I should be off.” N said. “Do any mind to escort me out?”

“Oh, I will!” Samurai Bob offered.

“Okay, well, everyone. Best of luck to you guys.” N smiled. “See you around.”

The others nodded before Samurai Bob and N watched towards the entrance to see him out. The rest watched them walked off.

“Heh. So what do you think about him?” Tetsuo asked.

“N? Oh, he is a great guy!” Pascal grinned. “He is pretty open about telling us about Pokemon!”

“Huh? Oh no! I didn’t mean N, I meant Samurai Bob!” Tetsuo noted.

“Oh, him? He is awesome too!” Pascal smiled. “You almost never see a samurai nowadays! At least this one so by-the-book.”

Marina merely shrugged her shoulders. “It is hard to say. I could see why Admiral Cortez gave him the benefit of the doubt by making him the leader but let’s see if he is actually good when he is actually leading us.”

Tetsuo paused before looking at the Wraith and Panmusu. “Well, we heard what the ladies have to say. What do you boys think?”

“Loom.” Panmusu said with a nod and a shrug, confirming that he had no problems with Samurai Bob.

The Wraith merely shrugged. “I can’t say I like him that much…”

Tetsuo raised an eyebrow. “Why? Do you think he is unsuited for the job?”

“No… I never said that.” The Wraith pointed out. “He is like the textbook hero in those storybooks. Absolutely nauseating. But honestly, I would be hoping for too much if I didn’t had to follow something like that.”

Panmusu glared up at the Wraith, not liking his attitude.

Tetsuo paused. “Oh, I see.”

“So yeah, basically it is unanimous that we all think that we should follow his six!” Pascal grinned before patting Tetsuo on the arm.

Tetsuo gave a chuckle. “Of course.”

“Well, I love to chat but seeing that we are basically a superhero team now, I might as well starting working on plans! Can’t have a superhero team with super-stuff!” Pascal grinned.

With that, she darted off while spreading her arms out like an airplane with the others watching her leave.

“Well, anyway, I am going to help Panmusu unpack.” Marina explained. “Come on, Panmusu.”

The Breloom nodded before he and Marina had entered Panmusu’s room. Tetsuo raised an eyebrow. Marina didn’t seem like the type of person to interact well with others and yet, she was already helping out Panmusu. Perhaps there was more to her that meets the eye.

Suddenly, he had realized something. Turning his head, he saw that he was all alone with the Wraith. Said green-skinned man gave a creepy grin while crossing his arms.

He shuddered at the grin, even though he didn’t knew why. Sure, the Wraith was tall and muscular but so was Tetsuo. And yet, he was feeling uneasy to be around him. Then again, the Wraith had easily dispatched him and if he wanted to, he could had killed Tetsuo at the time.

“So, um, Wraith.” Tetsuo said, sheepishly.

“Yes?” The zombie-like man asked.

“No hard feelings about me attacking you when we first met.” Tetsuo said, scratching the back of his head.

“Oh, that. Don’t worry about that.” The Wraith said, waving it off.

“Really?” Tetsuo asked.

“Yes, I far too amused by watching you charge at me like a blinded bull only to be stopped as if you were just a little kitten.” The Wraith smirked. “Taking down overconfident punks is a pastime of mine.

Tetsuo looked shocked by this as the Wraith turned around and walked over to a door, which was mostly likely his room. Soon, Tetsuo’s shocked look turned into an angry. Suddenly, all of his fear had vanished as he was about to go after the Wraith and demand what did the comment meant.

“My, he certainly isn’t a social fellow, is he?”

Tetsuo’s eyes widened before turning around to see Samurai Bob making his way back.

Tetsuo merely rolled his eyes. “Tell me about it. Seriously, how am I supposed to fight side-by-side and when he is doing and saying stuff that makes me stay away with him?”

“Hey, come on. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.” Samurai Bob reassured. “After all, he DID helped us out in the battle against Morcubus and the Heartless even if it is just for his own selfish motives.”

“I guess…” Tetsuo muttered.

“In any case, isn’t this great? We are the members of the A.S.H. now!” Samurai Bob smiled.

“Agreed. With so many people in this world, I would had never thought we would be chosen.” Tetsuo agreed.

“Right.” Samurai Bob nodded.

His smile then vanished as he looked at his hand.

“I must say, I am a little nervous. After all, our eventually first battle as a team will be my SECOND battle period.” Samurai Bob said. “I must say, I am a little nervous.”

Tetsuo paused as Samurai Bob continued.

“I mean if I was just a member just like everyone else, maybe I would feel a little better.” Samurai Bob explained. “But I am the LEADER. It is MY responsibility to ensure that we not only complete the mission but also make sure we all come back alive.”

Tetsuo stayed silent before finally speaking.

“So what do YOU think?” He asked.

Samurai Bob merely sighed. “I don’t know… I mean I don’t think I may be up to the chance but after all, I have got the support of Admiral Cortez, the Chancellor of Elympios, the Prime Minister AND the king of Rieze Maxia and everyone here. Surely with so many people thinking that I am up to the challenge, there MUST be something in me that only I am blind too.”

Tetsuo paused as Samurai Bob looked at him.

“Tetsuo, what do you think?” Samurai Bob asked.

The muscular man stayed silent. Truth be told, deep down, he was upset that Samurai Bob had been chosen to lead the team instead of him. And to add insult to injury, EVERYONE had thought it was a good idea for Samurai Bob to lead.

The main reason Tetsuo was against it was because he felt like he has better qualities to be a leader. Not in terms of battle capabilities but in terms of attitude. In his opinion, leaders were supposed passionate, confident and never let fear on his face. Not to say that Samurai Bob wasn’t a good candidate period but he was very easy to read his face and see his worries.

Of course, he didn’t wanted to say anything because despite not being an ideal leader in his eyes, Samurai Bob was more than a decent enough person and he didn’t wanted to say anything that would hurt him. But at the same time, how could he just say that Samurai Bob was a good leader with so much hesitation in his heart?

Fortunately for him, they were quickly interrupted by a loud cry.

“Guys! Guys!”

Samurai Bob and Tetsuo jumped before turning their heads to the direction of the voice to see Pascal rushing over with a frantic look on her face.

“Oh, good! You are still here!” Pascal said before looking around. “Quick! Quick! Where are the others!? Where are the others!?”

As if on cue, Marina and Panmusu had came out of the latter’s room as in the Wraith out of his own. All of them looked annoyed.

“Ugh, it is official. No sugar for you!” The Wraith said, holding his head.

“What is it, Pascal?” Samurai Bob asked.

“Guys, guys, it’s… It’s…” Pascal said, pointing her fingers behind her.

“Out with it, girl!” Tetsuo shouted.

“...It’s Admiral Cortez!” Pascal said, finally.

Everyone looked shocked by this.

“...He wants us to meet him in the briefing room at once!” Pascal yelled.

“Wait, you mean?” Samurai Bob asked.

“That’s right! We are going to get our very first mission!” Pascal grinned while shaking her fists, excitedly.

The men all looked excitedly for different reasons upon hearing this. They were going to get their very first official task from Cortez.

“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” Tetsuo announced.

With that, all six people had quickly made their way over to the briefing room as quickly as they could. In just a few moments, they had made it to see a holographic figure of Cortez standing there.

“Ah, Admiral Cortez!” Samurai Bob said with a salute. “We are here and we are ready for duty!”

“Glad to hear it, Samurai Bob.” The bald man nodded. “I know you must be still settling in but a crisis had been brought up.”

“So what is the sitch?” Pascal asked with enthusiasm.

“Well, here is the thing. There had been a large destruction of shops all across Elympios AND Rieze Maxia.” Cortez explained.

Pascal’s grin vanished. “What? Destruction of shops?”

“Yes, for some reason, someone had been going around demolishing stores.” Cortez explained. “Destroying every single item that is inside of the store.”

“So basically we are going after a bunch of global vandals?” Samurai Bob asked.

“Not a bunch of global vandals? ONE global vandal.” Cortex corrected.

Everyone looked shocked by this.

“Wait? Are you saying that ONE person had destroyed all of those stores all by himself?” Samurai Bob asked in disbelief.

“Yes. And is even MORE alarming is that said person had done so with nothing but brute strength.” Cortez frowned.

“Wow…” Samurai Bob said, fiddling with his collar.

“Surely we at least have a photo on the culprit.” Marina suggested. “Someone who goes around destroying shops with a primitive tactic, had to be seen.”

“Unfortunately, no. The culprit was smart enough to wear clothes to cover himself.” Cortez said. “What we DO know is that he is a large and muscular man with an axe.”

“Well, THAT narrows it down…” The Wraith said, flatly.

“Also, from what I had been told, the culprit has a distinct battle cry.” Cortez explained. “Sadly, that is all I could tell you.”

Tetsuo who had been quiet the entire time, suddenly spoke up.

“What’s the motive?”

“Huh?” Cortez asked, confused.

“Why is this guy randomly destroyed shops?” Tetsuo asked.

Everyone cast the ex-construction worker weird looks.

“Um, Tetsuo? We don’t even know what this guy looks like.” Pascal pointed out.

“Yes, we don’t know why he does the stuff he does.” Samurai Bob added.

“Which brings up a good question.” Marina said before looking back at Cortez. “How are we going to hunt down someone we have little information on?”

“Well, we DO know this. All of the stores that had been destroyed were item and weapon shops.” Cortez explained.

“That’s pretty specific.” Samurai Bob said, raising an eyebrow.

“Maybe our guy is a rival shopkeeper who wants to take out the competition.” Pascal suggested.

“Or at least hired by one.” The Wraith said.

“Well, whatever the reason is, we can’t let this creep do whatever he does!” Tetsuo growled.

“Well said, Tetsuo.” Cortez nodded. “Based on the pattern of the time and place of the attacks, we have reason to believe that his next target would be the Power Stone Shop.”

“Oh, I heard of that place.” Marina noted. “It is a large item shop that sells everything from orthodox to unorthodox weapons.”

“Exactly. Your job is to protect the shop from the culprit.” Cortez said.

“Boss, you don’t need to tell us twice!” Tetsuo said, narrowing his eyes.

“Yes, sir. Whatever reason this criminal has for destroying item shops, the ends does NOT justifies the means.” Samurai Bob nodded.

“Glad to hear it. Now you should get going. Who knows when that madman may strike.” Cortez said. “Best of luck of you, team!”

“Alright, guys! Let’s go!” Tetsuo announced.

“Wait! Not yet!” Pascal called out.

“Huh? What’s up, Pascal?” Tetsuo asked.

The white and red-haired woman didn’t say. She merely looked straight into Samurai Bob’s shut eyes, making him feel uneasy.

“Um, Pascal, what is it?” Samurai Bob asked.

“I am just waiting for YOU.” The energetic woman grinned.

“Huh?” Samurai Bob asked, raising an eyebrow.

“She means she is waiting for your command.” Marina corrected.

“Oh!” Samurai Bob said in realization. “Um, All-Star Heroes, move out?”

“Let’s go!” Pascal said, brightly.

“Roger.” Marina nodded.

“Whatever you say.” The Wraith shrugged.

“Loom!” Panmusu said, brightly.

With that, the team ran off out of the briefing room and towards the exit. Tetsuo brought up the rear while looking a bit upset.

“What kind of command is THAT…?”
A.S.H. Elympios Branch: Episode 2 Part 1
Next Part:…

Here is the second episode. This time, it focuses around Tetsuo, his thoughts on joining A.S.H., his feelings and even a couple of supporting characters as his friends. Of course, our heroes are still settling into their new place.
For the most part, the angels had settled in quite nicely inside of Night Town. They were able to fit in with the locals and even become friends with some of them. Most of them couldn’t be more happy because that means it makes it easier to blend in.

Sachelle stood outside of the entrance of the hotel with a few others angels while looking around. It was her turn on guard duty. The angels didn’t wanted to take any chances and have someone sneak into the hotel and accidentally discover their secret. It may cause chaos for everyone in Night Town and that was the last thing they needed.

The brunette gave a small sigh. Things seemed to be going quite nicely for the most part, seeing that they were no big surprises.

However, something happened as a purple light had appeared out of nowhere and startled the other angels, causing them to get into a stance.

“W-What?” Sachelle asked, surprised.

Suddenly, a man had appeared out of the purple light and revealed himself to be a red-clad man with long green hair. Said man casually landed on his ground before looking around with his hands on his hips.

“Eww… Night Town is still as gruesome as ever.” He muttered while looking around.

“W-Who is that?” An angel whispered.

“I-I don’t know. He doesn’t seem like a local.” Another angel pointed out.

The man continued to look around the area until he turned around and saw the angels, causing them to shrink back.

“Um, hello…?” Sachelle asked.

Shannon raised an eyebrow before looking up at the hotel. “Hm? That roach motel is actually being repaired?”

“Um, yes. I don’t know if you are a local or not but we are currently living here.” Sachelle said.

Shannon raised an eyebrow. “We? As in people are willing to actually LIVE here?”

“Um, that’s right. A lot actually.” Sachelle explained. “Each and every one who is living here is from another world.”

Shannon raised an eyebrow. “What? Did all of the branches of the Heroes’ Hideout in Belcazzar had finally been filled in and they are forcing people to move all of the way to the NECROPOLIS CONTINENT?”

“Um, no, we actually CHOSE to stay here.” Sachelle pointed out.

Shannon’s eyes widened at this. “What? You mean you actually chose to be in this dump?”

“Um, yes.” Sachelle frowned.

One of the angels then set forward, not looking pleased. “Kind of being cruel about your own home, don’t you think?”

Shannon let out a mirthless laugh. “My own home? I admit there was once a time when I used to live here but I moved out a long time ago!”

“W-Why? What happened?” Sachelle asked.

“Well, at first, I only moved to Night Town to torture my younger brother. However, after being the butt of so many pranks by those stupid vampires, I was forced to retreat to the main branch.” Shannon muttered.

Another angel’s eyes widened. “Wait, did you say TORTURE your younger brother? How could you? Isn’t he your flesh and blood?”

Shannon let out another mirthless laugh. “Unfortunately, but he is too inferior to be even have the privilege of being called my brother.”

Sachelle and the others angels gasped at this. How could anyone say that about their own family?

“But enough of that. What I want to know is why so many people, want to go this horrid place?” Shannon asked.

“Um, well, we are all medical students. We specializes in healing magic.” Sachelle explained. “However, our type of magic only heals normal people because healing magic being holy. Because of that, if we tried to heal a demon, it would just…”

“Wait… Are you saying that you came all of the way to Necropolis to HEAL DEMONS?” Shannon asked in disbelief.

“Um, yes?” Sachelle asked. “I mean unholy beings are sentient too. They deserve treatment as much as anyone else.”

Shannon blinked twice for a moment. Suddenly, his eyes lit up.

“So basically you want someone to teach you how to heal a demon?” He asked, quickly.

Sachelle blinked twice before shifting her eyes from left to right. “Um, yes?”

Shannon suddenly ran over and stopped right in front of Sachelle’s face, startling the poor angel.

“Oh, you have no idea how lucky you are!” He said before taking her hand.

“Um, w-what do you mean?” Sachelle asked, feeling very uncomfortable.

Shannon then realized how desperate he made himself look. Acting quickly, he let go of Sachelle’s hand and tried his best to get into a dignified stance before putting his fist to his mouth and stifling a cough.

“I am Shannon, the greatest wizard in the world.” He introduced.

Sachelle blinked twice. “Wait, the greatest wizard in the world?”

“That’s right. I am blessed with the ability to learn any spell instantly just by skimming by any spell book.” Shannon explained.

Sachelle’s eyes widened at this. “Wait… So you are saying that you could teach us how to learn healing demons?”

“But of course.” Shannon said before looking to the side with a growl. “Personally, I think they are better off healing themselves but whatever. I might as well use my powers to help those who are unfortunate enough to not be ME.”

The angels looked at each other in disgust. How could anyone be so conceited?

“So what do you say? I could be a great teacher.” Shannon said.

Everyone paused. Even if Shannon was telling the truth and could teach them to learn demons, they can’t afford to accept his offer because they literally unable to learn anything that favours unholy beings. That and accepting Shannon as their teacher means he NEEDED to enter the hotel.

Sachelle did what she thought the others would say. “Um, no, thank you.”

Shannon’s smile vanished. “Come again?”

“It is as I said. Thank you very much for your offer but we simply must refuse.” Sachelle said.

“What? Why?” Shannon asked in disbelief before getting upset. “What? Am I not good enough for you?”

“N-No, it is not like that at all.” Sachelle insisted before trying to think up of plausible lies. “It is just that…”

Shannon crossed his arms. “Just that what? What could you possibly gain from not seeking guidance from the greatest wizard in the world?”

“Um, well… We…” Sachelle started.

“We barely know you!” An angel piped up.

“Yeah, why should we take advice from someone who don’t even know!” Another angel agreed.

Shannon glared at the group. “Excuse me? I have you know that my inferior brother had been chosen to be a magic teacher literally HOURS after they first met each other!”

“Y-You shouldn’t be so mean to your younger brother…” Sachelle scolded.

Shannon narrowed his eyes. “Don’t you dare change the subject, let alone to a generic one! I am just as good as magic teacher as him!”

“But… I… Well...” Sachelle said, looking down.

Shannon rolled his eyes. “Whatever. You are clearly a waste of space, anyway.”

Sachelle winced as the other angels glared at Shannon.

“Look, nobody’s here is going to give me a clear answer, I might as well go in and find someone who will.” Shannon said, stomping past Sachelle towards the entrance.

Sachelle looked back with a shocked look on her face. “Hey, you can’t go there!”

Shannon looked back with a snobby look on his face before continuing his way towards the hotel. “Oh yeah? Watch me.”

However, before he could enter, the angels had rushed in his way and puts his arm out with stern looks on his face. Despite startled, Shannon just narrowed his eyes.

“Do you mind?” Shannon asked.

“Actually, we do. In case you haven’t noticed, this is a PRIVATE residence.” An angel scolded.

“That’s right. Even the locals are not allowed in.” Another angel nodded.

Shannon paused. “What? Is your studies THAT exclusive that you can’t invite anyone in?”

“Yes!” Sachelle piped up. “That is what I had been trying to tell you! We can’t invite just anyone in!”

Shannon paused before looking back and forth between the angels. He then scowled.

“Fine. But you people don’t look that smart. How could you ever comprehend the basics of a simple healing spell, let alone being able to heal demons?” Shannon scoffed.

With that, he stormed off with Sachelle frowning and the other angels glaring at him.

“Well, good riddance.” One angel said. “I don’t care how great he is as magic, why would another willingly be the magic student of someone who is that… Rude?”

“Agreed. He most likely just wanted us to be his students just so you could brag.” Another angel added.

“True…” Sachelle said before shaking her head. “But the point is that he is gone.”

“Well said.” A third angel nodded.

Unknown to the angels, while Shannon was retreating right now, he gritted his teeth as he clenched his teeth. This was the second time a potential student was in his sights and they had flat out refused him. Now he had to suffer the same humiliation all over again.

No. Not this time. This time, things would be different. Shannon turned his head and glared at the hotel.


Meanwhile, Priscilla hummed a jovial tune as she turned off the water in the shower. Then, she put on a towel and wrapped it around her wet body and made her way back into her bedroom to dry off and put on a next batch of clothes.

She was so pleased that the hotel didn’t needed to take long to rebuild the plumbing. She knew that beggars can’t be choosers but she didn’t thought what would had done without a decent shower.

However, before she could get dressed, she heard a weird noise. Turning her head, her eyes widened in pure horror upon what she had seen.

In a flash of purple light, a red-clad man had appeared out of nowhere and right in his room. He had his arms crossed in a confident fashion.

“Well, hello there. My name is Shannon and I will personally like to show you some magic…” Shannon started.

It was then he had noticed that he was standing in front of a thunderstruck and dripping-wet woman who was clad with only a towel on. Shannon blinked twice before realizing how he made himself look.




Everyone who was nearby Priscilla’s room, immediately stopped what they were doing to look at her door with wide eyes. Then, before anyone who shout out their surprise, Shannon had kicked the door open, startling everyone and ran out with a terrified look on his face.

Then, Priscilla chased after him with her sword in one hand and holding up her towel with the other one. Her face was slowly turning red with both anger and embarrassment.


“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Shannon insisted while looking back.

“Sorry!? Sorry!? You snuck into my room while I was changing!” Priscilla roared. “Why should I forgive you for that?”

“Um, because I could show you very special magic?” Shannon yelled, trying not to run into anything.

“That’s it! I am going to kill you!” Priscilla shouted.

Shannon’s eyes bugged out. “N-No! Not THAT type of magic! I swear!”

“Save it!”

Shannon winced before focusing on rushing towards the hallways, trying to escape the absolutely enraged woman. He then looked back to see how much distance he had between him and his pursuer.

However, because of this, he had failed to see someone coming out of their room, wondering what was going on.


Priscilla skidded to a halt and the angels looked on in shock and horror. Shannon groaned as he falling onto his rear while holding his head. After shaking his head to get rid of the stars, he glared at the guilty party.

“Hey, can’t you see that I am running here, you…” He yelled.

However, he immediately froze when he saw who he had ran into it. It was Shane also sitting on the ground while holding his head.

But what had caught his attention was the white feathery wings on his back. As Shane looked up, he gasped when he realized that the person who crashed into was not part of his friends. Shannon scooted back a bit while shakily pointing a finger.

“Y-Y-You’re an angel…” Shannon said.

Everyone froze not believing what was happening. Their secret had been found out by this random stranger. Priscilla shook her head, looking the most horrified. Their secret was about to go out because of a pervert.

Then, the memory of what happened back in her quickly flood back as her anger quickly returned. Acting quickly, she pulled her foot back right in the back of the still-stunned Shannon.


After being kicked in the back of the head hard, Shannon fell to the ground unconscious.


Shannon groaned as his eyes slowly flutter open. The back of his head felt like it had been hit by a giant club. He groaned before going making his way to sit up.

Only to find a snarling lion in his face. Shannon immediately shrieked as the giant feline pinned him to the ground. Behind him were several people glaring at him, including a fully-clothed Priscilla.

“Well, well, well. Look who had decided to wake up.” Priscilla said, sternly.

“W-W-Wait, please don’t let your lion eat me! I am far too handsome to die!” Shannon begged.

“Too handsome? How does being handsome stop you from sneaking in women’s rooms?” Priscilla challenged, pointing a finger.

“N-No, it is not like that at all!” Shannon insisted. “When I was talking about magic, I was…”

“Trying to brainwash us into becoming your “students”?” Nathan asked while crossing his arms. “Yeah, we heard. Sachelle told us all about it."

“She and the others had told us how rude you were!” Priscilla said, pointing a finger.

Shane stepped forward and glared at Priscilla and Nathan. “Guys, come on. WE are at the ones that are at HIS mercy.”

“Y-Yeah. That’s right!” Shannon bluffed. “You are under MY control!”

The lion named Fidestos growled immediately making Shannon calm up. Shane shook his head before crouching down to Shannon.

“I think this goes without saying… But you saw them, didn’t you?” Shane said, solemnly.

Shannon’s eyes widened when he recognized him as the one with the angelic wings.

“Y-Yes…” The green-haired man said, softly. “A-Are you an…”

Shane let out a deep sigh. “Yes, I am. I am an angel.”

Shannon laid there, looking absolutely stunned. There were so many questions that were going through his mind right now.

“B-But why would an ANGEL be doing all of the way in the Necropolis continent of all things?” He slowly asked.

Shane paused for a moment. “Listen, we will tell you everything but all we ask in return is that you keep this a secret. Okay?”

“U-Um, okay…” Shannon said with a small nod.

“I STILL think we should had just gone with my amnesia idea.” Nathan muttered while crossing his arms.

“Yes… I am more than sure that Ramiel’s hammer should be more than enough to make him lose his memory.” Priscilla nodded with a cold glare.

“Please don’t use my weapon to bludgeon people’s skulls in.” Ramiel said with an exasperated glare.

“Guys!” Shane scolded before looking down at Shannon. “Sorry about them. Anyway, shall we start all of the way from the beginning?”


After being told about the whole story about the angels and why they were doing all of the way in the Necropolis continent, Shannon sat up (Fidestos got off him) looking absolutely stunned by what he had heard.

“Wow… I don’t know what to say.” He said, slowly shaking his head. “I mean it is one thing for ONE angel to be all of this way here but to have a small army staying here to hide out from demons who are trying to cause eternal darkness for your world…”

“Yes… This is about the fate of our world.” Shane said, sadly.

“Which is why you cannot tell anyone!” Ramiel pleaded. “The last thing we want is to have a war with the LOCAL demons.”

Shannon paused as everyone stared at him with suspicious glares. Soon, the wizard had made his decision

“Very well.” Shannon said.

Everyone’s eyes widened at this.

“R-Really?” Shane asked.

“Of course. I mean this is an entire WORLD we are talking about here.” Shannon explained. “I can’t just let so many people suffer after hearing about that.”

The angels’ eyes lit up when they had heard this.

“Really? T-Thank you! You have no idea how pleased we are to hear that.” Shane smiled.

“In fact…”

Everyone looked ahead.

“I do BETTER than that!” Shannon said with a grin. “I will join your army!”

Everyone’s eyes widened at this.

“Wait, what!?” Nathan exclaimed.

“But of course! Even MY magic isn’t on the same level of an angel’s but it should be more than enough to be more than a great asset to you guys!” Shannon grinned.

“Forget it! Not after your horrible attitude to Sachelle and the others!” Priscilla scolded.

Shannon winced before looking up. “Aw, come on! You need all of the help you could get right! Isn’t that why you came all of the way here?”

“He IS right, Priscilla.” Ramiel mused. “If he is that adept at magic as he claims, then he would be an excellent soldier should we be forced to go on the battlefield.”

“That is what I am saying!” Shannon grinned. “Come on! Let me join! Please!”

Shane paused before looking up at Priscilla. “Priscilla, say what you want about his initial attitude but it is clear that he genuinely wants to protect our world.”

“Agreed.” Ramiel nodded. “He clearly realizes that there is bigger things to worry about.”

Nathan stepped forward. “But how do we know that we could trust this guy?”

“What? Come on! At least give me the benefit of the doubt!” Shannon pleaded before clasping his hands together. “Please!”

Priscilla groaned as she rolled her eyes. “Fine, fine. You may join.”

Nathan’s eyes widened when she said those words. “What!? Please tell me you are joking!”

“I wish I was…” Priscilla muttered. “But like Shannon said, we should give him the benefit of the doubt.”

Nathan held his head. “Ugh! This is a nightmare!”

“Calm down, Nathan. Who knows? Maybe Shannon will become a big asset to us.” Ramiel insisted.

“That’s right! I promise that you won’t regret this!” Shannon insisted.

“Too late.” Nathan muttered.

“Don’t mind them.” Shane said before holding out his hand. “We would be more than happy to have you with you!”

“Thank you. I am happy to join!” Shannon grinned as he accepted the handshake.

“So incidentally, what type of magic could you do?” Shane asked.

“Well, ANY type of magic, really. But the spells I do know NOW are…” Shannon started.

As the two talked, most of the others had cast Shannon suspicious glare.

“This is a huge mistake and you know it, Priscilla!” Nathan scolded.

Fidestos gave a low growl before casting Shannon an unfriendly gaze.

Priscilla let out a deep sigh. “Look, I’ll be lying if I said I don’t want to listen to you for once, Nathan but let’s give him a chance.”

“Yes. In fact, Shannon is clearly surprisingly me by how selfless and eager-to-please he is being.” Ramiel smiled.

Shannon continued to grin while talking with Shane.

“Heh heh heh. I may live my whole life without getting any students and yet I would be okay with that. After I get into sainthood for helping out not only an angel but THE king of them, everyone would be sure to be in awe at me.”
EA-LEC: Heaven Have Become Greater
Here is my main story entry for :iconea-lec: Basically, Shannon is going to join the angels' party. I repeat. Shannon will now become an ally for the angels. Yeah, I believe this speaks for itself. :XD:

XP goes to Shannon.

Shannon, Shane, Priscilla, Nathan, Ramiel, Sachelle and Fidestos belongs to me.

Exercitus Artifex aka the League of Extraordinary Characters belongs to :iconea-lec:
All five people looked on as they found themselves staring at least a hundred Heartless glaring at them in front of city Hall. Samurai Bob was shuddering at the sight at ONE Heartless and now he was forced to go up against a mini-army of them.

The zombie-like man then broke the silence.“It seems that whoever the summoner is, didn’t wanted us to come anywhere near it.”

The cheery woman then looked around. “Hey, speaking of the summoner, where is he?”

“He must be in the City Hall with the Chancellor! Come on! We are running out of time!” The bearded man yelled before rushing forward. “Out of my way, you heartless monsters!”

“Hey, wait!” Samurai Bob yelled, holding out his hand. “You shouldn’t go off on your own!”

However, it was too late as the bearded man had already made up his mind. The Heartless saw him coming and immediately got into a combat position before pouncing all at once, easily dogpiling him.

“Oh no!” Samurai Bob gasped as he and the cheery girl looked on in horror.

Suddenly, all of the Heartless were sent flying in different directions of the area as if they had been a part of a large explosion. The others looked in shock to see the bearded man standing up straight with his fists in the air. Wasting no time, he started to swing his fists at the nearest Heartless, instantly killing them.

“Fascinating…” Samurai Bob said in awe.

“He is like a juggernaut!” The cheery woman claimed with her eyes lighting up.

The stoic woman on the other hand paused before making her way to a building.

“Huh? Where are you going, miss?” Samurai Bob asked, holding out a hand.

The stoic woman looked back. “I will provide support from higher up from this fire escape.”

With that, she had started to climb up the ladder of a fire escape. The other three watched her climb up.

“Well, it looks like it is the frontlines for us!” The cheery woman said before rushing forward. “Sudden Impact!”

She then leapt up into the air and shot a energy bullet that looked like a dragon’s head straight up out of her staff as if it was a rifle.

Suddenly, it vanished as reappeared in the crowd of Heartless sending them flying straight towards her. She grinned before stepping forward and closed her eyes as a light blue circle appeared underneath her feet and causing her to glow. She then unleashed her attack just as the Heartless had reached her.

“Fearful Storm!” She yelled as a large tornado surrounded her and scooping into the Heartless, sending them spinning around for a few moments. It then sent them flying in different directions and crashing the wall, destroying them.

“Well, might as well get in on the action.” The zombie-like man said with a smirk. “Personally, I would have preferred it if they were organic or at least felt pain or fear but beggars can’t be choosers.”

Before Samurai Bob could question the zombie-like man’s comment, the latter was already making his way over to the nearest Heartless, albeit at a slow jog. The Heartless immediately charged towards him.

The zombie-like man’s smirk had gotten bigger as he readied himself. He then swung his arms, scratching the Heartless with his long fingernails, managing to destroy them instantly. He then stabbed his hand into the torso of another Heartless as if it was a knife destroying it.

He then breathed out fire in form of a flaming fire and LITERALLY TWISTED HIS HEAD AROUND, burning any Heartless near him before slashing them with his claws. Samurai Bob stared at the zombie-like man in pure horror. What WAS that guy?

Soon, realizing that he was the only one who was fighting, he readied himself and got into a stance and got ready to charge forward. It would ruin all of the effort to come all of the way to City Hall just to sit out.

However, he then froze when he heard a strange noise from behind him. Turning his head, he jumped when he saw a familiar figure hopping towards him. It was the kangaroo-like Pokemon from earlier.

“Huh? What are YOU doing here?” Samurai Bob asked in surprise. He then shook his head. “Doesn’t matter! Stay back! These monsters are dangerous!”

However, the samurai’s warning fell on deaf ears as the Pokemon ignored him and hopped towards the battle.

“No!” Samurai Bob called out in horror before rushing after the Pokemon.

Then, an armoured Heartless made his way towards the Pokemon with a sword and raised it over his head to swing it down on him.

However, a glint had appeared in the Pokemon’s eye.

In a flash, the Pokemon had managed to zoom straight over to the Heartless and punching it hard to the torso, knocking it away. Another Heartless had tried its hand at attacking him but he saw it coming from a mile away and kicked his feet out in its torso, sending it into a small group of Heartless, knocking the down.

The Pokemon then pulled his hands in a position as if he was holding a ball. Suddenly, a green sphere of energy had started to grow between the Pokemon’s hands. As the Heartless were slowly getting up, he launched the energy ball at the small group and managed to hit all of them and destroyed them at once.

The Pokemon gave a smug smirk as he made his way over to the nearest Heartless. Samurai Bob looked in awe as the Pokemon started to beat down the monsters, one-by-one by using its arms and feet. It wasn’t even the size of a ten-year-old child and yet it was tearing apart Heartless left and right.

The zombie-like man noticed the Pokemon’s assault and raised an eyebrow. “Who is the kangaroo with the fungus problem?”

The bearded man temporarily stopped pouncing Heartless to look at the Pokemon. “Heh. Good question.”

Even the stoic woman was looking down at the Pokemon with a look of awe on her face. Suddenly, she quickly noticed a Heartless was sneaking up behind the cheery woman. Acting quickly, she aimed her sniper rifle at the Heartless and fired a bullet, performing a headshot which destroyed it instantly and saving her current ally.

Before she could continue her assault, she heard a strange noise from the air. Looking up, she saw a few flying Heartless were making her way towards the fire escape she was on.

Despite seconds away from being attacked, the stoic woman merely narrowed her eyes before putting down the rifle and pulling out a pistol. Taking aim with both hands, she fired it at the Heartless while aiming for their vital parts like their heads or wings.

Samurai Bob stared in awe and he looked back and forth between his five allies. They were all taking down the Heartless as if it was no big deal for them. He then looked at his katana. Was his knowledge of how to properly wield a katana enough to stop these monsters?

“Yo, Samurai Dude, look alive!”

Samurai Bob immediately snapped back to reality when he saw a bunch of Heartless heading towards him. The one leading the pack had a sword which it swung at him. The dark-haired man yelped before quickly blocking the attack with his own sword. Acting quickly, he shoved himself forward to send the Heartless staggering back and crashing into the other Heartless. He then swung his sword several times, managing to kill each and every one of them.

Samurai Bob paused for a moment. He then got into his stance. It seems like he could actually stand a chance if he knows what he is doing. It was far too late to be second-guessing himself. He had to save Goombill.


Goombill shook like a pair of maracas as he still continued to hold his camera. How did this happen? All he wanted to do was explore Trigleph and get a lot of information for his boss and now he was a hostage.

Sitting on a cushion, he looked around the room it was in. It was a nice and clean office. It had a few things like a couple of potted plants and a bookshelf to make it seemed more refined. However, despite the lovely appearance, the atmosphere was far from friendly.

The summoner of the Heartless and his kidnapper smirked as he crossed his arms as he looked at his other hostage, the Chancellor of Elympios. The Chancellor was an older woman with short auburn hair and glasses while wearing a grey suit with a white dress shirt  and a bolo tie. Needless to say, she didn’t not looked happy.

CHANCELLOR MARCIA/Tales Of Xillia 2/Namco/Chancellor Of Elympios/Uses Planet To Save Refugees

“Well, well, well, Chancellor. I must say, I could see why you are considered the world leader of Elympios.” The summoner said, crossing his arms. “Even now, you STILL refuse to surrender to me.”

“So you think just because you had defeated and captured all of my guards and keeping me here means I should bow down to a terrorist like you?” Marcia challenged.

The summoner laughed while putting his hands on his hips. “You are a brave woman to speak so boldly to me. Needless to say though, it is greatly misplaced. I have the entire building surrounded with my Heartless army.”

“So? That doesn’t mean you are going to get away with this.” Marcia coolly said, crossing her arms. “Even if I cave in and give you power over the world, do you really think its inhabitants would listen to YOU?”

“Oh, they’ll listen to me.” The summoner smirked. “I could easily drown this entire city with my servants, forcing everyone to follow ME. Now, do you really a world without its own A.S.H. could stand against me?”

“Actually, I know. There may be a lot of recovering and scared people from different worlds but the people on this planet is not weak.” Marcia scolded. “There are a lot of people who don’t want their world being overrun by an evil sorcerer like you! We don’t need the A.S.H. to stand up for ourselves!”

“Um, I just like to remind you that I am not actually from this planet so can I bow down to him?” Goombill piped up.

Marcia glared at the Goomba. “And it is that type of attitude is why Goombas have such a bad reputation!”

“Well, unfortunately for you…” The summoner started.

Suddenly, the three had heard a noise. They all turned towards the window to see a Heartless soaring past, looking like it was sent flying by an attack.

“What the devil?” The summoner asked before walking over to the window. His eyes then bugged out when he saw the ragtag team were tearing apart of his army of Heartless. “What!?”

Marcia smirked while crossing her arms. “Well, I admit it is much earlier than I thought but it seemed that I was right about the people of Elympios not standing for your actions.”

The summoner gritted his teeth at what much the tides were turning against him. Suddenly, he merely smirked.

“Whatever. It’s fine. They don’t know what they are up against. I wanted to show off my power to the public, sooner or later anyway.” He said.

He then gave his way over to Goombill, who scooted back in fear.

“H-Hey, get away, man!” Goombill pleaded.

“Uh-uh-uh! I can’t do that!” The summoner said with a big grin on his face. “You are FAR too important to me!”

Before Goombill could even have a chance to scream, the summoner had grabbed him by the head with one hand. Using his free hand to snap his fingers, he created a dark aura around the two of them before they both vanished into thin air.

Marcia looked on in concern and worry. She then made her way over to the window to watch the fight unfold.

“Stay strong, whoever you are…” She said, softly.


Back in the battle, things were clearly in the favour of the ragtag team. Despite how much Heartless was respawning, the six had easily dispatched them just as fast as they had appeared.

Samurai Bob slashed the head off of another Heartless, killing it instantly. With each passing minute, he was actually feeling less nervous about his chances and felt that they could actually win. He was actually going to protect his friends and new home from this monsters.


Everyone (even the Heartless for some reason) had stopped what they were doing and looked in the direction of the loud laugh to see a man with a dark aura around him, standing on top of City Hall.

“So the puppeteer have finally decided to reveal himself to the audience…” The zombie-like man said, crossing his arms.

It then disappears to reveal the summoner’s true form. Goombill was also heard stuck in a dark bubble. Samurai Bob gasped at this.

“So you people do not wish me taking over City Hall, huh? Well, unfortunately, I will make you regret that decision for years to come!” The summoner taunted. “Mere mortals! Grovel before my feet at the almighty presence of…”


The summoner’s eyes bugged out before looking down at him to see Samurai Bob with a slack jaw.

“Samurai Bob!? What are YOU doing here!?” The dark-haired man said in disbelief. “You can’t fight!”

The bearded man looked back and forth between the two Simsville survivors before looking at Samurai Bob. “Wait, you two KNOW each other?”

“Y-Yes, he is one of the survivors from my doomed hometown.” Samurai Bob said before looking back at Morcubus. “Morcubus, what is the meaning of this!?”

The dark-haired man paused before letting out a deep sigh. “I am going to take over Trigleph by starting right from the top and seize City Hall itself.”

“As much as I hate to say it but that is not what I meant and you know it!” Samurai Bob roared.

Morcubus winced at this.

“Morcubus, you are the summoner of these Heartless, are you not?” Samurai Bob asked, pointing at the monsters who was standing here. “Tell me, were you also the one who summoned the Heartless back in Simsville?”

“Simsville!?” The bearded man gasped. “As in the Simsville massacre!”

The red-clad man paused for a moment. “Yes… I did that.”

Samurai Bob stood in his spot while shaking his head in disbelief at what he had just heard. It was bad enough of having their home destroyed by those monsters but the person responsible was one of their own. He then gritted his teeth, feeling anger boiling inside of him.

“Tell me why? Why did you do it!? I knew that you liked to call yourself a villain but this… This is beyond unfavourable!” Samurai Bob roared.

Morcubus immediately growled. “Did you not recalled that conversation we had nearly a hour ago!? Even I found what had happened to Simsville a tragedy!”

The other five looked at each other, realizing that they may had walked themselves into something bigger than they thought.

“What are you talking about!?” Samurai Bob demanded. “Isn’t this the very thing you done back in the Simsville!

“I merely wanted to seize control of the town! Not destroy it!” Morcubus insisted before looking down. “I merely summoned them to threaten Mayor Rosalyn! But instead they…”

Samurai Bob paused. “But they went out of control.”

The zombie-like man shook his head. “Yeah, judging by the stereotypical laugh and over-the-top intro, I could see that coming.”

Morcubus’ eyes bugged out before glaring down at the man. “What!?”

“It is just like I said. You were a complete wannabe, thinking that you could control with limited power over the dark arts.” The zombie-like man pointed out. “I know that while it is fun to experiment with, they are NOT toys.”

“I knew that!” Morcubus roared in anger.

The cheery woman paused. “Wait, hold up! If you couldn’t control the Heartless before then how are you able to control them NOW?”

Morcubus paused for a moment. He then spread out his arm and opened his hand. Suddenly, a trail of purple energy had formed in his hand. He then closed it to reveal a specter.

“Well, since you are so curious, I suppose I could educate you on my accomplishments.” Morcubus explained. “I had acquired this specter from an item shop! I believe you already know this but there are magical items that could amplifies a mage’s naturally power. In this case, it gives me the power to have full control over the Heartless. Isn’t that right?”

Suddenly, all of the Heartless had started to clap their hands (at least the one who did had hands), much to everyone’s bewilderment.

“And why did you kidnapped Goombill!?” Samurai Bob challenged.

“Why? Well, Goombill is doing a documentary on Trigleph, is he not?” Morcubus pointed out.

“Um, yes…?” Samurai Bob asked.

“Then, shouldn’t the person filming said documentary listen to the words of the future ruler?” Morcubus said before laughing heartily. “The documentary of MorcuLand!”

“Samurai Bob, you gotta help me!” Goombill pleaded with teary eyes. “I thought that museum curator had a big ego but the Chancellor and I nearly died of boredom inside!”

The six people all blinked twice at the replies of Morcubus and Goombill. Was that guy for real?

Morcubus stopped laughing before looking down. “But anyway, as you could see, I had actually earned my bragging rights of the prince of monsters. I had easily dispatched and captured all of the chancellor’s bodyguards. What could a bunch of random citizens do anything to stop me?”

Samurai Bob growled before getting into a stance. “You of all people should know that this is my new home now and I want to live in it in peace! A place where I could live without people invading it! And I don’t want to surrender this world! Not even to… Scratch that, especially not to you!”

Morcubus narrowed his eyes. “So that is how it is going to be?”

Samurai Bob nodded his head. “Yes, it is.”

The stoic woman paused before narrowing her eyes. “That is all I need to hear.”

With that, she aimed her sniper rifle at Morcubus and fired a shot at it.

Only for it to stop in mid-air as if it hit struck sometime. The stoic woman’s eye widened as the figure she shot appeared. Samurai Bob gaped in shock as the figure revealed itself to be the same giant Heartless that had crushed all of the people in the building back in Simsville.

Said Heartless reached out for the stoic woman and grabbed her with one hand. She gritted her teeth as she struggled to escape with Morcubus looking bored.

“Heh. It seems the Elympios women having greater courage than I thought.” Morcubus noted. He then smirked. “Too bad it is strongly misplaced.”

“Let her go!” The bearded man roared, angrily before rushing over to the giant Heartless and punching it in the leg hard. This made it collapse on one knee and forced it to let go of the stoic woman, causing her to fall to the ground. The bearded man then leapt up and caught her in his arms.

“Gotcha!” The bearded man grinned before landing on his feet.

The stoic woman paused before looking away from him. “...Apologies.”

“Ha! Saving her had only delayed the inevitable! My Heartless forces will easily swarm you and make you bow down before your future ruler!” Morcubus laughed. “Heartless, attack!”

All of the Heartless obliged and started to attack the nearest organic person. Everyone immediately got themselves ready and returned to fighting the enemies.

“Cover me!” The stoic woman called out as she pulled out her pistol. “I am limited when it comes to close-range combat!”

“Okay!” The bearded man said before punching another Heartless. “Got it!”

However, not only do the two of them had to face off against the Heartless horde but they have to deal with the giant Heartless as well. Said Heartless had pulled its fist back for a strong punch.

However, the Pokemon saw this and narrowed his eyes. Acting quickly, he hopped onto one of the Heartless’ heads. Using it as a springpad, he bounced up into the air and sent a green energy ball at it. It then struck him in the face.

The Heartless gave a weird noise as if crying out in pain before looking at the guilty party. He then stomped over to the Pokemon to attack him.

Then, the cheery woman rushed over and fired a red energy shot straight into the Heartless’ face.

“Now it is time for the Star Scatter!” Pascal yelled before shooting a white ball of energy in the giant Heartless. “And for the grand finale, Star Crusher!”

With that, she fired the same blue beam with stars from before and into the enemy’s face making it stagger back. The Pokemon then charged up another energy ball and fired it forward in the enemy’s face.

Morcubus saw this and frowned when he realized that these people were stronger than they look. Perhaps it was time, he went on the frontlines.

“Behold, mortals! Tremble before the might of my power!” Morcubus yelled, pointing his specter at the cheery woman and the Pokemon and shot a blast of dark energy at them.

However, the cheery woman saw it coming and quickly blocked with her staff. But it forced her to fall onto her back. Morcubus smirked before trying away with another magic shot.

But the Pokemon would see none of that as he did a low kick on a nearby Heartless before jumping up and kicking it with both feet forward. This flew straight into the magic shot, acting as a shield and destroying it.

“Hey, thanks, little guy!” The cheery woman said, giving a thumbs up.

The Pokemon happily nodded before glaring up at Morcubus. He then charged up another energy ball before firing it at Morcubus. However, the sorcerer merely fired a magic shot to negate the two attacks.

“Get the staff out of his hands!” The zombie-like man before slashing the head of a Heartless off.

“Yeah, he should lose control over the Heartless completely!” The cheery woman agreed.

“Right! Lady, I got the giant one!” The bearded man yelled before rushing over the giant Heartless.

“Okay.” The stoic woman said, kicking away a Heartless and fired a few shots at Morcubus.

However, the dark-haired man saw this coming and yelped. He then pointed his staff and created a purple barrier just in time to block the bullets.

“Are you crazy, woman!?” Morcubus yelled, angrily. “You nearly killed me!”

“You are siccing a bunch of literally heartless monsters on us and you are calling HER out on doing lethal methods!?” The bearded man shouted in disbelief while casually blocking a punch from the Darkside Heartless.

“They are only attacking because you are futilely resisting me!” Morcubus retorted.

Samurai Bob shook his head while slashing another Heartless. At the rate, they would be fighting, they would all tire out before they could get through all of them, they had to get to Morcubus and get the specter out of his hands. But how? Morcubus now knows the long-range attacks of them and now he knows how to dodge them. He had to take Morcubus by surprise but how?

Suddenly, an idea had came into his head. Looking towards the bearded man, he saw that he was grabbing the giant Heartless by his weird hair and started to punch him in the head hard. Acting quickly, he rushed towards him and started to slash towards the Heartless group to get to him. This could be their big chance to stop Morcubus.

“Excuse me, sir!” Samurai Bob said, getting the bearded man’s attention. “Can I talk to you?”

The bearded man blinked twice in disbelief. “Bud, this is hardly the time and place for that.”

“I know, I know. Just hear me out.” Samurai Bob said.

Morcubus saw the exchanged between the two men and raised an eyebrow. What were those two up to? Suddenly, he saw them looked up at him with smirks on their faces. The bearded man then crouched down and put his hands together. Samurai Bob then stepped on it. Morcubus’s pupils shrank when he saw what was about to happen.

“Hut-hut-hike!” The bearded man shouted before giving Samurai Bob a boost. However, with his incredible strength, he sent the samurai flying up towards the air.

And straight towards Morcubus and Goombill.

Morcubus watched in horror as the samurai landed on the roof and while he stumbled a few steps, he managed to recover himself to turn around and get into his stance.

“Samurai Bob!” Goombill said with his eyes lighting up.

Acting out of fear, Morcubus fired a magic shot out of his specter at Samurai Bob who ducked underneath it and dashing forward. Before the sorcerer could have a chance to wave his specter to hold up a barrier, Samurai Bob swung his specter knocking it out of his hands and off of the roof.

Suddenly, all of the Heartless had vanished while the bubble that was surrounded Goombill had disappeared, letting the Goomba fall to the ground like a dull thud.

“Hoo yeah, man! You did it!” The bearded man shouted while pumping his fist in the air.

“Yay! Everyone who has a heart could go around do stuff like them!” The cheery woman cheered while throwing her arms in the air and releasing confetti out of nowhere.

The Pokemon cheered as he jumped up and down twice for joy.

“It is not over yet.” The stoic woman said, getting everyone’s attention.

“Huh? What do you mean?” The cheery woman asked.

“See for yourself.” The stoic woman said, pointing up at the roof.

Everyone looked up to see an angry Samurai Bob still pointing his sword at a terrified Morcubus.

“A-A-Alright, I must admit that even I, Morcubus, had not expected you to separate me from my specter.” Morcubus said with sweat forming on his face. “So I had decided to reward your bravery by actually conceding defeat and…”


Morcubus and some of the others jumped when they heard the samurai shout out in anger.

“You had killed so many of our friends and yet you still want to keep up this villain charade!?” Samurai Bob yelled.

“Whoa, Samurai Bob, p-please calm down.” Morcubus pleaded.

“Calm down, calm down! It took me all of my strength to calm down when I found those Heartless invading this city!” Samurai Bob yelled, angrily. “Do you have any idea how scared we were? Do you actually think we want to see those horrible monsters again!?”

“S-Samurai Bob… I-I…” Morcubus sputtered.

“Even this morning… I had a morning about that horrible day. How we lost nearly everything we loved and cherish.” The samurai roared. “And why? Just to rub your stupid ego!?”

Morcubus stepped back a couple of steps before looking behind him to see that he was trapped on the roof with no way to run. He then looked back to see Samurai Bob advancing forward.

“Mr. Samurai, no!” The cheery woman shouted before rushing forward. “Don’t do this!”

“Yeah, the bastard is going to jail and he isn’t getting out anytime soon!” The bearded man yelled, cupping his hands to his mouth. “He is going to pay with what he done!”

“Yeah, man, I hate the guy too.” Goombill pleaded. “But doesn’t this goes against the Bushido Code?”

Samurai Bob glared at Morcubus for a few moments. He pulled his katana back, preparing for a horizontal slash. Everyone’s eyes widened as Morcubus put his hands in front of his face, preparing for the worse.

Samurai Bob then slammed the handle of his katana into Morcubus’ forehead. The sorcerer was out cold before he fell backwards, about to fall off the roof and to his death. But the samurai acted quickly by grabbing the unconscious Morcubus’ arm and pulling him to safety.

The bearded man, the cheery man and the Pokemon all sighed in relief. The stoic woman and the zombie-like man on the other hand stayed silent. Goombill did the same thing.

“S-Samurai Bob?” Goombill asked, softly.

“Goombill, I’m sorry…”

The Goomba looked up. “H-Huh?”

“At the A.S.H. Headquarters, I was lecturing you about the Bushido Code but I was about to break it and by nearly killed a defenceless man.” Samurai Bob said, sadly while holding Morcubus with his free arm. “I must look like a hypocrite.”

“N-No, I don’t think so at all.” Goombill said, shaking his head. “What I DO see is that the Bushido Code is harder to maintain than it looks.”

“Yes, it is.” Samurai Bob said before looking at the unconscious Morcubus. “I am sorry that I have scared you like that, my former friend, but unfortunately I still can’t forgive you and you have to pay for what you have done in prison.”

“Right. Let the legal system have his way with him.” Goombill nodded. “Oh, and could you do me a favour?”

Samurai Bob looked at Goombill. “And that is?”

“Get me a doctor.”

With that, he collapsed on his back.


It didn’t took that long for the police to come and take away Morcubus for threatening the Chancellor and endangering the city. As much as Samurai Bob and the other Simsville survivors were still mad at Morcubus, they were still upset that they lost one of their own again.

After the ragtag team were congratulated by the police and Chancellor Marcia for their brave efforts and giving a detailed police report, things pretty much went back to normal for the most part. But not for Samurai Bob, something had changed in him.

Samurai Bob sat on top of his bed in his room and looked at the wall of sheathed swords. The one he had in mind was the one he used in the battle. It was a week since the Heartless attack on Trigleph and yet he still felt his blood pumping from the whole experience.

He thought never had he would use a sword against somebody in a sparring match but let alone a life-or-death situation. Still, it was an empowering feeling. He wasn’t just sitting back and running for his life. He was actually in the fray trying to protect his new home and the people he loved. There was a part of him that wished he could do it again but he knew that it may not had been his place.

Suddenly, a knocking at the door had brought him out of his train of thought.

“I’m coming!” Samurai Bob called out before getting up and walking over and turning the knob and opening it.

Suddenly, a face of a piglet was shoved it his face.

“Samurai Bob, say hello to Bounceback!” Renee said, brightly with the Spoink bouncing in her hands.

“Spoink! Spoink!” The Pokemon said, cheerfully.

“Oh!” Samurai Bob said, surprised. “N finally let you keep him!”

“Yep! I had to learn a LOT of info about Pokemon and Spoinks in general but it was worth it!” Renee grinned. “Isn’t he just the cutest little thing?”

Samurai Bob gave a light chuckle. “Yes, I suppose that there IS some charm to him.”

Renee then frowned before she looked back. “When I found out that Morcubus, one of our own was responsible for the massacre, I was devastated. It was bad enough that our town had gotten destroyed but by someone who I genuinely thought was our friend.”

“Renee…” Samurai Bob frowned.

But Renee then looked at Samurai Bob with a bright smile. “But at the same time, now I don’t have to worry about coming across those evil monsters ever again! Thanks to you and the others, I genuinely believe that Trigleph won’t end up like Simsville.

“Spoink! Spoink! Spoink!” Bounceback cheered while bouncing on Renee’s hands.

“Thus why I named this Spoink Bounceback. Because people CAN bounce back from terrible experiences. And should I ever forget that, I know I have you and this little guy to remind me otherwise!” Renee smiled.

Samurai Bob smiled at this. At least Renee had something to take her mind off of the fact that Morcubus were behind the Heartless invasions.

Suddenly, he noticed that there was something between Spoink and Renee’s hands.

“Hm? Renee, what is it?” Samurai Bob pointed out.

The strawberry blonde’s eyes widened. “Oh, right! I nearly forget! It’s mail for you! Give it to him, Spoink.”

The pig Pokemon nodded. Suddenly, the pink orb on his head got engulfed in a blue aura which startled Samurai Bob. Said aura surrounded the envelope as well. Samurai Bob looked in awe as the envelope moved from underneath Spoink’s bouncing spring and floating in mid-air in front of the green-clad man. He slowly looked on before taking it.

“Now isn’t THAT cool! Now only is he a pig with a spring and a pearl on his head but he also has PSYCHIC POWERS!” Renee said, excitedly. “How amazing is that?”

“Y-Yes… I am fully aware of the incredible feats Pokemon could do but still…” Samurai Bob said, slowly.

He then shook his head and opened the envelope before taking out the letter that was inside of it. He then read it.

Suddenly, his head shot back with a slack jaw. Much to Renee and Spoink’s surprise, he rushed over to the wall and took the sheathed katana that he used in the battle with his free hand before rushing back to the door.

“I am sorry but I have to leave now!” Samurai Bob said before patting Spoink on the head. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Spoink! Welcome to the family!”

With that, he rushed past the two and practically sprinted down the hallway with Renee and Spoink looking in awe.

“Wait, where are you going? What does the letter say? Samurai Bob!” Renee called out.

She and Spoink paused before looking at each other in confusion. What in the world was on the letter that Samurai Bob?


Samurai Bob rushed down the streets of Trigleph as fast he could. Along the way, he bumped into several people. Even after some angrily yelled at him, all he could do was shout a quick apology before continuing his running, he didn’t knew if there was a time limit but he didn’t wanted to be late. Soon, he had reached his destination as he skidded to a stop.

The completed All-Star Heroes Headquarters. At the entrance, he saw the two guards that were standing outside.

Samurai Bob quickly jogged over to the guards. “Um, I am sorry but I had received a letter and…”

“Ah, say no to more, sir!” One guard reassured.

“Yes, we were waiting JUST to let you in!” The other guard agreed. “Please come inside!”

“T-Thank you!” Samurai Bob said before bowing his head and rushed backwards the guards. After making his way up the stairs, he knocked on the large doors with his free hand.

Samurai Bob waited patiently for a few minutes. Suddenly, the two slid open to reveal the cheery woman that helped him in the fight.

“Samurai Bob, you made it!” She said, brightly. She then grabbed his free hand and ran off. “Come on! Everyone else is waiting for you!”

“H-Hey, wait up!” Samurai Bob yelled, struggling to keep up.

Thankfully for Samurai Bob, it didn’t took long for the cheery woman to take him to their destination. However, once he were there, he gaped in shock.

Standing in a room with some kind of platform the middle of it were a lot of people that were looking waiting at him. There were all of his allies from the Heartless fight along with Chancellor Marcia, N and two men.

The first one was a tall well-built man with tan skin and long dark hair. He was dressed nicely in a black suit with a blood red dress shirt and a black tie with red gloves and black shoes. He had a stoic look on his face.

The second one was an aging man with long grey hair that was tied in a ponytail. He wore glasses only with a dark blue suit with a lavender dress shirt and a purple tie along with black gloves and black shoes.

GAIUS/Tales Of Xillia/Namco/King Of Rieze Maxia/Expert Swordsman/Constantly Frowning

ROWEN J. ILBERT/Tales Of Xillia/Namco/Prime Minister Of Rieze Maxia/Excellent Strategist/Skilled Fencer And Mage

But what had taught his attention was that the strange platform was showing some kind of hologram of a man. He was bald with a red admiral’s jacket and dark pants. But the most noticeable thing about about was his robotic red eyes.

“Ah, Samurai Bob, you have finally arrived. Please come over.” The bald man said with a small smile.

“O-Okay…” The samurai said nervously as he walked over to the others. He then looked around. The chancellor of Elympios, the prime minister AND king of the neighbouring world, Rieze Maxia AND HIM in the same room.

“Now, I believe you are wondering why I summoned you all here.” The bald man explained. Everyone nodded. “Well, I had heard about your amazing great feat of courage a week ago. I must say, I am more than impressed.”

“Um, um, thank you.” Samurai Bob said with his face turning red.

“My, my, it seems that our samurai friend here is blushing.” Rowen said with a small smirk.

Samurai Bob was taken back before looking away.

“It is alright. You don’t have to be shy about your accomplishments. Each and every one of you had done a great thing today.” The bald man said. “You had saved Trigleph and Chancellor Marcia from that sorcerer and his army of Heartless. Each and every one of you with your special talents.”

With that, he had gone to look with each and every one of them.

“Tetsuo, you have tremendous strength along with surprisingly agility to go along with that. On top of that, I could see how passionate you are on helping others.”

The bearded man grinned as he crossed his arms proudly.

“Marina, you have proven to have excellent accuracy with firearms and from what I had heard, you didn’t lose your cool for one second.”

The stoic woman merely nodded her head.

“Pascal, while not as accurate as Marina, your large array of specialized shots makes up for it in terms of diversity. I could also see that you are not one to lose hope.”

The cheery woman grinned as she put her hands behind the back of her head.

“Breloom, you are an amazing fighter despite your small stature and I could see why you are more than willing to go up against any enemy opposing you.”

The Pokemon proudly put his hands on his as N smiled and patted him on the head.

“Wraith… I can’t say I enjoy seeing them but you are quite unpredictable in your unorthodox fighting style and is quite knowledge about black magic.”

The zombie-like man smirked as he put his hand on his chin.

“And Samurai Bob… Despite never being in a sparring match before, you had shown great skill in the battle and the determination of protecting your new home.”

The moustached man scratched the side of his head. “Um, thank you. I was just…”

Suddenly, he froze.

“Wait, how did you know that I had never fought before?”

“Yessss… I was getting to that.” The bald man said. “You see, Goombill, he isn’t an documentarist, he actually works for ME.”

Samurai Bob was taken back by this. “What?”

“Yes, he was actually sent here to scout out Trigleph.” The bald man said.

Samurai Bob looked to the side. “I KNEW he was too unprofessional to be a documentarist…”

“Please don’t be mad at Goombill for deceiving you. He was just following my orders.” The bald man reassured. “But anyway, he was scouting for fighters.”

The six looked surprised by this.

“That’s right. I think this goes without saying but I only heard about Elympios and Rieze Maxia recently so the two worlds doesn’t have their own A.S.H. branch yet.” The bald man explained. “Of course, that cannot do.”

“W-W-Wait… Are you saying… That you want us to…” Samurai Bob said, pointing to himself.

“That’s right. All of you had each shown great courage and fighting capabilities.” The bald man said with a small smile. “If you would, could you six form the A.S.H. for Elympios?”

Samurai Bob’s jaw dropped. He had always looked up to the A.S.H. after what had happened to his hometown and now he gets to actually be part of them. Fighting to protect their world from evil and making it easier for its citizens to sleep at night. This was like a dream come true.

“I’ll accept!” Tetsuo piped up while beating his fist against his chest. “I would had done everything in my power to protect this world, anyway!”

“Yeah, I am in! I am in!” Pascal cheered while holding her hand in the air. “I had heard of all of the cool stuff you guys done!”

“Breloom!” Breloom said, pumping his stubby arm in the air.

“It seems that Breloom wants to join as well.” N chuckled.

The Wraith smirked. “So basically I get to have some more fun with more people? Sure, I will play the hero.”

“Um, you DO mean that you will be having some fun with the CRIMINALS, right?” The bald man challenged.

“I’ll join.” Marina said, crossing her arms.

“A-A-And if you would have me, then please let me join too.” Samurai Bob said.

“Excellent!” The bald man grinned. “Now all we have to do is choose a leader.”

Tetsuo smirked as he put his hands behind his back.

“Samurai Bob.”

Both Samurai Bob and Tetsuo looked shocked when they heard this.

“M-M-Me?” Samurai Bob asked.

“Yes, even if you are new to battle, you have the makings of a great leader. Strong, wise, kind and level-headed.” The bald man smiled.

“Level-headed?” Samurai Bob asked before looking down. “I lost the right to call myself that after what I nearly done to Morcubus.”

The bald man frowned. “It is alright. I could completely see why you nearly done that. That man had took your home and now he tried to take your new home. Your rage is completely justified.”

Samurai Bob paused.

“But in the end, you didn’t let it overcome you. You merely let the law deal with him.” He said. “That takes a lot of strength after what he had done to you.”

Samurai Bob looked at his hands. “But… Even if I didn’t try to kill him, I am really that qualified.”

The bald man paused. “Do anyone else have a problem with Samurai Bob being the leader?”

“Nope! I will gladly follow his six any time of the day!” Pascal grinned.

Marina merely shrugged her shoulders. “If you truly believe he is up to the job, I will have no qualms with letting him lead.”

The Wraith shrugged as well. “Eh. If that is what you wish.”

Breloom nodded his head, confirming that he agreed with the others.

“And you, Tetsuo?” The bald man asked as he looked at the man who seemed like he was in daze.

“Huh?” The muscular man said, snapping back to reality. He then smiled. “Oh, of course. I mean if you and everyone else says that he is fitted for the job, then he is fitted for the job.”

“Right…” The bald man frowned as he, Marcia, Gaius and Rowen cast him suspicious glares.

“Well, I guess that it is unanimous! Samurai Bob is now our leader!” Pascal smiled before grabbing Samurai Bob’s arm and raising it in the air.

“I-I am a leader…” Samurai Bob said, softly. “I am not only a part of the A.S.H. but I am also a LEADER. T-This has to be a dream. Somebody pinch me!”

Pascal promptly obliged.

“Ow! Pascal!” Samurai Bob scolded, holding his arm.

“Just following orders, boss.” Pascal smiled.

Marcia chuckled. “Now, everyone, please listen up. All I want you to do is to everything in your power to protect both Elympios and Rieze Maxia. Cast aside, technicalities. Treat them as if it is one big world.”

“I was hesitant of letting a bunch of greenhorns to Elympios and Rieze Maxia be its protectors.” Gaius said with his eyes closed. He then opened them. “But I could see why Cortez is letting you six have this position. Nonetheless, I expect nothing but a 100% from each and every one of you whenever you go on your mission.”

“You may face foes that even more dangerous than that Morcubus fellow and may do unthinkable things. Just be ready for anything.” Rowen explained. “Otherwise, I wish nothing but the best of luck to each and every one of you.”

“I… I…” Samurai Bob said. He then put his fist to his mouth and stifled a cough before giving a salute. “Admiral Cortez, Chancellor Marcia, King Rowen and Prime Minister Rowen, I… No, WE will not let you down.”

Admiral Cortez gave a smile as he nodded. “Good. That is what we want to hear.”

“Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need any resources from me.” Marcia smiled.

“Same should you ever go into Rieze Maxia.” Gaius said. “As king, I will not allow hand you my services but even my blade if I need.”

Rowen chuckled. “I am quite skilled in combat. So if the situation calls for it, I shall assist you myself.”

Samurai Bob then looked at the rest of his new team. “Everyone, I know that we may not know each other and we had been picked to work together for a reason. I know that I am new to being a leader but can I count on you guys’ support?”

With that, he held out his hand.

Pascal smiled before putting her hand on top of Samurai Bob’s. “Don’t worry, I am here until the end!”

“Breloom!” Breloom said, hopping over and putting his hand on top of Pascal’s.

The Wraith shrugged before walking over and putting his hand on top of Breloom’s. “Sure, why not, not the first time I have to follow orders.”

“I am at your command.” Marina said putting her hand on top of the Wraith’s.

Tetsuo paused before walking over with a small smile and putting his hand on top of Marina’s. “Yeah, I am in too till the very end.”

Samurai Bob smiled as he looked around at everyone. His happy smile then turned into a confident grin.

“Alright, All-Star Heroes, Elympios Branch, let’s do it!”


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I saw! I saw! And it was AWESOME! :iconexcitedplz: Ah, come on! Did you saw their moves in the video! It was excellent!
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hi bro ^W^ it's been a while!! um...this is an awkward question but...who's turn is it on the roleplay?? i'm not kidding I honestly forgot ^^;
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Kyo: What, you're still using a gun?
Henry: Oh yeah! Cause it's not like I have no experience of martial arts, or that getting close to a monster whould get me killed, or that it's impossible for me to make fire on my hands, or that I care for my survival rather than being a "a manly man"! All it matters is that I have to use my fists just so I can become an idiot that desperately wants pointless bragging-rights just to show-off people who won't even believe you!!
Iori: ...I'm still calling you a coward.
Tinyhammer Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2015
XD Poor Henry. Being stuck with Iori is bad enough but while Kyo isn't nearly as abrsavive, he isn't too much better.
ContraNeo Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015
Got some more ;)
Yuri & Karin (2)
Ed: Yuri! You can turn into monsters, can I please see them!?
Yuri: Heh, i'm not one for showing off, but with that excitment it would be criminal to dissapoint!
Karin: Yuri does a very good job at making people happy, which is one of the reasons why i'm glad to be in his side.

Madoka & Homura
Ed: Wow...after hearing that, I hope that my Baby Sister is not a Magical Girl.
Homura: Don't worry about that, I don't believe that your universe has any incubators. *Sigh*
Madoka: Don't be depressed Homura, even with the chaos in our world you're not alone anymore. With me, and our friends by your side, we would finally end the suffering.

Haruhi & Kyon
Kyon: Say Haruhi, have you notice that Ed looks...yellow?
Haruhi: So what? He probably stayed in the sun for too long.
Ed: Really? I thought it was becuase I ate too much buttered toast.

Haruhi & Kyon (2)
Kyon: Say Haruhi, do you think that Ed's strength is rather...inhuman?
Haruhi: Don't be stupid, Kyon! He probably just works out everyday.
Ed: I didn't know that hugging chickens and eating buttered toast is exercise.

Eddy & Double D
Eddy: Ha! Ha! The gang's back baby! Now let's get to work, Boys!
Ed: I'm so happy to be with my pals again! We're like the sandwich with the extra lettuce and mayonnaise, and the bugs that are smashed by the windshield car!
Double D: Yeah...let's hope that we won't mess up like we did with our scams.

Akihiko & Mitsuru
Deadpool: Boy Mitsuru, I sure hope you won't use MARIN KARIN over and over again.
Mitsuru: WHAT! Are you suggesting that i'm that desperate to do such a perverted thing!? After this, I'm going to exterminate you!!
Akihiko: If his intentions where to scare our enemies, then he is one coniving mastermind.

Haruhi & Kyon
Deadpool: I don't like you anymore, that whole Endless Eight senario was not cool.
Haruhi: Endless Eight? We never even start developing that movie yet.
Kyon: (Does that mean he is some kind of time traveler? God knows the chaos if a loony like him can fly through time!)

Akihiko & Mitsuru
Ferra: You and You have mount, but all no ride mount and mount gone. We no get it!
Mitsuru: It's not a mount, but rather a persona. Made-up from accepted emotions who fight along and protect their users who successfully tamed them.
Akihiko: Similar to you and Torr. We can even say that you already have your own persona! (But, really not.)

Eddy & Double D
Ferra: Ed like Torr, Ed can be mount.
Double D: While I can see why, i'm not sure if doing that is a good idea.
Eddy: I would probably start my own will if Sarah or May becomes the rider.

Yuri & Karin
Ferra: Yuri turns to Giant Rock Monster, Karin rides monster, and attacks like we!
Karin: You mean I can give orders to Yuri at any time? That's actually a good idea, Ferra. *chuckles*
Yuri: Like you have any way to force me to become your packing mule!

Kortal Kahn & Erron Black
Kortal Kahn: I am Kortal Kahn, Emperor of Outworld! Stop your actions and give up, resistance will result with death!
Ferra: Beating not be pretty! We smash all bones and rip eyeballs!
Erron Black: Nope, still glaring. Oh well, this is always my favorite part.

Next time i'm going to do journals :p
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