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White snowflakes had descended down from the sky and slowly made their way to the ground below. The temperature in the air had decreased quite a bit and the sun was harder to make out every day due to the clouds covering it up. This was because it was November and the season of snow had finally arrived.

However, the people there had hardly noticed. Then again, when you live in Amaranth Falls, a small continent that seemed to be eternally stuck in winter, this was a given. While it made the snow fall a bit stronger, it was not by much. That was why people were doing their usual person.

Standing on top of one of the many namesakes of the continent stood a man. However, he wasn’t a human. Instead, he was an anthro. Particularly a white tiger. He was dressed in typical clothes that you wear for winter.

His eyes were narrowed as he glared up at the falling snowflakes. After a few seconds had passed, he had held up his hands out.

Then, something happened. One of the descending snowflakes had swiftly changed their direction as if being blown by a sudden breeze. Then, another snowflake had went into a different direction. Soon, several snowflakes had followed their example.

At first glance, it seemed like the snowflakes flying around in random directions but they were really heading towards each other forming some kind of icy shape. Soon, said shape soon to grow larger.

It was forming a giant snowflake made out of ice. All the tiger needed was a few more snowflakes to finish this work.

However, something flashed in front of him that made his eyes widened.

It was an image of another white tiger. However, it was younger and female.

“Christmas?” The tiger said softly.

It was then he had completely lost focus and stopped his work. This made the unfinished snowflake dropped like a stone. The tiger gasped before looking down the fall as the snowflake crashed at the bottom, shattering into a million pieces. Thankfully, there was nobody to get hurt by the shards.

The tiger let out a roar of frustration at what had happened. “What’s wrong with me? I was able to do that all of the time when I was fifteen but now I could barely do it without getting distracted…”

He then let out a deep sigh. Why was he asking questions he already knew the answer to? It was clear what was the main source of his lack of focus. He had to get over this hurdle but how. She just doesn’t reply that much. Was it because she was so busy?

“Um, excuse me?”

The tiger’s raised an eyebrow before turning around. He then saw a cute human child walking up to him.

“Oh, what is it, little one?” The tiger said.

“Um, your wife asked me to come get you as quickly as possible, Mr. Frigus.” The child pointed out.

The tiger’s eyes widened at this. “What? Is something wrong?”

“I don’t know. All I know is that she had gotten a letter from someone named Christmas.” The child explained.

The tiger’s pupils shrank.


Without a second thought, he practically zoomed past the child, startling her. The white tiger had dashed down the path, leading back to the village that he had lived in kicking up snow as he did so.

As he ran into the village, he nearly ran into every person that was in his face. Naturally, this caused him to get a lot of angry responses. He shouted out as many apologies as he could but he didn’t had any time to stop. This was too important to him.

Soon, he had finally reached his house. He wasted no time sprinting to the door and grabbing the doorknob turning it and letting himself inside.

“Nix!” The tiger called out.

“Frigus, is that you?” A female voice called out.

“That’s right, dear! I came as soon as I heard!” He said, closing the door behind him and rushing over to the direction of the voice.

There, he found someone sitting on a chair with an envelope in their hand. It was another white tiger that was about as old as him.

“Had you opened it yet?” Frigus asked.

Nix merely shook her head. “No, I wanted to wait until you had returned home! I knew you are just as concerned about Christmas than I am!”

“Well, what are we waiting for?” Frigus asked. “Open it!”

Nix narrowed her head before not wasting any time using her sharp nails to open the envelope and pull out the letter out of it. Nix held it tightly with both hands and read it while Frigus ran behind her.

“Dear Mom and Dad, I am sorry that I haven’t been talking with the both of you recently. I haven’t sent you anything beyond letters even though you were missing me like that. Truth is, I miss you too. It is just that a lot of things had happened. Though I might as well start from the start.”

Frigus and Nix looked at each other before looking back down at the letter.

“First off, I had been lying to you guys. I haven’t gotten that stronger. At all. I still can’t use my ice magic at room temperatures. I tried to learn but I can’t. I am so devastated that all of my work was for nothing. I just couldn’t come back to you after all of this time as a failure. It didn’t helped that my own weakness had caused a lot of grief.”

Frigus and Nix paused with wide eyes upon reading this. Was that why they haven’t seen their daughter in a long while? It was because she was scared that they would be disappointed?

“I wanted to take this secret to my grave but I have to come clean. I had gotten kidnapped by a gang as a hostage for the local hero, Lupin. WHY was a hostage was a long story but anyway, they had taken me in a cold storage and used me to lure him into a trap to kill him. I can’t like that happen. I had to save him. I tried to free myself and save Lupin but in the end, it was all for naught.”

Frigus and Nix’s pupils shrank at what they had read. Their little pride and joy had gotten themselves captured by a bunch of dangerous criminals. Such a thought made Frigus’ anger flare up and Nix’s eyes started to water.

“In the end, he had gotten stabbed and his nephew had permanently lost his eye by a winged vampire. I couldn’t even get my revenge on him. He had gotten away. Also, said nephew now have to live with his uncle dead and only one eye but he also had to deal with something that is far beyond everyone’s understanding. That is why I am writing this letter. I am never coming back home.”

Frigus and Nix both gasped at this.

“Not after what my actions had done. I had made a vow to come back when I am stronger. Someone you could be proud of. Please don’t attempt to talk me out of it. I had already made up my mind. I hope you understand. I wish you and everyone else the best of luck in health back home Signed, Christmas.”

By this time, Nix had tears running down her face while Frigus merely stared with wide eyes. Their daughter had made it clear that she was never returning to them. It was clear from the letter that she was hurting and didn’t wanted them to see it. Frigus had wrapped his arms around Nix and hugged her tightly.

“Christmas, you could be the worst wizard in my family and you would still be our greatest Christmas present…” Frigus said softly. “Why can’t you see that…?”
EA-LEC: Coldly Leaving Behind Her Cool Home
Here is my entry for :iconea-lec:'s Weekly Prompt. This week's theme: Snow. Just in time for the holidays.

Naturally, when the theme is winter-related, I have to write about Christmas. Well, not really but I had written for her conviction.

XP goes to whoever has the lowest amount of XP.

Christmas, Frigus and Mix belongs to me.

Exercitus Artifex aka the League of Extraordinary Characters belongs to :iconea-lec:
Necross continued to glare down the small frame of Oswald who stepped back, still not wanting to start a fight with the man. However, the demon was more than willing to face off against Oswald. Not out of hatred but out of conviction.

After what seemed like gruelling minutes, Necross had made the first move, rushing over to Oswald, carrying the flaming Ignis Sword in his hand. The poor child yelped while jumping in place, knowing that he literally had milliseconds before the attack struck him.

Necross swung his sword in a horizontal fashion. Normally, he would had actually held back on Oswald seeing that he was just a kid and probably wouldn’t even survive that attack. However, being an artificial god, he should be able to take the attack.

However, all he felt his flaming blade striking was some kind of wall. Necross retreated back with wide eyes after realizing that he haven’t even struck Oswald. Lying straight in front of him was some kind of door-like barrier. He then noticed Oswald holding his palm out. Necross didn’t needed to think twice about where the barrier came from.

While startled, Necross merely gave a small, annoyed growl. Rushing back to the side of Oswald, he swung his sword at him again. Only for the artificial good to raise up his other palm and creating another barrier, successfully blocking the attack.

“Mr. Ross, please stop!” Oswald begged while making the first barrier disappear. “It doesn’t have to be this way!”

“Of course it doesn’t!” Necross said while stepping back. “Just tell me where your friend is!”

“Why are you going out of your way to hurt them?” Oswald challenged. “Why have they ever done to you!?”

“Why they did to me? What HAVEN’T they done for me!?” Necross snapped while still stepping back.

Soon, he stopped himself before readying his blade. He then narrowed his eyes before getting into a stance, similar to what baseball players do when they were preparing to hit a ball. Still keeping the mind-set of a baseball player, he swung his sword like a bat. This sent out a large arc of black fire straight at Oswald.

The child merely stood in his stance, getting ready to block the attack. Just as he predicted, he easily fended off the fiery projectile.

However, this was a distraction. The moment Necross released his attack, he chased after the projectile. He then rushed off to the side while Oswald was preoccupied with effortlessly blocking the attack. By the time he had noticed Necross appearing by his side, it was too late.

Necross then gave Oswald a swift kick to the side hard, sending the artificial god sprawling across the ground and making the barrier vanished. Oswald groaned before weakly looking up. His eyes then widened to the fullest when he saw Necross rushing over. Acting quickly, he fished into his robe and pulling out something just as Necross had coming closer.

“Forgive me!”

Pulling out a baton out of his robe, he quickly swung at Necross’ shin. Even with all of his demonic resistance, it still made him wince in pain from the attack. While it was only for a few seconds, it was more than enough for Oswald to get up and run off in the opposite direction, getting a bit of distance between him and Necross.

“Please! Don’t force me to hurt you in self-defence again!” Oswald pleaded.

Necross stared in absolute disbelief. He was coming at the canine with a flaming sword, clearly intent on attacking him and yet he was APOLOGIZING for trying to defend himself. How could anyone be this naïve?

“Seriously, what would Miss Maxine say if she found both of us doing this?” Oswald asked. “Two people fighting like this? It would probably break her heart.”

“You obviously don’t know Miss Maxine.” Necross said flatly.

He then paused while narrowing his eyes at his enemy. Sure, he was able to cause a sneak attack on Oswald but the yellow-furred child wouldn’t fall for the same mistake twice. Seeing that he won’t be able to make it past the barrier anytime soon, he might as well try to get through to him.

“Two wrongs don’t make a right?” Necross challenged while advancing forward. “What a naïve view of the world you have!”

“I admit that my view may seem childish but I believe I am right!” Oswald insisted, getting into a stance to summon another barrier. “Violence begets violence. What will all of this accomplish?”

“It would rest my soul at peace.” Necross said. “I saw your reaction when you was talking about how inconvenient it would be for me to meet your friends. They had obviously hurt you before! Just like they did to me!”

Oswald winced, remembering what happened the time he had met up with Priscilla and her angel friends.

“Look, I have no qualms believing that they had done something to hurt you whether it was intentional or not.” He said with a sigh. “But surely you don’t something to escalate.”

“Damn straight I want something to escalate!” Necross snapped.

After he had given his shout, his eyes shifted from left to right trying to think of something. He had to find a way around Oswald’s barrier somehow.

Then, his eyes had widened when they had noticed a nearby trashcan standing just a few feet away in front of Oswald. He then gave a smirk before rushing over. Oswald stepped back in surprise before quickly put his hand out in front of him to create another barrier.

That was when Necross ran to the side of him. Oswald quickly got ready to summon another barrier with his free hand. However, what he wasn’t counting on was Necross leaping on top of the trashcan and quickly jumped off of it, bounding straight over the barrier. As Oswald stared in surprise, Necross landed on the other side of him and quickly kicked his leg out behind him. Oswald yelped before jumping backwards, narrowly avoiding the attack.

Suddenly, Oswald quickly noticed something materialising in mid-air, right to the side of Necross. Some kind of sharp-looking needle. The child’s eyes widened, knowing exactly what it was and tried to call out to warn Necross but it was too little and too late.

Zooming straight like a bullet, it buried itself straight in the side of Necross’ neck. Oswald gasped in horror, cupping his hands to his mouth as Necross cried out in pain, holding his wound with his free hand.

“Oh my goodness! Mr. Ross, are you alright?” Oswald cried.

Necross stared down at the child in anger and disbelief. “You just stuck some kind of blade into my neck and you asked if I am alright!?”

Oswald stepped back, wincing as if he was physically struck. “I-I am sorry. It is a self-defense skill that I have little control over.”

Necross grunted in annoyance as he plucked the needle from his neck. After examining it for a second, he threw it away as if it was a piece of garbage before returning his glare back at Oswald. Acting quickly, he swung his sword forward. However, Oswald quickly summoned another barrier, easily blocking the attack.

Necross retreated back in frustration. ”It seems that I could only do so much on the ground. Well, let’s see how he is able to defend from AERIAL opponents.”

With that, he had closed his eyes and lowered his head a bit. Oswald watched in confusion and worry as to what Necross was planning to do.

Much to his shock, he saw a black visible aura surrounding Necross. Oswald’s mouth drop as he saw Necross’ skin and hair turned purple as a pair of horns grew out of his head. What really made him jump was a pair of wings popping straight out of Necross’ back. Finally, Necross opened his eyes and looked at Oswald.

“So…” Oswald said softly. “THIS is your true form?”

“That is correct.” Necross said. He then started to flap his wings, flying a few feet off of the ground. “Now then, shall we continue?”

With that, he ignited the blade of his sword in fire once again before dashing over. Oswald gasped before holding out his palms out creating another barrier. Necross smirked, getting ready to fly over it.

However, Oswald knew that was exactly what Necross was about to do. Gritting his teeth and closing his eyes, he somehow made the barrier advance forward before Necross had a chance to go over it. The demon’s eyes widened as he found himself flipping backwards in the air.

Soon, Necross had managed to stop flipping in midair. He held his head with his vision turning a bit blurry. Surprisingly, Oswald’s move didn’t hurt at all and the dizziness came from the sudden flips. Shaking his head to clear his eyesight, he growled while glaring down at Oswald.

Only to find that he was gone. Necross’ eyes widened before frantically looking around the area. After a few seconds of searching, realization had soon dawned on him. Oswald had never wanted to fight in the first place. Any harm that had came to the winged man was merely in self-defence.

Which meant that Oswald had tried to retreat.

Necross growled in indignation. He CAN’T let Oswald escape just like that. Not after everything he had fought for. Narrowing his eyes, he quickly activated his aura-sensing ability. He then scanned around for a few moments.

He then spotted something. Inside of an old-looking building, he had managed to see Oswald’s aura moving around a bit. He immediately recognized it with a smirk.

“I got you now…” Necross said darkly.

Flapping his wings, he had flew straight towards the entrance of the building, soaring straight inside.

Immediately, he was greeted when he flew into a large cobweb. He growled in disgust before ripping the web out of his face and scanning around. There, he found that the room was filled with boxes of all sizes. Naturally, they were all covered with dust with the occasional cobwebs.

Giving a smirk, he noticed Oswald’s area hiding behind a large stack of boxes. It was time to end this cat and mouse chase once and for all.

“Give it up, child! I could see your aura from all the way outside!” Necross shouted while cupping his free hand to his mouth.

Oswald gave a soft gasp while crouching down in his hiding place as Necross’ yell made an echo.

“Now you have two options. One, you give up this annoying little cat-and-mouse chase and tell me where your friends are.” Necross called out while looking around.

Oswald frowned, realizing that his hiding place had failed. Slowly getting up, he had pressed his back against the stack of boxes. Even though the demon had been attacking him for a while, the child still thought that there may be some good in him. After all, he was married and had two children.

“Mr. Ross, please! Stop!” Oswald pleaded.

Necross merely scoffed at the thought before flying over a bit. “Stop? I haven’t stopped now, why should I stop now?”

“Mr. Ross, I don’t know what you intended with my friend’s allies but all I ask is one question!” Oswald called out.

“Oh?” The winged man asked, raising an eyebrow. “Alright, I’ll humor you. What is that?”

“Then what?”

Necross’ smirk vanished as his eyes bugged out, upon hearing those two words.

“What would happen after you did whatever you wanted to do to them?” Oswald called out, expanding on his answer.

Necross paused for a moment. Suddenly, he had let a small chuckle escaped his lips. Soon, that chuckle had turned into a booming laugh that was echoing throughout the room. Oswald paused in confusion. What was so funny?

“Child, do you really think I didn’t planned on that?” Necross laughed. “I would make sure that those self-righteous angels get knocked off their high horse!”

“But, Mr. Ross, instead of going after the angels, don’t you think you should focus on finding your wife?” Oswald pleaded.

For the second time, Necross froze with a stunned look on his face. However, the effect of Oswald’s words felt more stronger as he slumped his arms.

“She had probably gotten herself into a lot of trouble.” Oswald explained. “I think you should call off this hunt and go search for her.”

Necross was this close to loosening his grip on the handle of the sword, nearly letting it drop to the ground. All of this time. All of this time of plotting revenge. Going after the angels. Wishing to destroy heaven seeing it as a self-righteous place.

But after so long, he had completely forgotten what was truly important. Fighting for his wife. He had never really thought about whether she was still alive or not. Was she? Was there was a chance to save her?

He then looked down at the sword that was in his hand for a moment. He then slowly narrowed his eyes.


The artificial god jumped in his place when he heard this.

“Yes, Mr. Ross?”

“I will retreat.”

Oswald’s eyes widened when he heard those words.

“R-Really?” Oswald asked softly.

“Yes, but only on one condition.” Necross said, narrowing his eyes.

“And that is?” Oswald asked, genuinely curious.

Necross then took in a deep breath.

“Ask your friends if they had found a woman named Sylvia and show her to me in a certain length of time. Until then, I will… I will leave them alone. However, if they had failed to do so, I will continue my chase.”

After giving his pitch, he waited patiently for Oswald to respond. After waiting for a couple of seconds, he never got a reply. He then let out a deep sigh. It was clear Oswald wanted nothing to do with him after he had attacked the poor child ruthlessly.

“I accept.”

Necross’ eyes widened before raising his head up. He then saw Oswald slowly walking from behind the stack of boxes.

“Really?” Necross asked in surprise.

Oswald slowly nodded his head. “That is correct. I will ask them if they had seen a woman named Sylvia.”

Necross paused for a moment, stunned by Oswald’s willingness. “You would do that…?”

“Of course. Like I said, I don’t know what had happened between both parties but anything to keep from a battle happening.” Oswald said. He then gave a small nod. “Besides, I could tell that your falling out with them is related to this Sylvia woman, correct?”

Necross let out a deep sigh. “You have no idea…”

Oswald then gave a small smile. “I knew that there was good in you, Mr. Ross. You was just trying to do so in the wrong way.”

Necross paused for a moment at Oswald’s words. How could someone be so forgiving after what had happened to them? He would at least expected a little bit of fear and suspicion.

“Um, right?” Necross said. He then remembered something very crucial. “Um, are you sure that is all right? That means you have to go see them face-to-face.”

Oswald’s smile vanished as he looked down at the ground, rememberING what Necross had told him about his friends. Even if it was to help them stop some kind of dispute, there was still the chance that he had to deal with the angels, especially Nathan.

However, he then raised his head up. “I don’t want to get hurt but I don’t want anyone else to be hurt either.”

Necross let out a deep sigh before shaking his head. “For someone that is half-tainted, you are indeed a pure child through and through.”

Oswald’s eyes widened before looking to the side with his cheeks turning a bit red from the compliment.

“Um, thank you…” Oswald said softly. He then raised his head up. “In any case, shouldn’t we get back to the shop? Excuse me if I seemed like I am disrespecting your wife but I am afraid that she may be causing some unneeded chaos.”

Necross let out a small chuckle. “No, you are correct. Might as well go there before either party does some property damage.”

Oswald slowly nodded his head before walking off ahead. Necross watched the child pass him with a blank stare on his face. He was still stunned by how forgiving Oswald was with him. How could someone turn the other cheek just like that?

However, his main concern was that he was doing the right thing. Was he being naive? The last time he had put his trust in the angels, they had let his wife died and later on, captured her just for wanting to stop him. How could he ever trust them again?

On the other hand, he knew for a fact that he could easily kill all of the angels if the Ignis Sword. As much as he hated to put his trust in them, he still had the advantage over it. Unless they wanted them to come after them, they would be return Sylvia back to them.

But even then, he couldn’t help but wonder if she would ever return to him. If she was almost as forgiving as Oswald, he would be genuinely surprised. Letting out a small sigh, he walked off after Oswald. Perhaps this wasn’t the best time to worry about that. Right now, he needed to find a way to explain this to the others.

“Shane, this is your last chance. You had better not blow it…”
EA-LEC: Necross VS Oswald Part 2
Last Part:…

Here is Part 2 of my entry of my Necross against :iconuotome:'s Oswald...

Or at least before we literally just decided to cancel it last night. Okay, long story short, Uotome had decided to give up because he wanted my side of the story to be canon and as much as I hated to quit a Challenge like this, I am still glad he did so. This is an interesting plot element and while it closes a couple of plots, it opens up so many opportunities.

That and I have more time to write for my fight against WildFox03 so it is a win-win. :D

But anyway... DUN DUN DUN.

Necross belongs to me.

Oswald Nadir Doe belongs to :iconuotome:

Exercitus Artifex aka the League of Extraordinary Characters belongs to :iconea-lec:
Necross and Maxie stood on the many streets of downtown Belcazzar after splitting up from Requiem, Ripper and Walter to cover more ground in the large city. After a bit of searching, Necross had managed to find a way on where the angels may be hiding and naturally, he requested to go there.

The both people found themselves staring at a store. It was an antique store which looked just as old as the items it was selling. There were selling objects outside of the store though Necross figured that they were the cheaper ones. The most noticeable outdoor decoration was a statue of a humanoid with three eyes in the coating of gold.

Necross had a blank stare on his face while Maxie, in contrast looked like she was about to fall asleep while standing up just by looking at it.

“Ugh, why do we have to go to “Dust Magnets R Us”?” Maxie said in disgust while carrying her guitar case on her back.

Necross turned a glaring face towards his wife. “Because, “Dear”, it is an antique shop.”

“Yeah, I could see that.” Maxie spat, feeling like Necross just talked to her like an idiot. “But what does this have to do with angels?”

Necross crossed his arms. “Well, it is a long shot but they should sell magical items here.”

“So?” Maxie asked.

“So whoever is in charge of this shop must know quite a bit of said magic behind the items.” Necross said pointing to the shop. “Which means they may be a master of magic themselves.”

At first, Maxie was completely stumped. However, her eyes widened in realization upon what Necross was saying.

“Master of magic as in being able to create a barrier against demons.” She said softly.

“That’s right. There is a good chance that Shane may have retreated here.” Necross noted.

Maxie paused, staring at Necross before looking back at the shop. She gave a frown, still not liking that she had to enter this place.

“Let’s just get this over with…” She spat.

Necross gave a small smirk. “That’s the spirit!”

Maxie could sense a mocking tone in Necross’ voice but all she did was roll her eyes with a grunt. The two people had then made their way into the shop, hoping that they would find anything may be a possible clue.

As the “couple” went inside, they looked around. As if they were expecting anything else, the layout of the shop from very old-fashioned, as if they had gone back in time straight into ancient China. From top to bottom, they were antiques everywhere. Clay pots, shining gems and paper seals that were literally all over the place.

As far as they could see, they were only two people in the shop. Normally, they would assume that at least one of them was looking after the shop but much to their surprise, both of them were looking quite young.

The first one was a girl that looked like she was in her late teens with a full head of red hair. Her attire was simple consisting by merely a blue shirt, dark pants and brown shoes. She seemed to have an emotionless expression on her face.

In contrast to her, the second one seemed more cheerful. Clearly much younger than the girl, he was an anthro dog with golden fur and his ears being so long that they had gone past his shoulders. He wore a dull brown cloak over his furry body with some kind of jacket in the colour of purple over it.

Said dog made his way over to Necross and Maxie with a bright smile on his face, obviously to greet them.

“Why, hello there, sir and miss.” He said politely bowing his head. “Hello to Shu Lin’s Enchanted Antiques. How may I help you today?”

“Um, hello.” Necross weakly answered before giving the shop another scan as if trying to find another adult around. “Um, are you two in charge of this shop?”

“Yes but only temporarily.” The dog answered before pointing behind him. “The true owner of the shop, Mr. Shu, is out back handling something with our guardian.”

“Oh, fair enough.” Necross said with a shrug. Though he was still a bit stunned that two people so young were in charge of a shop.

He then looked down at the dog. He then quickly noticed that the dog was gazing straight up at them in awe.

"Yeah, I know I got a large set of pearly-whites." Maxie piped up, making Oswald snapped out of his daze and realized that he was staring.

“Oh, I am SO sorry!” The dog cried out, immediately bowing his head in regret. “That was rude of me!”

“Eh, it is all right, kid. I get that a lot.” Maxie said, waving it off.

Necross on the other hand, raised an eyebrow. Deep down inside of his mind, he couldn’t help but ponder why that the dog was staring at HIM instead of Maxie.

The dog slowly raised his head up. “Well, in any case, how may I help you? We had got a lot of wonderful magical items.”

“Um, right…” Necross said before putting his fist to his ground to stifle a cough. “Dear, don’t you have something to ask this bright young man?”

Maxie raised her head up, turning towards Necross in confusion. However, she quickly caught on as her eyes lit up.

“Oh, yeah!” Maxie exclaimed before looking down at the dog. “Hey, kiddo! Do you have any pearl pieces?”

“Pearl pieces?” The dog while tilting his head in confusion. “I am afraid we don’t, miss. We DO have WHOLE pearls.”

Maxie slumped her hands, looking absolutely deflated from the news. “Pass.”

“I am sorry for the inconvenience, Miss.” The dog said while yet again, bowing his head. “I will go ask Mr. Shu out back if he wasn’t so busy.”

“Better than nothing, I guess…” Maxie muttered, underneath her breath.

Suddenly, her eyes widened in realization.

“Wait a minute! No, it isn’t!” Maxie snapped, making Necross and the dog jump in their places. Even the redhead seemed a bit startled from the shark humanoid’s outburst

“I-I’m sorry?” Oswald asked in surprise.

“You heard me! I had came all of this way for pearl pieces and THIS is what I get!?” Maxie roared while pumping her muscled arms into the air in anger.

The dog took a step back, a bit overwhelmed by Maxie’s sudden shout. “Um, I am sorry, Miss that we don’t have the pearl pieces you wish but…”

“But nothing!” Maxie snapped, cutting the dog off while stamping her foot on the ground. “What kind of freaking service is this?”

“Miss, please just calm down and…” The dog pleaded.

“Calm down? I will sure as hell won’t calm down!” Maxie roared. “Where is the manager of this literal antique?”

The redhead merely crossed her arms with an annoyed frown before finally speaking up for the first time since the two had entered the shop.

“Just like the kid said, they are busy.” She said while speaking in a stern tone. “In other words, he got better things to do than to deal with a picky customer, Jaws!”

The pink-haired woman’s eyes widened, looking appalled. “What!? Don’t you know that the customer is always right?”

“Yeah, I am actually glad you said that.” The redhead pointed out. “I always found that saying needs to die.”

“Well, aren’t YOU a big help, Red!” Maxie snapped while pointing her finger to the girl. “It is employees like you is because this place don’t live up its name!”

“We’ll sell what we got. I am pretty sure the old man didn’t opened up this shop just cater to people like you.” The redhead retorted.

“But I had came all of this way to get some pearl pieces!” Maxie said while pumping her arms into the air in anger. “I am not going away that easily!”

By this time, the redhead gave an annoyed grunt before walking over to Maxie, fearing that the pink-haired woman would act out irrationally and may stop throwing a physical tantrum like a little child not caring what gets caught in the outburst. Necross, who had been quiet the entire time since Maxie had started to snap.

He then gave a small smirk. As obnoxious as Maxie’s attitude was, at least she knew how to use it as a good distraction. Shifting his eyes between the redhead who was having an insult battle with Maxie and the dog who was trying to defuse the fight but wasn’t having much luck, he walked off.

Looking back behind him, he made sure that the two youths were preoccupied with dealing with Maxie. When he had confirmed that they were distracted, he then went ahead and scanned around the shop. It was time to begin his search trying his best to block out the women’s fight.

Necross narrowed his eyes tightly, glaring ahead of him. In a mere second, something had happened. Plentiful items were engulfed in flowing auras. Said auras seemed to varied in terms of colour where they were either in a shade of blue and white.

However, it was the objects that had the white auras surrounding them he was interested in. Those carried the atmosphere of holy power that was similar to what the angels. Necross then began to look around the area at said holy items.

Nothing seemed that out of place. There was a sword, a large spellbook and several seals but they were all on display meaning that any person could buy it. What he needed to find was something that was out of place. Like a feather or something that shouldn’t have holy energy on it.

After a search of the shop, there weren’t any clues that that would tell him that the angels were here or at least visited the building. Letting out a deep sigh, he continued to scan around the area.

His eyes had picked something to the closeby. A large heavy wooden door. Necross paused in thought. Granted, there was a strong chance that whatever was inside may had been nothing of interest to him but if the angels were hiding out in here, then perhaps there was a clue in here.

Narrowing his eyes, he then made his way towards the door. Whatever that was inside of that room, he was going to scan every item until he noticed something that was out of place. Reaching out his hand, he inched it towards the doorknob.

“Hey, Deadbeat Manther!”

Necross’ eyes widened before he winced as if someone was scratching their claws against a blackboard. Slowly turning his head back, he silently hoped that the comment was not forwarded at him.

Much to his dismay, all three of them were staring at him. The dog blinked twice in confusion, wondering what was going on. Maxie had a shocked look on her face but it quickly turned into an exasperated one as she slumped her arms in defeat. Finally, the redhead glared straight at Necross as if she was trying to set him on fire with her eyes. She was clearly not happy.

“This is not a museum.” The redhead said, crossing her arms. “You can’t just go around wherever you want.”

“Um, well…” Necross said with multiple excuses going through his mind. No matter how you looked at it, he was caught red-handed so he needed to think up of a good reason for trying to go through a door he wasn’t allowed through.


Necross jumped at the sudden shout as did the two youths. They all looked in the direction of the voice to see Maxie raising her fists over her head and angrily stomped on the ground.

“Did you not see how this runt got pissed when you tried to enter that room!?” Maxie roared. “That means the pearl pieces are inside of there!”

Necross blinked twice while slumping his arms. “Huh…?”

“Don’t you “huh” me!? These brats are conning us!” Maxie snapped. “They are keeping the pearl pieces all for themselves!”

The redhead merely stayed silent before giving her opinion on the matter. “As if I didn’t needed any proof that you are an idiot.”

“Oh, don’t act like we aren’t onto you!” Maxie roared before turning her head towards Necross. “Ross, get your butt into that room this minute!”

Necross blinked twice at this. He was honestly trying to decide whether he should praise Maxie for more or less giving them an excuse for snooping around or scold Maxie for thinking that this would make things any better.

The redhead merely shook her head before stepping forward.

“Look, I don’t know if you are really going into there to look for pearl pieces or not nor do I care but I do know one thing.” The redhead said sternly. “You need to get the hell out of here.”

“Well, isn’t THAT convincent.” Maxie said while crossing her arms. She wasn’t giving up without a fight.

“Miss, please, we really don’t have any pearl pieces, I swear!” The dog insisted, trying his best to calm Maxie down.

“Forget it, Oswald. Clearly Jaws’ intelligence matched her mouth.” The redhead said.

“What was that?” Maxie said with a twitching eyebrow.

“You heard me. You have the brains of a fish.” The redhead said. She then paused. “No, wait, that is going too far. Fish are smarter than you.”

Maxie growled while clenching her sharp teeth together. “Why you arrogant little runt! First, you lie to your customers and now you insulted them! I am a hard-working mother of two!”

“I actually hope that you are lying to my face this time because I hate to see how you treat your kids.” The redhead said rudely while occasionally looking at Necross making sure that he didn’t come through the door while they were arguing.

“What was that!?” Maxie roared.

“Ellen, please!” The dog named Oswald begged stepping forward. “There is no reason to bring their relationship into this.”

“If what they are saying are the truth.” The redhead spat before glaring at Necross. “I am not going to ask again, Manther. Leave.”

The dark-haired man gritted his teeth with a growl at the girl’s rude attitude. However, he knew for a fact that technically she was in charge of the shop and unless they do what she said, she could easily call the police on him and Maxie. As much as he hated to be bossed around by such an ill-mannered child, he had no choice.

“Come on, Maxine.” Necross said with a sigh of defeat. “Let’s go.”

The pink-haired woman’s eyes bugged out. “What!?”

“You heard me, dear.” Necross explained, raising his head. “If this young lady wishes us to leave, then we’ll leave!”

“I can’t believe you! YOU was the one who dragged me all of the way into this dust building and now you expect us to leave here empty-handed?” Maxie asked in disbelief.

“Not my fault you don’t have the social status to pay for a job.” Ellen snarked.

“What!?” Maxie roared.

Realizing that Maxie was this close to starting a brawl, Necross practically rushed over to his “wife” and grabbed her by the arm before struggling to drag her over to the entrance of the shop because she broke something.

“Come on, dear.” Necross said through gritted teeth. “Let’s go!”

“This isn’t over, brat!” Maxie roared as she was forced out of the building. “Do you hear me? Don’t be surprised to see this place be completely covered with toilet paper!”

Ellen merely scoffed as she glared at the two exiting the shop with Maxie returning the dirty look.

“Hmph. If she actually had a decent-sized brain, she would know that I would wipe the floor with her.” Ellen spat.

“Toilet paper…” Oswald said softly as if he was in a trance.

Ellen raised an eyebrow while turning towards Oswald. “Forget about it, Oswald. You know as if as I do this place wouldn’t allowed itself to be TPed by some punk.”

Oswald merely shook his head. “No, it is not that. I had just realized that we needed to go buy drain declogger today. We are almost out.”

Ellen nodded her head. “All right. Fair enough. Just remember to make sure that it is an one-way trip. You go to the store, you come back. No talking to strangers.”

Oswald nodded his head. “I understand, Ellen.”

“Good. See you later.” The redhead said.

Oswald again nodded his head before saying his goodbyes to Ellen. He then exited the door with his goal in mind. Ellen watched him exited the door silently hoping that he didn’t run into those two potential thieves from earlier.

Suddenly, she had heard a noise from behind her. Turning around, she saw a woman poking half of her body outside of a door. She had a healthy figure that had tanned skin and long, wavy hair that was the colour of snow. Her attire consisted of nothing but a red dress that looked like the ones female flamenco dancers along with matching high-heels.

“Darling, what is with the ruckus just now?” The woman asked.

“Oh, nothing.” Ellen said, waving it off. “Just told a couple of stupid thieves to beat it.”

The woman merely shook her head with a light chuckle.

“That’s my Ellen.” The woman said. She then quickly noticed something was missing. “Say, where is your sister?”

The teenaged jerked her thumb behind her towards the entrance. “She had gone to buy some drain declogger.”

“Really?” The woman asked. She then frowned putting her hands on her hips. “Well, it is unfortunate but with her gone for a bit, we have to close the shop for a while.”

“Um, why is that?” Ellen asked, not liking where this conversation was going.

“The work we are doing is hardly than we thought and we both agreed that it would be great if a certain someone came along and helped us.” The woman explained before smirking.

Ellen let out an annoyed grunt. Knowing her luck, whatever those two were working on, they would have her toiling away for the rest of the day.


Necross and Maxie both walked down the street, still strongly upset for two reasons. One, if the angels were actually hiding out in the antique shop, they had blown their chances completely. Two, they had to let that sharp-tongued kid insult them while kicking them out.

“I can’t believe that little runt!” Maxie said while gritting her teeth together. “How dare she talk to me like that?”

“Agreed. How did a child like that ended up in charge of the shop?” Necross asked in disgust. “If I was the shop owner, I was put it in charge of that canine child.”

Maxie nodded her head confirming that Necross was right. She then glared at her husband.

“More importantly, you had completely wimped out back there!” She scolded.

Necross’ eyes bugged out before turning towards his “wife”. “I beg your pardon?”

“I was putting much trying to give you a reason after you had gotten yourself STUPIDLY caught!” Maxie snapped while pointing an accusing finger. “But no, you just stood there like the idiot you were!”

“What!?” Necross said in disbelief before narrowing his eyes. “Even if that girl believed you about us genuinely thinking they were hiding pearls pieces from us, we would had been arrested!”

Maxie merely scoffed. “It was still your fault for getting caught in the first place!”

“Hey, I was counting on YOU to keep the both of them distracted!” Necross snapped.

Maxie’s eyes bugged out. “Oh hell no! I just KNOW that you are not blaming me for getting caught!”

“This is a TEAM effort, Maxie! We are both to blame!” Necross scolded while jabbing a finger forward.

“What!? It is not my fault that runt had happened to turn her head while we were arguing!” Maxie snapped. “Besides, you just suck at being a snake!”

“What was that!?” Necross growled.

“I said that you…” Maxie started, feeling more than ready to take out her anger out of Necross.

However, a sudden voice had stopped them.

“Please stop!”

Necross and Maxie’s eyes bugged out before turning towards the direction of the voice. Standing a good distance away from them was Oswald, the dog child from earlier. He had his hand on his chest with a look of concern on his face. Necross and Maxie stared at the child before nervously shifting their eyes towards each other realizing that they were caught.

“Um, how much of that did you hear?” Necross asked before looking back at Oswald.

“More than enough, I am afraid…” The child sighed while shaking his head.

At first, Necross was mildly worried, fearing that this child may had heard everything. It wasn’t that this child seemed like a threat at all. In fact, if he tried to try to alert anyone of their plans, they could just threaten the child. It was the fact that they got themselves so easily caught in the first place that troubled himself.

Fortunately for both parties, Necross had just realized that neither of them had mentioned about their true motive. As far as this child knows, they were a couple of thieves at the worst.

Oswald let out another sigh. “I am terribly sorry that you had came all of the way just to go empty-handed, miss but that is no reason to accuse us and try to sneak out back and steal our items.”

He then raised his head up.

“Also, isn’t you two boyfriend and girlfriend?” Oswald asked.

“Um, husband and wife.” Necross said.

“Well, that makes things worse, I am afraid. Correct me if I am wrong but you had both signed a vow to be together for better or for worse.” Oswald explained. “The both of you shouldn’t fight like this if you are a married couple.”

Necross stepped back while a blush come onto his face. It wasn’t enough to have an appointment with a family therapist from someone they merely knew for a few minutes. But now he was being scolded by a little boy. Maxie on the other hand, merely scoffed while crossing her arms.

“Sorry…” Necross apologized.

“It is all right. I merely chided you just to save your relationship.” Oswald reassured.

“Um, right.” Necross said with a nod.

“In any case, my name is Oswald.” Oswald said before bowing politely.

“Um, I am Ross.” Necross introduced, a bit stunned by Oswald’s maturity.

“Maxine.” Maxie said with a simple two-finger salute.

“Pleased to meet the both of you.” Oswald said, raising his head up.

Necross paused for a moment staring at the child. He seemed extremely friendly and helpful. Along, as mature as he was for his age, he also seemed quite naive. If there was a chance that the angels were living inside of the shop, Oswald would know about it.

Maybe if he played his cards right, he could manipulate Oswald into telling him everything or at least give a few clues. It was a long shot but it was worth a try.

“Right, listen, sorry about my wife’s outburst back there.” Necross said. “But even though you probably guessed this but she really wanted some pearl pieces.”

“I noticed.” Oswald said while nodding his head.

Maxie merely scoffed before looking to the side.

“In any case, we have to go look for someone else to help us.” Necross said with a shrug. Suddenly, his eyes bugged out in realization. “Oh, I had almost forgot!”

“Forget about what, Mr. Ross?” Oswald asked raising an eyebrow.

“I am sorry but me and my family had literally just appeared on Elarthe a few days ago.” Necross said before putting his hand on his chest.

“Oh, so you are league members too?” Oswald asked.

“That is correct.” Necross nodded. “Now I had heard that pearl pieces hold some kind of holy energy inside of them. Maybe a person who wields the power of said divine power may be able to help us find them. Do you have any idea who might fit the bill?”

Maxie’s eyes widened, realizing what her “husband” was trying to pull. Looking back down at the child, she saw that he was putting his finger on his chin in thought. The two adults waited patiently silently hoping for the best. After what seemed like an eternity, he then spoke up.

“Well, a friend of mine had some kind of aura around her before that was very holy.” Oswald noted. “But it seemed to disappear a few weeks ago, I think some of her friends had a similar aura though.”

Necross and Maxie’s pupils shrank when they had heard this. This had to be some kind of coincidence. There was no way it was THIS easy. Surely Oswald wasn’t talking about Priscilla and the other angels, could he?”


Maxie and Oswald both jumped before turning to their heads at Necross, who had a desperate look on his face. Said demon clenched his fists while gritting his teeth together.

“Um, w-what is it, Mr. Ross?” Oswald asked, still stunned by Necross’ sudden shout.

“Where are your friends!?” Necross demanded hastily.

“H-Huh?” Oswald questioned in confusion.

“Your friend that had the holy power! Where is she!?” Necross snapped.

Oswald stepped back suddenly not liking where this was going. “Um, I am sorry but I don’t see why I have to tell you… Couldn’t I just ask them myself?”

Maxie made his way over to Necross and rested a hand on his shoulder. “Psst, hubby, we don’t want to scare the little runt away and ruin anything now, do we?”

Necross breathed in and out heavily, glaring down at the scared and confused child. He then soon realized what he was doing. Shane was literally right in his grasp and his impulsiveness was nearly ruining it for him. If he had frightened the child away, how would he find out where the angel prince was then? Taking in one final breath to calm himself, he looked up with a look of embarrassment on his face.

“My apologies, Oswald.” Necross said with an apologetic bow. “I just got over-excited.”

“It is all right, sure. I understand.” Oswald reassured, shaking his head though the two could tell that he was still a bit shaken. “Though again, I believe it would be easier if I went to them instead of you two.”

Necross paused for a moment, thinking of all of the ways to get Oswald to trick to get the child into giving him the location.

“I appreciate the offer, Oswald but you don’t have to go to all that trouble.” Necross said with a smile. “We could go there ourselves.”

“Yeah, Ross here never takes me anywhere interesting anyway.” Maxie smirked before putting her hand around Necross’ shoulder.

Oswald paused with a frown. “I am sorry, Mr. Ross but I am afraid I can’t tell you because a demon going to them may be a bad idea.”

Necross and Maxie’s smiles vanished as they once again watched with wide eyes and slack jaws upon what they had just heard.

“What was that?” Necross asked softly.

Oswald’s eyes widened as he looked up. “Oh, I am sorry but remember when you thought I was staring at you, Miss Maxie? I was actually staring at your husband when I found out he was a demon.”

Necross’ pupils shrank. “You could tell that just by looking at me?”

“Yes, I have Spiritual Alignment Detection.” Oswald explained. “In other words, I have to ability to sense if someone’s aura is light or dark. Or Miss Maxie’s case, I am able to sense that you are an elementally infused being.”

“Say what!?” Maxie asked out loud in shock and confusion.

“Also, we had only just met. I am sorry but I don’t think it is right for me to lead a couple of strangers there.” Oswald explained. “That and for some reason, you have a second aura and it seems to be very similar to my friend’s own. They may be put off by that.”

“Well, THAT worked!” Maxie said sarcastically while turning her head towards Necross.

The demon gave a small growl while clenching his fists together. He was not going to give up that easily.

“And makes you so sure that it would be so bad if a demon asked a person with holy power for help?” Necross challenged. “We merely wanted some pearl pieces!”

“You are a demon…” Oswald said softly before looking to the side. “Sometimes that is just enough.”

Necross raised an eyebrow as he looked at Oswald’s face. The child seemed to had a slight hurt look on his face when he had answered Necross’ question for some reason. It was then narrowed his eyes summoning the aura surrounding Oswald.

Much to his shock, Oswald’s aura was warped. It was some kind of strange monochrome pattern twisting around in a fire. He had never seen anything like that before.

However, neither had the angels he may had guessed getting a dark smirk on his face.

“Oswald…” He said sternly.

The dog gave a small jump. “Um, yes, Mr. Ross?”

“You are not the only one who has the ability to sense people’s auras.” Necross said before crossing his arms.

Oswald’s eyes widened in horror upon hearing this knowing what the demon meant.

“That is correct. I could sense your aura and I must say that it is not like what I had ever seen before.” Necross noted before raising an eyebrow. “Oswald, what are you?”

The child nervously took a deep gulp wondering what he should do in this situation.

“Um, I am an artificial god…” Oswald said finally, making Necross and Maxie’s eyes widened.

“Seriously?” Maxie exclaimed.

Oswald slowly nodded, confirming his answer. Necross then smirked. It was then to get to work on this child.

“Oswald, you say that I shouldn’t go see your friends because I am a demon.” Necross noted. “By that logic, you shouldn’t be friends with them period.”

“I-I beg your pardon…” The dog asked softly.

“What I meant to say is that your friends will see you not as a person but as a monster.” Necross said.

Oswald’s pupils shrank as the air around him had suddenly turned cold. Necross, while still smirking, noticed this before continuing while putting his hands behind his back as he started to encircle the child.

“I mean think about it. Usually holy people would a lot of respect for gods. Mainly because they are gods for a reason. They had been chosen to be up in the clouds.” Necross explained. “Which is why they would immediately look down on you.”

Oswald slowly lowered his head, still having his horrified look on his face.

“You are not a real god. You are mainly a false one created to be a replacement for one, correct?” Necross said. “Either way, your friends may see you as a living sacrilege. A physical form of deluded arrogance.”

Oswald’s eyes bugged out as a familiar voice echoed throughout his head.

"There are some things that you shouldn't do and one of them is trying to imitate the gods! This child's entire presence is one living sacrilege! A child who existed based on delusions!"

Oswald paused after hearing the harsh words through his mind.

“Of course, as a demon, I don’t believe that but those with holy auras will definitely think so.” Necross said as he stopped encircling Oswald right behind him. “In fact, they may not only cut any and all ties with you but they may come after you and kill you.”

Necross then crouched down and leaned forward so he could whisper the coup de grace into Oswald’s ear.

“However, if you tell us where they are, I will promise you that we will make sure that will never happen.”

Maxie watched the whole thing with a smirk. It was clear that Necross’ words had greatly affected Oswald as he was looking down at the ground in deep thought. Surely the child would cave in and tell them where the angels were.

Oswald paused, thinking over the whole thing. This man had a point. The angels would had probably be seeing him as an abomination and may plan to come after him to kill him. It wouldn’t be the first time that had happened.

Even Priscilla, the person who had defended him against Nathan’s harsh words may turn against him. After all, while they are friends, she clearly knew the angels longer than him. He truly valued his friendship with her but would she do the same?

Necross smirked as he watched Oswald’s reaction. As far as he was concerned, he had won. Surely the artificial god would had realized that it was pointless for him to try to protect the angels.

“Just tell me the location… That is all we need…” Necross said softly while resting a gentle shoulder on Oswald.

The artificial god continued to look down at the ground, pondering on all of the consequences on what would happen if he refused Necross’ offer AND what would happen if he ACCEPTED. After what seemed like an eternity for all three of them, the child raised his head.

“I’m afraid I must refuse…”

Necross and Maxie’s eyes both widened when they heard this. Looking down at the child, they saw him raising his head with a stern look on his face. Necross stared in disbelief not believing what he just heard.

“Come again?” Necross asked.

“It is just like I said. I’m afraid I must refuse.” Oswald said in a firm yet polite tone of voice. “I cannot tell you the location of my friends.”

Necross gave a growl of annoyance. “Are you that naive? Do you really think that your “friends” will stay loyal to you?”

“Don’t misunderstand. I did not refuse because you are wrong.” Oswald said, startling the two.

“W-What?” Necross asked in confusion, slowly standing up straight.

Oswald nodded his head with a sad sigh.

“That is right. You are completely correct. My friend… She may no longer become my friend anymore… Whether it was because of her loyalty to her old friends or because she genuinely believed that I am a living delusion… Also, the angels may be planning to kill should I ever show my face in front of them ever again…”

Necross blinked twice as if Oswald was speaking in another language that he didn’t knew about.

“But…” Necross said before narrowing his eyes. “If that is the case, why are you STILL refusing to tell us?”

Oswald raised his eyes with a serious look on his face. “Well, if you excuse me if I seemed like I am jumping to conclusions but judging by your words, you seemed to have some dark objective with them. I don’t know what it is or who is the one at fault here. But it is clear that you wish to harm them.”

“So?” Necross roared, about to lose his patience. “You just admitted that THEY wish to harm YOU.”

“Even still, two wrongs do not make a right.” Oswald said while shaking his head. “I am sorry but whatever grudge you have against them, I am cannot help you with it.”

Necross growled with his entire body twitching in anger, trying his best not to lash out verbally or physically. Maxie on the other hand merely scoffed while crossing her arms with a roll of the eyes. While she was clearly upset, her anger were nowhere near Necross’ own.

“Well, so much for THAT.” Maxie spat. “What now?”

Necross continued to twitch in anger. However, after three seconds, he had finally managed to calm himself.

“Oswald, what are you doing here anyway?” Necross asked softly.

“I-I beg your pardon?” The child asked in confusion. Maxie also raised an eyebrow, bewildered by Necross’ sudden question.

“Why are you out of the shop in the first place?” Necross clarified.

Oswald blinked twice before speaking. “Um, I had just remembered literally a few seconds after you left the shop that we are all out of drain declogger. I was on the way to the store.”

“So in other words, you are doing a quick errand for the shop.” Necross said softly.

Oswald nodded his head confirming Necross’ answer, even though he was still extremely baffled by the demon. The latter on the other slowly nodded his head.

“Maxine, you seemed to want to have your revenge on the shop for not having any pearl pieces.” Necross said, without turning towards his “wife”. “How about you… Keep them busy until then?”

The pink-haired woman’s eyes widened, suddenly realizing what Necross was going to do. A second later, she gave a toothy smirk while crossing her arms.

“Gotcha, hubby.” Maxie said before casually swaggering off while glancing at Oswald. “Good luck, runt. You are going to need it.”

“Luck? For what?” Oswald asked in confusion as he watched Maxie walk out of sight. “Mr. Ross, do you know what your wife is talking about?”

Oswald then turned his head back towards Necross. He then saw the man untying the jacket that was wrapped around his waist when he came into the shop. Oswald stared in confusion, wondering what Necross was doing as he put the jacket on properly.

It was then Oswald had noticed something attached to Necross’ pants. A sheath that seemed to carry a blade that had a gold handle. However, what really caught Oswald off-guard was that it was the blade that what he was sensing the second aura from.

”That aura… It can’t be… Can it?” Oswald thought.

“Now, boy, I don’t wish to do this.” Necross said while adjusting his jacket, snapping Oswald back to reality. “This is your last chance. Tell me where your friend is and I will just walk off and leave you alone.”

Oswald shook his head with a frown, suddenly realizing what was about to happen. “No, sir, I cannot tell you. Why are you going out of your way to antagonize them, anyway?”

Necross narrowed his eyes. “Child, you have NO idea.”

“Well, whatever your reasoning is, I must give you the same answer that I had gave myself.” Oswald said. “Two wrongs do not make a right.”

Necross sighed before shaking his head. “So intelligent. Yet so naïve.”

“Mr. Ross, please! Don’t do this! Didn’t Miss Maxine said that you two have two children?” Oswald pleaded, putting his hand on his chest. “What would THEY say? In fact, what would your wife say?”

Necross’ eyes widened when Oswald had said the last part. Suddenly, a figure of a white-haired woman had flashed through his eyes. Necross stared as if he was a trance.

However, he quickly broke out of his daze with a growl.

“You are treading on thin ice, child.” Necross said before getting out the sword out of its sheath. “Now, I am only going to ask this once more. Where is your friend?”

Oswald shook his head. “My answer is not going to be any different, Mr. Ross.”

Necross merely glared at Oswald. Suddenly, black energy had surrounded the steel of the sword. Oswald stared in awe as he watched said energy turn into a raging fire around the blade.

”Burn…” The sword spoke in a dark tone. However, Oswald didn’t know hear the weapon speak at all. Necross on the other hand, heard the sword talk but acted like he didn’t heard it. He was too busy focusing his glare onto Oswald.

“Boy, if you are truly an artificial god, I strongly suggest your powers against me.” Necross demanded.

“Mr. Ross, is there no other way?” Oswald pleaded.

The demon narrowed his eyes. “No…”

Oswald let out a deep sigh of defeat, realizing that there was no way of changing Necross’ mind without giving into his demands.

“It seems that I have no choice but to defend myself…” Oswald said softly.

With that, the two stared into each other. Necross’ eyes burned with the passionate flame of determination while Oswald returned the glance with an uncertain and worried glare. Despite the latter’s pacifistic nature, neither person was backing down on their side and the only possible way was to fight it out. Possibly for the fate of an entire world.
EA-LEC: Necross VS Oswald Part 1
Next Part:…

Here is Part 1 of my entry against my rematch against :iconuotome:'s Oswald using my Necross. In other words, it is a demon with a corrupted holy sword against an artificial god. How awesome is that?

Now if you notice things that looking similar in my and Uotome's entries, that is because we need a roleplay to see how things would make out.

If you feel sorry for Oswald for having Necross play with her mind, don't worry, she will give Necross a taste of his own medicine (albeit inadvertently).

Necross and Maxie belongs to me.

Oswald Nadir Doe, Ellen Doe and Elizabeth belongs to :iconuotome:

Exercitus Artifex aka the League of Extraordinary Characters belongs to :iconea-lec:
The doors to a store had opened wide allowing access to the exit to the outside into the streets of Belcazzar. Leaving the building was a man that was carrying a very large bag with one hand. He was a normal person that dark skin and hair and wore a simple attire consisting of a yellow short-sleeved shirt over a white skirt with dark pants and brown shoes.

However, there were two things that made him far from normal. The arm that was carrying the bag was completely metallic. Just like the right side of his face which also had his eye a robotic red one. He was a cyborg.

A few people gave him a few stares but then shrugged it off and continued onto their day. A cyborg may be an uncommon sight but it wasn’t a rare sight. The man in question let out a deep sigh before fishing into his pocket and pulling out a cell phone and dialling a number before making his way over to a bus stop.

After a few minutes of waiting, someone had picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Hello, Naza. It is me, Leon.” The cyborg said placing the bag down next to him.

“Oh, hey, Leon!” The person on the phone said cheerfully. “How goes the trip?”

“Good. I had made the first stop.” The dark-skinned man explained. “I should make the rest of the trips easily and be back in a hour.”

“Well, that is good to hear.” Naza said brightly. “Just keep at it!”

“Though I had heard that they had been an incident in an area where one of the shops you instructed me to go to and it may be a bit tricky going there right now.” Leon said.

“Oh, in that case, how about you go to…” Naza said.

Leon nodded his head as Naza had started to give him the location of a new shop. However, he had failed to noticed that there was a certain man poking his head from out of an alleyway. He was staring at Leon while giving a descending whistle.

“Sheesh, that dude looked like he could crush a person’s head with his arm if he wanted to.” The man winced.

He then stared down at the bag and gave a smirk.

“Of course, he has to catch me first.” He said.

Crouching down low, he prepared himself to run off after the bag and grabbed it. He didn’t knew what was in the bag but he was about to go and make the best of it.

He then launched himself forward rushing straight towards the bag. Leon was still preoccupied with his phone call with Naza so he didn’t noticed the thief heading towards him. Before anyone could notice him, he had already grabbed the bag and started to run off with it.

However, things had other plans for him.



Leon screamed before jumping finding himself stumbling forward and falling onto the ground dropping his phone. He then turned his head to whatever startled him.

His good eye widened when he saw that there was a man on his knees holding his arm tightly with tears of pain running down his face. Several people had ran over wondering what was going on.

“What… What happened?” Leon asked softly.

“Um, I think this guy tried to take your bag and somehow ended up dislocating his shoulder.” A man said, blinking twice.

“Leon! What’s wrong? Are you there?” Naza called out through the phone.

The dark-skinned man blinked twice before reaching for the phone and picking it up putting it to his ear. “Um, sorry, Naza, I am going to have to call you back.”


The thief had been immediately taken to the hospital after what had happened to his shoulder. However, he still tried to steal someone else’s possessions and needed to be arrested. The police needed the testimonies of the witnesses at the scene of the crime.

That was why Leon was sitting on a chair holding his head with his hands inside of the police station. After all, he was the near-victim of this almost-theft.

Leon groaned rubbing his forehead with his free hand wondering how he got himself into this mess. Suddenly, the door had opened up. Looking up, he saw a police officer making his way into the room.

“How are you doing, sir?” The cop asked.

“Better than that thief is going to be arrested.” Leon said sighing in relief.

“Yeah, don’t worry, after he leaves the hospital, he is immediately heading towards the slammer.” The cop said.

“Oh, thank goodness.” Leon said while putting his metallic hand on his chest.

“Yes, anyway, sir, apparently you didn’t knew what happened until you heard the shout of the thief getting his arm dislocating in the first place.” The cop said while reading a note.

“That is correct. After that, the whole thing was a blur.” Leon said before looking down. “Sorry… I am not good in these types of situations.”

“It is all right. We got more than enough testimony…” The cop said. He then paused. “Though is it okay if I ask a question not related to the case?”

“Um, sure.” Leon said raising his good eyebrow.

“What in the hang is in that bag, anyway?” The cop asked in disbelief. “No, seriously. Based of the testimonies, the thief dislocated his shoulder just for taking the bag while running.”

“Oh, right. Hold on. I know just the answer.” Leon said before crouching down towards his bag.

It was then he had taken back a few items. A few bags of balloons and streamers that were used for decorating. The cop nodded his head already knowing the cyborg’s occupation after asking for him. He worked for a group that does parties so naturally, it would make sense that he would bring them.

However, he then saw five pairs of shoes. All of them seemed similar though they were at different sizes. Raising an eyebrow, he had wondered who were the shoes for seeing that only one of those pairs would fit Leon.

It was then the cop’s eyes widened when he saw Leon pulling out his next set of items. A set of bowling pins. All ten of them, in fact. It was the cop had realized what Leon was shopping for. It was a particular type of party so naturally, it needed a certain item.

It was the cop’s pupils shrank to the size of peas. Slowly looking down at Leon, he watched the dark-skinned man pull out an item.

A blue and purple-striped bowling ball.

“I believe THIS is the reason that thief dislocated his shoulder when he tried to take my bag.” Leon said casually.

“Gee, you think?” The cop said in disbelief. “Seriously, how are YOU able to hold that thing without breaking your arm?”

Leon paused for a moment before looking at his robotic arm. “Um, technically speaking, my arm IS broken… If you know what I mean.”

The cop paused for a moment. “Wait a minute, if that arm could easily hold all of that stuff without breaking, why were you so scared?”

Leon’s eyes widened at this. “Ehhhh? But that was a thief! Most thieves carry knives or worse, guns!”

“You got a metallic arm.” The cop said flatly. “Use it to block it!”

Leon jumped at this. “What kind of cop are you!? You are supposed to prevent criminals! Not encourage people to catch their own criminals!”

“Yes, but…” The cop started.

Leon merely narrowed his good eye in disgust. “Seeing that you had gotten all of the info about the theft from me, may I please leave?”

The cop winced realizing that he had put his foot in his mouth. “Yes, you may, sir.”

Leon nodded his head before carrying up all of his stuff into the bag before getting up and walking off without even giving the cop a second glance. The latter watched as the cyborg exited the room leaving him by himself. The cop then crossed his arms and pouted like a little girl.

“I wouldn’t have to “encourage people to catch their own criminals” if I had an awesome arm like that…”
EA-LEC: Courage Of A Kitten, Strength Of A Lion
Here is my entry for :iconea-lec: Weekly Prompt. This week's theme: What is in their bag? Basically describing what is in a person's bag.

Honestly, I had decided to chose someone who might have to carry a heavy bag for some reason just for that dislocated shoulder joke. A little bit of schadenfreude humor if you will.

XP goes to whoever has the least amount of XP.

Leon and Naza belongs to me.

Exercitus Artifex aka the League of Extraordinary Characters belongs to :iconea-lec:
Ashley narrowed his eyes as he sat at a table. Pushing a few buttons on a calculator with the fingers one hand, he wrote down a few numbers onto a notepad. Next to them were a set of diamonds. He had continued his work on his project.

“Okay, based on the size and adding it to the others, this should be approximately…” The purple-haired man said softly.

He then inputted the number into the calculator and added it to the total. However, his eyes widened in pure shock upon what he had saw.

“Oh my word…” Ashley said softly.

He was so stunned by the revelation, that he didn’t noticed Drake making his way down the stairs.

“Oh hey, Ash.” The vampire said, making his way over to his friend. “How goes the counting?”

The wizard merely sat in his seat completely stunned. Drake paused looking a bit concerned.

“Um, are you alright, Ash?” Drake asked.
Ashley again stayed silent before slowly looking up at Drake. “Drake, I don’t know how to say this…”

“Yes?” The vampire asked, leaning forward.

“Um, well…” Ashley said looking at his work. “I had been counting up all of the diamonds that Elizabeth had gave him as payment for Oswald’s lesson.”

“Yeah.” Drake asked, raising an eyebrow wondering what Ashley was going with this.

“Well… Apparently…” Ashley said.

He then took a deep breath.

“We are practically millionaires now.”

Drake paused in his place upon hearing what his best friend had told him. After taking a few moments in silence, he then gave his answer.

“Really?” The vampire asked.

Ashley’s eyes widened at Drake’s response. It didn’t had any bit of shock or disbelief in his voice. Just plain confusion.

“Um, yes… From my calculations, we have a little over a million dollars.” Ashley said.

“Whoa, that Elizabeth must be really generous.” Drake noted.
Ashley blinked twice. “Um, Drake?”

“Yeah.” The winged man said.

“Why are you so… Nonchalant?” Ashley asked.

“Nonchalant?” Drake asked in confusion.

“I literally just told you that we may have a million dollars practically in front of us and you don’t seemed that surprised.” Ashley noted.

“Huh? Oh yeah…” Drake said before scratching the back of his head. “I guess I had always assumed that I will never get a million dollars so I told myself to never get my hopes up.”

Ashley stared at Drake in disbelief. “Oookay…”

“So what are you going to do with all of that money?” Drake asked.

Ashley paused before looking at the diamonds. “I don’t know… I never really thought that I would get a million dollars either…”

He then looked up at Drake.

“Hey, Drake. Do you want some of the money?” Ashley asked.

The vampire raised an eyebrow. “Really?”

“Of course, you are my best friend and I am pretty sure that I don’t know what to do with the money.” Ashley shrugged.

Drake paused blinking twice before looking at the diamonds on the table for a moment.
“Um, okay, what should I do with them?” Drake asked.

Ashley’s jaw dropped in disbelief. “What the… What kind of question is that?”

“I don’t know…” Drake shrugged. “Like I said, I had never thought I would get a million dollars.”

“Oh, come on! Is there anything you always wanted to buy but didn’t had enough money for?” Ashley asked.

“Well, no, I had always been worried about…” Drake said, shaking his head.

The vampire’s eyes then bugged in realization.

“Oh, I could use this to buy drinks!” Drake said with a big grin on his face.

With that, he went over to grab a couple of diamonds. Ashley’s eyes bugged out before taking said jewels before his friend could take him (or Drake accidentally scratching his arm).

“Now hold on! You want to spend your share of a MILLION dollars on DRINKS!?” Ashley snapped.

Drake paused. “Um, yes?”

“Drake, there is more to life than drinking!” Ashley scolded.
“It is not that I don’t know I can’t spend all of my time thinking about drinks.” Drake said before shrugging. “But what else is there to buy?”

“What else IS there to buy?” Ashley asked in disbelief. “LOTS of things! Food, clothes, heck, you could buy yourself a mansion with this thing!”

“Nah, I got all of the food and clothes I need.” Drake said waving it off. “Besides, if I wanted to live in a mansion, I could just stay in that Omega Mansion or whatever it is called.”

Ashley shook his head. “I can’t believe I am about to say these words.”

“Hm?” Drake asked.

Ashley narrowed his eyes with a growl.

“Act selfish for crying out loud!”

Drake jumped at this. “Whoa! Where did THAT come from?”

“Seriously, Elizabeth and Oswald gave these diamonds to me as a gift and I don’t want them to go to waste!” Ashley scolded.

Drake paused for a moment. He then narrowed his eyes.

“Oh, I get it, Mr. Pot.” The vampire said crossing his arms.

Ashley stepped back stunned by this. “E-Excuse me?”

“The way I see it, the only way that you had managed to hit the 1 m is if you don’t spend ANY of the diamonds!” Drake pointed out.

Ashley’s eyes widened before looking to the side. “T-That’s not true! I used my first payment as a necklace, didn’t I?”

“Yeah and?” Drake said rotating his hand around. “What else you had spent?”

Ashley paused for a moment. He then let out a deep sigh. “Alright, I admit it. Part of the reason, I gave you part of the money is because I don’t know to do with it myself…”

Drake glared at his friend at a moment. He then let out a deep sigh before placing his hand on his shoulder.

“So what now?” Drake asked.

“I-I don’t know…” Ashley said. “I mean most people would be struggling to figure what to buy first but only because they had so many items to buy. With us, we practically don’t have anything to buy because we don’t need.”

“Yeah, weird…” Drake paused. “So what are we going to do? Give some away to charity or something.”

“Might as well…” Ashley said with a sigh.

The two people then paused. Literally one million dollars and they didn’t had anything to do with it. Surely, there was something they could use the money on.
Suddenly, Drake’s eyes widened in realization.

“Wait a minute!” Drake exclaimed. “Didn’t you say you got those diamonds as payment for Oswald’s lessons?”

Ashley raised an eyebrow. “O-Of course…”

“In other words…” Drake said before smirking. “You got them from a JOB.”

Ashley paused for a moment. Suddenly, his eyes bugged out in shock before giving a smirk of his own.

“Why, yes. Yes, I did.” Ashley said.

The two then stared at each other for a moment. They then started to slowly chuckle with each other. Said chuckling had soon turned into maniacal cackling. Their laughter had echoed out throughout the house.



Bogus, along with a few waiters held their heads in pain trying to drown out the loud wailing that was coming from outside of the door.
“Shannon, please!” Bogus begged. “You are disturbing the other people here! Namely us!”


Bogus again winced before looking back at the waiters to see them all looking exasperated.
“Do anyone know why Shannon is like this in the first place?” Bogus asked.
“I-I don’t know, sir. All I know was that there was a phone call for him.” Cathy explained. “The next thing I knew, he was zooming through the bar area like a comet crying like a baby!”

Bogus looked back at the door in disbelief. “What could had made Shannon break down like that?”

“Whatever it was, it must had been REALLY incredible.” Al noted.
EA-LEC: We're Millionaires! ...Now What?
Here is my entry for :iconea-lec:'s Weekly Prompt. This week's theme: A million dollars.

I'll be honest. I didn't knew how to do this theme... I mean a million dollars is practically used in nearly every media but I can't seem to find an idea. It was thanks to uotome that gave me the idea for this story.

So yeah, Ashley and Drake technically are millionaires now. :shrug: Cool, I guess...

Ashley, Drake, Shannon, Alessandro and Cathy belongs to me.

Elizabeth and Oswald (mention) belongs to :iconuotome:

Bogus belongs to :icondiana-hnd:

Exercitus Artifex aka the League of Extraordinary Characters belongs to :iconea-lec:


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Hey, guys, I had just realized that I had reached over 70,000 views so I decided hold something special. A classic "ask my OCs" segment. However, you are only limited to my EA-LEC OCs, which means you could only ask:


And... I think that is anyone. You may ask any of these characters anything you wish. This is just for fun but if you got a question you wanted to ask about these guys, please don't hesitate to ask. ^__^
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