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...I afraid that I am unable to hand it on time.  My computer had broken down on me and I am forced to use my mother's Android phone to write this journal.  I apologise to everyone who was waiting patiently for it,  especially uotome, SSBFreak and WildFox03 whose characters play a major role in the story.  Don't worry, I am still going to try to hand it in,  just as a Main Story entry.  That is all.  Thank you for your patience and again I apologise for the inconvenience.

Merry Christmas to you all
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Other than the fact that there was Christmas decorations everywhere from top to bottom, things were going along normally at the Heroes’ Hideout. People were sitting at their tables talking and drinking and the waiters were serving them said drinks.

Al whistled a jovial tune as he made his way over out of the dining area. As he did so, he placed his tray in the counter.

“I am going on my break, boss.” Al explained.

“All right, Al.” Bogus said before taking the dish.

The alligator nodded his head before making his way out back. He had then made his way over into the hallway. He had made his way over to the staff room for the waiters. Letting a deep sigh out, he put his hands on the knob and turned it before making his way inside.

Once he did, he saw Cathy and Palayo sitting at the table, reading a couple of letters. The two looked up to see the alligator.

“Oh, hey, Al.” Cathy said. “Your break just started?”

“Pretty much.” The alligator said before taking a seat. “Hey, what are you reading there?”

“A letter from my mom.” Cathy asked.

“Oh, how is she?” Al asked.

“Oh, she is doing just fine.” Cathy said before looking back at the letter. “Apparently, Devon is hosting an ice sculpture contest at the Amaranth Falls for charity.”

“Really?” Al asked. “That is nice.”

“Say, when is it?” Palayo asked.

Cathy paused before reading over the letter. “Um, in a couple of days. Why?”

“Then why not ask the boss to give you the day off.” Palayo explained. “I am sure that he would understand.”

Cathy winced before looking to the side for a moment. “It is fine. I don’t want to bother him.”

Palayo raised an eyebrow. “Don’t want to bother him. Didn’t you tell me that you and him lived in the same house together.”

“Um, more or less.” Cathy said, looking down. “But it is… Complicated.”

“Why?” Palayo asked in confusion.

Al narrowed his eyes. “Hey, if the lady says it is complicated, then it is complicated. Got it?”

“It is all right, Al.” Cathy said quickly.

“Cathy…” The ex-sailor said sadly while looking at the cat-girl.

“Look, Palayo, I promise that I will tell you someday but not today.” Cathy reassured.

The elf raised an eyebrow. “If you say so. But I would like to remind you that my previous living conditions are quite complicated too and I am more than open about them.”

“Now everyone is you, Palayo…” Al muttered.

“I-In any case, how is Nequit doing?” Cathy asked, desperately trying to change the subject.

“Just fine. He is currently in the Green Hope continent tracking down drug smugglers.” Palayo explained.

“Must be rough spending Christmas fighting a bunch of criminals, huh?” Cathy frowned.

Palayo merely shook his head. “It is all right. Nobody is forcing him to stay there. Besides, he said that he would return home for Christmas.”

“Well, that is great to hear.” Al grinned. “Nequit’s a great guy!”

Palayo nodded his head before looking up. “Well, where’s YOURS?”

Al’s grin vanished. “Huh?”

“Your letter.” Palayo explained.

Al blinked twice. “Palayo, all I need to do is take a fifteen-minute bus trip to see my folks. Why would we need to send letters to each other?”

“I wasn’t talking about your parents, Al.” The blue-haired man corrected.

“Oh?” The reptile asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I was referring to your sailor friends.” Palayo said.

Al’s eyes widened at this.

“You know. Surely after speaking so many times about your trips on the sea, you would want to get at least ONE person to write to you.”

Al let out a nervous chuckle while fiddling with his collar. “Um, yeah. Funny story about that… You know that I mostly talk about the trips but never the crew I was with.”

“Now that you mentioned it, yes you did.” Palayo said, nodding his head.

“Well, that is because most of the crew hated me.” Al said with a sigh.

“What? Why?” Palayo asked surprised.

“I know that I have a short fuse but it is even WORSE when I was a sailor.” Al explained. “I was always losing my top at the others for some reason or another. In the end, the straw that broke the captain’s back was that I tried to strangle somebody.”

“Oh dear… So none of your fellow sailors wanted to write you a letter?” Palayo asked.

“I am genuinely surprised if any of them ever want to see me again.” Al said, shaking his head.

“Al…” Cathy said sadly.

“Bah, whatever.” The black-scaled reptile scoffed. “To hell with them. Besides, while some of my outbursts had gone too far, they still pissed me off. If they wanted me erased from their memories, fine by me. I never had that many friends anyway.”

“Really? You never thought to try to make amends?” Palayo asked.

“Well, it is not like I could just go on their ship and visit them.” Al said. “Besides, what done is done. I rather be with people who would tolerate me.”

“Why, thank you!” Palayo smiled. “I tolerate you too.”

Cathy then giggled. “And I tolerate the both of you.

Al actually chuckled at the two.

“So anyway, is there anything else interesting?” Al asked.

“Oh, yes!” Palayo said before holding up his letter. “While in the Green Hope continent, Nequit came across…”

Palayo then continued his story as Al and Cathy listened on. Even though they may not be spending Christmas time with people they grew up with, at least they could talk about it with other people.
EA-LEC: Close And Distant Loved Ones
Here is Week 2 of the Christmas Weekly Prompt for :iconea-lec: This time, it is starring my waiters. Nothing much here. I didn't wanted to reveal too much of Cathy and Palayo's backstories here.

XP goes to whoever has the lowest amount of XP.

Al (Alessandro), Cathy and Palayo belongs to me.

Exercitus Artifex aka the League of Extraordinary Characters belongs to :iconea-lec:
“You! Al! Cathy!”

Al and Cathy both winced in their spots as they were doing their job at the Heroes’ Hideout after hearing the demanding voice that had called out their names. Slowly turning their heads around, they saw a red-clad man that was far too familiar with them.

“Yes, Shannon?” Al said through gritted teeth.

“I have a task for you.” The green-haired man said before snapping. “Follow me outside.”

“Um, we are kinda busy.” Cathy pointed out.

Shannon raised an eyebrow in confusion. “Um, HELLO? Aren’t you guys waiters?”

Al returned the gesture. “Yeah?”

“Then, you would be doing your JOB.” Shannon pointed out. “Serving me!”

Al’s eyes widened, not liking what Shannon was saying. “What!? We are not servants, we are WAITERS!”

“What is the difference?” Shannon asked.

“There is a BIG difference!” Al roared. “We are not entitled to serve every spoiled, egotistical, deluded customer that comes to us!”

“Hey!” Shannon said angrily. “I am NOT deluded!”

Al and Cathy along with a few customers stared at Shannon with blinking eyes.

“Um, why doesn’t the spoiled and egotistical part bother?” Cathy piped up.

Shannon merely shrugged before looking at his nails. “When you are me, you could afford to have, lack of a better term, flaws.”

Al and Cathy looked at each other with looks of disgust on their faces.

“He is not going to go away until we give him his bottle.” Cathy muttered.

“Ugh, why you’re right, you’re right, Cathy…” Al said while rolling his eyes. He then let out a deep sigh of defeat. “All right, Shannon, you win.”

“Glad you see it my way.” Shannon smirked. He then turned around and walked towards the entrance. “Now let’s go. We are burning precious daylight!”

Al growled as Cathy merely shook her head. The two waiters then followed the wizard outside of the door. Here’s hoping that Bogus would be very understanding if he caught the two slacking off.

The three then made their way to the outside of the Heroes’ Hideout. By now, the green grass was completely covered with snow. Today was literally the start of December aka the month of the Holiday Seasons.

Shannon then made his way over to the pile of items that was now underneath a small tent. The waiters had put it to protect them from the snow.

Cathy raised an eyebrow as she and Al walked over. “I take it you want an item, Shannon?”

“Of course!” Shannon said with a grin. “As the greatest wizard in the world, I don’t need random trinkets like these but one of them had caught my fancy!”

Al merely rolled his eyes. “All right, Mr. Perfect. What is it you want?”

Shannon nodded his head before making his way over to the pile. Al and Cathy looked at each other in confusion, genuinely curious as to what Shannon would want. He was always the picky type so they wondered what kind of item made it past for his “standards”.

When Al and Cathy turned their heads, their eyes widened at what Shannon was doing.

Shannon was lying down onto a green couch. It looked quite nice and comfortable, especially by how satisfied Shannon looked.

“Yes, yes, I know.” Shannon said with a bored look on his face. “You are tempted to paint me like one of those French girls, right?”

Al and Cathy paused, completely ignoring Shannon’s comment. They were too busy concerned with something.

“Um, Shannon, you want THAT couch?” Cathy asked, raising a finger.

“No, I desire that two-piece bikini.” Shannon said sarcastically. “Of course I want this couch, you ditz!”

“Um, how much you know about that couch?” Al questioned.

“What is there to know?” Shannon asked. “It is comfortable. It is stylish. And most importantly, it would look lovely in my room! What reason do I need NOT to take this?”

Al and Cathy was about to give their answer on why getting that couch was a bad idea.

However, someone had more or less answered for them.


Shannon, Al and Cathy’s eyes widened when they heard the sudden noise. Everyone then went silent for a moment.

Shannon blinked twice. “Cathy, are you hitting on me?”

The cat-girl’s eyes bugged out before stepping back while looking absolutely disgusted. “EWW! No!”

Shannon raised an eyebrow, not looking convinced.“Oh? Then, who did?”


Shannon’s pupils then shrank when he heard the purring noise again. However, he realized that it came nowhere near Cathy. Instead, it sounded like it came right near him. Looking around, he scanned for something.

“Is there some kind of kitten here or something?” Shannon asked.

“Um, more or less. I think…” Cathy said, shifting her eyes from to left.

Shannon looked at the cat-girl in disbelief. “What kind of answer is THAT?”

“Um, well, how could I say this?” Cathy paused. She then gave a deep breath.

“The purring is coming from the couch.”

Shannon paused.


“It is just as Cathy said. The purring is coming from the couch.” Al pointed out.

It was then Shannon heard another purring. Slowly looking at his eyes towards the couch, he slowly eyed it.

“Umm, why is the couch purring?” Shannon asked slowly.

“Hell if we know. For some reason, whenever someone sits on it, it purrs like a quadruped cat.” Al said with a shrug.

Shannon paused before looking over the couch he was sitting on. Al and Cathy looked at each other, counting the seconds before Shannon jumped off the couch in fright.

However, what he said next surprised them.

“Very well. I’ll take it.”

Al and Cathy’s eyes widened at this as Shannon looked at them with a smirk.

“Um, come again?” Al asked.

“You heard me! If anything, that makes me want to take this couch even more.” Shannon smiled.

“H-Huh?” Cathy asked.

“You just said that it purrs whenever somebody lies down on it, right?” Shannon asked.

“Right?” Al asked, wondering where Shannon was going with this.

“That means it appreciates my presence whenever I sit down on it!” The green-haired man said. “That means it is literally welcoming me with open eyes whenever I come into the room!”

Al and Cathy both blinked twice before looking at each other.

“Wow, talk about depressing…” Al winced.

“Yeah, I know he brought this on himself but still, that was quite… Sad…” Cathy agreed.

“Well, are you going to bring this up to my room or not?” Shannon complained.

Al and Cathy then both sighed.

“All right, all right. Hold on.” Cathy said in defeat. The two waiters then made their way over to accompany a side each and crouched down to grab it. However, Shannon had continued to lie down on the couch.

“Hey, if the ride is too bumpy, don’t hesitate to come off.” Al said, looking annoyed.

“No, I’ll be fine.” Shannon reassured.

Al growled while Cathy merely rolled her eyes.

“Come on, Al, the sooner we do this, the sooner we go back to work.” Cathy muttered.

“Yeah, all right…” Al sighed.

With that, the two lifted the couch up and made their way towards the entrance. The couch purred as Shannon gave a small smile.

“I believe this is going to be interesting.”


Unfortunately for Shannon, there was a major problem with the couch. Whenever he laid down on it, he would purr like a cat.

However, when he DIDN’T laid down on it for a long period of time, it would grumble and whimper noises, as if it was lonely. Shannon soon noticed this and at first, shrugged it off. Then, came night fall.


Shannon clenched his teeth while trying to sleep inside of his bed. He then shoved his pillow over his head in an attempt to drown out his couch’s constant growling.

“Shut up, shut up, shut up!” Shannon roared through his pillow. “I will sit on you first-thing tomorrow, all right?”

Unfortunately for him, the banging continued. Soon, there was a knocking at his door.

“Shannon, tell that stupid cat… I mean, couch to calm up!”

The wizard sat up and glared at the door. “I am TRYING!”


Shannon returned the growl before glaring at his couch.

“Maybe someone to be constantly upset by your absence isn’t so grand after all, after all…”
EA-LEC: Purring Put-You-Up For A Pampered Persian
Here is my entry for :iconea-lec:'s Weekly Prompt. Due to it being Christmas, it is anything goes.

Because this is Christmas, I will devote the following four weeks of Christmas to give each of my characters some screentime (save for my entry for the Christmas mission of course). Here, Shannon gets a new couch. One that purrs when you sit on it. Which of course has its ups and its downs.

XP goes to Shannon.

Shannon, Al (Alessandro) and Cathy belongs to me.

Exercitus Artifex aka the League of Extraordinary Characters belongs to :iconea-lec:
Wild Fox and Requiem both stood in their spots while staring into each other’s eyes. Wild Fox narrowed his eyes while Requiem merely had her trademark expression on her face. This was it.

After a whole minute of playing careful, Requiem had decided to make the first move by rushing over and stabbing her parasol forward. Wild Fox reacted quickly by blocking the attack with his Halberd. The man then kicked his foot out, catching her in the stomach. Wild Fox then kicked his leg out again, this time aiming at the head.

However, Requiem quickly blocked it her parasol. Wild Fox winced as he hopped back a couple of times after kicking a metallic foot with his bare foot. Requiem then decided to take the chance to end the fight as quickly as possible by closing her parasol and stabbing it straight at his neck.

Wild Fox’s eyes widened before leaning his head backwards, narrowly avoiding the attack. Had he just been a little slower, he would had been killed. Gritting his teeth, he swung his Halberd at Requiem who quickly opened her parasol once again and easily blocked it.

However, Wild Fox decided to use the size difference between him and his opponent to his advantage by rushing over while still in the power struggle by shoving her towards the wall right behind her. Requiem hit said wall hard but quickly recovered just in time to block the blunt end of Wild Fox’s Halberd.

She then opened up it before shoving it forward sending Wild Fox staggering back a few steps. Requiem then stabbed her parasol forward, once again aiming at the neck. However, Wild Fox quickly kicked his foot out, catching Requiem in the chest causing her to stagger back. It was then Wild Fox swung his axe at her.

Then, Requiem had opened up her parasol.

Wild Fox swung his axe hoping to slash Requiem but quickly found himself hitting nothing but air. His eyes widened before frantically looking around. After seeing that Requiem was nowhere in sight, he looked up.

There, he saw her floating up into the sky with her open parasol above her. Wild Fox gritted his teeth, scolding him for forgetting that Requiem had the ability to levitate like that.

Then, Requiem quickly closed her parasol, allowing herself to fall towards the ground. Wild Fox’s eyes widened when he saw that he was pointing the sharp end of her parasol below her.


After letting out the loud yell, Wild Fox swung his Halberd upwards. This sent a streak of blue energy straight up at Requiem, just in time to clash with her deadly attack. Realizing that this had gave Wild Fox a chance to counterattack, she reopened her parasol and floated away.

Wild Fox readied himself before getting ready to throw his Halberd like a javelin. Requiem looked on with disbelief running through her mind. If Wild Fox had lost his weapon, then he would be unarmed. What was he hoping to accomplish?

Wild Fox then threw his Halberd at Requiem. The brightly-clad girl then got ready to float to the side to avoid it.

“Bite Rush!”

After shouting out another one of his attacks, he waved his hand. Suddenly, the Halberd had started to move in mid-air and stab itself forward at Requiem. Despite the unexpected attack, Requiem coolly lowered her parasol to block the axe just in time.

However, this caused her to fall towards the ground. Wild Fox then pulled his arm back, making the Halberd fly back into his hand. He then rushed over while throwing his Halberd up.

“Rolling Blaze!” Wild Fox shouted before grabbing the axe from the very tip. The blade then got engulfed in blue fire before he spun it around in place. Requiem quickly blocked the attack with her parasol but found herself stepping back a couple of steps. Wild Fox noticed this as he crouched down low.

“Berserker Kick!” Wild Fox yelled while kicking himself forward at Requiem’s parasol while trying not to strike the pointed end of it by mistake. Somehow this had actually made Requiem staggered back until she hit the wall causing her to lower her guard. Wild Fox then let out another kick.

It was then Requiem swerved her head at the last second to avoid getting kicked in the face. Wild Fox’s eyes widened before raising his Halberd to block the blow.

However, he wasn’t quick enough as he gotten stabbed in the free arm.

Wild Fox let out a loud roar of pain as the sharp point of Requiem’s unorthodox weapon had pierced through his skin. Despite the agony he was in, he still found the strength to swing his Halberd while smacking Requiem in the face.

Requiem let out a surprisingly loud cry of pain before Wild Fox jumped back while still gritting in teeth from the pain. Trying his best to ignore it, he stabbed the blade of his weapon into Requiem’s stomach.

The demon let out a cough while spitting out some kind of black substance out of her mouth. Wild Fox grimaced knowing that this was her blood. Despite this, he continued to keep his Halberd pressed against her while keeping her pinned down. Normally, he wouldn’t do something like this to a child but he knew for a fact that Requiem was no ordinary girl.

However, despite the pain she was in, she stabbed her parasol into Wild Fox’s chest. The bearded man cried out while loosening his grip on Requiem. This made her a chance to stab her parasol forward. Wild Fox then quickly blocked the attack with his Halberd.

Requiem then quickly saw why Necross had so much difficulty against this man. His power and skills was beyond human. As much as she hated to admit it but she could very be on the losing end of this match.

Perhaps she could try to make him lose focus by getting inside of his head.


Wild Fox blinked his eyes twice in confusion. “Excuse me?”

“Why do you fight for your childish goals?” Requiem questioned.

Wild Fox’s eyes widened at this. “W-What kind of question is that?”

“You fight to protect your friends, correct?” Requiem challenged. “Do you honestly think you are some superhero from a children’s cartoon?”

“What do you mean?” Wild Fox asked. “What does wanting to protect my friends have anything to do with being a superhero?”

“Trying your best to protect everyone.” Requiem said before stabbing her parasol forward. “Do you actually believe you are capable of doing so?”

Wild Fox narrowed his eyes before blocking the attack with his Halberd and kicking his leg out. “I know that may me sound conceited but I had made a vow.”

“Then, that makes things worse.” Requiem said while stepping back. “You are making promises that you are unable to keep.”

“And how do you know that?” Wild Fox challenged.

“Well, think about it.” Requiem explained. “Even if you would defeat me, then what? I would still remain quiet about Necross’ whereabouts.”

Wild Fox paused with his eyes widening a bit.

“That is correct. All this fight is doing is wasting our time and energy.” Requiem said. “All you are doing is living out your delusions.”

Wild Fox’s eyebrow then started to twitch. “Even if I can’t get you to confess, I could keep you prisoner.”

“How?” Requiem challenged. “Only a select few know about our true nature. If you try to arrest me, you would just look like the bad guy.”

Wild Fox’s eyes widened bugged out when he heard this. Requiem noticed this and went in for the mental kill.

“So in conclusion, your mission had been futile from the very beginning.” Requiem said. “At least I have a small gain by killing you but what do YOU have? Nothing. Nothing even remotely close to protecting your friends. You are an immature child trying too hard to play the hero.”

Wild Fox gritted his teeth. “Like you are one to lecture. You pretty much just admitted how pointless your revenge is.”

“That may be so but at least I had unleashed some goal at the end.” Requiem said.

Wild Fox gave a small growl, trying his best to keep his cool. He had to end this fight as quickly as possible after seeing how difficult it was with this woman’s cruel words. He then lunged his axe forward. However, Requiem had quickly parried the axe with her closed parasol. Wild Fox quickly prepared himself to dodge another stab.

Unfortunately for him, Requiem knew this far too well and instead opened her parasol, striking Wild Fox in the face. The bearded man staggered back, too stunned to notice that Requiem was closing her parasol to stab it forward.


That was the loud, painful cry of Wild Fox when Requiem lunged the tip of her parasol into his arm that held his Halberd. He quickly dropped said weapon as Requiem continued to drive the parasol into his arm, causing Wild Fox’s cries of pain to be even louder.

“No dominant arm. No weapon.” Requiem said simply. “You lose.”

“N-No…” Wild Fox said while gritting his teeth through the pain. “I…”

Requiem then finally drew her parasol back, letting Wild Fox collapse on his knee while gripping his severely-wounded arm with his free hand. He felt that he had lost every motion in it. Requiem stood over him triumphantly. She then pulled her parasol back, ready to stab him in the throat to kill him.

That was until a familiar voice stopped her.

“Wild Fox? Wild Fox, where are you?”

Wild Fox’s eyes bugged out in horror upon recognizing the voice. Requiem on the other hand didn’t knew what it was but seeing the shocked look on Wild Fox’s face, she had put two and two together.

“So, your wolf ally is here.” Requiem said calmly before turning her head towards the direction of the voice. “Such a pain but it can’t be helped. I have to eliminate him too.”

Wild Fox looked up at horror when Requiem had said this. He knew for a fact that Fenrir was a strong fighter but he could only do so much against a demon like Requiem without the proper skills or weapons.

“N-No! Please!” Wild Fox begged while trying not to move his arm too much and open his wound even more.

“This isn’t the way I wanted this to be.” Requiem said. “But at least I could show you how childish your journey to protect everyone.”

It was then something happened.


Requiem looked down at Wild Fox to see him slowly getting to his feet while gripping his arm with a furious look on his face. Requiem merely stared on in exasperation at the man’s pathetic persistence. She was about to end his life right here and now.

It was then she had noticed something on Wild Fox. She could feel some kind of intense heat coming from his body which resulted in steam literally emitting from him. His narrowed eyes had turned a clear pale blue as he breathed in and out, letting out small clouds of blue smoke. For some reason, his muscles had grown larger as well and he seemed to be ignoring his unsightly wound. His and Requiem’s clothes waft as if a strong breeze was blowing through.

Requiem watched the whole thing with her trademark blank stare. She then narrowed her eyes to scan her enemy. It was then she saw that there was a large blue aura engulfing Wild Fox while dancing around like a furious flame. It was nothing like she had ever saw before.

Around the same time, Fenrir had made his way around the corner while looking for his friend, Wild Fox. After his search for Requiem and Ripper had went sour, he had decided to regroup with his ally. After speaking to the people who were at that barrel incident, they had told him where they could find him.

It was then Fenrir had turned his head towards the direction of Requiem and Wild Fox. His good eye then widened when he saw his friend with steam coming out of his body while looking like he was about to snap Requiem’s neck in half.

“W-W-Wild Fox?” Fenrir asked with his eye twitching. He had never seen Wild Fox so angry in all of his life.

“I will not let you hurt Fenrir…” Wild Fox said while still breathing heavily. “NO! Any of my friends as long as I am still alive!”

With that, he had lunged forward at Requiem before doing a series of punches and kicks that flew at an alarming speed. Requiem then raised her parasol and quickly blocked the barrage.

However, Requiem quickly found herself skidding backwards despite Wild Fox should be recoiling in pain after hurting his own hands. Fenrir just looked in awe at his friend. Soon, Wild Fox had did a hard kick forward, kicking Requiem’s parasol. The dark-haired girl found herself skidding back into a wall of an old abandoned building. Wild Fox then rushed over pulling his fist back.

Requiem then quickly recovered in time to swerve her head to the side, narrowly avoiding Wild Fox’s punch.


Fenrir’s jaw dropped when he saw Wild Fox’s punch was so powerful that it had left a large hole in the wall, resulting in a lot of bricks falling down and creating a loud cloud of plaster. Wild Fox then growled before turning her attention towards Requiem, who still had her stoic look on her face.

“It seemed that I have overdid with my aggravation strategy.”

Requiem then put her parasol over her and started to float away. She knew when to retreat from a battle, especially after seeing how insanely strong Wild Fox had gotten.

“Oh no, you don’t!” Wild Fox roared at the top of his lungs.

He then rushed over to a trash can and leapt onto it before bounding up over at a ladder of a fire escape. Easily grabbing the bottom rung with one hand, he had proceeded to make his way climbing up the ladder.

Fenrir soon snapped out of his daze. “H-Hey! Where are you going!? Wild Fox?”

Wild Fox didn’t listen. Instead, he climbed up on the fire escape and made his way up to, no doubt to chase after Requiem. Fenrir stared on with fear and concern at his friend’s sudden turn in personality.

He then narrowed his good eye. “I don’t know what is going on with Wild Fox but I am not going to just sit back.”

Meanwhile, Requiem had floated upwards until she had landed on top on a roof of an old abandoned building. Closing her parasol, she scanned around. Wild Fox was a ground-based fighter so she should be safe for a while.

Still, she was quite surprised. She knew that Wild Fox had extraordinary powers from Necross but he had never told her about his sudden attitude change. Perhaps Necross didn’t knew about it.

Nonetheless, it seemed that she had to cancel her search for today. It was too dangerous to hang around the area. She had to reunite with Walter and Ripper and fast.

Suddenly, she heard a series of strange noises. Metallic sounds. Turning her head towards the direction of the voice, she saw Wild Fox climbing onto a rooftop before looking around frantically. He then saw Requiem standing on an opposite rooftop. Growling while letting out a cloud of blue smoke, he rushed towards the demon and cleared a gap between it. Requiem immediately tried to fly away.

“Oh no, you don’t!” Wild Fox roared while swinging his hand as if it was some kind of claw. This sent a wave of blue energy at an alarming speed straight at Requiem. The attack hit her dead on as it knocked her out of the sky and fell like a stone onto the roof. Wild Fox then rushed over and leapt up straight over her to smash her into the ground.

However, Requiem rolled to the side, barely avoiding being crushed. Acting quickly, she stabbed her parasol straight into Wild Fox’s stomach as hard as she could.

It was then she noticed that Wild Fox didn’t even flinch. Instead, he glared down at Requiem before sending a fist into her face before literally sending her flying over to the next rooftop of another abandoned building while painfully sliding on her back. Wild Fox then rushed over and leapt the gap.

Requiem groaned before weakly getting up to see Wild Fox rushing over to her. The bearded man then rushed over and leapt up into the air while gritting his teeth. Requiem reacted quickly by opening her parasol over her in a vain attempt to block.


That was the sound of Requiem and Wild Fox smashing through the roof and through several floors. Thankfully, it was an old abandoned building so there was nobody but the two people in it.

After smashing through at least ten floors, the two had finally stopped. Pieces of plaster fell on top of them as mist filled the room blinding the both of them. Requiem groaned as she weakly propped herself on her hands and feet. Her entire world was dazed.

Soon, her vision had started to clear up but still, her line of sight was blinded by the mist. Thankfully, it had started to vanish as fast.

It was then she saw Wild Fox standing up straight while looking around frantically for her. Thankfully, he was facing the opposite face. Scanning around, Requiem picked her parasol that was right next to her and got up before turning around and running off of the old room.

However, Wild Fox saw her leaving and snarled before rushing off after her.

“Don’t think I don’t see you!” Wild Fox roared at the top of his lungs.

Requiem quickly opened her parasol and pointed it forward. This caused her to float ahead to make up for her lack of speed. The battle had then turned into a cat-and-mouse chase and she was the mouse.

Unfortunately for her, Wild Fox still had a few tricks up of his sleeve as he swung his arm downwards like he was scratching somebody. This resulted in a series of blue arcs sending straight towards Requiem.


Fenrir’s good eye widened as he watched a series of explosions appear out of a nearby building. He then saw something fly straight out of the hole and crashed onto the ground in front of him, resulting in a large cloud explosion of dust.

Soon, the dust soon cleared to see Requiem getting up on one knee while using her parasol to keep herself from collapsing. He then noticed Wild Fox jumping out from one of the holes in the building and landing on his feet. He then saw Wild Fox about to charge straight at Requiem.

Requiem slowly got back up and got into a stance. “You… What are you?”

“You… You had caused so much grief for many people and yet you wish to cause more grief.” Wild Fox said before pulling his claw back. “Take your punishment, you…”


Requiem and Wild Fox had both turned their heads towards the direction of the voice to see Fenrir rushing over. Much to Wild Fox’s surprise, Fenrir had skidded in front of Wild Fox while putting his hands up with a determined glare on his way.

“Wild Fox, stop! Look at yourself!” Fenrir shouted. “This is not you at all!”

“Out of my way, Fenrir!” Wild Fox roared before getting ready to swing his claw down. Fenrir looked on in horror at the fact that his own friend was about to attack him. Could Wild Fox even recognized Fenrir anymore?

It was then Wild Fox had froze in his spot. He then started to shake violently as if he was struggling to keep control of himself. Soon, he had finally stopped.

Suddenly, his muscles had shrank down to his normal state as his eyes turned back to their usual colour and the steam that was emitted from his body was gone. Wild Fox had then collapsed on his knees before falling onto his face. Fenrir’s good eye bugged out.

“WILD FOX!” Fenrir called out before rushing over. He then stopped himself when he remembered that Requiem was standing right behind him. Acting quickly, he whirled around while getting into his stance while glaring straight into Requiem’s eyes. The dark-haired youth merely stared back while struggling to stand up straight.


Fenrir raised an eyebrow. “Hm?”

“Why did you protected me?” Requiem questioned.

Fenrir merely gave a scoff. “Don’t misunderstand. I didn’t do that to save you. I did that to save HIM. I don’t know what the hell what Wild Fox been going through just now but I DO know that if he was in his right state of mind, he would NEVER do what he was about to do.”

Requiem merely stayed silent while saying her answer.

“You both are fools.”

With that, she raised her parasol above her before floating up into the air. Fenrir stared in shock. She was retreating? Wasn’t she about to take this chance to kill him and Wild Fox? Then again, Wild Fox had done quite a number on her. But still to weaken her that much.

Suddenly, he had remembered something. Narrowing his eye, he rushed for forward while cupping his hands to his mouth.

“Hey, Requiem!” Fenrir called out. “Don’t think I don’t know who helped arranged that visit family visit for me! Make sure to tell your boss that!”

With that, he turned around and rushed over to help his fallen friend. Requiem merely watched the scene as she continued to float up flying in the sky. As much as she hated to admit it but that naive fool was just as strong as Necross stated. Maybe even more so with that hidden form. If it wasn’t for Fenrir’s intervention, she would had lost the fight.

“It seems that I have a lot of work ahead of me if I want to make Necross’ wishes a reality.”

Meanwhile, Fenrir had helped the injured Wild Fox out of the alleyway. Hopefully, he would get him some medical attention as quickly as possible.

“Don’t worry, man. I am here for you.” Fenrir reassured. “Just like you had been here for me.”


Meanwhile, in another part of Belcazzar, a man had entered a phonebooth. After closing the door behind him, he had proceeded to dial a number. He then waited patiently for the person on the other line to pick up before pulling out a photo out of his jacket.

Said photo was of Walter in his vampire form, shoving the stack of barrels over.

Soon, someone had picked up the phone. The man then gave a triumphant smirk.

“Hello, boss. It is me, Loid. I just called in to say that I have one hell of a scoop for you.”
EA-LEC: Requiem VS Wild Fox Part 2
Last Part:…

Here is Part 2 of my entry of the battle of my Requiem versus :iconwildfox03:'s Wild Fox. If this entry seemed rushed (as in more than usual), That is because I had to write it in before the deadline.

But yeah... I am really glad to write for Wild Fox's Aggressor Mode. It is always fun to write for "Beware The Nice Ones" characters. And yay, Fenrir is finally being bad@$$ for once!

Requiem and Fenrir belongs to me.

Wild Fox aka Erik Carbonneau belongs to :iconwildfox03:

Exercitus Artifex aka League of Extraordinary Characters belongs to :iconea-lec:
Ripper, Requiem and Walter had made their way through the busy streets of Belcazzar City. After separating from their “parents”, Necross and Maxie, they had decided to continue their search for Shane. Unlike the others, they didn’t exactly had a set destination and just looked around for potential places the angels may stay at.

Unfortunately for them, as much as they wanted to keep an eye out for him, they had kept getting distracted with each other rather than keeping their eye on the prize.

Ripper let out a bored sigh as he followed Requiem with Walter sitting on his shoulder. Slung over his body was some kind of long-strapped sheath that carried his double-bladed weapon in. With tired eyes, he looked around the area for a bit. His eyes then lit up when he saw something.

“Ooh, lookie over there!” Ripper said, getting the two’s attention.

“No…” Requiem piped up while holding her parasol.

Ripper turned his head angrily towards his “sister”. “You didn’t even knew what I was going to say!”

“The item that you are pointing to most likely has nothing to do with what we are searching and is another childish distraction.” Requiem said simply.

Ripper’s eyes widened at this before shifting them from left to right. “Um, no!”

“Really? Then what is it?” Requiem challenged before turning her head.

Ripper took in a deep gulp before pausing for a bit. He then pointed his finger to the side.

“Um, ice cream van?”

“No…” Requiem said. “Let’s move on.”

Ripper slumped his shoulder with a whine. “You never let me do anything fun!”

“We are not here to have fun.” Requiem said simply.

“Aww… Come on!” Ripper complained. “We had been wandering around all day! I am tired!”

“Truth be told, the two of you HAD been searching around for two long hours.” Walter piped up, trying not to let anyone hear him. “I believe you two of you had earned a break, even if it is only for a few minutes!”

“Hey, yeah!” Ripper said with a grin before nodding a few times. “We had earned a break!”

Requiem stayed silent for a moment before stopping in her tracks. Ripper halted at this with his eyes lighting up in hope, thinking that Requiem had finally seen things his way.

“When we find Shane, you know that we will have no time for breaks.” Requiem said. “When that happens, we may have a war on our hands.”

Ripper’s smile vanished.

“Do you honestly think we would have time for breaks?” Requiem asked.

“Um, well, maybe not but…” Ripper started.

“Then, your argument is invalid.” Requiem said before walking off.

“Hey! I am not done talking here!” Ripper snapped while stomping his foot on the ground.

Requiem didn’t reply. She merely continued to walk on ahead leaving Ripper and Walter behind.

Ripper growled before walking off after her. “Who does she think she is?”

“That is actually a good question when you think about it.” Walter whispered. “I actually wish to know what she is thinking period.”

Ripper looked at the bat in confusion. “What do you mean?”

“Well, out of all five of us, I had knew the least about Requiem.” Walter explained. “I mean I don’t mean to pry into a lady’s business but I pretty much know why you are here, why Necross is and even why Maxie had to be. However, even now, I don’t know anything about Requiem’s motives here.”

Ripper paused, realizing that the vampire bat was right. Scratching the top of his head in confusion, he pondered about all of the information he knew about Requiem.

“Well, I know how much she hate angels.” Ripper said.

“Forgive me but that doesn’t say that much considering that is what most of the demons’ motivations are.” Walter said while shaking his head.

“I guess…” Ripper muttered.

Meanwhile, Requiem continued to walk on ahead. She had a mission to help complete and she would intend do so. There was no time for distractions. Especially when the thought of revenge was at stake.



That was the reply of a male human as he sat down onto a bench with a close friend of him having a conversation.

Said human was a young man with a well-built body and hair and a beard in the colour of the night sky. His outfit consisted of a black hooded jumper that seemed to have the face of a glaring blue fox on it and over it was a blue jacket, though the sleeves seemed to have been ripped off. With a pair of jeans, he also wore grey and blue sneakers.

He was staring into the good eye of an anthro wolf clad in black and purple. Said eye was narrowed in determination.

“That’s right, Wild Fox.” Fenrir said sternly. “If you have me, I wish for you to teach me Ki.”

The bearded man paused for a moment. However, he quickly gave a small smile.

“But of course, Fenrir.” Wild Fox reassured. “Not only are you my friend but it is my duty as the leader of the WFP Training Facility to help train people.”

The wolf let out a deep sigh of relief. “Thanks, man. I really appreciate it.”

Wild Fox nodded his head. However, it quickly faltered a second later.

“Fenrir…” Wild Fox said softly, making the lupine look up. “I know that this is a painfully obvious question. But, is there any particular reason why you wanted me to teach you?”

The canine narrowed his good eye in determination with a nod.

“That is correct. I want you to teach me how to use powers like yours so I would be able to fend off against demons.” Fenrir said.

Wild Fox returned the glare and nod, understanding Fenrir’s feelings. Even the latter could see that, he still continued to speak.

“I mean I had played a part in inadvertently dooming my homeworld. There is no way I am not just going to sit back and not try to atone for my mistake knowing that the Ignis Sword is on Elarthe.”

He then gave a growl of anger.

“Besides, Necross was the one who revived you-know-who in the first place.” Fenrir said in pure contempt. “In other words, every bad thing that had happened to me could be all traced back to him.”

Wild Fox again nodded his head. No matter how kind of reasoning Necross may had for this goals, that still didn’t justified nearly killing two innocent youths who were clearly not a threat to him in any way. Such the thought made his stomach sick.

“Which is why I had came over to you to help you train me.” Fenrir explained. “Priscilla told me that you had been helped in the fight against Necross back in that Byako place.”

“That is correct.” Wild Fox said.

Fenrir nodded his head. “I know for a fact that your KI played a good part of it. I am not much of a weapon-fighter or a magic-user so if I wanted to be able to go face-to-face with Necross in an attempt to get back the sword, I need to learn how to use KI. Umm, it CAN be taught right?”

Wild Fox paused putting his hand on his chin. “Well, it depends. Remember, KI is actually concentrated spiritual energy so technically, ANYONE could use KI if they put enough diligence and patience in their training. However, that doesn’t mean KI would have the same attacks. It depends on the person and their fighting style. I could teach you on HOW to use the basics of KI but the rest you must forge on your own.”

Fenrir solemnly nodded his head, knowing this far too well. He remembered the last time he tried to fight with a style that was foreign to him. It literally cost him his eye.

Wild Fox then smiled. “But of course, seeing that you beat me in a fight once, I could genuinely see you have a lot of potential and may control your KI better than most newcomers.”

“Thanks, I really appreciate your support.” Fenrir said before looking at his hand. “I don’t want to just sit back helpless. Not after what happened.”

Wild Fox’s smile vanished as he watched the wolf focus all of his energy onto his hand. Even though Fenrir seemed to have somewhat stop his sulking mood, he still seemed down. Not once had Wild Fox seen him smile ever since he had gone off on his own. He couldn’t stand to see one of his friends mentally hurting like this.

Wild Fox was about to place a comforting hand on his shoulder and was about to convince him that everything would be all right.

That was when he picked something from the corner of his eye that made him freeze in his place with wide eyes and a slack jaw.

He was staring at two of the many people that were passing them. They were both teenagers nicely dressed in clothes that looked like there were posing for an old-fashioned photo shoot. On the male one’s shoulder was a small bat with a red ribbon around his neck.

Wild Fox stared on with wide eyes. Even with their completely different clothes, he had fully recognized both of the teenagers that were passing them by. He knew them far too well.

Still keeping his stunned eyes on them, he finally grabbed Fenrir’s shoulder and shook it slightly, catching the wolf’s attention.

“Hm? What is it, Wild Fox?” Fenrir asked.

The bearded man then pointed to the two with his free hand. “Do you see those two kids with the bat?”

Fenrir raised an eyebrow. “Yeah?”

Wild Fox then narrowed his eyes. “I have reason to believe that they are Requiem and Ripper.”

Fenrir’s good eye bugged out when he heard this. “Seriously?”

“Shh!” Wild Fox scolded while putting his finger to his mouth. The two men then slowly looked on at the retreating children.

“Come on.” Wild Fox said, motioning with his hand. “There is a strong chance they may lead us to where they and the others are hiding out.”

Fenrir’s eyes widened in realization upon hearing this. If they knew where the demons were living in, they may go over with the others and form a plan to get back the Ignis Sword. Narrowing his good eye, he nodded his head to confirm that he agreed with his friend’s plan.

Wild Fox returned the nod before the two men got up from the bench and power walked after the two children while trying to get seen. Fortunately for the two of them, unless someone called them out, they should had no problem staying hidden from Requiem and Ripper.

The two children continued walking on, completely oblivious to their stalkers. They were too busy looking around. Or in Ripper’s case, too busy being miserable due to boredom. The demons then passed by a stall that was selling mirrors.

It was then Requiem absent-mindedly looked into one of them. While hers and Ripper’s reflections were seen, Walter’s wasn’t that clear at all. Nothing out of the usual, seeing that he was a vampire.

What WAS out of the usual was two familiar men making their way behind them. Neither of them looking happy in the slightest. It didn’t took her long to recognize the human.

Acting quickly, she grabbed Ripper’s arm with her free hand and ran forward, dragging the startled psychopath after him. A surprised Walter had to flap his wings to avoid falling off.

“H-Hey!” Ripper yelled.

“Quiet. Just keep moving.” Requiem instructed as they made their way over to an uphill slope.

Wild Fox and Fenrir watched with wide eyes as the teenagers ran off.

“Damnit! I think they noticed us!” Fenrir said, wincing in frustration.

“Just calm down.” Wild Fox instructed, trying not to raise his voice. “Keep up the pace but don’t do anything that make it obvious we are chasing after them.”

Fenrir nodded his head as they continued their pursuit. If people noticed two grown men stalking a couple of teens, they would immediately take the children’s side, no questions asked. However, that doesn’t mean that could let them get away.

Meanwhile, Walter looked back, wondering what was going on. His eyes widened when he saw Fenrir and Wild Fox following them.

“Oh dear…” Walter muttered. “I think a couple of Priscilla’s friends had recognized us.”

“What?” Ripper gasped before looking back to see indeed, two familiar people right behind them. “Oh, nuts!”

“Face forward.” Requiem instructed. “Follow me.”

Ripper actually didn’t needed to be told twice as he looked ahead while trying to keep up with Requiem. The only reason he wasn’t pulling away from Requiem and going to fight the two men himself was because that would reveal his true nature and if Necross had found out he had done that, he would be furious with the blue-haired youth and that would be a bad thing.

As for Requiem, she knew that she couldn’t outrun their chasers so she knew that she had to try a sneaky approach. After quickly, she led Ripper into a large, bustling crowd. As much as she hated being in large groups like this, she knew that she needed to escape Fenrir and Wild Fox.

“Pardon us.” Requiem said while pulling Ripper into the crowd.

Fenrir and Wild Fox watched with wide eyes as the demons disappeared into the crowd. They then looked at each other before narrowing their eyes in determination. Nodding their heads, they rushed over to the crowd and ran through trying to chase after them.

“Sorry, but we are in a hurry!” Wild Fox said trying to squeeze his way in.

“Pardon us!” Fenrir called out, following his friend.

“Hey, watch it!” A man snapped as Requiem and Ripper shoved past them.

“Kids these days!” An elderly woman muttered. “Always in a hurry!”

Despite the large amount of unhappy remarks they were getting, both parties mainly ignored them to keep their eye on either catching up or escaping. Though Wild Fox and Fenrir did mutter a few apologies.

Walter looked back to see how far they had gotten away from their pursuers. Much to his disdain, the two men were actually managing to catch up to them. The bat winced while looking around for a place for Requiem and Ripper to run off to.

Suddenly, Walter’s eyes had noticed something. Standing a good distance ahead of the crowd was a truck parked at the sidekick. However, it was what was inside the back of the vehicle that caught his eye was at least twenty barrels that were resting on top of a large metal bracket. Gears immediately started to turn inside of his head before his eyes lit up.

“I think I had gotten an idea to get rid of them.” Walter said, whispering into Ripper’s ear. “Just take advantage of the chaos and retreat!”

“Um, what chaos?” Ripper called out.

Walter then smirked. “Don’t worry. You shall find out soon enough.”

With that, he flapped his wings flying off of Ripper’s shoulder. The grey-skinned youth gave an annoyed yell but then quickly put his focus on trying not to let go of Requiem's hand. He wondered what Walter’s plan was.

Walter then flew off after the truck where the barrels were. He then quickly position himself behind the nearest barrel. Looking around, he wondered if there was another looking in his direction. When he had confirmed that he wasn’t being watched, he nodded his head.

“All right. I do hope for your sake that you people could dodge.” Walter said with a small smirk.

With that, he engulfed himself in a cloud of black smoke. A second later, he appeared in his vampire form. Wasting no time, he shoved his palms against the large bracket of barrels. Normally, that wouldn’t do that much but with his vampiric strength, it was child’s play for him to push it over off of the truck.


Everyone’s eyes bugged out before immediately stopping whatever they were doing to look in the direction of the loud noises, wondering what it was.. Much to their shock and horror, they all saw a large group of barrels rolling away.

Straight towards the large crowd.

Naturally, said crowd screamed in terror as they rushed away to the side so they wouldn’t get run over by any barrels. Even Walter who had turned back into his bat form stared in shock.

“Oh dear…” Walter frowned. “I didn’t wanted THAT many barrels to go off at once...”

Soon, the only people who haven’t running for their friends were Wild Fox, Fenrir, Requiem and Ripper. All four of them realizing that they had only seconds to prepare themselves.

“Come.” Requiem said while rushing forward and opening her parasol. Ripper immediately snapped out of his daze before running after her.

It was then the two youths had started to make their way through the barrel rampage. Ripper had began to hop on one and started to jump from barrel to barrel with surprising skill. Requiem on the other hand, merely held her parasol in front of her to swat away again barrels that were coming her way.

Wild Fox stared in shock for a moment before quickly looking behind them. He had quickly noticed that some people were lying on the ground and were struggling to get back up. It seemed that they had tripped over each other while fleeing for their lives.

He then narrowed his eyes before holding out his hand. Suddenly, a blue flame had appeared right in front of said hand. It then extended to a long, thin line. Wild Fox then closed his hand on the flames and immediately, they died turning into a Halberd.

“Fenrir! I’ll try to destroy the barrels before they don’t hurt any innocent people!” Wild Fox called out before readying himself. “You run off after them!”

“I’m on it!” The wolf said while narrowing his good eye before getting ready to sprint.

He then started to jump onto the barrel rampage just like Ripper and ran off after the two demons leaving Wild Fox by himself. The bearded man narrowed his eyes while getting into a stance.

He then proceeded to swing his axe downwards at a barrel with the blade burning in the same blue flame, breaking it instantly and spilling the contents onto most of his body. It seemed to be some kind of purple beverage with a strong aroma to it. It seemed to be wine.

Despite this, Wild Fox merely gritted his teeth and got ready for more destruction. Wild Fox then went proceeded to do the same to the rest of the barrels quickly slashing at any that came near him with surprising accuracy and speed. The crowd looked in awe as he continued to get himself drenched in wine, destroying the barrels in the process.

Soon, Wild Fox had managed to get the last of the barrels by slashing it straight down the middle getting a face full of purple wine. Immediately, he had started to cough out loud violently. He then started to pant heavily, mentally telling himself to relax seeing that all of the barrels were gone.

It was then his eyes bugged out when he had heard a loud noise. Turning his head, he saw that several people were looking at him while cheering. Obviously, they were more than impressed with his display.

“That was amazing, sir!” A feline woman said while clapping her hands together.

“My restaurant was in the way of those barrels!” An middle-aged waiter smiled. “If you didn’t came along, who knew what would happen?”

Wild Fox paused before scratching the back of his head. “It is all right. I just couldn’t let those barrels cause a bunch of property damage and hurt any people! I am just upset that I inconvenienced the owners of the barrels.”

Suddenly, his eyes widened in realization when he remembered what he was meant to do. Frantically looking around quickly, he saw that Fenrir, Requiem and Ripper were long gone. It seemed that they had already gone off a good distance ahead. He was about to go ask the cheering crowd where they had gone.

Then, he noticed something. A small black bat with a red ribbon around its neck flying backwards out of an alley. Said bat nodded its head while looking back before making their way up the hill. Wild Fox watched the whole thing with a blank face for a moment.

He then narrowed his eyes.


Fenrir growled, showing his sharp teeth while looking around angrily. After making his way over the barrels, he had dashed up after the demons to make sure that they didn’t escape his limited view.

Looking around frantically, he tried to make them out in the crowd. After all, they shouldn’t be that hard to spot. Unfortunately, after a quick scan, he found no one. Letting out another growl, he snapped his fingers.

“Damn it, they got away!” Fenrir lamented. “Now I have to ask around and hope people had seen them!”

With that, he ran off forward to what seemed like the best person to notice the two teenagers. It was a long shot but it was better than nothing.

However, he had failed to see notice blue hair poking out from behind a tall wicker basket. Ripper gave a triumphant smirk as he walked Fenrir walk away from him.

“Na na! You can’t find me!” Ripper said, showing his eyelid while sticking out his tongue.

“Well done, Ripper! You had successfully eluded him!”

Ripper jumped before turning his head to see Walter in his bat form flying over. However, despite seeing a close ally, the psychopath growled while not looking that happy to see him.

“You are too good at making chaos!” Ripper scolded.

Walter physically as if heavy sunlight shined in his eyes, knowing exactly what Ripper meant by that. He then let out a regretful sigh.

“My apologies, Ripper. I merely wanted just at least five and six barrels to go down. I didn’t knew ALL of them would roll down at once.” Walter insisted.

“Well, the point is that we lost that bad doggy.” Ripper muttered. He then looked around, quickly noticing what was missing. “Huh? Where’s Requiem?”

“She was too slow trying to keep up with you.” Walter said while shaking his head. “She had to duck into a nearby alleyway to make sure that Fenrir didn’t caught up to him. She asked me to look after you in case you needed any help evading Fenrir.”

“Oh. So when she will be back?” Ripper asked.

“She’ll say that she will find another way around so she could regroup with us here.” Walter explained. “Obviously we can’t have that bearded fellow spot her.”

“Yeah, that would be bad.” Ripper nodded. He then paused. “Walter?”

“Yes, Ripper?” The vampire asked.

“Seeing that we are here without Requiem, want to go eat some sweets?” Ripper asked with a grin.

Walter let out an exasperated sigh. “Fenrir is still in the area, Ripper…”


Requiem calmly made her way through an alleyway as if nothing big had just happened just now. In fact, the only thing that was on her mind was that Walter would keep Ripper out of trouble. Even though she knew that was wishing for too much seeing Walter literally can’t do a single thing to stop him. All she could hope was that Ripper had the common sense not to get spotted.

Ironically enough, she had failed to notice a certain blue and black-clad man standing behind her with a stern glare on his face. After noticing Walter flying out of the alley, Wild Fox knew for a fact that at least one of the youths were in there. Just like he expected, he found Requiem walking by herself.

It seemed that Wild Fox had once again had the element of surprise. All he had to do was to let Requiem lead her to Necross or at least until she says where he was currently residing at.

Requiem then made her around the corner. Wild Fox started to pick up the pace but not too fast so that he would accidentally cause some unwanted noise. This may be his only shot so he didn’t wanted to blow it. That was when he had made his way around the corner.

However, the moment he had done so, his instincts had immediately started to set off red lights inside of his head. Acting quickly, he swerved his head back. Just in time as he would had been stabbed in the throat by a sharp weapon. He then saw Requiem pointing her parasol  dangerously close to his neck like a rapier.

Despite the deadly situation he was in, Wild Fox narrowed his eyes. “So you sensed my presence.”

Requiem stayed silent, not dropping her guard for a second. She then spoke out a reply.

“Yes, wine has a most strong smell.” Requiem replied. “Makes it impossible for anyone with a functioning nose not to notice.”

Wild Fox gave a small wince, mentalling scolding himself. How could he just forgotten that he was still coated with wine from head to toe?

“In any case, it seems that we had finally met face-to-face.” Requiem said.

“So we have.” Wild Fox said sternly.

The two then shared a hostile silence while staring into each other’s eyes. Even though this was technically their first meeting, they knew enough about each other to know that the both of them were deadly threats for their respective missions.

“Why?” Wild Fox asked softly.

Requiem merely stayed silent as Wild Fox elaborated on his response.

“Why do you wish to have war against the heavens?” Wild Fox questioned. “Why are you willing to hurt so many people?”

Requiem then slowly had her response. “Here is a better question. Why do you fight for the heavens?”

“Huh?” Wild Fox asked, blinking his eyes in confusion.

“Angels are nothing more than self-righteous, arrogant children with god complexes who turns their eyes on the surface world.” Requiem said sternly. “They do not care about anyone but themselves, let alone you and me.”

“That’s not true!” Wild Fox immediately snapped. “Most of the angels are not like that! In fact, Shane is trying to AVOID people that type of angel!”

“Too little… Too late…” Requiem said. “They had hurt far too many people.”

Wild Fox paused for a moment. “Like you?”

Requiem stayed silent before speaking. “I will just say that you are correct and leave it at that.”

“But Requiem, how do you know that the demons are so trustworthy?” Wild Fox challenged. “How do you know that they aren’t as selfish?”

Requiem again paused before giving her answer. “I won’t deny that there is a chance that you are correct. However… Necross is not like that at all.”

“How could you be so sure?” Wild Fox questioned sternly.

Requiem didn’t even bat an eye at the personal question. She merely calmly gave her response.

“Because I saw him at his weakest point.” The dark-haired said simply.

Wild Fox paused with his face falling, remembering what had happened between Necross and Sylvia when the treacherous Quartz had came out of nowhere and kidnapped her right before his eyes.

However, that actually made things worse because Necross was being blinded by rage and if the other demons were anything like this, then they were all acting on emotion alone.

“But then what?” Wild Fox challenged. “What will happen if you had killed Shane and destroyed heaven? What will happen THEN? Would it return your loved ones to me?”

“No… It wouldn’t.” Requiem admitted.

“Then what is the point?” Wild Fox asked.

Requiem stared at the man after he had gave his question. Much to his surprise, Requiem had lowered her parasol away from Wild Fox’s neck. Did his words actually got to her? Was she actually agreeing that their whole quest was pointless?

“You are correct. There is no point. Even if we win, nothing of value will be gained.” Requiem explained.

Wild Fox looked on with hope. “T-Then, you actually agree with me to stop this madness.”

Requiem lowered her head.


Wild Fox’s eyes widened a bit at this. “N-No?”

“Just because I admit that our revenge will have no point, I will not falter.” Requiem admitted.

Wild Fox stepped back, staring at the brightly-clad girl as if she was speaking in another language. “What… What do you mean?”

Requiem then looked up at the sky. “Sure, if heaven is destroyed and the world would be engulfed in darkness, it would cause more than a little trouble for a lot of people. But I have to ask, would it create THAT much pain to the world?”

“H-Huh?” Wild Fox asked.

“You were in the same homeworld of me. Surely you can’t be blind to all of the evil of the world.” Requiem said. “Poverty, greed, hatred, arrogance, corruption. The way I see it, the world is already engulfed in darkness.”

Wild Fox stayed silent, taking all of Requiem’s words to his mind. Requiem then continued her dark speech.

“True love. Power of friendship. There are nothing more than the desperate cries of a weeping child.” Requiem said. “You claim that we are going to be bringing the apocalypse but I believe that the people are slowly creating it themselves. The only difference is that the angels will not sit up in their high thrones anymore and will be forced to share said pain with us.”

Wild Fox stared with wide eyes and a slack jaw at Requiem’s response. What? What could have possibly happened to her that made have such a grim outlook on the world?

“So in conclusion, there is more or less only one thing to earn from our quest.” Requiem said. “But there is nothing to gain from cancelling it.”

Wild Fox stayed silent for a moment. He then hanged his head while looking at the ground.

“I wouldn’t deny that I can’t see where you are coming from. You are right. There is evil in the world. A lot of people will do horrible things for no reason at all.” Wild Fox admitted.

However, he then looked up with a determined glare on his face.

“However, that doesn’t mean the world is completely black and white! Sure, the evil is growing but there are people who are trying to stop it!” Wild Fox admitted. “Even if they get hurt, they still keep on moving on! Sometimes, said horrific experience actually made their stronger! It doesn’t matter if there can never stop being evil in the world. As long as they are decent people to balance it out and even try to stop it!”

Requiem stared at Wild Fox for a moment.

“You are indeed a fool.” She said.

Wild Fox merely shook his head. “Maybe I am. But at least I could see both sides.”

Requiem then got into a stance that wielders of rapiers use.

“This conversation was nothing more than a waste of time.” She said. “I assume that you are not going to surrender Shane’s hiding place.”

“No.” Wild Fox said, narrowing his eyes. “And I assume that you are not going to tell me where your leader, Necross is.”

“No.” Requiem said.

Wild Fox let out a deep sigh while looking down. With his eyes on the ground, he waved his arm, summoning a flicker of blue flames which quickly changed shape into his Halberd. Quickly grabbing it, he got into a stance.

“I really wish that it didn’t had to be this way.” Wild Fox said before narrowing his eyes. “But a lot of my friends had gotten hurt by your and allies’ actions so far and if I just let you be, you would cause a lot more grief for them. I will get the answer out of you, one way or another.”

“And I wish to get eliminate any threats to our cause.” Requiem said.

The two people had readied their respective sharp weapons while glaring into each other’s eyes.
EA-LEC: Requiem VS Wild Fox Part 1
Next Part:…

Here is Part 1 of my entry of my fight against :iconwildfox03:'s Um... Wild Fox using my character Requiem. Part of the reason I wanted to have this fight was to write for Wild Fox's unleashed form which you will definitely see in the next section.

But also, to get Fenrir involved into the battle, I had him ask Wild Fox for lessons on KI. After all, he IS a close-range fighter. Just thing what will happen if he has the powers over KI.

Requiem, Walter, Ripper and Fenrir belongs to me.

Wild Fox aka Erik Carbonneau belongs to :iconwildfox03:

Exercitus Artifex aka the League of Extraordinary Characters belongs to :iconea-lec:


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