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I had been tagged by :iconsychang18:. :shrug: Sure, I haven't updated my journal in a long time, anyway.


1 You have to post these rules

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ignore rules 5 and 6 because they're not legit rules.

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My current favourite singer/singers are Jess Glynne, Clean Bandit and Little Mix.

2 I only like Salted and Butter popcorn. I literally react with disgust whenever I see Sweet or CHILI popcorn.

3 Same thing with donuts. Only sweet stuff are allowed on it. Not that PORK RIND-FLAVOURED junk!

4 I prefer Nintendo over any other company.

5 I have plans for a Five Nights at Freddy's fanfiction on my drawing board.

6 I am asexual but I seemed to be attracted to older and/or burly men.

7 I like watching music channels like Kiss and Heat.

8 I had a huge trope fanboy. I am always troping people in my mind.

9 I sleep with a stuffed Dalmatian named Spot and a puppet of Ernie from Sesame Street.

10 My favourite colour is purple.

11 I have a tendency to love characters that most people hate with a burning passion.

12 My favourite trope is the "Face Of A Thug" one.

13 I have FAR too many stories that I can't keep track of...

Questions for Me

1 Would you trust me to be your editor or co-worker? Sure, you seemed like a great person to work with. ^__^

2 On average, how many hours do you sleep in a night? 9-10 hours

3 The longest amount of time I have slept is 25 hours. How close are you to that? Not even halfway...

The longest amount of time I have stayed awake is 5 days. How close are you to that? Well, I could stay awake 2 for days but that is about it...

5 Asking again: Are you a writer, an artist, or an animator? A writer.

6 Asking again: Manhwa, manga, or manhua? (Basically, Korean, Japanese, or Chinese comics/cartoons, respectively.) Um, manga, I guess because I don't know much about the other two... ^^;

7 What is the first thing you will do with me? (If your reply is anything sexual, I am reporting you. I'm serious.) Well, ask about the character you want to enter into EA-LEC and compared notes for potential relationships.

8 What is your favorite hobby? Writing Internet Stories, of course!

9 What do you think I fear most? Doing poorly in terms of academics, I think? I am just guessing.

10 Asking again: What nickname would you give me? Sy.

11 Asking again: Everyone on Facebook or Instagram are the people you go to school with. Everyone on Tumblr or DeviantArt are the people you WISH you go to school with. Can you relate? Well, considering what I don't have an account on Facebook, Instagram OR Tumblr, no, not really. ^^;

12 Asking again: What fanfiction of mine do you like most? Um, Laine's bio?

13 Asking again: If I ask you to cooperate with me to work on a comic or an animation, would you say "yes"? (Don't worry, you won't have to do all the story planning and all that difficult stuff.) Well, considering that I am a writer, no.

Questions for You

What is your favourite character from one of your LEAST favourite franchises?

2 What is your least favourite character from one of your favourite franchises?

3 What is your favourite sweet?

4 What is your favourite genre of music?

5 If you were in a RPG, what type of class would you be?


7 What is your favourite puzzle game?

8 Is there an OC that is similar to personality like you?

9 How are you enjoying the summer?

10 Can you fight?

11 What is your dream vacation?

12 What game is currently getting your fancy?

13 What is your favourite RPG element?

I TAG...

No one... :giggle: At least not anyone who don't want to do this.

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It was in the early afternoon at the main branch at the Heroes’ Hideout. Because of this, more than half of the rooms in the tavern where the members of the league were empty. If they weren’t in the bar area, they were inside the city of Belcazzar.

This was exactly what a certain person was hoping for. Inside one of the many rooms, a window was open, letting a gentle blow inside making the curtains sway in the wind.

Suddenly, something had flew straight through the window and landed with a dull plop on the ground. It was a large sack that had a rope tied around it. Then, the person who had threw the sack inside of the room, climbed up and made their way into the room before gracefully on both feet.

He was some kind of small animal-like creature that was the size of a child. He had long ears like a rabbit, along with a long yet slim tail like a mouse and feet that looked like the ones of a kangaroo. His entire furry body was purple with a white streak in the middle, going down his face and ending at the waist. All he wore was a red button-up vest.

The small creature gave a mischievous smirk as he picked up the sack and swung it over his shoulder. It wasn’t empty but there wasn’t that much weight to slow him down. He casually made his way over to a dresser while whistling a jovial tune. He then reached his small hand down towards the bottom drawer and grabbed it before pulling it.

Immediately, the creature’s eyes lit up in delight when he found exactly what he was looking for. He wasted no time opening his sack and grabbed the contents of the drawer before stuffing them inside of his sack.

Once he was done, he had closed it again and swung the sack over his shoulder. He immediately dashed straight back to the window and with one jump, he had not only soared out of the window but did so at an alarming speed.

After making his way out of the window, he flew towards a tree that was standing next to the Heroes’ Hideout. While the distance between said tree and the tavern wasn’t that near, the creature had managed to leap all of the way over to it.

When he was close enough to one of the branches, he lashed out his free hand and grabbed said branch. Despite his small figure and the fact that he only had one hand full, he had managed to climb himself up on the branch. Nodding to himself as a way to congratulate his efforts, he then bounded down the tree by leaping onto the lower branches.

Soon, he had landed on the ground gracefully. Letting out a chuckle, he reopened the sack and examined the contents inside of it.

“Man, oh, man!” He grinned. “Did I hit the motherload today!”

He continued to eye his prizes. Suddenly, his face fell when his long ears had started to twitch a bit. Soft sounds could be heard from behind him and they seemed to be getting closer with each passing second. His pupils shrank when he realized that those were footsteps. He was caught in the act!

Letting out a small yelp, he whirled around while putting the sack behind his back in a desperate attempt to hide the evidence.

It was then that he noticed that the person who was approaching him was actually just a child. A child that was taller than him but still just a child. He was a small grey-furred anthro wolf with a red backwards cap and bandages around his hands. He raised an eyebrow in suspicion. This was Remus.

The creature immediately sighed in relief while putting his free hand on his chest. “Oh, it is just a kid! Thank goodness!”

Remus crossed his arms, not liking this comment. “So what if I am a kid?”

“Yeah, listen, kid! I am kinda busy here so could ya just vamoose?” The creature said while making a “go-away” gesture with his free hand.

Remus slowly narrowed his eyes. “Oh? Busy doing what? Stealing?”

The creature gave an appalled gasp as he put his hand on his chest. “Stealing? ME? Now that isn’t very nice!”

“Oh?” Remus asked, raising an eyebrow. “Then what do you call jumping out of a window with a large sack?”

The creature tried his best not to wince at the fact that he was caught red-handed by a kid before trying to lie his way out of this mess.

“And how do ya know that isn’t MY room that I leapt from?” He challenged.

“And just how stupid do you think I am?” Remus retorted.

“Well, most kids ARE pretty stupid.” The creature said with a small smirk.

Remus frowned but did nothing else. Whoever this guy was, the wolf already disliked him.

“Look, the point is that I KNOW that you are a thief!” Remus said, pointing his finger out. “Now are you going to surrender the stuff you stole or do I have to drag you to Bogus and the other waiters?”

The creature slumped his free arm as he blinked three times at the threat. Suddenly, his cheeks puffed out as tears had started to form in his eyes. Then, he had started to laugh out loud while putting his free hand on chest while trying not to fall over. Remus was shocked at first but then gritted his teeth in anger.

“And what is so funny?” Remus snapped, stomping his foot on the ground.

The creature slowly stopped laughing to stand up straight. “Ya? Stop ME? Ya are just a little kid!”

“Excuse me!?” Remus roared before stomping forward. “I may be a kid but I am NOT little!”

Suddenly, the creature had did a small hop before landing on the tips of his toes and extended his ears upwards like an antennas. This actually made him look taller than Remus.

“Sure look little to ME, kid!” The creature taunted.

Remus rolled his eyes at the childish gesture before he got into a martial-arts stance. “Alright, wise guy. You are so confident, how about you put your money where your mouth is?”

The creature’s smirk vanished as he raised an eyebrow. “Wait, are ya serious going to try to fight ME?”

“Of course! What kind of person would I be if I just let a thief walk away?” Remus asked.

“Yeahhhhh, no.” The creature said. “Listen, kid. How old are ya?”

Remus raised an eyebrow without letting his guard now. “Twelve.”

“Twelve and yet ya are acting like ya are a fighter?” The creature questioned before letting out a laugh. “Man, are ya way over your head!”

Remus’ brow furrowed. “You are really starting to tick me off…”

“Hey, it is not my fault that ya are so easy to tease!” The creature smirked.

It was then Remus had finally had enough. He then started to dash straight over to the creature while getting ready to swung his fist at him.

However, the creature merely gave a smirk before jumping up into the air and easily dodged Remus’ attack. As the creature landed on the ground as if nothing had happened, Remus skidded on his feet to a stop before turning around to try again.

It was then he froze when he had saw something was different about the creature. There was some type of red cap on his head. Even though it was clear that he wasn’t wearing a hat earlier.

Then, his eyes then bugged out when he recognized the cap. Reaching onto his head, he had felt it and much to his horror, he couldn’t feel anything. His trademark hat was gone!

“Hey! My hat!” Remus roared, turning his angry glare back at the creature.

“Yeah, it is really nice, kid!” The creature smirked. “It suits me!”

Remus narrowed his eyes before rushing over. “Give that back! That is mine!”

The creature merely smirked as he jumped to the side as Remus ran at him, allowing him to run pass. However, Remus quickly did an u-turn and rushed straight back at the creature like a raging bull. But the creature merely gave a smirk as if he was a matador holding a red cap before turning around and rushing off.

“Hey! Get back here and fight like a man!” Remus shouted, chasing after his adversary.

The creature looked back to stick out his tongue. “And let ya beat me up! Man, that cap had been constricting your brain, kid!”

Remus growled as he continued to give chase, hoping to catch the little thief and get back not only his cap but everything that he had stolen. However, much to his disdain, the creature was actually pulling off ahead. Remus’ pupils shrank when he realized that he was easily being outrun. All Remus could do was watch in disdain as the creature had rushed into the small forest that was nearby the Heroes’ Hideout.

Remus slowly stopped running while breathing in and out a few times to get his breath back, watching the small creature with his large sack vanished. He kicked the ground, angry at his failure.

“Great… He got away!” He muttered. “Now I have to warn the Heroes’ Hideout about that thief.”

He then started to make his way towards the entrance of the Heroes’ Hideout to inform either his friends, the judges and the staff of the tavern about the creature. Whoever he came across first.

It was then he had froze in his spot before he could make the first step. That thief had taunted him because of his age and took his cap. How could he face his older brother after letting himself get into that position like that. Fenrir had only just recently gave the good ahead for Remus to be a fighter and if he heard about this, the older wolf may never trust him to fight on his own until he was older.

Also, the thief was unarmed and looked very frail. Along with this, he seemed pretty spooked when he found out that he was caught. Whoever he was, he didn’t seemed like much of a fighter. All Remus had to do was chase him down and take him by surprise and he shouldn’t give too much of a hassle.

Remus narrowed his eyes in determination. While he acknowledges that his actions may be seen as reckless, he refuses to go to Fenrir or anyone else after what had happened to him. He was training to be a fighter and a true fighter doesn’t need someone else to fight their battles. Especially from a simple thief.

Remus then rushed off in the direction that the creature darted off to. Maybe if he was lucky, the thief had settled down to rest which gave him some time to come back. He had to get him along with all of the stuff he had stolen.


After finding a bit of distance, the creature had finally stopped running inside of a small clearing, deciding he had gone enough. He then looked back while chuckling to himself before sitting down and opening the sack so he could finally look at his treasures in peace. He then reached into the sack and pulled out the first item.

A pair of striped panties. The creature smirked as he looked over the piece of work he had taken. He then reached back into his sack and pulled out another pair of panties. This time in the colour of the midnight sky.

“Oh man! This never gets old!” The creature laughed as he continued to go through the sack that was full of women’s panties.

Unknown to him, Remus had actually managed to catch up. Upon finding the thief, the wolf cub immediately went behind the nearest tree and got on his hands and knees to avoid being spotted. He didn’t wanted to a repeat of last time. Acting carefully, he poked his head out from behind the tree to see what the creature was up too.

His eyes then bugged out when he saw what exactly the creature stole. He laid there stunned at the large amount of panties inside of the sack.

”Stealing a bunch of panties from the Heroes’ Hideout… I don’t know if he is brave, stupid or just plain suicidal.” Remus thought. He could only imagine how someone like Misty or Suzie would react if they found out.

He then growled. Fenrir had always taught him to treat women with respect and this punk was just raiding innocent ladies’ bedrooms and taking their panties right from their drawers. He was actually worse than a normal thief.

A part of him actually wanted to run by to the thief and attack him head-on but he knew how well that would work out if the thief was even given the chance to react. He had to find a way to sneak over and grab him. He quickly looked around for some kind of path.

Suddenly, he had noticed something next to him. A pinecone that had fell off the tree he was hiding behind. His eyes immediately lit up in realization. If he can’t sneak up on the creature, he would have to stun him before rushing him down.

Picking up the pinecone in his hand, he carefully peeked out from behind the tree while slowly getting up. He then took a deep breath as he possibly only had one chance at this so he better make it count. Pulling his arm back, he took steady aim. A couple of seconds later, he threw the pinecone as hard as he could. By the time, the thief had heard something soaring through the air, it was too late.


The thief cried out in pain as the pinecone had struck him hard in the back of his head. As he gingerly rubbed his sore spot, Remus immediately rushed over from his hiding place and straight over to the thief.

Before the thief could even try to figure out what happened, Remus took a flying leap and kicked both of his feet out in form of a dropkick. The attack was successful as it struck the thief in the face and knocked him straight onto the ground. With his adversary down, Remus wasted no time rushing over and crouching down to grab the thief’s arm with one hand and shoved his head to the ground with his other hand.

“ACK! What the hell!?” The thief cried out.

“Stay down.” Remus said, sternly.

The thief’s eyes bugged out when he recognised the voice. “Ya again!? I thought I lost ya!”

“You thought wrong.” Remus said. “Now you are going to come with me to the Heroes’ Hideout so I could report you about what you had done.

Remus had a stern look on his face but inside, he was overjoyed. Even though he had figured that the thief was not much of a fighter, he still can’t believe that he had managed to take down him down that easily. This was too good to be true.

Then again, that was because it WAS too good to be true.

The thief’s long tail had managed to stretch all of the way to Remus’ nose and started to tickle it.

“Koochi koochi koo!” The thief smirked as he continued to tickle Remus’ nose with his tail. The wolf cub was then overcame with a sneeze about to come out, loosening his grip. The thief wasted no time getting out of Remus’ grasp and grabbing the bag of panties before running off.

“Ya know… I wouldn’t mind you being here if you were an older female, kid.” The thief muttered.

Remus stood up straight with a look of disgust on his face. “Well, it looks like you got me. Now give back those panties!”

The thief let out a mirthless laugh. “What are you, the junior police department?”

“No! I am a part of the league!” Remus said, getting into a stance.

“Riiiiight. I will just leave ya with your childish fantasies.” The thief said before turning around to run off towards the nearest tree to climb up it.

“Oh no, you don’t!” Remus snapped before quickly picking up the same pinecone that he had threw at the thief earlier. However, the creature had turned his head and saw the projectile coming. He yelped before ducking his head down, avoiding the pinecone. Remus then rushed forward and leapt forward with his foot out.

However, the creature had also saw the attack and threw himself to the ground, letting the wolf cub to go over him. He then took advantage of Remus recovering from his own attack to scamper over to the tree he was dashing over to and climbed up it.

“Hey! Get back here!” Remus snapped, rushing over.

Suddenly, a pinecone had just been thrown from the tree that the thief was up and struck him hard in the forehead, knocking him onto his rear.

“And that is revenge for that pinecone throw earlier!” The thief taunted before swinging his sack over his shoulder and jumping away to another tree

Remus growled before jumping back to his feet while gingerly rubbing his sore spot. “Oh no, you don’t!”

He then ran after the thief who was now practically bounding from tree to tree as if he was some kind of monkey. Remus just continued rushing after him, determined to take him down, whatever the cost.

Suddenly, the thief had jumped upwards on the tree he had just landed on, making it shake and releasing some leaves onto the tree. Remus had skidded to a stop in front of said tree and stared up at it.

“Don’t think you could hide from me!” Remus roared. “Come down here and fight like aaaaahhhhh!”

Remus screamed as he jumped to the side to avoid a couple of pinecones.

“Near miss!” The thief grinned while sitting on a branch. He had then reached up towards a branch above him and grabbed two more pinecones before throwing them down. Remus yelped before turning around and running off. The thief laughed at the child’s discomfort.

“What is that ya was about to say? About fighting like a man!” The thief taunted. “Because ya sure aren’t acting like one!”

Remus gave another growl before looking up. Suddenly, he had wished had he gone with Fenrir when he had asked for fighting experience from Wild Fox. In fact, he was suddenly wishing that he could have ANY type of power or weapon to chase after the thief or at least block his makeshift projectiles. Remus gritted his teeth as he clenched his fists.

“Alright, that’s it!!” Remus roared, pointing at the thief. “I am going to tell my brother and his friends and when I tell them what you had done, they are going to mess you up good!”

With that, he turned around and ran off. The thief’s smirk had grew larger as Remus had made his way out of the forest and towards the Heroes’ Hideout.

“Ha! You are not helping your case about the whole “fighting like a man” thing!” The thief shouted, cupping one hand to his mouth.

However, as soon as Remus was out of sight, the thief’s smirk vanished because he knew that the wolf cub wasn’t bluffing about telling the others on him. In just a few minutes, there would probably be a lot of angry people coming with their respective dangerous weapons to come after him.

Not even he would be able to outwit and outrun an entire crowd so staying in the same area would be suicide. Grabbing his bag of panties that was on the branch, he had quickly climbed down the tree so he could retreat to a different location. He knew that he only had a few minutes so he had to sprint.

However, the moment he had ran off, a certain person had poked his head from a tree to see the thief run off further into the forest.

Remus narrowed his eyes in determination. There was no way that he was going to give up to a panty thief.


The thief had continued to dash past through several trees while carrying his sack of panties over his shoulder. Even though there weren’t as many people as fast as him, he didn’t wanted to take any chances.

After rushing a bit through the forest, he slowly stopped himself to a jog while panting a few times. He then looked back to make sure that he was alone. Perhaps he was being paranoid but it was always better to be safe than sorry.

After confirming that he was by himself, he gave a sigh of relief. He was safe at the moment but now he had to find some kind of hiding place. He looked around, trying to find solace.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up when he had found some. In a large clearing was some kind of house. It was a cozy-looking, wooden house. There wasn’t anything fancy about it and it looked like it haven’t been used in months. Still, it seemed that anyone could spend the night in it.

The thief grinned at his lucky break. He wasted no time rushing onto the cottage’s patio and straight towards the door. He then reached up towards the doorknob and turned it see if it was unlocked. It turned out that to be open so he wasted no time opening it and letting himself inside.

The thief looked around the insides of the cottage. It was quite dusty everywhere on the walls, floors and the limited amount of furniture that was in the house. The thief briefly wondered why would they be an old house in the middle of the forest. Especially since the Heroes’ Hideout wasn’t that too far away.

Suddenly, he had noticed that there were three large barrels against the wall not to far from him. He also saw that there were some kind of writing on one of the barrel. Despite how dirty the barrel was, the writing were in large, black bold letters that said “XXX”. This must be some kind of storage.

The thief then shrugged his shoulders before walking around and scanning around the area. As long as he could stay there for a while and rest, he should be alright until further notice.

“Finally! I could check out my beauties in peace!” He said in relief before opening his sack and examining the panties that he had.

Meanwhile, outside of the storage, Remus had finally managed to find the storage after rushing towards the forest. He then collapsed his hands on his knees and panted heavily, trying to get his breath back.

“Good grief…” Remus said between pants. “How fast IS this guy?”

After getting his breath back, he looked up to see the storage. It seemed like a place where a thief may hide out in. Because of this, he casually tiptoed towards the door so he wouldn’t alert the thief. Once he was finally at the patio, he carefully peeked his head from the window.

So far, he haven’t heard the thief but he did noticed a set of footsteps on the dusty floor. It was obvious they were the thief’s by how unique they were. Narrowing his eyes, he sat down.

“Alright, Remus, you could do this…” He said, quietly. “You know you could beat this creep in a physical fight. You just have to win the mental one too.”

With that, he had started to think up ways on how to sneak on his adversary. If the thief had noticed him just once, Remus may lose him for good. Question was, how?

Suddenly, his eyes lit up in realization when he remembered something important about his meeting with the thief. Acting quickly, he scanned around the area.

When he had noticed a rake that was leaning against the wall, his silver eyes lit up as a devilish smirk crept onto his face.

Back inside of the house, the thief had found a place that wasn’t too dirty and sat down to go through the panties that he had taken, admiring them.

“Ooh, this is a nice colour!” The thief grinned before his eyes scanned around some panties. “Whoa! How did I not notice this just now?”

He had continued to laugh, having the time of his life at the moment. There was almost nothing that could ruin this moment.


The thief’s eyes bugged out as his ears shot straight into the air like an antenna when he heard the loud sound from outside of the house. He then turned his head towards the direction of the noise and ending up looking at a nearby window. Raising a skeptical eyebrow, he rushed towards the window and looked out it.

However, he couldn’t find anyone nearby. The thief’s ears drooped as he had gotten a worried look on his face. That kid couldn’t had already told the staff at the Heroes’ Hideout about him and gotten a search party for his head. Not even the thief was that fast.


The thief yelped when he heard a similar sound, this time from a different side of the house. Currently, there were two thoughts that were fighting for dominance. The first thought was going towards the direction of the noise and investigating what was making that noise. The second thought was getting away from the noise as quickly as possible.

However, his curiosity had beat out his fear as he made his way towards the direction of the noise.


The thief’s pupils shrank when he had heard the noise for the third time. If whoever was making these sounds was from the Heroes’ Hideout, why were they were hoping to accomplish by making these weird noises around the storage?

Suddenly, his eyes bugged out when he had realized something. He was surrounded! Not only had one person had managed to find him but they had brought friends! He knew that he would get in a lot of trouble if he was caught with the bag of panties!

Wasting no time, he had rushed back to where his bag of panties and stuffed everything back into the sack. After closing it, he frantically looked around for a potential escape route.

“Okay, okay, keep calm.” The thief said, trying to relax himself. “Ya had gotten out of bigger scrapes like this. All ya have to do was find an exit of some kind.”

Suddenly, he had heard a new noise that made his heart stop.

It was the sound of a doorknob turning. The thief yelped before dashing off to behind a barrel to hide as he heard the door opening up all of the way. The thief paused, realizing that he couldn’t hide forever and needed to get out of the house and fast. However, he didn’t wanted to arouse suspicion so he had to be stealthy.

So as quietly as he could, he tiptoed straight over towards where he thought the backdoor should be. There should always be two doors leading out of the house in times of an emergency.

Much to his delight, it didn’t took him that long to hide said door. He immediately grinned when he saw that his escape was in sight and thought it was alright to speed off towards the door. He then dashed over to the door and reached his hand towards the doorknob and turned it. After opening it, he had sped right off the door.

Only to immediately trip on something.


The thief screamed when the sudden trip had sent himself literally rolling around the grassy ground with his bag flying straight up into the air and becoming loose. When he had finally rolled onto his back in an awkward position, several panties had fell from the bag and slowly descended down to the ground with a black pair falling on top of the dazed thief’s face.

Remus smirked as he tapped the rake he grabbed on his shoulder. Looking down at the ground, he had saw that his cap was on the ground. He then reached down and picked up the hat before putting it back on his head where it belonged. He then made his way over to the thief while he was still stunned.

By the time, the thief had finally started out of his daze, he groaned before sitting up with the black panties still stuck on his face.

“Ugh, who turned off the lights?” He muttered.

Suddenly, he had felt someone pressed against his stomach, knocking the wind out of him and pinning him to the ground.

“Hey! What is the big id…” The thief yelled, angrily taking off the panties away from his eyes.

Only to see the sharp end of the rake that was Remus was holding so dangerously close to his face. The wolf cub in question glared the smaller creature down as if he was trying to set him on fire with his eyes.

“H-Hey! Let’s not do something that ya will regret, later!” The thief pleaded.

“Don’t worry. Even though you are a pervert and a jerk, this is far too cruel for you.” Remus said, darkly. “So just come quietly and don’t try any funny business and neither of us will have any trouble.”

The thief groaned as he relaxed himself against the grass. To think that he had actually been caught by a kid.


Remus hummed a jovial tune as he carried the thief’s sack over his head. Even if it was just a mere panty thief who wasn’t that much of a fighter, he was proud that he had taken down a criminal all by himself. Even if it was mostly by wits.

After making his way out of the forest, he had finally made it back to the Heroes’ Hideout. As if by luck, he saw Bogus exiting the tavern with his shotgun. With his silver eyes sparkling, he dashed over.

“Hey, Bogus! Bogus!” Remus piped up, dashing straight over to the vertically-challenged tavern owner.

Bogus looked up to see the wolf cub coming. “Oh, hey, Remus. What is with the sack?”

“Oh, nothing.” Remus said, trying to hide his prideful look. “Just caught a panty thief.”

Bogus’ eyes bugged out when he had heard this. “Wait, what?”

Remus narrowed his eyes in disgust. “You heard me. There had been a thief going around and stealing women’s underwear. I had caught him in the act when he was trying to escape.”

Bogus stood in his place stunned. Obviously the fact that someone would actually had the gall to steal from the league members from underneath everyone’s nose was too much for the tavern owner.

That was what Remus thought until he saw Bogus cast him an exasperated glare.

“It is a purple-furred guy with long bunny-like ears, right?” Bogus said.

“Um, yeah?” Remus asked, not liking where this was going.

Bogus let out a deep sigh. “Kid, could you place down the bag for a moment?”

“Um, sure.” Remus obliged, placing the bag in front of Bogus.

The cloaked man then proceeded to jab the blunt end of his shotgun into the sack which resulted in several muffled cries of pain. Remus winced at this.

“What have I told you about taking the underwear of my female patrons!?” Bogus snapped as he continued jabbing.

“Hey! Come on! I was just being me, Bogus!” The thief cried out in pain.

“Wait, are you saying that this ISN’T the first time this had happened?” Remus asked in disbelief, pointing down at the sack.

“Unfortunately, yes!” Bogus groaned before he stopped jabbing to look into Remus’ eyes. “This is Keeyon. Just like everyone else here, he is from another world and thus, he is a league member. Much to his discomfort.”

“Way to be professional, man!” The thief cried out from the sack.

“Shut up, Keeyon! I am not having any of your lip right now!” Bogus said before looking up at Remus. “Listen, thanks, kid. I don’t know think I could have another flock of angry women coming after me over stolen underwear.”

The wolf cub shook his head. “It is alright. After all, I can’t just let a thief, let alone one who doesn’t respect women, go.”

However, deep down inside, Remus was actually a little disappointed. If what Bogus said was true, then this wasn’t the only time that Keeyon had been caught if meant he could had done something that anyone could had done.

Even still, he could easily see his brother having just as much trouble as him because of his agility. And even though it was technically not a fight, it still took a lot of effort to catch Keeyon off-guard. Also, the most important part was that he had gotten back the stolen panties.

“Well, might as well deal with this little troublemaker.” Bogus said before grabbing the sack with his free hand. “Come on, you! I don’t know what I am going to do with you but perhaps Suzie does!”

Remus winced at this after watching all of the incidents of the axe-wielding elf stopping fights at Heroes’ Hideout in her own violent way. A part of him actually felt sorry for Keeyon even though he clearly brought it on himself. He then watched Bogus drag Keeyon into the Heroes’ Hideout. Remus then gave a small sigh of relief.


Later that day, Remus had regrouped with his brother and Spot were sitting at a table, talking with each other and what had happened to them today. So far, nothing much had happened to Fenrir and Spot. Fenrir was still training with Wild Fox while Spot was with a few friends.

However, as the three canines were talking, a couple of figures had made their way over to them. They didn’t noticed them until the taller one had called out to them.

“Um, Remus?”

The trio turned their heads and their eyes bugged out at the two figures. One of them was a pale-skinned woman with a somewhat stoic look on her face with light blue hair that was tied in two pigtails. The three immediately recognized her as Yuki, one of the many waiters.

However, what really caught their attention was Keeyon that looked like he had been dragged through hell and back. He was bruised from head-to-toe with his fur roughed up and his vest completely torn.

“Oh my goodness!” Spot gasped. “Are you alright!?”

“Well, I am alive if THAT is what you are asking.” Keeyon sighed.

Yuki merely shook her head before looking at Remus. “Remus, I believe that Keeyon here has something to say to you.”

The panty thief let out a deep sigh before looking at Remus. “Sorry, kid.”

Fenrir raised a suspicious eyebrow. “Sorry? For what.”

Keeyon let out out another sigh. “For taunting at you and stealing your cap.”

Fenrir and Spot’s eyes widened when they heard this.

“Wait. What?” Fenrir asked, surprised.

“Yeah. Long story short, I had caught this guy stealing panties and I tried to stop him.” Remus said, rolling his eyes. “I literally chased him to that storage in the forest.”

Fenrir sat stunned before glaring down at the bruised Keeyon.

“...You actually stole panties from the HEROES’ HIDEOUT?” He asked in disbelief. “Do you realize how lucky you are that you are still alive?”

Keeyon winced. “Ugh… Don’t remind me.”

“Indeed, it was quite a hassle to get Suzie to stop from absolutely destroying him.” Yuki added with a sigh. “In any case, I had convinced her to let Keeyon live and instead force him to apologize to all of the people he caused trouble for.”

Fenrir narrowed his good eye. “Well, the only reason I haven’t caused YOU trouble is because I literally just heard about it right now.”

“Fenrir, it is fine.” Remus reassured. “It is clear that Suzie had already gave him enough punishment.”

Keeyon’s ears perked up in surprise. “Really? You mean it?”

Remus looked towards Keeyon. “It is like I said. Suzie had gave you enough punishment. I will forgive you.”

“But really though, you shouldn’t steal.” Spot scolded. “You are causing trouble for other people.”

“Exactly what I said.” Yuki said, crossing her arms.

“Hey, it is not like I am stealing people’s money or credit cards!” Keeyon insisted. “Seriously, you be surprised how much money people keep in their drawers!”

Fenrir, Remus, Spot and Yuki gave the purple-furred creature unimpressed looks.

“Is this really the part where we are supposed to nod?” Fenrir asked.

Remus shook his head. “I already told you, Fenrir. It is fine. It is all of the women he needs to apologize for.”

Keeyon paused. “Heh. Ya have thicker skin than I initially thought. Ya know, if ya want, I could try to make it up to ya.”

Remus raised an eyebrow. “Make it up to me? How?”

“I don’t know. I probably think of something.” Keeyon noted. “Seriously, ya are the only person I am forced to apologize to who DIDN’T looked like they wanted to strangle me.”

Remus paused when he had actually heard that Keeyon was trying to make peace with him. Sure, he had taunted at him but that was all he really did for the most part.

He then sighed. “Fine.”

Fenrir’s good eye bugged out at this. “What?”

Remus looked up at Fenrir. “He said it himself. If he truly wants to make it up to me, then I have to give him the benefit of the doubt.”

“Yeah, it is only fair.” Spot nodded.

Keeyon’s face lit up by this. “Thanks, kid. I promise ya that you won’t regret it.”

Yuki gave a sigh of relief. She was glad that she had brought Keeyon to at least one person who didn’t wanted to strangle him.

“Anyway, you have a lot of more people you have to apologize to.” Yuki said. “Come on, Keeyon.”

“Okay.” The purple-furred creature before turning towards Remus. “Remus, was it? See ya around, kid.”

“Um, sure.” Remus said.

With that, Yuki and Keeyon had walked off, presumably towards another angry woman. Spot paused for looking down at Remus.

“For a thief, he seems nice.” Spot noted.

“Yeah… Because he was FORCED into not being a little punk.” Fenrir muttered before looking down at Remus. “I don’t know what that guy has planned but I am coming with you just to make sure that he doesn’t try anything.”

The younger wolf brother nodded his head. “I understand.”

“In any case, why didn’t you come to me or one of the other waiters?” Fenrir asked.

Remus winced before looking to the side. “Like he said, he taunted at me just for being a kid and I got angry and I kinda gone after him on my own.”

Fenrir’s good eye bugged out before holding his head with a groan. “Remus, you can’t go off on your own like that. I mean what if that Keeyon guy was actually more dangerous than he seems.”

Remus hanged his head. “S-Sorry…”

Fenrir merely glared at Remus with a stern look on his face. “Look, all that matters is that you are safe and that guy had gotten his just desserts. But I don’t care how angry someone made you, don’t go off on your own like that again. You could be surprised how much trouble one reckless act could lead you.”

Remus again winced as he continued to look down at the floor. Spot looked on in sympathy. To a random onlooker of the conversation, they would think that it was forwarded at Remus but the Dalmatian’s gaze was forwarded to both of them.


Remus weakly raised his head to see his brother crossing his arms, still glaring down at him.

Suddenly, Fenrir gave a smirk. “How you took the yutz down?”

Remus’ eyes lit up when he had heard this as a big grin crept across his face.
EA-LEC: Remus VS Keeyon
This is my :iconea-lec: match with my Remus against :iconhappybutbored:'s Keeyon. I had wanted to give Remus his first match. However, he is only twelve so I had decided to give him a match against someone who is more or less on his level of fighting. In this case, this isn't a match. More of a "Get-Back-Here" fight. XD

Keeyon belongs to :iconhappybutbored:

Yuki belongs to :iconscorpius02:

Bogus belongs to :icondiana-hnd:

Exercitus Artifex aka the League of Extraordinary Characters belongs to :iconea-lec:

Anke was happily talking to Touil while inside of the pick-up truck.

“So then me, Meemee and Jimmy all threw food at Spencer as revenge!” Anke laughed. “Spencer literally spent three hours just to get all of the food out of his clothes!”

Touil laughed. “Wow, that sounds like some Reward!”

“It was! Seeing Meemee again was amazing and Jimmy turned out a good guy to be around then he initially thought!” Anke smiled. “Aside from that Courtney woman, I would want to talk to everyone’s guests!”

“Yes, I am sure that they are better company to keep!” Touil chuckled before stopping the truck. “Well, we are here!”

“Okay!” Anke said, brightly before getting out of the truck. “Bye, Touil!”

“Bye!” Touil waved as Anke skipped off towards the mansion.

“Well, I had just been voted out two days short of Day 39. But I will live. At least I get to be with Angelo and the others to keep me company!” Anke smiled. “Things should be alright now that most of the drama had been cleared up!”

Anke had stepped into the Juror House. “Hello, everyone!”

“Anke!” Angelo grinned.

“How is it going, kid?” Charlie greeted.

“Yo!” Malletman explained.

“I am glad to see that everyone isn’t bitter!” Anke smiled.

“Might as well not be.” Bianna shrugged.

Verona, who was standing against the wall gave a loud scoff before stomping off. Everyone looked towards Verona to see her exiting the Juror’s House.

“Had she been like that ever since she got here?” Anke asked.

Angelo let out a deep sigh. “Yes…”

Anke rolled her eyes. “Well, forget her. I don’t want to face any more negativity for the rest of my time on the island.”

“Heard that.” Angelo said.

Bianna stepped forward. “I am sorry but is it too much to ask about anything that we didn’t knew after I had voted out.”

“Other than the fact that Mami had literally gone insane?” Anke asked.

Bianna sighed. “Yes, other than that.”

“I still can’t believe that you had acted like this.” Malletman frowned. “Now I know how people like Greg and Tigerlily felt in Season 2.”

“Mami used to be cool, fun and all-around a great ball of energy to be around. But now she is… Just plain awful.” Malletman said, sadly. “She is acting like some psycho girlfriend who thinks that her boyfriends had been cheating on her and snaps like a viper.”

“I just don’t get why she acted like Becky did…” The giant robot frowned.

“The same way. She couldn’t handle the hardships of the game.” Charlie said, shaking his head.

Bianna paused. “Yes and no.”

Angelo raised an eyebrow. “Know something we don’t, Bianna?”

“Yes. Kenny said that Mami’s main problem is that she has an inferior complex. She gets upset when she thinks she had made herself look like a fool.” The female robot explained.

“So basically when Becky isn’t prepared for the hardships of Survivor…” Charlie said. “Mami had gotten extremely paranoid of it and thinks that every bad thing he does will blow up in her face.”

“...But everything IS blowing up in her face, anyway…” Anke frowned.

Charlie paused. “You know, it is actually kinda ironic.”

Bianna raised a non-existent eyebrow. “What is, Charlie?”

“I mean, Mami and Spencer both hated each other now and want to break the other person via us.” Charlie said. “But here is the thing. Both of them have sensitive buttons when pushed could make them look insane.”

“And they had both raised hell for everyone, including themselves…” Malletman said, rolling his eyes.

“No matter how much Spencer and Mami denies it, they are not so different as they think they are. Spencer hate people lookin’ down on him for his size while Mami also does the same thing for her naivete…” Angelo said, sadly. “It’s so sad… They could had been the perfect pair, playin’ off their weaknesses and improvin’ but no… They allowed themselves to let their emotions get the better of them.”

“So what now?” Charlie asked.

“Watch the final vote-off and sees what happens.” Bianna shrugged. “Until then, all we got is what we know…”

Suddenly, they saw a door opening up. They all turned their heads and their eyes bugged out.

Verona was carrying a suitcase and making her way towards the door.

“Oh no! Verona, what are ya doing?” Angelo said in disbelief.

“What does it look like I am doing? I am quitting the jury!” The brunette said.

“Watching the last Tribal Council had confirmed something for me. Nobody had deserved to win the million dollars and I deserve it more than them.” Verona said, angrily. “Why should I vote for somebody who doesn’t deserve it?”

“Is that even allowed?” Malletman asked in disbelief.

“Hell if I know but there is a first time for everything.” Verona shrugged.

“But Verona!” Bianna called out. “Your prize money for getting in seventh place may be forfeited.”

“Oh, yes, because the money would get be so far in my crapsack world.” The brunette said, rolling her eyes. “I am not in it for the money! I am in it to prove that I AM Sole Survivor! And I failed. I didn’t won.”

“Hey, there are eighteen other people who had lost.” Charlie pointed out.

“Well, most of them deserved me. Unlike me.” Verona said before she was about to go out the door. “Now if you excuse me, if I leave now and walk without taking breaks, I should reach the shore and grab my own boat by morning.”

“Well, don’t be a stranger.” Charlie said.

“Just what is that women’s problem? It is one thing to be mopey for the rest of the time out of the game but to QUIT being a jurist?” Charlie asked in disbelief. He then paused. “Hey, if she actually goes through with this, who actually get her money?”

“Well, good riddance to bad rubbish.” Malletman spat in disgust.

“Are we really going to just let Verona walk off?” Bianna asked.

“Let her! I can’t stand that woman!” Charlie snapped.

“Yeah, let’s go play some video games!” Anke smiled. “What do we got?”

“Quite a lot of selections, actually.” Angelo offered. “Come on. Let’s go play.”

“Right!” Anke beamed.


Everyone was sleeping in their beds peacefully. After a long day of having fun, they were all resting in their beds sleeping peacefully. However, the weather wasn’t as peaceful as it was pouring down with rain with strong gales and thunder striking them. Fortunately, they were all safe and cozy.

Some people weren’t that lucky. Touil had rode his pick-up truck back to the juror house. However, he was carrying a certain guest.

Touil glared at said guest. “Verona, what the hell were you thinking?”

The brunette woman pouted. “I was thinking that I didn’t wanted to vote. That was what I was thinking.”

Touil shook his head. “Verona, there are five different people who had taken out of the game and two of them were not happy about their eliminations! And yet you don’t see THEM going Awol!”

“That is because their elimination isn’t as stupid as mine.” Verona spat.

“I don’t care! What you done was selfish for the other jurors!” Touil scolded. “Seriously, you have no idea how angry Tiny is at you!”

“Well, considering I don’t give a crap about him, that is probably true.” Verona said.

Touil narrowed his eyes. “Just get into the house. And don’t think that we would find out that you would try to leave again, got it?”

Verona growled. “Whatever, stalker.”

With that, she had gotten out of the truck and slammed the door behind her. Touil glared at her as she made her way to the Juror House before giving a sigh.

“I missed poker with the guys for THIS?” He asked before driving off.

Verona rushed through the rain and made her way over to the Juror House. She then went to open the doors.

However, there were locked.

“Oh crap…” Verona muttered. “Yo, guys! It is me, Verona! Those idiots caught me and dragged me back here! Let me in, will ya?”

However, she didn’t got an answer. She growled as the rain beat down on her before slamming on the door.

“Hello? Bianna? Angelo?” Verona called out. “Anyone!? Come on! It is freezing out here! Let me in!”

Again, no answer. Everyone was sleeping in. Verona growled before slamming on the doors even harder and yelling at the top of her lungs. Unfortunately (or fortunately), it was drowned out by the weather.

(Límíng Tribe)

The five finalists had made back to camp with most of them looking pleased with had happened.

“Well, Anke did it. She came through for us and realized how big goats Francesca and Mami were and wanted to take them to the final Tribal Council.” Spencer smirked. “Sorry, Bianna but like hell I am going to let you and Kenny win that easily.”

“I must say, guys, you sure got us.” Kenny congratulated. “At worst, we were expecting a tie.”

“Yeah, same here.” Spencer shrugged. “Thank Anke for that.”

The monkey nervously scratched the back of her head.

“Oh yeah, about that.” Francesca said, looking down at Anke. “Anke, I have to ask. What had made you keep Mami? I heard that you couldn’t care less if Mami and I were goats.”

The pink-clad teenager paused. “Well, I had went to talk to Mami at Spencer’s suggestion and talked to her on her side on the story. However, she acted like she didn’t wanted to do anything with the plan.”

Mami merely crossed her arms and nodded confirming Anke’s story.

“Because of this, she was acting like a horrible ally.” Anke said before smirking. “In other words, giving you a taste of your own medicine.”

Francesca and Mami’s eyes bugged out at this.

“Wait, the main reason you saved is because…” Francesca started.

“Uh-huh.” Anke nodded. “You would actually see what an actually horrible ally is.”

“I know that I had started a few times that Verona is basically Bertha 2.0. But at least she TRIED to play the game. At least she TRIED to fight till the end.” Anke pointed out. “Mami openly admitted that she would not help Francesca in any way. What kind of Survivor is that? We are in the final week of Survivor and you are not going to do ANYTHING!?”

“Verona is a cow, Francesca. Everyone knows it. But at least she would had everything in her power to try to save herself.” Anke said. “Mami on the other hand had nothing to help you or HERSELF. All she helped were the people TRYING TO VOTE HER OFF.”

The wrestler slumped her shoulders. “We had been spared because of that?”

Spencer laughed as he crossed his arms. “I told you that you wished that you would had been voted off instead.”

“Wait, wait, wait!” Mami said, stepping forward. “You all think I am a bad ally?”

Anke paused before narrowing her eyes. “Yes. And if anyone has to explain why, then you are beyond help.”

“Yeah, seriously.” Francesca said, rolling her eyes.

“YOU DON’T DESERVE A GOOD ALLY!” Mami yelled, startling everyone.

Despite initially startled, Anke narrowed her eyes. “While that may be true, that still doesn’t change how not helping Francesca would hurt you.”

“Seriously? Are you even trying to win anymore?” Spencer challenged.

“How the hell could I win when you ruined my game!?” Mami yelled.

Spencer’s eyes bugged out. “I ruined YOUR game!”

“Yes, I did! I had treated just like Francesca! A bad ally who would only drag me down if I continue to align with them!” Mami snapped. “And yet I am being treated as the horrible ally!”

“Well, considering that my planned WORKED.” Francesca said, crossing her arms. “That means your whining had been all for nought. So you been acting like an emo over nothing.”

Spencer smirked as he stepped forward. “Don’t worry. Now that everyone had seen you for what you are truly are, I am perfectly okay with realigning with…”


The other four jumped as Mami gave her loud shout. She had continued to glare down Spencer with a death glare.

“...I am going to bed…” Mami spat. With that, she turned around and stomped off leaving the other stunned.

“Well, you're welcome, psychopath.” Spencer said.

(Day 37)

Francesca, Anke and Spencer were talking with each other.

“Well… Do you think I had learned my lesson?” Francesca asked with a sigh.

Anke crossed her arms. “Well… I am still mad at you but I must admit that I am not that mad anymore to not want to do anything with you.”

Francesca gave a grumpy face. “So are we all in agreement to take out Kenny next?”

“Don’t worry. It is like Anke said.” Spencer smirked. “Not only do you know what an actual bad ally is, you are not the perfect Alpha female everyone mistook you for.”

Francesca’s eyebrow twitched a bit. “L-Lovely…”

“In all seriousness…”

Francesca looked up.

Spencer jerked his head behind him. “What you should be concerned about is MAMI being with us.”

“Yeah. She kept glaring at us as if we did the opposite of what we done to her.” Anke said in disgust. “I mean we saved her!”

“Well, she didn’t liked the REASON she was saved.” Francesca pointed out.

“What? Because she is a goat?” Spencer asked. “Well, how the hell are we NOT supposed think of her as a goat when she literally just gave up on the last week on Survivor?”

“I don’t know…” Francesca sighed, shaking her head.

Kenny on the other hand was pacing around, trying to figure out how to get out of his current situation.

“Oh dear… How am I going to get out of this situation?” Kenny asked. “In all of the madness, I had never figured out that the others would want Bianna and me out because we were threats…”

“Oh dear, oh me, oh my. Quite the situation you had stuck in.”

Kenny’s eyes widened before turning around to see Mami making her way over with a smirk on her face.

“Mami, what is it you want?” Kenny asked, narrowing his eyes.

The rock star immediately stepped back, looking offended. “Whoa, what is with the death glare?”

Kenny paused. “I assumed that you are going to yell at me.”

“What? Just because I yelled at my allies?” Mami asked.

Kenny again paused. “...Yes.”

Mami rolled her eyes. “Look. I want to make an alliance with me.”

Kenny’s eyes bugged out at this. “R-Really?”

“I know this late in game, not voting off Kenny over the likes of Spencer, Francesca and Anke would be stupid.” Mami said before narrowing her eyes. “But why the hell do I want to go with the plans of a bratty sociopath, the monkey version of Becky and a “strong, independent” woman who in reality has no sense of dignity or self-respect?”

“I am going to be blunt with you.” The redhead said. “You are the only person who I DON’T hate still in the game.”

Kenny blinked twice. “Wait. That’s it?”

Mami looked up. “What do you mean, that’s it?”

“Mami, this is Day 37. We are literally two days until the final Tribal Council.” Kenny pointed out.

“So what are you saying is that I shouldn’t vote emotionally this late in the game?” Mami asked.

Kenny nodded his head.

“Look, while I don’t deny that these votes ARE emotional, they are also strategic.” Mami insisted.

Kenny raised an eyebrow. “Really?”

“Yes, if I go with Spencer and Anke, everyone would see me as a weakling who just like somebody walk all over them.” Mami said.

Kenny groaned as he shook his head. “Mami, they would not think so. They would see you as a smart person who is playing the game by taking advantage of someone’s ego to get them to the final Tribal Council.”

The rock star let out a mirthless laugh. “I wish… But I had so many people walk all over me that if I go with the flow here, I would never redeem myself.”

“There is absolutely NOTHING to redeem yourself for!” Kenny said. “So you had been lied to? To expect not to in this game is childishly naive.”

Mami paused. “You just don’t get it, do you? It is because of my naivete that I had fell for everything Spencer, Malletman and Francesca said, hook, line and sinker!”

“That could had been done to ANYONE, Mami.” Kenny said.

The redhead shook her head. “No… Not anyone… Just people who suck at the game like me.”

“But Mami.” Kenny frowned.

“Why are you trying to stop me? I am trying to HELP you!” Mami scolded.

Kenny sighed in disbelief.

“I know it is stupid to look a gift horse in the mouth in the situation I am in as of right now, I am trying to stop anymore drama on this season!” Kenny frowned. “Mami is taking out his anger out of everyone, including herself. I have to convince her that she is not as horrible as she seems or she would actually prove it inadvertently.”


Mami and Kenny looked up in surprise.

“Hoo boy… It looks like it is time for the next Challenge.” Mami noted. “Let’s go.”

“O-Okay…” Kenny frowned.

The two had then made their way over to the others where Anke had the letter.

“Well, what does it say?” Mami asked.

“It says… Do you have a set of lungs?” Anke read.

Francesca paused before looking at Spencer with a smirk. “Hey, look, Spencer! A physical Challenge that you may not only be decent in but also have a chance of winning.”

The nerd narrowed his eyes. “Oh, hardy har har!

“I don’t really care who wins this Challenge as long as it is not Kenny. I am just pleased that it wasn’t a mental one because if it he would had a better chance of winning.” Francesca noted. “If the Challenge being physical, I think even SPENCER may beat him out.”

(Immunity Challenge)

The five people had stood on the mat where Tiny was waiting.

“Welcome, Survivors! Are you ready for your next Challenge?” Tiny asked. “Good. Take a look.”

Everyone looked ahead to see five sets of 3x3 panels. Pointing at each one of them was a long pea-shooter.

“Here is your next Challenge. It is basically a game of Tic-Tac-Toe. When I say go, you will each put a dart in your peashooter and fire it your panel. This would continue on until one of you get three-in-a-row. First person to get a Tic-Tac-Toe will win Immunity.”

Everyone paused, realizing how easy it was for anyone to win.

“Alright, let’s draw for spots.” Tiny said.


Soon, everyone had got into their spots.

“Alright, for Immunity!” Tiny announced. “Ready, set, fire!”

Everyone had fired their darts at nearly the same time. Some had actually managed to hit their marks while the others missed.

“Alright, Francesca had gotten a hit on her top left panel, Anke had gotten a hit on her bottom middle panel and Mami had gotten a hit on…” Tiny said.

His eyes then widened in shock.

“Kenny’s bottom-right panel?” Tiny asked in disbelief.

Everyone looked at Mami in shock. The latter merely shrugged it off with a stoic look on her face.

“Um, alright… Everyone, put in another dart and prepare yourself for another shot!” Tiny instructed as everyone obliged. “Ready, set, FIRE!”

Everyone had blew again and this time, everyone had managed to hit the panel.

“Okay, Francesca had gotten a hit on her top middle panel, Anke had gotten a hit on her bottom right panel, Kenny had gotten a hit on his bottom middle panel, Spencer had gotten a hit on his bottom left panel…” Tiny said before pausing. “...And Mami had gotten KENNY’S top right panel.”

By this time, Francesca, Spencer and Anke all glared at Mami.

“Mami, what the hell are you doing!?” Francesca roared.

The rock star looked to the side. “Sorry… Even a Stormtrooper would do better than me.”

“My foot!” Spencer taunted.

“Um, alright. Francesca, Anke and Kenny are one panel away from winning so you better make it count.” Tiny explained.

Everyone cast Mami suspicious glared.

“Alright, for Immunity, ready, set, FIRE.” Tiny yelled.

Everyone had fired their respective shots. While two of them missed their winning panels, one of them had hit dead-on.

“Mami hits it!” Tiny yelled. “MAMI… I mean, KENNY WINS IMMUNITY!”

The psychic stood stunned before looking at Mami who had started to cheer for him. The others on the other hand were not pleased.


Tiny put the Immunity Necklace around Kenny’s neck. “Congratulations, Kenny, you had won Immunity guaranteeing you an 1-in-4 shot of winning.”

“Thanks…” He said, not really looking that happy about the result.

Tiny then turned to the others. “As for the rest of you, it was a long run but one of you will be leaving tonight. You have all day to figure out who. You may head back to camp.”

(Límíng Tribe)

When the five people had made their way back to camp, Spencer had wasted no time confronting Mami.

“I think I speak for everyone when I ask…” Spencer said before scowling. “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!?”

“We had a deal! We had made a deal with Francesca and Mami! Anke and I would take the both of them to the Final Tribal Council over Bianna and Kenny!” Spencer roared. “And what Mami does to return the favour? SHE FREAKING GIVES KENNY, OUR TARGET IMMUNITY!”

Mami merely crossed her arms not looking pleased. “Gee, Spencer, it is not okay for people to bust up YOUR grill over sucking at Challenges but it is okay to do the same to ME?”

“Don’t give me that! Anyone with a brain knows that you had gave him Immunity!” The nerd snapped.

“We had a deal, Mami. A deal that benefitted everyone and yet you gone back on it.” Anke added.

“I find it rather rude to be talking about this while Kenny is still in the area.” Mami pointed out.

“Shut it! He is not an idiot! He knows that he had gotten Immunity for a bullcrap reason!” Spencer snapped. “All because you couldn’t take being called a goat!”

“I am not a goat.” Mami said, simply.

“And in what universe is turning your back on your allies for a petty revenge this late in the game does NOT make you a goat, Mami?” Francesca asked in disbelief.

“FINALLY, something is going my way! I had saved Kenny, the only person out here who HASN’T disrespected me and the ones who did and going ballistic that I am outmaneuvered!” Mami smirked. “They are scurrying like chickens with their heads cut off and I love it!”

“Okay, that’s it, this has to end!” Spencer said, stepping forward.

“Oh, and what does?” Mami asked.

“This self-righteous victim act!” Spencer said, pointing his finger.

“I AM the victim!” Mami retorted. “And YOU are the bad guy here!”

Spencer gave an annoyed grunt. “Look, I know that I am going to be cast as the villain! At this point and time, I couldn’t care less! But lying to you about voting off Robert is the only time I did you wrong!”

Mami stared in disbelief. “You’re kidding… You’re kidding, right?”

“I don’t care how much you hated me for what I did to Robert!” Spencer snapped. “At least I had actually told you when I wanted to do the same to Drow!”

Mami rolled her eyes. “That is because your selfish reasoning actually make sense there!”

Spencer growled as he continued. “And I comforted when Galia had self-rightously tried to painted you and me as jerks when she quit!”

“Yes, because I was a vote underneath your thumb. You couldn’t afford to get rid of me yet.” Mami said.

“Oh, for the love of…” Spencer said, throwing his arms up in the air in disbelief. “We could had something beautiful, Mami! We along with Lillian and Le Cock could had done some massive damage! And yet you let ONE bad thing I done to you make you lose your marbles and ruined everything for literally everyone!”

“Ah, yes, it is funny that you should had mentioned her.” Mami piped up. “Even now, do you still thought that I am lying about her going ballistic on me?”

Spencer paused before looking to the side. “No…”

Mami’s smug smirk vanished. “Come again?”

Anke’s eyes bugged out. “Spencer, what are you doing?”

Spencer continued. “I knew that you, at the time, wouldn’t never do something like that to me.”

Mami’s eyes bugged out as her jaw dropped. “W-Wait… Are you saying that you saw through Lillian’s lies from the start?”

Spencer looked down. “Y-Yes…”

Mami stared in disbelief for a moment. She then growled. “Wait… So you are saying that you STILL went a liar?”

Spencer narrowed his eyes before looking up. “Now stay where you are! I “believed” Lillian because you didn’t thought about telling me how she been treating you! AFTER you voted off Le Cock! And you were spreading rumours about me!”

“The last time I yet, rumours are false!” Mami snapped.

“That doesn’t change the fact that you STILL went around my back!” Spencer snapped. “Why would I believe Lillian over you when I had been with you for much longer?”

“Because you were untrustworthy! You voted off Robert for a…” Mami started.


Everyone jumped when Spencer gave his large shout before he darted over to Mami and grabbed her by her shirt.


With that, he shoved Mami onto her rear and stormed off, leaving Francesca, Anke and Kenny stunned.

“H-Hey, Spencer, wait!” Anke said, running off after her ally.

Kenny broke off of his daze before running over to Mami and crouching down.

“Mami, are you alright?” Kenny asked.

The rock star slowly narrowed her eyes. “Yeah… I just allowed myself to make taken off-guard…”

Meanwhile, Spencer had sat against a tree while Anke had watched him sulk.

“Well, so much for going into the final Tribal Council without us going after each other like piranhas…” Anke said, shaking her head.

“At least point in the game, I couldn’t care less about what anyone thinks about me, Mami or this season as a whole…” Spencer muttered. “I just want to try to win this game or at least try to and put this trainwreck of a season behind me…”

Anke then paused. “So what now? Try to vote off Mami?”

Spencer paused. “No…”

Anke’s eyes bugged out at this. “Wait? What?”

“I know that this sounds weird but this actually made me MORE determined to take her to the final Tribal Council.” Spencer said.

Anke paused before shaking her head. “Spencer, you know I already told you this but you got nothing to prove.”

“Maybe… But if I just simply vote her off here, she will never learn. She will never face the truth.” Spencer said before getting up. “So… That is why we have to try to vote off Francesca.”

Anke paused. “Your mind is made-up…”

Spencer shrugged. “Sorry, Anke…”

Anke then let out a deep sigh. “Fine… Just tell me. Do you really think that Kenny would vote with us after Mami saving him.”

“I don’t know… But it is not impossible.” Spencer said. “After all, it is like you said, Mami saved him. Not Francesca. He has no reason to stay loyal to Francesca. And it is not like the two girls would be that close so we could argue that Mami wouldn’t be THAT upset.”

Anke paused for a moment.

“So basically, I had finally gotten over my anger towards Francesca for backstabbing me and Angelo and keeping Verona only for Mami to mess up everything and force me to “take my revenge” anyway…” Anke paused. She then rolled her eyes. “Sure, fine, whatever…”

Meanwhile, Francesca was pacing back and forth in front of Mami.

“I don’t care if I don’t deserve a good ally!” Francesca scolded. “You don’t do that! You don’t just give our target Immunity without even telling me first!”

“Well, I would gladly tell you if you would had say yes.” Mami shrugged.

Francesca paused before slamming her hand against her head. “Mami, do you really think I would just accept that?”

“Honestly, I couldn’t care less about your opinion about the matter.” The rock star said, flatly.

Francesca growled as she tried to fight the urge to strangle Mami. “Why you…”

Mami sighed. “Look, don’t worry, Kenny owes me. He will vote off Anke.”

“That doesn’t justify…” Francesca said before realizing something. “Wait… You want ANKE gone?”

“Yeah, after Spencer had revealed that he actually knew that Lillian was a liar, it made me hit something.” Mami said, narrowing her eyes. “It isn’t enough just to vote Spencer off. I want to prove on how big of scum he truly was and if I got rid of him now, he would forever thought he would had won. I want to break him. Particularly by the jury. In short, your plan actually makes sense, Francesca. In fact, it makes perfect sense.”

Francesca blinked twice while slumping her arms.

“If that is the case…” She said before shouting. “WHY DID YOU GAVE KENNY, THE BIGGEST THREAT IN THIS GAME IMMUNITY!”

Mami narrowed her eyes. “Just because I am 100% with your logic, doesn’t mean I am completely going straight with your plans!”

“I don’t believe this!” Francesca said, throwing her arms in the air.

“Look, don’t worry, I saved Kenny. He owes me.” Mami reassured.

“Yeah, but he doesn’t own ME anything!” Francesca pointed out. “If I go home tonight, it is because of YOU!”

“Alright, alright! Don’t worry!” Mami said, rolling her eyes. “Sheesh!”

“We could had it! After so long, we could had an easy ride to the final Tribal Council! But NO! Mami just had to make things more complicated than it needed to be!” Francesca snapped. “Now I have to vote with Anke when she is just now alright with voting with me! Ugh, I hate this season!”

Later, Francesca and Mami were seen talking with Kenny.

“So even now, you actually okay with keeping Spencer?” Kenny asked in surprise.

“Of course!” Mami nodded. “I just wanted to do things on my own terms!”

Francesca growled at this.

“Now, Kenny, I know that Francesca haven’t done anything for you but is it alright if you spare her for this round?” Spencer asked. “Please, pretty please?”

The psychic paused before looking to the side. “Well, I guess. I mean I DO owe you and everything but… I don’t want to make things more complicated than it already is.”

“Yeah, a little late for that, kid.” Francesca muttered.

“What Francesca said.” Mami nodded. “But if that isn’t enough, I know something that will sweeten the deal.”

With that, she had taken Kenny by surprise and wrapped her arms around him. After a few seconds, Mami broke it off.

“So yeah, please think about it.” Mami smiled.

“Um, alright?” Kenny said, softly.

Mami nodded her head before walking off, cheerfully. “Come on, Francesca!”

The wrestler narrowed her eyes. “You wouldn’t be so cheerful if YOU were on the chopping block…”

“Oh, hush!”

Kenny paused.

“So basically I had gone from the target to the swing vote of this Tribal Council. I could either vote off Francesca or Anke…” Kenny frowned. “But that is not my main concern. My main concern is Spencer and Mami. How could anyone trust them not to tear each other to pieces before the final Tribal Council?”

(Tribal Council)

The five finalists had made their way to Tribal Council where Tiny was waiting.

“Welcome, Survivors.” Tiny said. “Please, take a seat.”

Everyone obliged.

“We now bring in the jury.” Tiny said as the jury walked in. “Angelo, Malletman, Charlie, Verona and Bianna voted off at the last Tribal Council.”

The jury had then sat down. Bianna had edited her armor to make it look like she was wearing a light grey spaghetti-strap dress and black high-heels.

“Kenny, I have to ask what happened?” Tiny asked.

“Well, I just thought that Spencer and Anke would be more than happy to vote off Francesca and Mami after what they did to everyone.” The psychic frowned. “But we were wrong and Bianna got voted off because she was a threat.”

“Agreed. I was just as stunned.” Bianna nodded.

“Anke, why did you flipped on Francesca and Mami even after what they had done?” Tiny asked.

“Well, it is just like Kenny said. Bianna had been voted off because she is a threat.” The monkey explained before smirking. “But also because Mami had been a horrible ally these days so Francesca had more or less learned her lesson on what exactly what a bad ally.”

“Finally, that little fuzzball did something right.” Verona smirked, crossing her arms. Angelo did the same thing.

“Francesca, is it true that Mami had been a bad ally?” Tiny asked.

“Yes, she was… She had been purposely been unhelpful ever since Charlie had gotten voted out.” The wrestler said. She then growled. “And to add insult to injury, she GAVE KENNY IMMUNITY today!”

This startled the jury.

“Wait, Mami, why did you do that?” Tiny asked.

“Easy. Because I didn’t wanted to be seen as a goat.” The rocker explained.

“Mami, how the hell is backstabbing your allies for a selfish reason that doesn’t even affect your game in any way make you ANYTHING but a goat?” Francesca asked.

The rocker paused. “Oh, I am sorry. I think you were meant to talk to Spencer.

Spencer growled at this.

“Spencer, what is your stance on this?” Tiny asked.

“I am fed up, man! Mami and Malletman are literally the only one who had bothered to care about my elimination of Robert and yet she had did FAR more horrible things to everyone!” The red-haired boy insisted.

“I only did that to protect my game because if I would had just stay put, it would be ruined!” Mami retorted.

“Rightttt, like you protected your game when Charlie had gotten voted off.” Spencer said, rolling his eyes.

“I only did that because it was my idiocy that had gotten me into that mess!” Mami insisted. “It was Francesca’s own!”

“And yet you still screwed me over when my plan had saved your sorry hide!” Francesca snapped.

“Well, excuuuuuse me for having dignity and not wanting to be beneath Spencer’s foot, Francesca.” Mami said, rolling her eyes.

“Suddenly, I am happy that I didn’t stayed in the game and get stuck with Mami…” Charlie said, flatly.

“So Francesca, does this mean that Mami is going to be a target tonight?” Tiny asked.

The brunette let out a mirthless laugh. “I wish.”

“What do you mean by that?” Tiny asked.

“Even after what happened at the Challenge and the aftermath of it, it actually made Mami and Spencer more determined to take each other to the end.” Francesca explained. “Because they want to prove to they are better than each other and the best way of doing that is by having the jury decide.”

Malletman paused. “We are going to have a first in which there is going to be a med evac in the Finale, aren’t we?”

“Yep…” Verona said, flatly.

“Anke, does this mean you and Francesca are the targets instead?” Tiny asked.

“Yeah, it stinks that either one of us have to be voted out because of the fact that Mami just can’t face your flaws.” The pink-clad girl frowned.

“Face my flaws?” Mami asked in disbelief. “I was trying to IMPROVE myself!”

“...I don’t think you even know what exactly is strength and weakness is anymore, do you?” Anke muttered.

“Um, alright…” Tiny said, putting his fist to his mouth and coughing. “Kenny, you have Immunity. Do you want to give it up?”

The psychic paused. “I suppose I will keep it.”

“Alright, you cannot vote for Kenny.” Tiny said. “Everyone else is fair game. Spencer, you are up.”

The red-haired teen growled as he stomped over to the voting table and snatching the pen. “I can’t stand you but it still sucks you have to leave just because you are aligned to… THAT.” He said, holding up “Francesca”.

Anke shook her head in disgust as she made her way over to the voting table. “Why does it have to be this so late in the game? I am sorry…” She said, holding up “Francesca”.

Francesca stomped over to the voting table, not looking pleased in the slightest. “Mami, I better survive this round or so help me.” She said, holding up “Anke”.

Mami marched on forward with a surprisingly confident look on her face as she took the pen. “With that, I had atoned for my crimes of naivete.” She said, holding up “Anke”.

Kenny sighed as he made his way over while shaking his head. At first, he looked like had had made a decision but then shook his head. “...Please. I just don’t want a fight to break out.”

With that, he walked back with Tiny getting up.

“I’ll get the votes.”

Nobody but Mami looked that eager for the votes.

“I’ll read them out.”

“First vote, Francesca.”

Francesca growled.

“Second vote, Anke. One vote, Francesca. One vote, Anke.”

Anke sighed as she shook her head.

“Third vote, Anke. Two votes, Anke. One vote, Francesca.”

Anke and Spencer gave each other worried looks.

“Fourth vote, Francesca. Two votes, Anke. Two votes, Francesca. One vote left.”

Francesca cast Mami a death glare.

“Sixteenth person voted out of Survivor and sixth member of our jury…”

Everyone looked on.

“...Is Anke.”

“Dang…” Angelo winced.

Anke merely sighed as Spencer looked visibly upset. Kenny looked to the side while Mami proudly smiled as Francesca sighed in relief.

“Anke, you have to bring me your torch…”

The monkey shook her head before getting up and hugging Spencer, Kenny and a surprised Francesca goodbye.

“A-Anke? Why did you hug me?” Francesca asked, surprised.

“Because I wanted to show that that isn’t that much bad blood between us in the end.” The monkey reassured. “I don’t want to leave bitter.”

“If that’s the case, where’s MY hug?” Mami whined.

“Make like Scooby Doo and get a clue.” Anke scolded, grabbing her torch.

Mami looked absolutely shocked as everyone chuckled as Anke placed her torch in front of Tiny.

“Anke, the tribe has spoken.” Tiny said, putting his snuffer extinguishing it. “You may now go.”

“Bye, guys!” Anke said, skipping off. “Try not to kill each other at the Fallen Comrades path, alright!”

Tiny watched her walk off before turning to the others. “Well, Anke is the next person to leave. However, judging from your reactions, most of you don’t seem too happy with the choice. I strongly hope for your sake your next vote-off will be more better because it would be the final one. Then, you have to go to the jury. You may head back to camp.”

Everyone had brought up the rear, picking up their torches. Mami brought up the rear, grinning proudly at what she had done. This vote-off was all hers and now she felt like she was the queen of the world. Now she actually felt more confident in winning. But first, there were a couple of things she needed to do first.

“Yeah, it stinks that I had to go out this way but no matter who left tonight, it would just leave a bad taste in my mouth.” Anke said, shaking her head. “Oh well, I had a great run. And unlike SOME people, I appreciate making it all of the way to the end. As of this point, I don’t really mind who wins. As for Mami… I try to spare you some mercy because I may be one of the only people to do so.”


Anke: Bianna, Francesca, Kenny.

Francesca: Anke, Spencer.

And thus Anke is the next person out. Anke had been one of my favourites to write for. I always liked MORP and OTTP people by default and Anke had not only did the latter well for me. Especially in the later parts of the story. Unfortunately, she just wasn’t meant to be winner material. At least here.

NOTE: Anke is part of a series called the Specter Seekers. When thinking about a character from that story, I knew that Anke would be a good start. That is also why her name stands out when compared to the rest of her fellow monkeys (Aiai, Meemee, etc.)

(Theme Songs)

Opening & Player Select (Kizuna Encounter)

(Turn Start Quotes)

Kim: “Let’s go.”

“Here we come!”

Rosa: “Well, shall we?”

“Might as well get this over with.”

(Item Get Quotes)

Kim: “I will be using this.”

“This should come in handy.”

Rosa: “Hm, what’s this?”

“Well, better than nothing.”

(Using Item Quotes)

Kim: “Here!”

“Never give up!”

Rosa: “Eyes straight!”

“Don’t give up!”

(Knocked Out Quotes)

Kim: “I had failed…”

“Forgive me, mother and father…”

Rosa: “This can’t end like this…”

“Dang… Not here…”

(Getting Revived Quotes)

Kim: “I will not disgrace myself again.”

“Forgive me for being a bother…”

Rosa: “Sorry about that…”

“I owe ya!”

(Reviving Ally Quotes)

Kim: “Never surrender!”

“You can’t lose here!”

Rosa: “You okay there?”

“Don’t worry, I got your back!”

(Summoned As Support Quotes)

Kim: “Show no mercy!”

“Rosa, as one!”

Rosa: “Don’t worry, we heard ya!”

“Kim, you know what to do!”

(Pre-Battle Solo Conversation Quotes)

Kim: “Ugh, more evil creatures! Looks like it is time to do my job!”

Rosa: “...Can you even put a pair of handcuffs on that thing?”

(Post-Battle Solo Conversation Quotes)

Rosa: “You know, fighting together reminds me of that tournament we used to be in…”

Kim: “Except the stakes are more greater. Come on, Rosa!”

(Super Attack)

Houou-Kyaku & Shori-no Akatsuki: Rosa then started to do a series of katana slashes and and kicks to the enemy. Then, she jumped back so Kim could jump in and do a series of staff strikes and kicks. He then jumped back for Rosa to attack again, only for her to do a sacrifice throw on it, sending it straight into the air before leaping up after it and doing a series of sword uppercuts over it before sending it flying towards Kim with one final slash. Kim then did a series of kicks to it before ending it with an upwards kick with a flaming phoenix around it, sending him and the enemy straight into the air.

(Multi Attack)

Surprise Attack: Kim then did a series of attacks on the first enemy. Suddenly, Rosa leapt out of nowhere and started to attack the second enemy. The two continued their assaults until they had both swung their respective weapons as hard as they could, sending their enemies crashing into each other.

(Dealing Final Blow Quotes)

Kim: “Justice will prevail!”

“Evil can never be forgiven!”

“Repent in the phoenix’s flames!”

Rosa: “Kim, finish them off!”

“This is what you get for messing with me!”

“Maybe this should teach you a lesson!”

(Dealing Final Blow Poses)

When Kim was soaring up in his final kick, he gave a loud yell.

When Rosa was about to do her final slash, she gritted her teeth in determination.

(Pre-Battle Conversations With Support Unit Quotes)


Shanoa: So you have amnesia too? How do you cope with it?

Rosa: ...Um, by just by living my life.

Kim: Wow, Rosa, I don’t think I would be that passive about not knowing who I was.

(Bill Rizer)

Rosa: Hm? Is there something on my face or something, Bill?

Bill: Oh, nothing. I just forgotten how much I missed the Rambo look…

Kim: Um, Bill, is there something on your mind?

(Solar Boy Django)

Django: As my duty as a vampire hunter, I WILL defeat all evil children of the night!

Kim: And as my duty as a cop, I WILL accompany you!

Rosa: Uh-huh. And how are you going to get a vampire into a prison cell, huh?


Nanami: Wow, you actually use your legs more than your actual weapon!

Kim: Oh, that is nothing! My ancestors had been taking down opponents with nothing but their legs!

Rosa: Yeah, so what happened to YOU?

(Henry Townshend)

Kim: As a cop, I don’t feel good about having a civilian fight with us…

Henry: I may be a civilian but I don’t want to be a burden.

Rosa: Well, don’t hesitate to bolt if things get too hairy here.


Kim: It is always nice to meet a fellow defender of justice!

Sparkster: Thanks! It feels swell to team up and defeat the bad guys!

Rosa: Hoo boy… Now there are two of them…


Nyami: You know, I know someone who is also called Rosa as well.

Rosa: Oh really? Then she better be noble or something like that!

Kim: ...Like you are one to talk.


Wade: Hey, if any of you guys lose your weapons, can I borrow it?

Rosa: Yeahhhhh, no.

Kim: Yes, if you want a weapon, you should had brought one with you.

(Anoa Aoba)

Anoa: Just call me whenever you need support us!

Kim: Alright! Hopefully, we would be in a tag zone by then!

Rosa: ...We are not in a tournament, Kim…”

(Athena Asamiya)

Kim: Athena Asamiya, huh? In my homeworld, one of my ancestors worshipped that name like a goddess.

Athena: O-Oh? W-Well, that is nice to hear…

Rosa: ...Do I even want to know why you are acting like that?

(Mai Shiranui)

Kim: Horrid villain! Your evil shall not go unpunished!

Rosa: Hm? Is something the matter, Mai?

Mai: ...No. Just having a case of deja vu.


Nakoruru: You know, Rosa, you should wield your sword better. A lot of people from my land could easily overpower you.

Kim: Yeah, I was always wondering about your sloppy fighting style.

Rosa: Hey, there is nothing wrong with the way I fight!


Kaede: You call yourself a swordswoman? Pfft.

Rosa: How about you put your money where your mouth is!

Kim: Guys, please! We are all on the same side here!

(Sho Hayate)

Kim: You know, Hayate, it is weird to see you without Eagle.

Hayate: Yeah, and it is also depressing because a certain someone is here…

Rosa: ...Eagle, I am sorry but I can’t like him get away with this.

(Kisarah Westfield)

Kisarah: A tag tournament? That sounds so romantic! Maybe me and Joe should enter one.

Kim: Tag tournaments are romantic!?

Rosa: Great. Now my mind is full of disturbing images…

(Leona Heidern)

Leona: Hmm… It been awhile since I heard that look since Ralf and Clark.

Kim: Really? Are you trying to bring back the Rambo look, Rosa?

Rosa: ...I am going on ahead.


Kim: I want nothing more but pure justice here today!

Iroha: Very well. Then allow me to let with the righteousness as the group’s maid.

Rosa: Maids are really… free-range in ancient times…

(Janne D’Arc)

Janne: Your family line sounds extraordinary, Kim. Maybe I should ask Dr. Brown find me a Kim from some time and see if I could marry him.

Kim: H-Hey! If you do that, then what will happen to me!?

Rosa: ...And this is why time-travelling is that cracked up to be.


Elta: What a peculiar way of combat. I mean why would you fight with a staff if you can’t use it to cast magic.

Kim: ...Oh right. You come from the medieval times, don’t you?

Rosa: Suddenly, I got this weird image of Kim holding up a giant, shining sword in the air.


Bowser: Why the heck did I have to be stuck with a cop!?

Kim: We can’t trust you by yourself, villain! We have to stop you from causing chaos!

Rosa: Actually, I am worried about stopping the BOTH of you from causing chaos.

(Samus Aran)

Kim: Why do you wear that space suit? If the air was the least bit poisonous, we wouldn’t even be standing here right now!

Samus: Force of habit, I guess.

Rosa: A part of me wishes that stuff like isn’t getting routine for us…

(Captain Falcon)

Kim: Oh, flames of the phoenix of my ancestors, be with me today!

Falcon: And I shall join you with the passionate fire from my Falcon Punch!

Rosa: ...What? You want me to tweet or something?

(Donkey Kong)

DK: Why Kim fight with stick? Stick could easily break!

Kim: Don’t worry, DK. It is not a stick, it is a staff!

Rosa: Yeah, but if you two are fighting each other, it probably wouldn’t make much difference to DK.


Palutena: Kim, as a follower of justice, will you follow my instructions?

Kim: But of course, Lady Palutena! Anything for a goddess!

Rosa: Oh, for the love of… You are such a tool!


Serena: You know, Kim. You and Looker would probably be good friends.

Kim: Oh, really? Well, he must be quite the vigilante or authority figure.

Rosa: ...I don’t know. I just don’t trust someone who calls themselves “Looker”.

(Little Mac)

Little Mac: You know… I had never fought somebody from Korea before.

Kim: Really? Well, I hope you do. I want you to see the strength of Korea!

Rosa: ...Even if it means having said strength represented by a Stereotype?


Fiora: I hope that you find your friends soon, Rosa. I know what it is like to lose a loved one.

Rosa: Thanks. All I could hope is that my brothers are alright without me.

Kim: Don’t worry. They are all in the resistance. They should be fine.


Kim: I know that there are bigger threats to worry about but I don’t support your use of graffiti.

Ika: Graffiti? It is not graffiti! We are just marking our territory on various ports and skate parks.

Rosa: Um, kid? That IS graffiti...
KonamiXSNKXNintendo2.0: Kim And Rosa
Here is Kim Sue Il and Rosa's quote list from Kizuna Encounter. I admit, this had been the hardest quote list of the newcomers so far. Mainly because I could only do so much with them. Still, I think I done a good job.


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5 I have plans for a Five Nights at Freddy's fanfiction on my drawing board.

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7 I like watching music channels like Kiss and Heat.

8 I had a huge trope fanboy. I am always troping people in my mind.

9 I sleep with a stuffed Dalmatian named Spot and a puppet of Ernie from Sesame Street.

10 My favourite colour is purple.

11 I have a tendency to love characters that most people hate with a burning passion.

12 My favourite trope is the "Face Of A Thug" one.

13 I have FAR too many stories that I can't keep track of...

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9 What do you think I fear most? Doing poorly in terms of academics, I think? I am just guessing.

10 Asking again: What nickname would you give me? Sy.

11 Asking again: Everyone on Facebook or Instagram are the people you go to school with. Everyone on Tumblr or DeviantArt are the people you WISH you go to school with. Can you relate? Well, considering what I don't have an account on Facebook, Instagram OR Tumblr, no, not really. ^^;

12 Asking again: What fanfiction of mine do you like most? Um, Laine's bio?

13 Asking again: If I ask you to cooperate with me to work on a comic or an animation, would you say "yes"? (Don't worry, you won't have to do all the story planning and all that difficult stuff.) Well, considering that I am a writer, no.

Questions for You

What is your favourite character from one of your LEAST favourite franchises?

2 What is your least favourite character from one of your favourite franchises?

3 What is your favourite sweet?

4 What is your favourite genre of music?

5 If you were in a RPG, what type of class would you be?


7 What is your favourite puzzle game?

8 Is there an OC that is similar to personality like you?

9 How are you enjoying the summer?

10 Can you fight?

11 What is your dream vacation?

12 What game is currently getting your fancy?

13 What is your favourite RPG element?

I TAG...

No one... :giggle: At least not anyone who don't want to do this.

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ContraNeo Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015
Got some more ;)
Yuri & Karin (2)
Ed: Yuri! You can turn into monsters, can I please see them!?
Yuri: Heh, i'm not one for showing off, but with that excitment it would be criminal to dissapoint!
Karin: Yuri does a very good job at making people happy, which is one of the reasons why i'm glad to be in his side.

Madoka & Homura
Ed: Wow...after hearing that, I hope that my Baby Sister is not a Magical Girl.
Homura: Don't worry about that, I don't believe that your universe has any incubators. *Sigh*
Madoka: Don't be depressed Homura, even with the chaos in our world you're not alone anymore. With me, and our friends by your side, we would finally end the suffering.

Haruhi & Kyon
Kyon: Say Haruhi, have you notice that Ed looks...yellow?
Haruhi: So what? He probably stayed in the sun for too long.
Ed: Really? I thought it was becuase I ate too much buttered toast.

Haruhi & Kyon (2)
Kyon: Say Haruhi, do you think that Ed's strength is rather...inhuman?
Haruhi: Don't be stupid, Kyon! He probably just works out everyday.
Ed: I didn't know that hugging chickens and eating buttered toast is exercise.

Eddy & Double D
Eddy: Ha! Ha! The gang's back baby! Now let's get to work, Boys!
Ed: I'm so happy to be with my pals again! We're like the sandwich with the extra lettuce and mayonnaise, and the bugs that are smashed by the windshield car!
Double D: Yeah...let's hope that we won't mess up like we did with our scams.

Akihiko & Mitsuru
Deadpool: Boy Mitsuru, I sure hope you won't use MARIN KARIN over and over again.
Mitsuru: WHAT! Are you suggesting that i'm that desperate to do such a perverted thing!? After this, I'm going to exterminate you!!
Akihiko: If his intentions where to scare our enemies, then he is one coniving mastermind.

Haruhi & Kyon
Deadpool: I don't like you anymore, that whole Endless Eight senario was not cool.
Haruhi: Endless Eight? We never even start developing that movie yet.
Kyon: (Does that mean he is some kind of time traveler? God knows the chaos if a loony like him can fly through time!)

Akihiko & Mitsuru
Ferra: You and You have mount, but all no ride mount and mount gone. We no get it!
Mitsuru: It's not a mount, but rather a persona. Made-up from accepted emotions who fight along and protect their users who successfully tamed them.
Akihiko: Similar to you and Torr. We can even say that you already have your own persona! (But, really not.)

Eddy & Double D
Ferra: Ed like Torr, Ed can be mount.
Double D: While I can see why, i'm not sure if doing that is a good idea.
Eddy: I would probably start my own will if Sarah or May becomes the rider.

Yuri & Karin
Ferra: Yuri turns to Giant Rock Monster, Karin rides monster, and attacks like we!
Karin: You mean I can give orders to Yuri at any time? That's actually a good idea, Ferra. *chuckles*
Yuri: Like you have any way to force me to become your packing mule!

Kortal Kahn & Erron Black
Kortal Kahn: I am Kortal Kahn, Emperor of Outworld! Stop your actions and give up, resistance will result with death!
Ferra: Beating not be pretty! We smash all bones and rip eyeballs!
Erron Black: Nope, still glaring. Oh well, this is always my favorite part.

Next time i'm going to do journals :p
Tinyhammer Featured By Owner 6 days ago
I agree with Ed. Sarah with magical girl power... Or any type of power is simply terrifying! :fear:

And as always, Deadpool never fails to please! :D
ContraNeo Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago
(Sorry if late, no internet :p)

While that is true, that's not what Ed was thinking about. Do you want me to spoil Puella Magi Madoka Magika or not. If yes, then i'm going to edit this comment.

Also, thank you for enjoying the Deadpool quotes :)

Edit: The price of being a Magical Girl is that you will eventually become a witch, a monster that Magical Girls have to destroy. This causes an endless cycle, without magical girls means witches can harm anyone whenever they want, and without witches means no magical girls. Incubators make sure to keep the cycle by giving wishes and contracts to girls without explaining the consequences. It also doesn't help that before they become a witch, they sometimes face events that would harm them/ruin their life (Sayaka & Kyoko for example). Ed, having big brother instincts, wants to protect Sarah with no question, but he can't do anything about it since Incubators can only be seen by young girls, can be any place whenever they want, and will instantly come back if they die. Although Ed likes monsters, the idea that she will eventually die means that he failed to protect her little sister. 
Tinyhammer Featured By Owner 5 days ago
:shrug: Sure, why not? You have my permission to spoil it for me. :XD:
(1 Reply)
ContraNeo Featured By Owner Edited Jun 21, 2015
Because of inspiration, I decided to do Project X Zone quotes with Ed from Ed, Edd n Eddy as a solo-unit and used characters that popped in my head as Paired-Units. Feedback/Criticism is welcomed.

Akihiko & Mitsuru
Akihiko: Say Ed, I like to know about how you become so strong?
Ed: Huh? Well, my mom says drinking milk gives me stronger bones...
Mitsuru: Yeah...I think we're off believing that he is just born with it.

Kortal Kahn & Erron Black
Kortal Kahn: Edward, you shouldn't waste your strength with such trivial things. Instead, you
should use it for what you believe is correct.
Ed: You mean I can get all the Chickens and Buttered Toast whenever I want!?
Erron Black: *sigh* Emperor, I don't think you should waste your time convincing a termite-
brained, monkey to be a ruler.

Yuri & Karin
Ed: Karin! Karin! I want to see the Fire Chicken again!!
Karin: Uhh...Ed, it's actually a phoenix, not a chicken.
Yuri: But, I'm defiantly going to call it a Fire Chicken from now on. *chuckles*

Lana & Cia
Ed: Everyone says that I have power, what will it do to me?
Cia: Possibly making you the next wielder of the Triforce of Power, and the new Ganondorf.
Though if that were true, you would be taken down in a matter of seconds!
Lana: Are you sure? Cuccos can be suprisingly agressive.

Lt. Surge & Erika
Ed: Hey guys, if I were a Pokamun, who would I be?
Surge: Looking at what you did, I would say either a Hariyama or a Tauros!
Erika: And not a Muk or a Skuntank, can you not even sniff his unbearable stench!?
Tinyhammer Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015
Hey, these are very good. It is very funny to see Ed interact with people of average intelligence and sanity, let alone the serious ones. Seriously, Kotal Kahn of all people trying to lecture him was so weird, that it is funny. Are you going to do some good? I already like them.
ContraNeo Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015
Thanks, I might try to do more if I have to time, If I have some good ideas, and/or if I feel like doing them. Glad you like them! :D
novastartherapter Featured By Owner May 15, 2015
hello there!! um...sry this is random but...can we rp??((sry its random, im terrible at introducing myself to others))
Tinyhammer Featured By Owner May 15, 2015
Um, hey there. Sure, I can RP with you for a bit. I have a question though. Is there any particular OCs of mine you want me to RP with?
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