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Okay, here is the deal. I am going to do a mega-crossover fanfiction which I had been dying to do for a while but I kinda hit a small snag. You see, one of the recurring characters is a Spoink from Pokémon. However, there is one major issue I have with writing for one. And I think some of you may already guess what it is but here it is:

"Spoink bounces around on its tail. The shock of its bouncing makes its heart pump. As a result, this Pokémon cannot afford to stop bouncing-if it stops, its heart will stop."

...How in the world am I suppose to write for something like that? All the Pokémon needs is someone to go "Aww, it is so cute" and grabs them to hug them and the poor fella's a goner. It would be unrealistic for me to write for someone who is always bouncing to keep himself alive. (Well, as unrealistic as this crossover could get sometimes.)

So if any of you guys have any advice on how to write for a Spoink, it would be greatly appreciated.
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Kenny The Winner

And thus Kenny is this season's next winner. I must admit, I wasn't expecting him to be the winner but now that I thought about it, having him win would had made the season somewhat tolerable. He is the most level-headed person in the cast and when Charlie got voted off, he wanted nothing but to stop the endless drama of this season. Seems like an appropriate winner for me.

Also, Kenny is still somewhat unique as a winner. When you compare him to the rest of the winners, he didn't do that much gameplay moves. Even Kat, the original Type B winner of this series did more moves than him and when he DID to moves, they weren't to improve his gameplay, it was to improve the season. Yeah, definitely a major contrast to the darkest season yet.

Kenny's design is based off the Psychic class from the original Red and Blue games.

Francesca The Runner-Up

Oh, Francesca, I kept struggling to see if I should let you win. You may had been our first negative winner. Still, this season was far too negative but even though she was far from the worse of them, I don't think having you win was a good idea. I genuinely don't think Angelo would had voted for her to win even if he put the past behind him. Still, I loved writing for your story and how you interact with other people.

Fun fact. I think I already said this but it was going to be CHARLIE who makes it all of the way to the end and wins while Francesca was the one who was a victim of Spencer's revenge. I chose to keep Francesca because she has more characterization than Charlie.

Spencer The Goat

Spencer, Spencer, Spencer. The base-breaker of the season. An arrogant little kid who blows up at Alpha Males for the simplest of comments only to get betrayed by his closest ally and get framed for something he didn't do. I know a lot of you don't like him but honestly, that is the point. Well, at least one half. He is an intentional base-breaker. If he likes you, he will do whatever he can to protect you. But if he dislikes you… Well, hoo boy…

Needless to say, when Mami was supposed to be the winner, Spencer was even MORE negative. But in the end, I have them being villains of each other's stories.

I Was Thinking And…

Maybe I was being far too hasty when I said that I wanted to shut down Survivor Xover Version anyway. Maybe I was just letting my depression get the better of me and I was whining for no reason.

So yeah, I am probably not going to shut down Xover Version. But I AM going to take a long, long, LONG break from it. And who knows? When I do get back to writing it, I may get my spark back.

Anyway, thank you for your support. I really appreciate it. You guys rock.

What To Expect Next Season (AKA All-Stars)

20 Castaways With 4 People From Each Season

2 Tribes

New Friendships, Rivalries And Strategies Along With Old Ones

A Twist That May Not Affect The Gameplay But Will Still Change On How The Survivors Play The Game

Return Of Donkey Kong Island
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(Liming Tribe)

The remaining three finalists had made their back to camp, still stunned by what had happened back there.

“Well, that was… Interesting.” Kenny noted.

“So is coming face-to-face with a lion.” Spencer muttered.

“Tonight was the most important vote-off of the season. Needless to say though, Mami kinda made it more… theatrical.” Francesca said, holding her head. “During our tiebreaker, her fire went off her station and went on the ground and if we didn’t stopped it in time, well, let’s just say that nobody would win any season of Xover Version or any other season ever again!”

“What is wrong with that girl?” Spencer asked. “It is one thing to ruin people’s games but she could had us singing “Survivors Roasting On An Open Fire”.”

“Unfortunately, if Mami’s tendency to make mountains out of molehills wasn’t already cemented, this does.” Kenny frowned, shaking his head. “She put more coconut husk than normal in case that she would lose when SHE had actually ignited a spark far over Francesca.”

“...Don’t remind me.” The wrestler muttered.

“In the end, either of pulling a win, she just made her lost more humiliating.” Kenny sighed.

“Yeah, that is pretty much Mami in a nutshell.” Spencer said.

“Yeah, listen, Kenny. Thanks for saving my hide back there.” Francesca said, sighing in relief.

“It is quite alright.” The psychic reassured. “After all, like I said. This had gone far and beyond a normal Survivor season anymore.”

“I didn’t wanted to take both Mami to the Final 3. If I let her go in her deluded state, she would get absolutely DESTROYED by the jury and thus the drama will start all over again.” Kenny frowned. “I HAD to backstab her. I mean it was clear to anyone that she wasn’t going to win so why should I let her get grilled?”

“Right.” Francesca nodded. “Do you think we could finish like a normal season?”

“We should.” Kenny shrugged. “That is for the jury to decide.”

“Ugh, good point…” Francesca sighed. “Listen, I am going off to bed. That fire had took a few years off of my life so I need to get as much energy as I can back.”

“Okay, good night.” Kenny said.

Francesca nodded before walking off. However, Spencer didn’t looked that much happy.

“Look, Kenny, I know that it is too little, too late to complain but I think you had just made a big mistake saving Francesca.” Spencer said.

Kenny merely shrugged. “Gameplay-wise? Yes, I probably DID made a mistake. However, like I said, this isn’t a normal season anymore. I don’t want this season to be the Jersey Shore of Survivor.”

“I know but…” Spencer said.

“Look, I know that I had made my chances winning much harder but surely we can’t say that for sure.” Kenny said. “I mean Francesca is only a better because she is lack of a better term “the lesser of two evils”.”

“True…” Spencer frowned.

“There was one thing that I had going for me. Beating Mami and proving that I am better than her. Now with her gone, I can’t even do that.” Spencer grumbled before looking to the side. “Well, it can’t be helped. Maybe I could point out Kenny and Francesca’s flaws to the jury.”

“Anyway, we should get to bed too.” Kenny said.

“Yeah, there is one more gruelling night tomorrow.” Spencer agreed.

“I know that coming into this, I am the one who has his back against the wall the most. But like hell I am giving. I had gone through too much only to give up now!” Spencer exclaimed. “Besides, while I pissed off a few people, it is not like antagonized everyone individually!”

“I was so busy on observing everyone’s emotional patterns that I didn’t bothered to come in before it was far too late. But now I feel more than comfortable with the final 3.” Kenny noted. “I know that I haven’t done any game-breaking moves but I still want to try to win. It would be unfair to the jury if I didn’t tried.”

“Okay, to say that this had been a rollercoaster where the downs are bigger than the ups are putting it mildly. I pissed off a lot of people and had to scramble to save my hide.” Francesca said. She then clenched her fist. “I know that there are some people who say otherwise but I KNOW I at least deserve a shot at the million and I am going to figure out on how to make everyone see that!”

(Day 39)

Kenny sat on top of the waterfall with his arms and legs crossed while deep in thought.

“Now let’s see here.” Kenny said. “I KNOW that I got Bianna’s vote and possibly Malletman’s.”

He then sighed.

“But here is the thing.” He frowned. “Now that I think about it, I never really interacted with the others that much. And Mami is clearly not going to let what I had done to her go anytime soon…”

He then paused.

“Well, if I can’t convince them on gameplay and personal bonds, I should just point out my social game for the most part.” Kenny said. “It may not be much but it should be enough at least counter Francesca and Spencer’s speeches.”

“I must admit, this is more unnerving than I thought. I only got two possibly locked jury votes and I also got two people that would NEVER vote for me.” Kenny frowned. “Everyone else, I could see they voting for the others. My best bet is to pull a Sally and hope that convincing one person to vote for me would be more than enough for me.”

Meanwhile, Spencer was sitting in the shelter with a stick, using it to write names in the dirt. Said names were of the jurors.

“Well, safe to say I should scratch off Malletman, Mami and Charlie.” He said. He then scoffed. “Pfft. Screw them.”

After scratching out said jurors’ names, he had then scratched out Bianna’s.

“Bianna is Kenny’s closest ally so expecting her to vote for me would be asking too much.” Spencer said before looking at the remaining three. “Which leaves Angelo, Anke and Verona.”

He then nodded his head.

“I SHOULD be able to get their votes. I mean Anke is my friend and I never really done anything to Angelo OR Verona.” He noted. “Yes… This is going to be difficult but far from impossible.”

“My main strategy is to focus on the jurors that I DIDN’T provoked. Like I said earlier, I didn’t antagonized EVERYONE individually so I believe I should be able to swing some votes in my favour.” Spencer explained. “What makes me a “goat” is that most, I repeat, most, not all people don’t like me.”

Finally, Francesca was leaning against a tree with her arms crossed.

“Okay, I KNOW I should be able to get Charlie’s vote. And Mami, albeit more to process of elimination for her.” She noted. “I just need to get at least two more votes.”

She then grumbled underneath her breath.

“Easily said than done…” She sighed. “Angelo, Verona and maybe Anke may vote out of bitterness and Bianna and Malletman may vote for Kenny. Great.”

She then shook her head.

“Great… My potential swing votes are the ones who are the most affected by my moves…” Francesca muttered. “I need to have a way to convince them to forgive me and let bygones be bygones. Come on, you could do this. This isn’t going to be THAT much harder than what I had to do to get this far…”

“And of course, to win this game, I may have my back against the wall in terms of swaying swing votes. Angelo, Anke and Verona are my best chances are winning and if they even talk to me ever again, I’ll be lucky.” Francesca frowned. “Well… I suppose this is karma.”

Soon, the three finalists had all met up with each other.

“Well, are you boys ready?” Francesca asked.

“Ready to get grilled. Sure, why not?” Spencer laughed.

“Same here.” Kenny said.

“Great! Let’s get ready to go to the hell that is Tribal Council one last time!” Francesca grinned.

Kenny nodded before looking towards the camp. “I must say, while this place may hold a lot of bad memories, I will still miss it.”

“Not me. I wouldn’t miss this place even if I had the best days of my life here!” Spencer said. “Seriously, give me a laptop any day of the week.”

Francesca blinked twice. “...Why did you come all of the way to a JUNGLE ISLAND if you hated the outdoors that much?”

“Don’t be like that! I knew that I was getting into!” Spencer scolded. “Do you really thought I would come all of the way out here without a good reason?”

He then turned to the campsite.

“Besides, I don’t see how ANYONE would want to remember this sight.” Spencer said.

Francesca and Kenny turned to see all of the knocked over trees in the area.

“Oh yeah…” Kenny winced.

Francesca paused. “...Do you think Greenpeace is going to sue Malletman?”

Spencer’s eyes lit up. “Do you honestly mean that?”

“Spencer…” Kenny groaned as Francesca rolled her eyes.

“My main goal is to try to tell everyone that while some of my moves hurt people, they are all based on logic and not personal.” Francesca explained. “I came into this game to win and while a couple of my stuff had done me more harm than good, I still stand by what I did. And I am going to show that.”

“I may not be the most popular or strategic player. But I still have an advantage over Francesca and Spencer. I didn’t angered that many people.” Kenny said, crossing his arms. “I had tried to be as civil to everyone, with the exception of a couple of people. If they don’t want to vote based on gameplay, then they have to vote on who was the most friendly.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. “Spencer is SO deluded. He actually thinks he has a shot.” I heard it all before.” Spencer muttered before crossing his arms. “Look, it is clear that I am not going to be the fan-favourite coming into this but after all of the crap, I had been through, I am sure as hell not going to try to snag the million dollars just because most of the jury doesn’t like me!”

(Tribal Council)

The three finalists had made their way to Tribal Council with determined looks on their faces. Tiny was waiting for them with his hands behind his back.

“Welcome, Survivors.” Tiny said. “Take a seat.”

The three obliged.

“We now bring in the jury.” Tiny said as the jury walked in. “Angelo, Malletman, Charlie, Verona, Bianna, Anke and Mami voted off at the last Tribal Council.”

The jury then sat down. Mami was now wearing a black jacket with a light grey shirt and dark pants and matching boots. She had lost her pom-pom-like pigtails, letting her hair down.

“Your power over voting had been shifted to the jury.” Tiny explained. “However, before they start asking you questions, you have a chance to convince them that you deserve the million in a final statement. We are going in Alphabetical order so Francesca, you are first.”

The wrestler nodded her head. “Thank you. I had came into this game for one main goal. To do whatever it takes to win the game. Because of this, I had do whatever move I could if it could help my game, even if it means hurting people. I know quite a few of you are mad at me for said moves but I had never intended to intentionally hurt anyone. I was just trying to win and I genuinely feel that if I didn’t made some of the moves I made, I wouldn’t be sitting here.”

“Kenny? Your turn.” Tiny said.

The psychic nodded. “First off, I am not going to talk about my gameplay because I realize how non-existent it is. However, I would like to point out that I didn’t need to strategize. For the most part, I was in a good position for the majority of the game because of everyone letting their emotions run wild. And I didn’t got there by manipulating anyone or having good choice with allies, I got there because for the most part, I kept my emotions in check and be civil to everyone.”

“Spencer? Finish us off.” Tiny said.

The nerd nodded. “Okay, here is the thing. I already know that some of you don’t like me and I’ll be lying if I said the feeling wasn’t mutual. I just have a hatred for Alpha males after being so much bullied back at my school and I kinda took out that hatred on some of you guys. But honestly, I feel that some of you are no better than me as you took your dislike of me from too far. I had never nearly killed anyone. I had never framed someone for something they didn’t do. I had never cheated. And most of all, I am not some griefer who manipulates people’s emotions and use them together. For the most part, I was just trying to play the game just like you all and I wasn’t the only one who played emotional so it would be unfair to not vote for me of bitterness. Vote for me for my gameplay.”

“Thank you for finalists.” Tiny said. “All right. It is time for the jury to be asking questions to see whether you deserve the million or not. Anke, you are up first!”

The brown-furred monkey’s face lit up before getting up and skipped over to the three finalists.

“Hey, guys! How is it going?” Anke smiled. “Now I had gotten more than enough out of all but I still have to ask a question. If there was something you could do differently, what would you do? Francesca?”

The brunette then sighed. “Well, it is not to take underestimate people. Just because their emotion would get in the way of what may be a brilliant move, that doesn’t mean people should automatically assume that they would do so.”

“Very good.” Anke nodded. “Spencer, what about you?”

“Well, it is to be more honest with myself.” The red-haired teenager said. “If I just been honest about what I truly felt about Robert, perhaps all of this would had been avoided.

Anke paused while shifting her eyes from left to right. “I… Won’t deny that IS technically true. Kenny?”

“Well, I just wished I could do more to help everyone. I felt I could do more for Celvis’ kleptomania and maybe even stop all of this drama.” The Pokemon trainer said. “I am usually more perspective than most people so I should had used said skills better.”

“I see. Well, for the most part, what done is done!” Anke smiled. “Thanks, guys! I got what I needed from all of you!”

“Charlie, it is your turn.” Tiny said.

The punk nodded before getting up and passing Anke before making his way to the finalists. However, he did NOT looked pleased.

“Spencer, I think you had seen this coming but I got a bone to pick with you.” Charlie said, crossing his arms.

The bespectacled teenager returned the gesture.

“We had a chance to be a powerful force to turn the game on its axis had you just gone with Francesca’s plan. But you had ruined it for literally no reason but to satisfying your own ego.” Charlie scolded. “You didn’t even do that to improve your game! You just wanted revenge!”

Spencer merely shrugged his shoulders. “I guess so…”

Charlie’s eyes bugged out when he heard this. “I guess so? That is all I got to say!”

Spencer narrowed his eyes. “Look, bub. It is clear that you are going to be bitter to vote for me and even if I had a chance to mend bridges between us, I know for a fact that you wouldn’t vote for me regardless because your partner-in-crime, Francesca. Like I said, I know that I am not the fan-favourite and I need to work like hell to prove when I deserve but why in the hell would I go out of my way to plead my case to someone who obviously isn’t voting for me. Especially when whether you like it or not, I had a reason for my “petty revenge”! And frankly, I don’t see how you was expecting anything else!”

Charlie wasn’t the only one thunderstruck by Spencer’s response. Tiny, Francesca, Kenny and the jury sat slack-jawed.

Then, Charlie gritted his teeth before stomping off. “Arrogant punk!”

“Takes one to know one!” Spencer yelled.

“Um, okay… It’s your go, Bianna.” Tiny said.

The female robot shook her head to try to shake off Spencer’s bold statement before getting up and making her way towards the finalists.

“Spencer, you said that we shouldn’t vote bitterly but really, that is all you said.” Bianna pointed out. “Tell me EXACTLY why we should vote if the jury ISN’T bitter.”

The nerd nodded. “Well, I had a lot of moves unlike Kenny and while I DID pissed quite a few people, it was still nothing compared to how many Francesca angered. Sure, a couple of them were based on emotion but I would point out that all of the original Byakko members had all made merge. Sugar didn’t made because of Malletman. AND while Charlie was right about me backstabbing him was purely for revenge, I STILL saved everyone else’s hide. You can’t deny that.”

Bianna paused. “I suppose there IS some logic to your words. Francesca, do you consider yourself a strong independent woman, right?”

The brunette smirked. “But of course!”

“Okay, then allow me to rephrase that. Do you consider yourself a strong, independent woman after Charlie gotten voted off?” Bianna challenged.

Francesca’s smirk vanished. “Yes, I do! I had to fight for my way up here by myself while literally dragging Mami with me!”

“Pardon me but from what I could, after Charlie left, all of the good things that had happened to you was based on luck.”  Bianna said. “The one thing, or at least as I far as I could see from the jury was that you planted the seed in Spencer’s head to meet Mami in the final Tribal Council. But even then, that is what you put up for elimination not once but TWICE.”

Francesca winced hard.

“Also, you should had been training for the tiebreaker after Kenny had came to save you while Mami was completely taken off-guard.” Bianna said. “And yet SHE still managed to make a fire first. In short, while you won the tiebreaker, you were still beaten.”

“Now hold on! The tiebreaker I don’t have an excuse for but it is more Mami’s fault than mine that my idea had backfired on me!” Francesca insisted.

“Even still, after what you thought you had to do to Angelo, Verona and Anke, you would think that you would keep a closer eye on your allies.” Bianna said before turning around. “I am done!”

“Hoo boy… That means it is Verona time.” Tiny said.

The brunette survivor narrowed her eyes before getting up and storming over to the three while looking furious.

“I can’t believe this! I can’t freaking believe this!” Verona asked in disbelief. “I knew I was right to try to escape my role as a juror by running away!”

Kenny rolled his eyes. “Didn’t you get sick because of that?”

“Shut up!” Verona roared. “I am not in the mood for this bullcrap! Especially from you after it was YOUR stupid therapy session that got me eliminated!”

“Now stay where you are! You brought that on yourself.” Kenny scolded. “All you had to do was humour me at least and we would had voted off Francesca or Mami. But you had to be stubborn and not to do it!”

“So?” Verona asked. “I didn’t need it!”

“Yes, you did! And your defiance is going to prove that you need it to most.” Kenny retorted. “You tried to go AWOL from your role as a juror. Even previous bitter jurors stayed all of the way to the end!”

“Whatever! Francesca, give me one good reason why I should vote for you after you had backstabbed me!” Verona snapped.

The brunette merely shrugged. “I am just going to repeat what I said earlier, Verona. I did it because I wanted to improve my game.”

“Improve your game? How? I am a good ally!” Verona snapped.

“Yeah, maybe in the zombie apocalypse.” Francesca muttered.

“And what is THAT supposed to mean?” Verona demanded.

Francesca narrowed her eyes. “Sure, I get it. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows. But sometimes people needs emotional support and you fail especially in that. Did Anke really need to know that I was emotionally blackmailing Angelo? Like really?”

“She was going to find out anyway!” Verona retorted.

Francesca shook her head. “Look, Verona, I am not the only person who thought so. You are a horrible ally and you shouldn’t really lasted that long.”

Verona growled before looking at Spencer. “Spencer, why should I vote for you?”

“Because I didn’t do anything to you.” The nerd said, flatly.

Verona blinked twice. “That’s it?”

Spencer shrugged. “That’s it.”

“Well, that is a stupid reason to vote for somebody.” Verona muttered.

“Well, do you want me to say?” Spencer asked. “You have stated strong feelings of dislike for Kenny and Francesca. I on the other hand haven’t done anything to you.”

“What? You think that I am THAT petty?” Verona asked, gritting her teeth.

Spencer again shrugged. “I don’t know. Are you?”

“Fine, thank you!” Verona growled before stomping back. “I wish Mami actually killed you with that fire! It would be the one thing she actually does right!”

Mami winced as Verona sat down with the jury glaring at her.

“Malletman, clear the air for us.” Tiny said.

“And what is THAT supposed to mean!?” Verona roared.

The giant robot rolled his eyes before getting up with his namesake weapon and made his way to the others.

“Okay, I already got what I need on Kenny and Spencer, for better or for worse.” Malletman said. “So Francesca, you would be getting my question.”

The wrestler nodded her head.

“Francesca, answer me… Scratch that, everyone. What are the people mean to you?” Malletman asked. “Do you really legitably liked them but still saw no other choice to backstab them or did you just saw them as a means to an end?”

“I really liked them! Honest!” Francesca insisted. “I liked Angelo’s positive attitude! I liked Anke’s cheeriness! I liked most of the cast really! It is just that, this is a game for a million dollars. I can’t afford to let my emotions get the better of me. You can’t make it to the end without backstabbing at least ONE person.”

“And you would actually hang out with you after the game?” Malletman asked.

“Yes. Of course, if they let me.” Francesca said.

“Okay, I am all done here.” Malletman said, walking off.

“Mami, spotlight’s on you!” Tiny said.

The rock star slowly nodding her head before getting up and making her way to the three finalists.

“Kenny, for obvious reasons, my question is for you and only you.” Mami said.

The dark-haired youth solemnly nodded his head.

“Kenny, you said that you tried to do anything to hurt anyone…” Mami said before narrowing her eyes. “So before I ask my question, I want to do a quick recap. Kenny, you were the only person I had told about what I truly feel. How inferior I left when Sugar had gotten voted off and when I found out that Spencer was lying to my face about Robert. I told you how I felt why my moves were justified and how you were the literally the only person that I could trust.”

By this time, her eyes had started to go misty as she gritted her teeth.

“And yet you not only backstabbed me at the eleventh hour but you had to GALL to say that you tried your best not to upset anyone!” Mami snapped. “Forget the stupid million dollars… Tell me why I should trust you ever again after this game.”

Kenny paused before sighing. “Mami, I know that I hurt your feelings. But this isn’t about you anymore. If I let you go into the final Tribal Council, I could assure you that you will be ripped to shreds. I was trying to do the reality show equivalent of a Mercy Kill.”

“Oh? Well, I am going to be ripped to shreds back at home for nearly killing everyone!” Mami snapped.

“And I am sorry for that, Mami…” Kenny frowned. “But that was not my fault. I just thought you would lose the tiebreaker in a normal way. I would never had predicted that you would cause that fire.”

Mami stayed silent with tears running down her face.

“Well, whatever, I don’t care if you truly believe that is the case.” She said. “If you were truly a good person, you would not paint yourself as some pure soul who would never hurt a fly. I am done. With the game. With my asking session. And with you.”

With that, she stormed off while wiping away her tears. While a couple of people glared at her, everyone looked at her in sympathy.

“Um, alright. Angelo, would you like to wrap it up?” Tiny asked.

The cowboy nodded his head before getting up (and patting Mami on the shoulder as he passed her) before making his way over to the finalists. There, he put his attention on one particular one.

“Francesca…” Angelo said, softly.

Francesca took in a deep breath. “Angelo…”

“...I think this goes without sayin’ but first I have a little speech.” Angelo said. “There had already been a lot of drama goin’ around this season. Because of this, I was to be positive. I do not want to go into this bitter. Especially since we already got our share of bitter jurors.”

He then sighed before looking up at a pleading look.

“That is why I am beggin’ ya here. Tell me why I shouldn’t be bitter like all of the others. Please, tell me why I should look past what ya had done to me and Anke only for ya to do the same to me!” Angelo said.

“Angelo…” Francesca said, softly. She then sighed. “Listen, I understand. It is hard to forgive someone who had not only backstabbed you and in the end, the reason that you had been backstabbed turned out to be a bad one. And to add insult to injury, doing so meant you had made a mistake that your sister made for nothing…”

“Even now, I STILL don’t see how anyone could compare to BERTHA…” Verona muttered. “I don’t think there is a single Challenge that I had done poorly at.”

“...Verona, do the world a favour and go die in a fire.” Mami piped up.

“But I genuinely felt that Verona was a good ally because she had experience in the outdoors. But as it turns out, having outdoor experience does not equal being a good player.” Francesca said. “It was a near-sighted mistake on my part.

“Okay, at least ya are honest.” Angelo said. “But Charlie told me that ya didn’t had a lot of nice stuff to say about me.”

Francesca winced. “I am sorry, Angelo… But there is no easy way to say this. You are a great person but a poor ally. You kept going off to doing stuff without my permission. Trying to save our weakest link when we were on a tribe of five, aligning with Anke without my consent. How could I be with an ally who I can’t trust not to go off and do things on your own? And this doesn’t even extend to the game. How could I trust you with anything outside of this thing?”

The dark-skinned man winced at Francesca’s words.

“Again, I am sorry if that stung but if I just tried to sugarcoat it, I would just be lying…” Francesca said.

Angelo paused before taking off his hat. “Alright… I think I had gotten more than enough. I appreciate ya for comin’ straight out with me.”

With that, he had made his way over to the jury bench.

“Alright. That is everyone. You three had done everything that you could to prove if you deserve a million.” Tiny said. “And now it is all up to the jury to see who wins the million dollar prize. Angelo, you are up.”

The dark-skinned man nodded before getting up and making his way over to the voting table in deep thought. “Well, I got what I came for. This may not be my best moment but I believe this is the best choice.”

Malletman whistled a jovial tune as he walked over to the table with his mallet over his shoulder. “A part of me want to say that this is hard but it really isn’t.”

Charlie put his hands in his pocket before swaggering over and grabbing the pen with a grin. “Hoo-yeah, girl! You cleaned house tonight!” He said, holding up “Francesca”.

Verona muttered underneath her breath as she stomped over with a grumpy look on her face. “If I wasn’t still recovering from my cold, I would had made a break for it.”

Bianna calmly walked over to the voting table and grabbed the pen before writing down a name. “You have done well. Good luck.” She said, holding up “Kenny”.

Anke jogged over to the voting table while spreading her arms out like an airplane. She then bounded up the stool. “I would actually be okay with whatever happens but I know who is getting MY vote.”

Mami let out a deep sigh before making her way over to the table. She then grabbed the pen. “What can I say? You had actually made it up to me for what happened.”

With that, she walked back to the jury. Tiny then got up and made his way over to get the votes. Everyone else waited patiently for the host to return.

“Well, I am sure that you would all love for me to read out the votes right here and now. Unfortunately, you should all know by now that isn’t going to happen.” Tiny said before putting the urn underneath his arm. “You just have to wait until we return to civilization. Until then, see you at the reunion.”

With that, he had walked over to a part of Tribal Council. He had then got onto a skateboard and picked up a rope with his free hand.

“Okay, go for it!” Tiny yelled.

Suddenly, an engine could be heard. Then, the rope shot straight up as if it was being pulled by something. Tiny then rode the skateboard out of Tribal Council. Everyone blinked twice.

“THAT’S his grand exit for this season?” Francesca asked in disbelief.

“And said skateboard wasn’t even going that fast.” Kenny said, shaking his head. “His exits are just as anti-climatic.”

“I don’t believe this…” Spencer muttered. “He tries too hard to be “extreme” and yet he still fails to be flashy!”


Everyone applauded as they watched what was happening on a television at a tropical resort. Tiny turned off the TV as the finalists, the jury and a large audience were cheering for them.

Francesca was wearing a blue denim jacket with a black-and-white striped shirt with black jeans and black boots.

Kenny was wearing a blue cap that covered his eyes with a matching jacket over a lime-green shirt and dark blue shoes and brown shoes

Spencer was wearing a red sweater with the capital “S” on it in yellow with blue pants and black shoes.

In the crowd were some people from Francesca’s wrestling circuit along with Kenny’s Pokemon and fellow psychic trainers. Even a few students from Bullsworth Academy had came.

"All right! Here we are at the reunion and finale for Survivor Xover 4!" Tiny smiled. "Here we have our finalists, Janet, Sally and Catherine along with our jury of 7!"

Everyone clapped for the three.

“Spencer, were anyone surprised that you had made it this far?” Tiny asked.

“Of course, most of the school were betting that I would piss everyone off and became an early boot.” The nerd said before smirking. “Hoo man, everyone’s faces were priceless!”

“I could imagine.” Tiny said. “Francesca, how did your friends reacted to your strategy?”

“Well, some of them were disappointed in me in some of stuff I did but some were actually supportive saying that they would had done the same thing.” The wrestler shrugged.

“Well, that’s nice to hear. Kenny, how about you? What did your friends think of your gameplay?” Tiny asked.

“Oh, they thought that it was alright. They thought I had remained reasonable throughout the whole thing.” The psychic said.

“Glad to hear that.” Tiny smiled. “Now how do you guys think the vote is going to go?”

“Hmm… I think 4-2-1.” Kenny mused.

“Really? I was thinking 4-3.” Francesca piped up.

“I was thinking more the lines of a 3-2-2 vote.” Spencer added,

“Different opinions on how the vote is going to go. Let’s see what will actually happen.” Tiny chuckled. “Now before I reveal the votes, if you have a chance, would you do it again?”

“Yes.” Francesca smiled.

“Definitely.” Kenny nodded.

“I never turn down a mental challenge.” Spencer smirked.

"All right! I will read out the votes. One last time." Tiny said. "Now remember, you WANT to see your name come up here because it is the best way to win."

“So I have to ask. Who do you think is going to win because I really don’t know.” Kenny said.

“Beats me.” Spencer shrugged.

“Same here.” Francesca said before smiling. “But I guess we'll find out.”

“First vote, Kenny.”

Kenny gave a small smile.

“Second vote, Francesca. One vote, Kenny. One vote, Francesca.”

Francesca immediately grinned.

“Third vote, Kenny. Two votes, Kenny. One vote, Francesca.”

Kenny put his hands on his chest in anticipation.

“Fourth vote, Francesca. Two votes, Kenny. Two votes, Francesca.”

Francesca clenched her fists in determination.

“Fifth vote, Francecsa. Three votes, Francesca. Two votes, Kenny.”

Francesca’s grin had gotten even bigger.

“Sixth vote, Kenny. Three votes, Francesca. Three votes, Kenny. One vote left.”

“Wow…” Spencer said, softly.

"This is it." Tiny read. "Whoever's name is on this vote will be the Sole Survivor and win one million dollars."

Everyone looked anxious at this as Tiny read the last vote.

“It is not for Spencer. He is officially the eighteenth person voted out of Survivor.” Tiny said.

Spencer hanged his head. “I knew that people were going to vote bitterly… But not even one single vote?”

"Seventh and final vote. Winner of Survivor Xover 5…"

The three female finalists sat on the edge of their seats.

The audience were silent with suspense.

The jury inched closer knowing this was it.


The Pokemon trainer’s eyes widened when he heard this. “Wait, really!?”

“Way to go, man!” Francesca grinned, patting on the shoulder.

“Yes. You truly deserved it.” Spencer smiled.

Kenny continued to sat in his seat in pure shock. However, he slowly smiled before talking with Francesca and Spencer. He then made his way over to his friends.

“Kenny! I knew that you have what it takes to pull it off!” Alakazam grinned before wrapping his arms around his trainer.

“You had done well, Kenny.” Sabrina smiled. “You done us proud.”

The jury watched Kenny rejoice with his friends.

“Good job, Kenny!” Bianna said, clapping her hands.

“I just knew the kid could do it!” Malletman smiled, pumping his fist in the air.

“I still wanted Fran to win but I AM happy that one of the only people who HAVEN’T lashed out won it all.” Charlie smiled, crossing his arms.

Verona paused. “So does this mean…”

Anke rolled her eyes. “Yes, Verona, this means you are not obligated to stay here any longer!”

After speaking with his friends for a bit, he rejoined Francesca and Spencer on-stage.
“Well, don’t just stand there jury! Come, congratulate the winner!” Tiny smiled. “In fact, why not everyone?”

With that, the jury then walked over. Then, Yuki, Robert, Celvis, Tyrone, Sugar, Galia, Drow, Kira, Le Cock and Lillian came in.

“Oh hell yeah, Kenny!” Celvis said, pumping his fist in the air.

“Good show, mon ami!” Le Cock smiled, clapping his hands together.

“Eh. He is not Spencer or Francesca so that is a passable winner for me.” Drow shrugged.

Soon, there was a large crowd on-stage. In fact, the only person who DIDN’T joined them was Verona.

“I still don’t believe this. That little runt had ruined my game for a stupid reason and yet he gets to get away with it?” She grumbled.

She then looked down at the ground. Suddenly, she had noticed a coconut laying on the ground. She paused for a moment. She then gave a smug smirk.

“Well, seeing that I am not going to win fan-favourite anyway.” She said.

She then picked up the coconut and prepare to throw it at Kenny.

However, that was until a blue aura had surrounded Verona, stopping her in her tracks. Suddenly, she had started to float in the air.

“H-Hey!” Verona cried out. “What’s going on?”

She then noticed that Sabrina was holding up with her hands with a blue energy engulfing them. She did not look happy.

“I do not support poor sportsmanship.” Sabrina said, sternly. “I believe I should teach you a lesson.”

With that, she had swung her arm, making Verona spin around in place causing her to scream and everyone to laugh.

“Sabrina used Humiliate!” Kenny smirked.

“It’s super effective!” Bianna smiled.

Tiny shook his head before looking at the camera. “This is going to be a running gag at the end of my series, huh? Anyway, Kenny is the fifth winner of Survivor Xover Version. In a season full of emotional highs, brutal backstabbing and downright saddening scenes, the sole person who had managed to keep a clear head through it all became the Sole survivor. A fitting end.”

Tiny then smiled.

“Guys, thank you for all of your support and kind words. It made me realized that I don’t need to cancel the series. I just need a break from it. It may be for a long time when I finally gets to it, I will write the most anticipated All-Stars! Till then, ciao!”


Kenny: Angelo, Anke, Bianna, Malletman.

Francesca: Charlie, Mami, Verona.

Spencer: N/A
Survivor Xover Version 5: Day 39
And thus the darkest season yet had came to hopefully a bright end. Results will be up soon.
Name: Yeanc
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 215cm
Species: Anthro Ram
Occupation: Wrestler/Pit Fighter
Appearance: Light Grey Fur
Black Tank Top (With The Word “CRAG” On The Chest In Yellow Captial Letters)
Dark Blue Board Shorts With Two White Vertical Lines On It

Personality: Yeanc is a boisterous man who is always willing to get into a fight. He usually doesn’t waste much time flexing his muscles and boast about his strength. He is also quite short-tempered, getting upset when someone insults especially when they assumes that he is weak. He also hates flirts of both genders and could be painfully cruel towards them verbally. In fact, he has a tendency to be brutally honest with he says, whether it gets him in trouble or not.

Because of these traits and his stubborn personality, he has a strong hatred for Fenrir and wouldn’t believe that he has changed. Despite his flaws, he is actually a cheery guy and could surprisingly be level-headed when the situation calls for it. He is also gay but hides his homosexually and doesn’t want to get into a relationship with anyone. He is immune to attractive of any types of women because he genuinely doesn’t find them that good-looking.

Fighting Style: Yeanc is a heavyweight wrestler and thus fights like a standard one. He is a heavy-hitting powerhouse who likes to throws his weight around in a fight. As expected from a wrestler, he is well-versed with various wrestling grapples and moves. He doesn’t have a signature move on his own but due to him being a ram, the closest thing he has to one is a headbutt which is of course considering one of his strongest attacks.

However, Yeanc knows enough not to go into a fight with someone who fights with weapons or magic unarmed. He carried a giant metallic shield on his back which is supported by two straps which he wears as if it was a backpack. He uses it to block weapons or projectile and even uses it as a bludgeoning weapon if he needs it. Whether he uses it or not depends on the opponent and situation.

Bio: Yeanc was a relative normal child with an everyday parents, friends and a life. He wasn’t even the boisterous powerhouse that he was now. He was a quiet, average-built boy who harboured a crush on his best friend. Unfortunately, that had all changed one day. When he had gathered up the courage to confess his love to his best friend, not only did said best friend rejected him and cut his ties from him but he had also went to tell everyone about it. This had caused Yeanc to be ostracized by everyone, including his own parents with his father calling him weak for being gay. He had no choice but to run away in despair in his heart.

In an attempt to prove his father wrong about him being weak, he had decided to try what most people would be seen as “manly”. So he had gone into bodybuilding and soon became a wrestler. Things turned out well for a few years but then the circuit had gotten bankrupt. At least Yeanc was upset but then he remembered that there was pit-fighting where he could put his skills against people out of his normal range of fighters to see how far he had gone as a fighter. Of course, some day, he sooner and later ran into Fenrir and those knew the wolf’s original personality could easily tell how well THAT meeting went...
EA-LEC: Yeanc's Reference Sheet
Here is the reference sheet for my wrestling powerhouse and Fenrir's Sitcom Arch-Nemesis, Yeanc!
Al put his hands behind his back as he had made his way over to the Heroes’ Hideout. He had to leave the premises to run a quick errand and now he was going back to work. However, he wasn’t alone.

Al looked back at said walking companion. He was an anthro ram with light grey fur.  He was a fine of specimen of a man in terms of size and muscle, easily towering over Al. The word "CRAG" in yellow letters aligned itself with his chest on the black tanktop he wore. He was carrying a large shield on his back and even though he was clearly holding it with ease, it looked like it weighed a ton in Al's opinion. He curiously looked around the area a few times with a far-off look in his eyes.

Al frowned, knowing what the problem was before speaking to the ram. “Listen, man. I can’t say I know how you feel but I had seen this far too many times before.”

The ram looked forward while letting out a deep sigh.

“Even still, this is kinda hard to accept…” He explained. “Being forced to live a new life… Literally never be able to go home again…”

Al paused while thinking of ways to cheer up the ram. After all, this wasn’t something that most people would get over right away.

“Listen, man. I can’t say that you'll be happy here if you are that pleased with your old homelife.” Al explained, making the ram look up. “But if it makes you feel any better, there are a lot of other people who are forced to live their lives here.”

“I guess…” The ram muttered while looking to the side.

“Look, all I am saying is that you could give this world a chance.” Al reassured. “Who knows? Maybe you run into someone you thought you would never see again.”

The ram’s head jerked up when he heard this. “Now that you mentioned it, I HAVE been hearing a lot of rumors of people disappearing into thin air back at home.”

“Exactly. You may run into said people here.” Al pointed out.

“Yeah, I guess…” The ram said, softly. “I mean, I could find some solace in the people who are stuck here.”

Al slowly nodded with a solemn look on his face.


The ram raised his head with a big grin on his face. “I am now part of an intergalactic fighting league! If I do well here, it'll prove to the people back at home that I am one of the strongest fighter in the universe.”

Al blinked his eyes twice before giving a nervous chuckle. “Y-Yeah, I guess it does.”

The ram then flexed his free arm, showing his muscled bicep. “Man, I can’t wait to get to work on these people! I already got to see a lot of different people from my own world so I am excited to see how the others fight!”

“Well, I am sure that you may find out soon enough.” Al said with another chuckle. However, it was more jovial. “We need people active in the league anyway.”

“Well, glad to hear it because I am always here for a good fight.” The ram grinned.

Al nodded. At least he had managed to make the ram smile. He seems like a good guy based on first impressions. He then looked back at the tavern. His eyes then lit up when he saw a trio that was outside of the building.

The first one was a grey-furred wolf with a scar over his eye with a black and purple attire. This was Fenrir. The second one was another grey-furred anthro, only they were a female poodle. This was Misty. The third one was a human with dark hair and a matching beard with a blue-and-black attire. This was Wild Fox.

“Oh, you are a pit fighter back at home, right?” Al asked.

“Yep!” The ram said, quickly with a proud look on his face.

“Good, because here are a trio that were used to do pit fighting back in their homeworld!” Al grinned before looking at the trio and getting their attention. “Yo, guys! Come over here and say hello to the new guy!”

Yeanc continued grinning before looking at the trio.

However, his grin immediately faltered as his pupils shrank.

Fenrir smiled before walking over. “Oh, hey, how is it…”

Then, he froze in his spot when he had noticed the ram was staring right at him, looking as if he had seen a ghost. Fenrir stared in shock with the same expression on his face. Misty, Wild Fox and Al were quick to notice the two’s reactions.

“Um, guys?” Al asked, concerned while shifting his eyes from between Fenrir and the ram.

Then, the ram broke out of his daze and cast Fenrir a death glare. “YOU.”

Fenrir gave a sheepish grin. “Hey, Yeanc. Long time no see, huh?”

“Not long enough.” The ram spat with pure venom with his tone.

“Wait, you two know each other?” Al asked, surprised.

“Yeah, this prick was in his homeworld…” Yeanc muttered. “Ugh, of all of the familiar faces, it had to be HIM.”

Fenrir winced before looking to the side while scratching the back of his head with the others looking at him in concern. They didn’t need to think twice about what may had possibly happen between the two.

“Listen, man. I wasn’t expecting to see you again.” Fenrir said, nervously. “But as long as we are here, I might as well start out by saying this.”

“Oh? And what would that be?” Yeanc asked, raising a suspicious eyebrow.

Fenrir then bowed his head forward.

“I am sorry.”

Yeanc’s eyes widened when he had heard those words coming from the wolf’s mouth.

“Back at home, I was nothing but rude and disrespectful to you.” Fenrir said while still bowing his. “I had always put you down for no good reason other than being male. I wanted to apologize for all of my bad actions back at home. And I would start with you. I owe you that much at least.”

Yeanc paused for a moment, thinking about what he had been told sink into his head.

He then narrowed his eyes. “Oh? And who are you trying to fool?”

Fenrir raised his head slowly. “Huh?”

“Who are you trying to put the wool over? I don’t know why you are apologizing me and how it would benefit you but you sure as hell not going to fool ME!” Yeanc said, pointing an accusing finger.

Fenrir winced before looking at his feet. “B-But…”

“Hey, man. He is telling the truth. He is genuinely sorry for whatever he had done to you back in his homeworld.” Al said, stepping forward.

Yeanc turned towards the alligator as if he was speaking in another language. “Are you kidding? Did you even know what he did to me?”

“No, but I got a good idea.” Misty piped up, stepping forward. “When he was in your homeworld, Fenrir was a womanising jerk who had insulted any and every man he came across right?”

“Um, right.” Yeanc said.

“Well, he was the same thing when he first got here.” Misty explained. “It was absolutely fascinating on how come he had his legs permanently broken with all of the stuff he had said.”

“But people change and so had Fenrir.” Wild Fox said, stepping forward. “Nowadays, him being abrasive to men or even hitting on a woman would be unheard of.”

“Misty… Wild Fox… Al...” Fenrir said, softly.

Misty then gave a small smile. “I must admit, if two years ago, someone told me that Fenrir and I will not only be dating each other but would also LIKE it, I would had smacked said guy straight up the head. But here we are.”

Yeanc’s eyes widened at this. “What? You are dating him?”

Misty nodded her head with confidence. Yeanc blinked twice for a moment. He then leaned over to Misty with his free hand on his chin as he scanned up and down and Misty’s body. The poodle quickly felt uncomfortable while Fenrir, Wild Fox and Al looked confused.

“Um, what are you going?” Misty asked.

“Lady, I think you have potential to do better.” Yeanc said. “You are not THAT unattractive.”

It was then the jaws of Fenrir, Misty, Wild Fox and Al had dropped to the ground when they had heard the ram’s words. Fenrir, Wild Fox and Al slowly turned their heads towards Misty, wondering on how she would react.

She then gritted her sharp teeth.


Fenrir, Wild Fox and Al winced as Misty unleashed a powerful uppercut to Yeanc’s chin, making the ram let go of his shield and sending him flying towards the air despite the size difference between the two. Yeanc then landed flat on his back hard.

As Misty stood frozen in her attacking position with a furious look on her face, Yeanc groaned as he slowly sat up while rubbing his chin. After shaking his head to get rid of the cobwebs, he glared at the guilty party.

“What the hell was that for!?” Yeanc yelled, angrily.

Al slumped his arms in disbelief. “You’re kidding? You’re kidding, right?”

“You just insulted me and you are actually wondering why I attacked you!?” Misty roared.

“Look, I was just saying that just because you are not that pretty, doesn’t mean that you should go over to wrap your arms around the first sleazeball who gives a generic pick-up line!” Yeanc explained.

“Oi! Shut up before you kill yourself, you idiot!” Al yelled.

By this time, Misty’s eyes lit up in a shade of red upon hearing this. She then crouched down as if she was preparing to pounce onto Yeanc. Fenrir and Wild Fox looked at each other with worried looks on their faces before pouncing themselves onto Misty and tackled to the ground.

“LET ME AT HIM! LET ME AT HIM!” Misty yelled, struggling to break free from Fenrir and Wild Fox’s grasps.

“Misty, please!” Fenrir begged.

“He is not worth it, Misty!” Wild Fox shouted.

“I SAY THAT HE IS NOT WORTH IT!” Misty roared.

Yeanc’s eyebrow twitched. “Excuse me!?”

“I am with Misty, Yeanc!” Al yelled. “You won’t forgive Fenrir for being such a prick in the past but look at how you are acting!”

Yeanc glared up at Al. “So you are against me too? Pfft. Fine! I could see that you guys are easily duped! But that is not going to happen to me! Once a douche, always a douche!”

With that, he got up to his feet and stomped past Fenrir and Wild Fox who were still trying to pin Misty down, stopping her from killing Yeanc.

“And if you are THAT insulted by my comment about your appearance, then it only proves that I was right about you!” Yeanc scolded.

Misty growled as Fenrir, Wild Fox and Al glared at the ram as he made his way over to the entrance.

Suddenly, something snapped.

“Ha! Tough talk coming from a guy who spends every week underneath my foot! Or did me constantly beating your head in gave you amnesia about your losing streak against me!” Fenrir yelled at the top of his lungs.

He had immediately clamped his hands over his mouth with a wide eye. However, the damage had already been done. Yeanc had froze in mid-step before turning around with a stunned look on his face. He wasn’t the only one as Al, Wild Fox and even Misty gaped at Fenrir in awe.

Yeanc continued to stood stunned for a moment. Then, he slowly growled while gritting his teeth together and glaring at Fenrir as if he was trying to set him on fire. Finally, Yeanc scoffed before turning around and storming off into the tavern while leaving the four stunned.

“I… I…” Fenrir started. He had then slowly put his hands on the face before collapsing it into the ground. “I can’t believe I just said that…”

By this time, his and Wild Fox’s holds on Misty were free so she slowly got up and looked down at Fenrir with a stern look on her face.

“He deserved it. It is one thing to be suspicious of your change but to stubbornly still don’t believe that you are a better person when you have THREE people vouching for you proves that he is more a mule than a goat.” Misty pointed out.

“And besides, he kept insulting Misty.” Wild Fox added. “It is common for most people to lose their cool and lash out when their loved ones are being unfairly treated.”

“I-I know that but…” Fenrir said with his hands still in his face.

Misty sighed as she shook her head. “Fenrir, it is like Wild Fox and Al said. He insulted me and was genuinely surprised that I reacted negatively. You shouldn’t have to prove yourself to someone who you had changed when said someone needs to change themselves.”

“Y-Yeah, but after what just happened, I may had ruined any chances of me showing Yeanc that I had changed.” Fenrir said.

“So? That is HIS fault! Not yours!” Misty scolded.

“Besides, all I saw back there was a man sticking up for his girlfriend.” Wild Fox reassured.

“I-I guess…” Fenrir said.

“Now come on. You literally got bigger fish to fry, remember?” Misty said, offering a hand towards Fenrir.

The wolf paused before slowly accepting it. Misty then helped him up to his feet. Al watched this before looking at the tavern entrance where Yeanc disappeared into. He sighed before shaking his head.

“Great… Just what the league needed. MORE conflict…” Al muttered.
EA-LEC: Reformed But Rejected
Here is my entry for :iconea-lec:'s Weekly Prompt. This week's theme: Character tropes. Those who know about me know that I am a huge troper nut. So missing out of this theme is a crime. :D

Also, I had been meaning to introduce this new character for a while now so I could kill two birds with one stone.

The character trope for this entry is Reformed But Rejected as seen here:…

XP goes to my latest character, Yeanc.

Yeanc, Fenrir and Alessandro (Al) belongs to me.

Misty belongs to :iconssbfreak:

Wild Fox aka Erik Carbonneau belongs to :iconwildfox03:

Exercitus Artifex aka the League of Extraordinary Characters belongs to :iconea-lec:


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Okay, here is the deal. I am going to do a mega-crossover fanfiction which I had been dying to do for a while but I kinda hit a small snag. You see, one of the recurring characters is a Spoink from Pokémon. However, there is one major issue I have with writing for one. And I think some of you may already guess what it is but here it is:

"Spoink bounces around on its tail. The shock of its bouncing makes its heart pump. As a result, this Pokémon cannot afford to stop bouncing-if it stops, its heart will stop."

...How in the world am I suppose to write for something like that? All the Pokémon needs is someone to go "Aww, it is so cute" and grabs them to hug them and the poor fella's a goner. It would be unrealistic for me to write for someone who is always bouncing to keep himself alive. (Well, as unrealistic as this crossover could get sometimes.)

So if any of you guys have any advice on how to write for a Spoink, it would be greatly appreciated.
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Yuri & Karin (2)
Ed: Yuri! You can turn into monsters, can I please see them!?
Yuri: Heh, i'm not one for showing off, but with that excitment it would be criminal to dissapoint!
Karin: Yuri does a very good job at making people happy, which is one of the reasons why i'm glad to be in his side.

Madoka & Homura
Ed: Wow...after hearing that, I hope that my Baby Sister is not a Magical Girl.
Homura: Don't worry about that, I don't believe that your universe has any incubators. *Sigh*
Madoka: Don't be depressed Homura, even with the chaos in our world you're not alone anymore. With me, and our friends by your side, we would finally end the suffering.

Haruhi & Kyon
Kyon: Say Haruhi, have you notice that Ed looks...yellow?
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Ed: Really? I thought it was becuase I ate too much buttered toast.

Haruhi & Kyon (2)
Kyon: Say Haruhi, do you think that Ed's strength is rather...inhuman?
Haruhi: Don't be stupid, Kyon! He probably just works out everyday.
Ed: I didn't know that hugging chickens and eating buttered toast is exercise.

Eddy & Double D
Eddy: Ha! Ha! The gang's back baby! Now let's get to work, Boys!
Ed: I'm so happy to be with my pals again! We're like the sandwich with the extra lettuce and mayonnaise, and the bugs that are smashed by the windshield car!
Double D: Yeah...let's hope that we won't mess up like we did with our scams.

Akihiko & Mitsuru
Deadpool: Boy Mitsuru, I sure hope you won't use MARIN KARIN over and over again.
Mitsuru: WHAT! Are you suggesting that i'm that desperate to do such a perverted thing!? After this, I'm going to exterminate you!!
Akihiko: If his intentions where to scare our enemies, then he is one coniving mastermind.

Haruhi & Kyon
Deadpool: I don't like you anymore, that whole Endless Eight senario was not cool.
Haruhi: Endless Eight? We never even start developing that movie yet.
Kyon: (Does that mean he is some kind of time traveler? God knows the chaos if a loony like him can fly through time!)

Akihiko & Mitsuru
Ferra: You and You have mount, but all no ride mount and mount gone. We no get it!
Mitsuru: It's not a mount, but rather a persona. Made-up from accepted emotions who fight along and protect their users who successfully tamed them.
Akihiko: Similar to you and Torr. We can even say that you already have your own persona! (But, really not.)

Eddy & Double D
Ferra: Ed like Torr, Ed can be mount.
Double D: While I can see why, i'm not sure if doing that is a good idea.
Eddy: I would probably start my own will if Sarah or May becomes the rider.

Yuri & Karin
Ferra: Yuri turns to Giant Rock Monster, Karin rides monster, and attacks like we!
Karin: You mean I can give orders to Yuri at any time? That's actually a good idea, Ferra. *chuckles*
Yuri: Like you have any way to force me to become your packing mule!

Kortal Kahn & Erron Black
Kortal Kahn: I am Kortal Kahn, Emperor of Outworld! Stop your actions and give up, resistance will result with death!
Ferra: Beating not be pretty! We smash all bones and rip eyeballs!
Erron Black: Nope, still glaring. Oh well, this is always my favorite part.

Next time i'm going to do journals :p
Tinyhammer Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2015
I agree with Ed. Sarah with magical girl power... Or any type of power is simply terrifying! :fear:

And as always, Deadpool never fails to please! :D
ContraNeo Featured By Owner Edited Jun 25, 2015
(Sorry if late, no internet :p)

While that is true, that's not what Ed was thinking about. Do you want me to spoil Puella Magi Madoka Magika or not. If yes, then i'm going to edit this comment.

Also, thank you for enjoying the Deadpool quotes :)

Edit: The price of being a Magical Girl is that you will eventually become a witch, a monster that Magical Girls have to destroy. This causes an endless cycle, without magical girls means witches can harm anyone whenever they want, and without witches means no magical girls. Incubators make sure to keep the cycle by giving wishes and contracts to girls without explaining the consequences. It also doesn't help that before they become a witch, they sometimes face events that would harm them/ruin their life (Sayaka & Kyoko for example). Ed, having big brother instincts, wants to protect Sarah with no question, but he can't do anything about it since Incubators can only be seen by young girls, can be any place whenever they want, and will instantly come back if they die. Although Ed likes monsters, the idea that she will eventually die means that he failed to protect her little sister. 
Tinyhammer Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015
:shrug: Sure, why not? You have my permission to spoil it for me. :XD:
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ContraNeo Featured By Owner Edited Jun 21, 2015
Because of inspiration, I decided to do Project X Zone quotes with Ed from Ed, Edd n Eddy as a solo-unit and used characters that popped in my head as Paired-Units. Feedback/Criticism is welcomed.

Akihiko & Mitsuru
Akihiko: Say Ed, I like to know about how you become so strong?
Ed: Huh? Well, my mom says drinking milk gives me stronger bones...
Mitsuru: Yeah...I think we're off believing that he is just born with it.

Kortal Kahn & Erron Black
Kortal Kahn: Edward, you shouldn't waste your strength with such trivial things. Instead, you
should use it for what you believe is correct.
Ed: You mean I can get all the Chickens and Buttered Toast whenever I want!?
Erron Black: *sigh* Emperor, I don't think you should waste your time convincing a termite-
brained, monkey to be a ruler.

Yuri & Karin
Ed: Karin! Karin! I want to see the Fire Chicken again!!
Karin: Uhh...Ed, it's actually a phoenix, not a chicken.
Yuri: But, I'm defiantly going to call it a Fire Chicken from now on. *chuckles*

Lana & Cia
Ed: Everyone says that I have power, what will it do to me?
Cia: Possibly making you the next wielder of the Triforce of Power, and the new Ganondorf.
Though if that were true, you would be taken down in a matter of seconds!
Lana: Are you sure? Cuccos can be suprisingly agressive.

Lt. Surge & Erika
Ed: Hey guys, if I were a Pokamun, who would I be?
Surge: Looking at what you did, I would say either a Hariyama or a Tauros!
Erika: And not a Muk or a Skuntank, can you not even sniff his unbearable stench!?
Tinyhammer Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015
Hey, these are very good. It is very funny to see Ed interact with people of average intelligence and sanity, let alone the serious ones. Seriously, Kotal Kahn of all people trying to lecture him was so weird, that it is funny. Are you going to do some good? I already like them.
ContraNeo Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015
Thanks, I might try to do more if I have to time, If I have some good ideas, and/or if I feel like doing them. Glad you like them! :D
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