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(Theme Songs)

Invitation Of A Crazed Moon & The Hidden Curse (Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin)

(Turn Start Quotes)

Jonathan: “Let’s go.”

“Here we come.”

Charlotte: “It’s time.”

“Let’s show them our worth.”

(Item Get Quotes)

Jonathan: “Well, what do we have here?”


Charlotte: “This should prove useful.”

“I am keeping a hold on this.”

(Using Item Quotes)

Jonathan: “I needed that!”

“Rested and ready!”

Charlotte: “Stay strong.”

“Ready to continue?”

(Knocked Out Quotes)

Jonathan: “Damn it…”

“I’m sorry, father…”

Charlotte: “I had failed the church…”

“No… Not like this…”

(Getting Revived Quotes)

Jonathan: “Thanks, pal.”

“Down but never out!”

Charlotte: “Forgive me…”

“Ugh, this isn’t like me…”

(Reviving Ally Quotes)

Jonathan: “Hang in there!”

“You can’t give up just yet!”

Charlotte: “Here, let me help you.”

“Don’t give up!”

(Summoned As Support Quotes)

Jonathan: “SHOWTIME!”

“Charlotte, have my six!”

Charlotte: “I heard your call.”

“Jonathan, as one!”

(Pre-Battle Solo Conversation Quotes)

Jonathan: Charlotte, get back if it gets too hairy out here.

Charlotte: Jonathan, how many times do I have to tell you to not treat me like a kid!?

(Post-Battle Solo Conversation Quotes)

Charlotte: No matter who the opponent is, our teamwork cannot be topped!

Jonathan: That is the strength of our bond!

(Super Attack)

1,000 Blades: Jonathan did a series of whip strikes on the enemy while Charlotte cast a spell. Jonathan then finishes his assault by kicking the enemy into the air just as a lighting bolt strike the enemy back down. Jonathan then did two flips, kicking his opponent twice while Charlotte casted another spell, this time spewing flames on the enemy. The two then stand-by-side before Charlotte cast another spell, allowing Jonathan to send out a series of knives at the opponent.

(Multi Attack)

Greatest Five: Jonathan and Charlotte then held out their hands into the air. Suddenly, an 8-bit figure of Richter Belmont had appeared to strike all of his enemies with his whip. Next, another 8-bit figure of Leon Belmont had appeared out of nowhere and struck the enemies with his own whip. Then, Trevor appeared and did the same and so did Juste. However, Simon had appeared and finished off the attack.

(Dealing Final Blow Quotes)

Charlotte and Jonathan: “Jonathan, now!

“You don’t need to tell me twice!

“I cast the spell, Jonathan!”

“Good. That means I could go all out.”

“1,000 Blades!”

“Bring our enemies eternal pain!”

(Dealing Final Blow Poses)

When Charlotte was about to cast her spell, she held up her hand in the air with a determined look on her face.

When Jonathan was about to throw the first knife, he had a determined look on his face.

(Pre-Battle Conversations With Support Unit Quotes)


Shanoa: So you had been taught to fight vampires with the Vampire Killer too at a young age? That is quite impressive.

Charlotte: ...No, it is no big deal.

Jonathan: ...Charlotte, you are blushing…

(Bill Rizer)

Bill: Why do you hang around with this runt, man? Not only is she weak physically but she talks too much and is way too full of herself!

Jonathan: Hey! Just because Charlotte talks too much and is way too full of herself, doesn’t make her weak!

Charlotte: My hero…

(Solar Boy Django)

Django: So you guys don’t mind fighting with me?

Jonathan: What? Just because you have a vampire form? Forget about it!

Charlotte: Indeed. We only hunt children of the night because most if not all of them is evil.


Nanami: Wow, you guys are super-close! You have like… So many Unite Attacks!

Jonathan: Yep! Charlotte and I are childhood friends!

Charlotte: We both had gone through so much together.

(Henry Townshend)

Jonathan: You know, I could easily you as a vampire hunter after hearing about your adventures through Silent Hill, Henry.

Henry: What the hell? I didn’t go on my way to slay every monster there! I was just trying to survive.

Charlotte: Sometimes it is not of how strong you are but the trials you are able to overcome.


Sparkster: Guys, just call on me anytime you need me!

Jonathan: Thanks, Sparkster! It is nice to have an air support that could actually fight!

Charlotte: Please forgive me for not being able to wield a sword as an owl.


Nyami: Man, Simon Belmondo would had been a big help against that Brauner creep!

Charlotte: Um, don’t you mean Simon BELMONT?

Jonathan: They are probably different people, Charlotte. I mean what are the odds?


Jonathan: Hey, Wade, if you want any weapons, just ask Charlotte to get one out for you.

Wade: Alright, I would like a lead pipe, a spiked ball and a vice grip!

Charlotte: Do I look like an armory to you!?

(Anoa Aoba)

Anoa: Hey, Charlotte, wanna ride with me?

Jonathan: Hey, that is a good idea. With the Vic Viper and your magic, nothing would stand in our way!

Charlotte: ...Not a good idea. I can’t cast that fast.

(Athena Asamiya)

Charlotte: Athena, what are psychic powers and how they different from magic?

Athena: Well, psychic is more scientific, for starter?

Jonathan: Right, because shooting out pink balls out of her hands is completely scientific…

(Mai Shiranui)

Mai: Let’s take care of these jokers!

Jonathan: Yeah, let’s… Hey, Charlotte, what’s wrong?

Charlotte: Suddenly, I don’t feel confident in saying that I am not a kid.


Nakoruru: Wow, to be able to turn yourself into different animals!

Charlotte: Not as impressive as not only taking a hawk but also befriending it!

Jonathan: You ladies certainly do have a thing with animals!


Kaede: It doesn’t matter how skilled of a witch you are. You will never defeat my lightning!

Charlotte: Why are you taunting me? We are all on the same side here!

Jonathan: And you say that I’M hot-headed?

(Sho Hayate)

Jonathan: It’s showtime!

Hayate: Ora ora ora!

Charlotte: Ugh, I can barely keep up with just one of you!

(Kisarah Westfield)

Kisarah: Charlotte, you look the same age as you. You shouldn’t be risking your life fighting off blood-thirsty monsters!

Charlotte: Well, even if there wasn’t any vampires around, I would STILL be in a world war so…

Jonathan: ...I think you may say something that you shouldn’t…

(Leona Heidern)

Leona: Jonathan, Charlotte, if I should ever give into my Orochi power again, then it is alright for you…

Jonathan: For us to try to save you.

Charlotte: You are not like most children of the night. Ralf and Clark certainly thinks so.


Iroha: You know, it is strange but I had never met a whip-fighter back in my world.

Charlotte: Well, considering how hard it is to block with a whip, it is probably not that hard.

Jonathan: Heaven forbid if vampires had decided to use swords instead of their claws…

(Janne D’Arc)

Janne: Jonathan, I am counting on you to prove that being the wielder of the Vampire Killer isn’t just a title!

Charlotte: You heard that, Jonathan. The fate of House Belmont is in your hands. He he he.

Jonathan: ...I am not the only wielder of the Vampire Killer here, you know.


Elta: What kind of magic do you do to transform into animals?

Charlotte: If it is any consolation, transforming into a Poseidon or a dragon is pretty impressive.

Jonathan: Man, there are no boundaries to magic, is there?


Bowser: Great… Why do I have to help babysit the little runt?

Charlotte: Jonathan…

Jonathan: I know, I heard. You could give your reply to him AFTER the battle.

(Samus Aran)

Charlotte: Ah, what type of gun allows you to attach itself to your hand and let you shoot out the elements?

Samus: A futuristic one.

Jonathan: Whoa, the future is amazing.

(Captain Falcon)

Charlotte: Falcon, you are apparently from the distant future. Did mankind got rid of the evil children of the night?

Falcon: Well, there IS the skull… But he is too eccentric to be dangerous.

Jonathan: Um, yay?

(Donkey Kong)

DK: DK hates books. DK don’t know why Charlotte always carries one.

Charlotte: DK, if I don’t have this book, I can’t cast my spells. And you shouldn’t hate books! Books are…

Jonathan: Charlotte, you really want to do this now?


Charlotte: Oh, Lady Palutena, how pleased it is to be able to fight with a goddess!

Palutena: Oh, thank you! It would be nice to have my own Pitette here.

Jonathan: Wait? Pitette? What do you plan to do with her!?


Charlotte: Serena, are there any Pokemon that is good being fighting the children of the night?

Serena: Um, well, there are Dark-types Pokemon that is strong against Ghost-types.

Jonathan: ...Let me guess, Charlotte. You are going to “catch them all”.”

(Little Mac)

Little Mac: You know, you are pretty athletic. You could easily be a boxer.

Jonathan: Hey, yeah! Maybe I should try that.

Charlotte: Just don’t get any ideas about attacking vampires with only your fists.


Fiora: Hey, guys, after this, how about I cook up something for us after this?

Jonathan: Sure! I want a cream pie!

Charlotte: Um, Jonathan, you DO know that Fiora meant to eat, right?


Ika: Grr, that Brauncer jerk makes me so mad! How dare he uses the power of art for his own twisted power!?

Jonathan: Psst, that is art?

Charlotte: I was thinking the same thing...
KonamiXSNKXNintendo2.0: Jonathan And Charlotte
Here is the quote list for Jonathan Morris and Charlotte Aulin from Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. I must admit, I just assumed that redrojo17 chose these guys just because he liked them, which is totally not a bad thing. I mean I was guilty of doing this with Nyami. Anyway, I could see why these guys fit right in. Their gameplay is all about teamwork and deciding if you want to use a whip-user or a witch. They even became the Gods of the Sword and Sorcerer trope on TVTropes. They were MADE for a game that promotes pair units like Project X Zone.

I just hope I got their personalities right...
"Your destined partner is… lo and behold…" The mechanical voice said.

Robin watched as the spotlights continued to shine onto her allies. After what seemed like an eternity, the lights had finally focused on one particular Smasher. As it did so, loud cheering could be heard.

Luigi yelped as he jumped in place.

“Ehh? ME!?” He exclaimed. He then nervously twiddled his fingers together. “Wow… I never thought that-a I would get picked. This issss!”

That was the sound of Luigi after he and Robin fell through a trap door each, dropping them below.


After falling through the trap door, Robin and Luigi had soon hit the bottom with a loud thud, blacking out instantly. It wasn't until a few minutes later that they had soon came to. The two groaned before sitting up.

“Mama mia…” Luigi groaned. “That hurt…”

"Luigi, are you okay?" Robin weakly asked.

“Y-Yeah… I guess so.” The plumber said.

The two then slowly made their way to their feet. It was then the two of them had quickly realized something really important. They were holding hands.

“Um, Robin, why are-a you holding my hand?” Luigi asked with a blush.

The white-haired woman returned the blush. “Oh! S-Sorry!”

She then tried to let go of Luigi's hand. However, after a bit of pulling, the two had quickly noticed they were unable to take their hands apart.

“W-What? Our hands are stuck. Our hands are stuck!” Luigi exclaimed. “What is-a going on!?”

"It seems that you had reached your destination." The mechanical voice from earlier spoke.

“ACK!” Luigi yelped. “It is you!”

"This seems to be a path where lovers who met their destined partners discuss their love for each other." The mechanical voice pointed out.

It was then Robin and Luigi had finally took the chance to look around the area they had been dropped in. They seemed to be on a path in a beautiful meadow that had flowers everywhere. Looking up at the sky, it was a bright blue with a few clouds and even a rainbow. It was just like the fairytale version of heaven.

"What could be waiting up ahead?" The mechanical voice asked. "You are free to step forth hand-in-hand, curiosity and fear in your hearts, or you can refrain."

“Hand-in-hand?” Luigi asked before gasping. “Wait, you mean-a YOU were the one who had stuck our hands together? Why would you-a do that?”

"You are free to step forth, or refrain from doing so." The mechanical voice explained. "These are your apparent options. Now step forth!"

Luigi hanged his head. “Anddddd no one is paying attention to Weegee…”

Robin shook her head. “I am afraid that we got worst problems.”

“You’re telling me!” Luigi exclaimed. “I mean look at-a us! I was already terrified of the monsters before, now with-a our hands stuck, we are sitting ducks!”

“Agreed…” Robin frowned. “We can’t fight like this and there is nothing to hide behind in case we run into those monsters.”

“Ugh… Great. As if being transported to this creepy world isn’t-a bad enough but now all of this is happening.” Luigi groaned, holding his forehead with his forehead.

“Hey, don’t worry. I’ll sure that things will be alright.” Robin reassured.

Luigi looked up in surprise. “How could you be-a so calm!? If any of those monsters find-a us, we as good as dead!”

“Because even though our situation seems bleak, we have to keep a cool head.” Robin explained. “I mean if we don’t, it would make things worse!”

“I-I guess but how could you be so positive?” Luigi asked. “This had never happened to you before!”

“True. This completely took me off-guard.” Robin shrugged. “But I am a tactitian and as one, I have to keep calm and collected and try to keep up of a plan.”

“Really?” Luigi asked with his eyes lighting up. “Do you have one?”

Robin’s face fell. “Nothing short of going down this path.”

Luigi hanged his head. “Mama-mia…”

“Hey, don’t worry.” Robin reassured. “If we start walking down, we will find a way out of this place.”

Luigi let out a deep sigh. “Well, I suppose-a anything is better than just sitting around and hoping for the best!”

Robin gave a nervous chuckle. “That’s the spirit, I guess! Now let’s go before we worry the others too much.”

“R-Right…” Luigi muttered.

The two then made their way down the path, hand-in-hand. They had walked on for five minutes before a certain voice had decided to make themselves known.

"Suddenly, all in attendance hear an announcement."

Luigi jumped in place. “ACK! Stop doing that!”

"Up ahead, they see a bride and groom's joyous commemorative photograph of love." The mechanical voice explained.

The two then looked ahead at their path and just as the voice said, there seemed to be some kind of large picture with roses all over the frame.

"They confer between them whether to look at it, or ignore it." The mechanical voice said.

“A giant picture? It is not going to-a trap us inside of it, will it?” Luigi asked. He then noticed Robin’s strange look. “Um, well, you see… Oh, never mind. It is-a probably nothing. Let’s go see it.”

With that, the two had made their way over to the picture to inspect it. However, their eyes had bugged out when they saw the picture was of a white-clad prince that was holding a woman in a wedding dress, bridal-style. Clearly a wedding photo.

But what really caught their attention was that the groom's head was Luigi's and the bride's head was Robin’s.

“EEK!” Luigi yelped. “Where did this-a picture come from!? Did they-a strip us naked while we were unconscious!? Oh, I feel so… Violated!”

“Calm down, Luigi!” Robin reassured. “And look at the picture.”

“H-Huh?” The green-clad man asked before looking closely at the picture. “Hm? Our heads-a looked off. Is this-a photoshopped?”

“I believe so. But however they created this picture, it was obviously fake.” Robin noted.

Luigi let out a sigh of relief before putting his hand on his chest. “Oh, thank goodness! I don’t-a know what I will do if I have to-a live with the fact that we were… You know… Stripped…”

“Agreed…” Robin winced. “Daisy would probably never speak to you again?”

Luigi looked up, confused. “Huh?”

“Oh, Peach told me that you and Daisy were dating.” Robin explained. “That being said how come you never told us about this, Luigi?”

“Because it is-a not true!” The younger Mario sibling scolded. “Seriously, I really wish-a Princess Peach would just spreading rumours around about us!”

Robin paused. “Oh, so you DON’T have feelings for Daisy?”

Luigi’s eyes widened before looking away while scratching his cheek with his finger. By this time, his face had turned bright red.

“Um, I guess I-a wouldn’t go THAT far…” He admitted.

“Oh, is she someone you like?” Robin asked.

“More or less. And I think-a she likes me back…” Luigi said before looking to the side. “But… I don’t think we ever had a chance just to sit down and actually chat.”

“Because of Daisy’s princess duties?” Robin asked.

“Um, no. Sarasaland is a pretty quiet place that-a only been threatened ONCE.” Luigi explained. “And even then, the whole-a attack that was made by Wario to distract Mario just so he could take his castle.”

Robin blinked twice. “Um, you mean PEACH’S castle, right?”

“No, Mario has-a his own castle.” Luigi said before noticing Robin’s shocked look. “Yeah, shocking, isn’t it? What is even-a more shocking is I honestly think that Mario had forgotten all about it and frankly, I did-a do until you had brought it up.”

“Wow, I knew you and your brother were humble but…” Robin started. Suddenly, she paused. “Sorry, but aren’t we getting off-track?”

“Oh, right, sorry!” Luigi said before sighing. “In all seriousness though, I don’t know how come we never met up with each other. It is during the tournaments and parties that we had actually met each other…”

“But both of you WANT to make more time?” Robin asked.

Luigi nodded, sadly. “I mean I want to but… There is always a wall between us. Maybe if we actually met up somewhere that ISN’T a tournament or a party. I am sure that we will do fine.”

Robin paused. “Oh, like what?”

Luigi paused. “Oh, I don’t-a know. I mean sure they are mainly small hubs but the different stages that we fight on are great places to sit down and talk. So many different worlds we saw on our adventure.”

“So basically, what you are saying if Daisy went with you on your adventures, you may actually have a better chance of getting together with Daisy.” Robin noted

“Perhaps.” Luigi said with a shrug. He then looked up. “Hey, thanks for listening.”

“It is alright. I am just glad that the whole rumor thing had more or less been sorted.” Robin said.

“Yes.” Luigi nodded. “I-In any case, we had-a spent enough time. Let’s continue on.”

“Right.” Robin agreed.

The two then continued down the path while passing the picture and admired the lovely scenery in front of them. They had walked on for another five minutes, wondering how long was this path went on.

As the two walked on, a small flower petal had fell from the sky and descended towards Luigi and Robin. It then gently landed on the back of Luigi’s neck.


Robin jumped as Luigi yelped into her arms. The latter frantically looked around.

“Something touched me!” Luigi screamed.

Robin’s eyes widened. “Really!?”

The two then scanned around, expecting to see one of those monsters from the main labyrinths. However, much to their relief, they didn’t saw any of them.

“Oh, thank goodness!” Robin said, breathing out.

“I say! But I have to ask. What was that thing that touched me?” Luigi asked.

Robin looked around for a moment. Suddenly, she paused when her eyes had looked at the ground.

“Luigi?” Robin asked.

“Y-Yes?” The green-clad man asked.

“Do you think one of the flower petals had touched you?” Robin asked.

Luigi paused before looking down. “Why, yes. Yes, it is-a very possible… Ahaha…”

Robin sighed as she shook her head. “You know, you really do remind of Yarne.”

“Who… Who’s Yarne?” Luigi asked, softly.

“Well, he is a member of our army and from my world’s future, not unlike Lucina.” Robin explained. “He is part of a clan of the Taguel. However, with the death of his mother, he was the last of his kind.”

Luigi’s eyes widened at this. “What!? That’s-a horrible!”

“Indeed, and Yarne knew this FAR too well.” Robin sighed. “Because of this, he had been self-conscious about himself and EVERYTHING. He is the type to believe that he is about to die if he was stung from a bee or go into a hot spring…”

“Wow… Even I would-a just shrugged those things off.” Luigi muttered. “Then again, if I died, the Italian race would-a still live on. So if he is so afraid of everything, why join a WAR?”

“At first, protection. If he was in an army of strong soldiers, he should be alright against better threats.” Robin noted.

“Sounds reasonable…” Luigi paused. “But obviously the other soldiers didn’t liked that.”

“They didn’t. What is someone who always runs away from a fight?” Robin frowned. “Eventually, Yarne learns that everyone else is fighting for one reason or another and soon realizes that he shouldn’t be the only one left on the sidelines.”

Luigi paused before looking down. “In other words, he is better than me.”

“Not exactly. In fact, I find you two on the same level.” Robin said.

Luigi looked up. “Huh?”

“I find you two on the same level bravery.” Robin smiled. “I mean I heard that you had helped Mario a lot of his adventures.”

Luigi blushed before looking to the side. “I admit… That is true.”

“Also, I heard that you had saved Mario. THREE times I may add.” Robin said. “That is something to be proud of.”

“Um, thanks…” Luigi said, softly. “I really appreciate someone saying that…”

“No problem.” Robin said before pausing. “So… I’m sorry but is it too much to ask you to…”

Luigi’s eyes bugged out before jumping out of Robin’s arms. “Oh! Sorry about that! I nearly forgotten that you were there!”

“It is alright!” The white-haired woman, reassured. “Anyway, let’s continue on before we actually find something worth screaming over.”

“Agreed. This whole thing is making me uneasy…” Luigi frowned.

The two had continued their journey down their path that they had been on, ever since the start. After a few minutes, they had finally reached what they thought was their destination. A large, white church. It was then the mechanical voice spoke up.

"The long-awaited moment has come. The bride and groom are finally about to enter." The voice said. "The last moment of hesitation has arrived before you are to be wed."

“Bride and groom!?” Luigi exclaimed. “As in US!? W-Wait, we-a can’t get married! We haven’t even-a gone on a date!”

"Through your own free will, you decide to vow eternal love to each other." The mechanical voice said.

“LISTEN TO ME FOR THE LOVE OF PASTA!” Luigi yelled. “I-I can’t get married! Not yet!”

"Now open the door together." The mechanical voice said.

Robin stared straight at the church doors intently. After a moment, she narrowed her eyes and used her free hand to open the door, shoving it open. Suddenly, "Here Comes The Bride" could be heard playing.

“H-Hey! What are-a you doing!?” Luigi yelled. “You… You are actually serious about this…?”

Robin didn't just walked inside of the church while dragging in her destined partner inside. Then, the doors had slowly started to close behind them as the two slowly watched down the aisle.

"You must vow your unwavering love for one another, in sickness and in health." The mechanical voice said. "Now, vow your love!"

Robin was about to say something.

Suddenly, there was a large slam of the doors. The two turned around to see their fellow Smashers rushing towards them before they had started to pant heavily. It was then the two's hands had finally become unstuck.

“Luigi, what are you-a doing!?” Mario roared.

“M-Mario…” The younger Mario brother insisted. “It’s not-a what you look like!”

“Yeah, right! You were-a going to get married and hog it all for yourself!” The red-clad man snapped.

Luigi blinked twice. “Huh?”

“You heard-a me! You are going-a to take all of the wedding cake for yourself!” Mario roared.

“Mario, don’t be greedy!” Peach scolded before looking at Luigi. “But Luigi, Robin, really? Why are you getting married without us? You know I love weddings!

Luigi and Robin blinked twice at this.

“...Suddenly, I see why despite after all of this time, Mario and Peach STILL haven’t tied the knot yet.” Robin said, flatly.

“...I know, right?” Luigi sighed.

It seems that the wedding has been called off…
Smashsona Q: Heart Of The Labyrinth: Luigi
Here is the next chapter in my Smashsona! Luigi, number one! I always liked writing for the Mario series because I know a lot about them which means I get to put in a few references here and there. Plus, I get to talk about Yarne! Yay!

Christmas narrowed her eyes as they scrolled from left to right at a book. As she read, she sat on her bed in her room with her arms crossed together. Also, on the bed was some stacks on beds.

However, as she read them, she gritted her teeth in annoyance as she continued to scan the contents of the book.

“Come on, come on! This is like the fifth book that told me how to do this spell and yet it didn’t said anything else but the simple instructions!” Christmas growled.

She then let out a sigh of disgust before closing the door and rubbing her temples gingerly. Why was she pointing out things that were already obvious? She knew for a fact, as to why she was having a hard time.

Shaking her head, she looked back and forth between the stacks of books a few times. So far, she had heard all of them at least once but with no avail.

Christmas let out another sigh. “Get it together, Christmas. Getting hot-headed is unbecoming of a wielder of ice.”

With that, she had decided to continue to read the book, hoping that she would find the page that she was previously on.

However, fate had other plans.

Christmas’ door had suddenly opened up. The white tiger jumped in her spot, making a few of her book piles to lean over and collapse with a couple falling off the bed. Standing in the doorway was her roommate, Tulia.

Christmas narrowed her eyes. “Tulia, what the hell!? Haven’t heard of knocking!”

“No time!” The cow said with a surprisingly serious look on her face. “Come on! There is a special news announcement!”

Christmas raised an eyebrow. “And this is big news HOW?”

“Well, you see… The thing is…” Tulia said, trying to figure out how to speak. Suddenly, she gave up trying to talk and rushed over to Christmas before grabbing her wrist.

“H-Hey!” Christmas yelled as she was yanked from her bed.

“No time! You have to see this for yourself!” Tulia explained.

With that, she ran off while holding onto Tulia with the cow holding onto her hand, trying to run off after her. They then ran off out of the room. Christmas growled, wondering what on Elarthe was so important about the news announcement.

However, when they had made their way over to the TV, her eyes bugged out at what she had seen.

A picture of a pale-skinned man in well-dressed clothes and black wings on his back with his back to some kind of truck while trying to shove a stack of barrels with his feet. Christmas stood absolutely stunned.

Tulia turned towards her friend, concerned. “Christmas, is that…”

“Y-Yes… That is HIM.” The ice-wielder said, softly.

“This is the picture a journalist had taken on an incident that had happened yesterday.” A news anchor said as the screen focused on him. “A bunch of barrels from a truck had broke loose and caused a stampede downhill in a part of Belcazzar City. At first, it seemed like some kind of freak accident but this photo had proven that this was no mishap.”

Suddenly, a picture of a grey-furred wolf, wearing a cap had appeared on the top-right corner of the screen. Christmas and Tulia had both recognised him.

“Based on previous descriptions, we could confirm that this is the vampire in the picture was also the one who killed local hero, Lupin.” The news anchor explained.

Christmas and Tulia’s eyes widened at this.

“Also, that wasn’t the only damage the vampire may had caused.” The news anchor said. “An old building had been absolutely totaled and two people had been injured. We have strong reason to believe that it was also the vampire who did those two.”

Then, Lupin’s picture had disappeared as two pictures had appeared on the screen. The first one was a teenaged girl with a stoic look on her face and a sunhat on her long, dark hair. The second one was a man with dark hair and a matching beard. Christmas gasped.

Tulia looked at Christmas. “What’s wrong?”

The tiger pointed her finger. “That is Wild Fox! One of Fenrir’s friends!”

Tulia’s eyes bugged out. “Seriously!?”

She then looked back at the screen which the anchor had just finished explaining who the people were.

“We now bring you an interview one of our reporters, July Sole who had just had an interview with one of the victims, Hope.” The anchor said. “Here is the interview.”

The screen had now switched over to a new person. It was a young woman with a full head of amaranth hair and wore a bright yellow jacket with a matching skirt along with a dress shirt and a blue ribbon tie. She held a microphone in her hands.

Next to her was the emotionless girl. She was wearing a nice and colourful attire which strongly clashed with her current face. Christmas and Tulia both shrank back.

“Hello, this is July Sole, I am one of the many branches of the Heroes’ Hideout in Belcazzar City. I am here with one of the victims who had been brutally attacked by that vampire.” The reporter said before looking down at the teenaged child. “Hope, could you please explain to us about the incident.”

The young girl merely gave two words. “No comment.”

The interviewer shrank back at this.“What? But don’t you want to tell us anything to help us learn about the vampire?”

“No.” Hope said, simply.

The interviewer blinked twice for a moment. Suddenly, she gave a small gasp.

“Wait… Are you saying that your incident with horrid beast was so terrifying that you are afraid to say anything about it?” July asked, softly.

“No comment.” Hope said.

July bit her lip as her eyes had started to water with tears. Suddenly, she had grabbed Hope and took her into a hug.

“Oh, Hope, I am SO sorry!” The reporter sobbed. “I didn’t realize that the attack was THAT bad! I should had known!”

“You are invading my personal space.” Hope said, flatly.

“Oh, don’t you worry about saying a single thing! Your silence speaks volumes for the horrors that you had witnessed!” July yelled. “The tears speak for themselves!””

“I fail to notice any tears in my eyes.” Hope pointed out.

“Oh, this is a sad day here in Belcazzar City! This poor little girl had been ruthlessly attacked!” July said, dramatically while she put her free hand over her eyes. “And her poor family is as just visibly shaken as her!”

Suddenly, a muscular pink-haired woman and a well-dressed teenaged boy that looked like a zombie and appeared behind July and Hope before waving and grinning to the camera. Suddenly, a dark-haired man had stomped on-screen and angrily pushed the two out of the way. Subtitles had appeared over their heads referring to them as “Hope’s mother”, “Hope’s brother” and “Hope’s father” respectively.

“Oh, I know that I shouldn’t get so emotional during an interview!” July said before wiping a few tears away. “But after thinking of what that monster had done to this cute little girl, I am practically crying rivers!”

“Just promise me you will drown.” Hope said before casually walking off.

“That’s right! Run straight into your family’s arms! Tell them that you love them!” July called out before looking back at the camera. “That is all I have for now! I will be back later when I meet up with the second victim AND what we think may had been the true victim. July Sole signing off!”

Christmas’ eyes widened at the last part. The true victim? She couldn’t had been referring to who she thinks she was referring to, could she?

The screen had gone back to the news anchor who had an exasperated look on his face from July’s interview.

“Um, right…” The anchor said before coughing into his mouth. “Anyway, that was recorded about half an hour ago but the next interview will be live. July, are you there?”

The screen changes to July who was now standing inside of a bar.

“Yes, I am! I am now in the Heroes’ Hideout! And I am here to interview two people here.” July said. She then motioned with her free hand, signalling someone to come on-screen.

Then, the bearded man had walked on-screen while wearing a blue and black attire. Christmas immediately knew it was Wild Fox.

“And I am here with Wild Fox!” July said before turning towards the dark-haired man. “Mr. Wild Fox, are you feeling alright?”

“Um, yes I am.” The dark-haired man said before looking to the side. “It was just… An emotional incident for me.”

“Yes, I could imagine…” July said before thrusting her mike into Wild Fox’s face. “Would it be too much to ask you about what happened? Citizens’ testimonies that you were carried out of an alley injured and unconscious.”

“Um, right…” Wild Fox said, shifting his eyes from left to right. “I really wish I could tell you but… Most of it was a blur.”

July gasped, putting one hand over her mouth. “Was that demon’s attack really that bad?”

“You could say that…” Wild Fox said, scratching the back of his head.

July narrowed her eyes. “Well, I don’t blame you! I mean I heard about the injuries you got! It is a damn crime to save so many people from those barrels and yet get yourself injured literally minutes later!”

Wild Fox nervously chuckled. “I am just glad that nobody had gotten hurt from the barrel barrage.”

“Same here! And honestly, that vampire didn’t wanted to leave “empty-handed”.” July growled.

Wild Fox blinked twice. “Come again?”

“I was referring to that condemned building he had destroyed!” July pointed out. “That monster didn’t got what he wanted when he started that barrage so he threw a temper tantrum at it!”

Wild Fox’s eyes bugged out at this.

“I mean seriously? Just because it is condemned, it means he would destroy it! That is selfish and destructive!” July growled.

Wild Fox stepped back at this.

“Worst of all, I heard that a crew of construction men haven’t gotten paid just because they didn’t do some work over it!” July said. “That monster had caused some hard-working men to lose their money! In fact, the same thing happened a few hours after Lupin’s tragic death! I have a feeling that it was the same culprit!”

By this time, Wild Fox’s face had gotten pale.

“Um, Miss Sole, is it alright if we would get this interview over with?” Wild Fox asked, politely.

July looked up and she gasped when she saw Wild Fox’s face. “Oh my goodness! Did I bring up some bad memories?”

“Y-You could say that… Sorry, I couldn’t say anything else…” The bearded man apologized.

July narrowed her eyes. “Don’t worry. Your face of disgust gladly tells the rest of the story. Go on, man! Cry! Rage! Puke! Get everything negative out of your system that was put them by that destructive, inconsiderate monster!”

“R-Right…” Wild Fox said before sulking off-screen

July shook her face in disgust before looking at the camera.

“And now, we have our last interviewee and arguably the most important one as he was most likely the main target.” July explained. “Fenrir, the nephew of the hero, Lupin!”

Christmas and Tulia’s pupils shrank at this. Indeed, the young wolf with a noticeable scar over his eye had nervously made his way over. He held his arm.

“Fenrir, I could see that you are clearly disturbed by yesterday’s events.” July said.

“Um, yeah… You could say that.” The wolf said.

“You were the one who had carried your friend to safety. Could you tell me anything about what happened?” July asked.

“Um, sorry, I can’t.” Fenrir said, shifting his good eye from left to right. “I didn’t see that vampire at all. All I saw were my friend and that little girl both injured.”

“Oh, so you couldn’t tell us anything either…” July frowned.

“No.” Fenrir said, shaking his head before hanging it. “Sorry…”

July paused for a moment. “Fenrir…”

The wolf raised his head. “Hm?”

July then narrowed her eyes.

“You are feeling guilty, aren’t you?”

Fenrir’s good eye widened at this. “Feeling guilty? For what?”

“Isn’t it obvious? That barrel barrage wasn’t just there to cause chaos! It was to kill you!” July pointed out.

“What? Um…” Fenrir started.

“That vampire is mad at Lupin for killing off all of the Death Claws back in the cold storage and now he wanted revenge!” July said. “He isn’t just satisfied with ruining his life and yours as well! No, no! He wanted to see you and also your brother dead just for sharing the same blood as him!”

Christmas’ eyes widened at this.

“You are feeling guilty knowing that innocent people, including your friend had been hurt and traumatized from the experience when you were the main target!” July said, sternly.

Fenrir paused before looking down. “I admit that I DID felt like that before.”

July stood in silence before placing her good hand on Fenrir’s shoulder. “Fenrir, don’t worry about it. Everyone hates that black-hearted monster and wants to see him slain for what he had done to Belcazzar. Nobody wants to see them go anywhere near you.”

Christmas paused.

“Fenrir, you clearly have people who care for you and your brother and wish to protect the both of you. I strongly doubt anyone who claimed they did, would just stand here.” July said.

Christmas suddenly growled at the thought of that vampire trying to go after Fenrir. The poor wolf had lost his uncle, his eye AND possibly his homeworld and yet that demon still wanted to go after him?

Also, what about Remus? The child was only twelve and yet that monster still wanted to get his revenge on an innocent kid.

“In fact, I will prove it right here and now.” July said.

“Y-You really don’t have to do that.” Fenrir insisted.

However, July didn’t listened and looked at the screen. “People, are you just going to let this vampire do to Fenrir and Remus after what he done to Lupin?”

“No!” A lot of people in the tavern shouted from off-screen.

July put her hand to her ear. “I can’t hear you!”


July smirked and nodded before looking at Fenrir. “See? Nobody wants to see you dead!”

“Um, r-right…” The wolf said, feeling absolutely embarrassed.

July then walked over and put her hand on Fenrir’s shoulder. “And that is the story here! As we had covered, the vampire had created the barrel barrage to finish what he started! But hopefully, if people don’t want this beast to succeed, they would protect Fenrir with everything they got!”

Christmas gritted her teeth and clenched her fists. Tulia turned her head towards Christmas and saw her face.

“Um, Christmas…” Tulia said, not liking where this was going.

“...I am NOT going to let that monster go anywhere near Lupin’s nephews.”

“Now this is July Sole, sending off…” July said. Suddenly, her eyes had picked up something from off-screen and looked in that direction. Her pupils then shrank for some reason.

“...Hold up. I think we may have some time for one more interview.”


Inside the bar in Night Town, the patrons there were looking at the news report on the TV.

“So THAT’S why I had seen a few police officers around this place recently.” A zombie noted.

“Typical.” A vampire sighed while rolling his eyes.. “One bad child of the night and the cops immediately go snooping around Night Town.”

“Just give them a day.” A human reassured, waving it off. “They’ll probably be gone then.

However, there were a certain group of people that there were absolutely stunned. Shane and his bodyguards had seen the whole interview with wide eyes and slack jaws.

And Nathan said the thing that was on everyone’s mind.

“What do I supposed to say to THAT?”


Necross, Requiem, Maxie and Ripper sat around a table at the Heroes’ Hideout branch where they were staring at. They then paused before looking at Walter who was in his bat form, perching on top of a fifth chair. He shifted his eyes from left to right.

He then spoke quietly, trying to alert another one towards him.

“Oh dear… This is quite the inconvenience.”
EA-LEC: Chaos, Reporting Live!
Here is my :iconea-lec: main entry. One that I had meant to do FOREVER. >__< It is the follow-up to my fight with WildFox03 where a picture of Walter had been taken in his vampire form and makes the news.

Yeahhhhh... Despite being such a big plot point, this is mostly humour because of the eccentric reporter. :XD: MAN, did I had a blast writing this time.

Speaking of the reporter, you shall find out who she was referring to in the end. :giggle:

XP goes to Fenrir.

Christmas, Tulia, Fenrir, Requiem, Walter, Necross, Maxie, Ripper, July Sole and Nathan belongs to me.

Wild Fox aka Erik Carbonneau belongs to :iconwildfox03:

Exercitus Artifex aka the League of Extraordinary Characters belongs to :iconea-lec:

Verona crossed her arms grumpily while riding inside of the pick-up truck that Touil was riding.

"So… How are you doing?" Touil asked.

"Do NOT talk to me." Verona spat. "You are just the transport so shut up and drive."

Touil shrank in his spot. "Alright then…"

Soon, they had finally arrived at Ponderosa.

"Okey-doke, we are…" Touil smiled.

Verona wasted no time opening the door and getting out. After closing the door, she stormed off towards the entrance without a single word.

"...Here." Touil muttered. He then shook his head. "There's one on every season."

"I have nothing to say. Those idiots had ruined my game for a stupid reason and I am never letting it go! Well, excuse me for not wanting to give all of my information to my opponent!" Verona snapped. "Now I am forced to vote for one of those guys even though as far as I am concerned, none of them deserved it!"

When Verona entered Ponderosa, she saw that Angelo and Charlie were playing Team Fortress 2 against each other with Malletman watching them.

"Oh, howdy, Verona." Angelo greeted.

"Shut up, Angelo and tell me where is the bedroom.." The brunette spat.

"Well, seeing that ya asked so nicely." Angelo said, rolling his eyes and pointing to a door.

Verona then walked over to the door, without a single thank you. The men paused their game to stare in disbelief. They then said the same thing in unison.


"I just can't help to shake my head at Verona's attitude. Sure, it sucks to be voted out of the game but she is literally buryin' herself in a bed, grumblin' around being blindsided." Angelo said, rolling his eyes. "Ya know, Malletman and Charlie were bitter about their blindsides too but they did NOT tried to distance themselves away from me."

"Why did Francesca let her make merge again?" Malletman asked.

Angelo rolled his eyes. "That I would never know. Nor would I never care. Seriously, if Verona can't realize that she was the stupid one for not doing one of Kenny's therapy sessions?"

"Yeah, at first I was stunned when I saw that it was Verona that had gotten voted off but after hearing the reasoning, she has no one to blame for herself." Charlie agreed.

Suddenly, they heard the door open. Turning their heads, they saw Verona making her way outside with a letter.

"Huh? Where did ya get that letter from?" Angelo asked.

"It was hanging off of the wall." Verona said. "Apparently Tiny had gotten us invitations to a party."

The men's eyes lit up.

"Oh hell yeah!" Malletman grinned.

"Just what we needed! A good ol' hootenanny!"

"Thank you, Tiny!" Charlie cheered.

"PARTY! PARTY! PARTY!" The three chanted. Verona just grunted in disgust.

"No wonder Spencer had such a burning hatred for Alpha Males." She muttered. "Well, unfortunately it isn't the party that you were hoping for."

The men stopped chanting before looking at Verona.

"Huh? Why not?" Charlie asked.

Verona paused before sighing.

"It is a fancy party."

"AWW!" The men groaned in disbelief.

"Seriously? SERIOUSLY!? A fancy party!? Where we would dressed up in those tight suits and be with a lot of pompous big wigs!?" Charlie said in disbelief. "This is one of the many reasons why I ran away from home! I had to go to one of these things every four months!"

(Fancy Dress Party)

The next night, Touil had transported the four of them to the fancy dress party. None of the jurors were looking that pleased with this event. Charlie was riding with Touil when the others were riding in the back. Soon, they had arrived at the scene.

"Alright, guys! We are here!" Touil smiled.

Everyone looked at the location. It was a large white building that looked like it was owned by an aristocrat.

Angelo gave a descending whistle. "Damn, that is one big party."

Verona scoffed. "Who hosts a fancy dress party ON A JUNGLE ISLAND, anyway?"

"I don't know. Probably the same people that decided to host a Japanese festival." Touil shrugged.

The juror had cast him weird looks. Touil noticed this and chuckled.

"Long story." Touil said. "Anyway, get out and show them your outfits, guys!"

Everyone groaned as they got out of the truck. Angelo and Charlie were wearing the textbook suit and tie and the former was forced to leave behind his hat. Fortunately for Charlie, he could literally do nothing about his hair. Even Malletman had on a bow tie with cuffs on his wrists.

As for Verona, she was wearing a purple spaghetti dress with matching high-heels. Charlie grinned.

"Well, at least there is one good thing about this party." Charlie said, stepping forward.

Verona grunted in disgust. "You DO realize that I had been taken out of the game. So I don't have to follow any rules, right?"

Charlie's grin vanished as he shrank back.

"I thought so."

"Ugh, out of all things, why did it had to be a fancy dress party?" Angelo groaned.

"Yeah, you can't do ANYTHING fun here!" Malletman agreed.

Touil narrowed his eyes. "Aw, come on! You guys are being ungrateful! How often do you guys get to go to a party like this?"

"Far too often for MY taste." Charlie muttered, underneath his breath.

"Well, anyway, let's just give it a chance. I am sure that it will be fun." Touil smiled.

"So is eating tofu." Angelo spat.

"This is making Angelo unhappy…" Verona said. "I suppose this IS a plus already."


With that, the jurors had made their way over to the building. Charlie brought up the rear. He then put his hand into the suit and pulled out a vial. He stared at it and gave a dark chuckle.

"There is no way I am going to spend all night at some lame party and fortunately, the others feel the same way I do." Charlie smirked. "So that is why I am hoping to try to spice up things at this snorefest."

The guys had made their way inside of the building. However, the atmosphere was not only boring but it was also unpleasant. Angelo, Charlie, Verona and Malletman were sitting in the corner as several well-dressed aristocrats cast their strange glances.

Charlie narrowed his eyes behind his shades. "Take a picture! It will last longer!"

A few people shrank back before walking off.

"I already don't like this place." Malletman muttered. "We are supposed to be invited here but instead they are glaring at us as if wondering why we are here."

"Yeah, I don't like it." Angelo agreed.

Charlie merely waved it off. "Just try not to let them bother you."

"But I can't help it. It DOES bother me." Malletman said.

The three men had then sighed. They then looked up to see Verona quietly sitting while drinking a cup.

"Wow, Verona, this is the most quiet I seen ya in… Ever." Angelo noted.

"Yeah, are you THAT bored?" Malletman agreed.

Verona stayed silent for a moment. "These people are arrogant."

Charlie rolled his eyes. "Tell us something we DON'T know."

"They are so selfishly happy people. Living up in a mansion. Unaware of the horrors of the world." Verona spat. "It sickens me."

This surprised the others.

"Okay, that was dark even for YOU." Angelo pointed out.

"They think they are better than me just because they have money." Verona spat. "And yet, I am more powerful than all of them put together. I am the queen of Survivor, baby and they should bow before me."

The men shrank back. Suddenly, Charlie had noticed the drink Verona had in her hand.

"Um, how much of the punch had you drank?" Charlie asked.

"About three drinks. Why?" Verona asked.

Charlie winced as Angelo and Malletman blinked twice.

"Verona… Are ya drunk… On PUNCH?" Angelo asked in disbelief.

"Possibly." The brunette shrugged before she continued drinking.

"Wow, out of all of the victims, I haven't expected YOU to be the first one." Charlie noted.

Angelo raised an eyebrow. "Victims?"

Charlie's eyes widened before he clamped his hands on his mouth. Angelo and Malletman both stared at each other before narrowing their eyes and looking at Charlie.

"Charlie, did ya spiked the punch?" Angelo accused.

The green-haired man chuckled nervously. "Maybe?"

Malletman shook his head. "If Tiny found out what you did, he would blow sky-high."

Charlie narrowed his eyes. "So what if they did? That is their punishment for taking us to this horrible place! Besides, I just wanted to lighten things up a bit. I mean come on, so a few people get drunk. What is the worst that could happen?"


The men's eyes widened before turning to the direction of the voice. They then gasped at what they were seeing.

Verona was sitting on top of a man who was on his hands and knees. The others had stared in horror as Verona held a cane in his hands.

"Say it! Say it!" Verona demanded as she smacked the man in the rear.

"Ow! Oink! Oink!" The poor man cried.

Verona smacked the man's butt again. "I. CAN'T. HEAR. YOU."

"OINK! OINK!" The man called out.

"That's right! Squeal like the little piggy you are!" Verona yelled.

"VERONA!" Angelo held as the men ran over. "What the hell are ya doin'!?"

Verona looked at the three. "Ah, more pigs. Bow down before your queen!"

Malletman's eyes widened at this. "Excuse me!?"

"You heard me!" Verona snapped. "Kneel down before the queen of Survivor!"

"The only queen you of is the Kingdom of Misery!" Malletman roared.

Verona gasped at this before getting up while beating her cane in her hand. "How dare you!? I will have you executed for talking that way to your queen!"

"Yeah, right!" Malletman laughed. "You are about to be dethroned, Your Majesty!"

"How DARE you!? I will murder you!" Verona roared.

With that, she ran over to Malletman and swung her cane at him. However, the robot grabbed Verona by the scruff of her dress and lifted her up.

"Hey, release me! You can't do this to the queen!" Verona snapped. "Oh! When my guards hear about this!"

"Shut up…" Malletman spat.

"Shocker, shocker. When Verona is drunk, she is a sociopath. Seriously though, Verona is literally calling herself a queen and beating innocent people who look at her wrong?" Malletman asked in disbelief. "Should we be happy that it is only NOW that she decided to resort to physical violence?"

Meanwhile, Angelo along with another man had helped the man up.

"Are ya alright, pardner?" Angelo asked.

The man stared in disbelief. "I had just been assaulted by a drunk psycho and you ask if I was alright!?"

Angelo winced at this. "Yeah, I guess that was a stupid question…"

The man growled. "And to think, I had invited you guys here just so my party would be televised! Now the whole world is going to see my butt being smacked!"

"Actually, man, the season isn't just limited to this world." Charlie said, stepping forward.

"Excuse me?" The man asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, I mean this is Survivor XOVER." Charlie pointed out. "We are all from different worlds, universes and even timelines."

The man's eyes bugged out. "Wait, are you saying that…?"

"Yep! This scene will be broadcasted all of the universe!" Charlie smirked.

The man's jaw dropped. He then growled at the Survivors.

"You… I will NOT be taken for further humiliation!" The man growled.

"Silence, you pig!" Verona roared before throwing the cane. It went straight into his groin.

Everyone winced as the man fell onto his knees while holding his groin.

"I think THAT is further humiliation." Charlie winced.

The man winced in pain as he glared up at Verona. He then slowly rose to his feet.

"OUT! OUT! OUT!" The man roared.

Soon, the men was walking out of the building with Malletman still holding a drunk Verona.

"Well, at least we don't have to be stuck there for all of the time." Angelo muttered.

"Exactly!" Charlie grinned before looking back. "The only downside though is that I couldn't see all of the people getting drunk!"

Malletman rolled his eyes. "Well, now what? Touil isn't coming back for us for another hour."

"Whatever we want!" Angelo brightened up. "I mean surely ANYTHING we do out here is better than being in there!"

"Yeah, we are wearing suits, anyway!" Charlie joked. "Why not find a coconut and toss it to each other like a football?"

"No, all coconuts belong to queen Verona!" Verona yelled. "Those who said otherwise will be executed."

Charlie paused. "I don't think I would want to ride with in the pick-up truck with her like this."

"Me neither." Malletman sighed.

Verona was now seen in the confessional all bound and gagged. The cameraman then reached down to her mouth.

"So are you all sobered up now?" The cameraman asked, removing his gag.


The cameraman sighed before putting the gag back on. "Ask a stupid question…"
Survivor Xover Version 5: Ponderosa 4
Normally I would highlight a hobby or a trait of someone who had just been eliminated. However, is there really ANYTHING to Verona to highlight?
(Day 33)

Francesca laid in the shelter while holding her head. Kenny sat over her, listening to her speak.

“And then she had just walked out on me! Even though we both need each other, Mami said that she was going to do most of the work.” Francesca said in disbelief.

“Wow, to be so bitter at your ally as to NOT help them when both of you in the minority.” Kenny frowned.

“I know, right!? None of these moves I made were out of spite!” Francesca insisted. “I backstabbed my alliance because they sucked as allies! I backstabbed Malletman to get rid of a threat! Same with Bianna! I know that I am going to be painted as the bad guy in this game but for what? Playing the game? Heh.”

Kenny raised an eyebrow. “Perhaps. In doing so, you had hurt nearly most of the Final 10.”

Francesca quickly sat up. “But isn’t that the game? You have to backstab people to advance.”

Kenny shook his head. “Yes, but this is also a social game.”

“But I AM playing a social game! I rarely gotten into a fight with anyone!” Francesca explained. “I also talked with people who I genuinely thought were good allies.”

“Yes, but you had framed Spencer for Angelo’s elimination and nearly got him voted out.” Kenny explained. “AND you expected him to just come back to you after that.”

Francesca winced before collapsing on his back. “I just thought he would see the bigger picture and go with us.”

“Ignoring the fact that Spencer has a lot of anger and hatred inside of him, you honestly expect him NOT to act on hatred?” Kenny asked. “He is a living being. Living beings don’t liked to be dragged through mud and then asked to join them just because it is “logical”.”

Francesca winced at this before looking to the side. “I… I was just looking for the best way to play the game.”

“You know, previous winners had acted on emotion a couple of times and yet THEY still won…” Kenny pointed out.

Francesca growled before getting up. “So what do you want me to do? Make alliances without the other allies’ permission? Brings up truths that make destroy my alliance? Act like we are not playing the game!?”

“I never said that.” Kenny said, holding up his hand. “But you have to remember that not everyone has to play by “logic”.”

Francesca rolled her eyes before collapsing on her back. “Tell me about it…”

“Look, it is not like I haven’t TRIED to tolerate my old allies’ antics but soon I had lost my mind. That is why I was able to click with Charlie.” Francesca frowned. “HE been through the pain that I had been. HE knew what it is like to be stuck with bad allies and be in a bad situation that isn’t your fault. And now he is gone and all I left is a brat who is more a triangle-player than a guitarist.”


Kenny and Francesca had both got up.

“Oh! We are out of time!” Kenny said before looking at Francesca. “I hope that this session had been good for you.”

The wrestler merely shrugged. “Well, I guess it is nice for someone to point out that I am a horrible person WITHOUT raising their voice.”

“I don’t think you are a horrible person. Just getting too head-deep in the game.” Kenny reassured. “Now let’s go. Maybe the Challenge will cheer you up.”

“Not unless I get to go to Immunity…” Francesca muttered.

With that, the two had made their way back to camp to see Anke holding a letter with Spencer and Mami looking over her.

“So what is it this time?” Francesca sighed.

“It says…” Anke said before her eyes lit up. “Could you keep on swinging?”

Kenny paused. “Well, that could mean ANYTHING.”

“Meh. I don’t care what it is.” Spencer shrugged.

Mami cast Spencer a dark shot. “You wouldn’t be saying that if Charlie was still here.”

The nerd merely smirked. “So what is your point?”

Mami loudly growled while everyone else just rolled their eyes.

“Honestly, I couldn’t care less what the Challenge right now. I just don’t want Verona winning two Challenges in a row.” Anke said, rolling her eyes. “Because of what I said, she is never going to shut up about how much she deserves to be here. But um, Verona, I had never said you don’t deserved to be here because you were weak in the Challenges. Ugh. And Malletman is the meathead?”

(Immunity Challenge)

The five people waited patiently on the mat.

“We now bring in Verona and Bianna from the Reward.” Tiny said as the three walked in.

“Howdy, psychos.” Verona greeted, looking surprisingly cheerful.

"Alright. Are you all ready for your next Challenge?" Tiny asked before everyone nodded. "Good. Take a look at the ocean."

Everyone looked to see a long vine hanging from a cable right in front of the ocean. They were also buoys with numbers on it.

“Here is your next Challenge. It is simple to explain but hard to do. You will each be taking turns swinging from his vine and launching yourself into the ocean. You have to rock back and forth to get more distance into the ocean. Be careful because you only got one shot so make it count. Whoever gets the furthest into the ocean wins Immunity granting an 1-in-6 shot of winning.” Tiny explained.

Everyone looked at each other with slightly positive reactions. The Challenge seemed to be on even ground.

“Alright, let’s draw for spots.” Tiny said.


After the order had been decided, Mami climbed up a stepladder and grabbed the vine with both hands.

“Alright, Mami, you are up first to set the bar.” Tiny explained. “You are free to swing whenever you like.”

The rock star nodded her head. She then swung herself from back to forth a few times to get momentum for herself. Gritting her teeth, she let go of the rope and launched herself forward in the water. Tiny waited until Mami had came back over the surface to give her reply.

“Great job, Mami!” Tiny smiled. “You had gotten 44.93m.”

“How could you tell?” The redhead called out.

“Technology.” Tiny said, simply.

Everyone gave each other suspicious glares but shrugged it off as Mami made her way back to shore as the next person had made their way onto the vine.

“Okay, Kenny. It is your turn.” Tiny said.

The Pokemon trainer nodded his head before swinging back and forth just like Mami. However, people were quick to notice that he was going slower than Mami. Despite this, he put all of his strength in the swing as he let go and went straight into the water.

“Good job, Kenny. You had gotten 37.01m.” Tiny noted. “Unfortunately for you, Mami’s score still stands.”

“Seen that coming…” The psychic muttered before swimming back to shore.

The next person had slowly made their way to the vine. However, they didn’t looked very confident.

“Bianna, it is your turn.” Tiny said.

The robot nodded her head before swinging back and forth on the vine. However, due to all of the metal she had on, she was going much more slower than Kenny. Soon, she released herself and fell into the water.

“Um, good job, Bianna. You had gotten 16.45m.” Tiny said with a nervous cough. “It is safe to say that Mami is still in the lead.”

“I would like to remind you that completely made out of metal.” The blue-eyed woman scolded before making her way back to shore.

“How is even able to stay afloat then?” Tiny muttered as the next person went up. “Verona, it is your turn.”

The brunette nodded her head before wasting no time, swinging back and forth on her rope a few times. She was noticeably going a lot faster than everyone else so far. Soon, she had let go and went straight into the water.

“Great job, Verona! You had gotten 89.92!” Tiny complimented. “You are now on the board!”

“Yes! Suck it, Anke!” The survivor taunted as she swam her way back to shore. The monkey just shook her head in disgust.

The next person glared at Verona for her lack of sportsmanship before making their way onto the vine.

“Alright, Spencer. It is your turn.” Tiny said.

The nerd nodded his head before swinging back and forth. Much to everyone’s (including his) surprise, he was actually doing a good job of doing so. All of a sudden, he had let go of the vine early.






Verona and Tiny winced at the scene that they had witnessed. Spencer was now lying on top of everyone else in a big pile. Everyone groaned as Mami glared up at Spencer.

“You are supposed to let go of the vine TOWARDS the water, you idiot!” Mami roared.

“Hey, it is not my fault that my grip had gave way in the opposite direction!” Spencer insisted.

“Will you stop making excuses!?” Mami snapped.

Tiny merely shook his head in disbelief. “Well, I think it is safe to say that Verona’s score still stands.”

After everyone had gotten back up, the next person had made their way to the vine.

“Okay, Anke, it is your turn.” Tiny offered.

The monkey nodded her head before swinging back and forth. She had managed to do so at a quick speed. Narrowing her eyes in a surprisingly determined fashion, she let out a deep yell before soaring like a comet into the water.

“Great job, Anke! You had gotten 96.25!” Tiny smiled. “You are now in the lead!”

Verona’s smirk vanished. “What!?”

Anke smirked as she swam back to shore. “Right back at ya, Verona!”

Verona growled as everyone else just rolled their eyes. Francesca then made her way forward while shaking her head. She then made her way up the vine, knowing that this was it.

“Francesca, if you want to win Immunity. You have to get more than 96.25.” Tiny explained.

The wrestler nodded her head in determination. She then swung herself from left to right with a glare on her face. Everyone looked on in worry with most of them hoping that she would fail.

Soon, she let go and crashed straight into the water. Everyone looked on, realizing how close it was. They then stared at Tiny who crossed his arms.

“Francesca… You had gotten…”

Everyone looked on.

“85.27m.” Tiny called out. “ANKE WINS IMMUNITY!”

The monkey cheered as she did backflips in place. Everyone cheered her on. But Verona merely glared in disgust.


"Congratulations, Anke. You had Immunity granting you a 1-in-6 shot of winning." Tiny said placing the necklace around Anke's neck.

“I SO needed this morale boost!” The monkey grinned.

Tiny then looked at the others. "You all have a date with me at Tribal Council where one of you will be leaving this game. You have all day to figure out who. You may head back to camp."

(Límíng Tribe)

Anke was sitting on a log, admiring her Immunity Necklace with a bright smile on her face.

“Hey, nice job of winning Immunity.” Spencer smiled.

“Um, thanks…” The monkey said, not expecting a compliment from the nerd. “I am just glad that Verona didn’t won it.”

“Tell me about it. Who does she get off taunting you back there like that?” Spencer said, rolling his eyes.

Anke returned the gesture. “She did the exact said thing after she shot me and won the last Reward.”

“I am SO happy to win Immunity today! Verona had been casting me death glares ever since I had spoke what I really felt about her so it is great for someone she truly disliked to win Immunity over her!” Anke grinned before laughing. “Especially since she thought the reason I attacked her is because she is a weak player! That way, the only person rubbing salt on her wounds is herself! Ha!”

“Listen, I know that we are not close but could you do me a favour?” Spencer asked.

Anke raised a suspicious eyebrow. “Well, it depends but shoot.”

“Could you come with me to see Francesca and Mami?” Spencer asked. “I want to confront them.”

Anke blinked twice. “W-Why? They are both as good as gone anyway, why risk breaking the truce just to go after them?”

“Because of I am worried that they may try to break it.” Spencer pointed.

Anke’s eyes widened. “W-What do you mean?”

“Isn’t it obvious? Francesca and Mami are both untrustworthy, aren’t they? What is stopping them from going to everyone else behind our backs and trying to save themselves?” Spencer pointed out.

Anke sighed as she hanged her head. “Nothing…”

“Exactly. They can’t afford to be trusted!” Spencer nodded.

Anke sighed before looking up. “So… What should we do?”

Spencer then smirked. “I say we stalk them. Can’t go around our backs if we are literally standing next to them.”

Anke paused for a moment before frowning. “That doesn’t seem right.”

Suddenly, she then smirked.

“But it sure seemed fun!”

“That’s because it will be!” Spencer laughed.

“I know that we would be abusing the truce that we had made but Francesca and Mami left us no choice that they actually want to go through it. I mean look at how many people they had backstabbed!” Spencer pointed out. “All Anke and I have to do is stalk the both of them before Tribal Council and then we would be safe.”

Meanwhile, Mami laid against the wall with her arms crossed. Francesca was standing a good distance away.

“There is a chance that we could make it.” Francesca said, trying to cheer Mami up.

“If there is, I don’t see it.” The rock star said, waving it off.

Francesca held up her hands in disbelief. “Aw, come on! You are not even trying!”

Mami glared up at Francesca. “Why should I try when you were the one who got us into this mess!?”

“Uh-huh, no way, it does NOT work like that.” The wrestler scolded. “If you do that, you will be nothing more than a coattail-rider.”

“Well, what am I supposed to do?” Mami asked. “Do you realize that you only reason I can’t just ditch you just like Spencer and Malletman is because you are not the only one who is casting me death glares?”

“And yet you are treating me like your enemy!” Francesca insisted.

“I have to find some way to prove to Mami that our games are not over yet and yes, she SHOULD get off her rear and play the game.” Francesca said, crossing her arms. “While I still stand what I said about Angelo, Verona and Anke, at least they wouldn’t just TELL ME TO MY FACE that they wouldn’t help me.”

“Look, just stop and think. They must be something that we could do.” The brunette said.

“Well, you sure as hell not doing it NOW!”

Francesca and Mami’s eyes bugged out before turning their towards to see Spencer and Anke smirking smugly at them while crossing their arms.

Mami immediately grunted in disgust. “What do YOU want?”

“Nothing much. I just wanted to know that there isn’t any more “surprises” at the next Tribal Council.” Spencer said, casually.

“And what if we are? You do not control us!” Mami spat.

“No but you had still agreed to the truce.” Spencer pointed out. “We have a right to make sure that you follow it.”

“Right, my boot!” Mami snapped.

“Look, guys, we were not planning anything. Honest!” Francesca insisted.

“Yes, for NOW.” Anke said, rolling her eyes.

“What do we have to prove otherwise?” Francesca asked in disbelief.

“Well, if you are truly okay with the truce, you wouldn’t mind some extra company.” Spencer noted.

“I mean it is not like you would be crowded by people for a while.” Anke pointed out.

“Oh, good one!” Spencer smirked as he and Anke fist-bumped each other.

Mami gritted her teeth while Francesca merely rolled her eyes.

“Alright, alright, you win.” Francesca said with a sigh of defeat.

Mami looked up at Francesca in disbelief. “What!? Francesca, you can’t be serious!”

The wrestler nodded her head. “Unfortunately, I am. If these two are THAT concerned about us, then we have no choice but to oblige.”

Spencer smirked. “Glad you see it our way.”

“For once.” Anke nodded.

Francesca growled as Mami looked back and forth between the group in disbelief.

“What is WRONG with this woman!? We are not breaking the truce, THEY are by confronting us! They are stalking us and invading our personal space!” Mami said in disbelief. “Had she learned nothing about doing ANYTHING with Spencer! Ugh, I hate this season!”

Meanwhile, Bianna was lying down in the shelter with Kenny giving the final session.

“I mean I DON’T want to look down at organic beings because if I did that, I would be no better than Dr. Nefarious.” Bianna explained. “But… After these last few days, I had started to lose my faith in them.”

Kenny’s eyes widened at this. “Wait, what? Why?”

Bianna rolled her eyes. “Like you really did to ask. Malletman nearly drowned a sixteen-year-old boy. Anke had verbally-assaulted someone who was just as much a victim as her. Mami backstabbed us all and still made it sound like the people she hurt was the ones at fault.”

She then sighed.

“Honestly, the only people who deserve to make jury is me, you and Angelo.” Bianna sighed.

Kenny shrank back. “Deserve is a strong word, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is but these… People had forced me to say out that none of these people deserve it.” Bianna said. “They had made me… So… So upset. ESPECIALLY Mami.”

“Well, considering she backstabbed you, it is understandable that you would feel disdain towards her.” Kenny shrugged.

Bianna narrowed her eyes. “No, you don’t understand. I am alright with her backstabbing me. I mean why SHOULD Mami stay loyal to me? I had been campaigning you and Malletman to get her out after Lillian had her meltdown at her. I wouldn’t say it was the smartest move but I could more or less see her logic.”

Kenny blinked twice. “So… Why did you do so?”

Bianna then let out a sigh. “It is Malletman. While he had backstabbed Mami, it is like… she felt that Malletman doesn’t deserve to be forgiven for what he did. I mean it is not like he did the things that he did out of spite, he did it out of strategy! Which, by the way, was the same thing that Mami tried to justify.”

“Indeed. Though in Mami’s defense, she thinks she was trying to defend herself.” Kenny pointed out.

Bianna sat up. “Exactly! She THINKS she was trying to defend herself! Instead she had backstabbed a lot of people for no reason and ruined her own game as a result!”

Kenny shook his head. “Well, remember what I said Mami when Le Cock got voted off about over-emotional she could get when she feels inferior.”

“Well, at the moment, she IS inferior. She had absolutely to owe up to her mistakes and tried to justified them!” Bianna snapped. “She thinks SHE is the main victim in all of this! Malletman owed up to what he had done so why not Mami!?”

Kenny paused before sighing. “That is for Mami to realize on her own because she clearly just dismissed your anger.”

Bianna rolled her eyes. “Tell me about it…”

“Alright, that is everyone. I had a therapy session with everyone for the most part, everyone had gotten out a lot of their anger.” Kenny explained. “Now maybe it is not too late to go into the Finale WITHOUT going at each other.”


Bianna and Kenny looked up to see Verona making her way over.

“Oh, Verona. Have you decided that you wanted a session, after all?” Kenny asked.

The brunette froze in her spot. “What? No! I just came over to tell you that we are going to Tribal Council in the next few minutes so if you have anything else to add, make it fast!”

Bianna and Kenny’s eyes widened before looking at the sky. Indeed, the sun was setting.

“Goodness. Had it been THAT long already?” Bianna asked, surprised.

“Looks like it.” Verona said before looking down. “So I know this is a stupid question but there is no reason to strategize tonight, right?”

“After what just happened?” Kenny asked with a raised eyebrow. “If this is an attempt to gaining a sense of humor then this is a poor start.”

“Ha. That almost DID gave me a sense of humor.” Verona said, sarcastically.

“Tonight, it is between Francesca and Mami. And based on who were aligned with those two demons, the votes seemed to be split.” Verona explained. “I and I think Anke want Francesca gone while Spencer and Bianna want to sent Mami packing. But whatever, the point is that one of them is gone and while we want someone else more than others, there is no denying that this had to be done.”

“I just hope that we would go through with this without any surprises.” Kenny sighed.

“Same here. I had enough of surprises.” Verona nodded.

“Here’s hoping that this vote would be straightforward.” Bianna said, looking up.

“Gameplay-wise, I don’t think anything would change by this vote but this may be our most important Tribal Council yet.” Bianna explained. “If this vote goes off perfectly, then it restore my faith back in organics. I mean sure, obviously all of our hatred won’t disappear overnight but it would prove that each of us DO have a sense of peace of mind.”

(Tribal Council)

The remaining seven castaways had made their way to Tribal Council where Tiny was waiting.

"Hello, Survivors." Tiny said. "Take a seat."

Everyone obliged.

"We now bring in the jury." Tiny said as the jury walked in. "Charlie voted off at the last Tribal Council."

The jury then saw down. Charlie was now wearing a black leather biker’s jacket with matching pants and a red shirt. There were fiery red tips on his Mohawk.

“Now, Spencer, could you tell me what in the world had just happened at the last Tribal Council?” Tiny asked in disbelief.

The nerd proudly smirked. “Gladly. It turns out that yes, I was NOT responsible for Angelo’s elimination and it WAS the fault of Charlie, Francesca and Mami. And it turns out that they were idiots because they trusted me even though I didn’t wanted to do anything with them. So I decided to sneak the others behind a bush so I would meet-up with them and gave me the Idol to use on myself.”

“Wait… Are you saying that those three had the Idol and they gave it to you?” Tiny asked.

“Yeah, if I knew that they were going to do that, I MAY actually think about sticking with them for a vote.” Spencer said, before shrugging. “Eh. That Tribal Council was all mine already and if an Immunity Idol is all I needed to sacrifice, then that’s fine. The point is that I was the MVP, baby!”

Charlie growled. “Double M, how the hell did you and the Byakko tribe had managed to NOT strangle this little punk?”

Malletman shook his head. “I don’t know…”

“Wait, Francesca, so you were the one who voted off Angelo?” Tiny asked. “Why though? Isn’t he your closest ally from the start?”

“Yes, he was.” The wrestler said, shaking her head. “But he was far too headstrong and stubborn to be a decent ally and then there was that whole fight he had with Verona before Kira’s final Tribal Council. I had no choice but to find some way to break away from him.”

Angelo gave a small growl before looking to the side. “Whatever, harpy…”

“Angelo…” Malletman said, sadly.

“But what about Verona and Anke?” Tiny asked. “What about them?”

“They were no better than Angelo.” Francesca reassured. “Anke is a hyper, childish kid who isn’t even trying to play and Verona is a short-tempered bulldog who blows up over the silliest of reasons.”

Anke glared at Francesca. “Well, sorry about Angelo and I can’t be strategybots like you, Francesca!”

Verona rolled her eyes with a growl.

“Hmm? Was there something wrong with Anke’s comment, Verona?” Tiny asked.

“Yes, noticed that she didn’t put ME in that sentence.” The survivor pointed out.

“Huh. Good point. Your response to this?” Tiny questioned.

The teenager merely sighed. “After finding out what Francesca really felt about us, I had realized something. Francesca did more than broke her word. She blackmailed Angelo into keeping Verona and yet she had realized that was a huge mistake and instead of trying to fix it, she ran off with her tails between her legs.”

Francesca visibly winced at this. “By that time, I was just as fed with you and Angelo.”

“Francesca, is this the part where I just accept that?” Anke asked in disbelief.

“Give her hell, Anke!” Angelo said, narrowing his eyes.

“Oh sure, NOW you attacked the right person.” Verona spat.

Anke rolled her eyes. “Look, Verona, I am sorry. I shouldn’t had attacked you. I should had attacked Francesca. But that still doesn’t change the fact that I meant everything that I said. The only reason that you had lasted this long is because of Francesca blackmailing Angelo.”

“And what makes YOU so deserving of going so far?” Verona challenged.

“Nothing, really except that Angelo wanted to be aligned with you.” Anke said before crossing her arms. “But unlike with Francesca, I strongly doubt that Angelo had regretted aligning with me even if it was in his best interests to do otherwise.”

All Angelo did was grin was ear to ear.

“Well, we seen the effects of Francesca’s backstabbing but let’s see Mami’s side.” Tiny said. “Mami, what is YOUR reasoning?”

The rock star merely sighed. “I couldn’t trust Spencer OR Malletman after what they had done to me.”

“Okay, I hear your reasoning for not trusting Spencer but what is up with Malletman?” Tiny asked. “I mean it is not like you had predicted that Malletman would attempt to drown Spencer.”

“Um, ouch?” Malletman winced.

Mami narrowed her eyes. “He never wanted to be aligned with me. He only wanted me and Spencer to join his alliance because it was either us or a fairy, a lazy jerk and a rooster who SERIOUSLY needs to get over himself.”

Bianna growled. “Mami, for the last time, Malletman was trying to ATONE for his actions. After hearing about what happened to Sugar from Galia, he realized what he had done and tried to keep the original Byakko tribe together.”

“Lies.” Mami spat.

“Oh, and why would he lie about something like that?” Bianna asked.

“I don’t know. He just thought that saying “you are the cream of the crap” isn’t good enough.” Mami said.

“Wow… You weren’t kidding when you said Mami had a low opinion on me.” Malletman said with an unseen frown.

“Bianna, you are clearly upset by Mami’s betrayal.” Tiny said.

“Of course! It is one thing to backstab someone for something that isn’t true but despite all this, she is acting like she was the one wounded here!” The female robot said.

“I had been backstabbed by both sides of Byakko and I was forced to go whoever I could find at the merge!” Mami insisted. “I was just trying to survive!”

“By making a giant robot with super strength nearly drown me?” Spencer piped up.


“Mami, Mami, please!” Tiny begged. The rock star scoffed. “Kenny, it seemed that the last Tribal Council had opened a lot of anger.”

“You have no idea.” Kenny sighed. “If we continue on the path we are going down, we will practically murder each other before we reach the final Tribal Council. That is why we had made a truce.”

“A truce?” Tiny asked, confused.

“Yes, most of us had agreed that we can’t go on like this so they took turns having a therapy session with me as the psychiatrist.” Kenny explained. “As the only one who DIDN’T had a shouting match after Charlie left AND having experience with trying to figure out emotions, most of them thought it was the best choice.”

“Well, it is refreshing to do that not EVERYONE lost their cool.” Charlie said with a sigh.

“Wait, you said most.” Tiny pointed out. “Who DIDN’T agreed?”

Verona rolled her eyes before raising her arm.

“You Verona?” Tiny asked. “Why?”

“Why the hell should I give my personal information to my opponent?” The brunette challenged. “I must be the only one who thinks this is a stupid idea.”

Kenny turned towards Verona. “Verona, it is not like I am forcing people to do this. It was unanimous.”

“Look,  squirt, I know that we all have issues. Anyone who says otherwise deserves a bullet between the eyes.” The brunette said. “But we are still playing the game. Sure, I don’t want spending most of the time at the Finale ranting about Francesca and Mami but I don’t want to give information to someone who would use it against it.”

Kenny merely sighed. “Fair enough.”

“Kenny, do you think your therapy session had helped?” Tiny asked.

“I should hope so.” The psychic said. “It all comes down to this next vote. To prove if we had all calmed down.”

Angelo looked to the others. “Finger crossed, boys.”

“Okay, fair enough. Here’s hoping for the best.” Tiny nodded. “Anke, you have Immunity. Do you want to give it up?”

“Nope!” The monkey said, brightly.

“Alright, you cannot vote for Anke. Everyone else is fair game.” Tiny said. “Kenny, you are up.”

The purple-clad teenager nodded his head before making his way over to the voting table. “Please let this work.”

Spencer coolly adjusted his glasses and walked over. After casting a vote, he casually walked back.

Anke practically sprinted over to the stool and bounded up. She wasted no time writing down a vote and putting it in the urn before zooming back to the others.

Mami hanged her head as she made her way over to the table. “Oh, what is the point?”

Bianna coolly walked over to the table. After putting her vote in the urn, she had made her way back.

Verona stomped straight over to the voting table. She then snatched the pen. “A traitor gets what a traitor deserves.”

Francesca slowly made her way over to the table. She then narrowed her eyes in determination. “If they think I am going to accept this fate, then they got another thing coming.”

With that, she ran back. Tiny then got up.

“I’ll get the votes.”

Everyone cast each other suspicious glares as Tiny made his way.

“I’ll read them out.”

“First vote, Francesca.”

Francesca nodded her head.

“Second vote, Verona. One vote, Francesca. One vote, Verona.”

Verona raised an eyebrow.

“Third vote, Verona. Two votes, Verona. One vote, Francesca.”

Verona merely shrugged it off.

“Fourth vote, Verona. Three votes, Verona. One vote, Francesca.”

Verona’s eyes bugged out.

“Fourteenth person voted out of Survivor and fourth member of the jury… Is Verona…”

Angelo, Malletman and Charlie sat completely wide-eyed.

“Whoa… This is one unpredictable season…” Malletman noted.

“Yeah…” Angelo said before smirking. “But I can’t say that I am not happy.”

Verona sat in her seat, looking absolutely stunned. Everyone else looked happy with the vote.

"Verona, you have to bring me your torch…"

The survivor continued to sit while looking dazed. She then growled before getting up and glaring at the group.

“Guys, what the hell!?” She roared.

“You broke the truce.” Anke calmly said.

“Broke the truce? What are you…” Verona said before her eyes widened. “Don’t tell me that you voted me off because I was the only one who…”

Everyone nodded their heads. Verona stood stunned by what was going on. After a few moments, she growled while clenching her fists.

“Alright, you know what? Fine!” Verona roared. “If I won this season anyway, I would just be a female Boston Rob!”

Kenny and Anke rolled their eyes as Verona grabbed her torch and stomped over to Tiny, placing her torch in front of him.

“Verona, the tribe has…” Tiny said before he noticed Verona storming off. “Verona, where are you going?”

The curly-haired woman stopped in her tracks to turn around.

“Disneyland.” She said before shouting in anger. “I AM GOING TO THE JUROR HOUSE! WHERE ELSE WOULD I BE GOING!?”

With that, she turned around stomped off. Tiny watched her leave in disgust before turning towards the others. “Well, it is safe to say that Verona did not seen that coming. But it seemed like she is the only person who DIDN’T. That means this truce had actually worked. Maybe now you guys would be able to go forward into the Finale. You may head back to camp.”

Everyone had picked up their torches and walked out, all of them looking happy. Kenny brought up the rear, pleased with the tribe. They had all bonded together to take out the one person who DIDN’T followed the truce. Nonetheless, despite proving that they would not act on emotion, the game still goes on. But hopefully, this would have a satisfying ending.

“Who gets voted out just for not wanting to all of their personal feelings to their opponent!? Who!? Who!?” Verona roared, flailing her arms around. “I had been robbed! I do NOT deserved to go for such an idiotic reason! That’s it! This season is beyond irredeemable! I never wanted to see those morons for as long as I live!”


Verona: Anke, Bianna, Francesca, Kenny, Mami, Spencer.

Francesca: Verona.
Survivor Xover Version 5: Day 31 to 33 Part 2
And thus Verona leaves the game. I’ll be honest. I was not proud of having Verona make it this far. Truth be told, I wanted her to have a more antagonistic role but she was easily overshadowed by other people depending on the situation. While she wasn’t completely OTTN, she was mostly noise that again got overshadowed by other people.

NOTE: She and Tyrone had swapped places. She was supposed to go third while Tyrone would be voted out here. The reason I swapped them is because I just felt that Verona for better or worse, make for more interesting situation.

Next is the Family Visit. And in case, you are getting sick of these guys, don't worry, you will have six new people to distract you! :XD:



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Now I know that it is may be too little, too late to save this season but bear with me here. Honestly, the ending would not make you want to tear your hair out.
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