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(Theme Songs)

Desert Theme & Battleship Theme (Hard Corps: Uprising)

(Turn Start Quotes)

Bahamut: “Lock and loaded!”

“Let’s get it on!”

Krystal: “I am ready!”

“Let’s do it!”

(Item Get Quotes)

Bahamut: “I found something!”

“What do we have here?”

Krystal: “I found an item!”

“This may be some use to us!”

(Using Item Quotes)

Bahamut: “Alright!”

“Let’s continue on!”

Krystal: “Using item!”

“Take this!”

(Knocked Out Quotes)

Bahamut: “Dang it… Not here…”

“Ugh, I got hit…”

Krystal: “I had failed…”

“Is this where I die?”

(Getting Revived Quotes)

Bahamut: “Thanks…”

“I owe ya!”

Krystal: “Sorry…”

“I won’t let them away with that!”

(Reviving Ally Quotes)

Bahamut: “You are just going to take that!?”

“Come on, don’t die on me!”

Krystal: “Please! Don’t die!”

“Live! Don’t you have a home to go back to?”

(Summoned As Support Quotes)

Bahamut: “Back-up Dakka, on the way!”

“You heard them, Krystal!”

Krystal: “I will not miss!”

“They are calling us, Bahamut!”

(Pre-Battle Solo Conversation Quotes)

Bahamut: “Feels weird not to be able to shoot these guys in one hit.”

Krystal: “Perhaps but I strongly doubt that would matter that much.”

(Post-Battle Solo Conversation Quotes)

Krystal: “What is this nightmare going to end?”

Bahamut: “Beats me, Krystal. But like hell we are going to give up.”

(Super Attack)

Crash & Plasma: Bahamut and Krystal had ran forward shooting their respective guns into the enemy. They then started to flip around while still firing bullets at the enemy. Then, Krystal switched weapons and fired a small ball of fire that had struck the enemy which resulted in a large flame that engulfed the poor sap. Bahamut then switched HIS gun and fired three grenades, one at a time which resulted in a series of explosions which sent the enemy flying into the sky.

(Multi Attack)

Laser & Spread: Bahamut and Krystal fired their guns on the enemies just like in their Super Attack. Then, Bahamut switched guns and fired multiple blue thin lasers that home in on the enemies and struck them multiple times. Then, Krystal changed her own gun and fired three fast orbs at once at the enemies, knocking them away.

(Dealing Final Blow Quotes)

Bahamut: “You are an eyesore!”

Bahamut “Get out of my face!”

“Can’t say I am going to miss you!”

Krystal: “I am not good at holding back!”

“I am no pushover!”

“Let me give you a taste of hell!”

(Dealing Final Blow Poses)

When Bahamut fires the Crash gun, he gave an annoyed yet tranquil.

When Krystal readies the Plasma gun, she gave a determined look on her face.

(Pre-Battle Conversations With Support Unit Quotes)


Shanoa: What do you think is more better for this enemy? My magic or your guns?

Krystal: Why don’t we try it out on this schmuck and find out?

Bahamut: Yeah, it is not like anyone here got anything to lose!

(Bill Rizer)

Bahamut: Bill, I know what it is like to fight what was used to be your best friend. And I would not wish that feeling even on my enemies.

Bill: Hey, it is alright. These muscles are not just for show. I am tougher than I look!

Krystal: You may hide them for the world but your scars will always be visible to you…

(Solar Boy Django)

Bahamut: What kind of dinky gun is that?

Krystal: I am with Bahamut. It only fires one shot and it takes too long to charge completely. You would be dead if you are in our world!

Django: Um, you do know that this ISN’T your world, huh?


Nanami: You had witnessed so much, Krystal. Why do you continue fighting on?

Krystal: Because if I just run away, then some poor soul may go through what I had endured.

Bahamut: Agreed. There is no running away.

(Henry Townshend)

Bahamut: You know, Henry. You should really train more.

Krystal: Yes, even though you do not wish to fight, you should at least dedicate yourself to self-defence.

Henry: ...For some reason, I doubt there is a dojo that could help me flip multiple times in the air.


Sparkster: You know, one time, Bill and I had teamed up together.

Bahamut: Wait… You? And Bill?

Krystal: Nothing personal but Bill seems like the type of person to eat glass rather than be associated with anything cute.


Nyami: Hey, guys! Let’s dance!

Bahamut: What? Here? Now! Are you for real!?

Krystal: Dancing. How long ago before I actually done so…


Wade: Hey, guys! Pass me one of those upgrades over here, will ya?

Krystal: These are not toys, Wade!

Bahamut: Yeah, sorry, man but unless you could flip like this, these may be too dangerous for you.

(Aboa Anoa)

Anoa: Aoba Anoa is ready to provide air support!

Bahamut: Heh. Usually it is just you, me, Harley and Sayuri.

Krystal: Yes, any type of support, especially one that could keep up with us is truly appreciated.

(Athena Asamiya)

Athena: Oh, Krystal… I sense so much sadness in your heart.

Krystal: Heh. I guess that you can’t hide your true self from a psychic.

Bahamut: You don’t have to be a psychic to know the hell that you had went through.

(Mai Shiranui)

Bahamut: Hmm… You know, ladies, perhaps you two will switches roles for a while with Mai acting as my partner.

Krystal: ...Really, Bahamut? Really?

Mai: Sorry, Krystal… Bahamut is just being a stupid man, I’m afraid.


Krystal: Must be nice to be able to live in a forest, untouched by evil human hands.

Nakoruru: And it is refreshing to do that there are people from your world who don’t think I am being silly!

Bahamut: I guess people don’t know what they have until it is gone.


Kaede: Guys, you fight with a samurai, correct? Then let me at her. I want to see if she is truly strong.

Bahamut: Sure, if that is what you want. It is your funeral.

Krystal: That’s right. She is the only one who is allowed to bring a sword to a gunfight.

(Sho Hayate)

Hayate: I haven’t seen freaky outfits like those since I fought Nicola.

Krystal: ...Bahamut, what is wrong with our outfits?

Bahamut: I don’t know. Though whenever I put on these clothes, I always felt like I should wield a sword that looks like a cigarette lighter.

(Kisarah Westfield)

Krystal: Kisarah, what is it like to be normal?

Kisarah: I… I… I am sorry. There is no way I could actually answer that.

Bahamut: Fair enough, kid. We understand.

(Leona Heidern)

Bahamut: The Ikari Warriors, huh? I had heard a lot about you guys.

Leona: Enough to know how much of an asset I am.

Krystal: Definitely. Now let’s show these guys true hell!


Iroha: Huh, I haven’t seen such a foreign weapon since I had met Andrew.

Krystal: What? Your world actually has guns?

Bahamut: ...For some reason, I see some type of antique with a blade attached to it.

(Janne D’Arc)

Janne: So Bahamut… Are you single?

Bahamut: WHAT!? We are in the middle of the battle and you are electing me as your next suitor!?

Krystal: Truth be told, there IS no other man like you.


Elta: So if the powers you shoot from your guns is not magic, then what is it?

Bahamut: It is just how technology had advanced over the years.

Krystal: Though I wonder that if we are so advanced, how come these types kept showing up in the most random places…


Bowser: Bahamut, huh? Well, don’t get cocky. There is only room for one top fire-breather. And that is ME!

Bahamut: ...What?

Krystal: And you wonder how people see you as a joke.

(Samus Aran)

Bahamut: Wait, you DAMAGE enemies when you flip into them?

Krystal: How amazing! If you could fire your gun while doing so then you would be near-unstoppable!

Samus: ...You guys have interesting views on gunmanship.

(Captain Falcon)

Bahamut: On your toes, Falcon!

Falcon: Heh! Are you kidding me!? I could run just as fast, if not FASTER than you!

Krystal: Good. Because we are the types to run and shoot.

(Donkey Kong)

DK: Bahamut and Krystal fought in jungle before?

Krystal: Multiple times, actually.

Bahamut: Still, we had never actually faced against ice-wielding Vikings!


Palutena: Bahamut, Krystal. Don’t hesitate to call me if you need any help.

Krystal: ...This feels weird to be asking for someone from Heaven for help.

Bahamut: Yeah, I thought that there was no such place...


Krystal: Serena, stay back! This may get too hairy for you!

Serena: Don’t worry! I’ll be alright! I got my Pokemon to protect me!

Bahamut: Your Pokemon. As in you are not fending for yourself.

(Little Mac)

Bahamut: Heh. You are pretty tough, Little Mac. Still, I don’t think that you may face-off against me.

Krystal: Agreed. This battle is different from the world.

Little Mac: Uh-huh. You say that and yet I feel like I could take more hits than you two combined.


Krystal: So you had lost your body. You have my sympathy.

Fiora: It is alright. I had gotten used to it by now. But still, I missed my own Homs body.

Bahamut: Agreed.


Ika: Monochrome outfits? No, no, no! Let’s get some colour onto those clothes!

Krystal: ACK! What are you doing!?

Bahamut: If you are going to be a paint-squirting lunatic, at least do it on your enemies!
KonamiXSNKXNintendo2.0: Bahamut and Krystal
Here is the next pair of my Project X Zone sequel. Bahamut and Krystal from Hard Corps: Uprising. I must admit, this may had been the hardest pair to do yet. I mean I had never even heard of these guys if it wasn't for Redrojo and I can't really get that much personality from the sites. Fun fact: Bahamut was going to be an overly macho man like Bill and Lance but I don't know. The original pair just pulled that off better. :shrug:
"Your destined partner is… lo and behold…" The mechanical voice said.

Robin watched as the spotlights continued to shine onto his allies. After what seemed like an eternity, the lights had finally focused on one particular Smasher. As it did so, loud cheering could be heard.

Samus’ eyes widened at this.

“What!? Me!?” She then narrowed her eyes. “If this is some type of joke, then I am notttttt!”

That was the sound of Samus after she and Robin fell through a trap door each, dropping them below.


After falling through the trap door, Robin and Samus had soon hit the bottom with a loud thud, blacking out instantly. It wasn't until a few minutes later that they had soon came to. The two groaned before sitting down.

“Ugh, my head…” Samus muttered.

"Samus, are you okay?" Robin weakly asked.

“Well, I could walk it off if that is what you are asking…” Samus muttered.

The two then slowly made their way to their feet. It was then the two of them had quickly realized something really important. They were holding hands.

“Robin…” Samus said, darkly. “What the hell do you think you're doing!?”

“ACK!” The white-haired yelped. “I am sorry!”

He then tried to let go of Samus' hand. However, after a bit of pulling, the two had quickly noticed they were unable to take their hands apart.

“What the hell!? How come our hands are super-glued together!?” Samus exclaimed.

"It seems that you had reached your destination." The mechanical voice from earlier spoke.

“You!” Samus snarled. “Why did you dragged us here!? Who do you think you are!?”

"This seems to be a path where lovers who met their destined partners discuss their love for each other." The mechanical voice pointed out.

It was then Robin and Samus had finally took the chance to look around the area they had been dropped in. They seemed to be on a path in a beautiful meadow that had flowers everywhere. Looking up at the sky, it was a bright blue with a few clouds and even a rainbow. It was just like the fairytale version of heaven.

"What could be waiting up ahead?" The mechanical voice asked. "You are free to step forth hand-in-hand, curiosity and fear in your hearts, or you can refrain."

“So YOU were the one who stuck our hands together!?” Samus yelled. “I swear I will find you and I WILL kill you!”

"You are free to step forth, or refrain from doing so." The mechanical voice explained. "These are your apparent options. Now step forth!"</>

“Don’t ignore me!” Samus roared.

“Samus, please, calm down!” Robin pleaded.

“Calm down? Calm down!?” The bounty hunter said in disbelief. “We are forced to go down this cheesy background for a Hallmark card while holding our hands together like some lovey-dovey couple and you expect me to calm down!?”

“Samus, I know that this is crazy but we have to keep a cool head about this!” Robin begged.

“Easy for YOU to say!” The blonde woman snapped. “This is EXACTLY what you wanted!”

Robin’s eyes widened when he heard this. “Excuse me?”

“Don’t give me that! I had heard the rumours about you!” Samus snapped. “How you could make any and I mean ANY woman your army to fall in love with you!”

“What!? Samus, I don’t know where that rumour come from but it is not true!” Robin insisted.

“Yeah, I bet you want me to believe that is not true!” The blonde woman spat. “Sorry, I am not going to be ANYONE’S groupie! Oh and I take back the sorry part!”

“Samus, be reasonable! If I really was just a womaniser, then I would had gone after you a long time ago.” Robin pointed out.

“Uh-huh. Nice try. You probably heard about me and that if you come after me too fast, you would blow it!” Samus scolded. “Well, tough luck for you! Your chances with me are ruined the moment I heard the rumours!”

“Samus, I…” Robin started.

“Ugh, this is ridiculous!” Samus grumbled. “I should be arguing with an idiot like you! My combat prowess is limited while our hands are stuck together like this! I have to find whoever stuck us together before those monsters find us!”

“Samus, please…” Robin begged. “I am nothing like that…”

“Save it! It is bad enough being dragged to this stupid school and forced to fight these monsters but I have to do it while stuck with someone who thinks that could wrap any and all girls around their fingers!” Samus snapped. “Now if you are smart, you would shut it unless it is to find a way out of this ridiculous place!”

“But I…” Robin said.

“I said ” Samus spat.

Robin winced before looking down.

The two then made their way down the path, hand-in-hand. They had walked on for five minutes before a certain voice had decided to make themselves known.

"Suddenly, all in attendance hear an announcement."

“You again!?” Samus roared. “Do you think I want to hear anything from you besides your groans of pain when I find you!?”

"Up ahead, they see a bride and groom's joyous commemorative photograph of love." The mechanical voice explained.

The two then looked ahead at their path and just as the voice said, there seemed to be some kind of large picture with roses all over the frame.

"They confer between them whether to look at it, or ignore it." The mechanical voice said.

Samus growled. “Oh yeah? Well, just for that, I am defacing it! Come on, womaniser!”

With that, the two had made their way over to the picture to inspect it. However, their eyes had bugged out when they saw the picture was of a white-clad prince that was holding a woman in a wedding dress, bridal-style. Clearly a wedding photo.

But what really caught their attention was that the groom's head was Robin's and the bride's head was Samus’.

Samus’ eyebrow twitched violently. “Did… Did they strip us naked while we are unconscious!?”

“Um, Samus…” Robin piped up.

“Really, Robin?” The bounty hunter asked in disbelief. “You had decided to choose to test me here and now when I had been violated!”

“I had been violated too…” The tactician muttered. “Which is what I would say if that was the case.”

“Excuse me?” Samus asked.

“Take a look at the picture.” Robin pointed out. “Look how different our faces are from the bodies.”

Samus paused for a moment. “Hmm… Yeah, I see now. I am still angry though. I can’t believe that they had made this picture of us together…”

“I guess that they are really pushing this destined partner thing with us, huh?” Robin winced.

Samus glared at Robin. “Yeah, just don’t get carried away. It is clear that it is a bunch of bull!”

“I won’t!” The white-haired man insisted. “I literally didn’t know that this would happen!”

“Well, this is STILL your fault!” Samus snapped.

Robin’s pupils shrank. “What!?”

“If you just listened to me, Falco and as much as I hate to admit it, GANONDORF, we wouldn’t be in this mess!” Samus scolded. “But nooo, you just HAD to find out who your destined partner is!”

“Hey, now! Now you are being unreasonable!” Robin said, getting fed up with Samus’ attitude.

“Oh, because trying to find out who is your true love in this crazy maze is SO reasonable!” Samus said, rolling her eyes.

“What is going on with you!?” Robin scolded. “I know that you were never the sociable type but these horrid accusations are uncalled for!”

Samus’ eyes bugged out. “Did you really need to ask what is going on with me!? Take a look around you!”

“That’s right! We are stuck in a place where we need to work together to escape this place!” Robin pointed out. “Arguing would accomplish NOTHING!”

Samus narrowed her eyes before looking away from Robin. “...Whatever. Let’s just get over so we don’t have to be stuck together anymore. It is shameful to holding hands with a womaniser.”

“But I am not…” Robin pleaded. “I don’t know where that ridiculous rumor came from.”

“Forget it… Lucina told me everything.” Samus said. “About how you have some magnetic power to be able to make friends with anyone, regardless of their personalities, interests or love.”

Robin blinked twice. “Um, I fail to see how that classifies me as a womaniser.”

Samus glared at Robin. “I was getting to that! She also said if you wanted to, you could sweep the feet off of any women in the army and marry them!”

The mage’s eyes widened at this. “What!? I don’t know where Lucina got that idea but I am merely doing my job as a soldier! Interacting with my fellow fighters so we would work together to win the war!”

Samus raised an eyebrow. “And you don’t want to do the same here!”

“What? Of course I do! But not to fight together seeing that we are in a tournament!” Robin insisted. “To learn more about you guys! Your worlds! Your friends! The previous tournaments!”

Samus paused. “Uh-huh…”

She then sighed.

“Look, I still don’t believe you…” She said.

“But I…” Robin started before she held up her hand.

“But I admit that I let the madness of this whole situation get the better of me and be unfair to you.” Samus sighed. “I should had at least asked Lucina or the other women if they had been hit on you.”

“R-Really?” Robin asked, slowly.

“Yeah, I am sorry…” Samus frowned. “I shouldn’t had snapped at you when you are just as much as a victim as I am here.”

Robin sighed in relief. “It is alright, Samus. I just want to us to be at peace for the time being.”

“Yeah… You’re right. Whether it is your fault or not, yelling at you will not accomplish anything.” Samus said in relief. “Come on. Let’s get out of this place.”

“Agreed.” Robin nodded.

The two then continued down the path while passing the picture and admired the lovely scenery in front of them. They had walked on for another five minutes, wondering how long was this path went on.

“You know, it perplexes me.” Robin piped up.

Samus raised an eyebrow. “What does?”

“That you literally go around different worlds and you was a veteran to this tournament since the first one and yet you along with Captain Falcon, didn’t had get any participants from your home worlds.” Robin explained.

Samus merely shrugged. “Yeah, I guess it is kinda weird.”

Robin raised an eyebrow. “You don’t seemed fazed by this.”

Samus returned the gesture. “Why should I be? I was always a loner.”

Robin looked surprised by this. “Wait. You mean you had been by alone by yourself all this time.”

“Hey, don’t turn that into some type of sob story.” Samus pointed out. “I work alone and I am completely fine with it.”

“Really? Then, you have tougher skin than me. I don’t know what I will do without my friends.” Robin said.

“I am not saying my method is for everyone but in a galaxy full of hostile angels, space pirates and rival bounty hunters, it is better than be yourself than risking trusting a wrong person and getting hurt.” Samus pointed out.

“So do you think THAT is why you don’t someone from your world representing it?” Robin asked.

“Possibly. While definitely not on the same level as me, Falcon shares the same view.” Samus explained. She then shrugged. “But again. I am not bothered. Not most of the people I see invited are people I would want to see without blasting their faces. I will gladly take ten Bowsers over one Ridley any day of the week.”

“Hmm. I guess you are right.” Robin said. “So does the same apply here?”

Samus paused. “No… Despite I am supposed to see you guys as my rivals, I feel like I could trust most of you guys much more than the people of my universe. I must admit that I wasn’t as trusting as the other people fighters in the first tournament but I learned that they are not dangerous.”

Robin then smiled. “Yeah. The original fighters are all great people, aren’t they?”

Samus chuckled a bit. “Yeah. I guess they are. Listen, I think we had wasted enough time in this fake paradise.”

“Agreed.” Robin nodded. “Let’s go.”

The two had continued their journey down their path that they had been on, ever since the start. After a few minutes, they had finally reached what they thought was their destination. A large, white church. It was then the mechanical voice spoke up.

"The long-awaited moment has come. The bride and groom are finally about to enter." The voice said. "The last moment of hesitation has arrived before you are to be wed."

“Wait! Sticking our hands together and making that bogus picture isn’t enough!?” Samus roared. “Now you are performing a shotgun wedding on us!?”

“Through your own free will, you decide to vow eternal love to each other." The mechanical voice said.

“Free will!? Are you TRYING to make me murder you!? Because it is working!” Samus yelled.

"Now open the door together." The mechanical voice said.

Robin stared straight at the church doors intently. After a moment, he narrowed his eyes and used his free hand to open the door, shoving it open. Suddenly, "Here Comes The Bride" could be heard playing.

“Hey! What are you doing!?” Samus snapped. “Don’t make me regret my previous outburst for nothing!”

Robin didn't listen. He just walked inside of the church while dragging in his destined partner inside. Then, the doors had slowly started to close behind them as the two slowly watched down the aisle.

"You must vow your unwavering love for one another, in sickness and in health." The mechanical voice said. "Now, vow your love!"

Robin was about to say something.

Suddenly, there was a large slam of the doors. The two turned around to see their fellow Smashers rushing towards them before they had started to pant heavily. It was then the two's hands had finally become unstuck.

“Samus! Robin! What are you doing!?” Little Mac yelled, gripping his head with his gloved hands.

“Little Mac! It isn’t what it looks like!” Samus insisted. “I… Robin… That crazy man…”

“...Is a fraud and you should take what he says with a grain of salt!” Captain Falcon added. “You are the last person I expect to go along with this!”

“But it is not my…” Samus said before stopping herself and looking down. “Sorry…”

“Sorry…” Robin said, sheepishly.

It seems that the wedding has been called off…
Smashsona Q: Heart Of The Labyrinth: Samus
Here is the next chapter in my Smashsona. Starring, Samus Aran. Samus was a lot of fun to write for because I just knew that she would be absolutely LIVID with the whole idea. Even more so than Bowser and Ganondorf.

Al, Pep, David and Nathan had all stood frozen with fear at the nightmare that was happening before them. Suzie was just as drunk as everyone else and she had her axe out. Everyone who had seen her with a fight at least once knew how terrifying she was when she was sober.

“Now, Suzie… Let’s just calm down.” Al said, softly while still holding Bob’s arm.

“Calm down? Calm down!? How could I calm down with all of this ruckus that is going on around the tavern!?” The elf roared.

“Heyshutupbitchyouarenotthebossofme!” Bob roared before pointing his finger, causing the others to look at him in horror.

“Oi! Shut up!” Al roared before taking Bob in a headlock to stop him from saying anything else stupid.

“What did you say about me!?” Suzie snapped, slamming her axe onto the ground.

Bob struggled to shout something back. However, Al’s grip on him was too tight to shout out anything at him.

Unfortunately, Boris had no such restriction. “Ooh! Your eyes are on fire! Let’s roast over marshmallows over them!”

“Oi! Boris, you idiot!” David winced.

“Oh! That is it! No one messes with ME” Suzie snapped before stomping over with her axe and raising it over her ready to swing it down on Boris as everyone looked in horror.

“BORIS!” David yelled, holding out his hand.

“PEP!” Al yelled before holding his hands back.

“WAY AHEAD OF YOU!” Pep shouted, doing the same motion.

With that, the two Anthros had sent out their palms out, sending a stream of water from each of their hands. Thankfully, the projectiles had hit Suzie dead-on and sent her flying backwards and far away from Boris. The others sighed in relief.

Unfortunately, they still had to deal with Suzie seeing that the attacks did not knocked her out but also knocked her into another drunk.


Yuki’s eyes bugged out before lowering her staff after the two drunks collided to the ground. After seeing one of them as her dear friend, Suzie, the colour of her face had became paler than it already was.

Suzie groaned before glaring at the guilty party. “What did you crashed into me for, you idiot!?”

Misty raised her head in disbelief. “ME!? YOU were the one who crashed into ME!”

“Are you calling me a liar!?” Suzie roared.

“That is exactly what I am calling you!” Misty snapped before slowly getting back to her feet. “And I think I should let you exactly what I feel about being blamed for something I didn’t do!”

“That is MY line, bitch!” Suzie retorted before readying her axe.

Yuki looked back and forth, not liking where this was going. “Suzie, Misty, please! This is not going to…”


Yuki’s eyes widened before she, Misty and Suzie looked in the direction of the yell. It was then they had seen another woman. She was a human with short red hair and carried a broom in her hand. Everyone who was sober went slack-jawed.

“Oh no way…” Al muttered.

“Um… Al?” Pep asked before looking at the waiter. “Who is that?”

“Ellen…” Al said, softly.

“Fuck you, you flea-ridden b**** and fuck you, you Legolas drag queen!” Ellen roared. “You think that you could show off your stupid gorilla proportions means that you rule this stupid place!? I gotta blast you idiots' brains out!”

Suzie’s pupils shrank when they heard this. “What did you call me!?”

“Didn’t you hear me, you fucking bitch!?” Ellen yelled. “I said I am going to blast your brains out for acting better than everyone else!”

Misty narrowed her eyes. “And what makes YOU better than everyone else!?”

“Shut up, bitch!” Misty roared. “This is going to hurt!”

Misty and Suzie growled. The three violent women then started to glare at each other, as if wondering which person that they should attack first. Everyone that was sober looked on while getting ready to intervene when they have to.

By this time, Bogus, Chervil, Toms, Cathy and Palayo had reentered the area after dropping off the drunks that Spot had angered earlier. It was then they had seen the three-way stare-off between Misty, Suzie and Ellen.

“Oh no…” Bogus muttered.

“All this and THESE women too!?” Cathy cried, holding her head in horror.

Everyone looked at each other before looking back at the three woman. Then, Ellen had stepped forward to make the first move.

Only to collapse forward and fall straight onto her face.

Everyone blinked twice as Ellen just laid there unmoving. Suddenly, they had all heard muffled snoring coming from the half-soul girl. It seemed that she had fell asleep on the floor. Even Misty and Suzie were silent.

Then, Suzie narrowed her eyes. “Hey! How dare you fall asleep on me!?”

“Is this some kind of insult!?” Misty asked in disbelief. “Do you really think that you are so much better than us that you have to fall asleep!?”

“I will KILL you for this!” Suzie roared.

With that, the two angry women waddled over to the downed Ellen, intending to smash her brains in. Everyone’s eyes widened before they had realized what was going to happen. Yuki immediately pointed her staff forward and fired a shot of ice at the ground between Ellen and Suzie & Misty. This caused Suzie and Misty to slip on the ice and fall straight on their faces.

“Nathan, now!” David yelled.

The bartender hastily nodded his head. He then pulled out a flute and wasted no time playing some kind of song on it. As the song played, some kind of shadowy circle had appeared underneath the two women. Suddenly, said circle had started to grow, much to the sailors’ surprise.

Then, tentacles had popped out from the circle and grabbed Misty and Suzie before lifting them off of the ground and into the air.

“H-Hey!” Suzie roared.

“Nathan! Not you too!” Misty yelled in disbelief. “Grabbing us with tentacles!? You pervert!”

The demon shrank back when he heard this but continued to play his flute, trying not to lose focus. Despite this, Misty and Suzie both struggled in vain to break free from the tentacles, getting angrier with each passing second.

“Okay, that does it!” Suzie roared. She then pulled her weapon arm back and tossed it forward like a javelin towards Nathan. The flutist and the people near him yelped before jumping to the side to avoid being smashed into the ground the projectile axe. In doing so, Nathan dropped his song which caused everyone to break free from their grasp.

“Suzie is seperated by the axe!” Bogus called out. “DOGPILE THEM!”

The waiters and the sailors didn’t needed to be told twice as they rushed over to the two downed women and threw themselves onto them one by one, pinning them to the ground.

“What the hell is WRONG with you people!?” Misty asked in disbelief. “Is this some type of orgy!?”

“Ooh! I swear if I had my axe…” Suzie growled.

“Well, you don’t!” Chervil said.

“This is for your good own, Suzie!” Toms reassured.

The two women continued to struggle to no avail. Bogus put his free hand on his chest and sighed in relief. “Oh, thank goodness THAT is going!”

“Hey, look! A magic wand!”

Everyone’s eyes bugged out before looking in the direction of the voice. There, they looked in horror as Boris stood up straight while holding Suzie’s axe.

“Now I am going to cast a spell on this tavern!” Boris grinned, raising the axe over him.



Bogus winced before readying one of his non-lethal chalk bullets at Boris. Just like peace had started, a new storm brews.


This had continued on for throughout the night. The waiters and the sailors had worked together to try to keep the drunks in line in any way they could. Fortunately, as time passed by, the drunks had slowly went to sleep, much to everyone’s relief.

When the crack of dawn broke through, the tavern was a complete mess. Tables and chairs were completely smashed to pieces. Windows were smashed through. And the various drunks were all laid around the tavern area.

All of the said drunks were groaning as they all held their various heads in pain, victim of a large hangover. The waiters and the sailors all looked around in pity and/or sympathy at the state of the patrons.

“Ugh, my head feels like it is being pounded by a giant hammer…” Fenrir groaned, holding his head.

“Could somebody please stop the tavern?” Spot whined. “I want to get off.”

The large group had all looked around at the mess that was scattered in front of them, not looking pleased in the slightest.

“It is like witnessing a battlefield after a war…” Cathy said, solemnly.

“And just like a war, there are no winners…” Toms added.

Bogus slumped his arms as he shook his head. “It is like a nightmare…”

“So, what now?” Palayo piped up.

“What now? What else?” Al asked. “We have to find a way to help everyone with their hangovers.”

“Yeah but I think that is going to be easier said than done.” David winced while looking around.

David was correct. There were countless amount of people that they were hung over. It would take quite a bit of time to cure everyone. Everyone then crossed their arms and started to think, trying their best to avoid everyone’s groaning to concentrate.

Suddenly, Al’s eyes lit up when he thought of an idea. “Hey, how about giving everyone boiled water with honey and lemons?”

“Boiled water with honey and lemons?” Palayo asked.

“Yeah, I heard that natural cures work better for hangovers.” Al explained.

“Do we even have that much honey and lemons?” Chervil challenged with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, Ms. Daisy may know.” Yuki said, walking off.

“Well, if you let me, sir, I could go into town and buy some honey and lemons in case we DON’T have enough.” Al offered.

Bogus groaned as he held his head. “If it makes everyone’s headache, including mine ease up. Go for it.”

“Say, need an extra pair of hands?” Pep offered.

Al shook his head. “You already had most of your time ruined by this insane drunken party.”

“Hey, don’t be such a lone wolf!” A sailor added. “You guys need all of the help you could get!”

Al blinked twice. “But what about the captain?”

“Relax, we don’t have to report to him for a couple of days so we should be in the clear.” Another sailor said, waving it off.

“Besides, ex or not, we can’t leave a fellow sailor hanging.” Pep smiled.

The other sailors quickly agreed. Al looked back and forth in shock, not believing his non-existent ears.

“Guys…” He then gave a small smile. “Thanks… You have no idea how much your word means to me.”

Despite all of the madness, some of the other waiters gave a small smile. At least something good had came from all of this madness.

“Whoa, the night went crazy after I was kicked out…”

Everyone turned their heads to see the duck sailor that Suzie had kicked out earlier entering the area and scanning around at all of the madness.

“Crazy would be an understatement, man…” Pep muttered.

“Yeah, I could see that.” The duck said.

He then looked at the sailors.

“So did he pass?”

The sailors’ eyes bugged out while the others looked on in confusion.

“Did who pass?” Al asked out of curiosity.

The duck looked at Al, perplexed. “Who? You, of course!”

This startled Bogus and the other waiters.

“Um, Mal… Ixnay…” Pep said, making a cutting pose with his hand.

“I mean didn’t the others tell you that about this test yet?” The duck asked. “To see how well you dealt with a bunch of drunk people at once.”

Everyone’s pupils shrank when they heard this.

“Oi! Shut it, you idiot!” A sailor scolded.

“What are you talking about?” The duck asked in disbelief. “This was YOUR idea to sneak into the bar while that demon bartender was distracted by me and that psychotic elf and spike the drinks while he was looking!”


Nearly all of the drunks cried out in pain as they held their heads as if they were going to explode.

“Oi, can it, ya idiot!” Bob yelled while trying not to make his headache any worse.

Nobody responded to Bob. Bogus and the waiters merely stared in pure shock at the sailors who were looking at each other sheepishly.

“You did this…?” Al asked, finally. He then narrowed his eyes. “You were the one who had caused all of this chaos, nearly got several killed, destroyed the main floor and sent more than FIFTY people into a hungover state? JUST to see if I would change?”

By this time, everyone else had narrowed their eyes at the sailors looking absolutely disgusted and angered by their rash actions.

Pep nervously poked his fingers together. “Um, maybe…”

Al’s non-existent eyebrow had started to twitch a few times at this as he gritted his teeth in anger.

“Um, Al, you are this close to failing the test.” A sailor piped up, hoping to calm everyone down.

“You are right, Al.” Bogus said, crossing his arms. “Apparently, the point of this is to show how much you had changed from the moody guy that had first applied for this job.

The sailors let out a collective sigh of relief.

“So we have to let someone who DOESN’T have to prove anything to them.” Bogus said. “Chervil, do you mind?”

The half-demon narrowed her eyes and punched her palm. “It would be my pleasure, Bogus…”

The sailors all huddled around each other while shaking in fear. If there was one thing that they had learned tonight, it was that women were absolutely frightening.


Fortunately for the sailors, Cathy, Toms and some of the other waiters had managed to convince Chervil and Bogus that this was the worst possible time to punish them and they needed to work on the hangover cure. Despite the large lift in the relationship between the two parties, they all agreed to help.

After managing to get enough lemons and honey for everyone, they tried to get the victims to rest up for a while. Bogus had decided to give all of the waiters the day-off for all of their help cleaning up the mess.

Al stood against a tree while staring at the Heroes’ Hideout. Particularly the broken windows. He then let out a deep sigh before looking down. In his melancholy, he had failed to notice one of the hangover victims exiting the tavern while wearing a pair of shades. After scanning around the area, he had found Al and made his way over to him.


The alligator turned his head to see Fenrir.

“Oh, hey there, Fenrir. Shouldn’t you be in bed?” Al asked.

“Yeah, I wanted to straight there after I woke up but I wanted to see you first.” Fenrir explained.

Al winced before looking to the side. “Look, I am sorry about…”

“No, it is not that. I just wanted to know that I am sorry for what happened to you?.” Fenrir frowned.

Al looked at the wolf when the latter said this. “It is not your fault...”

“I know but still I don’t know what will happen if the same thing had happened to me.” Fenrir said, looking down. “Thinking that you would make up with the people you had angered with your horrible personality and then said people did something like this. That is the worst type of slap to the face.”

Al paused. “Made you think of the people you pissed off back at home.”

“Yes… I had always thought about what will happen if I ever gone back to my homeworld and face all of the people I had verbally assaulted.” Fenrir said. “I mean… I thought the worst that they could do is try to take out my other eye but this…”

“Fenrir…” Al said, sadly.

“I just wanted you to know that I would rather be punched out by my previous victims than something like that.” The wolf said, looking up. “If you need any help, just tell me.”

“Fenrir…” Al said before giving a small smile. “Thanks, man. What happened to me hurt but I think I could live.”

The wolf slowly nodded. “So… What are you going to do about the sailors?”

Al let out a deep sigh. “I don’t know… I mean I can’t say what they did was right and I don’t know if I could forgive them but…”


“Yes, sir!”

Al and Fenrir both looked back at the tavern with smirks on their faces after hearing the loud shout.

“...You could always count on Bogus.”
EA-LEC: The Hangover Part 3
Last Part:…

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Fenrir didn’t know what was happening. At first, he was merely having a glass of his favourite alcohol by himself. Then, all of a sudden, his entire vision in his good eye went blurry and everything had started spinning for him.

The next thing he knew, he was scrambling around the bar just as wasted as everyone else. He looked around at all of the chaos that was erupting around him. Suddenly, his good eye had locked onto a particular drunk.

Said drunk was quite a mountain of a man and he was carrying a club that was as large as he was. His current attitude was just as intimidating as his body and his weapon as he had his free hand wrapped around the throat of a poor sap.

“Did you just spilled my drink, punk!?” The giant yelled.

Even though he was drunk, the poor victim could plainly see the danger that he was in. “I-I… I’m sorry, sir!”

“Sorry, sorry! You had just wasted a perfectly good glass of rum!” The giant roared before tightening his grip around the smaller man’s neck. “Now… I am going to waste YOU!”

The smaller man didn’t have any room to breathe. All he could do was sputter while in a vain attempt to free himself from the man’s grip. He could feel his vision slowly going black with each passing second. Was there anyone who could save him?

It was then the giant slowly stopped squeezing the smaller man’s neck when he felt two arms wrap around him from behind him. Turning around and looking down, he saw that Fenrir was embracing him while resting his head on the giant’s back.

The giant growled before throwing the smaller man away like a rag doll and crashing into a small group of more drunks before glaring down at the guilty party. He then put his palm onto Fenrir’s head and shoved him hard until he landed on his rear.

“What do you think you are doing, you mangy mutt!?” The giant roared.

Fenrir blinked twice as if confused by the question.

“What does it look like I am doing?” He said. Suddenly, he gave a big grin. “I am hugging you!”

The giant’s eyes bugged out when he heard this. “Excuse me!?

“You heard me!” Fenrir said while his tail wagged like a dog. “You looked so cranky! I just thought a hug would make you feel all better!”

The giant’s jaw dropped when he heard those words. He then immediately narrowed his eyes while gritting his teeth together.

“How dare you!?” The giant snapped. “Do you think that you are talking to a child?”

Fenrir paused while tilting his head to the side. “Are you a child?”

“What!?” The giant roared, getting close to seeing red in his eyes. “Ooh, that is it!”

With that, he pulled his club back with the intent to swing it right down onto Fenrir’s head. Despite he was in clear danger of having his head smashed in, he merely looked up like a curious child with no intents of even defending himself.

That was until a white projectile came from the side. It then struck the ground right in front of the giant’s feet.

This resulted in an icy puddle forming underneath said man. The effects of the ice were immediate as the giant was struggling with it while trying to keep his balance with Fenrir looking in awe and confusion. But because the giant was drunk, his attempts to stay balanced was in vain and he fell forward.

And straight towards Fenrir who still didn’t seem like he knew what was going on.

“Fenrir, look out!”

That was when someone had rushed over to Fenrir and grabbed him before quickly pulling him away. And not a second too sooner as the giant fell right on his face with a loud noise. He then laid there, dazed and groaning. Fenrir watched the scene with a blinking eye. He had then turned towards the others to see what was going on.

The person who had saved him was a waiter with a slender body. He was a cat, particularly of the Siamese breed with cream and dark brown fur and almond-shaped eyes. His name was Toms.

Standing not too far away was a young waitress with light blue skin and white hair in a set of pigtails. In her hands, she was carrying some kind of light blue staff that was in the design of a snowflake. Her name was Yuki.

Also with her was Cathy, who had a tambourine in each hand for some reason.

“Sir, are you alright?” Toms asked, concerned.

The wolf then gave a large grin. “Yes, yes, I am more than alright! Thanks for asking me, buddy!”

The three waiters let out a collective sigh of relief by Fenrir’s response.

“Oh, thank goodness.” Toms said. “Come on, you are clearly not safe he…”

Then, something happened that made all three waiters go wide-eyed.

Fenrir then pressed his lips against Toms’ cheek, giving the feline a big kiss.

Toms’ eyes bugged out as his face completely flushed over, making him look like he had a tomato for a head. Yuki and Cathy merely looked with slack jaws and wide eyes at what they were witnessing. However, the girls were doing this for different reasons.

“S-Sir, what do you think you are doing!?” Toms demanded.

“What does it look like I am doing? I am giving you all of my love!” Fenrir smiled. He then started to pepper Tom’s cheek with a series of kisses as the two waitresses continued to stare on in surprise.

“S-Sir, please get a hold of yourself! This is highly inappropriate!” Toms pleaded while struggling to push Fenrir off of him. Needless to say, however, due to the size difference between the two, the feline was not making any progress in doing so.

“Aw, don’t be like that. Everyone needs a bit of loving!” Fenrir said between kisses.

Yuki shook her head in horror before immediately making her way over to the two and helped Toms to get Fenrir off of him. Even if Fenrir was clearly drunk, she didn’t want to take any chances and deal with a rival in love.

“Please, that is more than enough!” Yuki demanded. “Get off now!”

Cathy stared in awe her face had started to turn red. This wasn’t just some crack-pairing fanfiction. Actual male-on-male love was happening right here in front of her. A man was kissing another male in public and he didn’t seem to mind. This looks like she had found some inspiration for her latest yaoi stories…

“Sir, what would your girlfriend say about this?” Toms yelled out.

Suddenly, her eyes bugged out before she looked away. Fenrir was currently dating Misty. If she does go through with writing the story, it would be an inadvertent attack towards Misty because the waitress was pairing her boyfriend up with another man. It was forbidden territory for her. But at the same time, it was like a trainwreck. She just couldn’t look away.


Everyone’s eyes bugged out before looking in the direction of the voice. The waiters’ eyes bugged out when they saw that the person who had yelled at them was a grey-furred Anthro poodle with a baseball bat in her hands. However, what had caught their attention was that said poodle looked absolutely furious.

“Oh no! It is reality!” Cathy gasped. She then realized her mistake. “I mean, Misty!”

Fenrir grinned before waving his hand. “Hiiiii, Misty!”

“I thought that you had changed, Fenrir!” Misty yelled, clearly just as drunk as everyone else. “I thought that you had stopped your womanizing ways! But here are you! Still at it!”

Toms’ pupils shrank before holding out his hand. “No! Wait! It is not what it looks like! Fenrir is extremely drunk and has…”

“SHUT UP! I thought you were also different, Toms! Different from all of the other men!” Misty roared, beating her bat into her hands. “But you are no better, stealing Fenrir away from me!”

“N-No! Please! I know this looks bad, but you have to believe me!” Toms pleaded.

“Yeah, we were just kissing each other!” Fenrir nodded, making the waiters’ gasped.

“Fenrir, don’t make the situation worse for us!” Toms scolded.

“Yeah, I know! I SAW you!” Misty roared before stomping over while raising her bat over her head. “I am going to show you why you should never mess with ME!”

Yuki wasted no time rushing in front of Toms and Fenrir and holding out her hands to prevent Misty from advancing forward.

“Miss, please! Toms is telling the truth! He would never do something like this! In fact, he was trying to STOP your boyfriend!” Yuki pleaded.

“Out of the way, Elsa!” Misty snapped. “I have to teach these two horndogs a lesson!”

Yuki narrowed her eyes before getting out her staff. “I am afraid that I cannot do that, miss.”

“Then, I have to show you that I mean business!” Misty said, readying her bat.

With that, she had rushed forward and swung her bat forward at Yuki. The ice spirit merely narrowed her eyes and pointed her staff forward. This had created a large barrier of ice that had prevented the attack. Misty growled before she had continued the assault with her bat. However, she didn’t seem to be making a dent in Yuki’s defence.

Yuki looked back at Toms while still keeping up her barrier. “Toms, you and Cathy take Fenrir out back and out of harm’s way! I will stay here and try to subdue Misty!”

The Siamese cat nodded his head. “Right. Thank you. Come on, Cathy! Let’s go!”

He then looked back at Cathy. However, he immediately froze when he saw that Cathy was deep in thought.

“Is this what happens when my stories start to come to life? Is this is why I could never see one of them play out before my very eyes?” Cathy asked, almost seeming oblivious to all of the chaos.

Toms’ jaw dropped at Cathy being so distracted. Even Bob would shake his head in disgust at her acting like this.

“Cathy!” Toms yelled, bringing the cat-girl back to reality.

“Huh?” Cathy asked before seeing Toms and rushing over. “Oh, I am sorry! Here, let me help you with him!”

Toms shook his head. “Honestly, Cathy, what could have been so important that you had to stop and cause in the middle of all of this madness?”

“Um, nothing!” Cathy lied as she and Toms carried Fenrir out of harm’s way.

“I love you, Misty!” Fenrir yelled, calling out to Misty.

“Oh, so you are attacking my intelligence now!” The poodle roared before swinging at Yuki’s barrier for what seemed like the twentieth time. “When I am through with the ice princess here, I will break every bone in your perverted body!”

Toms sighed as he shook his head while continuing to carry Fenrir away. And here he thought that the dark days of Fenrir and Misty’s “lover quarrels” were long gone.


After dealing with the drunk swordsman he tasked with transporting to safety, Palayo wasted no time rushing back into the fray to see if there was anyone else he could help. So far, everyone had already looked preoccupied.

“Hey, Palayo!”

The elf’s eyes widened before turning in the direction of the voice. There, he saw his vertically-challenged boss, Bogus, waving at him with one hand and his trademark shotgun in the other one.

Next to him was a waitress in a male uniform with blue skin that had made her resemble a demon. However, she was quite tall and well-built and while her expression didn’t seem hostile, it wasn’t exactly friendly either. This was Chervil.

“Oh, sir, Chervil, how are things going?” Palayo asked while rushing over.

“Oh, let’s see. I have a tavern full of drunken league members. Particularly people I could barely handle while they were sober.” Bogus said, sarcastically. “Oh, I am just doing fine!”

“Oh, thank goodness! I am glad to hear that!” Palayo smiled. “I thought for sure that you would be at the end of your rope!”

Bogus slumped his shoulders while staring at Palayo with wide eyes, not believing the ex-assassin’s naivete. Chervil on the other hand cast Palayo an exasperated glare with her arms crossed. She then sighed while shaking her head.

“Look, just give us a hand here before you make Bogus’s headache any bigger than it needs to be.” Chervil said, motioning with her hand for Palayo to come over.

“Oh, of course, Chervil.” The blue-haired man said. “What do I have to do?”

Chervil jerked her thumb behind motioning to a group of drunks. They were all sitting around a table while singing happily.

“Just help me transport these guys out of harm’s way.” She explained. “The less drunks we have around the bar, the better.”

Palayo nodded his head. “Understood.”

Chervil returned the nod before making her way over to the drunks and grabbed the arm of the nearest one and lifted him to his feet.

“Okay, pal. Party’s here over. Take it out back.” Chervil said, bluntly.

“What? But we were having a good time!” The man whined as the others agreed.

“No buts. This is for your own good unless you actually LIKE being struck by fireballs.” Chervil said.

“Ah, come on!” A female Anthro Great Dane pleaded. “The fun is just starting! Come on! Sit with us! We are going to tell each other’s love lives!”

Palayo’s eyes lit up when he had heard this. “Really? Well, since you put it THAT way.”

“Palayo!” Bogus and Chervil scolded in unison, glaring at the elf.

Before anyone could see anything else, the Great Dane turned around and quickly she had noticed that there was someone sitting at the counter, casually drinking as if he didn’t know what was happening behind him. Said person was a Dalmatian clad entirely in purple.

She smirked before getting up from her seat and waddling over to said Dalmatian before Bogus, Chervil and Palayo had a chance to even call out to her.

“Why there, lovely!” The Great Dane grinned.

The Dalmatian turned his head with a raised eyebrow. As if anyone was expecting someone else, he was Spot.

“My, my, why is such a handsome face like you, doing all alone on such a grand night like this?” The Great Dane smiled. “Come on, you don’t have to be by yourself!”

With that, she had grabbed Spot’s arm and tried to pull him over to the others.


Bogus, Chervil, Palayo and the others stared in shock as what they had witnessed. Spot had slammed his glass into the Great Dane’s face. The poor woman screamed as she fell to the ground with glass and alcohol all over her face. Spot then went back to minding his own business as if nothing happened.

Spot’s witnesses had continued to look in disbelief as to what just happened. Especially the ones who knew Spot as the friendly ball of sunshine.

Then, the drunk in Chervil’s grasp gritted his teeth. “Hey! You can’t do that to a lady! Come on, guys! Let’s teach that creep some manners!”

The other drunks nodded their heads and got up from their seats with each and every one of them looking absolutely outraged by Spot’s violent attack. Bogus and Chervil all looked in horror.

“Oh no…” Bogus muttered. He then rushed over in front of the advancing group and readied his shotgun. “Oh no you don’t! Not in MY tavern!”

“Out of the way, Bogus!” The drunk yelled. “Plum over there can’t go around and sucker-punch women like he is some type of pimp on the streets!”

“Look, I am not saying what Spot did was right, but what are you doing is not that better!” Bogus scolded.

As Bogus and the group of angry drunks had taken turns yelling at each other, Chervil looked down at the drunk that she was holding was trying in vain to escape from her grasp. She groaned while shaking her head.

“Palayo, go and get Spotty there out of harm’s way!” Chervil instructed.

The blue-haired man nodded his head before making his way over to Spot before the small angry mob had enough patience with Bogus.

“Come on, Spot.” Palayo said, grabbing the purple-clad Anthro by the arm. “I don’t know what came over you but…”

That was when Spot had sunk his teeth into Palayo’s arm as hard.

“YOW!” Palayo cried out before retreating his hand back and getting everyone’s attention.

“...That is what you get for touching me.” Spot spat with a disturbingly cold look on his face.

Bogus held his head in disbelief. “Sheesh, out of all people, I wouldn’t had expected SPOT to be such a violent drunk!”

“See? That mutt has no care for anyone!” One of the drunks yelled. “He needs to learn a lesson!”

By this time, the Great Dane had slowly snapped out of her daze and held her head in pain. After shaking her head to get rid of the cobwebs. Looking up, she saw Spot and immediately growled. Slowly getting up to her feet (Emphasis on slowly), she glared at Spot.

“Hey! What was THAT for!?” The Great Dane roared.

“You tried to get friendly with me.” Spot said, simply without turning his head.

“And THAT’S why you smashed a glass in my face!” The Great Dane asked in disbelief. “Because I tried to be NICE!?”

Spot quickly turned his head with a dark look on his face. “Don’t try to be nice to me. You will never understand.”

“Never understand?” The Great Dane asked in disbelief. “Of course I will never understand why you are such a prick!”

“A prick? Oh, you naive, stupid woman.” Spot said before looking away. “No one could see the pain I had gone though! You are all too busy just sitting and drinking away as if the cruelty of the world doesn’t exist.”

Bogus stared, blinking his eyes. “A violent drunk is one thing… But an ANGSTY drunk?”

Spot glared at the Great Dane. “And that is why I attacked you. You think you could be buddies with me! But in truth, you could never see the turmoils I had been through! So get lost before I punch you in the face!”

“What!?” The Great Dane exclaimed.

“Not only he is unapologetic for hitting a lady but he threatened to do so again!” One drunk pointed out.

“I’d seen enough!” Another drunk roared. “Let’s lynch him!”

The small crowd of drunks had agreed, enthusiastically while pumping their arms into the air and advancing forward. Chervil gritted her teeth, getting fed up with the situation. Putting up the drunk in her hands, she raised the drunk over her head.

“Bogus, get out of the way!” Chervil yelled before throwing the drunk into the rest of the drunks. Bogus’ eyes widened before jumping backwards to avoid being pinned down as the drunks fell just like bowling pins. All of them laid on top of each other, groaning in pain.

“Whoa, nice throw!” Bogus congratulated.

“What is WRONG with you people!?” The Great Dane roared.

“What’s wrong with US!? What’s wrong with YOU!? Acting like you know everyone!” Spot spat.

“Shut up!” The Great Dane yelled before pulling her fist back. “I am going to teach you some manners!”

That was until Palayo stepped forward and grabbed the Great Dane’s wrist before placing it behind her back.

“Uh-uh-uh! Two wrongs do not make a right.” Palayo scolded, mildly.

“Right. I don’t tolerate drama.” Chervil said, narrowing her eyes as she walked over to Spot and quickly grabbed him from behind before pinning one hand behind his back and placing his head onto the counter.

“H-Hey!” Spot snapped. “What do you think you are doing!?”

“What does it LOOK like?” Chervil challenged

“Trouble? I am already in so much trouble!” Spot roared. “The scars of the pasts continued to ache even to this day!”

“Aw, cry me a river!” Chervil said, getting fed up with Spot’s whining.

“Don’t even joke.” Bogus muttered, just as irritated. “He will just try to drown himself in it.”

Chervil rolled her eyes with an annoyed grunt. “Bogus, we are going to put these idiots out back. Could you look after the rest of these guys while we are gone?”

“Don’t worry. As much as I want to say otherwise, this isn’t my first time dealing with an angry mob of drunks.” Bogus reassured. “Now get Spot out of here before he pisses off anyone else!”

“So that is what I am to you?” Spot asked. “Waste of air! This is why I stand with what I say! Nobody understands me!”

“Oh, shut up!” Chervil snapped as she dragged Spot to the nearest entrance with Palayo following her while still carrying the Great Dane. Bogus watched them leave before looking at the pile of drunks. He then groaned before holding his head with his free hand.


Al gritted his large teeth as he used the long chain on anchor to tie another drunk’s hand together. However, said drunk was giving up without a fight as he struggled in vain to try to escape the alligator’s grasp.

“Get off me, Jaws!” The drunk roared.

“Yeah… No.” Al muttered.

“Aw, come on! I just wanted to ask that cute babe on a date!” The drunk whined.

“Touching a woman by the breasts does NOT count as asking!” Al scolded.

“Aw, don’t be such a prude!”

Al shook his head in disgust before looking around the area. Even with so many people actively trying to stop the madness, it seemed to be only delaying it by a small margin. This was like a huge nightmare.

Suddenly, another drunk had crashed in front of him, startling the waiter. He then noticed that there was a rope tied around said drunk’s ankles. Pep then walked over while carrying the rest of the rope and used it to tie the drunk’s hands together.

“Uh-uh-uh! Not so fast, bucko!” Pep scolded. “Where do you think you are going with that knife?”

“Aw, come on! I just wanted to stab somebody’s eyes out!” Said drunk pleaded.

“Yeah, sorry I am allergic to getting my eyes stabbed out so I am automatically biased against you!” Pep said, flatly.

Al frowned when he saw his pelican friend, struggling with the drunk. This was supposed to happen. His sailor friends were not supposed to be helping him deal with a bunch of crazy drunks. After an experience like this, they may never want to come to the Heroes’ Hideout ever again.

Then, Pep had noticed Al was literally sitting nearby. “Oh, Al! How is the damage report going so far?”

“Huh?” Al asked before snapping back to reality. “Oh, the tavern had completely been destroyed if that’s what you’re asking…”

Pep frowned. “Yeah, that is what I had been asking…”

Al let out a deep sigh. “I am sorry…”

Pep raised an eyebrow. “Sorry? What for?”

“Well…” Al started.

“B-B-Bob! Please! Control yourself!”

Al and Pep’s eyes widened before turning in the direction of the scream. There, they saw Nathan struggling with another drunk. However, said drunk was actually another waiter. He was definitely taller and more well-built than Nathan which was when he was having so much trouble. He had brown fur with a black cowboy hat. This was Bob.

Pep blinked twice. “Um, isn’t that one of the waiters?”

Al let out an annoyed grunt. “Yes…”

“Then why the hell is HE drunk?” Pep asked in disbelief.

“I don’t know, but it is clear that Nathan needs help! Come on!” Al urged as he got up to his feet, feeling the drunk he was dealing with bound by his anchor while still trying to escape. Pep quickly did the same thing with his own drunk.

“B-B-Bob!” Nathan begged, pulling on the coyote’s arm. “P-Please! It is dangerous out here!”

“NotuntilIteachthatidiotalesson!” Bob roared, mushing his words together before glaring at another direction. “Nowyaseehereyouprick!”

Pep blinked twice. “Um, what did he say?”

Al merely shrugged. “Got me.”

Nathan turned his head to see Al and Pep. “Oh, Al! Thank goodness you and your friend is here! Please, I need help getting Bob to safety!”

“Sure, we are on it!” Al reassured before stepping forward. “Come on, Bob.”

“NoThisidiothadbumpedintomeandnowheneedstolearnsomerespect!” The coyote yelled before glaring at the person he had in mind. “HeyIamtalkingtomyou!”

Al and Pep both blinked twice at what was going on.

“Um, does this Bob guy ALWAYS had a vendetta against that singing fish mount?” Pep asked, raising a finger.

“No… I think Bob is just a stupid drunk…” Al muttered.

Unfortunately, the canine had heard that and whirled around, not looking pleased. “Whatdidyasayaboutmejaws!?”

Al winced before holding up his hands. “Whoa, easy there, man. I was just…”

“Soyouthinkyoucouldjustgoaroundandcallingeveryoneidiots!?” Bob roared before advancing forward while rolling up his sleeves. “OhhellnawIamgoingtotakemyfootandshoveitrightupyer…”


Al, Pep and Nathan winced when Bob fell onto his face hard where he lay there dazed for a moment. The latter groaned before propping himself onto his hands. He then growled before glaring down.

“HowdareyattackmeIwillbeatyouup!” Bob yelled. He then started to pound his fist around the floor. The others blinked twice.

“Um, is he attacking the floor as if it had tripped him?” Nathan asked, flatly.

“Yes.” Al sighed.

“Hey, guys!”

The three had turned their heads to see another demon waiter rushing like Nathan  rushing over. However, said demon was definitely different compared to the others. This was David.

“Sorry, but could you help me out here?” David asked, a bit short of breath from running.

“Um, sure.” Al said before crouching down and picking up Bob off of the ground. “Just let me stop this “brawl”.”

“Getoffofme!” Bob roared before spitting at the ground and judging by the direction of the glare, that was his target.

“Oi, it is cowardly to spit on an opponent.” Al muttered before looking at David. “Alright, David, what is it?”

“Um, well, I…” The man said, clearly struggling to put his problem into words. He then pointed to the side. “Ugh, just look for yourself…”

Al, Pep and Nathan turned their heads and immediately, their eyes widened at what they had seen.

Lying down on the ground was another waiter. He was a green-scaled crocodile with an X-shaped on his snout. For some reason, there was an empty can between his jaw. This was Boris.

“Everyone, look at me! I’m ART!” The crocodile announced.

Al, Pep and Nathan’s eyebrow twitched at the scene. How was anyone supposed to react to something like this?

“That’s right! Be awed at my beauty!” Boris announced. “Go ahead and throw diamonds! Lovely, crunchy diamonds! Then I could be the mascot for Colgate!”

Al blinked twice.

“Okay, how the hell did this madness started in the first place?” He piped up.

“You tell me!” David said before looking at Nathan. “Nathan, you were the bartender for the evening. Do you know how this could happen?”

The dark-skinned man raised his hands in defense. “Hey! I just served the drinks! Honest!”

“Even still, do you remember serving any strange drinks? Or at least strong.” David asked.

“No.” Nathan said, shaking his head. “This had been a normal night just like always!”

“Hey! Thatismyenemyyouarebeatingupgiveitback!” Bob yelled at the top of his lungs at Boris.

“Oh, goody!” The crocodile said, looking up. “Another adoring fan! I love you!”

David groaned as he rolled his eyes. “Define normal, Nathan.”

Al then looked at Pep. The pelican was looking away, scanning around the remaining chaos that was going on. He seemed to have a worried look on his face. Al frowned when he realized the whole night was ruined. How would he ever face him and the other sailors after this night again?


Al snapped out of his daze before looking in the direction of the noise. It was then their eyes had bugged out at what they had seen. Standing over a smashed table was Suzie who was carrying her axe with her head down.. Normally, this would have been an already frightening scene.

However, she was drunk.

“Oh no…” Al said, wishing that this was some kind of nightmare and that he would wake up at any moment.

“You idiots…” Suzie said before raising her head with a furious look on her face. “You idiots are too damn loud!”

With that, she was going to raise her axe and raised it over her head.

“It looks like I have to shut you up myself!”

“It is official… There is no such thing as gods…” David muttered.
EA-LEC: The Hangover Part 2
Last Part:…
Next Part:…

Here is the next (late) part of my Hangover mission entry for :iconea-lec: This is by far my favourite part because I get to write for a bunch of drunk people. :evillaugh:

Al (Alessandro), Cathy, Palayo, Fenrir, Spot and Pep belongs to me.

Bogus, Boris and David belongs to :icondiana-hnd:

Toms, Yuki, Bob, Nathan and Suzie belongs to :iconscorpius02:

Chervil belongs to :iconallysdelta:

Misty belongs to :iconssbfreak:

Exercitus Artifex aka the League of Extraordinary Characters belongs to :iconea-lec:
A brown waterfall had poured down into a cup while releasing some steam and a lovely aroma. Nathan smiled as he watched Gabe poured out some tea for him as he sat inside of Gabe’s small house.

“Here you go, Nathan.” Gabe said.

“Thank you, Gabe!” The angel smiled before reaching down to grab the steaming cup.

The dark-haired man’s eyes bugged out. “No, wait!”

However, it was too late. Nathan had already touched the teacup with his hands. However, he immediately retreated them back with a yell of pain. Gabe rolled his eyes while Nathan had shook his hands together.

“Good grief. People put those grips on cups for a reason!” Gabe scolded.

“Oh yeah…” Nathan muttered. “Really? That is why the cups of the surface world have those strange hooks. Heh. Wow, you are definitely more advanced than us.”

Gabe paused for a moment. “Wait… Don’t you have tea where you are from?”

Nathan looked up, confused. “Um, yes. I doubt I already told you that.”

Gabe blinked twice. “And don’t you have your tea hot there?”

“No, not really. Why?” Nathan asked before realizing what Gabe meant. “Ohhh. You meant if I always go after my tea like this.”

Gabe groaned as he shook his head. “You know, you are NOTHING just I imagine an angel would be.”

Nathan looked up. “Hm?”

“Well, I just expected angels to be… I don’t know. Wise and introverted.” Gabe shrugged.

Nathan narrowed his eyes. “Okay, I could forgive the introverted part but was the wise part really necessary.”

“You just touched a steaming cup of tea with even blowing on it first.” Gabe muttered. “Forgive me if I don’t think you are like that.”

Nathan pouted as he looked to the side and crossed his arms. Gabe merely shook his head.

“I have to ask though. Are all angels like you?” Gabe asked.

Nathan looked at Gabe. “No. I mean we are all share the same goals like protecting people and wanting to help them but just like mortals, there are no angel that have the same personality. I mean when you think about angels, you would think about mercy right?”

Gabe paused. “That would be a common thought, yes.”

Nathan let out a mirthless laugh. “Then you had never been part out of Ramiel’s training sessions. He may seem like a nice guy but he doesn’t let up when it is comes to training.”

“Huh...” Gabe noted. “Angels are not like I had imagined them to be.”

Nathan chuckled. “Nope. Incidentally, there was something that you wanted to talk with me about?”

Gabe paused before letting out a deep sigh. “Yes… I had been thinking about you had been telling me these last few days. About how I deserved better and I should find a group that would accept me.”

Nathan’s smile vanished as his face turned serious with a nod.

“...I was thinking that maybe somewhere out there, there is possibly someone who is going through what I had endured.” Gabe said, softly. “People who had been prejudiced just because they are unholy.”

Nathan again nodded his head.

“So that is why I had made a decision.” Gabe said, narrowing his eyes.

“And that is?” Nathan asked.

“I… I am going to try to find those people.” Gabe explained.

Nathan’s eyes lit up when he had heard this. “Really?”

“Yes, I can’t be the only one out there who had felt that kind of pain before.” Gabe said. “Surely, there is someone who wanted to feel like they don’t have a place in the world. Like they wanted to get rid of pain and die.”

Nathan paused. “Like they needed a friend.”

Gabe nodded his head at this. “Exactly. Nathan, I am really glad that you had taken the time out of heaven just to save me.”

“Hey, it is alright. I just couldn’t let a man die. Especially over something that was beyond his control.” The angel smiled. “So you had someplace in mind?”

“Well, yes, it is a place that I used to avoid.” Gabe said before looking to the side. “But now that I had gotten this arm, I could actually go there.”

“Well, that is great to hear!” Nathan smiled. “I am so glad that you are going to make a name for yourself.”

“Yeah, I am.” Gabe said, scratching the side of his head. “Look, I know that I am going to sound selfish but since I am about to leave soon, could I ask for one final favour?”

“Of course!” Nathan grinned. “What is it?”

Gabe then looked to the side. “Um, you know, this prince guy of yours. He sounds like a wonderful person. I really like to meet a guy like that. So…”

“Hey, say no more!” Nathan smiled.

Gabe’s eyes widened at this. “Really? Y-You could just do for me?”

“But of course!” Nathan grinned. “If that is all you want as a final request, then I would do it for me!”

“B-But isn’t he a prince? Isn’t he important?” Gabe asked.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, he will be alright with that!” Nathan said, waving his hand. “Shane would be more than happy with it.”

Gabe stared in awe for a moment. He then looked to the side. “Wow, you really are a pure-hearted person.”

Nathan chuckled as he got up from his seat and made his way over to Gabe. He then wrapped his arms around Gabe tightly, surprising him.

“It is alright.” Nathan reassured. “I mean we are friends, aren’t we?”

Gabe paused. “Yeah… I guess we are.”


It didn’t took him long for Nathan to go back to heaven and track down Shane to give him Gabe’s requests. The whole time he was grinning from ear-to-ear, pleased that he was about to help Gabe.

Just like Nathan, Shane was ecstatic to hear about the good news about Gabe. At first, he was so concerned about the man with the demonic arm because he thought that he may try to hurt himself again but here he was about to find his own place in the world.

The two angels had flew down from heaven all of the face to the surface world, together.

“I have to ask, Nathan, what is Gabe like?” Shane asked.

“Well, when I had first met him, he was depressed and unclear what to do.” Nathan frowned. “But as the days went met, I think he is showing his true colours around me. He is still introverted though and doesn’t really like to show that much emotions.”

“Hmm… I see.” Shane said before smiling. “Hm. Maybe I could see him smile before he leaves.”

“Yeah, I hope that would be the case too.” Nathan nodded. “Listen, I appreciate you doing this for us.”

“Hey, I already told you, it is alright.” Shane reassured. “I just glad that I finally got the chance to meet him for myself. What always makes me smile is people who could push through their pain and try to make something of it.”

“Yeah…” Nathan said, softly.

The two angels had continued flying down. Soon, they made it to the forest. It was then Nathan took the lead and led Shane over to Gabe’s house. In just one minute, they had made their way over to Gabe who was standing right outside of his house.

“Oh, there he is!” Nathan pointed out.

With that, the two angels had descended down to the ground. Gabe looked up and his eyes widened in shock.

“Nathan! You came!” Gabe asked, surprised.

“But of course!” The angel laughed as the two slowly landed on the ground. “After all, I had kept my word, didn’t I?”

“Wow…” Gabe said in awe.

“Anyway, I believe that Nathan had already told you but I am Shane.” Shane said as he stepped forward. “It is pleased to meet…”

Then, it happened.

Suddenly, a chain had shot its way from one of the bushes at a frightening speed and wrapped itself around Shane’s body, startling the three people. Suddenly, purple energy had surrounded the chain and started to engulf Shane causing him to scream in pain and fall onto the ground.

“SHANE!” Nathan cried out in horror. With a quick sleight of his hand, he created a small burst of flames which turned into a spear.

However, before he could go over to save his friend, another chain had shot from another bush and wrapped itself around Nathan and surged energy just like chains and made him scream in pain before falling onto the ground. Gabe stared down in horror.

Suddenly, a bunch of people had appeared from the bushes. Even though Nathan and Shane had their faces on the ground, they could plainly see that they were all demons of somewhat.

“Demons!” Nathan yelled before looking at Gabe. “Gabe, run!”

The dark-haired man paused for a moment before looking to the side while holding his demonic arm.

“Gabe, run! Before they get you too!” Shane called out.

Then, a tall demon who was the leader of the group let out a hearty laugh before making his way over to Gabe and putting his hand on his shoulder.

“Good work, Gabe. You had done your job perfectly.” The leader said with a dark smirk.

Nathan and Shane’s pupils shrank when they had heard this.

“Wait, what?” Shane asked, softly.

“There, I did what you wanted now just keep your end of the bargain.” Gabe pleaded.

“G-Gabe, what is going on?” Shane asked, not believing what was happening.

The leader smirked before looking down at the demon. “Wow, you are slow! Don’t you see a trap when you see one?!”

“A trap!?” Shane asked.

“Did I sputter?” The leader asked, pulling the uncomfortable Gabe close. “Our little friend here had tricked you two into coming here!”

Nathan absolutely looked thunderstruck by what was going on. “G-Gabe, is it true?”

Gabe weakly nodded. “Yes…”

“B-But why?” Nathan exclaimed. “I thought we are friends!”

“We are but…” Gabe said before trailing off.

“But you are an angel. He is a demon. He needs to hang out with a crowd that understands him!” The leader piped up.

“Right, sorry, Nathan…” Gabe explained.

“I-I…” Nathan said.

“Gabe, how could you? It’s fine if you wanted to be friends with demons, but how could you be willing to backstab the person who had saved your life?” Shane exclaimed.

The dark-haired man winced before looking down. “Our goals overlapped. And unfortunately, their goals involves opposing heaven.”

“Exactly! Now THAT is over with, let’s get down to business!” The leader said before making his way over to Nathan who was still stunned by what was going on and crouched down.

“Now… Listen here, Red. I need you to deliver a message.” The leader explained. “I will be holding your little prince hostage. If your parents ever want to see them again, they would have to allow us to infect darkness into it.”

Nathan and Shane’s eyes bugged out when they heard this.

“Don’t do it, Nathan! Doing so would just infect the world in eternal darkness!” Shane pleaded.

“Well, I don’t really mind you not caring that much about your life.” The leader paused. “But surely this guy does…”

The red-haired angel merely stared in pure horror at what was going on. Shane saw this and frowned.

“Nathan, please! This is not your fault!” Shane begged.

“B-But…” The red-haired angel sputtered.

The leader then got up. “Well, that is all. Well, we have to jet. It is dangerous enough just by being here. Come on, boys!”

The demons nodded as a couple of them picked up the chained-up Shane. The prince had struggled to escape but it was no use.

“SHANE!” Nathan called out.

“Nathan, it is alright! Tell everyone to stay strong! Especially yourself!” The brown-haired angel yelled.

All Nathan do was watch in horror as everyone but Gabe and the one that was bounding Nathan in the first place made their way out of the angel’s sight. This had to be a nightmare.

“Nathan… I…” Gabe said, softly but he was cut off.

“Gabe… Why…?” The angel said, softly. “I thought we were friends…”

“Nathan, please, I…” The dark-haired man pleaded.

“Please… Just leave me alone…” Nathan said before burying his face into the ground. It was then he had started to sob into the grass.

The demon that was keeping Nathan refined, smirked before he slowly released Nathan from his chains before making his way over to Gabe.

“Come on, let’s go.” The demon said.

“But… But Nathan…” Gabe said before he tried to go over but the demon quickly stopped him.

“Are you kidding me, kid?” The demon said in disbelief. “Do you really think that guy would do ANYTHING with you after what you did to him?”

“No… I…” Gabe started. He had then turned to Nathan who was still sobbing into the grass, completely broken. Gabe frowned before turning around.

“I’m sorry…”

With that, he walked off with the demon, leaving Nathan by himself, sobbing into the ground. After he had opened his heart to a hurting demon, he was backstabbed by him even after everything he did for Gabe. And to add salt on the wounds, his actions had not only hurt Shane and got him kidnapped but it would had definitely hurt all of the angels when they heard that their prince was taken for ransom. All because of Nathan’s actions.

“Idiot… I am an idiot…”
EA-LEC: Broken Purity
Here is the next Weekly Prompt entry for :iconea-lec: Here, we actually see why Nathan is the huge jerk he is today...

Nathan, Shane and Gabe belongs to me.

Exercitus Artifiex aka the League of Extraordinary Characters belongs to :iconea-lec:


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My current favourite singer/singers are Jess Glynne, Clean Bandit and Little Mix.

2 I only like Salted and Butter popcorn. I literally react with disgust whenever I see Sweet or CHILI popcorn.

3 Same thing with donuts. Only sweet stuff are allowed on it. Not that PORK RIND-FLAVOURED junk!

4 I prefer Nintendo over any other company.

5 I have plans for a Five Nights at Freddy's fanfiction on my drawing board.

6 I am asexual but I seemed to be attracted to older and/or burly men.

7 I like watching music channels like Kiss and Heat.

8 I had a huge trope fanboy. I am always troping people in my mind.

9 I sleep with a stuffed Dalmatian named Spot and a puppet of Ernie from Sesame Street.

10 My favourite colour is purple.

11 I have a tendency to love characters that most people hate with a burning passion.

12 My favourite trope is the "Face Of A Thug" one.

13 I have FAR too many stories that I can't keep track of...

Questions for Me

1 Would you trust me to be your editor or co-worker? Sure, you seemed like a great person to work with. ^__^

2 On average, how many hours do you sleep in a night? 9-10 hours

3 The longest amount of time I have slept is 25 hours. How close are you to that? Not even halfway...

The longest amount of time I have stayed awake is 5 days. How close are you to that? Well, I could stay awake 2 for days but that is about it...

5 Asking again: Are you a writer, an artist, or an animator? A writer.

6 Asking again: Manhwa, manga, or manhua? (Basically, Korean, Japanese, or Chinese comics/cartoons, respectively.) Um, manga, I guess because I don't know much about the other two... ^^;

7 What is the first thing you will do with me? (If your reply is anything sexual, I am reporting you. I'm serious.) Well, ask about the character you want to enter into EA-LEC and compared notes for potential relationships.

8 What is your favorite hobby? Writing Internet Stories, of course!

9 What do you think I fear most? Doing poorly in terms of academics, I think? I am just guessing.

10 Asking again: What nickname would you give me? Sy.

11 Asking again: Everyone on Facebook or Instagram are the people you go to school with. Everyone on Tumblr or DeviantArt are the people you WISH you go to school with. Can you relate? Well, considering what I don't have an account on Facebook, Instagram OR Tumblr, no, not really. ^^;

12 Asking again: What fanfiction of mine do you like most? Um, Laine's bio?

13 Asking again: If I ask you to cooperate with me to work on a comic or an animation, would you say "yes"? (Don't worry, you won't have to do all the story planning and all that difficult stuff.) Well, considering that I am a writer, no.

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2 What is your least favourite character from one of your favourite franchises?

3 What is your favourite sweet?

4 What is your favourite genre of music?

5 If you were in a RPG, what type of class would you be?


7 What is your favourite puzzle game?

8 Is there an OC that is similar to personality like you?

9 How are you enjoying the summer?

10 Can you fight?

11 What is your dream vacation?

12 What game is currently getting your fancy?

13 What is your favourite RPG element?

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Kyo: What, you're still using a gun?
Henry: Oh yeah! Cause it's not like I have no experience of martial arts, or that getting close to a monster whould get me killed, or that it's impossible for me to make fire on my hands, or that I care for my survival rather than being a "a manly man"! All it matters is that I have to use my fists just so I can become an idiot that desperately wants pointless bragging-rights just to show-off people who won't even believe you!!
Iori: ...I'm still calling you a coward.
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Yuri & Karin (2)
Ed: Yuri! You can turn into monsters, can I please see them!?
Yuri: Heh, i'm not one for showing off, but with that excitment it would be criminal to dissapoint!
Karin: Yuri does a very good job at making people happy, which is one of the reasons why i'm glad to be in his side.

Madoka & Homura
Ed: Wow...after hearing that, I hope that my Baby Sister is not a Magical Girl.
Homura: Don't worry about that, I don't believe that your universe has any incubators. *Sigh*
Madoka: Don't be depressed Homura, even with the chaos in our world you're not alone anymore. With me, and our friends by your side, we would finally end the suffering.

Haruhi & Kyon
Kyon: Say Haruhi, have you notice that Ed looks...yellow?
Haruhi: So what? He probably stayed in the sun for too long.
Ed: Really? I thought it was becuase I ate too much buttered toast.

Haruhi & Kyon (2)
Kyon: Say Haruhi, do you think that Ed's strength is rather...inhuman?
Haruhi: Don't be stupid, Kyon! He probably just works out everyday.
Ed: I didn't know that hugging chickens and eating buttered toast is exercise.

Eddy & Double D
Eddy: Ha! Ha! The gang's back baby! Now let's get to work, Boys!
Ed: I'm so happy to be with my pals again! We're like the sandwich with the extra lettuce and mayonnaise, and the bugs that are smashed by the windshield car!
Double D: Yeah...let's hope that we won't mess up like we did with our scams.

Akihiko & Mitsuru
Deadpool: Boy Mitsuru, I sure hope you won't use MARIN KARIN over and over again.
Mitsuru: WHAT! Are you suggesting that i'm that desperate to do such a perverted thing!? After this, I'm going to exterminate you!!
Akihiko: If his intentions where to scare our enemies, then he is one coniving mastermind.

Haruhi & Kyon
Deadpool: I don't like you anymore, that whole Endless Eight senario was not cool.
Haruhi: Endless Eight? We never even start developing that movie yet.
Kyon: (Does that mean he is some kind of time traveler? God knows the chaos if a loony like him can fly through time!)

Akihiko & Mitsuru
Ferra: You and You have mount, but all no ride mount and mount gone. We no get it!
Mitsuru: It's not a mount, but rather a persona. Made-up from accepted emotions who fight along and protect their users who successfully tamed them.
Akihiko: Similar to you and Torr. We can even say that you already have your own persona! (But, really not.)

Eddy & Double D
Ferra: Ed like Torr, Ed can be mount.
Double D: While I can see why, i'm not sure if doing that is a good idea.
Eddy: I would probably start my own will if Sarah or May becomes the rider.

Yuri & Karin
Ferra: Yuri turns to Giant Rock Monster, Karin rides monster, and attacks like we!
Karin: You mean I can give orders to Yuri at any time? That's actually a good idea, Ferra. *chuckles*
Yuri: Like you have any way to force me to become your packing mule!

Kortal Kahn & Erron Black
Kortal Kahn: I am Kortal Kahn, Emperor of Outworld! Stop your actions and give up, resistance will result with death!
Ferra: Beating not be pretty! We smash all bones and rip eyeballs!
Erron Black: Nope, still glaring. Oh well, this is always my favorite part.

Next time i'm going to do journals :p
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I agree with Ed. Sarah with magical girl power... Or any type of power is simply terrifying! :fear:

And as always, Deadpool never fails to please! :D
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While that is true, that's not what Ed was thinking about. Do you want me to spoil Puella Magi Madoka Magika or not. If yes, then i'm going to edit this comment.

Also, thank you for enjoying the Deadpool quotes :)

Edit: The price of being a Magical Girl is that you will eventually become a witch, a monster that Magical Girls have to destroy. This causes an endless cycle, without magical girls means witches can harm anyone whenever they want, and without witches means no magical girls. Incubators make sure to keep the cycle by giving wishes and contracts to girls without explaining the consequences. It also doesn't help that before they become a witch, they sometimes face events that would harm them/ruin their life (Sayaka & Kyoko for example). Ed, having big brother instincts, wants to protect Sarah with no question, but he can't do anything about it since Incubators can only be seen by young girls, can be any place whenever they want, and will instantly come back if they die. Although Ed likes monsters, the idea that she will eventually die means that he failed to protect her little sister. 
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:shrug: Sure, why not? You have my permission to spoil it for me. :XD:
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ContraNeo Featured By Owner Edited Jun 21, 2015
Because of inspiration, I decided to do Project X Zone quotes with Ed from Ed, Edd n Eddy as a solo-unit and used characters that popped in my head as Paired-Units. Feedback/Criticism is welcomed.

Akihiko & Mitsuru
Akihiko: Say Ed, I like to know about how you become so strong?
Ed: Huh? Well, my mom says drinking milk gives me stronger bones...
Mitsuru: Yeah...I think we're off believing that he is just born with it.

Kortal Kahn & Erron Black
Kortal Kahn: Edward, you shouldn't waste your strength with such trivial things. Instead, you
should use it for what you believe is correct.
Ed: You mean I can get all the Chickens and Buttered Toast whenever I want!?
Erron Black: *sigh* Emperor, I don't think you should waste your time convincing a termite-
brained, monkey to be a ruler.

Yuri & Karin
Ed: Karin! Karin! I want to see the Fire Chicken again!!
Karin: Uhh...Ed, it's actually a phoenix, not a chicken.
Yuri: But, I'm defiantly going to call it a Fire Chicken from now on. *chuckles*

Lana & Cia
Ed: Everyone says that I have power, what will it do to me?
Cia: Possibly making you the next wielder of the Triforce of Power, and the new Ganondorf.
Though if that were true, you would be taken down in a matter of seconds!
Lana: Are you sure? Cuccos can be suprisingly agressive.

Lt. Surge & Erika
Ed: Hey guys, if I were a Pokamun, who would I be?
Surge: Looking at what you did, I would say either a Hariyama or a Tauros!
Erika: And not a Muk or a Skuntank, can you not even sniff his unbearable stench!?
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Hey, these are very good. It is very funny to see Ed interact with people of average intelligence and sanity, let alone the serious ones. Seriously, Kotal Kahn of all people trying to lecture him was so weird, that it is funny. Are you going to do some good? I already like them.
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Thanks, I might try to do more if I have to time, If I have some good ideas, and/or if I feel like doing them. Glad you like them! :D
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