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Hey! I finally decided to put up an application form for Survivor Xover Version. Mainly because I wanted to get some applications ready for Season 7 and I couldn't help thinking of doing other people's characters. ^__^ Now said season would happen after the current season and All-Stars are done but better to be early with it. But first, a few ground rules:

1. Please be detailed with your application. The last thing I want to do is write someone's FC out of character. I will do my best to write them in-character as I can but if I don't, please don't get upset. I am merely doing with what I have.

2. I will not pick favourites so don't be upset if your character do not get picked or get voted off early. That is just what I had in mind for the plot.

3 Please send the application form via note.

And... That's it. Here is an example of a filled-out form:

Name: Stinky

Franchise: StarFox

Description: Either give me a good description of your character or provide me a link to a picture. After all, I can't draw to save my life. :XD:

Occupation: Mechanic for StarWolf

Personality: Stinky is a grumpy fellow who tends to snark off at people a lot and tends to be generally a buzzkill. This is done by always having to fix StarWolf's damaged Wolfens due to their work. However, he has common sense to keep his mouth shut about certain things because he doesn't want to cause trouble for himself and tries to subdue until someone annoys him causing him to verbally attack him.

Strengths: Stinky is very smart book-wise and he also quite athletic and agile being a quick runner.

Weaknesses: Stinky, like stated earlier is a Negative Ned so his personality could be bad for morale. Also, he is a little weak in the muscle department.

Who Would Your character align with?: Pretty much anyone he could get along with decently.

Who Would They Avoid At All Costs?: Mostly people he will get into fights with a lot. Especially self-righteous people who tends to target him solely based off of how he works for StarWolf.

What Type Of Game Would Your Character Play?: Stinky would mostly just sit tight in the beginning until he starts to see alliance starting to form. When he see an alliance he wants/needs to be part of, he will try to get in. He is the wary type trying to figure out who he should stay with and who he should dump.

EDIT: (thanks goes to touileasaso for the suggestion) Could you give me three examples of his speech pattern to figure out how they will speak?:

1. "If you keep having your head into the clouds, you may get shocked by a storm cloud."
2. "If you are not going to use your head, why is it even on my body to begin with?"
3. "Most people may call me cynical, I call it being realistic."

The following questions are for if your fan character makes it to the guest episode involving canon characters as well as some general personality:

Who is the main character(s) of the franchise?: Fox McCloud.

Does your character have any friends?: StarWolf. Well, mostly Wolf anyway. He has a strong respect for him while Wolf respects him for doing a great mechanic.

Does your character have any enemies?: Pretty much anyone who opposes StarWolf on a regular basis. He especially dislikes Falco Lombardi because of his cocky personality and finds him obnoxious.

Give an example of a well-liked person and how your character feels about them: While he gets along with the other members of StarWolf, he can't stand Leon because of how arrogant and greater-than-thou he acts.

How about someone not well-liked?: He is jealous of Slippy Toad for his inventions and make it a personal mission so that StarWolf's vehicles outclass StarFox's. Of course, he makes sure nobody really knows about this. Who wants to willingly admit that they are Slippy Toad?
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hey, have you been watching the new season of survivor?
Not really. I had became a little jaded because of certain seasons that I would only read fan-made versions. Why? Is it any good?
this season is REALLY good!

It's a return to form
i will read day 0 tomorrow after school :)
Okay, don't rush yourself. ^__^
Just so you know, You are the greatest great dude ever!!!!!

Frozen - HUG! 
Hey there. I'm sorry to bother you. But I was just wondering if you've seen my two part review of the Ruby Spears Megaman cartoon. If so, what are your thoughts on that? Just thought I'd ask.

I did and I think I had already commented on this. It was laughably bad as in so bad that it made me laugh. This is obviously that the writers weren't going for but still... :shrug:

Also, I remember you saying that X was out of character but the original Blue Bomber wasn't that in-character himself. I felt that he was kinda sexist to his little sister, especially in the earlier episode. He said and I quote "I don't need any girl robots getting in my way".

Also, most of the villains were a joke. Seriously, the only one who felt is awesome if Pharaohman for A) Having an awesome and sexy voice B) Not wasting time making puns or C) Actually realizes that just because Megaman has your power doesn't mean you are defenceless. POW!

The title song on the other hand is and has been lovingly catchy.

Well, yes. You commented on an entry that I posted about three years ago or so. But more recently, I revisited the series and made a two part review in which I go over each and every episode in the series. You don't have to comment on those if you don't want to. But I was just saying that in this two part review, I go over the whole series to determine which episodes I thought were great, and which ones I thought were cheesy and absurd as hell. In my honest opinion, the American Megaman cartoon is not a bad show, but it does have its fair share of problems. I mean, I've seen better and I've seen worse. Hmmm... Yeah, you're right. Megaman did come off as kind of sexist in the first few episodes. Which surprisingly reminded me SO much of Krys from Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer. I'm not sure if you've seen that movie before, but it came back in 1985, two years before the first Megaman game was released for the NES. And Krys was kind of sexist himself.

True though, I loved how they made use of Pharaoh Man from Megaman 4 even though he only had one appearance in the entire series. And I also liked how they made use of Metalman from Megaman 2 in the episode "Future Shock". His personality was kind of reminiscent to that of a psychopathic maniac. Heck, he could have had his own slasher film. Now, as I said in my reviews, the episode with Megaman X is my most hated episode. However, that doesn't mean I think it's the poorest excuse for an episode in the series. That goes to Curse of the Lionmen. And the final episode "Crime of the Century" was garbage. But yeah, I do agree that the show's theme song is strangely catchy and addictive. While the lyrics are not very creative, it sure has that ability to get stuck in your head. And speaking of music, did it puzzle you that they used a random assortment of rock songs that played over the closing credits of season 2? Because at first I thought that was odd.
I know what you're thinking... Took me long enough to realize the hacker hoax. Now I know what to do from now on. I should follow your example. XD
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