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Fenrir and Misty had continued talking about their date. Soon, the tension between the two of them had eased up and they were having a much better conversation with each other. They were now talking about various things.

Spot, Wild Fox and Elizabeth watched the three from afar with happy faces. They couldn’t help but keep watching the two enjoy each other.

“This is like a dream come true!” Spot said with sparkling eyes. “Fenrir and Misty dating!”

“Heh. You must be a huge shipper, eh?” Elizabeth noted.

“Oh, I am! So is Remus and Erin and practically a lot of others!” Spot grinned.

Elizabeth chuckled. “Well, I admit that I am becoming a shipper myself. Those two look so cute together.”

The white-haired woman then looked to the side. She then saw Oswald talking with Remus, Erin, Christmas and Tulia and from what she could see, the artificial god was having a good time. She couldn’t help but smile.

“Oh, Spotty, there was something that I should had told you from the start.” Elizabeth said softly.

“Hm? What is it?” The Dalmatian asked in confusion.

Elizabeth slowly nodded her head. “Thank you…”

Spot’s eyes widened a bit. “Huh? What?”

“I am thanking you.” Elizabeth said with a small smile. “For being so accepting of my little buddy.”

“Who, Oswald?” Spot asked before shaking his head. “No, it is more than all right. After all, he is a great kid and is really friendly.”

“Well, I am just glad to hear you say that.” Elizabeth smiled.

Wild Fox on the other hand, raised a confused eyebrow. “Accepting? Accepting for what exactly?”

Spot’s eyes widened at this. “Oh, right! I didn’t tell you! Um, well…”

The Dalmatian then looked up at Elizabeth with a questioning look on his face. The latter quickly caught up.

“Hey, he is your friend, isn’t he?” Elizabeth asked, waving it off. “If you really trust him that much, then why don’t you tell him?”

“Um, okay.” Spot said before looking back at Wild Fox. “You know Oswald? Well… He is an artificial god.”

The bearded man’s eyes bugged out when he heard this. “Wait? Really?”

“That is correct.” Elizabeth agreed.

Wild Fox continued to look at Elizabeth in awe for a moment, processing what he had been told. However, he paused before looking down while putting his hand on his chin.

“Wow… That makes a lot of sense, now that I think about it…” Wild Fox said softly making Spot and Elizabeth look in confusion.

“Huh? What do you mean that makes a lot of sense?” Spot asked.

Wild Fox looked up. “Well, I wasn’t going to ask anything soon but I sense an unusual amount of spiritual energy coming from Oswald from the moment that we were so close with each other.”

Elizabeth’s eyes widened at this. “Wait up, darling, are you saying that you could sense spiritual energy?”

Wild Fox nodded his head. “That is right. I wield the powers of KI so I had gained that energy. Still, even someone with weak KI power could sense Oswald’s power… Just like they could sense a lack of spiritual energy coming from Ellen.”

While Elizabeth was still a bit surprised by Wild Fox’s abilities, she merely waved off the last statement. “Oh, darling, that is to be expected. She only got half a soul.”

“HALF a soul?” Wild Fox asked, surprised before pausing. “Well, that explains her emotionless personality.”

Elizabeth giggled a bit. Spot on the other hand, seemed concerned.

“Well, in any case, I don’t feel comfortable talking about it…” Spot said sadly. “I heard Oswald had gone through a lot because of being of his status as an artificial god.”

Elizabeth merely shook her head. “It is all right. He makes acts hesitant about it but he is more than willing to share about his powers if asked. It is not like he would have to use them.”

Spot turned his head in confusion. “Wait, why not?”

“Well, the thing is, we are ironically using the league as a way to live a peaceful life.” Elizabeth explained. “A life away from violence.”

Spot’s eyes bugged out when he heard this.

“Oh my…” Wild Fox frowned. “Was your homeworld really that bad?”

“Well, I don’t want to put a damper here but yes… Yes, it is.” Elizabeth said with a solemn nod. “That is why unlike most people, I am actually glad we are stuck here.”

“Well, I don’t know what you and your children had been through…” Wild Fox said before giving a small smile. “But at least he doesn’t have anything to worry about on Elarthe.”

“Indeed.” Elizabeth said, returning the smile.

Spot on the other hand, froze in his spot with his pupils shrinking and his mouth agape that what Elizabeth and Wild Fox had said. This had brought up in a lot of lines into his mind.

“The sword would be the most likely connection to those two’s sadness. So why don’t we get it back for them?”

“Since it’s unlikely he’d be able to leave Elarthe, we’ll just have to find him and ask that he return the blade for its value to Miss Priscilla. I’m sure he won’t mind giving it back once he understands the importance of that blade to her.”

“But I do intend to convince him otherwise. If the misplaced ownership of this sword is the cause of strife. Then we must do what we can to mend it so that no one needs to be sad.”

The words of Oswald had kept echoing throughout Spot’s mind. Oswald may still be going after Walter because of his promise to go find the Ignis Sword and mend the broken relationship between Fenrir and Priscilla.

However, that means he would go after Necross and his army and he may get himself involved in this war between the angels and the demons. This meant that he would be caught into the middle of a war all over again.

And it would be all his fault. If he opened his big mouth, Oswald would be unwittingly be chasing a dangerous man. All because of him, history was about to repeat himself.

Suddenly, he felt a hand on his shoulder. Turning his head, he noticed Wild Fox and Elizabeth looking at him with concerned looks on their faces.

“Are you all right, Spot?” Wild Fox asked. “You zoned out on us.”

“Huh?” The Dalmatian said. “Um, sorry… I was just… Just…”

“Just what, Spot?” Wild Fox asked in concern.

“Speak up, pup…” Elizabeth offered, putting her hands on her hips.

Spot paused before looking back and forth between Wild Fox and Elizabeth. He stayed silent with sweat started to form on his furry face.

Suddenly, he bowed his head quickly, startling the two.

“I am sorry, Elizabeth!”

“S-Sorry? Sorry for what?” The dark-skinned woman said, looking genuinely confused.

“It’s Oswald! He is going to get caught up in another war all over again and it is all my fault!” Spot exclaimed while trying to fight back tears.

Elizabeth and Wild Fox’s eyes bugged out when they had heard this for similar and different reasons. Wild Fox looked back and forth between Spot and Elizabeth, realizing that one of them may cause a huge meltdown.

“Um, guys? I think we may need to a different part of the room.” Wild Fox suggested. “I don’t want anyone accidentally hearing about this.”

“G-Good idea…” Elizabeth said with her eyes still on Spot.

Wild Fox and Elizabeth had then instructed Spot to a secluded part of the party. After Spot had calmed down a bit, the Dalmatian had told everything that had happened. Including who Lupin truly was.

Elizabeth stared with a shocked face after taking all of the information she had been given in. “Wow… No wonder Fenrir and Priscilla had been under the weather for quite some time.”

“Yeah and now I had gotten Oswald roped up into this!” Spot said before covering his eyes. “Because of my big mouth, he is going after Necross and his army and when they find out what he wants, they would… They would…”

He couldn’t hold it in anymore. He had started to sob into his hands, feeling guilty about what he had done. Wild Fox gave a sympathetic look before placing a hand on his shoulder.

“I am sorry… I am so, so sorry… I didn’t mean for… For Oswald to get caught up in another war.” Spot said, between sobs. “You had gone through so much and for things to happen all over again...”

Wild Fox gave Spot a pleading look. “Please don’t be mad at him, Elizabeth. It was a simple mistake that anyone would make.”

Elizabeth stayed silent while staring at the sobbing Spot. After a few moments, she narrowed her eyes before stepping forward.

“It is all right, pup.”

Spot stopped sobbing for a moment before looking up with teary eyes with Wild Fox having a surprised look on his face.

“I know you long enough that you would never send my little buddy into danger on purpose.” Elizabeth reassured. “Don’t worry, I am not mad.”

“But… But… Oswald is going to get involved in another war.” Spot sobbed. “A-And…”

“No, he won’t.” Elizabeth said, narrowing her eyes. “Tell me. What exactly did you tell him about Walter?”

“Um, well…” Spot said before sniffing. “I told him what he normally wears and that he is a vampire. He said that he may be going into the Necropolis continent to try to find him.”

Elizabeth paused while crossing her arms. “Pup, I strongly doubt that even my little buddy would figure out how to find Walter.”

“So… So you are willing to forgive me, just like that?” Spot asked softly.

“Well, it depends. I don’t think there is anything to forgive because you didn’t do anything bad.” Elizabeth said.

“B-But…” Spot said softly.

“Spot, Elizabeth is right. You had done nothing wrong.” Wild Fox explained. “All you did was sent Oswald on a wild yet harmless goose chase.”

“Yeah, so wipe those tears. There is nothing to be sad about…” Elizabeth reassured.

Spot then slowly wiped his eyes a few times. “O-Okay…”

“Here, let me get you a drink for you.” Elizabeth said before turning towards Wild Fox. “Sweetie, do you mind?”

“Of course not.” Wild Fox said, shaking his head. “Leave him to me for now.”

Elizabeth nodded before walking off. Wild Fox watched her leave before turning his attention back to Spot.

“It is all right.” Wild Fox reassured. “Oswald is going to be just fine…”

“I… I just don’t want him to run into Necross.” Spot said softly.

“He won’t. Just like Elizabeth said, there is a very small chance that would happen.” Wild Fox said softly.

Spot stayed silent. Wild Fox couldn’t help but frown at his friend’s contrast in personality. He hated seeing his friends like this.

“Now I have even more determination to take down Necross…” Wild Fox said softly. “If Oswald DOES manages to find Necross and Walter, who knows what may happen…”


Fenrir’s good eye bugged out. “What!? That little psychopath actually did that!”

“Yes, he did!” Misty groaned while rolling her eyes. “It was so ridiculous! He was literally surrounded by explosions and still he tried to use a bomb!”

“Wow, this bunny sounded twisted but still.” Fenrir said, shaking his head.

“The ironic thing was Erin and I were the only ones who came out unscatched!” Misty said. “It did NOTHING to help his side in the slightest.”

“Why the hell does that Hiss creep kept that rabbit on for so long?” Fenrir asked in disbelief.

“There is a question that may NEVER be answered.” Misty sighed. She then absent-mindedly looked up at a nearby wall-clock. “Heh. It is that late already?”

Fenrir looked up at the clock as well. “Whoa… It is.”

Misty shook her head. “Sorry, I know that we are on a date but could I go check up on my sister for a moment?”

“Oh, of course not!” Fenrir said, shaking his head. “Just check up on Remus also, okay?”

“Okay.” Misty said before walking off.

Fenrir watched her leave. Things had started to ease up when they had started to talk about their little misadventures back at home due to their respective goals. It was absolutely fascinating the amount of stuff that Misty and Erin had been through, whether it was extremely dangerous or downright silly.

Letting out a small, calm sigh, he started to look around. However, it was then he had noticed something that made his good eye go wide.

Standing next to a wall, very close to him was Ellen with a drink in her hand. She merely stood with her trademark expression on her. It was almost as if she hasn’t noticed that Fenrir and Misty were right there.

“Ellen!?” Fenrir cried, getting the redhead’s attention. “How long have you been there?”

“Long enough to see that you got a keeper.” Ellen said with another sip of her drink. “That is the first time I seen someone used fighting as an ice breaker.”

“Um, well…” Fenrir said before looking to the side, looking embarrassed. “Well, we honestly didn’t know what else to say…”

Ellen merely shook her head. “At least you didn’t talk about the weather.”

“R-Right…” Fenrir said. He then gave a deep sigh. “Let me guess, Ellen. Seeing that you had heard the whole conversation, I assume you heard a particular part of Misty’s past right?”

“Yeah, what’s the matter?” Ellen challenged. “You scared of a girl who doesn’t need her parent?”

Fenrir winced at this. “N-no, it is not that. I…”

He then let out a deep sigh.

“It is the complete opposite… I am 100% jealous of the fact that Misty is staying so strong.” Fenrir said softly.

“I wouldn’t be.” Ellen said.

“Huh?” Fenrir asked, looking up in confusion.

“She’s strong. because of a lot of of things, but what you seeing when she talked about her mom was one kind of strength.” Ellen said. “If you jealous about one person’s trait, then you’re an idiot. Everyone’s strong in their own way… Or you are just a wimp who really needs his dad to hold his hand.”

Fenrir’s good eye blinked twice before chuckling weakly. “You really not afraid to speak your opinions, are you?”

“I guess.” Ellen said. “So mind updating me on this Silvermine place you two fondly remember? I don’t have anything better to do than listen to life stories and drink…”

Fenrir let out a deep sigh. “Okay, here is the deal. Silvermine is a city that is run by the namesake mob.  They are a notorious and ruthless bunch. For some reason or another, they held a fighting tournament and they forced a lot of people who could fight, not just Misty to fight in it.”

He then gave a growl, just thinking about how he would react if Remus got kidnapped just go he could enter.

“However, that is all I know about Silvermine. I had never actually went there and after hearing what happened, I believe that I am lucky. To learn more, you may want to talk to Misty and I am not sure if she wants to talk in full detail…” Fenrir said, concluding with a sigh.

“Sounds like an easy hell.” Ellen muttered. “We had enough chit-chat, so what’s on your mind, wolf?”

“Huh?” Fenrir asked before looking away. “I think you already knew this but I was thinking about the sunglasses.”

“I can take you next Tuesday if that is what you’re asking.” Ellen offered. “Oswald got a lesson in Necropolis so Shu won’t have much to keep him entertained.”

“Um, thanks. But here is the thing…” Fenrir said. “A part of me wants the sunglasses to be true but at the same time, a part of me actually wants them to be lying to my face if that makes any sense.”

“Yeah, if my dad talked like that, I wouldn’t want to be related to him either.” Ellen nodded.

Fenrir scratched the back of his head. “I was referring to having him help me through this slump but I can’t say I blame you for thinking that.”

Ellen then took one final gulp of her drink, finishing it.

“Hand them over, wolf.” She said, holding out her free hand.

“Huh?” Fenrir asked with his ears dropping.

“I’m not dense like your friend, wolf. Anyone could see how desperate you are to have your dad back.” Ellen said. “You might as well worship him with how much you talk about him. You are on a date with that poodle!”

“Now hold on! They are not here!” Fenrir insisted. “They are in my drawer back at home.”

“Not bad.” Ellen noted. “You are stronger than I gave you credit for.”

Fenrir merely rolled his good eye. “Father or liar, like I could trust him to keep them quiet the whole time.”

“Smarter than you look too.” Ellen noted. She then shrugged. “So I guess I oughta give you something in return. So what are you interested in knowing, wolf? You know, for keeping me company.”

Fenrir shrank back in surprise at Ellen’s request. He wasn’t expected her to give an offer like that. This girl was full of surprises.

“What?” Fenrir asked before regaining his composure. “Um, well, seeing that you ARE an older sibling, could you tell me what it is like to raise Oswald?”

“Can’t say much for Oswald, the kid came to me practically an adult in a kid’s body.” Ellen said while shaking her head. “Had a hell of a time though teaching Oswald what a kid was but videos and pictures can only give so much. You are aware that Remus is the first child that Oswald had ever met that’s her age. You’ll be surprised how different we were back then.”

“Yeah, well, it must be…” Fenrir started.

Suddenly, his good pupil shrank to the size of a pea upon realizing a large condratiction in Ellen’s statement.

“Wait, HER age?”

Ellen raised an eyebrow. “Yeah, why?”

“Yeah, why?” Fenrir asked in disbelief. “Isn’t Oswald a boy?”

“Oh, yeah. I forget sometimes.” Ellen said with a shrug. “You could consider Oswald a guy, all those spells alter what she perceived as usually. Protective measures and what not.”

Fenrir stared in complete shock. He didn’t knew what got him more. That Oswald was a girl or that Ellen casually admitted that she had forgotten. What was it the women he was friends with letting what should be very important facts slip their mind.

“Don’t worry. Oswald is 100% girl.” Ellen reassured. “Just don’t tell your brother, I don’t want any tween romance issues coming up.”

While his mind was still blown by the realization, Fenrir slowly recovered. “Um, okay. I won’t. But I don’t see that happening. Remus is the total opposite in me when it comes to approaching girls.”

Ellen just shrugged. “If you say, I just don’t like the idea of Oswald getting close to a boy yet. Just a personal thing is all. I was around her age when I started dating him.”

Fenrir raised an eyebrow. “Dating him?”

“Oh yeah… Must be something in the drink that makes you sentiminal.” Ellen said before looking at her empty glass. “Remember how I tried to smash your head in a table?”

Fenrir winced at this. “Well, for the most part I had been trying NOT to for everyone’s sake but otherwise, yes.”

“Well, you said something that made me think about the guy I used to be with.” Ellen explained. She then narrowed her eyes. “Guess I still kinda hate him for dying on me.”

Fenrir’s ears drooped. “Oh, I don’t suppose you want to talk about it, do you?”

Ellen then looked down at her glass, looking like she was becoming lost in her memories.

“You should have seen us together, wolf, trademark young couple. Together since we were seven, finally dating, planned on running away as fast as we could from this hellish war as soo as possible.” Ellen explained. “Grow old, die together. Whole shebang.”

Fenrir’s eye stared with shock as Ellen continued. He couldn’t believe that Ellen had used to think like that.

“Travel for the first 20 years, help everyone we could on the way, we were both the highest class healers in our home so it seemed so full-proof.” She explained. “Maybe adopt a kid alone the way, teach him the way we know… Damn, look at me rambling over some stupid plans that kids make.”

“Woah…” Fenrir said in awe. “You must had really liked him, don’t you?”

“LOVED him, wolf.” Ellen corrected. “At least I thought I did…”

Fenrir paused. “Why? How come you don’t feel the same way anymore?”

“Time passed and I decided it would be better if I stopped caring.” Ellen explained. “I have a family that needs me and living my life around a dead boy doesn’t help them any.”

“Fair enough…” Fenrir said before looking down. “So… Was he really that much like me?”

“Just take away your snout, fur and the ever present dad complex and you two could had been twins.” Ellen replied.

“Wow, I didn’t mean to force to relieve your memories when we first met.” Fenrir explained.

“It’s fine.” Ellen said, waving it off. “Sometimes, memories are nice.”

Fenrir merely stayed silent while continuing to stare at Ellen. He haven’t expected the redhead to be so open about her past among other things. The girl was truly full of surprises.

Despite still having quite a few issues, Ellen still seemed to be doing alright. Even after her run-in with the wolf, she personally tried to avoid because she didn’t wanted to get distracted by memories of the past. He wondered if he should continued the conversation or end it right there and then.


The wolf jumped before turning his head towards the direction of the voice. He then saw Christmas, Tulia and Misty rushing over with worried looks on their faces.

“Huh? What’s wrong, girls?” Fenrir asked.

“We had lost the kids!” Tulia exclaimed.

Fenrir’s eye bugged out at this. “What!?”

“Yeah, they had gone off to go find a bottle and Christmas and I were talking to each other.” Tulia said. “When we were done, they were gone!”

“W-W-Where had you seen them last?” Fenrir asked.

“I-I don’t know…” Tulia said. “They didn’t tell me where they were going to search.”

Ellen on the other hand, shook her head. “Figured that you two would lose them eventually. Don’t worry, Oswald always come back. I don’t know about the other two.”

The others looked at Ellen in disbelief.

“How… The hell… Could you say that with a blank face!?” Misty snapped.

“We are at a Christmas party for a bunch of people who have far too much free time as they chose to make parties for a living.” Ellen said flatly. “I strongly doubt they are in real danger.”

“Y-Yeah, let’s calm down.” Fenrir said before looking at Tulia. “Why are they looking for a bottle, anyway?”

“Well, it is a long story but they are going to use so Oswald could put his ink into it and gave it to me.” Christmas explained.

Fenrir blinked his good eye twice. “Put his ink into it?”

“Yeah, I don’t get it either.” Misty said, shaking her head.

“What is going on?”

Everyone turned their heads to see Naza walking over.

“Oh, Naza! Perfect timing!” Tulia smiled. “Say, have you seen the children?”

The dark-haired paused. “I thought that they were with you the whole time.”

Tulia hanged her head. “Great…”

“Okay, everyone calm down.” Christmas said stepping forward. “Maybe they exited the room.”

“Y-Yeah, let’s go see if another who was near the door saw them.” Naza offered before looking towards the entrance. “Say, there is two of them. Shannon and…”

Suddenly, she noticed something that had made her go wide-eyed as he watched Shannon speak with one of his fellow workers.

“So that is why I need your advice.” Shannon explained. “To make that couch behave, I must to neuter and show it that I am in charge.”

Dolin blinked twice with a smoking cigarette in his hand.

“Um, Shannon, do you ever stop and wonder as to WHY people rarely respect you?” He said flatly.

The wizard immediately growled. “I swear, it was nothing but snark every thing!”

“Well, good grief!” Dolin said, rolling his eyes. “When you give people reasons to snark at you, you get snarked at! It is common nature!”

“Why you!” Shannon snapped before turning around and storming off. “Fine! I will just go find Leon and ask HIM! At least I would make sure HE won’t snark at me!

Dolin let out a laugh. “Like that would do you any good?”

Shannon stopped before turning around. “And what is THAT supposed to mean?”

“He is with the rugrats outside of this room.” Dolin smirked. “And they won’t come back until the party is ending.”

Shannon blinked twice. “Okay, you lost me. How come Leon and the brats aren’t coming back anytime soon?”

Dolin then fished into his pocket and pulled out an item. Shannon looked closer in interest at what Dolin was holding.

A key.

“Because I made sure of that.” Dolin smirked while throwing the key to himself.

“What do you mean?” Shannon asked, tilting his head. “What is that?”

“The key to the closet. It is big enough to hold those four and keep them there AND it is far away from the party so normally would hear their cries.” Dolin said.

Shannon blinked twice before looking back and forth between the key and the cigarette in Dolin’s hand.

“You locked the children and Leon in a closet just so you could smoke all night?” He asked in disbelief.

Dolin let out a hearty laugh. “Well, it is nice to know that you are not as dumb as you look.”

Normally, Shannon would at least growl at the insult but he was too busy rolling his eyes at Dolin’s scheme.

“Truth be told, I just had wanted lock the kids in but Leon caught on to me so I had no choice but to lock him in too!” Dolin said, shaking his head. “Oh well, at least I could say that I had left them with an adult.”

Shannon blinked twice. “Um, seeing that this is LEON we are talking about, I don’t think you did.”

Dolin let out another laugh. “Good point! Good point! Eh, doesn’t matter! All that matters is that Kiddie Time is over!”


Dolin’s smirk vanished as his eyes bugged out in pure horror. With fresh beads of sweat forming on his face, he slowly turned his head to see who was calling his name.

Much to his horror, Naza, Fenrir, Misty, Ellen, Christmas and Tulia were all crossing their arms and glaring at Dolin, not looking pleased in the slightest.

Dolin immediately yelped. “Um, how long have you been there?”

“Long enough to see that you are a douche.” Fenrir said before gritting his teeth. “A suicidal douche.”

“W-Wait, it is not what it seems!” Dolin insisted.

“Oh? Do tell. How does it NOT seemed like you locked three children AND someone who tried to stop you at CHRISTMAS time just so you cannot smoke?” Naza asked while clenching her fists.

“N-No, you don’t understand! They were looking for a bottle!” Dolin insisted. “I had instructed them in the closet!”

“Save it!” Misty snapped with her teeth going sharp. “We heard the whole thing! You had locked my sister and the others in there and intend to stay there for the rest of the night!”

“On top of that, smoking is bad for you.” Ellen said.

She then held out her hand. Suddenly, some kind of small ball of energy had started to form in her hand.

“Of course when I am through with you, lung cancer would be the worst of your troubles.” Ellen said, narrowing her eyes.

“How DARE you lock our younger siblings in a closet just for a smoke!?” Misty growled, cracking her knuckles.

“Perhaps if we tied those weird arms around your throat, then it would be impossible to smoke!” Fenrir said, readying his claws.

Dolin stepped back while looking back and forth between the three older siblings.

“Um, well? Hold on…” Dolin said before looking at Naza who had her head down. “Naza, please talk some sense into them. It is Christmas time.”

“You are right. It IS Christmas time…” Naza said softly.

She then glared up at Dolin with a hateful glare.

“And it is because of that, I will help Fenrir, Misty and Ellen on what they want right now!” Naza said, cracking her knuckles.

By this time, Dolin’s face was completely full of sweat as his eyes shifted from left to right at the four angry people.

“Um, Shannon, a little help?” Dolin asked. “You know, show them why you are the greatest wizard in the world?”

“I love to but I don’t get involved in battles I can’t win.” The wizard smirked before walking off. “You’re on your own.”

Dolin gulped before looking back. Much to his horror, Naza, Fenrir, Misty and Ellen had all pounced at them at once.



Erin pressed her ear against a door. Even if she was far away from the party, she could still make muffled sounds of cries of pain and yells of anger. Shaking her head, she turned her head towards Remus, Oswald and Leon. The latter red eye somewhat made the room a bit brighter.

“Okay, the good news is that at least one of our older siblings had figured out what that jerk had done to us.” Erin explained. She then sighed. “The bad news is they may be too... busy to come get us right now.”

Remus returned the sigh. “Well, at least they know where we are.”

“AND we got the bottle!” Oswald piped up, holding a large bottle.

Leon shifted his good eye from left to right. “See, kids? We are going to be all right! There is no reason to scream and cry! Someone is going to save us!”

Remus blinked twice. “Um, I never cried…”

“I-It’s alright to be strong. C-Can’t let everyone see your fear when you come out.” Leon said, fidgeting in place.

“Um, Mr. Leon, are you alright?” Oswald asked concerned. “Are you afraid of the dark or claustrophobic?”

“Um, maybe…” Leon said, looking down.

“Don’t worry, Leon. As soon as our siblings are done, they would come straight over.” Erin reassured.

“I-I guess…” The cyborg said before sighing. “I am sorry, kids. I didn’t knew that Dolin would lock us in here until it was too late.”

“It is all right.” Remus said before rolling his eyes. “Still, I can’t believe he did that for a smoke!”

“Yes, why is it he locked us in when he could do it outside?” Oswald asked

“Yeah, seriously…” Erin muttered. “But whatever, so what should we do until they remember that we are done here?”

Oswald blinked twice in confusion. “Remember? You mean they would forget about us?”

“Well, not FORGET persay but Ellen is anything like Misty, she would spend far too much time “teaching” Dolin a lesson.” Erin sighed.

“Ah, yes. Your sister.” Oswald said. “Could you tell me more about her, Miss Erin? You all seemed happy for her and Mr. Fenrir to go on a date?”

Leon blinked his good eye twice. “Um, MISS Erin?”

Remus merely waved it off. “He does that to everyone.”

“Well, Misty used to be a pit fighter, battling to support the both of us just like Fenrir.” Erin explained. “This is why we wanted them together. Also, I think you had already noticed this by how we had to stop her from nearly killing Palayo but she also has a short temper and doesn’t usually that social.”

“Really?” Oswald asked. “I mean I could understand the temper but Miss Misty seemed quite approachable.”

“Well, she’s not THAT distant, I mean she could make friends.” Erin said, shaking her head. “Still, she could be moody.”

“Oh, is THAT why Mr. Fenrir had been unsuccessfully in getting her to go on a date together?” Oswald asked confused.

“Um, yes and no.” Erin said, chuckling nervously. “Misty doesn’t like it when she had been hit on when Fenrir had done the very same to so many people.”

“Wait, didn’t Mr. Fenrir said a similar thing at Mr. Psycho Wally’s Funhouse?” Oswald asked in realization.

Erin’s eyes widened at this. “Wait, what!? Fenrir said that?”

“Yeah, he had said that he had admitted that he was too forward with him and Misty didn’t wanted a Prince Charming.” Remus explained.

“Wait, Fenrir actually said that?” Erin exclaimed. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner? This could had been our big chance at the time!”

“Um, I WANTED to…” Remus said before looking down. “But… At the time, Fenrir was still…”

Erin’s eyes widened before she looked to the side with a sad look on her face. “S-Sorry, that was an insensitive thing to say.”

“It’s fine.” Remus said, shaking his head. He then brightened up. “The point is that Misty must had realized that and gave Fenrir a chance!”

“Yeah, it just goes to show on how much Fenrir and Misty had changed since he gotten here!” Erin agreed. “In fact, I think it was MISTY who had asked Fenrir out and not the other way around.”

“Yeah, I think so too.” Remus agreed.

“Heh.” Leon said before looking down at Oswald. “Oswald, was it?”

“That is correct, Mr. Leon.” The artificial god nodded.

“Have you noticed any change in YOUR sister?” Leon asked.

“Change?” Oswald said before putting her hand on her chin in thought. “Now, that you mentioned it, she seemed more open with people.”

“Open?” Leon asked with disbelief strong in his tone.

“Well, she isn’t throwing tables at anyone anymore so…” Erin muttered.

“Wait, what!?” Leon exclaimed.

Before anyone could say anything else, they heard the sound of a key entering the room. Turning their heads, they saw the door opening to reveal Tulia and the others.

“Are you guys alright?” Tulia asked, concerned after opening the door.

“Remy!” Fenrir exclaimed.

“Sis!” Misty called out.



Remus and Erin had made their way out of the closet and towards their respective older siblings.

“Are you alright, Erin?” Misty asked, crouching down.

“That creep didn’t hurt you, did he?” Fenrir asked.

“No, he merely shoved us in here.” Remus said, shaking his head.

“Yeah, we are fine.” Erin nodded.

Suddenly, Leon had pounced himself at Tulia and tackled Tulia to the ground, startling everyone.

“Oh, Tulia! Thank you so much!” Leon said with his good eye going misty. “I was so terrified in there! I thought we were going to run out of air!”

Naza blinked twice. “Run out of air? Good grief, Leon, not even Dolin is that much of a jerk.”

“I-I know but…” Leon said. He then started to sob into Tulia’s chest.

“H-hey…” The cow said nervously before patting Leon’s head. “It is alright… You are all fine now…”

Oswald then stepped forward while holding the jar in her hands. “Oh, Miss Christmas, perfect timing! We found the jar while we were in here!”

The white tiger blinked twice. “THAT is your thoughts about escaping from a cramped and dark closet.”

“My little buddy is just being my little buddy.” Elizabeth giggled.


Despite what had happened in the closet, everyone had soon gone back to the party as always. Oswald had fulfilled her quest and had Christmas a full bottle of ink for her birthday present and soon things had went back to normal.

Soon, after several hours, it was time to go home. Naza, Christmas and Tulia had went down with the group, along with their ride, Shannon to see them goodbye.

“Well, guys, did you had a great time?” Tulia asked.

“Yeah, we had a blast!” Spot said with a grin.

“I say!” Erin grinned. “It was awesome!”

“Indeed, we thank you again for inviting us here!” Oswald said, bowing her head.

“Hey, hey! It is all right!” Naza grinned. “You are Tulia and Christmas’ guests, after all.”

Christmas nodded her head while holding a large bottle of ink. “Oswald, thanks again for your present. I really appreciate it.”

“It is alright. I am just glad that it is a suitable birthday present for you.” The artificial god smiled.

Christmas returned the smile before looking at Fenrir and Remus. “Remus, I am really glad that we get to speak with each other.”

“Yeah, same here.” The wolf cub nodded.

“Sorry about kinda blowing off talking to you, it is just that…” Fenrir started.

Christmas merely shook her head. “You had a date. I understand. Besides, I learned a bit about you.”

“Speaking of learning, I hope you had learned a lot from today, Oswald.” Tulia smiled.

“Oh, don’t worry, I have.” Oswald said, bowing her head again. “Thank you again for the lessons, Miss Tulia.”

“No problem. I just couldn’t resist talking to you after hearing about your dilemma.” Tulia grinned.

“Oh, um, no hard feelings about the… mess that was made in the room, right?” Wild Fox said sheepishly.

Naza merely waved it off. “Nah, besides I was just as much to blame in the end.”

Suddenly, they all heard the sounds of groans. Turning their heads, they saw a bandaged and bruised Dolin being taken away by two people.

Oswald merely sighed while shaking her head. “I still thought you overdid it.”

“Hey, we let him live, didn’t we?” Fenrir said while crossing his arms.

“Yeah, even then, I STILL felt that we were being too generous.” Ellen agreed.

“Same here.” Misty nodded while casting Dolin a death glare.

Wild Fox sighed before deciding to change the subject. “W-Well, in any case, how did your date went, guys?”

“Huh?” Misty asked before scratching the back of her head. “Um, well, things had gotten a bit slow at first but it turned out just fine.”

“Yeah, it was great.” Fenrir said.

“So does that mean you guys are going to go on a date again sometime?” Remus asked.

Fenrir and Misty had paused for a moment before looking at each other.

Then, Misty gave a small smile. “But sure, what the heck? Why not? We could do it any someday.”

Fenrir paused for a moment as he continued to stare into Misty’s eyes.

Suddenly, he slowly had a grin came across his face, startling everyone.

“Yes, that would be nice.”

“Oh my gosh!” Spot gasped.

“You smiled!” Remus exclaimed.

Fenrir’s good eye widened before looking to the side with a huge blush on his face.

“Hey, hey, don’t be embarrassed!” Elizabeth scolded. “You have a lovely smile!”

“Yes, it is great to finally see it after so long.” Wild Fox said with a smile.

Fenrir looked around for a moment. He had then smiled again.

“T-Thanks… I really had a lot of fun with you guys tonight and…” The wolf said before scratching the back of his head. “I… I’m sorry. I am completely drawing a blank on what to say here.”

Misty slowly shook her head with a smile. “No… It is all right. This speaks louder than words.”

“Yeah…” Remus grinned softly.

Naza then gave a chuckle. “You were right, Tulia. I could see why you wanted to invite these guys alone.”

“Yeah…” The cow smiled.

Christmas just watched the scene with a quiet smile. She couldn’t help but feel just as happy as the others by Fenrir’s smile. She was happy to be able to see Fenrir without a depressing look on his face.

“Perhaps this wasn’t such a bad birthday, after all.”


Everyone jumped by the sudden noise before looking in the direction of it. They then saw Shannon with his arm in the air, looking like he had snapped his fingers and made a spell.

“Ahem. If you people are easily taken by a simple smile…” Shannon said before giving a confident grin. “Then, you would go heads over heels for me.”

Everyone blinked twice as they watched Shannon stand in his place, still grinning.

A few seconds later, he screamed as he tried in vain to block a barrage of snowballs being pelted at him.


After being violently rejected for ruining the mood, Shannon hesitantly teleported him and the rest of the group back to the Heroes’ Hideout. After that, everyone had went straight to their respective rooms to rest for the night.

Fenrir was one of the most tired from the night and ended up going to his bed immediately. In fact, he was so exhausted that he had slept all of the way through the morning. Remus and Spot ended up leaving the room without him, not wanting to disturb him. Soon, the wolf had finally decided to stir around and let out a big yawn.

“Whoa, what a night…” Fenrir said, sleepily. He then looked up at the clock. “Whoa, that late already? I must had tuckered myself out more than I thought.”

Letting out another yawn, he got up from his bed and made his way towards the drawer to get out his clothes for the day.

“Good morning, dark-eyes.” Fenrir said while going through his drawer.

However, an unusual sound had echoed throughout his ears that made his good eye go wide.

The sound of silence.

Fenrir quickly took the case that had the sunglasses and held it up to his hand before looking down at it in confusion. He slowly opened the case and took out the sunglasses out of it.

“Dark-eyes?” Fenrir asked, blinking his good eye twice. This was unusual for the sunglasses to stop talking to him for some reason. This was extremely strange because they had shown to be anything but quiet.

Fenrir continued to stare down at the sunglasses for a moment. Suddenly, his good eye had widened in realization.

A little while later, Ellen had made her way down the hallway on her way into the main floor.

“Hey, Ellen!”

The redhead stopped herself in her tracks before turning around. She then saw Fenrir rushing over, now fully-dressed.

Ellen raised an eyebrow. “What is it with the running, wolf, I said Tuesday, not today.”

“Yeah, about that.” Fenrir explained. “I think we might have to cancel that appointment.”

“Why is that? You had broke them yourself?” Ellen asked.

“Well, yes and no.” Fenrir said. He then pulled out his sunglasses and held them out to Ellen. “Notice anything different about them since the last time you seen them?”

Ellen quickly caught on. “They shut up for once? Did you made your old man mad or something?”

“Which was?” Ellen asked, crossing her arms.

Fenrir then took in a deep breath.

“Well, listening to what you and Misty last night about what you been through made me realize that I wasn't the only one who had to endure hardships.” Fenrir said with his ears dropping. “You two had both gone through a lot on your own and for the most part, you had still able to continue on. I realized now that I shouldn't have to resort of worrying about my father for my own problems.”

He then let out a large sigh.

“And I realized this last night... So when I went to go to my drawer to change…” Fenrir explained.

“Let me guess. Daddy wasn’t there anymore?” Ellen asked.

Fenrir slowly nodded.

Ellen shook her head. “I’m sorry, wolf.”

Fenrir stepped back in surprised and confusion. “Sorry? For what?”

“Thought this would be a bit more hard on you.” Ellen said before looking to the side.. “I know what it’s like losing someone more than once.”

“Ellen…” Fenrir said before shaking his head. “People only love once, Ellen. As much as I like it to be true, my father had passed and there is no bringing him back. Besides, I don't need him anymore. I feel that I should try to stand on my own two feet.”

“Yeah, once…” The young girl said before looking back at Fenrir. “So what did you want to talk about?”

Fenrir then smiled before holding out the sunglasses.

“Well, seeing that you wanted the sunglasses…” He said brightly. “I decided to let them keep them.”

Ellen actually seemed somewhat taken back by this. “Huh, uh, yeah, sure. I'll take em from you, guess I can sell these at Shu's for a good penny.”

She then slowly made her hand way towards the sunglasses and grabbed them.

“Th-thanks, Fenrir…” She said softly.

The wolf’s good eye widened when he heard this. Ellen had actually called Fenrir by his first name and did so with a quite timid look on her face. After a moment, Fenrir merely smiled, realizing that he had truly became Ellen’s friend.

“Trust me, Ellen. It is the least I could do for thanks. Merry Christmas...”
EA-LEC: Christmas With Christmas Part 3
Last Part:…

Here is the third and final part of my :iconea-lec: Christmas entry. I am just glad that I had finally finished it. Nothing much to say but it is opens up at least one opportunity for not only my characters but also my friend's characters.

Fenrir, Remus, Christmas, Spot, Tulia, Naza, Dolin, Leon and Shannon belongs to me.

Misty and Erin belongs to :iconssbfreak:

Ellen Doe, Oswald Nadir Doe and Elizabeth belongs to :iconuotome:

Wild Fox aka Erik Carbonneau belongs to :iconwildfox03:

Exercitus Artifex aka the League of Extraordinary Characters belongs to :iconea-lec:
”Your destined partner is… lo and behold… The mechanical voice said.

Robin watched as the spotlights continued to shine onto her allies. After what seemed like an eternity, the lights had finally focused on one particular Smasher. As it did so, loud cheering could be heard.

Link jumped when he realized the spotlights were on him.

“W-W-Wait? ME? I’M her destined partner?” He said in disbelief. “I… I… IIIIIIIIIIIII!”

That was the sound of Link after he and Robin fell through a trap door each, dropping them below.


After falling through the trap door, Robin and Link had soon hit the bottom with a loud thud, blacking out instantly. It wasn’t until a few minutes later that they had soon came to. The two groaned before sitting down.

“Oh, my head…” Link groaned.

“Link, are you okay?” Robin weakly asked.

“Well, I should be able to walk after that if that’s what you meant…” The Hero of Time muttered.

The two then slowly made their way to their feet. It was then the two of them had quickly realized something really important. They were holding hands.

Link’s eyes widened as he blushed. “Um, Robin? Why are you holding my hand?”

The white-haired woman quickly returned the blush. “Um, I am sorry. Here, let me…”

She then tried to let go of Link’s hand. However, after a bit of pulling, the two had quickly noticed they were unable to take their hands apart.

“Wha… What is going on!?” Link cried out. “I can’t let go! What the heck is going on!?”

”It seems that you had reached your destination.” The mechanical voice from earlier spoke.

“W-What!?” Link jumped at the sudden voice. He then narrowed his eyes. “Hey! You did this, didn’t you?”

”This seems to be a path where lovers who met their destined partners discuss their love for each other.” The mechanical voice pointed out.

It was then Robin and Link had finally took the chance to look around the area they had been dropped in. They seemed to be on a path in a beautiful meadow that had flowers everywhere. Looking up at the sky, it was a bright blue with a few clouds and even a rainbow. It was just like the fairytale version of heaven.

”What could be waiting up ahead?” The mechanical voice asked. “You are free to step forth hand-in-hand, curiosity and fear in your hearts, or you can refrain.”

“Hand-in-hand?” Link asked before narrowing his eyes. “So you WERE the one who got our hands stuck together!”

“You are free to step forth, or refrain from doing so.” The mechanical voice explained. “These are your apparent options. Now step forth!”

“Free, my boot!” Link snapped.

“Link, please calm down!” Robin begged.

“But Robin, look! Our hands are stuck together!” The green-clad man pointed out. “Our fighting capabilities are dangerously limited! If we run into even one of those monsters, we are dead!”

The tactician frowned. “Hm, you are right. It seems that we have no choice. If we run into another one of those monsters, we have no choice but to retreat.”

“Ugh, looks like it.” Link said, rolling his eyes. “So what now?”

“It seemed that we have no choice but to oblige that voice for now.” Robin said.

Link’s eyes widened. “Are you crazy!? He was the one who dropped us in here and made us near-helpless!”

“I know that but unfortunately, I don’t see any more paths. If we try to stray away from this one, there is a good chance that we would be wandering around aimlessly.” Robin noted.

“Well, that wouldn’t bother me because I am used to backtracking.” Link said, waving it off. He then sighed in defeat. “Then again, I had my full arsenal for said backtracking. Never had I felt more useless.”

“Don’t worry, I am just as much at a disadvantage.” Robin reassured. She then gave a smile. “No one is going to blame you after seeing the situation that we are in.”

“I guess…” Link muttered.

Robin frowned at this. “What’s wrong?”

“Want a list?” Link snarked. He then shook his head. “But whatever. We are wasting time here. We have to regroup with the others. Come on. Let’s go down the “path of lovers”.”

“R-Right.” Robin said.

The two then made their way down the path, hand-in-hand. They had walked on for five minutes before a certain voice had decided to make themselves known.

”Suddenly, all in attendance hear an announcement.

Link growled when he heard the voice. “What now?”

“Up ahead, they see a bride and groom’s joyous commemorative photograph of love.” The mechanical voice explained.

The two then looked ahead at their path and just as the voice said, there seemed to be some kind of large picture with roses all over the frame.

“They confer between them whether to look at it, or ignore it.” The mechanical voice said.

Link just rolled his eyes. “Fine, fine. It was in our path, anyway. Come on, Robin.”

With that, the two had made their way over to the picture to inspect it. However, their eyes had bugged out when they saw the picture was of a white-clad prince that was holding a woman in a wedding dress, bridal-style. Clearly a wedding photo.

But what really caught their attention was that the groom’s head was Link’s and the bride’s head was Robin’s.

“Oh, great…” Link groaned. “Did they stripped and dressed us while we were unconscious? How long had we been out for?”

“I don’t think that is the case, Link.” Robin said, pointing with her free hand.. “Take a long at the picture. Don’t you think it looked… off?”

“It looked “off” the moment I laid eyes on it.” The blonde man muttered. He then looked closer at the picture. “That being said, though, I could definitely see your point after looking at our heads. Even now, I am still having trouble with technology but I think this was photoshopped or something.”

Link then looked back at Robin. He then shrank back when he saw that his “destined partner” was giving him a strange look.

“Um, what?” Link asked.

“You seemed awfully… calm about the picture.” Robin noted.

“Well, if by calm, you mean not roaring in confusion and anger upon finding out that we had both been stripped when out cold.” Link said, scratching his head.

“Yes… That is exactly what I meant…” Robin sighed.

Link returned the sigh before looking to the side.

“I have a tendency to have a lot of different kinds of girls fall in love with me, no matter where I go.” He groaned. “And once in a blue moon, I run into one who is… Less than subtle with their affections…”

Robin winced. “...Do I dare to ask you elaborate on said affections?”

Link shook his head. “It is nothing TOO extreme but all I could say is that they are a hassle to deal with.”

“...And seeing this picture gave you bad memories…” Robin frowned.

Link raised his head. “Kinda. I mean don’t get the wrong idea, nobody had ever knocked me out and stripped me down but this is exactly what they want. For me, to sweep them away in their arms.”

“Why not tell that that you are with Zelda?” Robin suggested. “That should keep them away.”

Link winced before quickly looking to the side.

“Um, Link?” Robin asked, concerned.

The Hero of Time gave a deep sigh. “Can I trust you with a secret? Okay, technically you can’t say it is a secret but could I trust you not to spread it around?”

“But, of course, Link.” Robin reassured, looking eager. “What is it?”

Link then looked Robin straight in the eyes with a serious face.

“I don’t know if you already heard about this but Zelda, Ganondorf and I aren’t the only... “us” in my world’s existence.” He explained.

“Only us?” Robin asked, confused. “You mean like the other Link

“Yes…” Link said before hanging his head. “From the start of time, they had been tales of Ganondorf or an evil just as powerful as him, threatening the land. It had been told that a hero that has my name had vanquished. Usually with the assistance of the princess Zelda.”

“I see.” Robin nodded.

“From what I had heard, each Link and Zelda seemed to be close to each other.” Link explained. “After all, they had worked together to defeat such a great evil. Though I couldn’t help but think that along the line, one pair had soon seen their bond more stronger than they thought. As in… Love.”

“Love? What is wrong with that?” Robin asked confused.

Link looked up in disbelief. “Don’t you see? If one Link and Zelda had gotten married and me and Zelda had shared the same lineage as them, that means…”

Robin’s eyes widened when she realized what Link was getting at.

“...Technically, Link and Zelda are related…” She said softly.

“Not by blood but yeah, you got the point.” Link sighed. “If she and I ever got together, then we would be...”

Robin quickly looked to the side with a deep blush. “Um, well, this makes all the times I heard about how you and Zelda are such a great couple feel… Awkward…”

“And you know? It wouldn’t be THAT bad if Zelda and I don’t have any romantic feelings for each other…” Link said before looking to the side. “Robin, you seemed to witness a lot of people marry when you were fighting in that war. Do you know what the two?”

“H-Huh? Me?” The white-haired woman gasped. She then looked to the side. “I-I am sorry… I haven’t even thought about such a topic so…”

“So even a tactician can’t help me...” Link said, shaking his head. “Great. I scarred a friend of mine for life for no reason.”

“What?” Robin exclaimed. “Oh no, no, no! You haven’t scarred me! I was just surprised! That is all… I am sorry that I can’t help you.”

“It is alright.” Link said, shaking his head. “Actually, I am kinda glad I had gotten it off of my chest.”

Robin gave a small smile. “I am glad to hear it.”

Link gave a weak chuckle. “I-In any case, should we move on? The others must be worried sick.”

“Yes, let’s.” Robin nodded.

The two then continued down the path while passing the picture and admired the lovely scenery in front of them. They had walked on for another five minutes, wondering how long was this path went on.

Suddenly, Link let out a deep sigh. “I am so glad that stupid voice had a decent amount of mercy not to sic monsters while we are in this state.”

“Agreed. Maybe he was serious about this destined partner thing.” Robin noted.

Link stared at Robin with wide eyes. “Wait, you actually BELIEVE this whole “destined partner” thing? YOU of all people?”

“Of course not.” The tactician said, shaking her head. “I was just saying he THINKS he is doing the right thing.”

Link just rolled his eyes. “So that what it was… Well, whatever. As long as he never sent any monsters our way.”

Robin asked with a raised eyebrow. “You are THAT worried about coming across monsters?”

“Well, yes. Even a weak one would easily catch up to us with his hands stuck together…” Link muttered. “And it is not like there is any place to hide from them… Even if we technically STILL could fight, it won’t be enough…”

“Now see here, I know that we are in a bad situation but that negative attitude is not going to be make things better!” Robin scolded.

“But Robin, I thought that you were the tactician of the army you fought in back in your homeworld!” Link pointed out.

The mage stared in surprise. “W-What? I am sorry but I fail to see how that connects to our situation.”

“Well, as a tactician, you are tasked with making sure that there would be as few casualties as possible.” Link explained. “What happens when one of your plans failed and you had gotten a lot of your friends killed?”

“I…” Robin said before looking to the side. “I-I realize that. I realize that I have to be three steps ahead of my opponent so that I couldn’t have any of our soldiers die. If I failed then that is my fault That is the responsibility of my tactician.”

“How could you just say that!?” Link asked in disbelief. “Aren’t you worried about what everyone would look down at you and never speak with you again?”

Robin looked back at Link with a stern glare in her eyes.

“Link… What is the exact point of these questions?” She said, softly.

The green-clad man weakly nodded before giving another sigh. “I am the Hero of Time, Robin. There are people all over my world that is counting on me. If I allowed myself to get defeated by one of those monsters and have someone else to save me, how could I ever go back home? I am supposed to be the guy who saved the world. I am supposed to make sure children sleep peacefully in their beds at night...”

Robin’s face fell when she had heard this.

“Wow, you really have a lot of pressure put on yourself…” She frowned.

“Yeah, I am absolutely hating that we are handicapped like this... Everyone is counting on not to lose to any type of evil.” Link explained.

Robin merely shook her head. “Link, you are still mortal. Not everyone could be perfect.”

“I-I know…” Link said before looking to the side. “But even still, I have the name “Link” and the label “Hero of Time”. If I don’t lived up to the actions of my ancestors, what am I?”

Robin paused as if trying to think of something to cheer up or at least make Link calm down but it was easier said than done. It seemed that the swordsman took his role as the Hero of Time quite seriously.

It was then she had remembered WHY Link was acting like this in the first place.

“Link, I am afraid just like with your problem with Zelda, I have no easy answer.” Robin said.

The green-clad man merely gave a deep sigh.


Link then looked up at Robin.

“If the problem right here is getting ambushed by monsters, then I may have a solution.” The tactician reassured.

“R-Really?” Link asked. “What is it?”

“Carry me bridal-style.” Robin said.

Link blinked twice.

“Wait? What?”

“You heard me. Carry me bridal-style.” Robin explained.

“H-Huh? What for?” Link asked.

“The main problem is that we can’t retreat with our hands stuck together.” Robin said.She then reached into her robe and pulled out a book. “However, I still have one hand free. I could still use it to fire spells from my tomes.”

“O-Oh…” Link said with sweat appearing on his face. “So I could run while you cover my back.”

“Exactly!” Robin grinned. “Now let’s hurry! You know what they say, speak of the devil and he shall appear.”

“R-Right...” Link said.

He then crouched down and scooped up Robin in his arms, taking her off of her feet and holding her just like in the picture.

“Well… What do you think?” Link asked slowly.

Robin paused for a moment as if trying to look past Link. After a few seconds, she gave a frown.

“No… This was a poor idea…” Robin muttered. “There is no way I could possibly cast a spell while you are standing still, let alone running.”

“Yeah, I kinda know enough about magic to know that you can’t do it while being carried bridal-style.” Link mused.

“Sorry about that.” Robin said, shaking her head.

“Um, no, it is fine. I know you are only trying to help...” Link said, softly. “But to be fair… I think that may be the problem…”

“W-What do you mean?” Robin asked, looking a bit hurt by this.

“Well… If I was just by myself, I wouldn’t mind so much…” Link said, softly. “It is just that… When I am with one of my friends that I worry about my status as the Hero of Time.”

“Huh?” Robin asked, confused.

“What kind of hero gets destined to protect everyone when he can’t even protect his own friends?” Link asked. “If we were attacked and you got hurt, I don’t know what I would do…”

“Link…” Robin said, softly.

The two then stayed silent for a moment.

“Um, sorry but if you don’t mind, Link?” Robin asked with a small blush.

“Huh?” The swordsman asked. He then snapped out of his daze while sharing the same blush. “Oh, sorry!”

With that, he quickly put Robin back down. After that, the two shared an awkward silence.

“Um, even though we are vulnerable no matter where we go, just standing around isn’t going to make things any easier for us.” Link said.

The two had continued their journey down their path that they had been on, ever since the start. After a few minutes, they had finally reached what they thought was their destination. A large, white church. It was then the mechanical voice spoke up.

The long-awaited moment has come. The bride and groom are finally about to enter.” The voice said. ”The last moment of hesitation has arrived before you are to be wed.

“Bride and groom?” Link asked, looking confused. He then groaned. “Oh no… Why I didn’t knew that everything was all leading up to this?”

”Through your own free will, you decide to vow eternal love to each other.” The mechanical voice said.

“Free will?” Link asked before letting out a mirthless laugh. “You don’t even know the meaning of the term!”

”Now open the door together.” The mechanical voice said.

Robin stared straight at the church doors intently. After a moment, she narrowed her eyes and used her free hand to open the door, shoving it open. Suddenly, “Here Comes The Bride” could be heard playing.

Link jumped before holding out his free hand with his face turning beet-red. “H-Hey! This had become far more complicated than “This is our only path so we might as well go with it.”!”

Robin didn’t listen. She just walked inside of the church while dragging in her destined partner inside. Then, the doors had slowly started to close behind them as the two slowly watched down the aisle.

”You must vow your unwavering love for one another, in sickness and in health.” The mechanical voice said. ”Now, vow your love!

Robin was about to say something.

Suddenly, there was a large slam of the doors. The two turned around to see their fellow Smashers rushing towards them before they had started to pant heavily. It was then the two’s hands had finally become unstuck.

“Link, what is the meaning of this!?” Zelda demanded.

“Zelda, I… I…” The blonde man said, looking like he wanted the ground to open up underneath him and open him up.

“Link, I don’t know if you truly in love with Robin or not.” The princess said sternly while narrowing her eyes. “However, do you honestly believe this forced wedding would actually be a valid marriage!? Now both of you, come with us and stop being silly!”

“W-We’re sorry…” Robin and Link said before the two turned towards each other with embarrassed looks on their faces.

It seems that the wedding has been called off...
Smashsona Q: Heart Of The Labyrinth: Link
Hey, I decided to upload my Super Smash Bros fanfic here. I thought it would be easier to help get more voters for it by alerting the readers on Deviantart.

Anyway, we start with someone who is almost as much a magnet of the opposite sex as Robin. Link!

...I am started a fanfic that may be currently for you! ;) It is based off of the marriage scene from Persona Q. However, Robin is in the role of the MC and the rest of the Smashers are in the role of his husbando/waifu. For those who don't know, I will writing about Robin and a certain Smasher being forced into a romantic situation while writing unique reactions for the both of them, depending on the Smasher... Yeah, it would be hilarious and/or cute! :XD:

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It seemed like an eternity for most of the league members that had been invited to the staff party by Tulia and Christmas even it had only been a couple of days. Fenrir was the most anxious as not only he was meeting up with the person who he inadvertently broken down but he and Misty had agreed to hold their date there.

The old Fenrir would normally be excited about having an appointment with two women but ever since he had became self-conscious about his womanising ways, he was feeling rather nervous about it. All he could do was mentally prepare himself for it.

Soon, the fated day had finally arrived for the day of the party. Tulia and Christmas had told the group to go wait for them in front of the Heroes' Hideout and they would prepare for transportation to carry them there. The children were the most excited about it.

"So, what does one do at a Christmas party?" Oswald asked.

"Well, it depends who is running the party. " Remus explained. "However, there should be a lot of colourful decorations, play a lot of Christmas carols and have a lot of Christmas food!"

"So, basically it is pretty much the same as back at the tavern. What is the point of going there in the first place? " Ellen asked.

"I disagree, Ellen." Oswald said, shaking his head. "After all, Miss Tulia seemed quite adamant about this party a grand one. In any case, what does one normally serve at a normal Christmas party? "

"Lots of things!" Erin piped up. "Like mince pies,seven different types of fish and cookies shaped like Christmas trees!"

"Christmas trees? " Oswald asked in surprise and confusion. "You mean this holiday has specific trees?"

"More or less. " Remus shrugged. "They are Fir Trees. Most people decorate them with all of these baubles and lights."

"Oh, and what is the purpose of said decorations? " Oswald asked, leaning his head forward.

"Purpose?" Remus asked before pausing while putting his hand on his chin. "That is a good question. I had grew up with these traditions so I am used to them."

"Oh, I see. "Oswald said with a nod. "I will just ask Miss Tulia at the party. "

"Speaking of Tulia, what kind of transportation do you think she would get for us? " Misty piped up. "I mean one taxi costs a lot of money nowadays and there is clearly too much of us for just one. "

"She didn't say. " Fenrir said with a shrug. "She just said that she would be getting one of her fellow co-workers to get us there. "

"Ooh, whoever the coworker is must be really fun and awesome!" Spot grinned with his eyes lighting up and his tail wagging excitedly.

Before anyone could reply to the Dalmatian's theory, everyone had heard a sudden clapping from behind them.

"All right, all right, all right. Gather around people around my greatness and let's get this over with."

Most of the group winced as they recognised the voice of the person who was behind them.

They all turned around to see a red-clad man with long green hair having his eyes closed and his arms crossed.

"I am bored right down and I wish to go to the staff party as soon as possible so if we could skip the idle chitchat..."

"Mr. Shannon? " Oswald asked in surprise.

The green-haired man then opened his eyes when his name was called. It was then he actually recognise most of the people there. His eyes then blinked twice for a moment. He then gracefully gave his vocal response.


"Yeah, feeling's mutual, buddy." Fenrir muttered.

"What are you doing here?!" Shannon roared at the top of his lungs.

"That's OUR line!" Misty snapped while pointing his finger at Shannon.

"I am here to escort some guests to a party that my fellow co-worker had invited there!”

Shannon angrily answered making everyone's eyes widened.

"Wait, YOU are our ride?" Misty asked, not liking where this was going.

"Unfortunately, yes." Shannon muttered. "Of course, if I knew that I would be escorting YOU, I would had refused.”

Most of the group narrowed their eyes at the wizard’s rudeness. Oswald on the other hand, tilted his head to the side in confusion.

“Why, Mr. Shannon?” Oswald asked. “How come you don’t wish to escort us?”

“Excuse me, you questioned my status of the greatest wizard of the world and you are wondering why I don’t want anything to do with you!”

“Wait, is it what I said when we first met?” Oswald asked in surprise. He then gave an apologetic bow. “I am deeply sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“Oh, really?” Shannon asked, putting his hand on his hips, not looking impressed.

“That’s right.” Oswald insisted. “I was merely telling you to be more wary about your accomplishments and know your limits.”

Shannon staggered back as if physically struck. “W-What?”

“It’s the truth.” Oswald said. “You claim to be the greatest wizard in the world but you don’t know the basics of magic. I was trying to stop you from giving people the wrong impression and may ask you to do a spell that was well out of your grasp.”

Shannon wasn’t the only one who went slack-jawed. Practically everyone but Ellen and Elizabeth stared with wide eyes at what Oswald had said so casually to Shannon. Elizabeth on the other hand, gave a supportive smirk while Ellen merely crossed her arms.

“E-E-Excuse me? Are you saying that my power is limited?” Shannon asked with a twitching eyebrow.

“I must regret to say so.” Oswald said before shaking his head. “But considering your lack of interest in studying, I am afraid that it is.”

“Whoa, the kid is really tearing into grass-head there.” Misty winced.

“That’s the thing.” Remus piped up. “I don’t think Oswald is TRYING to tear into him.”

“On that note, if your grudge is merely with me, why are you so distasteful of everyone else?” Oswald asked.

By this time, Shannon’s eyebrow was twitching violently with his face turning red. “All right, I will tell you.”

With that, he pointed his finger at the trio of Fenrir, Remus and Spot.

“Those mutts, especially the scarred had joined my inferior brother and his stupid vampire friend in pranking me!” Shannon accused.

“Hey, you deserved it. You seriously needed to chill.” Fenrir said. This caused the others to chuckle at the pun while Shannon gritted his teeth. The trio of Ellen, Oswald and Elizabeth on the other hand, stared in confusion.

“Um, what is so funny?” Oswald asked.

“Beats me. I feel like there was something they had neglected to tell us.” Elizabeth said.

“Or they are just a bunch of idiots.” Ellen muttered.

Shannon then pointed out at Wild Fox. “As for Fuzz-Face over there, he tried to steal away my room’s chastity!”

The bearded man’s eyes bugged out at this. “Excuse me!?”

“Oh, don’t you try to pretend that I had forgotten? Your filthy jacket was in MY room!” Shannon snapped.

Wild Fox merely groaned in annoyance. “Shannon, for the last time, my jacket had been stolen by a prankster and was planted there! I didn’t even knew about where it was until Cathy returned it to me.”

“Oh, like I was more born yesterday!” Shannon snapped. “You had snuck into my room and mast…”

“Shannon!” Wild Fox yelled appalled. “There are CHILDREN here!”

“Oh, it was far too late to pretend to be “family-friendly”, you pervert.” The wizard scoffed. “Look, I get it. I am perfection given form so you are naturally attracted to the ground I walked on but to do that to my bed… That is COMPLETELY unflattering! Especially for someone who is WAY out of his league!”

Wild Fox stepped back, grunting in disgust. Misty on the other hand, glared on with her teeth going all pointy again. No one was going to disrespect Wild Fox like that. She then stepped forward while rolling up her sleeves.

That was when Elizabeth caught on what she was going to do and quickly grabbed the poodle’s wrist.

“Now, now, dearie. There is no need for THAT.” Elizabeth said softly. “After all, if your opinion of him is really that low, then you should take what he just said with a grain of salt. Besides, assuming that he isn’t over-exaggerating for once, he is our ride to the party.”

Shannon crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow at Elizabeth. “I noticed that you were conjoined to Elliot and Oscar’s hips until just now. I assume that you must be Elizza.”

Elizabeth blinked twice for a moment before looking around at the group. “He is talking about hun and little buddy, right?”

“Yes.” Fenrir said with an unimpressed look on his face.

Elizabeth then nodded before looking back at Shannon. “Then I am “Elizza”.”

Shannon then gritted his teeth and crossed his arms while looking furiously. “You… You were the one who did that horrible sin!”

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow while putting her hands on her hips. “Oh, and what horrible sin that I had done, Prince? No, seriously? I am genuinely curious.”

Shannon was about to answer but then he stopped himself before looking to the side. He quickly feel his eyes going teary.

“I… I don’t want to talk about it…” Shannon said, sounding like he was about to breakdown in a sobbing mess. “In fact, I SHOULDN’T have to talk about it. Nobody should.”

Everyone looked at each other in confusion.

“Elizabeth, what did you DO to him?” Wild Fox asked.

The tan-skinned woman merely shrugged. “I don’t know. This is the first time we met.”

Shannon then quickly realized that he shouldn’t let anyone see him cry and quickly wiped away his teary eyes before any of them had a chance to fall. He then turned around and glared at the group.

“Well, whatever. If I am forced to transport you all to the party, I might as well get this over with!” Shannon spat. “The sooner I get you… Monsters to the party, the sooner I could break away from you!”

The others glared at the red-clad man but stayed silent and nodded seeing that the feeling was mutual.

“So how are you going to transport us there?” Spot asked, trying to ease the tension. “Do you have your own bus or something?”

“A bus?” Shannon asked before letting out a mirthless laugh. “Don’t make me laugh. Why do I have to use the common public transportation when I got my own!”

Misty’s eyes widened at this. “Wait, you are not saying that…”

“Yes.” Shannon said with a grin. “I will use my superior magic to transport everyone there.”

Everyone blinked twice for a moment while staring at Shannon who was still grinning brightly. They then looked at each other.

They all then walked off. However, Fenrir and Ellen grabbed the hands of Spot and Oswald respectively and gently pulled them along, leaving Shannon with wide eyes.

“Well, I guess we are hoofing it.” Misty said with a shrug of her shoulders.

“Typical.” Ellen muttered. “So where is this place the party is going to be taking place?”

“Okay, I know the NAME of it, I just don’t know the location.” Fenrir shrugged.

“It can’t be helped, lovely.” Elizabeth shrugged. “Besides, it would give us a great chance to see some of the Christmas sights.”

Shannon slumped his shoulders while watching with a stunned look on his face. However, said stunned look turned into one of anger with his teeth clenching together and his face turning bright red. He then finally rushed after the group.



It took a few minutes but Shannon had managed to convince everyone to let him teleport them. Though he, Erin, Oswald and Elizabeth had a hard time trying to convince Misty and Ellen. Soon, they had all agreed to Shannon transport them to the party.

The whole thing wasn’t as bad as they all assumed. It literally took a couple of seconds for Shannon to engulf everyone in a purple light and teleport them all in one place. Of course, he insisted Wild Fox should stay at the end for obvious (at least in the wizard’s mind) reasons.

Soon, they had appeared in front of their destination while startling several people. The group looked around to find themselves on a random street in Belcazzar surrounded by buildings.

“All right, we are here. So that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Shannon asked.

“Fine, fine, you got us all here in one place.” Misty said, rolling her eyes. She then looked around. “So where is the party anyway?”

Shannon then pointed up at a nearby office building. “Up there. We rented out the fifth floor.”

Everyone looked up and it was just like Shannon said. They were flashing lights coming from the window.

“Wow… Sounds like things are starting to heat up.” Spot said with sparkling eyes.

“Looks like it.” Shannon said. “Well, I did MY part. Now I have to get away from as soon as possible before…”

“Guys, you are here!”

Shannon yelped before leaping forward and latching onto the nearest person. Ironically, it was a surprised Wild Fox. The wizard held on for dear life before shaking like a leaf. He then slowly turned around to see who had scared, even though he already knew who it was.

Tulia stood stunned with Christmas standing behind her with a deadpan look on her face.

“Oh, I am sorry, Shannon. Did I startled you again?” Tulia asked sheepishly.

“Yes!” Shannon snapped. He then noticed that he was latching onto someone. He slowly looked up to see Wild Fox, still looking down at him confused. He then screamed before letting go of Wild Fox, letting him to fall onto the ground with a dull thud.

“Well, in any case, I really appreciate you transporting these guys here.” Tulia thanked.

“Don’t mention it!” Shannon snapped while picking him off the ground and dusted himself off. “No, seriously, don’t! If I knew that the people you wanted to transport were THESE guys, I would had refused!”

Tulia’s smile vanished. “Why? What happened?”

“Don’t ask!” Shannon scoffed. “Anyway, where is Naza? I need to ask her about something!”

“Um, she is in the party.” Tulia explained.

“Good, then I am going on ahead. Don’t wait up!” Shannon snapped while walking off. “Like ever!”

The others watched him enter the building with negative expressions.

“Ugh, remind me while you let THAT guy transport.” Misty spat.

Tulia merely shrugged. “I just thought that it would be easier than renting a coach.”

Oswald then stepped forward and bowed politely. “Oh, Merry Christmas, Miss Tulia and Miss Christmas. And Happy Birthday!”

“Oh yeah!” Spot said before smiling. “Happy Birthday, Christmas!”

“We are sorry that we don’t have any presents for you but we didn’t knew what you liked.” Wild Fox apologized.

Christmas shook her head. “It is all right, I am fine with that. I am just glad that you all came.”

“We wouldn’t miss it for the world!” Elizabeth smiled.

“That is great to hear!” Tulia grinned. She then gave a seductive smirk. “Besides, Fenrir, it is nice to see two handsome men with us tonight!”

Wild Fox’s eyes widened before he looked to the side with his face turning red. Spot on the other hand blinked twice before looking at Ellen at confusion. Soon, the redhead caught on and shared the same expression before Spot looked back at Tulia.

“Um, Ellen’s female.” Spot said.

Everyone’s eyes bugged out at this.

“That idiot… He just stepped on a landmine!” Fenrir winced.

Ellen on the other hand, blinked twice. She then narrowed her eyes.

“Just when I thought you couldn’t get anymore more dense.” Ellen said before shrugging. “But she may be talking about me so whatever.”

Most of the people had then sighed in relief, pleased that Ellen didn’t took that comment too personal. Not too many women would just like a comment like that slide.

“R-Right, in any case, is there any questions before we go into the party?” Tulia asked.

Erin then raised her hand.

“Yes, Erin?” Tulia asked.

“Um, yeah? How about Christmas is called Christmas?” The poodle girl asked.

“Oh, I was just thinking about that.” Remus piped up.

Christmas winced at this before looking down.

“Oh, sorry, is it a touchy subject?” Remus asked.

“No… Just a cheesy one…” Christmas muttered before sighing.

“Oh, come now, it can’t be THAT bad.” Spot said, crossing his arms.

“Oh, it is…” Christmas spat.

She then proceeded to tell everyone about her family and what they had in mind when they were naming her.

“So because I was born in December and I was their greatest gift, that is the reason I am named Christmas.” Christmas said with her head now.

“Ah, now I see.” Wild Fox said with an understanding nod.

“I give your parents points for the sappy background and reason, but they know there’s a person at the end of the name, right?” Ellen asked. “I am sorry, Stripes, but I can’t take a person, whose name is more related to a fat man in red pyjamas giving out freebies that seriously.”

Christmas physically winced at this.

“Ellen, don’t be rude.” Oswald scolded. “Besides, what you said was inaccurate. It is New Year’s that have Santa Claus. Christmas is celebrating the newborn baby.”

Everyone paused, while staring down at Oswald.

“Um, right, I nearly forget about you in all the excitement.” Tulia said while chuckling nervously. “In any case, shall we go inside?”

“Might as well.” Ellen said with a shrug.

Everyone then soon agreed as they made their way inside of the building. They then proceeded to make their way over to the stairs and made their way up.

“Incidentally, Miss Christmas, may I be so bold and ask why your family had decided to limit your magic?” Oswald piped up while moving up the stairs.

This completely took the white tiger off-guard. “Come again?”

“I mean focusing only on ice-based magic.” Oswald explained. “I mean focusing on a single form of magic is a key step in increasing one’s overall skill level for higher rank spells. But focus on such a limiting form of an element feels rather, limiting. Wouldn’t the subject of freezing be a much better option?”

Spot blinked twice. “Um, what?”

“I think Oswald is asking why Christmas and her family tree only focuses on ice magic when there are a lot of other spells to do.” Wild Fox explained.

“That is correct, Mr. Wild Fox. From what I heard, Miss Christmas’ family are no strangers to the world of magic.” Oswald said before turning back to Christmas. “Are you quite certain that they don’t have mastery over basic elemental concepts?”

Tulia winced at this. This was exactly what she was trying to avoid. Christmas thinking about her limitations. And now Oswald had brought up even more limitations. She turned towards Christmas for a moment.

On one hand, Christmas didn’t seemed the least bit upset, much to the cow’s relief. On the other hand, she looked greatly confused. As if she was told something that was spoken in another language.

“Um, well, we don’t mastery over basic elemental concept because we don’t live under the sea and next to a volcano.” Christmas explained, confusing everyone.

“I-I’m sorry?” Oswald asked.

Christmas let out a deep sigh. “Ancestors had always started out in the Amaranth Falls for as long as I could remember. I don’t know why we lived there for so long. I mean it is not like the cold had bothered us but still. In any case, we were so used to the cold that we just… Lack of a better word, bonded with it.”

“Hmm, I could see your point with why your family had been so associated with ice but that still doesn’t explain why they haven’t bothered to study other elements.” Oswald explained. “I had been to the Amaranth Falls before. I am pretty sure that you could practice water magic there.”

Christmas merely shook her head. “Kid, you are asking the wrong tiger. I am currently trying to work on basic ice magic. Trust me.”

“Oh, alright, then. In that case, I just have to ask your relatives.” Oswald nodded.

Christmas looked back at the child in confusion. “Relatives?”

“You know. Your family members that would be attending the party.” Oswald piped up.

Tulia’s eyes bugged out while Christmas gave a small wince.

“They’re… Not coming.” Christmas said softly, making most of the others go wide-eyed.

“What?” Erin asked.

“But… It is Christmas, Christmas!” Spot exclaimed. “AND it is your birthday! How come your family isn’t coming?”

The white tiger let out a sigh. “It is a long story. I just need some distance away from them for a while.”

“Why? What happened?” Spot said sadly.

Christmas shook her head. “It is not important right now.”

“Not important? But Christmas…” Spot started.

Suddenly, he felt a hand on his shoulder. Turning his head, he saw Wild Fox casting the Dalmatian a solemn look while shaking his head. Spot was about to retort but merely frowned and weakly nodded.

“Um, right…” Tulia said before looking ahead. “Oh, hey! We made it to the party!”

Indeed, the cow was right. The group could hear music coming from a door. Also, they seemed to be hearing a lot of people talking.

“Come on, guys! Let’s go!” Tulia cheered before turning her hand on the knob and turning it before entering it.

Everyone soon followed suit into the room to see what was going on. There, they saw the actual party. It looked like every other people with tables and chairs with lots of food and drink on it. The walls were decorated with thistle lines and had a large Christmas tree that was decorated from left to right with colourful baubles and had a beautiful gold star on it.

Just like they expected, there were a lot of people everyone. They were doing various things involves drinking, dancing and speaking with their friends.

“Wow, looks pretty neat!” Spot smiled.

“Yeah, everyone already seemed to be having fun!” Wild Fox said.

“But of course!” Tulia grinned. “Now that we are here, we could have nothing more but sweet innocent talk!”

Suddenly, they all heard a large grunt of disgust. They all turned their heads to see a woman long, dark hair and glasses storming away from Shannon.

“All right, Shannon, I am going to pretend you had never asked me that!” The woman said.

The green-haired man then rushed after her. “Wait, Naza! Please, I really need your help! I need to get my couch neutered!”

Everyone’s eyes bugged out as they froze in their spots, processing what they had just heard to their brains.

“Wait… Did he just said what I thought he said?” Ellen asked.

“If by hearing that he asked to neuter his COUCH, then yes, I think so.” Wild Fox said, completely stunned.

“How do you even do that?” Erin asked, scratching her head.

Misty shook her head. “I had stopped asking questions about this place?”

“I didn’t know couches could even be neutered.” Oswald said, genuinely confused.

Elizabeth then snapped out of her shock and gave a smirk. “Remember, little buddy, we are in another world. Things work differently here.”

“Okay, I am been on this planet since birth and I had NEVER heard about neutering a couch.” Christmas said.

“Yeah, I didn’t even know that couchs HAD gen…” Tulia started.

“Um, guys? Can we drop the subject?” Fenrir piped up. “I literally just got here and I am already feeling queasy.”

“Yeah, seriously.” Ellen agreed before she walked off. “I am going to get a drink.”

The others watched her leave.

“What’s the point of coming to a Christmas party if she is not going to interact with anyone?” Tulia asked.

Fenrir shook his head. “Ellen does what she wants.”

“I guess.” Tulia said. She then put her hand to her fist and coughed twice. “YOO-HOO!”

Nearly everyone stopped what they were doing to turn their heads towards the group.

“Here is the birthday girl!” Tulia said, motioning to Christmas who shrank back.

This resulted in a lot of smiles and people saying “Happy Birthday!” to Christmas. The white tiger merely scratched the back of her head. Suddenly, the woman that Shannon was speaking with had stepped forward.

“So you must be Christmas. Hello, I am Naza.” The woman said, holding out her hand. “Pleased to meet you. Tulia had told us a lot about you.”

“Yeah, vice versa.” The tiger said with a weak chuckle.

Naza nodded before looking around at the group. She then noticed Fenrir, Remus and Spot and stared at them. The trio saw this and looked confused.

“Is… Is something the matter?” Remus asked.

“No, it is not that… It’s…” Naza said. “Had we met before?”

Fenrir blinked his good eye twice before pausing. “Now that you mentioned it, I think I recognized you from somewhere.”

“Yeah, same here. Weird.” Naza said before shaking her head. “In any case, glad to have you here.”

“Glad to be here.” Fenrir said with a slow nod.

“So you must be Fenrir, right?” Naza asked.

“That is right.” The wolf said with another nod.

Naza then looked over at Misty. “Which makes you his date, Misty, correct?”

The poodle’s eyes bugged out before glaring at Tulia “What!? How many people had you told about us!?”

The cow sheepishly poked her fingers together. “Um, practically everyone?”

“What part of we don’t want to make a scene about it, don’t you understand?” Misty said angrily.

Fenrir on the other hand, merely let out a deep sigh. “Just let it go. Knowing Spot, he would probably blah to everyone here about it anyway.”

“Yep, I will!” Spot said with a large grin.

Fenrir cast at the Dalmatian an annoyed glare. “That was NOT a compliment.”

“In any case, shouldn’t you two get started?” Elizabeth asked. “Just because we all came here together doesn’t mean you have to have your date right next to us.”

“Um, well… I want to but…” Fenrir said softly.

He then looked over at Christmas for a moment. The white tiger merely shook her head.

“It is fine. I still got Remus to talk to.” Christmas reassured.

“Yeah, just go on your date you two.” Remus smiled.

“Don’t worry about us.” Erin agreed. “Besides, we have to help Oswald learn more about Christmas.”

“Oh, yes, I nearly forget.” Oswald smiled before bowing. “Thank you, Miss Erin.”

Erin’s smile vanished. “MISS? We are both the same age!”

Remus merely shook his head. “Don’t worry, it will only take him a few times to stop calling you that.”

“Well, in any case, let’s go have some fun, kiddies!” Tulia grinned. “Come along, Christmas!”

The tiger nodded before she, her friend and the children had walked off with the others watching them leave.

“I had heard from Tulia that Oswald has came from a world that didn’t had Christmas.” Naza said solemnly.

Misty’s eyes widened. “What? Is nothing secret with that woman?”

“To be fair, Oswald wasn’t exactly shy of admitting that.” Wild Fox shrugged.

“Yes but still…” Misty said in annoyance.

“Sorry about Tulia, she gets over-emotional about these types of things and have them spill out all over.” Naza apologized. “In any case, I am glad that she and your friends will be giving him the Merry Christmas he deserves.”

“Yes, same here.” Wild Fox said with a smile.

“Well, anyway, just call me if you need anything.” Naza explained.

The others nodded before Naza turned around and walked off. Suddenly, Elizabeth had wrapped her arms around Spot and Wild Fox startling the two men.

“Come on, men! Let’s mingle for a bit!” Elizabeth smiled before taking the two off.

“R-Right.” Wild Fox said before smiling.

Fenrir and Misty watched the three leave before they had both realized that they were all alone. This left an awkward silence between the two of them as they looked around.

Finally, Misty let out a sigh of defeat before looking at Fenrir.

“Sooo… Wanna get a drink?” Misty asked.

“Yeah, sure, why not?” Fenrir said nervously.

The two then walked off towards the table that had the drinks on it. After taking a couple of drinks for themselves, they both continued their awkward silence with each other. They had both stared in their drinks for a few moments.

“I am sorry… I know that this sounds really weird from me.” Fenrir said. “But I am not having that much luck of thinking up things to say.”

“I can’t say that I am not feeling the same way.” Misty said with a deep sigh. “Well, might as well talk about what we BOTH know about.”

“Oh?” Fenrir asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Fighting.” Misty said. “I do know this much that it is not a good topic to go on a date so it is better than nothing. So who had taught you how to fight?”

“My dad.” Fenrir said looking to the side. “Back for as long as I could remember, he rarely lost a fight and he taught me some martial arts when I was little. He wasn’t that well-liked but I had always respected him because he had looked after me and my brother.”

“Heh. Your father must be very strong to rarely lose.” Misty noted.

“Yeah, he was.” Fenrir said with a nod. “Not only was he was incredibly strong but he was also cool-headed. He never lost his cool in a fight.”

He then looked to the side with a sad expression on his face. Misty noticed this and frowned, having a good idea why. She could imagine his father losing his composure when he saw the corpse of his dead wife and his sons in trouble.

“So…” Misty said, deciding to change the subject. “After your father passed away, who had taught you?”

Fenrir shook his head. “I was forced to teach myself. The only person who had a similar fighting style to my father is my uncle. So I didn’t had anyone to teach me.”

“So you had managed to learn the rest of your lessons by yourself WHILE looking after your brother?” Misty asked in awe. “Whoa, that must had been some dedication.”

“What can I say? I had reason not to lose.” Fenrir said. “Besides, I wasn’t alone. I grew up in a tavern held up a family friend until I was old enough to fend for myself.”

“I see.” Misty nodded.

Fenrir nodded. “Besides, you of all people are giving me far too much credit.”

“Me?” The woman asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah. Didn’t you grew up fighting from a young age to protect Erin as well?” Fenrir asked.

Misty winced before looking to the side for a moment. Fenrir stared in confusion and concern, wondering what he had said to trigger such a reaction. Suddenly, Misty then let out a deep sigh before Fenrir could say anything.

“No. No, I didn’t.” Misty finally admitted.

Fenrir blinked his good eye twice. “What… What do you mean?”

Misty looked up. “The thing is, I wasn’t always fighting pit fights to get money just for me and Erin to get by. There was once a time that Erin and I had normal lives. We lived our mother in a city and had a lot of friends.”

“Uh-huh.” Fenrir nodded, realizing that such a peaceful life was doomed to last with the sisters.

Misty then gave another deep sigh. “However, there was one major problem. Our city was being run by a corrupt governor bent on power.”

Fenrir’s good eye widened. “What?”

“Yes, me and my friends had always expected that creep to be up to no good…” Misty said. “But it wasn’t until that day that forever confirmed my fears.”

“Why?” Fenrir asked, not liking where this was going.

“One day, my mother had left our family heirloom in the hands of us after she had found out that Hiss wanted it.” Misty explained. “It was a gem that actually had some kind of incredible power.”

“And if said power reaches the hands of that crook, hell will break loose.” Fenrir frowned.

“Yeah, my mother had to run away because she apparently knew the secret to the gem and I and Erin were forced to fend off Hiss and his goons by ourselves.” Misty nodded.

“Whoa, so THAT is why you took up martial arts.” Fenrir said in awe.

Misty shook her head. “I had taken up martial arts long before that whole incident happened. I took it up to protect my sis. I never knew that I had to use them to fend off cronies of a corrupt politician.”

“Sooo… What happened?” Fenrir said softly. “How did you get all of the way from your home to Sivermine?”

Misty hanged her head. “The battles against Hiss… They had became far too wary. Sure, we had more than a few friends to help us but it was still too intense. We had no choice but to run away. Of course, that would do little to make Hiss stop sending his goons after us so we did what I thought was the logical thing to do. Go somewhere that Hiss would have an enemy so powerful that not even he would mess with.”

“The Silvermine mob…” Fenrir said with his ears drooping.

“That wasn’t without a doubt one of the worst decisions of my life.” Misty sighed. “Because of it, Erin got kidnapped and I had to go through that stupid tournament to rescue her.”

Fenrir shook his head. “N-No, that wasn’t dumb. You was in a desperate situation and you were forced to live there. Granted, it turned out horribly but I could understand why you did so.”

“I guess…” Misty said softly. She then shook her head. “But it doesn’t matter. Hiss and the Silvermine mob are nowhere near here.”

“R-Right. Incidentally, what happened to your gem?” Fenrir asked.

“It is in our room.” Misty casually explained.

Fenrir’s good eye widened. “Really?”

Misty turned towards Fenrir. “Yeah, the only people who know about the gem besides me and Erin is Wild Fox. We could finally go around Elarthe without worrying about anyone going to steal it.”

“Whoa, you had been through a lot…” Fenrir said softly. “You must really miss your mom, huh?”

“Yeah, I can’t help but to stop worry about her.” Misty said sadly. “I mean she is fighting for her life to not to get captured from those creeps.”

“You must really wish that she was here with you at your side…” Fenrir said.

“Yes… I do.” Misty said. She then raised her head a bit. “But it is all right.”

“Hm?” Fenrir said.

“I am a grown woman. I am strong enough to fend for myself.” Misty explained. “I know it is hard but I don’t need my mom holding my hand.”

Fenrir physically winced at what Misty had just said. This was exactly what he was doing with the pair of sunglasses. He wanted his father to be there for his time of need. He couldn’t help but feel like a little useless brat when Misty had said that.

Maybe he was a brat. Just because he was at his lowest point doesn’t make it right to cry for his dead father, trying to help him to move on.

“Sooo…” Fenrir said, desperately wanting to change the subject. “Why me?”

“Hm?” Misty asked, turning towards Fenrir.

“Why do you suddenly trust me enough with this secret?” The wolf expanded.

Misty stayed silent for a moment as if trying to figure out how to answer the question. After a few moments, she gave her answer.

“I forget…”

Fenrir’s good pupil shrank when he heard this.

“Come again?”

Misty sheepishly looked to the side. “I forget…”

Fenrir blinked twice. “How did something like THAT slipped your mind?”

Misty looked at her date. “Well… At first, I was just focusing of having Erin recover from that horrible experience in Silvermine so I tried my best to avoid speaking about our hometown and Silvermine. In the end, I had completely forgotten about it. In fact, the only times I talked about it was when Wild Fox brought it up.”

“Well, fair enough…” Fenrir shrugged.

“Honestly, there are a couple of other people I could trust with my secret.” Misty said. She then looked up. “That being said, I believe I should trust you because on how open you were with your own past.”

Fenrir looked to the side. “I never told you. Spot did. I mean not that I didn’t wanted to tell you but…”

“It is all right. It is not something you wish to talk about…” Misty said solemnly. “Listen, just let me know that you could tell me anything.”

It took all of Fenrir’s effort not to physically wince. All he could remember was keeping not only her but everyone about the sunglasses. In fact, the only person who knows was Ellen and that was only because he didn’t knew that he was listening until the last moment.

“Um, right… Thank you.” Fenrir said.

“No problem. I know that I trust you enough to tell you anything.” Misty said before smiling. “I believe you get more mature with every passing while.”

Fenrir’s face turned beet red. “R-Right… You are someone who I could rely on too...”

Misty actually chuckled at this. A part of her felt like a hypocrite for doing so seeing how flushed SHE was when comforted about the date but it was still a rare sight to see Fenrir’s blushing like this, even if it was for the smallest of compliments. Then again, it was exactly why she felt at ease in accepting her date offer.


Remus and Erin watched from afar with grins on their faces. From what they could see, their older siblings seemed to be having a decent time with each other. It was much better than what they usually expected. Christmas noticed this and walked over to the children with a confused look on her face.

“You two seemed content with your siblings dating.” Christmas noted.

“Oh, we are!” Remus said with a grin.

“We had been waiting for far too long for those two to start dating!” Erin smiled.

“Really? That long?” Christmas asked.

“Yeah…” Remus said with his ears drooping. “However, my brother is a womaniser and that kinda doesn’t sit well with Misty.”

Christmas’ eyes widened. “Fenrir? A womaniser? I thought his face was about to turn into a tomato when we been told that he and Misty was going out!”

“Yeah, that was long time ago…” Remus explained before trailing off.

Christmas frowned, knowing that this was well-before Fenrir had stolen that blonde woman’s sword and got it stolen by that damned vampire.

Remus quickly shook his head, trying to change the subject. “Anyway, when Fenrir and I took Oswald and Ellen to Psycho Wally’s, he seemed to realize that Misty don’t like said womanising even though the old Fenrir would had just waved it off as a minor inconvenience.”

“Really?” Erin asked with wide eyes. “Wait, do you think that is related to what happened earlier with Fenrir taking Misty alone?”

“No doubt.” Remus said.

“Huh, I never figured Fenrir to be a Casanova.” Christmas said, more to herself. “What else is your brother like?”

“Well, he used to be a pit-fighter before coming here.” Remus said. “He is noted for being quite boisterous and proud.”

“Oh…” Christmas frowned. “So he is used to fighting.”

“Yeah, he had to. We lost our parents at a lost age so Fenrir had to fight to pay for the both of us.” Remus explained.

“Oh my…” Christmas said softly. Even when growing up, Fenrir had a rough time. Having to take care of himself AND a younger sibling.

“Yeah, it is.” Remus said. He then brightened up. “But my brother is strong. Because of him rarely losing a fight, we had a good life before coming here.”

“Well, that is nice to hear.” Christmas said with a small smile.

“So basically the holiday was created by the birth of the first god’s son?”

“That is right! So in a way, we are celebrating someone’s birthday.”

The trio turned their heads to see Tulia and Oswald talking to each other. Obviously Tulia was still telling Oswald about Christmas.

“Wow…” Oswald said in awe. He then frowned. “Wait, then why are we giving presents to OTHER people rather than him?”

“Huh?” Tulia asked.

“I mean instead of giving present to each other, shouldn’t we give them to him as some kind of offering?” Oswald asked.

Tulia’s eyes bugged out before shifting her eyes from left to right. “Um, well?”

“Or is because of the kindness of said that is why everyone is doing the same kindness around here?” Oswald asked.

“Um, yes! That is right!” Tulia said before sheepishly grinning. “You had completely hit the nail on the head!”

“Wow… That makes a lot more sense…” Oswald said softly. He then looked around. “However, this only makes me more confused as to what does all of these colourful decorations have to do with the birth of a god’s son...”

“Um, well…” Tulia said, shifting her eyes from left to right. “You see, the thing is…”

Christmas merely shook her head with a small smile. “Well, Tulia, how is your lessons to Oswald is going?”

“Um, well… Oswald is certainly an eager learner.” The cow said with a nervous chuckle.

“Indeed, I am certainly loving the lessons that Miss Tulia is teaching me!” Oswald smiled.

Tulia let out a small smile. “Well, as long as you are pleased, I am.”

“That reminds me. I understand.” Oswald said. “Speaking of which, I had decided to take part in the traditions of Christmas.”

“Oh really?” Erin asked.

“Yes.” Oswald said before looking up at Christmas. “Miss Christmas, I understand that you don’t wish to have a present but I still feel bad for so many people to come along and not give you one.”

The white tiger shook her head. “It is all right. I am fine.”

“I know you said it but not only is it your birthday but it is also the holiday season.” Oswald said. “All I have to do is find some kind of container and I will produce my present.”

“Oswald, you don’t have to go out of your way to…” Christmas said before realizing how particular word that Oswald said. “Wait, what?”

“Container?” Remus asked, just as confused.

“Yes, I wish to give Miss Christmas some of my ink as a present.” Oswald said.

Christmas blinked twice in confusion. “Your… Ink?”

“That’s right. My body has the ability to contains bountiful amounts of ink.” Oswald explained. “Seeing that you are a fellow magic-user, you may like it.”

Christmas raised an eyebrow. “Um, sorry, but what does having your ink have to do with my magic?”

“My ink is what allows me or anyone to activate magic.” Oswald instructed. “If you were to write any spell of your choice with the ink, it would yield the same results if you were to use the spell by your own hand.”

The others’ eyes widened when they had heard this.

“Really? Your ink could not only give you incredible magic but it could also give someone ELSE said power?” Erin asked in surprised.

“That is correct, Miss Erin.” Oswald nodded. “Of course, the number of spells Miss Christmas could use is very limited. Like if I was to fill an entire average-sized bottle, she should get twenty-five uses at the most.”

Christmas stared down at the child in disbelief. Could this child be telling the truth? Could he actually gave some kind of ink to give her incredible power? This all seemed too good to be true.

Then, it hit her. “Wait, so this is limited.”

“That is correct.” Oswald nodded.

Christmas paused for a moment. “I suppose it will have to do for now… All right, Oswald, I will gladly accept your present if it is no trouble.”

Tulia’s eyes widened at this.

“Oh, it is no trouble at all.” The artificial god said, shaking his head. “It is just as I said. It is your birthday AND Christmas so I would be more than happy to imply.”

“Well, if that is the case, why don’t we go find a bottle?” Remus asked.

“Yeah, surely, this place has one.” Erin agreed. “Let’s get a big one!”

“Oh, yes! Indeed!” Oswald smiled. “The bigger the bottle, the better the quantity!”

With a nod to themselves, they had all walked off. Christmas gave a small smile before going over to follow them.

Suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulder. Turning her head, she saw Tulia with a concerned look on her face.

“Now hold on there, what are you going to use the ink for, Christmas?” Tulia said.

Christmas blinked twice. “Um, to improve my magic. What else?”

“Yes, I know that!” Tulia said before narrowing her eyes. “What I meant is that what are you going to DO with the magic?”

Christmas’ eyes widened before looking to the side. “I think you know what I am talking about…”

“That is exactly what I am afraid of!” Tulia snapped. “Christmas, you are not going to go after that vampire, are you?”

Christmas winced before looking back at Tulia with a glare. “So what if I am? Not only is that bastard back in Belcazzar but he tried to kill Fenrir quite a while back. And judging by the injuries that Wild Fox and that little girl got from the experience. It is clear that he has no remorse for ANYONE!”

“All the more reason to stay away from him.” Tulia said frantically. “This guy killed Lupin, a guy who had taken back lots of dangerous gangs. He is insanely strong! Also, if it wasn’t for that sole photograph, I bet no one would know that Walter would be on Elarthe! It also means that he is sneaky!”

Christmas paused for a moment. She then sighed.

“I just can’t do it, Tulia. I just can’t sit back and let that murderer walk the streets after what he had done.” Christmas said softly. She then narrowed her eyes. “And besides, it may be clear that just killing Lupin isn’t enough for him, he had to make him nephews suffer. How could I just sit back and not honor his death by protecting his family?”

“Yeah, but…” Tulia sputtered.

“Don’t worry, I know what I am doing.” Christmas said, narrowing her eyes. “I never want to feel helpless ever again so I am going to treat this seriously. I know you are concerned but please have a bit of faith in me.”

Tulia paused for a moment. She then hanged her head. “I WANT to believe that is the case but…”

Christmas let out a deep sigh. It seemed that Tulia didn’t trust her enough to carry on with this. To be fair, she couldn’t blame her friend. Whenever she thought about that accused vampire, her vision turned red with blinding fury. She wanted to make him pay dearly.

No, she mustn’t think thoughts like that. She had to be just like the magic of her family. Cool, calm and collected. She saw first-hand what Fenrir went through when he did something very impulsive. No, she had to be patient. Besides, Fenrir and Remus’ safety came first.

“Look, if this is really that important to you…” Tulia said softly. “Just promise me, you’ll be careful.”

Christmas stayed silent for a moment. She then placed her hand on top of Tulia’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry, Tulia, I WON’T lose my life so carelessly.” Christmas said. She then smiled. “After all, Lupin gave me not a second one but a THIRD chance to live. I would never forgive myself if I let his hard work go to waste.”

Tulia paused for a moment, still looking unsure. She then gave a weak smile and nodded her head. Thought deep down inside, she was still concerned for her friend’s life and hoped that she wouldn’t do anything reckless.


In one way or another, everyone was having a great time at the party. They were all doing their own thing and being content with it. However, there was one particular person that wasn’t having that much fun at all.

A man with dark brown hair grumpily crossed his arms as he leaned against the wall while holding a drink in his hand. Most people were quick to notice that he seemed to have two shadowy long arms attached to his back.

“Oh, hey, Dolin, how is it going?”

The man raised an eyebrow before turning his head to see a dark-skinned man walking over. However, he was a cyborg with his arm completely metal as also part of his face. He even had a red cyberntic eye.

“Oh, hey, Dolin, how is it going?” The man with the arms attached to his back spat, mocking the cyborg’s voice. “Just dandy, Leon!”

The cyborg merely rolled his good eye. “Don’t tell me that you are STILL miffed off by that “No Smoking” rule!”

“No, you think?” Dolin spat.

“Ah, come on! You know that Naza had put that rule for the children!” Leon said.

“Children that weren’t even invited here!” Dolin growled. “In fact, they were invited to crash this party!”

“Hey, don’t say that! I know that Tulia was a little reckless inviting ten people…” Leon said.

“Inviting TEN people is more than a little reckless!” Dolin snapped. “I mean I could pass Christmas and the wolves seeing what they had been through but why did Tulia had to bring along TWO more ankle-biters?”

Leon gave an unimpressed look. “If Tulia haven’t invited the kids then you wouldn’t be whining about it at all…”

“Of course not! But now I had to keep this place “kid-friendly”.” Dolin snapped. “Little brats… Getting in the way of MY smoking!”

“Oh, brother…” Leon muttered.

“I just don’t see why I can’t do it here…” Dolin said. “They are nowhere near here so…”

“Pardon me, sirs.”

Dolin and Leon’s eyes widened before looking down. There, Oswald, Remus and Erin were staring up at them.

“Okay, now they did that on purpose…” Dolin muttered.

“Shh!” Leon scolded before looking down at the three. “Is there something wrong?”

“I don’t mean to interrupt your conversation but we are looking for a bottle.” Oswald explained. “A particularly large one, in fact. Do you know where we may find one?”

“A bottle? What are you doing, some kind of scavenger hunt?” Dolin asked.

“No, nothing like that. It is merely to hold something.” Oswald said, shaking his head. “If it is not too much trouble.”

Dolin paused for a moment. Suddenly, he had gotten a big grin on his face.

“Sure, kid, I know just the place.” He said.

“You do?” Remus asked with his eyes lighting up.

“You do?” Leon asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes, I am pretty sure that it will solve our little problem.” Dolin said. ”More importantly, MINE!”
EA-LEC: Christmas With Christmas Part 2
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Here is Part 2 of my very late Christmas Main Story entry for :iconea-lec: Here, the group makes it to the party and mingle with some of the people and themselves. There was a lot of talking here so I had to split it up into THREE parts.

Fenrir, Remus, Christmas, Tulia, Spot, Naza, Shannon, Dolin and Leon belongs to me.

Misty and Erin belongs to :iconssbfreak:

Ellen Doe, Oswald Nadir Doe and Elizabeth belongs to :iconuotome:

Wild Fox aka Erik Carbonneau belongs to :iconwildfox03:

Exercitus Artifex aka the League of Extraordinary Characters belongs to :iconea-lec:
Okay, so I am playing Super Smash Bros Wii U and I am having a blast with it. I am currently trying to complete as many as I can. So far I had unlocked a hundred of them so I completed most of them. However, I had actually used all five of my Golden Hammers and the ones left are quite hard. In any case, I am going to tell you about my experiences with the challenges so far.

- I am currently trying to complete Mario's 20-turn Challenge in Crazy Orders... I hate Crazy Orders even more than before. I already had a hard time unlocked R.O.B. In fact, I spent more time trying to unlock him than I tried to unlock DUCK HUNT DUO. I wouldn't mind it so much and actually find it rather fun if I didn't had to PAY or use a PASS to enter them. In the end, I had managed to get to 15 turns using customizations but it seems I had to use that cheap way like I seen on Youtube... Main problem? I don't think I had most of them. -__-

- To pay for Crazy Orders or get a few passes, I played a 25-turn of Smash Tour. I had actually unlocked all of the Challenges for that by accident. Plus, it was quite fun to play. It is so satisfying to make the guest Miis soar across the board after winning a Battle. FYI, I love the Pokémon Smash and the Battering Smash modes.

- Speaking of the Miis, I had created three different Miis just to complete their respective character-specific Challenges. I had long completed the one with Brawler and had recently finished with Gunner but Swordfighter is harder to fight with then he looks... In any case, I had the Brawler wear a cowboy hat and a martial-arts outfit, I think it makes him looks like a young, black Chuck Norris. The Gunner had a flower in her hair and a mage outfit. For some reason, it just fit. But the Swordfighter looked the best with the top and the Pirate outfit, he looks like a fighting aristocrat.

- I am currently trying to beat Classic mode on 7.0. It is too hard as long as I know what I am doing and try not to let something stupid KO me (or let myself get stupidly comboed.) I must admit though, I had a bit worried that I had to get to the ones I had trouble with. Like Diddy Kong. I don't know, apparently he is a Game Breaker in this game but I had trouble trying to fight with him. His event mode where he had to fight a horde of Bunny-Hood wearing Gorillas and his character-specific mission where he had to KO his rival THREE times in Rival Smash looked harder than it looked.

- I completed all of the Target Blast challenges though I must admit that I had a bit of difficulty trying to launch the bomb at first. I remember getting a Perfect on Stage 1 by accident. O__O In the end, the hardest Challenge is beating Pacman's character-specific Challenge and I did that by dumb luck. -__-

- The only characters I used customizations on are Donkey Kong, Mario and Greninja and the latter two were merely for their character-specific missions.

- Oh and final thing... Who was the demon who created the event "Hungry, Hungry, Kirby"? It's not fun. It's not challenging. It is just as a waste of my time. :anger:
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...I am started a fanfic that may be currently for you! ;) It is based off of the marriage scene from Persona Q. However, Robin is in the role of the MC and the rest of the Smashers are in the role of his husbando/waifu. For those who don't know, I will writing about Robin and a certain Smasher being forced into a romantic situation while writing unique reactions for the both of them, depending on the Smasher... Yeah, it would be hilarious and/or cute! :XD:

Anyway, it is also a poll story with a week deadline for each chapter. The poll is on my profile page. Vote for the Smasher you want Robin to "marry". I will try to update it as quickly as possible so check from time-to-time! Here is the fanfic in question:…
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