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A pair of couches had rode down one of the many Highways. However until most Highways, this particular one was poorly-made with a lot of cracks and holes in the road making a rocky ride for the passengers on board.

The angels gritted their teeth as they constantly bounced in their respective seats. Ever since the sky had started to go dark, they had realized how bumpy the ride to the Necropolis continent.

"W-W-What's g-g-g-g-going o-o-o-o-on?" Shane asked.

"D-D-D-D-Don't w-w-w-w-worry, k-k-k-k-kid. T-T-T-T-This i-i-i-i-is n-n-n-n-normal." The driver said while riding on.

"H-H-H-H-How i-i-i-i-is t-t-t-t-this n-n-n-n-normal?" Nathan asked in disbelief.

"T-T-T-T-The H-H-H-H-Highway t-t-t-t-to N-N-N-N-Necropolis i-i-i-i-is b-b-b-b-broken d-d-d-d-down." The driver said waving it off. "I-I-I-I-It j-j-j-j-just m-m-m-m-means w-w-w-w-we a-a-a-a-are a-a-a-a-almost t-t-t-t-there."

Nathan growled. "I-I-I-I-I k-k-k-k-knew i-i-i-i-it. I-I-I-I-I l-l-l-l-literally h-h-h-h-haven't e-e-e-e-even g-g-g-g-got o-o-o-o-off t-t-t-t-the c-c-c-c-coach y-y-y-y-yet a-a-a-a-and I-I-I-I-I h-h-h-h-hate t-t-t-t-this p-p-p-p-place."

"O-o-o-o-oh, h-h-h-h-hush."Priscilla muttered.

After a few bumpy minutes, they had finally left the Highway much to everyone's relief and soon rode over to Night Town. There, the people looked up in awe and confusion at the two coaches making their way. Soon, they had walked off of the bus with each and every one of them looking tired.

"Ugh, so glad THAT'S over." Nathan groaned.

"I'll say." Priscilla sighed.

It was then they all looked around to see the citizens looking at them. They varied from humans to vampires to zombies among other creatures that one would easily recognise in a horror flick. The angels looked nervous at all of the stares they were getting while Nathan stared in disgust.

"Um, guys, they are staring..." Shane said shifting his eyes from left to right."

"C-Calm down, Shane." Priscilla reassured though she was trying to tell herself that. "After all, seeing two coaches appear out of the blue isn't exactly a normal occurance."

"Shane, look!" One of the angels said pointing his finger forward.

Everyone looked in the direction of the voice to see a grinning man with a sign that had the word "Shane" on it. He was a lanky man with long brown hair tied in a ponytail. He wore a lime green shirt and tan pants underneath a black apron along with brown boots. The angels didn't needed to think twice about who he was or what he wanted.

"Oh, are you Pal?" Shane asked walking over.

"That's right, Shane." The brown-haired man grinned taking Shane's hand in form of a handshake. "Welcome to Night Town."

Shane gave a smile at the warm reception.

"Why, thank you." He said. He then looked to the side. "Um, so I take it you know everything."

Pal's smile vanished as he nodded solemnly. "Yes, Bogus told me all. You all must had gone through a lot."

Shane sighed. "Indeed... However, right now, I am more concerned... With us being here and..."

Pal paused breaking off the handshake. "Ah. Well, I must admit that I was a bit skeptical to accept after hearing that you literally have an army going here but I suppose I can't be responsible for the death of an entire world so you could stay here for as long as you like."

Shane nodded his head. "Thank you... I thought with us being well, you know and all, you would be more worried of us..."

Pal crossed his arms. "What's there to worry about? Just don't mess with the people here and there shouldn't be any drama."

Suddenly, the brown-haired man shot a dark glare looking towards the angels. They all shrank back at first but then they noticed the way he was scanning around as if looking for someone.

"Speaking of drama, which one of you is Nathan?" Pal asked.

Almost immediately, everyone pointed at Nathan. The red-haired man then stepped forward crossing his arms.

"Yes?" Nathan asked not liking the man's glare.

Pal stepped forward. "Bogus warned me about you and even told me that you almost killed somebody."

Nathan narrowed his eyes stepping forward as well. "I take it he failed to explain as to WHY I tried to kill said person."

"Actually, he did but that is not the point." Pal said walking up to Nathan's face. "I know that you are strongly prejuiced against demons. I don't know why but obviously that is none of my business. What IS my business is what will happen if you take your spear anywhere near one of the locals here."

Nathan gave a small growl. "I am well-aware that this is your home but don't think that gives you the right to boss me around."

"No but I DO have the right have you forwarded back into the Heroes' Hideout." Pal said sternly making everyone's eyes widened.

"You wouldn't dare!" Nathan growled through gritted teeth.

"Oh?" Pal asked. "It is not that like Bogus wouldn't agree with my idea. In fact, he loved the idea!"

Nathan's eyes widened. "WHAT!?"

Pal crossed his arms with a smirk. "Yep. Of course, that is just a warning for you not to cause any trouble, you hear?"

Nathan growled. "Are you a human?"

Pal raised an eyebrow. "Yes. What does it matter?"

Nathan's eyes widened. "What does it matter? You are practically sheep living in a lion's den! Why are you living among let alone going out of your way to protect them?"

Pal paused for a moment. He then let out a laugh startling everyone.

"A sheep living in a lion's den? That is EXACTLY what I said when I had first been working here." He chuckled.

Shane tilted his head to his head. "Really? Well, what made you changed your mind?"

Pal merely shrugged. "I just naturally learned that not all children of the night are evil and I am sure that most of you will learn that too."

Nathan merely scoffed. "I strongly doubt it."

"Whoa, what is this, a tour group?"

Everyone's eyes widened before looking up to see a vampire bat perching one of the coaches. He then flew down from the top practically diving towards the crowd.

"Oh, look, a talking bat." A female angel noted.

The bat chuckled a bit. "You don't get out much, do you, lady?"

"Ah, yes. Drake, say hello to your new neighbours." Pal said stepping down with a smile.

The bat's eyes widened before looking around at the group.

"ALL of them?" Drake asked.

"Yep! All 108 of them! League members like you!" Pal smiled.

Drake looked taken back before scanning around again. "What!? How the hell did that happen?"

Shane looked to the side. "It is a long story..."

"In any case, how about you introduce yourself?" Pal offered.

Drake raised an eyebrow. He then smirked. "All right."

Then, he got engulfed into a cloud of black smoke startling everyone. Suddenly, they saw Drake appearing in his vampire.

"A vampire!" Nathan gasped.

"Oh no... I am just a cosplayer." Drake said sarcastically with a smirk.

Nathan narrowed his eyes before scooting in front of Shane spreading his arms out in front of him. Drake noticed this and raised an eyebrow quickly noticing what was the matter.

"Oh, I get it." Drake said before laughing a bit. "Don't worry, I won't eat him. I mean look at him. He doesn't look like I would get much blood out of him."

"Oh boy." Pal groaned holding his head.

"What!? How dare you!?" Nathan roared. "Not only are you fit to eat Shane but his blood is more purer than your entire body!"

Drake's smirk vanished. "Um, what?"

"Um, Nathan, remember we are trying to HIDE anything holy about us?" Shane whispered.

The spear-wielder glared at Drake before scoffing in annoyance.

"Wait. Did Pal said that your name was Drake?" Priscilla said stepping forward.

The vampire turned towards the swordswoman raised an eyebrow. "Yeah, why?"

Priscilla paused. "I don't suppose you are friend with a human wizard named Ashley, right?"

Drake's eyes widened at this. "How did you know that?"

"Well, I am friends with a child named Oswald and he told me about his tutor is magic is a wizard named Ashley and how his best friend is you." Priscilla said.

Drake's eyes widened. "You know Oswald?"

"Yeah, we met at the main branch of the Heroes' Hideout a while back." Priscilla asked.

Drake paused crossing his arms. "If that's the case, why did you all moved to Night Town?"

"Um, it is a long story." Priscilla nervously looking to the side.

Drake raised an eyebrow not looking that convinced but knew that whatever the reason was none of his business so he would drop it. At least for now anyway.

"All right. But you might as well tell the kid that you ain't staying at the main branch anymore." Drake said jerking his head behind him. "Sure, the kid comes here frequently but still."

"Well, I wanted to tell him but he was at his lesson here at the time." Priscilla said with a shrug before realizing something. "I wanted to go see him but..."

Drake merely grinned putting his hands behind his head. "Don't worry, I'll tell the kid that you moved him."

Priscilla's eyes lit up. "You'll do that? Thanks for that!"

"No prob. A friend of a friend is well, a friend right?" Drake shrugged.

Priscilla smiled and nodded. "I agree."

Shane smiled as he watched Drake interact with Priscilla and the other angels. Nathan on the other hand merely eyed them suspiciously.

"He seems like a friendly fellow." Shane smiled.

"With all due respect, Shane, I believe that there is a phrase." Nathan said narrowing his eyes. "It is called a "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing."

Shane merely shook his head. By this time, Drake was crouching down in front of Fidestos who was staring at him.

"Whoa, I knew that Elarthe's portal brings in a lot of different types of people but a pet lion?" Drake noted.

Ramiel merely chuckled. "Fidestos is Shane's pet though he's arguably Priscilla's partner."

"Heh. Neither of you seemed like the type to tame wild beasts." Drake noted.

"Um, well, I wouldn't say tame." Priscilla chuckled scratching of her head.

Drake then got up and looked at Ramiel. "So what about you, big boy? What's your name?"

"I am Ramiel. Let's shake." The muscleman said putting out his hand.

Drake smiled before taking his hand out and putting it into Ramiel's own hand.

Then, it happened.

Everything around Drake had just suddenly disappeared. Ramiel, the angels, Night Town, everything vanished into a dark void. His eyes then bugged out as a pain went through his entire body. It was as if ten lightning bolts had surged through his body.


Everyone jumped as Drake retreated his hand back jumping back in shock. Things had went silent as Drake and Ramiel stared with each other with wide eyes with everyone else looking in concern.

"Um, sorry, did I strike a nerve or something?" Ramiel asked.

"I..." Drake said before looking to the side. "I think so."

The silence had continued on between everyone.

"Um, well, anyway, Priscilla." Drake said scratching his head with a sheepish grin. "Oswald is having his lesson right now but I will tell him that you are here so he could visit you after it."

"Um, thanks..." The blonde said nodding her head.

"Well, now, see ya and, um, welcome back to Night Town and all that..." Drake said.

With that, he turned around and walked off. They noticed that he was trying to look natural but it was that he was still stunned by what had just happened.

"The hell was that?" Drake said more to himself.

Priscilla walked forward. "Ramiel, what do you do?"

The blonde man looked at his hand. "I... I don't know. All I did was touch him..."

"Oh no..." Shane gasped. "You don't think it is because he is a vampire."

"But Shane, I had just touched him and he seemed to turn out fine!" Sachelle pointed out.

"Yeah, I touched him too!"

"He hardly flinched!"

Priscilla paused looking at Ramiel. "Then, what happened..."

The large angel continued to look down at his hand. Now that he thought about it, Drake looked familiar to someone he had saw. However, it could had been merely a coincidence. Still, seeing Drake's reaction troubled him.


Bogus crossed his arms as he raised a hidden eyebrow. Standing in front of him were Necross' team consisting of Requiem, Walter, Maxie and Ripper. In other words, Bogus was standing face-to-face with the very people that Shane and the angels were opposing.

However, he didn't knew that and there was no possibly way for him to realize that. Especially with that they were now.

Necross didn't looked demonic anymore. In fact, he looked like a normal human. He had green eyes and short black hair and wore a simple attire consisting of a white button-up shirt, a black jacket with matching pants and brown shoes.

Maxie's spiky hair was actually combed down and she wore a light grey wife-beater with black joggers and white sneakers.

Requiem's change was the most drastic. She wore a tan sunhat with a pink ribbon on it and had on red and white plaid lolita-styled dress with a red sash around her waist. She also had on white stockings and red ballet shoes.

Ripper's change was just as startling. He was wearing a black boater hat with a dark red band on it, a long-sleeved dark red shirt with a red bow tie that had black polka dots on it, dark trousers and black boots.

Walter was in his bat form perching on Necross' shoulder. However, he had on a bright red ribbon bow tie.

Bogus raised an eyebrow as the group smiled at this (though Requiem still had her stoic face) at him.

"Sooo, I heard you all came from the portal." He said.

"That is correct. I had heard about how you keep people from a different world." Necross explained. "I am afraid that we have to trouble you for a place to stay seeing that we are stuck here."

Bogus paused. "Well, you are sure that okay that you and your family about the whole thing."

"That is because the world we come from sucks!" Maxie piped up. "Even though this is unexpected, we would gladly take this new world over that sucky world back at home!"

Bogus looked taken back at the comment as Necross glared at Maxie.

"Dear!" Necross said before nervously looking back at Bogus. "I am sorry, sir. She is always like that!"

"Um, right?" Bogus said scratching the back of his head. "Okay, first off, could you tell me your names?"

Necross nodded his head. "Right. My name is Ross."

"And I am his awesome wife, Maxine!" Maxie grinned showing her very sharp teeth.

"Why, miss, what very sharp teeth you have." Bogus said gulping nervously.

"All the better to grin, my dear!" Maxie said.

"Um, riiiiight?" Bogus asked before looking at the children. "What about you scamps?"

"I'm Jacky!" Ripper said brightly.

"Uh-huh." Bogus said before looking at Requiem. "And what about you, kid?"

Requiem stayed silent as she put her hands in front of her like a proper lady. Her glare was less than graceful as it made Bogus shudder.

"Ummmm..." Bogus said nervously.

"Go on, my child. It is very impolite not to say your name." Necross scolded.

Requiem paused with her lip twisting a bit.


"Um, right." Bogus said before looking at Walter. "And your pet?"

"Wallabee!" Necross explained. The bat in question bowed his head politely.

"Ah, I see." Bogus said. "All right, all of the rooms are booked for now so I have to settle you in at one of the branches in the nearby city."

"I understand." Necross said nodding his head. "Again, thank you very much."

"Hey, that is what I'm here for." Bogus said. "Just sit put while I'll make a phone call, all right."

Everyone nodded their heads. The vertically-challenged man then turned around to pick up the phone. The "family" nodded their heads before looking behind them.

However, they froze when they saw that some of the patrons and waiters were casting them strange looks.

"For such a mild-mannered man, I don't think that Ross is a very good father. I mean just look at his children."

"Actually, I think it may be the wife. She reminds me of those rock stars who sing about getting drunk."

"Well whoever's to blame, have they hit their daughter? Someone that stoic is not normal."

"The daughter? Look at the SON! His hair, his skin, his eyes! Tell me anything about him is normal besides in the Necropolis continent!"

"Speaking of Necropolis, I don't think you should have a pet bat. Especially when you have children."

Necross slumped his arms in defeat. "So much for not attracting attention..."

Ripper groaned before fiddling with this bow tie. "Necr... I mean Daddy, how long do I have to wear this stupid thing?"

"These clothes are too obnoxiously bright. I hate it..." Requiem muttered.

"I know, I know." Necross sighed. "But that is the point. The angels know the both of you well enough to know how much you hate wearing those clothes."

"Then why do Max... Um, Mommy and Wallabee don't get to wear clothes they hate?" Ripper pointed out.

"Because I am wear the pants in the family! I get to decide what goes in the family!" Maxie grinned crossing her arms.

"Oh, please..." Necross muttered rolling his eyes.

"I still think Wallabee should be UNCLE Wallabee." Maxie noted.

Necross shook his head. "Even if we dress up Walter in clothes he rarely wears, people would still recognise his wings."

"And thank goodness because I don't know what I will do if I have to dress up like a rapper." Walter said quietly shuddering at the thought.

"But in any case, we have bigger things to worry about." Necross said.

Maxie then smirked. "Oh, I know."


Necross and Walter's eyes widened as Ripper's eyes lit up.

"Party? Would there be cake and ice cream?" Ripper cheered putting his hands

"Of course and whatever food we could get our hands on!" Maxie grinned.

"Yay!" Ripper cheered.

"No!" Necross scolded.

Maxie and Ripper froze in their places before turning to their heads to Necross crossing his arms and tapping his foot.

"This is NOT a vacation! We got work to do!" Necross scolded.

Maxie and Ripper slumped their arms in sadness. "Aww!"

"Do we have to?" Ripper whined.

"Yes! You know that!" Necross scolded.

Ripper winced before looking down. "I know that but..."

"No, you don't... You are an imbecile..." Requiem piped up.

Ripper's eyes bugged out at this. "What!?"

"You heard me, you delinquent..." Requiem said.

"What!? How dare you talk to me like that?" Ripper roared. "I am the older brother so that means you have to respect me."

"I would rather respect Hitler..." Requiem said softly.

"Hey, I am far more cooler than that loser!" Ripper snapped jumping up and down angrily.

Maxie blinked twice. "Kid, do you even know who Hitler is?"

"No but I know I am better than him!" Ripper snapped.

Necross shook his head. "Children, calm down!"

"Well, whatever I am going to see what to do here for fun!" Maxie said crossing her arms.

Necross' eyes widened before growling and grabbing her wrist.. "Oh no you won't!"

Maxie paused before narrowing her eyes. "Oh no, I just KNOW you did not grabbed my wrist."

"And I just KNOW you aren't just going off alone just to do whatever you want!" Necross snapped. "I actually have to deal with you if you decided to get in trouble with the police!"

By this time, Necross and Maxie had started an argument with each other while Ripper constantly yelled at Requiem who merely scoffed him off. By this time, everyone stopped what they were doing to look at the scene unfolding in front of them. Walter looked back and forth not liking where this was going.

"Necross, please stop! You are making an unwanted scene!" Walter whispered practically begging.

"Tell HER that!" The demon snapped.

Bogus blinked twice before looking in the phone in his hand. He then started to dial a number. "Time to make another phone call."

"Um, shouldn't we stop them?" Cathy piped up.

"I don't think so. This IS a family matter, after all." Palayo said.

David, the devil-like waiter stared at the elf in disbelief. "Are you for real?"

"You never take me anywhere fun!" Maxie roared jabbing her finger into Necross' chest. "What kind of hubby are you, anyway?"

The demon's eyebrow twitched. "Oh, get over yourself! You had never and never will be Sylvia!"

Boris, a muscular crocodile waiter's eyes bugged out at this. "What!? Hoo boy! Now we are dealing with a mistress!"

It was then Necross and Maxie frozed in their spots with shrunken pupils. Walter's jaw dropped to the ground. Even Requiem looked over at Boris. She then walked over to Ripper who was still yelling at Requiem.

"And another thing!" Ripper snapped. Suddenly, Requiem whispered in her ears. Almost immediately, Ripper's eyes bugged out before pointing at Boris.

"You mean that lizard said that about..." Ripper said solemnly. Requiem merely nodded. "Uh-oh..."

Necross slowly turned towards Boris still having a shocked look on his face. "What. Did. You. Say?"

The crocodile stepped back. "Um, look, pal, I know that some guys have trouble sticking with one woman. Still, to compare your own WIFE to a mistress is just..."

Then, everyone's eyes bugged out when Necross let out a roar of rage and pounced at Boris (while throwing off a startled Walter) knocking him to the ground and started to throw random punches of fury at the poor waiter.

"DIE!" Necross roared.

"Boris!" David gasped before growling. "Get off of him!"

He along with a few waiters and even Requiem and Ripper ran over to the demon and tried to pry him off of the reptile. Even Walter tried pulling on Necross' hair with his feet in a vain attempt to get him to cease.

"Daddy, please stop!" Ripper begged.

"This is most unbecoming behaviour, father..." Requiem scolded.

"Please, I am sure he didn't know..." Walter pleaded trying not to shout too loud.

Bogus watched the whole thing with a blank stare in his eyes while still speaking on the phone. He then turned to see Maxie who standing to the side.

"Um, aren't you going to do something?" Bogus asked.

"Nah, I'm good." Maxie said crossing her arms.

"Okay, just checking." Bogus sighed before going back to his phone call.

Soon, Necross had managed to calm down letting himself to be hauled off of his feet leaving poor Boris with an unsightly bruise on his face.

"Boris, are you all right, man?" David asked crouching down on one knee.

"That psychopath had kicked my tail and you asked if I was all right!" Boris said in disbelief.

"I am not saying what this prick did was right." Al said before crossing his arms. "But seriously, you had put your foot into something you shouldn't have!"

"I warned everyone not to get addressed into family matters." Palayo sighed shaking his head.

"Shut the hell up!" Boris roared. "Both of you!"

"Speaking of hell, I shall meet you there, you overgrown purse." Necross said darkly.

"Me!?" Boris said in disbelief before shouting at the top of his lungs. "YOU ARE THE ONE WHO WAS HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH YOUR WIFE, YOU DINGBAT!"

"Just let it go, man!" David said getting in between the two of them.

Boris and Necross then went into a staring contest with each other. Bogus on the other hand casually made his way towards Necross.

"All right, I have already spoke with one of the branchs in Belcazzar." Bogus said holding out a card. "Here is the directions for your family, Ross."

"Thank you, sir." Necross said taking the card.

"And here is the number to Dr. Dunwell." Bogus said holding out another card.

Necross looked down at the card in confusion. "Huh? Who's Dr. Dunwell?"

"A psychiatrist." Bogus said. "I know it is none of my business but I had already booked an appointment. You don't have to attend but just to let you know it's there."

Necross, Maxie, Ripper and Walter blinked twice as they looked around to see everyone glaring at them in disgust.

"Absolutely vile."

"How could that man treat his own WIFE like that?"

"Well, to be fair, I will perform adultery if I was married to THAT."

"And what horrid children? Even my kids are more polite than that and that's NEVER a good thing!"

The family paused looking at each other. They then let out a collective sigh.

"Come on, family... Let's go to our new home..." Necross groaned.

"Yes, daddy..." Ripper said with his head down.

"Yes, father..." Requiem said.

"Whatever, hubby." Maxie muttered.

"We are never going to survive long enough to ensure Shane doesn't, are we?" Walter thought.

Everyone watched them leave at the Heroes' Hideout.

"It is never a dull moment here, is it?" Palayo noted.

"Gee, you think?" Boris muttered.


Pal had held Shane and the angels to their new home. However, when they had actually got there, they were less than impressed. They were standing in front of a tall hotel and that looked like it could fit all 108 of them.

However, it looked like it haven't been used for years. There were a few cracks in it and some of the windows were either broken, boarded up or both. It was in a dull coating of purple showing that it haven't been painting in a whole while.

"Here you are, guys! Your new home!" Pal grinned spreading out his arms. "Don't you just want to cry?"

"Yes..." Nathan said with a wince.

Pal merely shook his head with a sigh. "Way to show off your gratitude."

Ramiel held out his hand. "Don't misunderstand. We know that it is far too booked a home for all 108 of us but... You must admit that this place looks... condemned."

"And I DO admit it." Pal said before shrugging. "Look, I already hired some cleaners to fix it up. It won't be looking spick and span by the night you will sleep there for the night but it would be presentable to sleep in."

"I see. Thank you." Shane nodded.

"No prob. Well, until then how about the mingle with the locals?" Pal explained.

"Do we have to?" Nathan whined.

"Of course!" Pal said before speaking darkly. "Just remember our deal."

Nathan merely scoffed. "Yeah, yeah."

Pal rolled his eyes. "In any case, I am off back to the bar. You are free to come along."

After saying his goodbye to the angels, he walked off leaving them to talk among themselves.

Nathan glared up at the hotel in disgust. "It is like one of those roach magnets in the movies you described, Priscilla."

The swordswoman merely shook her head. "Let's just hope that one of the first things they did is chase them all out of it."

"Miss Priscilla?"

The blonde woman's eyes widened before the group turned their heads to see a familiar child walking over. He was a yellow anthro dog with absurdly long ears and deer-like legs dressed in a robe. Priscilla immediately smiled.

"Oswald!" Priscilla said happily.

"Miss Priscilla, pleased to meet you again! It had been far too long since our last visit, hasn't it?" The child asked.

"Yeah, sorry about that." Priscilla said looking to the side with her smile vanishing. "I had my reasons for that."

"I could imagine..." Oswald said quietly remembering his personal mission. "In any case, a friend of mine told me that you are staying here from the time being."

"That's right." Priscilla nodded. "Again, I had my reasons for doing so."

"Well, whatever the reasons, I think you should a good place to stay in." Oswald smiled. "Sure, the eternal noctural sky have more than its fair share of drawbacks but there are a lot of interesting and friendly people."

Priscilla smiled as well. "Yeah, I could see that..."

The others watched as Priscilla and Oswald continue to share conversation with each other. Shane smiled at the thought and waited patiently to see if Priscilla wanted to introduce him to everyone.

Suddenly, Fidestos nudged against his side. Looking down, Shane saw that Fidestos had a concerned look on his face.

"What is it, boy?" Shanre asked.

Fidestos merely pointed forward with his front paw. Shane along a few other angels looked in the direction he was pointing to see he was referring to Oswald. Quickly getting a good idea what Fidestos may be worried about, they narrowed their eyes at the child for a moment. Then their eyes widened.

"His aura... It's light AND dark." Shane said softly.

"And not like most people, it is mixed together." Ramiel noted. "I don't think I ever saw an aura like that before."

Then, they saw Priscilla and Oswald making their way over to them.

"Everyone, this is Oswald." Priscilla said brightly.

"A pleasure to meet you, everyone." The hybrid said bowing politely. "I am so happy to see Priscilla with so many friends."

"Um, right." Ramiel said trying not to be rude. "A pleasure to meet you too."

"A friend of Priscilla is a friend of mine." Shane said with a smile looking as if he had completely forgotten about Oswald's strange aura.

"Indeed." Oswald nodded while looking around at all of the people. "It is as I feared, they had all caught on..."

"So, Oswald, could you tell me a bit more about yourself?" Nathan asked stepping forward crossing his arms as if he was interrogating the child.

Ramiel winced. "Nathan, have you no subtlety?"

Priscilla nodded her eyes knowing what Nathan was talking about. "Oswald is a good kid, Nathan."

Nathan's eyes widened before turning towards the blonde woman. "Wait, you mean you KNOW this child's aura is not natural?"

"That's right but I don't care. You have no idea what this child had been through." Priscilla said stepping out in front of Oswald to protect him.

"Miss Priscilla..." Oswald said softly.

Nathan narrowed his eyes. "Priscilla, what is this child?"

"Does it matter?" The bodyguard challenged.

"What do you mean does it matters?" Nathan asked in disbelief. "Of course it matters!

"Nathan, please." Sachelle said stepping forward and resting a hand on his shoulder.

"No, clearly there is something up with this child!" The spear-wielder snapped.

"Just drop it, Nathan!" Priscilla roared.

Oswald looked back and forth between Priscilla and Nathan. Realizing how much tension he was causing with his mere presence, he looked down at the ground feeling guilty. Letting out a deep sigh, he stepped forward deciding to come clean.

"I am an artificial god."

Everyone's eyes widened before looking down at the child.

"W-What?" Sachelle asked.

"You had heard, correct. I am an artificial god. That is why my aura is an unnatural mixture of light and dark." Oswald sighed.

Everyone looked shocked when they heard this. This child was an artificial god at his young age?

Nathan narrowed his eyes. "I knew it. I had every right to be suspicious of this child."

Priscilla growled. "Nathan, that means nothing."

"It means everything!" The red-haired angel roared. "There are some things that you shouldn't do and one of them is trying to imitate the gods! This child's entire presence is one living sacrilege!"

Everyone's eyes bugged out at Nathan's words.

"Nathan!" Shane gasped.

"He is just a child!" Sachelle scolded.

"Yes, a child who existed based on delusions!" Nathan snapped.

Priscilla growled before getting ready to step over. She didn't cared if Nathan was a friend of hers. There was no way that she was going to let him say such horrible stuff about another friend when he was literally right there. Perhaps a smack on the head would make him shut up.

However, that was when Oswald walked up in front of Priscilla startling her.

"Um, Mr. Nathan, was it?" Oswald spoke up.

"Yeah, what about it?" The fire-wielder spat with contempt dripping in his voice.

"I am sorry you feel that way about me, sir." Oswald said looking down. "I apologize for making you upset with my mere existence."

"H-Hey!" Priscilla exclaimed. "Don't say things like that!"

"It is all right, Miss Priscilla. I am used to it. I know people who have strong religious beliefs would look down poorly on me." Oswald said shaking his head.

Then, he raised his head.

"However, Mr. Nathan, I am not asking you to change your opinion but is it all right that if you at least listen to MY own." Oswald said.

Nathan raised an eyebrow. "It won't change my mind but obviously you already know that. Very well. Speak."

Oswald nodded his head before letting out a deep sigh.

"I am not sure how the angels of your world work but in my world, most of the world had lost their faith in them and after seeing so much tragedy back at home, I could strongly say that I could see their opinion. I was created as a weapon of war but from the eyes of my creators, I was a beacon of hope for them. The angel that had answered their prayers. Again, I am not asking you to change your opinion on me, Mr. Nathan and for all I know, the angels of your world may work differently but if you were anything like the angels I knew, then you should know that if you merely looked after our world, I wouldn't have to exist."

By the time Oswald had finished his speech, everyone was watching with wide eyes and slack jaws at what he had said. They couldn't believe what the child had said. Oswald saw all of the negative reactions merely sighed.

"Anyway, it is clear that regardless of what you said had reached you or not, my presence is making your stay here much more uncomfortable." Oswald said. "I apologize and I bid each and every one of your good day."

With that, he turned around and walked off with everyone still looking at him stunned. Suddenly, Priscilla snapped out of her daze and rushed over.

"Wait, Oswald, that is not true! You are not making us uncomfortable!" Priscilla insisted.

Unfortunately, Nathan snapped out of his daze as well. "Yeah, right! Get out of here, you ill-mannered living delusion and don't let me see your face around us ever again!"


Everyone jumped before turning to see Shane with a stern look on his face.

"Drop it. NOW." Shane said through gritted teeth.

Nathan stepped back at Shane's cold response. Oswald merely shook his head with another sigh.

"Miss Priscilla, I appreciate you coming to my defence like that but it is clear that me being seen with you will cause you tension among your friend." Oswald said. "I could tell that you haven't seen these people for a long while and me being here would ruin your reunion. My apologies."

"No, Oswald, that is not..." Priscilla said holding out her hand.

However, it was too late, Oswald was already walking off leaving the stunned army behind. Priscilla lowered her hand realizing how hurt that Nathan's words had made him. Oswald was just a victim and Nathan was acting like he CHOSE to be this way.

She then growled before turning around casting Nathan a nasty glare.

"All I want to do is..." Priscilla said before shouting. "What the heck is wrong with you!?"

"What's wrong with ME?" Nathan asked in disbelief.

"Yes, Oswald had been nothing but one of the nicest people I had met since I came here and yet you treated him like trash!" Priscilla roared. "Now he may never want to talk to me ever again after that!"

"Priscilla, trust me. I am doing you a favour." Nathan said crossing his arms.

"What!?" Priscilla snapped with her temper flaring up.

"Nathan. I mean it. Enough." Shane said shaking his head before walking off. "In any case, I am going to explore this place."

"Um, okay, let's go and see..." Sachelle started.

"By myself..."

Everyone winced at Shane's surprisingly cold response. They then watched Shane walked off. It seems that Shane was just as upset by Oswald's speech as anyone else. They all watched in sadness as Shane walked off.

"Shane..." Priscilla said softly.

She then cast Nathan another glare.

"That was..."


"...Absolutely unacceptable!"

"Like YOU are one to talk! Not to say that I wouldn't do so sooner or later but YOU were the only one who threw a punch!"

"Maxine, "dear", don't start with me!"

Necross and his "family" had already checked into the branch that Bogus had assigned for them. However, they still had that less than graceful fight back in the main branch and realized how big idiots they made themselves. They were all talking in the hallway about the whole thing.

"Seriously, how are we going to kill Shane if we keep trying to kill EACH OTHER?" Necross said holding his head.

"She started it." Ripper spat pointing at Requiem.

"And that is why I refuse to acknowledge you as the "big" brother..." The emotionless girl said making Ripper growl.

"I don't care WHO started it!" Necross snapped. "I am ending it!"

Ripper winced before looking down. "I'm sorry, daddy!"

"Apologies, father." Requiem said bowing her head.

Necross then glared at Maxie. "And you, "dear", at least focus on the task at hand!"

"Yes, speaking of which, shouldn't you be also be looking for these pearl pieces?" Walter questioned.

"Yeah, yeah, I will. Just wanted to see how stuff this place has first." Maxie said.

Necross groaned before holding his head. "Look, we will. But we are doing it in shifts."

Maxie merely scoffed. "Fine, whatever."

"So whatever when we find Shane?" Walter asked.

Necross narrowed his eyes. "We can't afford to take any chances. First chance you get, rush into the portal to get the troops to kill him. We can't let him escape again."

Everyone nodded their heads.

"Good." Necross smirked. "We will retrieve our weapons and start searching after breakfast tomorrow morning. But for now, let's go to bed."

He then glared at Ripper and Requiem.

"And that means I better not get up in the middle of the night just to stop you two, all right." Necross scolded.

Ripper winced. "Yes, daddy."

"Understood, father." Requiem nodded.

Necross nodded his head before walking over to the door. "In any case, good night."

With that, he put the key in the lock and turned it allowing himself and Maxie to walk inside with Walter flying over.

However, once they did, they all froze when they noticed one large feature.

There was only one bed in the room. The three of them were silent.

"Oh, that's right, we are "married"." Maxie muttered.

Necross groaned before looking up at the ceiling. "Sylvia, I know you will never approve of my actions but please at least appreciate the trials I am going through here."

Later, after a talk, the three had decided to go to bed. Necross let out a sigh before putting his hands behind his head on his pillow.

"Well, this is far from what I had in mind but it will do..." Necross sighed. "Can't drill for oil without digging in the mud as they say."

He then looked to the side.

"In any case, at least this is more or less a chance for us to get more acquainted with each other seeing that we are going to be with each other more."

Walter gave a smile as he laid in bed in his vampire form.

"I agree. I mean I had just assumed that you wouldn't be the type of person to share a bed with me but here we are." Walter said brightly. "We are learning about each other already!"

Necross gave a nervous chuckle. "I suppose we are."

Maxie on the other hand, rolled her eyes as she laid on the floor with a pillow and a blanket before getting ready to sleep.

"Goodnight, both of you."
EA-LEC: Light And Dark Wings Resting Down
Here is my next :iconea-lec: entry for the league. Here we see both the angels AND the demons resting into their new homes. Man, I loved writing this. We get to see so many new possibilities from both sides. ^__^

Also, Nathan needs a :iconboottotheheadplz:

Shane, Priscilla, Nathan, Ramiel, Sachelle, Necross, Requiem, Maxie, Walter, Ripper, Pal, Drake, Alessandro (Al), Cathy and Palayo belongs to me.

Oswald Nadir Doe belongs to :iconuotome:

Bogus, Boris and David belongs to :icondiana-hnd:

Exercitus Artifex aka the League of Extraordinary Characters belongs to :iconea-lec:
A school bus had rode down the streets of Belcazzar City. On it was a bunch of children in their early teens who were heading home after a day of school. Said children were talking to each other about various stuff

"Have you heard about the new stickers that they were selling?"

"Do I? They are all the rage right now!"

"I had gotten ten of them!"

"Heh. Kids' stuff! I have FIFTY of them so I win!"

"What are you, ten?"

The kids had continued to speak with each other about the stickers and the different types they were. However, one of the kids looked out the window. His eyes then widened when he saw something amazing.

"Hey, look!"

The group that the child was with turned their heads towards the direction he was looking at. Soon, most of the kids turned their heads to see a fancy black limo riding in front of them.

"It's a limo!" The child said excitedly. "A limo is actually riding besides us!"

"Yeah, it is."

"Pretty cool."

The child blinked twice in disbelief before turning his head towards the rest of the kids who didn't seemed that surprised in the slightest.

"Um, am I the only one who thinks that this is amazing?" He asked.

"Oh yeah! This is the first time you had taken the bus because of your parents being away right?" A boy asked.

"Um, yes?" The child asked raising an eyebrow.

"That limo belongs to the Carrington family." A girl explained.

"The Carrington family?" The child questioned.

"Um, yes."

Everyone turned their heads to see a red-haired girl. She seemed mostly normal save for her cat ears and tail.

"That limo carries Devon Carrington." The girl explained. "He is the son of Arthur and Veronica Carrington, two very rich people."

"Carrington? That name sounds familiar." The child mused.

"It should! Those are the people Cathy are currently staying with!" A girl piped up.

The child's eyes widened before turning towards the cat-girl.

"Really, Cathy?" The child asked.

The cat-girl nodded her head. "That's right. I am living with Mr. and Mrs. Carrington."

The child blinked twice before looking back and forth between the limo and Cathy in confusion.

"But... If that is the case, then how come you are riding on the bus instead of the limo?" The child asked.

Cathy merely shrugged. "Well, I am not a Carrington so I am not allowed to ride it."

The child narrowed his eyes. "Well, that's stupid."

"I know right?" A boy said as a few others agreed.

"No, it is all right. Mr. Carrington said that they didn't want people to mistake me and Devon are related by riding together." Cathy asked.

"What kind of logic like that?" A girl asked in disbelief. "I carpool with a few friends and we never had to worry about being mistaken for family!"

"Are you sure that they aren't telling you anything else, Cathy?" A boy challenged. "Something smells fishy to me."

Cathy paused looking to the side pondering what her friends had said. Truth be told, she had always pondered about that herself. Why did she had ride the bus while Devon rode in a cool limo? It wasn't just transportation. It was among other things. Perhaps she should ask somebody when she arrives home.

"Speaking of Carrington..."

Cathy looked up to see that the bus and the limo was approaching a large fancy mansion. She immediately recognized it.

"Anyway, this is my stop. I have to get off." Cathy said getting up.

Her friends bid her goodbye as she made her way towards the front of the bus. It was then said bus had parked in front of a bus stop and opened up for Cathy. Thanking the driver, she jumped off and made her way over to the entrance.

At the same time, the driver of the limo got out of the vehicle and walked towards the door and opened it. There, a boy stepped out of the limo. He had short red hair while dressed in a school uniform which looked more like a business suit. Cathy smiled before walking over.

"Devon, how was things at your school today?" Cathy asked catching the two's attention.

"Cathy!" The boy said brightly. "Fine, thank you. You know that test I had in Business Studies today. I aced it with flying colours!"

"That is great, Devon!" The cat-girl smiled. "Won't your father be proud!"

"I hope so. The teachers even said that if I continue at what I am doing, I would be a shoe-in for the honor roll!" The boy smiled.

"Nice!" Cathy smiled.

"So how about you, Cathy?" The boy asked. "How did band practice go?"

"Pretty good." The cat-girl nodded. "We may finally get off the ground sooner or later."

"Well, best of luck to you. Hopefully, I may see you play someday." The boy said.

"Yeah, hopefully." Cathy nodded.

As the two children talked, the driver got out a remote and pushed a button on it causing the doors to open up. The two of them noticed this and made their way over while still talking to each other while going through the gate to enter the mansion.


Soon, the two children had gone to meet up with the Carringtons, Arthur and Veronica. After a few greetings, the two had gone off to talk with each other on the couch over a cup of tea.

"And that was when the teacher told me that I would be on the honor roll!" Devon explained.

"That is great, son!" Veronica smiled while holding up a cup of tea to herself.

"That's my boy!" Arthur said brightly. "Just like his father. Pretty sure, you will start to gain the rest of my qualities."

Veronica rolled her eyes at this. "Let's just hope not..."

"Also, apparently Cathy is still doing well in her band." Devon explained.

"Oh, really?" Veronica asked.

"Yeah, thanks to the extra music classes, we are really doing well!" Cathy smiled.

Devon immediately got an idea. "Say, Cathy, when your band had started to get more better, how about I'll come to one of your performances sometime?"

By this time, Arthur was drinking some of his tea. When he had heard this, he ended up choking his tea with some droplets falling out of his cup. Cathy, Devon and a servant looked in shock. Veronica on the other hand calmly watched before taking another sip on her own cup before. She sighed as she watched the servant patted Arthur hard on the back.

"Here we go again..." Veronica muttered.

After Arthur calmed down, he looked up. "Devon, are you sure you wish to go?"

Cathy winced a bit while Veronica narrowed her eyes. The young boy in question blinked twice in confusion.

"Of course I do, father." Devon asked. "Why wouldn't I want to go to my friend's band recital?"

Arthur paused. "Um, well, they would mostly play one of their houses and I don't want to want you to go to a stranger's house."

Devon blinked twice. "Stranger's house? They are Cathy's friends. While they may be a "stranger" to me, they are not to Cathy."

"Yes, well... I just thought someone who likes going to the opera would dislike music of the... opposite." Arthur said.

Devon paused crossing his arms. "Father, with all due respect, you are not making any sense. Just because the music Cathy's band play is nothing like the opera, that doesn't mean I would dislike it."

Veronica shook her head. "That is right, dear. Our son could enjoy any type of music."

Arthur shot his wife a fierce glare where the redheaded woman returned the favour. Cathy looked back and forth nervously while Devon raised his eyebrow in confusion.

"In any case, we won't start doing recitals until we are very good." Cathy piped up with a sheepish grin. "So you don't have to worry about us subjecting your son to horrible music, Mr. Carrington."

Arthur paused before letting out a deep sigh. "I suppose so."

Devon stayed silent not liking the tension before everyone. "In any case, would you like to teach me some fencing skills after tea, father?"

Arthur immediately brightened up. "Of course, my boy."

Cathy merely stayed quiet as the two men spoke with each other. She was more concerned with something else. However, she didn't wanted to talk about her feelings in front of Arthur or Devon. It didn't took the foursome to finish their cups of tea and get up.

"So, shall we, son?" Arthur asked.

Devon smiled brightly. "Let's."

With that, the two then made their way off with the servant taking their cups on a  tray.

"Miss Veronica, Miss Cathy, you would like anything?" The servant asked.

Veronica shook her head. "No, I am fine, thank you."

"No..." Cathy said softly causing Veronica to look at her concerned.

"All right, then." The servant said walking out of the room leaving the two women by themselves.

Veronica turned towards Cathy. "Cathy, dear, don't let Arthur's disapproval get you now. He is just so fussy about stuff that are not considered upper-class to him."

The cat-girl looked down at the ground. "It isn't just that."

Veronica paused in confusion. "Hm?"

Cathy looked at Veronica with a sorrowful look on her face.

"Mrs. Carrington, why do Mr. Carrington keep me around if he clearly doesn't like me?"

Veronica's eyes widened at this. "What?"

"Yeah, I mean he makes me take the bus to school while Devon gets to ride in a limo, I have to go to a normal school while Devon gets to an elite one." Cathy explained. "Mr. Carrington almost wants Devon to do NOTHING with any of the stuff like I do... If he truly dislikes, why does he keep me there?"

Veronica paused for a moment realizing how upset Cathy was as she looked down at the ground. The older woman couldn't help but feel upset for the cat-girl. She wanted to cheer her up by trying to get to forget about it.

No. She couldn't do that. She had to tell Cathy the truth. She was fourteen years old. It was a good enough age to tell her. Even if it may end up breaking her apart.

Veronica let out a deep sigh. "Cathy..."

"Yes, Mrs Carrington?" The teenager asked.

Veronica looked down with her hands on her lap. "Do you know why Mr. Carrington is afraid of having you and Devon be related?"

"Yes, I always just nodded and waved it off but no matter how much I looked at it, it made no sense." Cathy said.

"Of course it doesn't..." Veronica sighed. "But Cathy..."

The older woman then looked up with a sorrowful look on her face.

"...Technically, you ARE related to Devon?"

Cathy's pupils shrank taking the news she had been told to heart.

"That is right, my dear. He is your half-brother." Veronica said before looking down again. "And I am your... mother."

Cathy could feel her entire world shaking around her. What was she had been told, she was an orphan which the Carringtons had decided to raise. She had always wondered what happened to her real parents. But all of this time, her mother was literally right next to her the whole time. However, the whole thing still didn't made any sense.

"But... But... That's improbable!" Cathy exclaimed. "If you are my mother but Devon is my HALF-brother then..."

"Who is your father?" Veronica asked before sighing. "He is a cat named Felix. I met him in a bar prior a couple of months before I married Arthur."

"WHAT!?" Cathy gasped putting her hands to her mouth. "Are you saying... That I was born from an AFFAIR?"

"NO!" Veronica gasped before realizing what she had said. "Well, yes. But it was an accident. You see... Both of us were having a few drinks and..."

It was then she froze in her sentence. She looked at Cathy who had her jaw wide open upon hearing what she had heart. Her wide eyes had started to go misty from the news she had been told.

"THAT'S how I been born?" Cathy asked softly. "Because of an accident..."

Veronica gasped. "What? Cathy, no, don't say that!"

The cat-girl narrowed her now-teary eyes. "Oh? And why not? Mr. Carrington sure thinks so!"

Veronica narrowed her eyes with a growl. "That man is nothing more than a boorish, stuck-up brat!"

Cathy's eyes widened at the sudden shout from her newly-revealed mother. Veronica breathed in and out a few times before letting out a deep sigh.

"Cathy, please don't take what that man seriously. He doesn't care for all at me. All he sees me as a symbol of two joined businesses." Veronica said softly.

"What... What do you mean?" The cat-girl asked.

Veronica let out a deep sigh. "The whole thing was an arranged marriage.

Cathy gaped at this. "You mean... You two never loved each other."

"Never." Veronica said in hatred. "He may act polite but his heart is made out of coal."

She then looking down at the ground.

"Now Felix... Some may say our meeting was an accidental one-night stand and in some cases, they're be right." Veronica said sadly. "But in that one night, he treated me with more respect than Arthur and my own father put together."

Cathy stared with tears running down her face. Everything was going so fast for her. Why she wasn't being treated right by Arthur, who her true parents were and what was really going on with the Carringtons?

Veronica saw this and scooted her way over to Cathy and wrapped her arms around her daughter taking her in a warm embrace. The cat-girl allowed herself to bury her mother's chest trying her not too sob out loud but with little success.

"Cathy, a lot of things had happened to be. Some good, some bad. But I had never regretted giving birth to you OR Devon." Veronica said softly. "Even though Arthur may see you as just a child who he just happened to live with, I don't see you like that. You are my daughter. And even though Devon doesn't know that you are his half-sister, he still treats you like a sibling..."

The cat-girl paused for a moment still burying her face in her chest. "M-Mother?"

Veronica's eyes immediately filled with tears of joy upon hearing this. "Yes, Cathy?"

"What is going to happen to me?" The cat-girl asked softly.

"Hm?" Veronica asked.

Cathy looked up. "Am I doomed to be seen as the black sheep of the family?"

Veronica paused staring into her daughter's sad eyes. She then sighed and rubbed her back gingerly. "I don't know, dear. I really wish I could give you a clear answer. I mean you of course have my and Devon's support..."

Cathy paused looking to the side. "Thanks, mom..."

Though deep down inside, she still felt upset. Even with the love from her mother and half-brother, everyone else would still look down at her seeing her the plague of the family. After all, she was the child born out of an affair and was staying there. All she could hope that things could get better from there.


Sparks flew as a pair of rapiers clashed against each other. They then went into a blurry fight struggling to gain ground on each other. The weapons belonged to two men wearing fencing uniforms. However, it seemed like the larger one had the upper hand.

Soon, the larger one thrusted his rapier forward sending his opponent onto his rear dropping his rapier. The taller one shook his head before taking off his mask to reveal Arthur.

"Honestly, son, that was just poor." Arthur sighed.

The smaller one took off his own mask to show Devon's face. "Sorry, father. I suppose that I was just preoccupied."

"Oh?" Arthur asked tapping the rapier against his shoulder. "Is there something on your mind?"

Devon paused for a moment. "Actually, yes. Father, I know this sounds ridiculous but I was thinking about what I want to do when I take over your business."

Arthur's eyes lit up at this. "Ah, that is not ridiculous in the slightest! In fact, I was thinking about taking over the business when I was your age!"

"Really?" Devon asked.

"Yes, of course. I didn't let that get into the way of other things." Arthur said crouching down. "Whatever you had in mind for the company seems to be really boggling your mind."

Devon looked to the side. "Well, yes, I am thinking of an idea and I want your opinion on it."

Arthur paused before letting out a hearty laugh. "Is that all? Ha! You don't have to be all shy to your own father, boy!"

Devon smiled at this and nodded. "Oh, thank you, father. I feel much more better now!"

Arthur returned the nod. "So what is it you want my opinion on son?"

However, the next sentence that came out of Devon's mouth made Arthur's smile vanished as he dropped his rapier.

"I want Cathy to help me run the business."
EA-LEC: A Weed In A Bed Of Roses
Here is my entry for :iconea-lec:'s Weekly Prompt. This week's theme: Still anything goes.

Here we see Cathy's homelife at the Carrington Mansion and her relationship with the Carringtons themselves.

XP goes to whoever has the lowest amount of XP.

Cathy, Veronica Carrington, Arthur Carrington and Devon Carrington belongs to me.

Exercitus Artifex aka League of Extraordinary Characters belongs to :iconea-lec:
"Thanks, Al!"

"No probs, bud!"

After serving a sole man at a table a drink with a grin. Al looked up at the clock. It was time for his shift to end. With his grin turning wider, he looked over at the nearest waiter or waitress at the time. It was Cathy.

"Yo, Cathy, I am off for the day!" Al called out.

The cat-girl raised her head with a smile. "K, have a good day-off!"

"I will!" Al grinned before making his way over to Nathan to hand his plate over to him to end his shift for the day.

"Um, Al?"

The black-scaled alligator raised an eyebrow before turning around. His cheery expression immediately faded when he saw a familiar grey-furred wolf standing in front of him nervously poking his fingers together.

"Oh, great, it is YOU." Al said with contempt.

"Um, hey, Al..." The wolf said sheepishly.

"What do you want, Fenrir?" Al asked not doing anything to hide the venom dripping in his voice.

The wolf winced at the cold reaction but was accepting. "Um, well, here is the thing."

He then bowed his head.

"I am sorry."

Al's eyes widened when he had heard those words coming out of Fenrir's mouth. A few other people turned their heads in surprise as well.

"W-What?" Al asked not believing his non-existent ears.

"That's right. I wanted to apologize for all of the verbal abuse I had gave you." Fenrir said still bowing his head. "I wanted to make it up to you."

Al blinked twice for a moment. He then narrowed his eyes. "Okay, who is she?"

Fenrir raised his head a bit. "Huh?"

"Who is the girl who want to get in bed with where you drag me along as a "wingman"?" Al challenged.

Fenrir's eyes widened before waving his hands in defence. "No one! No one! I am legitimately wanted to make it up to you."

Al let out a mirthless laugh. "That's a rib-tickler! Look, whatever you need me for, you have to go find some other person to do because I am NOBODY'S whipping boy!"

"But..." Fenrir started. However, Al had already gone and walked off not even casting him a second glance.

"Heh, good riddance."

"Yeah, it is clear that prick had some ulterior motive

Fenrir heard the insults and winced before hanging his head with his ears drooping. Cathy saw the whole thing and her ears dropped at well seeing the lupine's expression. She then turned to Al as he was passing her.

"Wow, jerky much?" Cathy asked crossing her arms.

Al turned to Cathy in disbelief. "What? You actually believe that guy?"

The cat-girl shook her head. "Al, I don't know what caused Fenrir to apologize but he seemed to be genuine in his actions."

The alligator stared at his fellow waiter as if she was crazy.

"You gotta be kidding, Cats." He said before jerking his thumb behind him. "Did he heard some of the crap he said to me?"

"I did but obviously he is trying to be the bigger man here." Cathy said narrowing her eyes. "Again, I don't know what his main reasons for wanting to change but he is willing to."

"Cathy, guys like that don't change overnight. You can't just alter your own unpleasant personality just like that." Al said before taking a snap of his fingers.

Without saying another word, he walked off. All Cathy did was narrow her eyes before turning around and going back to work but not before saying two words.

"You did."

Al's eyes widened at this before turning around. Cathy had gone back to serving the customers. He then paused in his spot for a moment pondering about the cat-girl's response. Turning his head, he saw Fenrir sulking off with his head. After a few seconds, he then let out a sigh of relief before rushing over after the teenager.

"Yo, Fenrir!" Al called out.

The gold-eyed man stopped in his tracks before turning around. "Hm?"

Al let out a deep sigh. "Tomorrow is my day off and I was thinking of going on a boat ride."

"Um, all right." Fenrir asked raising an eyebrow wondering what he was going with this.

"The entry fee isn't that much." Al said before looking to the side. "If you want, you could pay for a ticket and come along. Then, we would have the whole day to talk.

Fenrir's eyes widened shocked by Al's sudden change in attitude. Nonetheless, he gave a small smile and nodded his head.

"Yeah, that sounds like a great idea." Fenrir noted.

Al looked at the wolf and paused wondering if he was making a right choice. Sure, some people deserve a second chance but still he was sceptical of Fenrir coming along. He hoped that he wouldn't making a bad choice."


Fenrir couldn't be more happier to join Al on a boat ride. Then, he and Al wouldn't be interrupted by anyone else they knew and they could tried to make amends with each other on the relaxing waters.

Or so he thought.

Fenrir found himself wearing a large yellow raincoat with a matching rainhat as he ducked and weaved underneath flying fish and hooks on lines. He was on a fisherman's boat with the sides of the boat being full to the brim with fisherman constantly casting their rods out and pulling out lively fish.

In a major contrast to Fenrir, Al's outfit was more casual as he was wearing a sleeveless navy coat over a black shirt with blue jeans. While Fenrir was creeped out, Al was grinning from ear to ear enjoying the sea breeze.

"THIS is what you do on your days off!?" Fenrir asked in disbelief. "Play dodgeball with a bunch of flying fish!?"

"Hey, it was the only boat ride at the time." Al casually said shrugging his shoulders before narrowing his eyes. "You know, it is a good thing we are far from friends yet because I won't be struck by karma's lightning for lying that I am not your friend for wearing that ridiculous outfit."

Fenrir immediately growled at this. "Aw, shuddap! Unlike you, I don't want my fur skin to stink like fish all over!"

Al rolled his eyes. "I thought the point is this trip was to make amends with each other."

"That wasn't an insult, that is a fact!" Fenrir roared. "Don't believe me? I will happily tell anyone back at the Heroes' Hideout what I had been through and they would 100% agree with me."

"I believe you..." Al muttered. "Trust me, I believe you. Some of the waiters gave me death glares for a week for dragging them along."

Fenrir grunted in disgust before sitting against the ship while adjusting his hat and coat. Again, Al rolled his eyes before making his way over to Fenrir and sitting down next to him.

"So? Why did you do it?" Al asked.

Fenrir's eyes widened in disbelief. "Didn't I tell you? I hold great pride in my handsome persona!"

Al merely rolled his eyes.

"I meant why did you decided to apologize?"

Fenrir's eyes widened before hugging his knees tightly. The two then held an awkward silence despite the constant shouts of the fishermen and the fish flopping for water on the deck.

"...I had recently realized that not all men are bad." Fenrir explained.

Al raised an eyebrow. "Oh?"

"Yeah, you know, Misty and Erin?" Fenrir asked.

"Yeah, of course." Al nodded.

"Well, before coming to Elarthe, they used to live in a place called Silvermine." Fenrir explained. "It is a city run by a mob."

Al's eyes widened looking a bit surprised by this reveal but silently nodded his head.

"Well, Misty used to be a pit fighter battling for enough money to support her and her sister." Fenrir said. "Unfortunately for her, said skills had caught the attention of said mob's boss."

"So what happened?" Al asked not liking where this was going.

Fenrir looked down. "The Silvermine Mob kidnapped Erin and threatened that if Misty didn't enter their tournament, she would never see her again."

Al's eyes widened at this. "What!?"

"Yeah, I don't know what will happen if that happened to Remus..." Fenrir said softly through a wince. "In the clutches of a bunch of evil men..."

Al paused realizing where Fenrir was going with this. "Let me guess. They had been known by a man named Wild Fox."

Fenrir's eyes widened before turning to Al. "How did you know?"

"Well, Misty seemed to hold a lot of respect for Wild Fox." The alligator said before giving a smirk. "I wasn't there at the time but what Misty done to you was the talk of the tavern."

Fenrir physically winced at this still remembering being on the end of Misty's verbal assault for his own on Wild Fox.

"You caught it... It is after that where I had completely started to change my thinking about men..." Fenrir said looking down.

Al paused for a moment. "What made you hate men so much in the first place?"

Fenrir looked to the side. "I don't want to talk to you about it. At least not yet."

Al stayed silent before nodding his head.

"All right. I understand." He said. "Say, Fenrir, what are your dreams?"

The wolf turned his head towards Al in confusion. "Where did THAT come from?"

Al let out a deep sigh. "Well, believe it or not but I used to be a jaded guy who absolutely HATED being stuck in Belcazzar City."

Fenrir's eyes widened at this. While Al had a short fuse, he almost always seen with a wide, toothy grin.

"I just... Wanted to get away..." Al said sadly. "Get away from the norm... See something I couldn't understand. That is out of my reach..."

Fenrir raised an eyebrow wondering what Al was going with this.

"Then, I realized my love for the sea and how many different things that they would see." The waiter explained. "That was when I became a sailor."

"Well, that explains a lot..." Fenrir muttered underneath his breath so that Al wouldn't hear. However, the latter did heard it but weakly laughed it.

"Yeah, even being in the middle of a rain of flying fish seemed like heaven to me." Al chuckled. However, his smile then faltered. "However, I still had a short fuse and negative attitude towards people."

Fenrir's ears drooped. "Let me guess. It got you fired."

Al looked down in sadness. "Yeah... It ruined my life... I don't have anywhere else to go to Belcazzar so my bitterness had increased three times. I... can't remember the last time I had smiled after that incident."

"Al..." Fenrir said sadly.

The alligator shook his head. "If only I controlled my temper, I would still be a sailor..."

"Is THAT why you asked me what are my dreams are?" Fenrir asked.

"Yeah." Al said turning his head with a stern glare. "If you have a dream, don't let your negative emotions ruin it."

Fenrir paused before nodding his head. "I know, thank you, Al."

"No prob." The alligator said. "In fact, I should apologize for not giving you the benefit of the doubt."

Fenrir looked down at the fish-stained deck. "No, you have every right to be sceptical of me..."

"Well, if you need any help on how to change, just let me go." Al said holding out his hand. "I know how hard it is to change even though everyone even yourself wants to."

Fenrir paused for a moment staring down at the hand. After a few seconds, he gave a small smile before grabbing Al's hand.

"Thank you, Al, I really appreciate t..."

Suddenly, his eyes widened in shock.


It was then Fenrir shoved Al to the side knocking him away out of the way of a flying boot heading towards him. Unfortunately in rescuing Al, he didn't spared any time to save himself.


The boot fell right smack in the middle of Fenrir's forehead. Al's eyes widened as he watched the wolf fell backwards onto his back out cold with an unsightly bruise on him.

"Fenrir!" Al called out crawling forward and cradling the unconscious wolf in his arms.

"Sorry about that, boys!" A fisherman called out cupping his hand to his mouth.

Al turned towards the fisherman. "It's all right! It is the idiot who dropped the boot in the sea in the first place to blame!"

"Heard that!" Several fishermen agreed.

Al shook his head before looking at the unconscious Fenrir. He then let out a big sigh before giving a small smile.

"Well, that is one step to treating the male half with respect."
EA-LEC: Redemption In The Rain Of Fish
Here is my entry for :iconea-lec:'s Weekly Prompt. This week's theme. ANYTHING GOES! That's right! Up until the Halloween mission ends, we will be writing for anything we want! :D

Here we have a flashback of Fenrir when he was starting to change to attitude towards men and apologizing to most of the men he insulted. In this case, Al. Fenrir and Al have more with each other in common than they initially like to admit.

Alessandro (Al), Cathy and Fenrir belongs to me.

Exercitus Artifex aka the League of Extraordinary Characters belongs to :iconea-lec:
I had got tagged by redrojo17 Here are the rules.

1. List five opinions that you think are unpopular
2. Tag people.
3. Um... Eat something?

1. Am I the only one who don't see anything wrong with Hsu Hao from Mortal Kombat? Seriously, nearly every fan of the Mortal Kombat fanbase despises this guy with all of their heart. Why? I am genuinely asking. What is wrong with this guy? I mean I am not sayin that he is a GOOD character but seriously, this guy gets more hate than MEAT and DRAYMIN. How could you hate someone more than a guy who has no skin who takes the "bloody" combat trope too far even by Mortal Kombat standards. Really?

2. I am neutral on the Duck Hunt Dog's laugh. Seriously, I get it. Nobody likes to get laughed at. Especially when losing a game in a harsh game. But sheesh, I think some people take their hate from too much. His laugh isn't even that annoying.

3. I can't stand dubstep. Which is weird because I usually like most types of music depending on what it is. But... I just can't get into dubstep at all. It just sounds... Generic.

4. I am looking forward to the Shaq-Fu reboot. Yes, yes, yes, I know that there are a lot of much better games that deserve to be brought for a reboot. (Capcom, stop teasing us with cameos of Batsu and give us Rival Schools 3 already!) But at the same time, this is a chance for Shaq-Qu to lose its name as its status as one of the worst games in period. Not that they don't deserve the title but still, I am curious to see how they would do it.

5. I dislike "realistic" games. That is why I am mostly a fan of Nintendo products than the likes on the X-Box and the Playstation. Take your Gran Tursimo, I'll take Mario Kart. You can keep your Call of Duty, I will take StarFox thank you very much. Have your UFC, I just want... Well, ANY kind of fighting game. Not to say that I hate all realistic games but for the most part, they are a bore...

I will tag... No one. I am a rebel.
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I had got tagged by redrojo17 Here are the rules.

1. List five opinions that you think are unpopular
2. Tag people.
3. Um... Eat something?

1. Am I the only one who don't see anything wrong with Hsu Hao from Mortal Kombat? Seriously, nearly every fan of the Mortal Kombat fanbase despises this guy with all of their heart. Why? I am genuinely asking. What is wrong with this guy? I mean I am not sayin that he is a GOOD character but seriously, this guy gets more hate than MEAT and DRAYMIN. How could you hate someone more than a guy who has no skin who takes the "bloody" combat trope too far even by Mortal Kombat standards. Really?

2. I am neutral on the Duck Hunt Dog's laugh. Seriously, I get it. Nobody likes to get laughed at. Especially when losing a game in a harsh game. But sheesh, I think some people take their hate from too much. His laugh isn't even that annoying.

3. I can't stand dubstep. Which is weird because I usually like most types of music depending on what it is. But... I just can't get into dubstep at all. It just sounds... Generic.

4. I am looking forward to the Shaq-Fu reboot. Yes, yes, yes, I know that there are a lot of much better games that deserve to be brought for a reboot. (Capcom, stop teasing us with cameos of Batsu and give us Rival Schools 3 already!) But at the same time, this is a chance for Shaq-Qu to lose its name as its status as one of the worst games in period. Not that they don't deserve the title but still, I am curious to see how they would do it.

5. I dislike "realistic" games. That is why I am mostly a fan of Nintendo products than the likes on the X-Box and the Playstation. Take your Gran Tursimo, I'll take Mario Kart. You can keep your Call of Duty, I will take StarFox thank you very much. Have your UFC, I just want... Well, ANY kind of fighting game. Not to say that I hate all realistic games but for the most part, they are a bore...

I will tag... No one. I am a rebel.
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