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Survivor Xover Version 7: Day 1-3 Part 2
(Day 3; Jacamar Tribe)
Hector was making his way towards the treemail box to get the first Challenge letter of the season. He was about to grab it.
Then, an upside-down face had appeared out of nowhere.
“ACK!” Hector screamed before falling on his rear and scooting away.
It turned out to be Tybalt hanging upside-down from the tree.
“D-D-Don’t scare me like that!” Hector scolded. “I thought you was a Walker!”
“Um, I AM a walker!” Tybalt pointed out. “I walk nearly all the time!”
“T-T-That is not what I meant!” Hector insisted.
Tybalt then dropped himself from the tree and landed on his feet.
“But anyway, don’t you think we should talk more?” Tybalt asked.
“H-Huh?” Hector asked.
“I mean we are now allies now, aren’t we?” Tybalt pointed out.
Hector paused. “I-I-I suppose you are right.”
“So that makes us friends by defau
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Survivor Xover Version 7: Day 1-3 Part 1
(Jacamar Tribe)
The Jacamar tribe, led by Blaine had made their way towards the jungle.
Blaine then looked at the map. “Okay, everyone, I believe we are here.”
Everyone looked ahead the campsite they were at. They were on top of a grassy field with a large hill. The sound of rushing water, signaling that there was a river nearby.
“Ooh… Looks nice.” Tybalt said with sparkling eyes.
“Really? It doesn’t look that different from any other jungle.” Shirley noted.
“Oh, don’t be like that!” Tybalt scolded.
”Like I stated earlier, I am from… Gilligan’s Island. Ugh, I just don’t see why we can’t call it “the island” instead of encourage Gilligan’s ego.” Shirley said, rolling her eyes. ”But regardless, while I can’t say that it was grand, but that experience changed me. I had became not only adaptable to the harsh environment, but also the more
:icontinyhammer:Tinyhammer 4 10
Survivor Xover Version 7: Day 0
In the vast universe of outer space, there was a jungle planet mostly uninhabited. This would be the home of eighteen different contestants.
A dark-skinned man with black curly hair and glasses, clad completely in purple and blue smirked as he stood in the middle of a clearing with his hands behind his back.
“Hello, I am Tiny! On Deviantart, Tinyhammer! The man grinned. “I will be your host of Season 7 of Survivor Xover Version!”
He then walked down the dock.
“This is Wild Glide Galaxy. This is one of the many galaxies that Mario had explored on his second adventure in space.” He explained. “Though he didn’t expected explored this galaxy in through in comparison to other galaxies.”
He then smirked.
“However, eighteen people will be doing what even the great Mario couldn’t and spend 39 days in this with each other.” He said. “They must learn to adapt or they will be kicked out of the game.”
He then looked up t
:icontinyhammer:Tinyhammer 6 23
SurvivorXoverVersion7Title by Tinyhammer SurvivorXoverVersion7Title :icontinyhammer:Tinyhammer 4 5
One-Minute Melee: Discord VS Chaos
One-Minute Melee!
Where research means nothing when you just want to see two people fight!
Two fighters! Sixty seconds! No research!
(Equestria; Ponyville)

The colorful town of Ponyville. It was usually a peaceful place where people could live together, sing happy songs and, of course, be close friends with each other. However, things weren’t always this happy. Especially when there was some kind of strange incident that had attacked it.
Emphasis on strange in this case.
Twilight Sparkle couldn’t help, but look in pure horror. The entire town of Ponyville had literally turned topsy-turvy. The sky was a light pink and the building were in different colours with stripes and spots on them. The ground was actually Swiss Cheese and there were objects with different animals wings running around. Several ponies ran around in fear.
She, along with her friends, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Starlight Glimmer and Spike, looked around at wh
:icontinyhammer:Tinyhammer 6 8
One-Minute Melee: Meitenkun VS Juan
One-Minute Melee!
Where research means nothing when you just want to see two people fight!
Two fighters! Sixty seconds! No research!
(England; Ruins)

In the vast land of the United Kingdom, there were many ruins. Ruins that set back all of the way of the times of knights in shining armor. Some ruins had held mysterious secrets and stories behind them. And that was what three people were going to investigate.
While they were all different in terms of appearance, by their faces and outfits, they seemed to be Chinese. The first one was a vertically-challenged old man with a bald head and a grey beard while wearing a white Chinese martial art. The second one was a young man with short green hair with headphones and an outfit that made him look like a K-Pop male singer. The third one was another young man with white, messy hair and a blue Chinese outfit while holding a pillow and a sleepy look on his face.
The green-haired man had stepped forward and looked around the ruin
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One-Minute Melee: Nora Valkyrie VS Nana Kozuki
One-Minute Melee!
Where research means nothing when you just want to see two people fight!
Two fighters! Sixty seconds! No research!
(City of Mercy)

The City of Mercy. Despite its name, its actual appearance looked anything, but mercy. It was absolutely destroyed as if a massive nuke had struck this city. Because of that, there were nearly no people save for a bunch of monsters.
However, four unfortunate youths were wandering around the city while looking around.
“...Could somebody tell me how we managed to end up in this… This… hellhole?” Jaune Arc whined.
“I-I don’t know…” Ruby Rose frowned. “All I could remember was wandering around Mistral… And then… We saw this swirly portal and then BOOM.”
Lie Ren shook his head in disgust. “I don’t know what you guys were thinking when approaching that portal.”
Nora Valkyrie looked at Ren. “Ah, come on! It was a PORTAL. We can’
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One-Minute Melee: Lexaeus VS Mukai
One-Minute Melee!
Where research means nothing when you just want to see two people fight!
Two fighters! Sixty seconds! No research!
(Egypt; Desert)

It was nighttime in one of the many vast yet barren deserts of Egypt. What was normally was the inside of a microwave was as cold as if they were on the northern Hemisphere. Because of this, there was nobody about.
However, there was something in the middle of the desert. A crater. And inside of it was a purple powerful aura. At first, it seemed unnoticed by anyone, but one person had proven that wrong. A dark portal had appeared and a large, muscular figure wearing a black hooded cloak walked out of it. He took off his hood to reveal a stern man with brown hair.
Lexaeus mused as he rubbed his chin. “So this is one of the many energy spikes that the Superior had been picking up recently.”
He then crouched down to the crater and examined it. The Taciturn Stalwart had been tasked with coming to this world and in
:icontinyhammer:Tinyhammer 4 2
One-Minute Melee: Chaos VS The Liquidator
One-Minute Melee!
Where research means nothing when you just want to see people fight!
Two fighters! Sixty seconds! No research!
(Angel Island; Emerald Altar)

The world of Mobius was a peculiar place. It had a wide assortment of locations. They seemed to be your normal places like beaches and cities. But there was also casino-themed cities, eternal winter areas and a bunch of checked green hills.
One of said strange place was an island floating a good distance off of the ocean. It was doing this because of a large green gem called the Master Emerald. Not only did it had enough power to make an entire island float, but it had power beyond comprehension.
This powerful gem was guarded by a small red-furred echidna with dreads and white spiked gloves. Knuckles the Echidna stood in front of the Master Emerald with his arms crossed. As the guardian, it was up to him to protect it at all cost.
Needless to say though, a lot of people had wanted the emerald just like this late
:icontinyhammer:Tinyhammer 8 12
Survivor Xover Version 7 Sneak Peek
Normally, the sneak peeks of Survivor Xover Version always ended up inside of a building in the real world. However, this time, the winner of each season was inside of a library of a fancy spaceship.
Five of the six winners were sitting with each other. While this was going on, they were conversing with floating plump stars with black beady eyes.
“Oh my goodness! You have NO idea how honored we are that you six are on the Comet Observatory!” A star exclaimed.
Tigerlily smiled. “Aww… That is so sweet of you to say. However, I could say the same thing about being on this place. This is amazing!”
“So could you play us a tune?” A second star asked Kat
“Well, seeing that I am just a tambourine girl, I can’t do it on my own.” The cat shrugged. “However, if I had the rest of my band, I would gladly play for you.”
“Aw, come on, Kenny, please, please!” The third star pleaded.
“Again?” The psychic ask
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One-Minute Melee: Venom VS Slim Bankshot
One-Minute Melee!
Where research means nothing when you just want to see two people fight!
Two fighters! Sixty seconds! No research!
(Villa Vampir)

The gentlemanly vampire, Slayer hasn’t really had company at his villa. Not because he was unpopular or his villa had seemed better days, but because he was usually the one doing the visiting rather than the other way around.
However, he currently had three guests with him. Along with his faithful wife, Sharon, there was a black-clad man with long blond hair and for some reason, a blindfold, a yellow-clad woman with long blonde hair and a man with a monochrome attire with his chest exposed and white hair that covered his face.
“Okay, we are all here!” Slayer smiled. “Shall we begin?”
The black-clad man, Zato-1 nodded his head. “Indeed, we are to discuss that portal that had appeared in a couple of weeks ago.”
“It had apparently appeared out of nowhere and engulfed the Tuner.&
:icontinyhammer:Tinyhammer 7 7
Danganronpa Sanguine Sin Episode 1 Killer's FTEs
(Interview #1)
Ako crossed her arms. “Okay… So we are doing this? So what are you going to talk about?”
“Well, it could talk about anything from your life!” Akasuki beamed.
Ako paused. “...Before we do, can I at least ask you something first?”
“Hm?” Akasuki asked, raising an eyebrow.
“How are you holding up? With the Killing Game I mean?” Ako asked.
Akasuki paused. “Well… I can’t say I am going over it 100% swimmingly, but I know that I can’t just keep a gloomy face all of the time here.”
“Yes, well, you sure don’t feel like that after your first time.” Ako said, scratching the back of her head.
Akasuki’s face fell when she heard this.
“I mean nobody had come into the school store with sunshine and rainbows, but you looked the worst out of everyone.” Ako frowned. She then paused. “Well, besides Takeshi of course. And it only got worse when Jou
:icontinyhammer:Tinyhammer 1 5
One-Minute Melee: Neopolitan VS Edna
One-Minute Melee!
Where research means nothing when you just want to see two people fight!
Two fighters! Sixty seconds! No research!
(Rayfalke Spiritcrest)

In a vast world where magical elemental beings called Seraphim and monsters made out of people’s darkness called Hellion, there were also dragons. The product of what happened to Seraphim that had been tainted by said people’s darkness. They were considered to be some of the most dangerous monsters of all time.
In fact, there was one residing on a mountain. Regardless, that they didn’t stop a group of people making their way up said mountain. There were two particularly people in said group. The first one was a man with short red hair and wore a white suit with a black bowler hat while carrying a cane. The second one was a young teenaged girl with mismatched eyes, one half of her long brown hair and the other half light pink while carrying a graceful parasol.
They continued to make their way up as
:icontinyhammer:Tinyhammer 6 10
EA-LEC AU: For Want Of Revenge
The city of Belcazzar was a grand place to be in. There were multiple things for people to pass the time and enjoy themselves. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a complete happy city. Just like every other place, it had its good share of bad people.
Like gangsters. People who live for causing trouble for anyone who even looked at them funnily. Some were infamous for causing a lot of fights in the darker parts of Belcazzar causing a lot of people to be injured whether they were involved or not.
Two of said gangsters were hanging around in an alley. There weren’t doing anything at the moment except loitering around talking to each other. One of them was a human with dirty blonde hair while the other one was an anthro bat with fur as black as coal. The human impatiently paced back and forth with his hands in his pockets with that squatting on top of the lid of a garbage can while smoking a cigarette.
“Dude, stop pacing around! You are starting to get me dizzy!” The bat snap
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Danganronpa Sanguine Sin Episode 1 Victim's FTEs
(Interview #1)
“Okay, and we are rolling!” Akasuki said, enthusiastically.
“Man, I am pleasantly surprised that you had agreed to interview me!” Jou said, scratching the back of his head. “I thought for sure you would avoid doing any type of interactions with me period.”
Akasuki chuckled nervously. “I… I kinda want to forget that ever happen.”
Jou just smirked. “I sure you do.”
Akasuki shook her head. “Sooo… Let’s start with something basic. What do you need for a basic hunt.”
“Ah! I am glad that you asked!” Jou smiled, holding a finger. “Well, it depends on where you are hunting. If the area isn’t too dangerous, you just need a couple of traps, a knife and a bow and arrow.”
“H-Huh? Bow and arrow?” Akasuki asked, confused.
“It is easier to take a bow and arrow than a gun.” Jou said, looking to the side. “And by easier, you don
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One-Minute Melee: Boman Delgado VS Elias Patrick
One-Minute Melee!
Where research means nothing when you just want to see two people fight!
Two fighters! Sixty seconds! No research!
(Sunshine City, Old Church)

Three people had stood in front of a church. However, it definitely seemed better days as it looked like it had been there for a long time and haven’t been prepared in a while. Two of the people looked up with uncertainty.
They were all teenagers. The first one was a blonde, well-built young man. The second one was an energetic-looking girl with blonde hair with curls. The last one was a muscular, dark-skinned man with large hands and no hair save for a blonde mohawk.
The girl looked at the dark-skinned man. “Umm… Are you sure that we are in the first place, Boman?”
“That is what the address said, Tiffany.” The dark-skinned man shrugged.
The girl paused. “But… When I think churches, I think of more grander buildings…”
Boman shook his head. “A ho
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RT:Johto - The Johto Gauntlet - Pt.3
Yuri-Chan (FAIRY TYPE) - Togekiss, Granbull, Azumarill
Monty (WATER TYPE) - Quagsire, Poliwrath, Kingdra
Simun (FLYING TYPE) - Gyarados, Altaria, Crobat
=== Prism League Fourth Tier Chamber === (Monty and Logan continue their struggle against one another. The match is happening in a rainforest temple-like location. Logan and Monty are singing and dancing to a heavily instrumented song as their Pokemon duel furiously)
Monty: ♪♫ If you let me win this match, I’ll admit that you’re a catch! ♪♫
Logan: ♪♫ Tell me something I don’t know! Love you Mont, but’s time to go! ♪♫
Monty: ♪♫ … Da** it. I thought that’d woooooork. ♪♫
(Amoonguss and Kingdra continue to rage against one another. Logan and Monty’s song is just angering Kingdra. Amoonguss starts to look a little unnerved by the pure ferociousness of Kingdra)
=== Prism League Fourth Tier Chamber === (Ferrum and
:iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 10 30
RT:Johto - The Johto Gauntlet - Pt.2
Yuri-Chan (FAIRY TYPE) - Togekiss, Granbull, Azumarill
Monty (WATER TYPE) - Quagsire, Poliwrath, Kingdra
Simun (FLYING TYPE) - Gyarados, Altaria, Crobat
=== Prism League, Second Tier Chamber === (Yuri-Chan rushes into the next room. She pushes through the doors in the next tower up. She is moving upwards in the tower, taking the stairs to the next floor)
(This chamber is… completely normal and empty)
Yuri-Chan: … (scrunches her face) This is a little… basic.
????: I have NORMAL Type. What am I supposed to design? An oversized office cubicle? Honestly, ideas.
(Ruth walks forward into Yuri’s sightline. Ruth smirks and smiles at Yuri-Chan. Yuri-Chan beams a happy smile)
Yuri-Chan: Ruth! (Yuri-Chan pauses) … (spitballs ideas) You could have a farmland, since that’s where you’re from. Maybe design the battlefield like a school-house. Normal is often associated with introductory phases, which is a HUGE aspect of Eevee understanding that
:iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 11 9
RT:Johto - The Johto Gauntlet - Pt.1
=== Prism League, Exterior === (Far past the cliffs and caverns that loom over Cianwood City. Past the forests and along the massive brick pathway leading to the Prism League temple)
(The Prism League is designed like a traditional japanese castle. It’s constructed with a massive water moat with tall stone walls around for protection. Almost like evenly stacked blocks, the structure itself was pyramid-esque with slanted-triangle roofs on top. One massive tower in the center stretches to the sky. Four square towers around it encompass the battlefields of the Elite Four)
(The beautiful structure is glistening with a beautiful autumn color scheme, much like the trees around Ecruteak’s Bellchime Trail)
=== Prism League, Courtyard === (The theme of this league is abundantly clear. Tradition. No region encompasses tradition better than Johto. Like the Malie Garden of Alola, the courtyard is a massive stone walkway surrounded by immense amount of koi ponds and grassy trails around
:iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 9 10
[RTJJ] you can naruto run but you cant naruto hide by grimerie [RTJJ] you can naruto run but you cant naruto hide :icongrimerie:grimerie 10 11
RT:Johto - Welcome To Prism Valley - Pt.2
REGION TROTTERS: Johto Jeopardies - Episode 16
Boys - Logan (GRASS), Monty (WATER), Simun (FLYING)
Girls - Yuri-Chan (FAIRY)
=== Victory Road, Daunting Cliffs === (Outside the cave, the exit comes to a brief craggy ledge HIGH above the throes of Victory Road. This ledge overlooks a long DROP. One that even the distant water below would be incapable of cushioning a fall)
(Rise skids to the ledge. She catches her balance, saving herself from tumbling down to her doom)
(Rise is huffing, wheezing. She’s looking frantically around. She whistles loudly. She summons more Unown… )
(Not many appear. Only TWO. An “E” and an “R”. They float to her side. Rise reaches out and grabs them, hugging the two to her chest)
Rise: Where’s? “S”!? And did you find an eye!?
(Rise turns around slowly. Monty is there. She’s cornered. The cliff and Monty. Monty, before anything else, immediately notices the cliff)
Monty: Look, Rise! I’m taking y
:iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 9 40
RT:Johto - Welcome To Prism Valley - Pt.1
REGION TROTTERS: Johto Jeopardies - Episode 16
Boys - Logan (GRASS), Monty (WATER), Simun (FLYING)
Girls - Yuri-Chan (FAIRY)
Samson was eliminated by Simun.
Rise, the season’s fire type trainer, attempted to hypnotize and control Ho-Oh, and failed. She is still on the run.
Logan threw away his pop star career and is now entirely focusing on winning the game.
Monty's revealed a lot of dark subjects of his past, including his parents...
=== Cianwood City === (Cianwood City. This place is a beachside town with a well known pharmacy, and a variety of other landmarks. It’s on the edge of the Whirl Islands and is connected to the looming cliffs of the western-most area of Johto)
(A girl washes up on shore. She exits the water, soaked and flustered. She has a few black shapes hovering around her. As she walks into the light, it’s revealed that we know her… )
(Rise. She gazes upward at the cliffs of Victory Road… )
(The Next Day)
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SCH8: Cast Release 1 by SSBFreak SCH8: Cast Release 1 :iconssbfreak:SSBFreak 5 17
Hey everyone! So my birthday's on November 25th and to do something special, here's a raffle??

FIVE WINNERS! I'll make another journal announcing who won. If you won first, list your top prize, if you won second, list your top two, and so on. EDIT: To clarify, everyone wins one prize. Each of the prizes will be awarded once. First place can choose their top prize, second place chooses their top two. If one of second place's prizes is the prize that first place chose, then they'll receive their second choice, and so on. Sorry for the confusion!

A) Painted-shaded icon with simple background (500x500p)

B) Traditionally-drawn image, full shading and colors with Copic (one character, up to full body with no background - either pen sketch or pe
:iconpkrs-arts:PKRS-arts 19 52
RT:Johto - Following The Fallen - Pt.2
REGION TROTTERS Johto Jeopardies - Episode 15
Boys - Logan (GRASS), Monty (WATER), Samson (DARK), Simun (FLYING)
Girls - Yuri-Chan (FAIRY)
=== Cianwood City, Beachside === (Cianwood City. A beachside medicine town with massive cliffs overlooking the seas. To the west is a treacherous scaling rock wall with towering trees up top. Simun, Logan, Yuri-Chan, Monty and Samson are all sitting on the beach together. They’re doing their own activities)
(Monty is out swimming in the water in his swimsuit. Quagsire and Poliwrath are swimming circles around him. Monty tackles them due to not being as fast as they are. Kingdra is rolling its eyes a good distance away. Kingdra prepares to fire a powerful water attack at Monty. But a “tsk tsk” from the shore makes him stop)
(Yuri-Chan is meditating. She has one eye opened, watching Kingdra. Kingdra shyly stops. Azumarill, Togetic and Granbull are all napping around her)
(Simun is building a sandcastle. It’s a tiny average on
:iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 8 16
RT:Johto - Following The Fallen - Pt.1
REGION TROTTERS Johto Jeopardies - Episode 15
Boys - Logan (GRASS), Monty (WATER), Samson (DARK), Simun (FLYING)
Girls - Yuri-Chan (FAIRY)
Ferrum and Yvonne were eliminated in a sudden death duel by Monty and Samson
Carl hasn’t been showing up to his own aftershow. Angie being annoyed has ensued.
Logan and Simun won the challenge at the Dragon’s Den.
Rise is still at large.
=== Route 48, Johto === (Johto’s far edge, the cliffs. Beyond Cianwood there are gorges filled with rushing water and cascading waterfalls. Pidgeottos, Fearows, Skiplooms and Dodrio’s rush around the landscape and soar in the air… except the Doduo’s that fight each other)
(Upon the elevated area high above all this, there’s a massive wooden bridge leading to a gorgeous green field surrounded by trees… The Cliff Zone Gate)
=== Cliff Zone Gate === (On the far reaches of Johto, in the great cliffs beyond Cianwood City, the quaint beach town, there li
:iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 8 17
Who is Reynard Boulder? by ThatoneMudkip Who is Reynard Boulder? :iconthatonemudkip:ThatoneMudkip 6 30
RT:Johto - Out Of Frying Pan, Into The Den - Pt.2
REGION TROTTERS Johto Jeopardies - Episode 14
Boys - Logan (GRASS), Monty (WATER), Samson (DARK), Simun (FLYING)
Girls - Ferrum (STEEL), Keira (GHOST), Yuri-Chan (FAIRY)
=== Dragon’s Den === (The inside of the mountain is empty and filled with rampaging water. A lake inside of the mountain. Massive whirlpools rage across the lake. There’s even a few shipwrecks within the mountain. The only light are the occasional torches attached to the rocky walls, and even a few of them have been splashed out by the massive reach of the waves)
(At the far end of the Dragon’s Den, deeper and deeper into the depths… there’s a stable house elevated above the water by incredibly sturdy beams of wood. The waves crashes against them, barely reached up to touch the traditional temple it protects)
(Simun and Logan are rushing here. They’re done trying to figure this out. They’re trying to desperately swim to the boathouse in the center. The boat is getting lower a
:iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 9 21
RT:Johto - Out Of Frying Pan, Into The Den - Pt.1
REGION TROTTERS Johto Jeopardies - Episode 14
Boys - Logan (GRASS), Monty (WATER), Samson (DARK), Simun (FLYING)
Girls - Ferrum (STEEL), Keira (GHOST), Yuri-Chan (FAIRY)
Vecepia was sent home in a sudden death duel by Ferrum.
Rise was the hidden mastermind controlling people with the Unown swarm all along.
The cast got to witness the majesty of Ho-Oh herself.
Keira, all along, was Yvonne, Ferrum’s friend from back at her academy. Yvonne had been under Rise’s control for a year, and is now recovering from the hypnosis.
Grammar matters.
=== Blackthorn City === (Blackthorn City is an elevated small town atop of a mountain. It’s very barren and pushed together by other mountains around it. Birds sail overhead, flocking to and fro. It’s currently nighttime)
=== Nighttime Hillside, Blackthorn City === (On the far edges of Blackthorn City, Ferrum and Yvonne are talking on top of a large rock formation)
(Ferrum is looking at Yvonne as she sits atop t
:iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 9 10
Delta Airlines (RTJJ)
i spent three days on this.
Simun owned by XNimus 
Marta owned by The-Sarcasm-Master 
Logan owned by TentaCoolDude17 
Ruth owned by Jimentone 
Francis owned by ThatoneMudkip 
Yuri-chan owned by Tinyhammer
Seymour owned by SHSL-Screwup 
Thanks for watching!
:iconpkrs-arts:PKRS-arts 9 20
RT:Johto - Look Up - Pt2
REGION TROTTERS: Johto Jeopardies - Episode 13
Boys - Logan (GRASS), Monty (WATER), Samson (DARK), Simun (FLYING)
Girls - Ferrum (STEEL), Keira (GHOST), Vecepia (FIGHTING), Yuri-Chan (FAIRY)
=== Bell Tower First Floor === (The first floor of the grand Bell Tower. The tower has visibly been shaken from the sheer power of the ceiling collapsing and the amount of activity on the inside)
(Monty rushes down the intact staircase with Samson whilst holding Ferrum gently in his arms. He gently places Ferrum onto the ground. Monty sits down next to her, making sure she’s okay. Ferrum continues to mumble and lazily turn her head every couple of seconds. She’s okay)
(Samson hasn’t stopped running though. He’s heading for the exit)
Monty: SAMSON! WAIT! Stay here!!!
Samson: (turns to Monty worriedly) W-what?! Will the Unown come back!? Has the weather gotten worse out there?! Is everything on fire?!
Monty: No, I’ll just get lonely if you leave!
Samson: … Oh!
:iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 13 50
RT:Johto - Look Up - Pt1
REGION TROTTERS: Johto Jeopardies - Episode 13
Boys - Logan (GRASS), Monty (WATER), Samson (DARK), Simun (FLYING)
Girls - Ferrum (STEEL), Keira (GHOST), Vecepia (FIGHTING), Yuri-Chan (FAIRY)
Marta, the Psychic Trainer, was sent home by a medivac. A bomb blew up and she sacrificed herself to get rid of it. She’s fine.
Seymour’s gang was released from their hypnosis from the Unown.
Seymour went with Marta to the hospital to escape the police.
Keira claimed to be the mastermind… but Ferrum didn’t believe it. Keira also claimed she wasn’t “Keira” before she passed out.
The Unown are currently swarming Ecruteak Bell Tower. The entire string of events at the Ruins Of Alph was just a distraction.
=== Route 34, Outside Ruins Of Alph === (This route is to the east of the grand Ruins Of Alph, a magnificent maze atop a stone labyrinth. After the events of the last episode, the cast is recovering from a big explosion that occurred and s
:iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 14 9


(Day 3; Jacamar Tribe)

Hector was making his way towards the treemail box to get the first Challenge letter of the season. He was about to grab it.

Then, an upside-down face had appeared out of nowhere.


“ACK!” Hector screamed before falling on his rear and scooting away.

It turned out to be Tybalt hanging upside-down from the tree.

“D-D-Don’t scare me like that!” Hector scolded. “I thought you was a Walker!”

“Um, I AM a walker!” Tybalt pointed out. “I walk nearly all the time!”

“T-T-That is not what I meant!” Hector insisted.

Tybalt then dropped himself from the tree and landed on his feet.

“But anyway, don’t you think we should talk more?” Tybalt asked.

“H-Huh?” Hector asked.

“I mean we are now allies now, aren’t we?” Tybalt pointed out.

Hector paused. “I-I-I suppose you are right.”

“So that makes us friends by default, right?” Tybalt asked with a big grin.

”I came into this game, wanting to make friends with everyone! So far, I am doing good with getting into a five-person alliance without even trying!” Tybalt grinned. ”Now I just have to work on getting to my allies. I will start with Hector because he seemed to be the most distant!”

“So remember my questions asked you when we first met?” The cat-like man asked.

“Um, n-n-not really.” Hector said. “You said them so suddenly and quickly.”

“Well, you should answer them.” Tybalt pointed out.

“P-P-Perhaps, but we should get our own treemail letter now.” Hector said.

“Oh, you mean this?” Tybalt asked, holding up a letter.

Hector jumped. “You had this entire time!”

“Yeah, I was about to show it to the others before you came in.” Tybalt said. “Butttt seeing that we had wasted enough time, I guess we should go to the Challenge now.”

With that, he ran past Hector who just looked stunned.

”T-T-Tybalt is right. We should socialise with each other e-e-especially when the rest of our alliance is more than a little c-c-confrontational.” Hector explained. ”But Tybalt… I-I-I don’t know about him…”

The blonde man followed Tybalt back to the camp.

“Guys, we have treemail!” The dark-haired man announced, pumping his letter in the air.

Everyone then gathered around looking excited.

“Hoo boy! I am psyched for this!” Pauline said, slapping her hands together.

“I sure hope you are!” Brant smiled before looking at Blaine. “Everyone is already fired up.”

“Indeed.” Blaine nodded, crossing his arms.

“Then, let’s put our fire to good use and dominate the Challenge!” Calibri announced, pumping her fist in the air.

“YEAH!” Brant, Tybalt, Pauline and Filantropi cheered.

”I am so excited for this Challenge! Being the leader at camp is one thing, but being the leader at the Challenges means is how I will truly lead my tribe to victory!” Calibri said, clenching her fist. ”It is time to put my skills to the test and make my tribe AND the Royal Guard proud!”

(Kiskadee Tribe)

Leo was making his way towards the treemail box. Then, Vardon had made his way towards the lion.

“Um, bonjour?” Vardon asked.

Leo raised an eyebrow before looking down.

“Um, pardon me, I don’t think you noticed, but not a lot of people had talked to us.” Vardon explained.

”Oh dear… I knew that this was going to happen, but already people are talking to a certain group much more than others. I among said others is me…” Vardon lamented. ”Because of that, I have to make due with whoever was left. Unfortunately said person is the complete opposite as to why they are being isolated.”

Leo paused before looking away. “I don’t really mind.”

“W-Well, you SHOULD mind!” Vardon scolded, standing on straight. “From what I had seen thus far, we are the only ones who haven’t been talked to! You know what that means?”

Leo then looked down and raised an eyebrow. “We are on the outs.”

“That’s right!” Vardon nodded. “We have to stick together and look out for each other!”

Leo paused. “No.”

Vardon’s eyes widened at this. “N-No?”

Leo looked down at Vardon. “I think that this is that obvious, but I do not socialise with people.”

“Y-Yes, but…” The piggy bank started.

“And give me one reason OTHER than the fact that we are outsiders why I should ally with you.” Leo pointed out.

“Because we are all we got!” Vardon insisted.

“I do not mind being a lone lion.” Leo shrugged.

Vardon narrowed his eyes, getting frustrated. “Maybe YOU do, but I don’t!”

“If you ARE worried, then see if you get yourself in a position as swing vote.” Leo said before walking over to the treemail box.

“But the one thing that all groups may have is that they would want to target ME first!” Vardon exclaimed.

“Anddddd thank you for showing your true colors.” Leo said, taking out a letter.

“H-Huh?” Vardon asked.

“You said that they would target YOU, not us.” Leo pointed out.

Vardon visibly winced.

”Yeah, I initially was merely being skeptical, but Vardon’s outburst had shown that he wanted someone strong to act as the swing vote and give him power.” Leo mused. ”Not that is a bad thing in MY opinion, but it is if that chump is going to be ME.”

“Y-Yes, I suppose that I WAS mostly being selfish.”Vardon frowned. “But while I would be the first one to be targeted, there is no denying that YOU would be next!”

“We’ll see.” Leo said, walking past Vardon. “In the meantime, focus on the Challenge.”

Vardon looked visibly angry, but said nothing and followed Leo on all fours. The two then arrived at the camp.

“Hey, we got treemail.” Leo said.

Everyone quickly gathered around, looking excited.

“Oh, goody, first Challenge of the season!” Xedilan grinned, rubbing his hands together.

“What does it, like, say?” Carrie asked, excitedly.

Leo read the letter. “It reads “Are you aware of this level which this locations is based on?”

Everyone looked at each other.

“Once again, Tiny never ends with the vague descriptions, does he?” Edward frowned.

“To be fair, I think it is only vague for people who is unaware of the Wild Glide Galaxy level.” Christina mused, rubbing her chin.

“So we would be actually playing like a Mario level!” Estelle perked up.

“Hey, I think I may do great in this Challenge!” Khall challenged. “I think I could hit blocks with my head all day!”

“Yes, well…” Christina started. She then paused. “Nah, it is too easy.”

”I am very excited to do this Challenge. Not only would I do tasks I would never dream of doing before, but I would live more about the node I am residing in.” Isolde explained. ”Like apparently that there are multi-coloured bits that are from the very stars! I mean I knew that they were beautiful, but I didn’t thought there were in different colours!”

(Immunity Challenge)

Both tribes had walked onto their respective mats, looking determined.

“Hello, Survivors, are you ready for your first Challenge?” Tiny asked. “Good, now take a look!”

Everyone looked ahead and their eyes’ widened. It was seemed like two large obstacle course. They both had a bunch of large blocks, a puzzle involves much smalls blocks and a pillar with three buttons.

However, it was what it was all connected to a large cage with three locks on it and inside of said cage was a large multicoloured bird.

“You will all split up into groups. Three of you will each push a large, heavy block into a slot. Once all of three people had put blocks into the slot, it would unlock a lock on the cage. Next, three people were run towards a pillar with three people on it and they have to push one button each to unlock the second lock. Two people would work together on a puzzle. Once they had completed it, the third lock will unlock and released the cage which had the Fluzzard. The final person will run that Fluzzard towards a high platform.”

“W-W-What!?” Hector exclaimed.

“I-Is that even safe?” Vardon pointed out.

“Don’t worry, these Fluzzards are specifically trained.” Tiny reassured. “Now let’s see who will be going in who.”


It took a bit of time, but soon everyone had decided on their roles. For Jacamar, Blaine, Calibri and Wendy would be the block-pushers, Brant, Pauline and Tybalt were the runners, Shirley and Hector were the puzzle-solvers and Filantropi would be the Fluzzard pilot. For Kiskedee, Leo, Xedilan and Carrie were the block-pushers, Edward, Christina and Khall were the runners, Isolde and Estelle were the puzzle-solvers and Vardon was the Fluzzard rider.

“Alright, for Immunity!” Tiny announced. “Survivors, ready! Go!”

The three block-pushers had rushed towards their respective blocks. Immediately, they had started pushing them. They quickly realized the heavy weight of them. Thus far, they seemed to be even.

“Man, these things weights a lot!” Carrie muttered.

“It should.” Leo retorted.

“Guys, stay on it!” Calibri yelled. “We got this!”

“Got it.” Blaine nodded.

“Guys, put your entire back into it!” Christina shouted, cupping her hands to her mouth.

“Come on! Aren’t you the muscle of this tribe!?” Shirley roared.

Soon, both trios had made their way towards the slots. Soon, Leo had pushed into the slot first.

“Okay, done.” Leo said.

“Leave it to us!” Xedilain smirked.

Soon, everyone had made their way blocks inside of the blocks. This resulted in both trios pushing their blocks into their slots at nearly the same time. This resulted in both locks on their respective cages to unlock and allowing the running trios to go.

Pauline was noticeably leading the pack.

“Hoo boy, hold on, Pauline!” Tybalt called out. “You are making the rest of us look bad!”

Pauline just smirked. “Not my fault you are a bunch of slowpokes!”

Meanwhile, Christina growled. “Damn it! That wombat brat is leaving us in the dust!”

“Let her!” Edward scolded. “We don’t have to win the foot race! We just have to make sure that we are at least even with the last-place runner of Jacamer!”

“Ninja down!”

Edward and Christina’s eyes bugged out before turning their heads to see Khall on his face and having leg spasms.

“KHALL!” Christina gasped. “What the hell are you doing!?”

The ninja then got up to his feet. “Recoiling from tripping!”

Edward blinked twice in disbelief. “What kind of ninja trips over their own feet!?”

“My kind, apparently.” Khall said, simply.

“Just get up and hurry up!” Christina scolded.

However, Brant and Tybalt had finally reached their respective buttons.

“Wow, if it wasn’t for that sad excuse for a ninja, I would call you two out for sucking.” Pauline muttered, already long pushing her buttons. “Yo, nerd duo! It is your turn!”

“You must be an ace in school…” Shirley muttered as she and Hector started to work on their puzzle.

“F-F-Forget her, we need to focus.” Hector reassured.

Meanwhile, Edward, Christina and Khall had made their way over to their buttons and pushed them.

“Made it!” Khall beamed.

“And to think that we could had been quicker, but you didn’t tripped! TWICE!” Christina muttered. She then looked at the others. “Girls, now!”

Isolde and Estelle nodded before they started to get to work on their puzzle. Unfortunately, Shirley and Hector already had a headstart with their puzzle.

“You are being surprisingly calm while doing this.” Shirley noted.

“Same for you.” Hector said.

Kiskedee looked in dismay as Shirley and Hector had slowly released their puzzle. This had caused the third lock to unlock, releasing the cage.

“Okay, Filantropi, NOW!” Shirley shouted.

The ostrich gulped nervously. “Um, okay… I mean there is a reason why I am doing this and not staining my feathers with sweat.”

With that, she had started to climb the steps towards the Fluzzard.

“Well, we lost THIS Challenge…” Edward muttered.

“Well, we tried our best.” Khall shrugged.

Christina glared at Khall. “If THAT is your best…”

Before she could finish her sentence, everyone suddenly yelled in surprise. She turned her face to see Filantropi falling down the stairs, leading to the Fluzzard.

“Filantropi!” Brant gasped.

“A-A-Are you alright?” Hector exclaimed.

“I-I think so. Somehow, my fragile bones DIDN’T break.” Filantropi said.

Christina then quickly looked at Isolde and Estelle. “Girls, now!”

“O-Okay!” Estelle exclaimed before finishing off the puzzle.

“Okay, Vardon, NOW!” Isolde yelled.

The piggy bank nodded before making his way up the steps.

“Filantropi, get off your rear and get it in high gear!” Shirley shouted.

“Alright, you don’t have to shout at me!” The ostrich scolded.

With that, she had began to climb up the steps. Everyone cheered on their respective ally.

“Come on, Vardon!” Carrie cheered.

“You can do it, Filantropi!” Brant encouraged.

The two biggest liabilities had attempted to climb up the stairs to their respective Fluzzard.

Then, someone stumbled and fell down. Their respective tribe looked in defeat as the other person had quickly climbed up and went onto their Fluzzard. The large bird let out a loud cry before flying towards the winning platform before touching down.

“Vardon and his Fluzzard made it across!” Tiny shouted. “KISKADEE WINS IMMUNITY!”

The Kiskadee tribe cheered as Vardon let out a sigh of relief. Meanwhile, everyone from Jacamar looked defeated before looking at Filantropi with negative reactions.


“Congratulations, Kiskadee! You had won Immunity guaranteeing a few more days in this game!” Tiny said. He then looked at Jacamar. “As for you, Jacamar, I have nothing for you, but a date at Tribal Council where one of you WILL be voted out of this game. You may head back to camp.”</i>

(Jacamar Tribe)

”Well, that was a letdown… Even with my attempts to lead and everyone’s high spirits, we had lost the first Challenge of the season and now we have to vote off one of our own.” Calibri lamented. She then slapped her cheeks. ”N-No! This is no time to be discouraged! Not this early! We just have to get this Tribal Council over with and more on!”

Everyone, but Filantropi had gathered around in a circle.

“I fail to see how it could be ANYONE, but Filantropi tonight.” Blaine said, crossing his arms.

“Agreed. She had the easiest task of the Challenge and she messed it up.” Wendy said, shaking her head in disgust.

“It WAS more than a pathetic way to lose.” Shirley mused.

“That is settled! We are targeting Filantropi!” Calibri said, clapping her hands together. “Okay, this strategy session is dismissed.”

Pauline stared at Calibri in disbelief. “THIS was a strategy session?”

”My personal mission is to get rid of the weak. But I honestly can’t think of targeting anyone of them over Filantropi.” Blaine said in disgust. ”She is weak. She is lazy. She is clumsy. And it is not even like she is unaware of those flaws! Why in the world did she come on this show if she knew that she would be targeted on Day 1!?”

After the “strategy” meeting, the “weaker” half of the tribe had made their way towards the shelter where Filantropi was sitting.

“So how are things going to go tonight?” Filantropi asked.

“Well, there should be five for Blaine and four for you.” Shirley explained.

Filantropi rolled her eyes. “I wish I could be upset, but knowing that monster of a man, I am not surprised.”

Pauline narrowed her good eye. “You make it sound like he is targeting you for no good reason.”

“Well, whatever. Let him cast his votes against me.” Filantropi pointed out. “Clearly doesn’t affect ME!”

“Um, a-a-actually, it kinda does.” Hector corrected. “T-T-There is that new tiebreaker rule invoked from last season, remember?”

Pauline looked up at Hector in surprise. “You mean the tiebreaker rule about having the most votes against you?”

The blonde man nodded his head. Pauline paused.

“Well, whatever. Let them vote for me!” Filantropi said, holding up her arms. “I will gladly take a few votes if it means saving it from Blaine’s dictatorship.”

“I understand that Blaine’s views shouldn’t be condoned…” Tybalt said before looking exasperated. “But don’t you think you are overreacting?”

”Tonight shall be the night! We will free this tribe from the chains of oppressions and begin anew with a more lenient tribe!” Filantropi said, determined. ”No more will be suffer under demon kings who had brainwashed innocent people to be his slaves!”

Shirley, Hector, Pauline and Tybalt then left Filantropi.

“Well, this should be a straightforward vote tonight.” Shirley mused.

“Y-Y-You never know.” Hector mused. “There m-m-may a blindside!”

“What?” Tybalt asked before laughing and slapping Hector’s back. “Now YOU are the one who is overreacting? Blaine’s alliance is voting for Filantropi and we are voting for Blaine.”

“I am voting for Filantropi.” Pauline piped up.

“See? I…” Tybalt started before he paused. “Huh?”

“Come again?” Shirley asked, looking down at Pauline.

“You heard me. I am flipping and taking out Filantropi.” Pauline said, matter-of-factly.

“B-B-But WHY?” Hector exclaimed.

Pauline gave an annoyed look. “Are you kidding me!? That fancy pillow had completely destroyed our lead and cost us the Challenge in the most humiliating way possible!”

”Like I said, I play to win! So why in the world would I align with someone who is tied with Hector for being the definition of a loser?” Pauline challenged. ”I need to be with people who could at least TRY to get on my level!”

“Look, I understand Filantropi’s poor Challenge attempt couldn’t be looked over.” Shirley frowned. “However, if we give Blaine an inch, he may go a mile!”

“No, he won’t.” Pauline pointed out. “Hector had just pointed it out.”

The blonde man’s eyes widened at this. “T-T-The new tiebreaker rule?”

“That’s right. All Blaine needs is to get ONE vote and he will automatically lose the tiebreaker the next time we go to Tribal.” Pauline pointed out.

“B-B-But if we backstab Filantropi, we would look like liars!” Hector pointed out.

“Um, no, YOU would look like liars!” Pauline challenged. “I on the other hand had never stated that I would join you guys!”

“Yeah, she is right.” Tybalt pointed out. “She had never said she WOULD join us.”

Shirley glared at Tybalt. “For someone who wants to make friends, you sure have a funny way of backing them up.”

“Look, what is the big deal? Blaine is dead as dinner the next time we go to Tribal Council.” Pauline pointed out. “We don’t NEED Filantropi.”

Shirley paused while rubbing her chin.

”I must admit that Pauline’s logic makes sense. I mean if what she said about this new tiebreaker rule is true, then we don’t need Filantropi’s vote to take Blaine down.” Shirley pointed out. ”However, I had just said without hesitation, I would align with Filantropi. Now I have no qualms with getting rid of her personally, but I do that, I will look like a hypocrite on my talk about adaptability.”

(Tribal Council)

The Jacamar tribe had made their way to a wooden guard tower with a straw roof over it. Tiny was waiting.

“Welcome, Survivors!” Tiny smiled. “Everyone, take a torch.”

They nodded their heads before taking a torch each and lighting it in the fire.

“Remember, fire represents life. When your fire goes out, so does you.” Tiny said.

Everyone then placed down their torches and sat down.

“So, Tybalt, how is your new tribe?” Tiny asked.

“Oh, it is AWESOME!” The cat-like man said with sparkling eyes. “I mean we are in an actual MARIO level and we get to spend time with a lot of people from different nodes!”

“Glad to hear it!” Tiny grinned. “So Calibri, have you guys decided on a leader?”

The skeleton perked up by this. “Why, yes, they did! Me!”

Tiny jumped at this. “Wait, you mean they had accepted you as a leader?”

Most of the tribe paused.

“Um, not that I don’t agree with his shock, but is he allowed to have a biased reaction like that?” Shirley asked.

“S-S-Still better than his green-haired friend.” Hector shrugged.

“Well, yes!” Calibri beamed, completely oblivious to Tiny’s reaction. “Everyone had accepted me as their leader and I am grateful for their cooperation!”

“Blaine, what are your thoughts on this?” Tiny asked.

“Well, Calibri is part of the Royal Guard. And when you are tasked with protecting the king of an entire kingdom, nay, the entire population of monsters, you can’t just let anyone in.” The red-haired man explained. “I genuinely believe that Calibri deserves at least the benefit of the doubt.”

Tybalt and Brant both nodded their heads. However, everyone else had unsure faces. Everyone paused.

“So Filantropi, is everyone getting along?” Tiny asked.

“Well, we are for the most part.” The ostrich said. “However, we had this… Vicious attack on the FIRST day…”

Blaine and Shirley rolled their eyes.

“Blaine, what are your thoughts on this?” Tiny asked.

“She is overreacting. We only chided her for not wanting to do any work.” The spy muttered.

“The both of you threatening to PLUCK me!” Filantropi scolded.

“Only because you were being obnoxious!” Shirley scolded.

“What!?” Filantropi gasped.

“Yes, I had to live on a deserted island for a good while!” Shirley scolded.

“But that is the thing. I did NOT live on a deserted island. I did NOT live in a harsh desert city.” Filantropi pointed out. “I am from Animal Crossing for heaven’s sake. The closest thing we have to a villain is Tom Nook! And even then, he mellowed out over time!”

“Brant, Tybalt and Pauline are from light-hearted nodes and yet THEY worked.” Blaine scolded.

“Well, even if I did, I strongly doubt that I would be any help.” Filantropi shrugged. “I mean you saw me during the Challenge, despite my elegant way of talking, I am unfortunately less than graceful in my movement…”

Blaine gritted his teeth. “Then why… Did you came… On the show?”

Filantropi narrowed her eyes. “First off, how DARE you talk to me in that tone as if I am an idiot!? Second off, I already told you, I came here to become a celebrity!”

“Hoo boy…” Tiny muttered. “Shirley, how is this vote is going to go?”

“Well, hopefully, it would cause our tribe to be more unified.” The island survivor mused.

“Alright, it is time to vote.” Tiny said. “Hector, you are up.”

The blonde man nodded his head before slowly making his way towards the voting table while looking around frantically, as if scanning for walkers.

Brant had made his way over, feeling bad about having to vote somebody out. However, he just have to deal with it.

Tybalt bounced his way over to the table with a carefree look on his face, as if oblivious to what was going on.

Shirley frowned as she walked over to the table. However, she narrowed her eyes before taking the pen. “You have no one to blame, but yourself.”

Filantropi snobbily put her big beak in the air before elegant making her way towards the stepladder. “I have no sympathy for dictators who are determined to start chaos on Day 1.” She said, voting for Blaine.

Blaine narrowed his eyes in determination before making his way towards the table and snatching the pen. “You… Are the living definition of liability.” He said, voting for Filantropi.

Calibri breathed in and out before walking over. She must accept this harsh choice of a leader to cut people loose.

Pauline gave a cruel smirk before dashing over to the table and bounded by the stepladder, not hesitating to cast her vote.

Wendy calmly made her way over to table, as expected from a samurai. She then wrote down a name and wasted no time returning.

When she had sat down, Tiny got up.

“I’ll get the votes.”

No one looked nervous about the vote because they all felt it would go their way.

“I’ll read them out.”

“First vote, Filantropi.”

Filantropi just rolled her eyes.

“Second vote, Blaine. One vote, Filantropi. One vote, Blaine.”

Blaine did the same.

“Third vote, Filantropi. Two votes, Filantropi. One vote, Blaine.”

Filantropi looked at Blaine’s alliance. “I am not angry. But we seriously need to have a talk about this Tribal Council.

Wendy narrowed her eyes, Tybalt tilted his head to the side and Brant scratched his cheek.

“Fourth vote, Filantropi. Three votes, Filantropi. One vote, Blaine.”

Filantropi just scoffed before crossing her arms.

“Fifth vote, Filantropi. Four votes, Filantropi. One vote, Blaine.”

“Thus begins the epic blindside.” Filantropi smirked.

“First person voted out of Survivor… Is Filantropi.”

Filantropi was absolutely thunderstruck when she heard this. However, she was the only one. Blaine and Pauline smirked and Wendy calmly nodded while everyone else looked to the side.

“Filantropi, you have to bring me your tourch…”

The ostrich slowly got up and looked at her tribe in horror. “B-B-Backstabbers! Thieves! Monsters! T-The vote was supposed to be 5-4!”

Blaine’s smirk vanished as tears form in Filantropi’s eyes.

“W-While fine, if that is how you want to play the game, then I am glad that I am the first out!” She roared before snatching the torch and stomping over to Tiny, placing it in front of him.

“Filantropi, the tribe has spoken.” Tiny said before putting his snuffer over the torch, extinguishing it. “You may now go.”

“These wounds in my back! They will never heal!” The ostrich exclaimed before walking off with her arms over her teary eyes.

Tiny watched her leave before turning to the others. “It seems that Filantropi did not saw that coming. Though judging by your reactions, it seems that she was the only one to be blindsided. Is this just the calm before the storm? Well, we’ll find out. You may head back to camp.”

Everyone nodded before getting up and taking their torches back to camp. Blaine brought up the rear looking thoughtful. Normally, he would be content with Filantropi being voted off unanimously. She deserved it for being delusional. However, that was the thing. If she was so delusional, why did she thought half of the tribe would target Blaine instead of everyone?

”It hurts. The blindside hurts. How could this had happen to be? I was supposed to be in a 5-4 majority. But then my own allies betrayed me for who knows what reason?” Filantropi sobbed. ”Well, fine! If being a celebrity means I have to deal with a bunch of liars, then I rather be a no-name and surrounded by people who actually care about me! WAAAHHH!”


Filantropi: Blaine, Brant, Calibri, Hector, Pauline, Shirley, Tybalt, Wendy

Blaine: Filantropi
Survivor Xover Version 7: Day 1-3 Part 2



And thus Filantropi is the first one out. Honestly, Filantropi had first boot written all over her. But the main thing that made me kick her out first? Her owner, KW-Moonlight haven’t been one Deviantart in a LONG while so I can’t speak to him. So if a person isn’t here to comment or read my story, why should I let their character go further than people who are still on Deviantart and actually reading my story? KW-Moonlight, if you are reading this, I am sorry that your character is the first boot, but aside from being on DA anymore, Filantropi would probably be a pre-merge boot at best. Still fun to write for though.
(Jacamar Tribe)

The Jacamar tribe, led by Blaine had made their way towards the jungle.

Blaine then looked at the map. “Okay, everyone, I believe we are here.”

Everyone looked ahead the campsite they were at. They were on top of a grassy field with a large hill. The sound of rushing water, signaling that there was a river nearby.

“Ooh… Looks nice.” Tybalt said with sparkling eyes.

“Really? It doesn’t look that different from any other jungle.” Shirley noted.

“Oh, don’t be like that!” Tybalt scolded.

”Like I stated earlier, I am from… Gilligan’s Island. Ugh, I just don’t see why we can’t call it “the island” instead of encourage Gilligan’s ego.” Shirley said, rolling her eyes. ”But regardless, while I can’t say that it was grand, but that experience changed me. I had became not only adaptable to the harsh environment, but also the more… Outrageous people. The only thing I have to adapt to is the game seeing that I am from the past. Or so Tiny says.”

Tybalt then ran off in the direction of the rushing water.

“H-h-hey! Tybalt, where are you going?” Hector shouted.

The cat-like man looked back. “To the river. I wanna go swimming!”

“Don’t be foolish! We still need to set up our camp!” Shirley scolded.

“Besides, judging from the sound of the water, the river’s current is quite strong.” Wendy pointed out. “It may be easy to get swept away with you not careful.”

Tybalt paused. “Oh, you are right.”

He then brightened up.

“I wonder where the river will take me!” He grinned.

Everyone’s eyes widened before Tybalt turned around and continued his trek towards the river. Blaine and Hector ran after him. Wendy had watched in complete awe.

”For as long as I could remember, I had been working under my father’s strict rules and his philosophy of “fighting for the strong” so I am always all-business.” Wendy explained. ”But Tybalt… No, some of the others are just so… Carefree. Crazy. I couldn’t help, but to be in awe at them. I mean you would never see anyone from the Dragon Academy. Well, except for perhaps Kim-Wu, but even she would be in awe at some of the people here.”

After Blaine and Hector had finally got caught to Tybalt, they each grabbed an arm and made their way back to the others.

Calibri then clapped her hand together. “Right! Seeing that we are about to start work on the camp, I think now would be a great time to say that I wish to volunteer on leading!”

”Heyo, I am Calibri and I am part of the Royal Guard back in the underground! I adore working underneath Undyne, but I want to try my hand at leading for a change!” Calibri said, brightly. ”Sooo that is why I am going to try to be the leader of my tribe! I know with my experience, I will lead my team to victory!”

Shirley blinked twice in disbelief. “You can NOT be serious. You wish US to follow YOU?”

“That’s right!” Calibri beamed. “I may not look like it, but that is because I am out of uniform! I am actually part of the Royal Guard!”

“Oh yeah, I wanted to talk to you about that.” Blaine said. “My knowledge with Undertale is a little rusty. How is the Royal Guard yet?”

“Oh, I am glad you have asked!” Calibri said. “The Royal Group are an elite group of soldiers tasked with protecting the underground and defending King Asgore!”

Everyone paused in thought.

“Also, we were trained for war after the king had declared war on all humans.” Calibri piped up.

Everyone jumped at this at how casually she had just said this.

“...Okay.” Blaine said.

Most of the tribemates looked at Blaine in disbelief.

“What!? You can NOT be serious!” Shirley exclaimed.

“Don’t worry, despite her job is to… Be hostile to humans, she clearly willing to work with them.” Blaine reassured.

“That’s right! A good leader shouldn’t pick favourites!” Calibri beamed.

“That is NOT the main issue here!” Shirley pointed out.

“Well, she should have the skills.” Blaine reassured.

“Yeah, like she said, she is part of the Royal Guard so that means she should know how to lead!” Brant grinned.

“Yeah, let her lead!” Tybalt agreed.

Everyone looked at each other with varying looks of worry.

“W-W-Well, it couldn’t hurt.” Hector said, holding his arm.

“Okay, darling, what is your first course of action?” Filantropi asked.

“My first course of action isssss…” Calibri said, dramatically. “Build a camp!”

Everyone paused.

“Well, we are in good hands.” Shirley said, rolling her eyes.

Calibri’s face lit up at this. “Thank you! I was hoping for positive reception, but not THIS early!”

Shirley stared in disbelief.

Brant chuckled nervously. “Sooo… HOW exactly do we build a camp?”

“Well, I personally think that you, I, Calibri and Wendy should build the shelter.” Blaine suggested.

“And Tybalt, you are part-cat right?” Shirley asked.

“Yep!” The clown grinned.

“So that means you should come with me to gather fruit.” Shirley said.

“Well, that just leaves Pauline, Filantropi and I making the fire pit.” Hector concluded.

“Actually, no, I shall be sitting out.” Filantropi piped up.

Everyone’s eyes widened before looking down at Filantropi.

“Filantropi?” Brant asked, confused.

“You heard me. I shall not partake in the work.” The ostrich said, matter-of-factly.

“You can NOT be serious!?” Shirley said in disbelief. “We need to work with each other to survive and you wish to just let us do all of the work!”

“Hey, I am a fragile peach.” Filantropi shrugged. “I wouldn’t be that useful to you, anyway.”

“If that is the case, why did you applied for Survivor in the first place?” Blaine asked in disbelief.

“To become a celebrity, of course!” Filantropi beamed.

Half of the tribemates looked at each other in disgust.

”I admit that I am not the strongest, most athletic or most strategic. However, usually people who ended up on this show end up being one of the most well-known people of all time.” Filantropi explained. ”So while I admit that I am out of my comfort zone, the chance at stardom blinded me and the next thing you know, I was signing myself up!”

“THIS is why the original Survivor have those tests!” Blaine exclaimed.

“Now listen here, you little diva, you may see this as some kind of popularity contest, some of us have to actually live for real without people watching them!” Shirley snapped. “And we are not going to tolerate a waste of perfectly good feathers that could be used for a pillow!”

Filantropi gasped as she stepped back. “ACK! You wish to pluck me! Are you crazy!?”

“Actually, plucking DOES sound good right about now…” Blaine said, darkly.

Filantropi shrieked before jumping back. “HELP! These two are psychos! They wish to inflict harm on me! Call Tiny and get them to escort them out of the game!”

Everyone paused, staring with Filantropi with varying emotions of disgust, bewilderment or confusion.

“W-W-Why are you just allowing this?” Filantropi asked with her eyes forming with tears of fear. “Can’t you realize that they are bullying me!? H-H-How could you just be so apathetic!”

Pauline shook her head. “Blaine, Shirley, forget about it. It is clear that this woman would be completely useless with camp life.”

“S-S-See? You are acting like violent savages like for no reason at all!” Filantropi pointed out.

Blaine and Shirley paused for a moment. They then sighed in defeat.

“This is stupid. We are wasting daylight.” Blaine muttered.

“Violently agreed.” Shirley said.

With that, the two had walked off. Filantropi had put her hand on her chest before exhaling in relief. Everyone else just looked at each other, wondering what had just happening.

“Hmm… It seems that I may have my work cut out for me if I want to unite this tribe.” Calibri mused, putting her hand on her chin.

Pauline looked up at Calibri with an exasperated look. “You think!?”

(Kiskadee Tribe)

The Kiskadee Tribe had made their way through their respective path.

“Anddddd…” Christina said before smirking. “We’re here!”

Everyone looked ahead at where they were. Just like with Jacamar tribe, it was grassy with hills. However, the river wasn’t as strong as one of the side was a stream.

“Oh, wow… This looks lovely!” Isolde smiled, clasping her hands together.

“Indeed, and we have clean water access.” Edward added.

”All of my life I had been kept up inside of my castle, not allowed to go into the outside world. So when I am allowed to go to Survivor, I was overjoyed.” Isolde smiled. ”And already I am loving what I am seeing! The ride here! The walk to the camp! And I am curious about my tribemates!”

Christina then clapped her hands together. “Okay, I know that we just got here, but we have a lot of work to do.”

”I know that I had already said that, but I study with Annalise Keating as my teacher. However, when choosing students for the Keating 5, she snuffed in place of…” Christina explained before growling. “...Wes Gibbins. That is why I am on the show. If I win this game, maybe Professor Keating will give me back my spot. That is why I CANNOT hesitate in this game, even for a moment.”</i>

“Okay, let’s start with the shelter team!” The law student said. “I think it should be Leo, Xedilan, Edward and Carrie.”

“Hey, I am game!” Carrie grinned, gritting her teeth.

“Same here!” Xedilan smirked, holding his bicep.

“I have no qualms.” Edward said.

Leo just crossed his arms and shrugged his shoulders. Everyone gave mild negative reactions.

“Hold there, buddy, I know that you are excited to show off, but tone down the enthusiasm!” Xedilan snarked.

”Okay, long story short, I do not do social interactions. At all. I am only on this season because my sister applied me out of revenge.” Leo explained. ”I know that seeing that I am stuck here, I might as well try to play, but why should I automatically trust anyone and assume that nobody will play the “hidden villain” card? And no, said card being cliche is NOT a reason for me to let my guard down.”

“As for the fruit team…” Christina said before trailing off. “I guess I will take Khall with me.”

“Um, okay, just one question?” The purple-clad man piped up.

“And that is?” Christina asked.

“Why are we splitting up into teams?” Khall asked, confused. “Are we supposed to work together in the Challenges?”

Everyone paused.

Christina on the other hand breathed in and out. “Just grin and bear it, Christina. The harsher the game is, the more satisfying it will be if you win.”

“I think Christina wants you to go with her to collect fruit.” Estelle said.

Khall’s eyes lit up. “Oh, I could do that.”

“Good.” Christina nodded before looking at Isolde, Estelle and Vardon. “Which leaves you three with fire pit duty.”

“Oh, I would love to!” Isolde smiled. She then frowned before looking to the side. “But I do not know what to make a fire pit.”

“Don’t worry, Isolde, I had watched a few Survivor seasons before so I think I know what to do.” Estelle reassured.

“It is surprisingly simple.” Vardon added.

Isolde smiled. “Okay, then, let’s do it.”

“So everyone is happy with their roles?” Christina asked. Everyone nodded, making her smirk. “Good, let’s get to work.”

Everyone again nodded with most of them happy. Though there were a couple of them who seemed disappointed.

”So basically, our tribe is already getting along with each without any major conflicts. We had both been assigned our jobs from Christina with nobody calling her off.” Xedilan smiled. He then scoffed. ”Borrrrring. I can’t stand that super-sappy stuff. Fortunately, it is only the first day, but maybe I won’t have to wait THAT long for something exciting to happen. Especially with Christina, Khall and Leo here. But if not…. Ha ha ha. I’ll just do it myself.”

(Jacamar Tribe)

Blaine, Calibri, Wendy and Brant had dropped a bunch of lumber on the ground before turning around to make another trip.

“I must say, Brant, you are stronger than I thought.” Blaine mused.

“Hey, just because these muscles and primarily for show, that doesn’t mean they can’t be used for… Muscle stuff.” The model smirked, flexing his arm.

“And Calibri, you are indeed strong.” Blaine noted. “Especially considering your attire!”

“But of course! You don’t get to be in the Royal Guard if you are not strong!” The skeleton beamed.

Blaine paused as they started to collect more lumber. “Hey, I had an idea.”

“Yes, what is it?” Calibri asked.

“How about us four form an alliance?” Blaine said, while picking up lumber.

This had caught the others’ attention.

“An alliance?” Wendy asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah, we are clearly the strongest people here so why not make sure that this tribe stays strong and vote off the weak players.” Blaine explained.

”I have a strong philosophy. Only the strong could survive. That is how I do my job as part of the Krimzon Guard and that is how I make sure our tribe will succeed here.” Blaine said, crossing his arms. ”I don’t usually socialise much, but I knew that I had to align with the stronger members of my tribe before someone strong somehow got pulled into the minority.”

“I think that is a good idea.” Wendy nodded. “I mean the four of us will definitely be vital in Challenge so why not make sure that none of us go first?”

“Right! We will keep this tribe safe by keeping it strong!” Calibri said, holding up a finger.

Brant on the other hand, looked worried.

Blaine raised an eyebrow. “I noticed that you didn’t put in YOUR input on the suggestion, Brant?”

“It is just that… Are the people we are not going to allowed into our alliance really that weak?” Brant asked.

Blaine looked in disbelief. “You cannot be seriously. None of the others look like they could keep up with us.”

“Ya don’t know that!” Brant insisted. “We haven’t gave them a proper chance!”

“Also, true…” Calibri mused, putting her hand on her chin.

Blaine crossed his arms. “Brant, I could assure you that even if they are decently strong, they pale in comparison to us.”

“Yeah, but…” The strawberry blond man said.

“Hey, why don’t we wait until the Challenge?” Calibri piped up. “Then, we could decide if they are strong or not.”

“Very well. I will give them the benefit of the doubt.” Blaine said. “However, I have already my doubts.”

Brant frowned.

”I like to think myself as an optimist. I think there is something good in everyone’s heart. Or in this case, everyone’s skill. Cuz of that, I just gunna give them a chance.” Brant frowned. ”I need to show Blaine that everyone of us can be useful in their own way.”

Meanwhile, Tybalt and Shirley had made their way to some fruit trees.

“Well, we are here.” Shirley said. “Time to show me that you being part-cat is not just for show!”

However, all she got was silence. She narrowed her eyes before glaring at Tybalt.

“What? Do you have wax build-up in your ears or something?” Shirley asked. “I am talking to you!”

Tybalt turned towards Shirley startled. “Huh? What was that?”

Shirley looked in disbelief. “Have you forgotten what we came here for?”

Tybalt scratched the back of his head. “We came here to go get some fruit, didn’t we?”

“Well, the way you are so distracted makes it seems like you forget!” Shirley roared.

Tybalt chuckled nervously. “Y-Yeah, I get that a lot.”

Shirley groaned as she slapped her forehead. “J-Just go!”

Tybalt then smirked. “Shirley, surely you don’t mean that I wouldn’t!”

“I SAID GO!” Shirley roared.

Tybalt jumped before scampering up the tree.

”I am SO psyched to be on Survivor! Especially my brother had already been it before! Oh, and I guess my aunt as well…” Tybalt mused. He then grinned. ”Plus, there is all types of cool people here! I want to be friends with them all!”

Meanwhile, Pauline and Hector were building a fire pit. However, Pauline didn’t looked that happy. Filantropi were watching them from a log.

“T-T-This formation should be alright.” Hector mused.

“Yeah, sure, whatever…” Pauline muttered.

Hector noticed her lack of enthusiasm. “I-I-Is something the matter?”

Pauline looked up. “Yeah, I am stuck here forming a bunch of rocks in a circle.”

”I am a racer. I live for the chase of victory. Because of that, I am always 100% focused on the prize. I did NOT come all of the way here just to get a consolation prize.” Pauline said, waving her arm. ”Because of that, I am upset that I am stuck on the weak team of the camp preparation group! Sure, besides Big Mouth of course, I am the weakest lifter! But I am NOT a liability!”

“W-W-Well, a fire pit may be easy to do, but it is just as vital for an outdoor camp.” Hector shrugged.

“That doesn’t mean it is easy as heck!” Pauline spat. “There is a reason why they had people like YOU do this instead of people like Blaine!”

Hector seemed taken back by this. “W-W-What does THAT mean?”

Pauline then mocked Hector’s sputtering. “I-I-It’s means I don’t want to be seen as weak as YOU!”

Hector jumped at this. “Y-Y-You think I am weak!?”

“Um, duhhhh!” Pauline said, tapping her head with her finger. “Anyone who willingly accepts a role on the fire pit team is obviously pathetic and not willing to show their stuff!”

“B-B-But I am from the Walking Dead! That means I s-s-survived a zombie apocalypse!” Hector insisted.

Pauline let out a mirthless laugh. “Ooh, good for you! Listen, running away while wetting your pants from the slowest moving horror monsters does NOT make you strong!”

Hector was not the only one shocked by this. Filantropi sat there flabbergasted at what Pauline had said.

”I-I-I tried to avoid as much conflict as possible. When y-y-you are surrounded by Walkers, you n-n-need all of the help you could get.” Hector explained. ”H-H-However, I am shocked and appalled that P-P-Pauline had dismissed my story just like that. I-I-If she had been there, she would had seen t-t-that avoiding Walkers is harder than it looks.”

Filantropi then got up from her seat. “You horrific, beastly child!”

Pauline looked at Filantropi with an exasperated look. “I AM beastly! I am a WOMBAT! Hell, you are beastly too!”

“I mean as in primal!” The ostrich scolded. “How dare you made fun of Hector’s past like?”

“Well, excuuuuuse me for not taking seriously the past of a chicken-wuss who runs off with his tails behind his legs.” Pauline spat.

“It is n-n-not like that!” Hector insisted. “Yes, I ran a lot, b-b-but it is not as simple as you make it out to be.”

“Because you suck at running?” Pauline asked, sarcastically. “Well, since you put it THAT way!”

Filantropi growled. “Y-Y-You demon child!?”

“Well, I am glad to see the time used to build the fire pit is being well-spent…”

The three turned their heads to see Shirley and Tybalt walking back while holding a bunch of fruit.

“Come on, guys! It is far too early for the drama to start!” Tybalt whined.

Filantropi pointed her finger towards Pauline. “Blame Pauline!”

The racer just shrugged. “Hey, just calling it as I see it!”

Filantropi growled as Hector just frowned.

“Filantropi, it is alright.” Hector reassured.

The boutique-owner looked at the survivor. “No, it is not.”

“While it doesn’t matter who is in the wrong, the way I see it the way you are wasting time when you could had finished the fire pit puts ALL of you in the wrong!” Shirley scolded.

Then, Blaine, Wendy, Calibri and Brant walked in carrying lumber.

“Shirley is right. The point of Survivor is to adapt and you failing to do so.” Blaine said, sternly. “Now get back to work.”

Pauline just scoffed before crossing her arms. “Ooh, making rock circles. So much work…”

Everyone looked at Pauline with negative reactions.

“Every tribe is doomed at least to have one of these…” Filantropi muttered.

(Kiskadee Tribe)

The shelter team consisting of Leo, Xedilan, Edward and Carrie made their way back to camp while carrying lumber.

“Okay, guy with the glasses.” Carrie piped up.

The Nobody raised his eyebrow. “Yes?”

“Just to make sure… Your name is, like, Leo, right?” Carrie asked.

The three men paused before looking at each other. Xedilan and Edward then looked at Leo who looked annoyed.

Xedilan then grinned. “That’s right! My name is Leo! And the lion’s name is Edward! And the other guy’s name is Xedilan!”

Carrie brightly nodded. “Okay, just checking!”

Edward jumped, nearly dropping his lumber. “D-Don’t confuse the woman!”

“What do you mean, Xedilan?” Carried asked, tilting her head.

“I-I am not…” Edward started before he stopped himself. “Alright, let’s try this again.”

”I am SO excited to be here! The twin worlds of Bionis and Mechonis are grand, but still that doesn’t make playing the game in another world any less fun!” Carrie grinned, squealing like a fangirl. ”Also, all of these people are great! I mean we have a lion, a princess and even a piggy bank! This may take a bit of time, like, memorizing all of them, but I am sure that I will do so eventually!”

“So what do you guys do?” The cyborg asked, cheerfully. “I remembered being one of the later contestants so I never got a chance to find out what you guys do.”

“Oh, me? I am an apprentice of Saix, the Luna Divider!” Xedilan grinned.

Edward raised an eyebrow. “I have to ask. WHICH Saix do you work under?”

“Neither if you are talking about both previous Xigbars.” Xedilain replied.

Carrie blinked twice. “H-Huh?”

“Yeah, long story.” Xedilan shrugged. He then smirked before looking up at Leo. “So what is YOUR story, big guy? Florist?”

The lion just growled before looking ahead. “Villain.”

Edward paused. “W-What was that?”

“I am considered a villain back in Gotham City.” Leo said. “Me and my sister makes up the Zoo Beasts.”

Carrie paused. “W-W-Whoa, you sure are… Brave to tell us right off the bat that you are a criminal.”

Leo just shrugged. “I am not the first criminal to appear on this show so why should I hide it?”

“I suppose no one could argue with that logic…” Edward said, giving Leo a suspicious glare. “Anyway, I am a prince.”

Xedilan and Carrie looked shocked by this. Even Leo turned his head with a raised eyebrow.

“Really?” Carrie asked.

“That’s right.” Edward nodded. “Or to be specific, Édouard de Montcalm, Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Guyenne, Grand Duke of Guernica and Ajaccio, and Commander of the Queen's Regiments.”

The three paused when they heard this.

“Um, pretentious much?” Xedilan chuckled.

Edward glared at Xedilan. “I merely stated my title.”

”Indeed, I am actually a prince. I came here at the request at my mother to see how my skills as a strategist would come into play.” Edward explained. ”The main reason why I was originally attempting to hide my title is because I had seen other people who people would be hesitate in voting for like someone rich or a villain. But I suppose I didn’t need my disguise. Regardless, I am glad I had asked Tiny to give me a casual outfit. Any of my clothes back home would had made me suffer from heat frustration.”

Meanwhile, Christina and Khall made his way over to the fruit trees.

“Okay, this had have the most trees.” Christina said.

Khall looked up. “So basically, all we have to do is collect the fruit.”

“That’s right.” Christina said, before rolling up her sleeves. “Stay here. I am going to climb up it and…”

That was when Khall had walked in front of her. Before she could protest, Christina looked in awe as Khall walked up the tree (as in literally walk up in). He then made his way towards the fruit and started to pick casually.

“H-H-How are you doing!?” Christina asked in disbelief.

Khall looked down at Christina in confusing. “Um, I am picking them.”

“N-N-No, I mean standing on the tree as if your feet were made out of glue!” The Latina exclaimed.

“Oh, that? That’s because I am a ninja!” Khall reassured.

“R-Really?” Christina asked. “I didn’t know that ninjas could stand on trees as if they had glue on it!”

“Well, that…” Khall started. He then paused. “Wait a minute, not even ninjas could stand on trees.”

Then, Khall fell off of the tree. Christina’s eyes widened.


Khall blinked twice as he landed on top of Christina. The latter was angrily struggling to get from underneath him.

“...You know, I wouldn’t had fell if you haven’t reminded me of my limitations.” Khall said.

“GET. OFF. ME!” Christina roared.

”This isn’t exactly the first time I had been something in this. For some reason, I had always wandering into portals that lead to these types of competitions.” Khall said, scratching the back of his head. ”It is a pain, but by now, I just shrugged and go along with the ride.”

Meanwhile, Estelle were placing rocks around a circle. Then, Isolde walked in holding Vardon.

“Are you sure that you are okay?” Isolde asked, concerned.

“Lady Isolde, I appreciate your concern, but I already told you, I am mostly indestructible.” Vardon reassured.

“If you say so.” Isolde said, crouching down. “Oh, and you don’t have to call me Lady. Out here, I am just another player just like the rest of you.”

“Oh, sorry, force of habit.” Vardon chuckled.

”Yes, I know some people would consider me dead on arrival coming into this game. As Tiny said, I am the series’ most smallest contestant thus far.” Vardon said. ”However, while I admit that I will be a huge physical liability, I don’t want to leave right off the bat.”

“Force of habit?” Estelle asked. “Oh, yeah. I keep forgetting that the Beast is actually a prince!”

Vardon nodded his head. “That’s right.”

“Oh, wow.” Estelle said in awe. “I am on a tribe with not only two members of royalty, but also someone who works for royalty!”

“I know, right?” Isolde smiled. “I am worried that coming from a rich heritage, I would not fit in!”

“Yeah, same here!” Estelle grinned. She then paused.

”I had come onto this show to prove that not all rich girls are snobs. So I am more than ecstatic that I had appeared on the same season as Edward, Isolde and Vardon!” Estelle beamed. ”They are seemed like great people to be with! I am so glad that I am not alone here!”

The three had continued walking about their respective lifestyles. Then, Christina and Khall walked in carrying a bunch of fruit.

“Hey! You don’t have to not socialize! But do it AFTER your job is done!” Christina shouted, getting the fire pit team’s attention.

Then, the shelter team had walked in.

“Ah, speaking of work, how is the shelter?” Christina asked.

“Well, it is hard to say.” Edward said. “But between the time we are making, we should make good time.”

Christina smiled and nodded. “Just let me this job first and I will help you!”

“And I’ll help!” Khall said, brightly.

Christina jumped at this. “Um, yeah, you don’t have to do that. We already got enough people on the shelter.”

“Translation: If you touch the shelter, it would break enough.” Xedilan smirked.

“Oh, okay.” Khall shrugged.

Edward seemed surprised by this. “You are just going to take that?”

“Why not?” Khall asked with a raised eyebrow. “It is not like he is wrong.”

Everyone looked at each other. This was going to be a long season.

(Day 2; Jacamar Tribe)

Blaine, Wendy and Calibri sat outside of the shelter they had made last night.

“Huzzah! Our shelter looks amazing!” Calibri said, holding her arms in the air.

“Indeed, it may not be perfect, but it should get through the rain.” Blaine agreed.

“I am glad that I could help lead this shelter to be fixed!” Calibri beamed.

Wendy looked at Calibri with a raised eyebrow. “...Blaine was the one who had done most of the instructing!”

“Yes, because I had gave temporarily gave my role as leader to him!” The skeleton pointed.

Wendy looked at Blaine with an exasperated glare. The latter just shrugged.

“Oh, that reminds me!” Calibri piped up, holding up a finger, getting the two’s attention.

“Oh? What is it?” Blaine asked.

“Between forming our alliance and leading the construction of my shelter, I had decided to make you the co-leader!” Calibri announced.

Blaine paused. How was one supposed to react to something like that?

“I mean other than your other accomplishments, I don’t know how I could NOT make you the co-leader!” Calibri pointed out. “I mean we are both part of powerful guard stations back home.”

“I-Indeed.” Blaine said. “When we are both guards so that means we are tasked with protecting everyone.”

“That’s right, I am saying!” Calibri smiled. “I am going to find Brant and tell him the good news!”

Blaine scratched the back of his head while Wendy looked annoyed.

”I could learn a few things from someone as cheerful as Calibri. But being a leader is NOT one of them.” Wendy said, sternly before swinging her arm. ”I know that it had only been a day, but she had shown NO capabilities of being a leader. Thus far, Blaine had done most of the work.”

As Calibri gone off, Wendy turned toward Blaine.

“She is hopeless, Blaine.” Wendy frowned.

“It only been one day.” The red-haired man scolded.

“Yes, but…” Wendy started.

“It is still early on. She just needs to prove her stuff.” Blaine explained.

“But other than her impressive strength, she haven’t proven ANYTHING about her being part of a royal guard!” Wendy scolded.

“Again, like I said, it is early on.” Blaine pointed out. “Besides, I strongly doubt that anyone would just let her into such the Royal Guard if she didn’t had extraordinary skills.”

Wendy paused. “I… Suppose you are right.”

”At first, I was quick to dismiss Calibri, thinking she would just be a dainty liability. However, she is stronger than she dresses and claims to be in the Royal Guard.” Blaine explained. ”I mean if she is there, she must be doing SOMETHING right. So yeah, I will give the benefit of the doubt and let her lead.”

“Look, if in a few days, Calibri had proven that she can’t be trusted with the role of leadership, I will waste no time promoting myself from “co-leader”.” The spy explained before walking off.

Wendy paused as she watched Blaine leave.

Meanwhile, Brant were talking to Shirley, Hector, Tybalt, Pauline and Filantropi.

“Well, everyone you wanted to see is here.” Shirley said, crossing her arms. “What is it do you wish to speak with us?”

“Well, you know that we will be having our first Challenge tomorrow?” Brant asked. Everyone nodded their heads. “Well, when we get to it, you have to try your best.”

Everyone looked at each other in confusion.

“Um, duh.” Pauline pointed out.

“No, you don’t understand! Blaine wants an alliance with him, me, Calibri and Wendy to make sure that you guys stay in the minority.” Brant exclaimed.

This took everyone by surprise.

“What!?” Filantropi gasped.

Brant grimly nodded his head.

”My first course of action is to tell the others about Blaine’s plan. I have to warn the others and get them to do 100% at the Challenge tomorrow.” Brant explained. ”I don’t want them to put another in the minority when they haven’t really done anything to warrant that.”

“W-W-What? H-HE thinks I’m WEAK?” Hector exclaimed.

Pauline rolled her good eye. “Um, duh.”

Shirley glared down at the wombat. “He thinks YOU’RE weak too!”

“There is a big difference! Small players get underestimated a lot!” Pauline scolded. “Hector on the other hand, is dead-on arrival.”

“C-C-Come on, you haven’t even gave me a chance.” The blonde man scolded.

Pauline let out a mirthless laugh. “Like I need to!”

“Um, are you that blind to the fact that Blaine is trying to split apart this tribe on Day TWO?” Filantropi asked in disbelief.

”I knew that I wouldn’t like Blaine was the moment I saw him. First, he mostly just hanged around with Wendy and Leo rarely talking to anyone.” Filantropi said, crossing her arms. ”Next, he and Shirley had threatened me with violent actions. Oh, and I am STILL upset that you haven’t pulled them out of the game for that! And now, he is trying to split our tribe apart! He is indeed a demon!”

“Filantropi is right. It is far too early for this tribe to be split up.” Brant nodded. “That is why I want ya guys to show your skills at the Challenge.”

Shirley narrowed her eyes. “But some of us don’t even NEED to prove our stuff! I had spent a majority of my life on a deserted island with a limited amount of people! I was BUILT for this show!”

“A-A-And I survived a zombie apocalypse!” Hector added.

“By running away.” Pauline muttered.

Shirley glared down. “Oh, and how does all of that driving do you when there are NO vehicles here!?”

“Hey, I trained for this game!” Pauline snapped.

“Guys, guys, guys!” Brant insisted. “Look, like I said, if you want to prove Blaine wrong, do it at the Challenge.”

“Oh, Brant, there you are!”

Everyone turned their heads to see Calibri waving at him.

“Oh, hey, Calibri.” Brant grinned. He then turned towards the others. “Don’t worry, if you are as good as you say, you shouldn’t have any trouble impressing Blaine.”

With that, he had ran off to talk to Calibri, leaving everyone stunned.

“Well… That happened.” Tybalt piped up.

“N-N-Now what?” Hector asked.

“What else?” Filantropi said, sternly.

Everyone looked down at the ostrich.

“Vote off Blaine.” Filantropi said, simply.

Tybalt, Hector and Pauline all looked shocked by this. However, they were just as shocked by Shirley’s next answer.

“That one gets my vote.” The dark-haired woman nodded.

Filantropi jumped at this. “R-Really?”

Shirley raised an eyebrow behind her sunglasses. “Of course. I did not come all of the way here from the island just to go back there after a few days.”

”Just like I said, I am very adaptable with people. Make no mistake, I STILL don’t condone Filantropi’s lazy actions and apathetic attitude. AT ALL. But I am willing to keep her for at least one round to take down a mutual enemy. But Blaine?” Shirley asked before letting out a mirthless laugh. ”Why should I be adaptable to someone who wants to vote me out?”

“It is as you said, Filantropi.” The island survivor had pointed out. “Why DO we to appeal to HIM?”

Tybalt then raised his finger. “Um, because he is from a harsh environment?”

Shirley glared at Tybalt. “And being stranded on an island with limited people not?”

“B-B-But what about Brant?” Hector asked.

“What about Brant?” Shirley challenged. “That we should go out of our way to impress him!?”

“Woah, woah, woah!” Pauline said, holding out. “I am just angry at him for underestimating me! But we can’t vote him out! He is one of our stronger players!”

“And THAT means him the right to split apart our tribe!?” Filantropi asked in disbelief.

Pauline looked at Filantropi in disbelief. “Do you even know what type of game you had signed up for!?”

“Filantropi is right.” Shirley said, waving her arm. “If he is willing to assume that we are weak, then we have the right to assume that he is a close-minded imbecile.”

“Y-Yeah, but…” Pauline started.

“I am actually surprised, Pauline.” Filantropi said, raising an eyebrow. “With all of your gloating on your skills, I assume that you had been furious that Blaine is looking down on you.”

“So you are claim to win this game, but you are willing to give into Blaine’s back and call?” Shirley challenged.

“I am not!” Pauline roared.

“Then, vote with us.” Shirley said. “Don’t let that meathead push us around.”

Pauline bit her lip.

”Okay, I totally get what Shirley and Filantropi are saying. Blaine is an a-hole so assuming that I would be a major liability.” Pauline said, putting her fist on her side. ”However, he actually more or less have the strength of a winner. Just with the rest of his alliance. And that is where I want to be! Not a pee-wee boy or Little Miss Permanent Raspberry and Banana Stain.”

(Kiskadee Tribe)

Isolde and Estelle were sitting inside of their shelter while talking to each other.

“So you work as a cleaner at a coffee house?” Isolde asked in awe.

“That’s right.” Estelle nodded. “I had always loved the drinks there so I had decided to return the favour for their service by working there!”

“Oh, wow. I had rarely cleaned back at home.” Isolde said. “Last night was my first experience with actually.”

“Wow, so it must had been a lot of work for you.” Estelle said in awe.

“It was.” Isolde said. “But I don’t really mind.”

Then, Carrie had poked her head inside of the shelter. “Hey, girls, how are you doing?”

“Just fine, Carrie!” Isolde smiled. “We were just getting to know each other!”

The bounty hunter grinned before sitting between Isolde and Estelle before wrapping her arms around their shoulders.

“Good! I would love to know about two lovelies too!” Carrie grinned.

Isolde giggled nervously. “Oh my… I had been to hitted on by a woman before.”

“Yes, well, this is the modern times!” Carrie reassured.

”Yeahhhhh… I could be more than a flirt with other women. Sorry, I just can’t help it. I love other women!” Carrie said, scratching the back of her head. ”And we have some real lookers on my tribe! And I just cannot resist having my way with them!”

Then, Edward had poked his head in. “Ah, Isolde, Estelle, you are here. Carrie, you are here too!”

“That’s right, Edward!” Carrie smiled.

“Oh, thank goodness, you had actually said my name right.” The prince sighed in relief. “But yes, as long as you’re here, can I talk to you?”

“Sure, Edward, what is it?” Isolde asked.

“Well, you both that all three of us are well-off with money, right?” The brown-haired man asked.

Isolde and Estelle nodded their heads. Carrie on the other hand looked confused.

“Um, I am not.” Carrie said, raising her good arm. “I mean it is not like I am a hobo, but…”

“I know. I will get back to you later.” Edward reassured. “Well, I suppose that we form an alliance.”

Isolde tilted her head to the side. “An alliance?”

“That is correct.” Edward explained. “When I first came on this show, I initially tried to hide my status as a prince. Mainly out of fear that I may get aligned with THOSE people…”

Carrie raised an eyebrow. “Those people?”

“You know.” Edward said before growling. “People who think because we don’t need the money, believe we doesn’t deserve to be here.”

”Obviously to avoid being targeted for being rich is to align with people who as just as rich as me. It should be easier to avoid the inevitable purists.” Edward explained. ”That and Isolde, Estelle and Carrie all look easy to control. Especially in comparison to the rest of my tribe.”

“Yeah, that is a good point…” Estelle frowned.

“That is why we should form an alliance.” Edward said. “To protect ourselves from those kinds of people.”

Isolde and Estelle looked at each other. Carrie on the other hand raised her arm again.

“Um, where do I fit in?” Carrie asked.

“Well, a three-person alliance in a group of nine is good, but not great.” Edward explained. “We need a fourth person and seeing that you three are already getting along with each other. I had decided to have you.”

Carrie then grinned. “Then, I will gladly accept this alliance.”

Isolde paused. “Um, actually…”

“Actually, I would love to join your alliance!” Estelle smiled.

Isolde looked surprised by this. Edward noticed this and raised an eyebrow.

“Is something the matter, Isolde?” Edward asked.

“Um, well…” Isolde said.

“She is concerned about being in the minority.” Estelle piped up.

“Ah, yes, don’t worry, I already know about that.” Edward said. “However, I still need more time to get a feel about the rest of our tribemates to decide on a fifth member.”

Then, Khall had walked past the shelter. However, he was holding some kind of bush.

Carrie noticed the bush in Khall. “Hey, Khall! What are you going to do with that bush?”

The ninja looked at Carrie. “Oh, I am going to try to tie it to a tree.”

“Umm… What?” Edward asked, blinking twice.

“Well, you see, there are no cactuses here for some reason.” Khall said.

Estelle paused. “Um, that is to be expected. We are on a jungle planet.”

“Really? That didn’t stopped them from appearing before.” Khall explained. “Anyway, I am going to try to make my own cactuses by tying thorn bushes to the trees.”

“Umm, what do you want to have cactuses in the first place?” Edward asked.

“Because if I don’t, how will I meditate on them?” Khall asked.

“But what does…” Edward started.

”Okay, what gives? The sole consistent about going along with these misadventures is that there is always a cactus where I could meditate on!” Khall said, crossing his arms. ”So what makes this place any different? Heck, I would had settled for moving yellow cactuses!”

Then, Khall had walked over to continue his task. Everyone looked on in disbelief.

“...I have so many questions, even though I would probably never get a single straight answer.” Edward lamented.

Carrie then got up. “I am going to help him.”

Edward turned towards Carrie in shock. “What? Seriously?”

“Yeah, he can’t make cactuses on his own.” Carrie shrugged before clenching her robotic fist. “I should speed up the progress with my robotic arm.”

She then walked off to join Khall, leaving the three stunned.

“THIS is why I want to form an alliance.” Edward groaned before holding his head. “So we don’t get targeted over… THAT. I… I just need a moment.”

With that, he had walked off leaving the two girls.

Isolde turned towards Estelle. “Estelle, why didn’t you tell Edward the truth?”

“Well, I wanted to, but I realize that said truth is disrespectful to his goals.” The strawberry-blonde explained.

“Y-Yes… But… LYING to him?” Isolde asked.

“We… Are technically not lying. I mean you have no problems with starting an alliance with him, right?” Estelle asked.

“R-Right…” Isolde frowned.

“Then, we wish to make sure that this alliance goes through. For his sake.” Estelle explained.

“I-I see what you mean…” Isolde explained.

”I know that this is an odd trait to have on Survivor, but I am not a big fan of lying. I don’t like keeping secrets from others.” Estelle explained. ”Buttttt if the truth offends a person, then there is nothing with a white lie. Besides, I totally see where Edward is coming from. Even if we don’t need the money, it is shallow to target us when someone else had already made themselves to be a liability or a threat.”

Meanwhile, Khall and Carrie were carrying thorn bushes towards a tree. However, someone called out to them.

“Hey, guys!”

Khall and Carrie turned their heads to see Christina and Xedilan standing to the the side.

“Oh, hey, guys!” Carrie grinned.

“Hey, guys.” Christina said. “Um, what do you have there?”

“Thorn bushes. There aren’t any cactuses for Khall to stand on so we are creating our own.” Carrie explained.

Christina paused. “But, of course...”

“Hey, can I help out?” Xedilan piped up.

“Sure!” Khall said with his eyes making a “^__^” expression.

“N-Now wait! Hold on!” Christina scolded. “We have to talk about alliances first!”

“Alliances?” Carried asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, I think us four should form one.” Christina nodded.

”I know that this is only Day 2, but I am not the type to just sit back and wait. At all. I have to form an alliance as quick as possible.” Christina explained. ”The personalities of Xedilan, Khall and Carrie may be tricky to work with, but they all seem strong so I had decided that I just have to deal.”

“Wow, most people usually avoid me.” Khall said, tilting his head to the side.

“Gee, I wonder why…” Christina muttered before shaking her head. “But that is what this game is all about. Adaptability. And I genuinely think we have a potentially-strong alliance here.”

“Yeah, and a fun one too!” Xedilan grinned, crossing his arms.

”So I am in an alliance so your textbook overachiever woman with a clumsy oaf of a ninja and a carefree girl who forgets things easily?” Xedilan said before snickering. ”Of COURSE I am going to agree to this alliance. I’ll give them… What, ten days before they drive Christina crazy! And that is assuming and I am extremely generous and bother to wait that long!”

“I’ll do it!” Khall beamed.

“Same here! This sounds a great group to be in!” Carrie grinned.

“I am glad that we all on the same page here!” Christina smirked. “So now THAT is taking care of, Khall?”

“Hm?” The ninja asked.

“Aren’t your hands in pain from holding these thorn bushes like that?” Christina asked.

Khall blinked twice. “Um, yes, why?”

Christina immediately slapped her head, Xedilan chuckled while Carrie watched with a blank glare.
In the vast universe of outer space, there was a jungle planet mostly uninhabited. This would be the home of eighteen different contestants.

A dark-skinned man with black curly hair and glasses, clad completely in purple and blue smirked as he stood in the middle of a clearing with his hands behind his back.

“Hello, I am Tiny! On Deviantart, Tinyhammer! The man grinned. “I will be your host of Season 7 of Survivor Xover Version!”

He then walked down the dock.

“This is Wild Glide Galaxy. This is one of the many galaxies that Mario had explored on his second adventure in space.” He explained. “Though he didn’t expected explored this galaxy in through in comparison to other galaxies.”

He then smirked.

“However, eighteen people will be doing what even the great Mario couldn’t and spend 39 days in this with each other.” He said. “They must learn to adapt or they will be kicked out of the game.”

He then looked up to see a large starship with looked like Mario’s head making its way towards the ground.

“Ah, here is the spaceship. This IS a lone galaxy, after all.” Tiny said. “Now let’s go meet them, shall we?”

With that, he had walked over. The spaceship had opened up and released an airstair. It was then the first person had made their way outside of it in a calm and orderly fashion. She was a teenaged girl with blonde hair tied in a ponytail and wore that looked like samurai armour.

WENDY/Killer Instinct/Rein-Man

“Ah, Wendy, welcome to Survivor Xover Version.” Tiny smiled.

The blonde woman bowed her head. “Thank you for accepting my application.”

Tiny was taken back by her old-fashioned gesture. “Um, it is alright… So I take it that you are going to carve your own path here from the Dragon Academy.”

“That is what I hope to accomplish.” Wendy said, raising her head. “While I do respect my father and the Academy, I also wish to learn about the concept of… Fun.”

“Well, I hope that you get what you are looking for here.” Tiny chuckled nervously.

Wendy looked around. “I don’t see anyone else. Am I the only one here?”

“That’s right.” Tiny said. “I hope you don’t mind…”

“No, I don’t.” Wendy said, walking on ahead. “I could use the free-time to get some meditation done.”

With that, she had crossed her arms. The next person then made their way down the airstair, full of confidence. She was a young Latina woman with black wavy hair that had a blonde streak. Her attire was green and yellow.

CHRISTINA/How To Get Away With Murder/TheBigJet

“Ah, Christina Morone, what is it like to have Annalise Keating as a tutor at Middenton University?” Tiny asked.

“Oh, it is GREAT!” The Latina woman grinned. “Sure, it is my hardest class bar none, it is also one of the most exciting!”

“Well, do you think that her teachings will help you win the game?” Tiny asked.

Christina’s smirk vanished. “Well, I can’t exactly say that I won’t be using some of her teachings in the game, I try to outdo them.”

“Really? You really want to prove herself to her?” Tiny asked.

“Her AND Wes Gibbins.” Christina said before growling. “Damn him for stealing MY spot in the Keating 5! But whatever, if I win this game, Professor Keating will be BEGGING me to give my spot back.”

With that, she had stormed off towards Wendy who still had her arms crossed.

“Hey, I am Christina Morone!” Christina introduced with a grin.

Wendy’s eyes opened. “I am Wendy.”

“I came onto the show to prove Annalise Keating that I should been had been part of her Keating 5 and not Wes, thus erasing said disgrace from the books.” Christina said, clenching her fist.

Wendy paused. “I wish to know what fun is.”

Christina’s grin vanished again. “What…?”

Thankfully, before things got awkward between the two women. The next person had made his way down the airstair with a stern face. He was a well-built middle-aged with red hair under a black sunhat and had scarred on his cheek and arms.

BLAINE/Jak & Daxter/Friendly-cap

“Ah, Blaine. A member of the Krimzon Guard AND a spy.” Tiny said. “Must be tough work having two grueling jobs.”

“It is. However, in the harsh world that we live in, we have to give everything we got.” The middle-aged man said before looking to the side. “However, someone has to do it.”

Tiny paused. “Um, right… So tell me what is your gameplan?”

“It is too early to say. I WILL say one thing, though.” Blaine said.

“Yes?” Tiny asked.

“I am going to make sure that my tribe will be just like the Krimzon Guard.” Blaine said before making his way towards the others. “Strong and capable.”

When he had made it to the two girls, Christina smiled and waved. However, Blaine just nodded his head and crossed his arms without even acknowledging the girls. Christina frowned.

“Well, screw you too...” Christina muttered.

The next person had made his way down the airstair, looking just as stern as Wendy and Blaine. He was the most muscular contestant of the season. He was an anthro lion with a baseball cap on his head with ripped blue attire.

LEO/Batman: The Animated Series/ZephyrBlack321

“And hereeeee is the Immunity threat of the season, Leo!” Tiny grinned.

The lion just scoffed as he crossed his arms. Tiny frowned.

“...So.” Tiny said. “Care to tell me your gameplan?”

“I don’t have to tell you anything about my strategy this early in the game.” Leo spat.

“Um, I guess that is true....” Tiny started. “So… How about your sister…?”

However, Leo had already made his way towards the others. Tiny then slumped his arms in defeat. But when Leo got to the others, he merely stood to the side and crossed his arms, a good distance from everyone.

Christina threw up her hands in frustration. “Aw, come on, you guys! Not even I am that overly-serious! And anyone who knows me knows that I don’t play around!”

As Christina vented out her annoyance, the next person made his way down the airstair with an excited grin on his face. He was a young man with a full head of dark and glasses. He had tattoo of a howling wolf head and a full moon on his respective arms.

XEDILAN/Kingdom Hearts/Punx193

“So, Xedilan, I hear that Saix is your mentor. Must be tough.” Tiny frowned.

“Yep, he is as strict and harsh as he could be!” The dark-haired man smirked, putting his hands behind his back.

Tiny blinked twice. “And you don’t mind?”

“Hell no! He may be a hardass but he is one badass mentor!” Xedilan grinned before slapping his hands together. “So how many players are already here? I can’t wait!”

“Um, just four.” Tiny said.

“Tch. Fine…” Xedilan spat before making his way over. “Might as well smell the fresh meat in my grasp now.”

With that, he had made his way over to the others. Though he made his way towards Leo in particular. The lion’s head jerked up before turning towards Xedilan.

“Hey, kitty-kat, what’s up!” Xedilan said, gesturing for a high-five.

However, Leo had immediately growled at Xedilan. While startled, the latter just laughed it off.

“Woah, the kitty got some claws!” He joked.

Christina blinked twice before shaking her head. “Of course when I am complaining about people being too serious, one of THOSE people show up.”

As Xedilan gone off to talk to Christina, Leo glared at him. However, he paused before turning around to see Wendy standing behind him.

Leo narrowed his eyes. “Oi…”

“I won’t stay for long. I just need to stay here until more people show up.” Wendy said, quickly.

Leo raised his eyebrow in confusion, but before he could vocalise his protest or question Wendy’s statement, the next person walked down the airstair with his hands behind his back. He was a young man with brown hair and facial stubble wearing a rather simple outfit.

EDWARD/Europa Universalis/Minty2mayhem

“Ah, Édouard de Montcalm.” Tiny smiled, shaking Edward’s hand. “It is a honor for a prince come all of the way here to play the game.”

“Please, you humble me.” The brown-haired man reassured in a French accent. “It is a honor to be accepted on your show.”

“Yeah, I have a question though.” Tiny said. “Are you sure you want to hide your status from the rest of the cast?”

“Indeed.” Edward said, narrowing his eyes. “Because I am a prince, they think that I don’t need the money and I am not allowed to be here. I wish to play as much as everyone else.”

“Yes, well, I understand that, but…” Tiny frowned.

Edward raised an eyebrow. “But…”

“Never mind, you will find out soon enough.” Tiny said, waving it off.

Edward raised a suspicious eyebrow before turning around and making his way to the others. He smiled as he waved at the others. Christina and Xedilan returned the gesture. Meanwhile, the next person strutted down the airstair in an over-the-top manner. She was a small ostrich with a big beak and dark pink and yellow pattern.

FILANTROPI/Animal Crossing/KW-Moonlight

“Hey, Filantropi. How is your boutique doing?” Tiny smiled.

“Oh, simply splendid, darling!” The ostrich smirked. “But then again, it is being run by an elegant and glamorous woman like me!”

Tiny chuckled nervously. “Do you think that your business skills will help you get far?”

“Oh, don’t you worry, darling.” Filantropi winked. “I could assure you that I’LL be the business!”

With that, she had made her way over to the others. However, when she had reached them, she immediately frowned.

“Ew. Half of these people look grumpy.” Filantropi muttered. “I mean, come on. We are Survivor! Cheer up! Or else I will vote you off!”

Everyone looked shocked at this. Then, Xedilan burst out laughing.

“Ooh, lady, you are SO going to make things interesting around here!” Xedilan said between laughs.

Filantropi smiled. “Why, thank you! I rarely fail to entertain people with my presence!”

Blaine gritted his teeth. “I already hate her with all of my heart.”

Thankfully, before an awkward situation could happen, the next person happily walked down the airstair in a graceful yet energetic fashion. She was a young woman with long dark hair tied in a braid. People were quick to notice her crown, her thigh-high dress and her lack of footwear.

ISOLDE/Child of Light/Dragonettes

“Isolde, you look excited to be here!” Tiny smiled.

“Oh, I am!” The dark-haired girl smiled. “I mean, I already had a lot of fun riding here! Watching the beautiful stars from the window! Conversing with LIVING stars!”

Tiny chuckled at this. “Well, considering that you are having this much fun thus far, hopefully you would have that much fun with everyone else!”

“I should hope so.” Isolde smiled. “Not only am I another world, but I shall be playing with several people from OTHER worlds!”

With that, she had made her way towards the others.

“Oh, darling, I simply ADORE the colour of your outfit.” Filantropi smiled.

“Well, thank you.” Isolde beamed. “I was originally going to go into something more simpler. But I just adore this colour scheme.”

Edward then stepped forward. “So wait, you are a princess?”

“That’s right. My kingdom is not that big in Lemuria, but I am proud of it nonetheless.” Isolde smiled.

“And you are not afraid that people could use that against you?” Edward questioned.

Isolde’s smile vanished as she looked completely confused. “W-Why do you think that? I mean isn’t Survivor Xover Version is open to all types of people. Even criminals.”

“She got you there, man!” Xedilan smirked, crossing his arms.

Edward paused as he rubbed his chin. As he did so, the next person had swagged down the airstair. He was a well-built young man with strawberry-blonde hair and a simple blue attire. Just like Isolde, he was bare-footed.

BRANT/The Sims 4/DARealityTV

“And we have our model for the season!” Tiny introduced. “How is it going, Brant!”

“Just fine, man!” The strawberry blond man grinned. “So far, my job is still solid and recently, my girlfriend had became my fiance!”

“Glad to hear it, man!” Tiny grinned. “Now the Sims is noted for being… Well, a somewhat-normal stimulator, would that work against you?”

“Hey, hey, don’t worry bout it.” Brant reassured. “I mean this IS a social game, after all. And I am pretty social guy.”

“True.” Tiny mused.

“Plus…” Brant said before rubbing his bicep. “Check out these muscles! I may just be a model, but I intend to show that these things are not for show!”

With that, he had made his way towards the others. He then motioned for a fist-bump with Blaine. The red-haired man merely looked with a raised eyebrow.

“You are supposed to tap your fist against it, buddy.” Christina muttered.

Blaine paused before weakly doing the fist-bump.

“Ooh, is that some kind of gesture your world has?” Isolde asked with her eyes lighting up.

“Huh?” Brant asked, confused before scratching his head. “Um, yeah.”

Isolde put her hand on her chin in interest. Then, the next person had proudly walked down the airstair. She was a wombat with blonde hair tied in a bun that was the same size as Filantropi. Most people noticed her red metallic eye and her gold tooth in her chin.

PAULINE/Diddy Kong Racing/BrazingWilds

“Pauline, representing an old classic.” Tiny smiled.

“I am glad that I would be representing my node and giving it some more screentime.” The wombat grinned while speaking in an Australian accent. “Especially with my need for speed, I am the perfect person for it!”

“So you say, but you are still one of the smallest contestants?” Tiny asked. “Do you think that would work against you?”

“Seriously?” Pauline asked before scoffing. “Just because they could lift more than me doesn’t mean they are better than me! I mean look at these guys! Most of them look like they could trip over their own feet!”

Everyone looked shocked at this.

“What!?” Christina gasped.

Pauline smirked before looking at the others. “You heard me. I just KNOW that I will run circles around you!”

“You want to run that by me again!?” Christina demanded.

“Christina, miss, this…” Edward started.

However, Pauline was already in front of Christina with a big grin. “Sure, I just KNOW that I will run circles around you!”

“You want to start a war you little brat!?” Christina roared.

“No, I don’t think so. This is more than an one-sided takeover.” Pauline smirked.

“That is enough!” Wendy shouted. “Conflict may be inevitable here, but that is no excuse to start before the game has even started.”

“Yes, seriously.” Edward said, looking annoyed.

Christina and Pauline had both glared at each other. They then scoffed before making their way on opposite sides of the group. Everyone looked at each other hoping that they don’t end up on the same tribe together.

Meanwhile, the next person had calmly walked down the stairway. She was a dark-haired woman with white streaks and wore sunglasses over her eyes.

SHIRLEY/Gilligan’s Island/Necky221

“From one deserted island to another, eh, Shirley?” Tiny joked.

The dark-haired woman glared at Tiny. “Very funny.”

Tiny winced. “S-So regardless, this is just like second nature for you.”

“It should be. The way I see it, the only main difference is that there is more room and we don’t have to worry about the natives.” Shirley noted. “Besides, my work during my time as the White House should help out.”

Tiny paused. “But… Isn’t your application said that you were simply a jani…”

“Talk is cheap. Let’s start the game, shall we?” Shirley asked before making her way over to the others.

“Wait, what is this about this being something second nature to you?” Edward asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I am from… Ugh, Gilligan’s Island.” Shirley muttered.

Brant’s eyes lit up when he heard this. “Ooh, so if we end up on the same tribe together, you could teach us how to survive.”

Hearing this, Shirley smirked. “Might as well seeing that some of you clearly never even went camping in your life.”

Blaine narrowed his eyes before looking to the side. “I have more experience than a woman who lived on an island full of crazy people…”

Thankfully, Shirley didn’t hear him. Meanwhile, the next person had practically bounced down the airstair. He was a dark-haired man with cat-like features with even cat ears and a tail.


Tiny smirked. “Wow, Tybalt, you are sure full of energy.”

“But of course! I mean we are on SURVIVOR! Most people would kill for a chance like this!” The cat-like man grinned.

“Now Tybalt, there had been a lot of different strategies for these past six seasons.” Tiny said. “Do you have your own strategy or will you be copying a strategy from a previous…”

“Oh, look, is that the people I will be playing with!” Tybalt piped up.

“H-Huh?” Tiny asked. “W-Well, yes, but…”

However, Tybalt didn’t listen. He had merely ran over to them.

“The name’s Tybalt, clown and part-time donut shop owner!” Tybalt grinned.

Shirley raised an eyebrow. “Well, THAT’S a successful business regime.”

“Why, thank you!” Tybalt said before holding out his hand in front of a handshake.

Brant smiled before accepting the hand.



Everyone jumped as Brant reacted as if he was shocked. Tybalt retreated his hand while laughing as Brant’s hair stood on end.

“Man, the old hand-buzzer handshake never gets old!” Tybalt laughed. “What a…”



Everyone paused as Isolde had willingly grabbed Tybalt’s buzzer hand. Just like with Brant, her hair stood on end.

Isolde paused before looking at said hand. “...What an interesting greeting you have.”

As everyone looked in disbelief, the next person had made their way down the airstair with a warm smile. She was a teenaged girl with strawberry-blonde hair tied in braids and had freckles.

ESTELLE/All Grown Up/Candidcammie

“Ah, Estelle, how nice of you to join us on Survivor!” Tiny grinned.

“How nice of you to invite me.” The blonde girl smiled. “I had recently became a Survivor fan so I am excited to play the game.”

“So your main strategy is to work as hard as you could right.” Tiny asked.

Estelle nodded her head. “That’s right. I may be from a rich family, but I intend to show that I haven’t forgotten how I was before our lottery win.”

“Glad to hear it!” Tiny smiled. “Now go introduce yourself to the others!”

Estelle happily nodded before making her way over while looking around.

“Oh, wow… I knew what I was getting myself into when I came here, but still this is amazing!” Estelle smiled. “Three walking talking animals, a catboy and even an elf.”

“I am not an elf…” Blaine muttered.

Meanwhile, Estelle looked over at Isolde. “Oh, wow, we are even in the presence of a princess.”

Isolde smiled. “It is a honor to meet you.”

As the two girls exchange friendly talk, the next person ran down the airstair. She was a skeleton wearing feminine clothing. While it is hard to tell by the face, but she looked quite excited.


“Hiiiiii, Tiny!” The skeleton waved.

“Hey, Cali…” The host said before he was wrapped into a bearhug.

“Oh, wow, it is actually the real deal!” Calibri beamed, squeezing Tiny tightly.

“I-I-I am glad you are honored to meet me, Calibri.” Tiny wheezed. “Now could you let go?”

“Okay.” Calibri said, giving Tiny room to breathe.

“S-So… What is your strategy?” The host asked.

“My strategy is to be the leader of my tribe and lead it to victory!” Calibri said, cheerfully. “Oh, speaking of which, I have to make a first good impression so the people know who will be leading them.”

“But Calibri, we haven’t even shown the rest of…” Tiny started. However, Calibri was already running towards the others. “The other contestants…”

As Calibri introduced to the others, this resulted in a mixed reactions of joy, amusement, bewilderment or annoyance.

Blaine scoffed before looking to the side. “I hate it when Tiny fills in the roster with a good chunk of useless comic relief.”

Then, he noticed Calibri heading towards him.

“Heya!” Calibri introduced. “What do YOU do for a living?”

Blaine again scoffed before turning his attention to the side. “I am a part of the Krimzon Guard.”

“Oh, wow, small world!” Calibri smiled. “I’M part of the Royal Guard back home!”

Hearing this, this actually got Blaine’s attention before turning towards her. “Seriously?”

Calibri confidently nodded. As Blaine rubbed his chin in thought, the next person walked down the airstair nervously while looking around. He was a young man with short blond hair.

HECTOR/The Walking Dead/Wifishark

Tiny saw his nervous expression and sighed. “Hector, I know why you are like this, but I could assure you that there are no walkers here.”

“Y-Y-You can’t be too careful.” The blond man said as he continued to scan around. “T-T-Trust me, I saw people make that m-m-mistake far too many times…”

Tiny shook his head. “Listen, just try to relax. The worst case scenario here is that you get voted out.”

“R-R-Relax… I don’t think I could do that w-w-when we have no pre-made shelter.” Hector said, shaking his head before making his way towards the others.

“Okay, seriously, I know that I had taunted you guys, but at least you have the dignity to not show everyone that you are wetting your pants.” Pauline muttered.

Edward glared down at Pauline. “For someone who claims that she is going to win, you are certainly not setting yourself up for a long-term game.”

When Hector was close to the others, Tybalt had immediately in his face, startling him.

“Heyo! What is your name? What node are you from? What do you do? Which canon characters do you know? Will you be my friend?” Tybalt beamed.

Almost immediately, Hector jumped before running to the side. Several people glared at Tybalt who looked confused.

“Did I do something wrong?” Tybalt asked.

“I don’t know. But you should keep doing it again.” Xedilan smirked.

“Xedilan…” Christina muttered.

As this exchange was going on, the next person had marching down the airstair with a big grin. She was a young woman with straightened red hair and a metallic arm.

CARRIE/Xenoblade Chronicles/XenoYoFan

“Hey, Carrie!” Tiny grinned.

“Hey….” The young woman said before pausing. “Um, what is your name again?”

Tiny slumped his arms in defeat. “Tiny.”

“Oh, right!” Carrie said, hitting her head with her organic hand. “Got it.”

“I thought you got it earlier…” Tiny muttered. He then sighed. “Soooo you are a bounty hunter. Would those skills help you get far into the game.”

“I should hope so. I mean I won’t even be alive if I was a poor bounty hunter!” Carrie reassured before walking off.

“...Well, considering that having a normal life would be difficult for her, she may not be wrong.” Tiny muttered.

She then made her way towards the others. Her eyes then light up.

“Well, well, well. It looks like we have a beauty this season.” Carrie grinned.

Brant’s eyes widened before looking to the side. “Um, I appreciate the compliment, but I have a…”

However, Carrie then walked past him and held Christina’s hand.

“No, seriously, your tan is SO beautiful.” Carrie grinned.

Christina’s eyes bugged out before looking to the side with a blush. “Well, thanks, I am glad to noticed it…”

Carrie then looked at Isolde. “Also, you are like those beautiful fairy-tale heroines.”

The princess blushed before looking to the side, not knowing how to react like this.

Carrie then turned towards Shirley. “And you… Your hair is just as beautiful as you.”

Shirley was absolutely stunned, but for a different reason. “H-How could you hit on various people on the same sex without hesitation?”

Carrie gave a confused look. “Um, what? It is the modern times, isn’t it?”

Shirley paused. “R-Right… You are right… This IS the modern times…”

Everyone noticed Shirley’s reaction, but then quickly distracted by the next person heading down the airstair. Their eyes widened at what they saw. It was a royal white piggy bank. Not even the size of Filantropi and Pauline, but the same size as a normal piggy bank.

VARDON/Disney’s Beauty and the Beast/YahooSounding

“Ah, Vardon, our smallest contestant yet.” Tiny noted.

The piggy bank nodded his head before standing on his hind legs. “I could imagine.”

“Now Vardon, as a piggy bank, I think you already know this, but you may already have an uphill battle.” Tiny mused.

Vardon nodded his head. “Don’t worry. I am already aware of my limitations. Regardless, I wish to play the game just like everyone else.”

“Well, if you say so.” Tiny said. “Best of luck to you.”

Vardon nodded before running on all fours towards the others who looked absolutely stunned.

“Bonjour, everyone!” Vardon smiled.

Pauline blinked her normal eye twice. “...Okay, I knew that I said that I was going to win, but at least give me the illusion of a challenge.”

“Honestly, this is why the original Survivor have stuff like fitness tests.” Blaine muttered.

Edward glared at the two. “And THIS is why you two will lose to a jury.”

“Ah, a fellow Frenchman!” Vardon piped up, getting Edward’s attention. “Glad to see what we will BOTH be representing France!”

The prince let out a nervous chuckle. “Y-Yes, I suppose we are.

As the two Frenchmen talked down, the final contestant stood on top of the airstair. He was clad in purple with a hood covering his face (save for his eyes) in darkness. He wore a green cape. He then took crouched down and took a big leap forward.

Only to fall forward and ended up crashing down the airstair. Everyone winced as the person had reached the bottom of the airstair. Tiny ran over to him.


“Khall, are you okay!?” Tiny exclaimed.

The purple-clad man looked up. “I think so. I mean I don’t think anything is broken so how come I am not flying.”

Tiny paused. “...Huh?”

“I AM in the Super Mario Galaxy node, right?” Khall asked, getting up and dusting himself off.

“Right?” Tiny asked with a raised eyebrow.

“So how come I am not flying?” Khall asked.

Tiny paused. “Um, Khall, does it look like we are in outer space?”

He stayed silent before looking around. “Now that you mentioned it, it DOES look like daytime.”

Tiny shook his head. “J-Just join the others.”

Khall nodded his head before making his way towards the others. Then, he noticed Isolde’s crown.

“Oh, are you a princess?” Khall asked.

“That’s right!” Isolde smiled.

“Oh, wow.” Khall said. “So many times have you gotten kidnapped?”

Isolde’s smile vanished. “I-I beg your pardon?”

“This is also why the original Survivor have IQ tests.” Blaine muttered, catching Khall’s attention.

“Oh, an elf.” Khall mused. “Do you speak leet?”

Blaine’s eyes widened. “...How is one even supposed to react to that?”

“React violently.” Shirley muttered, glaring at Khall in disgust.

Christina shook her head with a sigh. “There is always one.”

“Hey, at least he should make things interesting.” Xedilan smirked.

“Well, I suppose that is ONE way of looking at it positively.” Edward sighed.

Tiny shook his head before doing a headcount. Once everyone was there, he nodded.

“Well, that’s everyone.” Tiny grinned. “If you all follow me.”

Everyone nodded their heads before following Tiny. Soon, they had made it to the season’s Challenge area. There, they were two mats. One was emerald and the other was gold.

“Okay, when I call out your name, could you make your way over to the coloured mat?” Tiny asked, holding up a list.

Everyone nodded.

“Good. Blaine… Brant… Calibri… Filantropi… Hector… Pauline… Shirley… Tybalt… And Wendy. Head over to the emerald mat, you are the Jacamar tribe.”

Everyone mentioned nodded before heading their way over to their new tribe while looking at each with most of them having positive thoughts about this tribe. Blaine glared in disgust at least three members of his tribe. Calibri then took him by surprise and wrapped her arm around him.

“Okay, then. Carrie… Christina… Edward… Estelle… Isolde… Khall… Leo… Vardon… And Xedilan. Head over to the gold mat, you are the Kiskadee tribe.”

Everyone nodded before walking over. Estelle and Isolde smiled while holding hands. Then, Carrie had put both of her arms around the both of them.

“Now, here are your maps.” Tiny said before throwing the maps. Blaine and Christina caught them for their respective teams. “You may now go for your new tribes.”

Everyone nodded before making their way towards their new homes for the next month. Tiny smirked.

Survivor Xover Version 7: Day 0
And here we are thinking off the first season with applicants. Let's see how I will do! Oh, and considering that it has been a long time since the sneak peek and I may need to alert some people...

Blaine belongs to :iconfriendly-cap:

Brant belongs to :icondarealitytv:

Calibri belongs to :iconcharlotteredmond:

Carrie belongs to :iconxenoyofan:

Christina belongs to :iconthebigjet:

Edward belongs to :iconminty2mayhem:

Estelle belongs to :iconcandidcammie:

Filantropi belongs to :iconkw-moonlight:

Hector belongs to :iconwifishark:

Isolde belongs to :icondragonettes:

Khall belongs to :iconssbfreak:

Leo belongs to :iconzephyrblack321:

Pauline belongs to :iconbrazingwilds:

Shirley belongs to :iconnecky221:

Tybalt belongs to :iconorange-ratchet:

Vardon belongs to :iconyahoosounding:

Wendy belongs to :iconrein-man:

Xedilan belongs to :iconpunx193:
Here is the title page for Season 7 of my Survivor Xover Version 7 series! Like before I will put up the episode titles when I actually done writing the episodes.

The Application Form For My Season:…

The TVTropes Page:…

Cast Release:…

Episode 0: “Honestly, this is why the original Survivor have stuff like fitness tests.”…
Episode 1: “...I have so many questions, even though I would probably never get a single straight answer.”……
Episode 2: “You do know that you had tried to shut down a meme with another meme, right?”
Episode 4: “I don’t know… I think I used the Mushroom wrong.”
Episode 5: “But that’s the thing! Your alliance is NOT strong!”
Episode 6: “Look, I know that I am playing with danger, but I am used to it.”
Episode 7: “And even now, you will defend her?"
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13

Title Art has been made by :iconminty2mayhem:
Six episodes of SXO7 are done! Only need to finish one more episode and I will officially start putting out episodes. :D


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