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Bogus sat in his office looking over a few papers. It seemed to be a peaceful afternoon at the Heroes' Hideout for once. They had only been three fights thus far. Unfortunately for him, that peace wasn't going to last for that long.

He heard a knocking at the door causing him to look up from his work.

"Come in." Bogus said.

The door opened up to see the blue-haired elf, Palayo making his way inside.

"Oh, Palayo. What is it?" Bogus asked.

The elf shook his head with a frown. "I am afraid that I have come with a complaint."

"A complaint?" Bogus asked raising a non-existent eyebrow.

"Yes, I am afraid that my fellow waiters and the customers simply do not like the new look." Palayo frowned. "Personally, I don't mind but otherwise one person's opinion doesn't matter."

Bogus' eyes bugged out not liking where this was going. "Um... What new look?"

Palayo raised an eyebrow. "The paint job you had hired to do over the tavern."

Bogus' pupils shrank. "WHAT!?"

Without another word, he got jumped out of his seat and darted past Palayo startling and confusing the elf. The tavern owner dashed down the stairs until he was up on the ground floor before dashing towards the entrance passing several surprised waiters and customers.

Soon, he had finally made it outside to see a bunch of people looking up at the Heroes' Hideout. Bogus turned around to look up as well and once he did, his eyes widened in pure horror.

The Heroes' Hideout was completely covered in a coat of green.

"MY TAVERN!" Bogus yelled at the top of his lungs gripping his hat hoping that this was a bad dream but it wasn't. Someone had actually painted over the Heroes Hideout's with an overpowering shade of green.

Bogus shook his head wondering who or what had managed to paint over the tavern in such a short amount of time. It was then his eyes bugged out in realization upon what happened. Growling through the darkness that hid his face, he knew EXACTLY who done this.

"sHaNnOn!" Bogus roared.

Suddenly, everyone heard a strange noise. Turning their heads, they saw a large green vortex of some kind appear in front of them. Despite startled, nobody looked at that shocked. Bogus narrowed his eyes as a figure walked out of it.

He was a tall man with long green hair with a matching attire consisting of a fedora, a suit jacket that showed his chest, goggles, pants and sandals. He smirked as he put one hand on his hip.

"Well, hello there, Bogus." The figure greeted.

"Don't you "Hello there, Bogus" me, sHaNnOn!" The vertically-challenged man snapped. "What have you done to the Heroes' Hideout?"

"I thought it looked tacky so I gave it a makeover to make it look more appealing." sHaNnOn asked raising a confused eyebrow.

"And you call THIS appealing?" Bogus said pointing at the tavern.

sHaNnOn blinked twice as if he had been told that ice was hot. "Yes."

Bogus groaned before crossing his arms. "And who gave you permission to give the Heroes' Hideout a makeover!"

sHaNnOn crossed his arms. "Well, I AM a god."

"I don't care if you created Elarthe itself, you have no right to decorate the Heroes' Hideout like this!" Bogus snapped.

"My, my, my, aren't WE ungrateful?" sHaNnOn asked.

"Just fix it!" Bogus roared. "Or good luck with the Heroes' Hideout giving you some drinks!"

sHaNnOn rolled his eyes. "All right, all right. Just give me a moment."

With that, he walked back into the green vortex. Bogus crossed his arms as he tapped his foot impatiently as the others looked at each other wondering if sHaNnOn was actually going to obey Bogus.

Suddenly, everyone noticed a bright green light appearing out of the portal. Everyone looked in shock as they put their hands to their eyes to avoid being blinded. After a few seconds, Bogus slowly put his hand away from his covered face.

His eyes then widened when he saw what had happened. Everyone in front of him was green. The wood of the trees. The pathway. Even his clothes was fully green. He then heard shrieks from behind him. Turning around, he saw that everyone was green as well. Their skin. Their fur. Their clothes. Everything was green.

Bogus blinked twice as he watched the crowd freak out. sHaNnOn casually walked out of the portal with his hands behind his back.

"sHaNnOn?" Bogus asked.

"Yes?" The green-lover asked.

"Did you literally turn the ENTIRE world green?" Bogus asked.

"Yep! That way the tavern wouldn't be as "tacky" as you fear." sHaNnOn smirked. "In fact, I am surprised that I didn't do this in the first place."

Bogus narrowed his eyes before glaring at sHaNnOn. "And why do you have to change EVERYONE green for your own good?"

"Easy. I am the cRaZiEsT god in the world." sHaNnOn said smugly. "What I do is without silly things like rhyme or reason."

Everyone then glared at sHaNnOn before shouting out the same thing in unison.
"Change it back!" They roared.

sHaNnOn winced before glaring back at the growing angry mob. He then sighed before shaking his head.

"It is hard to live on a planet full of party-poopers." sHaNnOn muttered.

Bogus narrowed his eyes. "It isn't exactly a picnic for US either, bub!"
Here is my Weekly Prompt entry for :iconea-lec:. This week's theme, Character Fusion. In other words, what if happen if two people merge together.

When I saw this, I KNEW I had to send in an entry. And I wonder which character should I use. In the end, I chose to merge Shannon with an extremely-powerful character. In this case, :iconcrazykid9219:'s OC, um, cRaZyKiD. A physical god. To mix the haughty, self-centred Shannon with the insane and OP cRaZyKid would be great.

Shannon and Palayo belongs to me.

cRaZyKiD belongs to :iconcrazykid9219:

sHaNnOn belongs to... me and :iconcrazykid9219: I guess...

Bogus belongs to :icondiana-hnd:

Exercitus Artifex aka the League of Extraordinary Characters belongs to :iconea-lec:
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cRaZyMaN9219 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
Haha I got a kick out of this sHaNoN sure is quite the character xD
Tinyhammer Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
Yeah, when you cross two strong personalities together, you get quite the mix. :XD:
cRaZyMaN9219 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
Indeed I also see Shannon is very similar to cRaZy

What else is Shannon like? Is there more works of him?
Tinyhammer Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! No... Trust me, Shannon is quite different from cRaZy.

Shannon is my resident Chew Toy character. Snobby, arrogant, rude ESPECIALLY towards his own BROTHER and for the most part doesn't really care for anyone for himself. And his line about being the "Greatest Wizard in the World" is BEYOND To counter this, he gets a lot of abuse. And I do mean a LOT.

I think this will best explains Shannon's role:…

In short, merging with cRaZy makes him less unlikable because he seems like more like a trickster similar to Jade Curtiss from Tales of the Abyss.
cRaZyMaN9219 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
Ah, so he's a super arrogant wizard lol awesome.

Yeah cRaZy isn't exactly proclaiming that he's a god, half the time he just thinks he's some weird green kid with awesome color tastes. Also he may be cocky, but most of the time he isn't a massive jerk....unless you play him in board games/videogames/Boccie Ball.... :) 
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